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Andreas Moritz

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  • Re: Andreas Moritz has died:( by Webmaster  18mo   7,915   R
    A long thread of messages that were posted here were moved to the Conspiracy Theories Forum : ... ... ... ... ... Webmaster   [End]
  • Andreas Moritz's view on death............... by Corey  18mo   8,532   R
 ... ... Death Isn’t What It Appears To Be ... Posted on December 8, 2011 by andreas m ... By Andreas Moritz ... ... For the majority of people on this planet, death still symbolizes the end of a life cycle, however short or long it might be.These angels who are currently living through the ‘dark night of their soul’ and are ‘causing’ death or harm to others and become known for this through the mass media, confront the rest of the people with their greatest of fears, the fear of death. Those souls who leave their physical form never actually ‘die’ against their ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Andreas Moritz has died:( by straussmum  18mo   7,838   R
    Cannot believe that he has gone without saying goodbye .. Always thought he would be there for us no matter what. I know we all have questions about how he died, and time will tell us. But we all know his teachings were sound and profound.   [End]
  • Re: Andreas Moritz has died:( by hopinso  18mo   10,587   R
    Andreas still had his forum on Curezone when I joined . He was always so kind and patient with us. He was a treasure that will be missed. By the way if you want to read the announcement of his passing go to his Website:   [End]
  • Awesome Results by h2olover  19mo   3,662  C   RN SUCCESS
    I’m a 22 year old man. Today I completed my second liver and gallbladder flush following Andreas Moritz’s method. I cannot believe how good I feel right now. I feel like I used to feel on Christmas morning as a small child. The effects following my first flush were not as good as this. I actually felt worse after doing the first flush. The second flush produced much bigger stones (about 8 stones the size of a quarter) were ejected this time around, and BOY DO I FEEL GREAT!!!! I cannot believe I struggled with depression, anxiety, and low back pain at my age. The low back pain is still pres ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: liver flush? i thought i needed them but now my life is ruined by webster1  7y   14,037   RRR
    Hello, ... ... My 20’s sucked. Do worry about turning 30. You realize once you get there you will not turn into a pumpkin after all. You may stay looking like one but as you mature you should see a reduction in your self destructive behavior, violent thoughts and nasty behavior towards yourself. ... ... We are all the same. We all experience pain. Just because someone is slim, pretty, acne free does not mean they have no pain in their life. ... I struggled every day with depression and had my hardest time around 27...and my final dark day period at 32. Now 36. i got sick of feeling the way i did and ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: How do you do it.... by peanutbutter  8y   7,099   R
    You are welcome regarding the advice. I remember how daunting some of the varying advice and questions within yourself can be when you are in the early stages of your health quest. There are a lot of wise and wonderful people here. You will gain much advice and then it is your job to listen to your gut about what will be best for you. For me Andreas’s protocol was the most complete- with facts and logic behind it and it felt right to me on a deep gut level. ... I was quite sick and went to South Carolina and met with Andreas a couple of years ago for a comprehensive diagnosis. It was money we ...   [retrieve this message]
  • ******Forum Members****** by Lapis  8y   6,454   R
    Andreas has contacted me and asked me to design a site for him that will house his archived messages. What I am envisioning is a searchable site catagorized in a meaningful fashion. This will take a huge load off of Andreas and will allow him to answer NEW questions. People that are familiar with Andreas’s messages can gently guide newcommers to the archive where most questions have been answered many times. ... ... This should bring a coherency to this forum which can enable Andreas to focus his time and energy in a much more efficient manner. ... ... This project will take time as there are man ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Certainly... by #48222  8y   5,287   R
    ... Sofia, ... ... ... I would be glad to, although I must warn you that my ”theory” is relatively young, therefore it may contain minor flaws which I have not yet ironed out, so to speak. ... ... ... If we are to believe that our thoughts affect the body at the cellular level, then that which caused disharmony can be released, releasing the ”condition” along with the emotions which created strife. It is a conscious (or subconscious) decision to be anything less than perfect, and as soon as we realise this we can shift our consciousness, thus creating health and obliterating depression, decay, disease and ...   [retrieve this message]
  • the most wonderful cream by sofia  8y   6,693   R
    I think urine has some protective action for the sun. ... ... I would like to give you the recipe of the cream I make for myself and my family, I’m very fond of it. You can make any kind of variations, because this is just a basic formula that can be interpreted in many ways. I took it from the book ”Earthly Bodies & Heavenly Hair” of Dina Falconