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Liver Flush Results

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  • Re: which malic acid is the best and most succesfull with liverlcleanses.   R by Telman  9d   90
    There are two forms of Malic acid. D-Malic acid is produced artificially. L-Malic acid is the natural form. It is known by its ’E’ number E296. ... ... L-Malic acid is the preferred type. You need 2 to 3 grams a day taken with food and additional water. Too much can cause cramp and bloating. ... ... You reach the maximum effect after 2 weeks and 75% after a week. ...   [End]
  • Re: Niacin, depression, and liver problems? Need help!   R Educational by #85605  10d   124
    You can trace any kind of depression to toxins in the body that fog up the functioning of the brain. The only other kind is something happened in your life that was very devastating. ... Liver flushing will get those toxins out of you, but it must be accompanied by a colon cleanse. There is so much in your liver including parasitic infestations, even at your age that will make you depressed. We live in a very toxic world where drugs and OTC drugs have taken priority over natural substances and herbs that are natural and balanced and contain the minerals and other ingredients we need to ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: What supplements to fight off acute hepatitis like liver infection?   R Educational by nastynick  11d   166
    could be gallstones. You have to stop being afraid of being diagnosed and go see a doctor, no one in this forum will know for sure what you have and you even you cant. See a doctor and ask for a CT scan or some other sort of scan to investigate. ... ... raw unpasteurized unfiltered apple cider vinegar is very good for your liver and gallbladder, and so are beets and lemon juice. ... ... I read that its not good to avoid fats like you are saying, because will make your bile acumulate more, making you more prone to having gallstones. And there are lots of healthy fats that your body needs for proper f ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: has anyone done a succesful livercleanse while on antidepressants.   R Educational by hanna  15d   167
    Yes I did for more than a year every 2 weeks. After a year I weaned my self off the pills. ... I tried the malic acid powder but it was so sour I could not stand it. I changed to organic apple cider vinegar ... with the mother in it. Can’t remember how much I took ... I would think 1 tbs in a glass water. Could be that it was ... 3x a day between meals. May be you can search it.   [End]
  • Before doing a liverflush after a fast read up on it.   R Educational by hanna  44d   413
    There are different views on it but after reading enough ... information I decided never to do it after a fast. Please put in the search box ”fasting and liverflush” and read all the information. ... ... Here is one example ...   [End]
  • Uncontrollable vomiting after liver cleanse...HELP!!!!   R Help Me! by zinski89  44d   357  Cross-post
    So ive been fasting for 12 days now and decided to break the fast with a liver cleanse...BAD IDEA. I followed the directions and at 3 am i woke up to use the bathroom+vomit. Well its 12:10pm now and i have thrown up everything ive drank, including the epsom mixture. Ive had 3 insignificant bowel movement (plaque mainly with a some stone mixed in with the matter) Someone please tell me if this will pass or if i should go to an instacare. ... ... I threw up the Olive Oil + Grapefruit + lots and lots of bile, then there started to be small red spots from what i assume is a damaged oesophagus ... ... Pl ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 5th liver flush   R Success by pynegj  61d   436
    ... Hi all ... ... Just to report back as we all gain from eachother that I completed my 5th liver cleanse last night (but 2 years since last one). I needed to my health hasnt been great again! ... ... Results - this morning perhaps 30 green/dark stones. managed to retrieve 4 to ’prove’ to bro and gfriend. biggest one about the size of a walnut. Happy! ... ... All the best ... ... greg   [End]
  • Re: How to Dr Clarks Flush without getting sick? Im a bit afraid to do ...   R Success by myroro  66d   701
    Calm down. It isn’t a horrible experience, and I am speaking as someone for whom liver flushes (I have done fourteen) are thoroughly unpleasant. ... ... You don’t need anything for a successful flush except Epsom salt, olive oil, and grapefruit juice. That’s it. I don’t use ornithine. Clark advised it to help you sleep through the night of the flush, but most people say it doesn’t help. Clark also advised a bunch of herbs for parasites (like wormwood and black walnut), but Andreas Moritz says you don’t need them either, and I agree. ... Forget betaine hydrochloride. It’ll just give you heartburn. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Im Having a swollen gallbladder because of obstructing neck lithiasis.....   R Help Me! by dare  74d   451  Cross-post
    I went to a lab and had a whole abdomen ultrasound. The Doctor told me that I had a stone in my gallbladder and it obstructing the neck area. ... ... I am planning a gallbladder flush. Is it safe for me to do this procedure? ... ... The ultrasound result impression was: gallbladder hydrops secondary to an obstructing neck lithiasis. And also gallbladder sludge. It did not mention that i had stone right? So I think I’ll have to proceed.   [End]
  • Re: good herbssupplements pre-flush   R Educational by Telman  81d   371
    These are just 4 common, inexpensive and safe herbs with a good track record. ... ... Note: A cholagogue increases the bile flow from by gallbladder contraction where a choleretic increase the flow of bile from the liver. Also; cholekinetic meaning increased bile flow. ... ... Dandelion. ... ... Dandelion root has been used for liver and bile complaints for centuries. The therapeutic properties of dandelion are due in part to its bitter substances taraxacin and inulin. The bitters stimulate the digestive glands and the liver and activate the flow of bile. Two studies, one dating back to 1938, have dem ...   [retrieve this message]
  • What worked for me   R Educational by Joanna  4mo   582
    The first few times I did the liver flush, I didn’t get much of a reaction either. Then I read Hulda Clark’s version of the flush and she said ”If you have parasites in your liver, you will NOT have a good flush.” So I took the Black Walnut Hull extract that she recommended, and wham, the best flushes of my life. (Dear Hulda, she’s been dead for years, and she’s still helping people.)   [End]
  • successful flush   R by bocor25  5mo   229
    this is my 4th flush now ever my first flush was like 6 years ago and the most productive area i wish i had kept up with it now. i think from now on i will do monthly flushes i got a couple hundred pea or smaller size stones this time as well as one olive sized stone im hoping these will help my chronic back and nerve pain issues im also hoping it gat some hair regrowth as i noticed that on my first flush   [End]
  • Re: Unsuccessful Flush   R by Telman  5mo   532
    This regime will result in such a loss of electrolytes and bile salts that stones will actually form because of it. The bile will coalesce within hours if the balance of bile salts is disrupted.   [End]
  • Not Really Unsuccessful Flush   R by White Shark  6mo   660
    I don’t believe your flush is unsuccessful. ... ... I don’t believe you have to get any stones out in order to benefit from a liver flush. ... ... Flushing out bile from your system can be beneficial even if you see no hard objects comeing out. ... ... People on this forum are so much focused on getting stones out, or on reachng the point when there are no stones comeing out, they forget that flush in itself is the important thing, not stones. Not everyone has stones inside liver or gallbladder. ... ... People who keep producing stones overnight may never reach the point of no stones flush. People are dif ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Repeat post of Telman's blog   R by hanna  6mo   194
  • Flush #22 Still seeing stones!   R by crane23  6mo   508
    I used to post here regularly while I did a solid year of flushing once a month (oct 2011-2012). I passed a large quantity of stones during that time and that cured my back pain symptoms. In 2013 I flushed a couple of times earlier in the year and didn’t see stones. Recently I started to feel a slight twinge in my neck and decided it was time to try flushing again. I did a week of prep with malic acid and the usual Moritz/Clark flush and saw quite a lot of small mustard colored funky looking stones. They look really old (newer ones look more emerald green, I think), so I suspect that rath ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Increasing the recommended epsom salt dosage   R by Telman  6mo   548
    The adult dose of Epsom salts is: ... 1 to 2 tablespoons in 3/4 cup of warm water ... 15 to 30 grams in 175 millilitres ... 1/2 to 1 ounce in 6 ounces ... ... When taking multiple doses during the liver flush some people have reduce the dose level to 2 teaspoons (10 grams) ... ... The important thing to remember when taking Epsom salts is the solution strength compared with the environment in your gut. The content of liquid and the concentration of electrolytes in the gut alter the effectiveness of the Epsom salts. ... ... Epsom salts is most effective when taken on an empty stomach so that the solution strength ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Malic Acid Instead?   R by Telman  7mo   544
    Malic-l if the preferred form rather than malic-d ... You take around 2 - 3 grams per day for 7 to 14 days. That is 3 to 5 600 mg pills per day. ... Spread out the pills and consume with you meals making sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day.   [End]
  • Re: How Much Bile Is Used For Each Gram Of Fat?   R by Telman  7mo   771
    You should understand that fat itself doesn’t cause bile to flow. It is the hormone called cholecystokinin (CCK). When food containing fat (and amino acids) enters the digestive tract, it stimulates the secretion of cholecystokinin (CCK) from cells of the duodenum and jejunum. It is accepted that many sulphurous foods also cause the gallbladder to contract, such as cabbage for example. Other hormones inhibit release of CCK. So when you eat a complex meal of fat, protein, and carbohydrates there cause hormones to be produced and the proportion of these determine how much bile is delivered a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I am pain free for 50 days thanks to the flush!   R by nastynick  7mo   647
    Hello guys, ... ... Its been around 50 days since i have done my first liver flush. I made a post about it here: ... ... ... I was having gallbladder attacks 2-3 times EVERY WEEK for the past few months, usually late at night, the last ones were lasting 4-6 hours, I was feeling miserable. ... ... I went to a lot of doctors, two told me to take nexium (??!), other said that since my blood tests were normal i didnt have a liver/gallbladder problem, until the last one told me to do a CT scan and showed the small calcified stones in my gallbladder. ... ... So far I have ...   [retrieve this message]
  • More big stones out   R by peggyaus  8mo   885
    I wish I had counted my flushes properly to know exactly where I am up to.. but somewhere in the low double digits is where I think I am.. probably around flush #12. ... ... Its been a while since I last flushed due to some parasite migration/scattering issues which kept me ”busy”. ... ... Interestingly, I thought I was pretty much finished my liver flushing because the last few flushes didn’t produce significant loads... but interestingly this flush which I did over the weekend produced a significant load with some very large stones... in fact, I think this flush has produced the largest stones of ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Re: small calcified stones in gallbladder - can i expect them to come ou...   R by nastynick  9mo   790
    I havent had kidney stones for about 4 years now, but i will try that later, thanks. ... ... Its been 30 minutes since i drank my fourth epsom salt + water cup. At around 5 am i passed hundreds of very small brownish stones that seem calcified to me, so i really hope those are from my gallbladder, and a few green-tan-dark bigger ones. Im thinking of taking the smaller ones to a lab to make sure they are really calcified stones, here are some pics: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... so far i havent felt nausea or cramps, had a g ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 2-3 mm small stones -- PLEASE HELP - DO NOT WANT SURGERY!!! ADVISED ...   R by hanna  10mo   645
    A lot of people are scared to do it, but you are lucky that the stones are small. Read Telman’s blog I just posted, 2 posts back, and the info from the webmaster liver flush recipes at top of page. The FAQ at top of page has a lot of information too. ... I am like you and try to stay away from surgery, I live with a ... 1” stone now for 10 years. It is too heavy and too big to come ... out. I have done about 100 flushes over many years just hoping not to make new stones. ... My suggestion is do the flush and yes it will take many of them, may be 10+ or more, but you will find in general you will ... feel ...   [retrieve this message]
  • New to the forum also read Telman's blog   R by hanna  10mo   359
    I had followed him orginally but never had read the general ... information. I accidentally found the link while looking for information on Epsom Salts and I found my answers. ... ... ... ... ... Blog Description ... ... Detailed, Blow-by-Blow account of Telman’s liver cleaning experiences over 38 flushes. Also other articles about liver flushing, the biliary system and gallstones. ... ... Index: ... Telman’s Maintenance Programme ... Hiatal Hernia, Ileocecal Valve and Gallstones ... Magnesium Citrate or Sulphate ... Involvement of Magnesium Sulphate in the Liver Flush - Updated ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Re: Epsom salt   R by Telman  12mo   572
    The Epson salts needs to be pure, dried and for internal use. The small tubs that are available at a pharmacy meet these requirements. ... ... Other Epsom salts are specifically formulated for baths and are sometime pure but not usually dried. These are also suitable but double check for purity. ... ... There is another group that are for swimming pools and garden fertilizer and these often contain impurities so they are no good for the liver-flush. ... ... This picture illustrates the ideal type which was obtained at a pharmacy (aka Chemists) in the UK. ... ... ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Very Depressed after Liver Flush   R by myroro  13mo   1,079
    I know that for most of January and February, when I was doing my third, fourth, and fifth flushes, I seemed to be overwhelmed with anger and resentment. Following my sixth flush two weeks ago, the anger and resentment has subsided, of course it has been replaced with some depression, but that is more normal for me. ... ... I honestly believe that emotions and liver function are related. Many on this forum and among those who support liver flushing believe that the liver can contain pockets of toxic material that is directly related to psychology, and that various physical as well as emotional ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: HELP! Liver Function Test - Explain ? ( chronic fatigue sufferer )   R by Telman  13mo   1,782
    Elevated levels of LD (aka LDH) and changes in the ratio of the LD isoenzymes usually indicate some type of tissue damage. Usually LD levels will rise as the cellular destruction begins, peak after some time period, and then begin to fall. For instance, when someone has a heart attack, blood levels of total LD will rise within 24 to 48 hours, peak in 2 to 3 days, and return to normal in 10 to 14 days. LD levels are elevated in many other conditions reflecting its widespread tissue distribution ... ... Raised alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and aspartate aminotransferase (AST) values indicate lea ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Will doing a liver Cleanse help lose weight? Has anyone experienced ...   R by Southern Belle  13mo   497
    Normally, you will drop a few pounds doing Dr. Clark’s method, but a lot of that is water loss. ... ... What I have noticed is that a lot of my sugar cravings are not as strong after a flush, so I find myself losing weight that way. ... ... The most important thing for me was after I saw the stones and knew I was doing something positive for my body, it made me want to make healthy changes....   [End]
  • Success: How I healed / cured myself   R Success by nglassman  14mo   1,995  Cross-post
    I am going to make this quick. But feel free to contact me with further questions. ... ... I experimented with different diets for several years which i credit with the primary cause of my liver and digestion issues. Also emotional / boredom issues which led to a slight overeating disorder. ... ... I tried liver flushes and different dietary supplements such as oxy, etc.. I even did an anti candida program with expensive supplements by order of a naturopath. ... ... I made slight progress but overall did not see much improvement. ... ... I remember being at my wit’s end one day and thinking ”there has GOT to ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: I am losing my will to keep fighting. Can someone share ANY insight?...   R by MrCuddly  14mo   2,144
    YES! Colon cleansing is the place to start. Get rid of the built up fecal matter in your lower intestines and the smells will start to dissipate (though they’ll be powerful during the cleanse). ... ... Juice fasting is also a great way to clean out the digestive system and still add super nutrients to your immune system. I use Hoodia to take away the hunger pains - wimpy maybe but it makes it much easier. ... ... This sounds too simple to be true, but you’ll be surprised. Proper input and output will get it done.   [End]
  • Re: Issue 177: Science Project: Dyeing to Know the Answer   R by Jerome99  14mo   6,297
    I just thought I would add my personal experience to this thread for what it’s worth. ... ... Long before I ever tried a liver flush or even knew what it was, my natural doctor advised me to do coffee enemas. After doing these coffee enemas, I felt/heard a gurgling from my gall bladder area and wound up passing several greenish stones the size of marbles that looked exactly like most of the liver flush photos people post here. ... ... A year or so later, when I found out about the liver flush, I tried it and passed many more stones identical to the coffee enema ones. My first thought also was that ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Four high-fruit/low-fat raw diet success stories   R by blankets  14mo   1,381
    Firstly, i agree that very low carb is not good. It has implications for thyroid function and general metabolic function. Forums are littered with people with hypothyroid issues from VLC eating so i’m certainly not suggesting that. ... ... What i am suggesting is a well rounded diet with adequate carbs and protein but based mostly round saturated fats, coconut oil, butter, low omega6 meats like beef etc. ... ... I look at diet with an open mind, i am not pro-meat and i am not anti-veggie, i am just interested in what is the optimal human diet, if it were optimal to eat 30 bananas a day i’d be doing ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: NATWAY= eating 77 bananas a day is not the answer.   R by ring5100  15mo   371
    What ever happened to just ”a normal balanced diet” the way God intended. ... Moderate amounts of everything that is pure and the least processed form as possible. ... ... Our bodies need a certain amount of complex carbs from grains ( and there are some gluten free whole grains: rice bran and buckwheat are tasty too) vegetables, fresh fruit, dairy, seeds and nuts, beans and legumes, pure cold pressed non-processed oils, real butter- not the fake stuff, and meat, that has comes from animals that are raised without hormones and antibiotics, where the cattle are free to roam and graze off the grasse ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I'm a Believer   R by #31815  15mo   792
    I told my trusted chiropractor tonight - the same person I’ve been going to for five years who is super knowledgeable and has a thriving practice - that I did liver flushing. He said great. I told him about the stones - he said, yeah, they’re congesting your liver. He didn’t even blink. ... ... I am so happy I’ve been doing these for my health. I have no idea where people are getting their ideas from that stones are anything but stones. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Why do some people need endless flushes?   R by Telman  16mo   859
    Don’t start a debate in the liver-flush support forum. If you are sceptical then go to the liver-flush debate forum. ... ... If you look at the survey: ... ...,571,2826&s=21&u=10 ... ... You will see that most people have a modest number of liver-flushes and it is exceptional for people to carry out more than 30. ... ... If you buy the books they explain according the the doctrine of the author how many liver-flushes one would undertake. ... ... Nevertheless people do feel compelled to keep liver-flushing for their own personal reasons which may be very different from yours. Ra ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I'm Flushing Tonight as Well.   R by fectoid2  16mo   706
    I’m flushing tonight as well. I’m on US Eastern Standard Time. I’m also starting to train for back-to-back marathons that I’m running in May. I’ve done this with a lot of success as well. ... ... Two years after my first flush sequence in 2002, I ran my first marathon and qualified for the Boston Marathon in the process. Here’s a cool story from my first flush sequence in 2002 related to running: ... ... ”In an attempt to improve my health, I took up running after having my gall bladder out nearly five years ago. Each time I run, I measure my distance and pace (minutes/mile) I have settled on 5 mil ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Re: Reduce chance or severity of Gall Bladder Attack during flush   R by Telman  16mo   1,001
    The small stones that show up on the ultra sound are just within the definition of gallstones; being larger than 3mm. What you don’t say, probably because you haven’t been told is whether they are mobile. Because the wall of you gallbladder is slightly enlarge (not alarmingly so) it indicates that the stones aren’t mobile. ... ... Depending upon what type of stone they are, it usually means that they are encased in much larger glob of thick bile; like a small nut in a hard jelly sweet. ... ... Or, stones have formed below a sludge layer. The pieces of sludge can consist of one large piece (sometime ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Fat intolerance (and gallbladder pain) after third liver flush?   R by Telman  16mo   1,334
    It just takes time and although there are many foods which increase the bile flow and cycle bile they are all likely to cause discomfort because the duct is obstructed. Unless you open up the bile duct its very difficult, problematic and relies on good fortune. Exercise has helped occasionally; sit on the floor with your legs apart and touch you toes, left hand to right foot then right hand to left foot. Walking can provide some rhythmic pressure. ... ... Apple Cider Vinegar has been found helpful for some, about a tablespoonful, more if you can tolerate it.   [End]
  • Re: I Need Help. Please. 24 Flushes Later. Endless Stones. Endless Sympt...   R by #155216  16mo   764
    I would reexamine the vegan part of your routine. You may need some sulfur-bearing amino acids found in meat to help rebuild your liver. ... ... I didn’t know that information about prilosec, but I think you can recover from just about anything. ... ... It’s a very common story of some people who go vegan and never regain their health back. Bile production starts in the stomach with hcl acid. If you aren’t providing this stimulus then you are essentially turning off your bile flow. ... ... Take a break from your diet and just eat what your body wants for a period of time and see if you can make any gains ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Castor oil packs and gall stones.............   R by Corey  16mo   1,925
    ... Testimonial of castor oil packs for gall stones: ... ... ... ... ... Castor Oil Packs for Gall Stones ... ... An Edgar Cayce remedy, the versatile abdominal castor oil pack has been used by many for various ailments over the years. The following testimonial from one of Dr. David Redding’s patients discusses the successful use of this therapy for gall stones: ... ... I had intermittent gallbladder pain and discomfort since I was about 55 years old. My [primary care] doctor had told me that if the episodes got more frequent or any worse that we needed to tal ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Re: How many of you have done gallbladder cleanses and then confirmed vi...   R by Telman  16mo   2,510
    The majority (nearly all) of ’stones’ come from the gallbladder. ... ... If you have diagnosed gallstones then it means that your gallbladder isn’t working properly and doesn’t contract or expand in a regular cycle that allows for complete emptying. This results in the gallbladder bile being of the incorrect balance and globules form almost immediately. The small globules escape and congregate in the intestine. Larger pieces build up in the gallbladder and impede the emptying of the gallbladder. As the gallbladder continues to contract and expand the globules are compacted into a larger pieces. ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Question about the nature of gallstones.   R by hanna  16mo   1,500
    When I started flushing my ultrasound said inflamation, ... thickened wall 42mm, stone 2.5cm stuck in gallbladder neck. ... After 10 months of flushing the US said no inflammation, wall back to normal (3mm) and the stone was free floating. ... This was 10 years ago, I still have the stone but it has improved my life eg got rid off alergies I had since childhood and never brain fog anymore.   [End]
  • Re: Question about the nature of gallstones.   R by Telman  16mo   1,584
    Gallstones form in the base of the gallbladder from secretions of what is commonly called ’white bile’. They form because the gallbladder isn’t working properly. ... ... If the gallbladder is full of ’sludge’ it can be seen on the ultra-sound as a fog on the image. In time sludge can cystallise (hardened). When they get larger they become cholesterol gallstones. ... ... Gallbladders are usually a set size and it is unusual see a large or small one but they do exist. When the gallbladder gets choked with ’sludge’ it is usual for the wall to be become thicker. This measurement is used to determine gal ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Liver Flush -too much juice?   R by kristas  16mo   568
    I am on the small side too. My first flush, I drank all the juice. I have done 11 flushes since and only drink the juice occasionally- maybe on 2 other flushes. I did the malic acid twice. I don’t find any difference, personally, between when I drink the juice, use malic acid, or skip all of it. Also, I did a 30 day juice fast and then flushed- horrible idea. I had no bile to flush everything out. It was my least productive flush and made me feel the sickest. I did some research later, and they say not to flush after a fast like that for this very reason.   [End]
  • Re: Rashes after liver flush   R by Telman  16mo   1,586
    If the liver-flush is a trigger for your condition there is more involved than just oil. The cleansing process temporally alters the bacteria in your cut, reduces the electrolytes, changes the hormone and alters the cholesterol. Crucially it may modify the paths in which toxins are expelled so that more or less may be exit the body via urine or sweat. ... ... The first step is to work out your triggers and avoid them. They may be food, pets, the environment, temperature, soap, cosmetics, etc. Make sure you wash your hands before you eat to avoid direct contamination. ... ... People have some success ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Rashes after liver flush   R by #155216  16mo   1,547
    fat free diet is a great way to cause bile stasis, the exact thing everyone in the liver flush forum is trying to avoid. ... ... :) ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded First 3 Flushes….completely different results for each!   R by LilacRose  17mo   959
    So I just completed my third flush a couple of days ago and figured I would write a post on my experience so far. It might help anyone trying to decide whether to flush, also I would love some advice from any old-timers….thanks :-) ... ... My first flush produced amazing results in terms of elimination (and also my very first post on CZ). I didn’t have a computer at the time and wasn’t able to include a photo, so am going to do so now: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... My emotions were all over the place for 2 days after this flush, which I now realise is par for the course. I think it shakes up the hormones tem ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Why Andreas Moritz is against parasite cleansing   R by witchywoo  17mo   6,529
    Very well put! This is excellent reasoning which displays the ability to step back and view the bigger picture! I couldn’t agree more with Andreas Moritz. Thanks for posting this.   [End]
  • WOW. Results after flush!   R by mazou  17mo   1,558  Cross-post
    Hello all, ... ... I have an autoimmune condition that does not respond to regular medical treatments, so I have taken it into my hands. ... ... Recently, I did the two gallbladder flushes (about 3 weeks apart), and the second one has triggered some amazing results. ... ... First, about 2 am I felt a huuuuge stone dislodge from my liver, and after it left, I felt a rushing sensation into the spot. Blood or bile, not sure, but it was incredible. ... ... Since that flush, which was very successful overall, I have had some interesting things happen: ... ... One - got extremely large and painful nodes in neck. I thin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Please Help me. I'm so sick and depressed, about to lose it.   R by crane23  17mo   1,493
    Have you tried the liver flush (apple juice prep, epsom salts, olive oil/grapefruit, etc?) It might be worth doing that just to see what results. At best you’ll get rid of some gallstones and start things heading in the right direction. ... ... The apple juice prep can make you feel worse, in my experience, so you don’t necessarily want to quit something just because it doesn’t feel good. I suspect that as the juice softens the stones it makes them swell and increases discomfort temporarily before they are pushed out. The gold coin grass may have made you feel discomfort because it was doing s ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 18 Flushes Since April, Thousands of Stones, Minimal Improvement. He...   R by hopinso  18mo   814
 This is a link to a post I made to Andreas Moritz. Read the thread and see if his answer helps   [End]
  • Re: Liver Flush Delinquent   R by hanna  18mo   633
    The confusing is that epsom salts is magnesium sulfate. ... If you want to cut back on the ES take it at least once ... just before the oil etc. ... Some people have used saltflushes or oxypowder afterwards ... but that is their choice. Andreas Moritz says very few people are allergic and can use magnesium citrate instead. ... Since I did a lot of flushes I added a dropper full of ... stevia in the ES water. ... I still do that when I think my gallbladder might act up and it works after 15-20 minutes the symptoms are gone.   [End]
  • Re: Are you a believer?   R by Southern Belle  18mo   884
    This is an older post, but should be required reading for anyone doubting, considering, or just plain ole meanie not wanting to believe a liver flush works! ... ... Thank you for sharing. ... ... Paulette   [End]
  • Are you a believer?   R by #31815  18mo   847
    So after reading this are you still a believer that stones are real? ... ...   [End]
  • More suggestions   R by Telman  18mo   635
    Use a strong alcohol based base wash to rinse the mouth thoroughly. It will numb the taste buds. Spit out mouthwash into a container and drink the olive oil and lemon juice immediately. ... ... Block the nostrils with cotton wool. ... ... Make sure the olive oil is good quality. Some brands are quite acid tasting while other are fruity. ... ... You can use cold pressed macadamia nut oil as an alternative.   [End]
  • Re: Andreas Moritz has died:(   R by Webmaster  18mo   7,874
    A long thread of messages that were posted here were moved to the Conspiracy Theories Forum : ... ... ... ... ... Webmaster   [End]
  • Andreas Moritz's view on death...............   R by Corey  18mo   8,491
 ... ... Death Isn’t What It Appears To Be ... Posted on December 8, 2011 by andreas m ... By Andreas Moritz ... ... For the majority of people on this planet, death still symbolizes the end of a life cycle, however short or long it might be.These angels who are currently living through the ‘dark night of their soul’ and are ‘causing’ death or harm to others and become known for this through the mass media, confront the rest of the people with their greatest of fears, the fear of death. Those souls who leave their physical form never actually ‘die’ against their ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Andreas Moritz has died:(   R by straussmum  18mo   7,797
    Cannot believe that he has gone without saying goodbye .. Always thought he would be there for us no matter what. I know we all have questions about how he died, and time will tell us. But we all know his teachings were sound and profound.   [End]
  • Re: Andreas Moritz has died:(   R by hopinso  18mo   10,545
    Andreas still had his forum on Curezone when I joined . He was always so kind and patient with us. He was a treasure that will be missed. By the way if you want to read the announcement of his passing go to his Website:   [End]
  • Re: Persistent white tongue for the last three months, tested negative f...   R by clover4  18mo   7,376
    Hi Ashler ... ... I had the same problem- white on tongue. Doc first had a test for thrush which came back negative. Then took a tongue scraping and turned out it’s my digestive juices. From there it turns out I have acid reflux. That was seven years ago and although I am very diligent and healthy it has not gone away. It does not really bother me any more, I flick it off with my toothbrush morning and night and that’s that. Hope this helps   [End]
  • Image Embedded Maintenance flush after a couple years hiatus.   R by westLA  18mo   1,132
    Hi everyone, ... ... I just wanted to drop a quick note about my maintenance flush since it’s been several years since I posted. I haven’t forgotten about the Liver Flush and I’m a firm believer of it’s therapeutic uses. The reason I performed my first flush after about 2 years of having not done any flushes was because I was developing allergy symptoms. Specifically a stuffed up nose for no reason. ... ... I live in an area where almost everyone has allergies to the pollen/pollution in the air, South Bay area in Northern California. I’m the only person in my family who doesn’t have seasonal allergi ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Simple Adrenal Fatigue Test   R by NM_steve  19mo   2,782
    this little test is from ”The Iodine Project” website: ... ... ... ___________________________________________________ ... ... ... A simple way to test yourself at home for adrenal fatigue ... ... Equipment required: chair, small flashlight, mirror, a watch (with a second hand), and a dark room. ... ... In a darkened room, sit in a chair in front of a mirror. Holding the flashlight at the side of your head, shine it across one eye (not into the eye). Watch what happens in the mirror. ... ... You should see your pupil contract immediately after the light hits th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • How many have juice fasted? Healed my main issue   R by natway  19mo   2,963  Cross-post
    I’m curious how many of you have tried a juice fast and for how long? ... ... I went on week-long veggie juice fast (no food) and within days it healed my main health symptoms which I thought for years was hypoglycemia and I tried every supplement out there for it, but turned out I was misdiagnosed and I was really suffering from Toxic Hunger (see here). ... ... My main health symptoms were caused by my liver being jacked up from years of eating a toxic low carb/high protein & fat diet and all I needed to do was detox out of it and change my diet to essentially an 80-10-10 diet. ... ... If you think you ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Gallbladder flush on UK National Radio   R by Telman  19mo   837
    This is the link to listen, available until 18 September 2013. ... ... It is the last article in the 30 minute program. ... ...   [End]
  • My experience   R by billybob7788  19mo   425
    Heres some experience FWIW. ... ... I have completed my 2nd flush, and got a lot of chaff. ... ... A week later I still felt bloated and like I still had stones. ... ... I went back on the 30 ozs of apple juice per day, and one morning I was up early so had my 30ozs and within an hour had to rush to the toilet. I had a loose bowel motion, but produced two 1cm wide stones of a light tan color. ... ... I consider that a success. ... ... Hope this helps - sometimes we have spontaneous flushes.   [End]
  • Re: Liver flushing and physical/emotional results   R by Michael B  20mo   930
    Increased emotional flow/ less bitterness and resentment ... ... Increased energy flow down the front channels ... ... Increased digestion of food ... ... More space to eat and breath. I can stuff myself full of food and not feel any discomfort (used to be a tight squeezing cramp). I can stop breathing and not feel any discomfort for 45 seconds (used to be 10sec) ... ... Spontaneous candida dieoff from return of bile flow ... ... ****** ... ... When it comes to health, happiness, and spirituality, Digestion is absolutely everything and the liver flush is absolutely paramount for reestablishing proper digestion. ... ... Dige ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Flush # 14   R by Michael B  20mo   1,256
    So originally, I did a failed flush # 14 about a week ago. I was getting sick of the oil and juice mix and so Drank 24 egg yolks thinking it would be easier to stomach. Indeed it was- and my body thought it was food and barely stimulated any bile release. No stones, no bile, no nothing. ... ... Thus I have realized that the more a flush potion makes you want to vommit- the more effective it will be at stimulating gallbladder contraction and bile secretion. It is the same biophysiological phenomenon. ... ... So I did flush 14 again using unrefined olive oil and really bitter grapefruits. I came t ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Re MH: Parasites & Pics: CFS/Dying Pt3 (help)   R by stilljillofark  21mo   3,805
    Dear one, look like I do,...only you’re even a few steps worse than I, it appears. My liver has to be ’played’ like a violin! ... ... Remember that the skin is our biggest organ,....and that the body knows how to heal all by itself,.....all we need to do is give it what it needs. I would do detox soaks in the tub! ... I’d use 2 cups of sodium bicarbonate, (baking soda), 2 cups of epsom salt, and a few tablespoons of MSM sulfer. As hot as you can stand it, and soak your entire body for 20-30 minutes! I would start out every other day,....then increase to every day. ... ... I am sorry you wer ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Re MH: Parasites & Pics: CFS/Dying Pt3 (help)   R by plzchuckle  21mo   3,599
    Chris, this one out of this string of Q&A struck a chord in me. ... ... #1.  Yellow stools?  Are you headed where I was when I came here 6+ yrs ago?  No digestion at all.  Eating but dying ... it’s very scary. ... ... #2. Amino acids ... there are 20+ amino acids needed for the liver to make one human protein molecule.  Your body makes all but 8 of them, those are called ESSENTIAL amino acids.  You can’t eat produce and avoid them.  Things like green smoothies, fresh made green juices, and sprouts are all full of them. ... ... #3. Nof liver flushing because yo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Parasites & Pics: CFS/Dying Pt3 (help)   R by UserX  21mo   3,842
    Hey, come on, come on! Remove the cause(s) of ANY disease--parsites, chemical poisons and radiation, and you’ll get well. 140 liver flushes over the course of 5 years. Last liver flush, only some lymph stuff. Only half the LF mixture was all I needed. The body makes it rounds as to what it needs to work on next. It DOES make those rounds again after the major junk is gotten rid of. It will let you know. Liver? Colon? Yup, it sure will let you know. Get it cleaned out. Get the cause gone. Feed the body NOW that has been so depleted in nutrients that the poisons caused. The nutr ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Parasites & Pics: CFS/Dying Pt3 (help)   R by UserX  21mo   4,000
    The liver is the center for the whole health of your body. Get it cleaned out. Your whole life depends on a clean liver and clean blood. get the bowels cleaned out. You’re constipatated. your skin shows it. No life with constipation. Too many toxins entering the bloodstream. Your great toes show a lot of fungus. The fungus can be treated by olive leaf extract and will work to finally get rid of it as your whole body gets cleaned out. a clean body can re-produce healthy cells. It’s going to take you a long time, so be patient. It’s the length of time it takes that will discourag ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Re: More pics from my 2nd flush   R by Telman  21mo   977
    I was also going to concur with Southern Belle (Hi ya SB) that the older the bile the darker it becomes. Also that as they make the transition into stones they tend form a sandy coloured crust. ... ... Here’s a diagram that may help: ... ... [Image Embedded Here]   [End]
  • Re: question for telman   R by Telman  21mo   697
    I am touched that you think I can help and I wish I could reach out and give you the magic answers. ... ... I was diagnosed with CFS many years ago and I fought against it but in later years I was taught to accept it and understand who I am rather than who I was. Like getting through a bereavement or devastating events it important to look to the future. Psychology plays an important part, making plans and achieving small steps and dealing with set-backs. Having the faith that someday you will be achieve your goals; never giving up. ... ... In practical biliary terms you do appear to exhibit signs o ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Gallbladder function   R by Telman  21mo   1,279
    If we can survive without a gallbladder then why do we have one? ... ... Bile acids can be divided into two groups: water soluble and non-soluble. Since long stagnation of the gallbladder can cause gallstones to form animals that can manage without food for long periods do not have gallbladders, eg, camels. Some mammals such as bears that hibernate do have gallbladders but they only produce water soluble bile acids. Therefore the gallbladders function is concerned with the control of non-water soluble bile acids. These bile acids are toxic and harmful to the liver and intestines if they contin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Is bloating a sign of gallstones or liver stones?   R by crane23  22mo   623
    I notice you have a lot of different questions. I also have bloating and bad skin. So far flushing (just did #11) has not fixed these problems. Of course I am hoping that eventually it will! I have experienced relief from back pain (upper and lower), and increased energy. I know I am not done flushing yet. Just posting to say that flushing is not necessarily a quick fix that will bring miraculous results, more of an ongoing process of improving your overall health.   [End]
  • Interesting articles on gall bladder dysfunction   R by crane23  22mo   985
    I found this series of four articles that talks about how gall bladder dysfunction can affect so many parts of the body. ... ... ... Scroll to the middle of the page. They’re from 2007 ... ... I found the articles while looking for a link between gallstones and shoulder pain, which I’ve been suffering from for several days. I flushed last night (#11, a week early, out of desperation) and it’s much better today. I’m pretty sure there was a big stone stuck somewhere--I hope it’s moved on.   [End]
  • Re: Diabetes 2 and liver and gall bladder flush   R by Telman  22mo   603
    Historically, very little has been posted about this subject. In case you don’t get anything this link may be of interest: ... ...   [End]
  • Thank you... EVERYONE!   R by FilFromBrazil  29mo   1,275  Cross-post
    I just wanted to say THANK YOU, to EVERYONE. I want to start off by saying I did the liver flush and the 1ST TIME.. I GOT A STONE. I’ve been fighting parasites for as long as I realized that these blood suc***s... suck. I was 23 when I realized I had a parasite in my lung. I’m 29 now. HA! Want to know how I found out? IT WASNT GOING TO THE DOCTORS THATS FOR SURE! I had breathing issues so decided to google and take things into my own hands. I did a sinus rinse. What did I find? Oh a piece of what looked like a white spaghetti noodle, just chillin in the back of my nose. WAIT WHA ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Gallbladder pain?   R by lisamarie23  30mo   1,643
    Potato chips and liver flushes ... ... One is never enough. ... ... Ultrasound will not always pick up cholesterol stones which is what the majority of people have. ... ... Be sure to take some form of magnesium before the flush. ... ... Try 4 or 5 more flushes before you assess its effectiveness. ... ... It took me 3 flushes before anything substantial came out, and many more until the large ones starting popping out. ... ... Beet juice, apple juice, turmeric, magnesium, radishes, cold pressed oils, all good. ... ... ...   [End]
  • Liver Flush #14   R by NorthernGal  30mo   1,000
    I just did my 14th flush. I haven’t posted anything for the last 2. #13 was kind of different. I had more pain in the liver than usual. It felt stressed. So I put a castor oil pack on in the evening and again in the morning. That really made a difference. I felt a lot of movement and release of ”stuff” from that. I did not feel toxic after that one like I normally do somewhat. It was just the usual soft green stones nothing special. With #14, I passed more of the green stones than usual with a few tan ones. I guess there were about 50-75 altogether I would guess. Lots of foamy, foul browni ...   [retrieve this message]
  • GB attack - Liver Flush - Success   R by archus  30mo   2,391  Cross-post
    Hello all, ... ... I had posted here three weeks ago that I had a very painful GB attack and that my doctors wanted to take my GB out. Well, I did not. I instead flushed my problems away. ... ... I have been doing flushes for last 8 years. In the beginning I did it every two weeks till I got most of my stones out. Then after I did flush once a year. ... ... This year I had not done my annual flush in June/July. I also ate mostly plant based diet with occasional junk like cookies etc. The attack only happened when I ate figs or dates. I had a sonogram done and as every year it only shows two 1/4” stones ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: HEALTH CRISIS: Still fighting to breath, live & get my life   R by billybob7788  31mo   2,117
    I could suggest a few things ( this is based on my personal experience of dealing with a nasty secondary infection after getting whooping cough ): ... ... (1) Throw out your fluoride toothpaste!!!!!!!!! ... ... I cant stres this enough. ... Fluoride is a DNA level poison pure and simple. ... ... Fluoride also supresses immune function and messes up thyroid operation, which in turn messes up your metabolism. ... ... ... (2) Get some sun. The sun on skin makes vitamin D which is **critical** for immune function. People freak out about skin cancer, but a hour of sun a day doesnt seem to hurt. ... ... (3) Vitamin C - when ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Video Embedded Gallstones ,liver, gallbladder.How it all works   R by pepe  3y   1,922  Cross-post
    Very informative 2 part video. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... [Video Embedded Here]   [End]
  • Helping my liver and getting strange results?!   R by sobeman88  3y   1,836  Cross-post
    So ive been taking a liver supplement/gallbladder supplement lately because I think this is my main suspect for all my health problems. I have been taking a supplement that contains Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, Fennel Seed, and Artichoke. It is a tincture. ... ... My results have varied. The first day I felt great and had a bowel movement within 20 minutes. And then the days after that it hasnt really done much. BUT...i do notice some differences in my health. My distended abdomen is gone! People tried to tell me my abdomen was never distended, just probably bloat. NO, I know the difference a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • good news about liver cleanse!!!   R by purifiedwater  3y   2,508  Cross-post
    I’m 24 and have always had high cholesterol since I can remember. I’m a personal trainer and I want to be a holistic practitioner, so I consider myself a pretty healthy person. No butter, hardly any red meat, and supplementation. ... ... In march 2011 my cholesterol was 230, so I did a liver cleanse and got about 12-20 stones out, which isn’t even a lot, and I haven’t changed anything else in my life. In april 2011 my cholesterol dropped to 180!!!!!!!!!!! ... ... my cholesterol has never been under 200 no matter how hard I have tried with different diets and exercise. ... ... I’M MAKING A TESTAMENT THA ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Great Stuff   R by Somer  3y   1,558
    Hola all, ... ... Just dropping in to see how everyone is doing... flush flush flush!!! ... ... I continue to do maintenance flushes 2-3 times a year and attribute all my cleansing -- intestinal and liver mainly -- for many wonderful improvements in my health, including CURING my ”adult acne” and ”rosacia”, and improving my eyesight to the point where I no longer need glasses to drive, a full point! These have been permanent changes. ... ... I also got my guy on the ball, drinking icky mixtures for his health and thanks to the liver flush he is sleeping deeply for the first time in TWENTY YEARS! His h ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Did my first Liver Flush, success!   R by hghbuzz  3y   1,564
    Finally got round to doing my first Liver Flush. ... Found it really easy and I got out over 100 stones! ... I lay down after the second dose of Epsom salts and could feel lumps moving through a tube on my left hand side. ... After I took the oil/juice mixture and went to bed I didn’t feel any stones moving through any ducts, but hey I got lots out! ... ... Feel so much better! Can’t wait to do the next one. ... ... I modified it slightly in that I moved everything forward 2 hours so I took the oil/juice at midnight as that is when I usually go to bed. ... ... All stones were quite soft, largest was about 1 inch, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Everybody doing a repeat flush the day after?   R by Telman  3y   1,367
    The gallbladder and the liver is subject to a cycle which occurs after eating and another cycle that occurs depending upon the time of day. In the evening between the hours of 10.00pm and 02.00am the blood flow is increased to the liver and gallbladder and during this time the liver replenishes the bile and at the same time it is concentrated in the gallbladder. During the evening after 18.00 hrs the gallbladder expands the greatest after contraction and in the morning around 09.00am it contracts the most. Both contraction and expansion are required for liver-flushing, which is achieved by ...   [retrieve this message]
  • #9. Another good one. Getting better one by one   R by straightflush  3y   885  Cross-post
    Well, day of #9. My last three flushes have been very intense. Major releases of stones, bile, candida, flukes, and chaff. I got nauseous and threw up about two hours after I went to bed after downing the OO mixture. I have been playing with the recipe for about two months now and I think I finally have it down. I’ve been recording everything I’ve done a week up to the flush through the flush and recording the results. That has really helped me hone in on what has helped and what has not. I highly recommend people do this. Anyway, I used 4oz. OO, 2oz. lemon juice, 4oz. grapefruit juice, an ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Alcohol allergy/intolerance   R by MENDOMAID  3y   1,298
    Search for ’alcholot allergy’ ... ... I have heard of this problem and read that many alcoholics are allergic. Years ago I had a physical craving to drink alcohol but learned to limit myself to one beer a day. I did Clark’s parasite herbs and the craving disappeared. Alcohol free for about 10 years a friend talked me into having a glass of wine for our 70th birthday celebration and a few hours later I developed hives. No wonder I felt ill after drinking, gluten in the beer and a reaction to alcohol.   [End]
  • I will never doubt again.   R by dogbert04  3y   1,691
    My wife made a delicious fatty meal I couldn’t resist. I awoke with nasty diarrhea thinking of food poisoning. Realizing I would feel better with an enema to clean the nasty out after a toilet flush there were small fecal pellets I thought....NO THEY WERE GREENISH - I did a mini flush with a full GB and a fatty meal. The stones are EXACTLY What I get every single liver flush. Irregular, green, soft, greasy on a finger smash... Gallstones green just like a flush, as I will do tonight! No more doubts I have double confirmation (had empty GB on CT scan after a flush after documented stones we ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Flush #11 results   R by wormaway  3y   3,521
    ... a few years ago i did two liver flushes. they produced stones, but even so, i erroneously concluded they weren’t the cause of my health troubles. ... ... about a year ago i learned that it was indeed my liver that is troubled and causing my ill health. i began a series of liver flushes, following the moritz protocol, flushing every 3-4 weeks in regards to the moon’s cycle. ... ... each has produce stones, though it seems that there are substantially more present every other flush. ... ... during flush 6 i expelled a long worm that appeared to have the body of a flatworm with a long tail extending ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • FIrst liver flush...Yippee!   R by imtracyac  3y   2,731  Cross-post
    I am 52 and do everything under the sun to stay healthy- green shakes, organic veggies, no meat (except occasional fish and organic liver) just like many people. Was never sick a day in my life until menpopause hit. ... ... Suddenly my hormones went berserk. My estrogen levels shot into danger zones. My NP put me on several types of cleanses, in addition to the many I had done over the years, and nothing worked. Finally we used Dim estro, and D- Glucarate and the levels came down out of danger. ... But.. ... ... I decided to try the Clarke liver flush, thanks to many people here and their stories. I d ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Chinese medicine   R by Telman  3y   2,827
    This is a debate subject. ... You may like to take time a read the following document which is quite impartial. It discusses a similar stone expulsion method and gives some results. ... ... Can the liver flush remove gallstones? Yes ... Do all the stones from a liver flush come from the liver and gallbladder? This is the debate question. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: toxins from liver flush: heavy metals ?   R by 1-2-makeart  3y   1,609
    Ive wondered the same thing. Ive completed 37 liver cleanses over the course of 7 yrs & have benefited greatly, but some cleanses left me drained for 2-3 days post flush. Additionally, I tested positive for mercury about 5 yrs ago and began a proper mercury removal/chelation protocol. (Andrew Cutler: low dose then switched to high dose) ... ... After completing many liver cleanses you start to hit a stride and become attuned to what your body is trying to tell you. Initially I chalked up my difficult 2-3 post liver cleanse days to my body absorbing/processing deeply stored toxins within the liv ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Praise the Lord! Finally a successful attempt   R by bunny9dog  3y   1,627
    ... After 7 failed attempts with no stones. ... ... Just passed out over hundred green stones, some as big as a 50 cents coin. I cant believe my eyes. ... ... Below are my successful procedure this time; ... ... 1) 3 days before the flush, took parasite killing herbs ... 2) Took lemon juice 3 days before to soften the stones ... 3) On the day of the flush, ate vege (brocoli, carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes) for breakfast. ... 4) Fasted from 1pm onwards, no water, no food ... 5) 11pm Coffee Enema ... 6) 1.30pm drank my doctor’s laxative (much more palatable than Epsom) ... 7) 6pm drank Epsom ... 8) 10pm drank Olive oil with ...   [retrieve this message]
  • #6 This one was intense   R by straightflush  3y   1,519
    Did flush #6 last night/today. Hybrid Clark/Classic Coke flush. About (6) 600 MG. Malic acid caps a day for a week leading up to flush. Followed Clark’s timing, used 20 ”00” sized caps of ES per dose. 2oz. lemon juice, 5 oz. coke plus a couple of swigs after gulps of OO mix, and 6 oz. of EVOO. Lots of water during day and all’s I had to eat was an apple at 11am. Took a couple of 3mg. Melatonin tabs, but that didn’t do squat for me. I went to bed at 10 and within 15 minutes of laying down my liver/gallbladder area was gurgling like crazy. Good sign. Dozed off and woke up at about 12:30, tha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • A liver cleanse success story   R by domesticdoll  3y   1,710
    Hi, ... I have been doing liver cleanses (the o/o lemon juice epsom salts) for eight years. Although since the birth of my child I have only done one in three years. I hate them, hate them, hate them but I have to do them! I had pain off and on in my side in my late teens and early twenties. But then in 2002, I just started almost suddenly belching continually. (my most annoying symptom) My eyes were very yellow. I went to many doctors who could not help and treated my as if I were imagining my misery. One doctor did take out my gall bladder- but this did not help. I was beyond discoura ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Liver Flush #5 Very Encouraging   R by NorthernGal  3y   1,311
    Just did my 5th LF. #4 was very disappointing so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But this one was encouraging and gave me the little push I needed to keep going. I passed probably about 100 of the small pealike green soft stones. But I also passed lots of yellow liquid which I assume is bile. I actually passed most of the stones in the early morning before I ever took the morning doses of ES. I did pass a few more later after the ES and even passed a few later in the day after I was done with the flush. They were more tannish. I’m thinking they probably were covered with stool. ... ... The most ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: My journey through 42 flushes   R by Somer  3y   4,006
    Wow! Thanks for documenting and sharing all this information. You are obviously a special case, and as you say, your persistent problems with Candida must hold a key. I trust you live on a Candida diet and have done much work to eradicate this plague from your system; it puzzles me that you would not have achieved this goal by now. I hope you have a good alternative health professional to help you tackle this issue; I could never have done what I have (I went from a terribly impacted colon to a clean pink colon over three years of dedicated mega cleansing and have continued with mainte ...   [retrieve this message]
  • My journey through 42 flushes   R by k80p  3y   4,082
    Just wanted to post my results from the last 42 flushes. I’m hoping that I’m close to the end by now. ... I started out mostly using the Andreas Moritz method when flushing then moved more towards the Dr. David Jubb’s method later during the last few (which calls for more oil/lemon juice, taking the oil at a different time during the day and doing the flushes more frequently), which has been more effective. ... Also I probably have the hardest time with these throughout the whole process than anyone I know but I have been pretty dedicated to it. I end up throwing up about 60% of the time, abou ...   [retrieve this message]
  • My 9th Flush   R by #132752  3y   1,301
    Happy New Year to all! ... ... Today is my 9th liver flush. So far 500-600 stones, of which 100 are larger ones. My biggest stone came out today - with multi-colored structure, about inch by inch.   [End]
  • Re: Can bile issues like gallstones cause a stomach ulcer?   R by China49  4y   5,964
    Hi mike, ... ... I am sure the two go hand in hand! I had gall stones and had my gall bladder remioved twenty months ago. The doctors told me that all my digestive problems would dissappear with the gall bladder, but it was not the case. Three weeks after the op I still had all the pains in my liver, between the ribs, and was still vomiting. Eventually they put a camera in my stomach and I had lots of little ulcers. Once they were treated everything settled down. However I still had the food sensitivities to gluten, dairy, soya, citrus etc and IBS! This year I started flushing my liver and have ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Sinus - Liver(flush )Connection ?   R by vidda  4y   1,967
    I was in denial for a long time after my first (and only LF), I did the classic Clark LF. I didnt even bother to count my ”rocks”. I did see several green once ( pea size)and lots of off-white cholesterol type. I was trying to overcome the fear of LF and I was just testing myself.. ... ... I did my flush about a month ago. I felt the positive changes in my health immediatelly...I stopped napping in middle of the day (?!?) and I got enough energy to go through my days like I use to...I though it would last few days but I was wrong -still working ...The second change I was sceptic a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Product for Kidneys, Liver?   R by #111992  4y   2,949
    In my own case I think that drinking coffee during a kidney cleanse may have been the cause of injury. ... Every product I ve tried afterwards has proven problematic, among them nettle tea, Chanca piedra, etc. Andreas’ tea is super concentrated, you might want to start at a lower dosage. In one post he said that pain indicates the presence of stones, in which case (when there is pain) he advised either to just take 30 drops of Chanca piedra extract a day for as long as necessary, which dissolves stones and sediment, or to substantially reduce the amount of kidney tea. A different opinion is i ...   [retrieve this message]
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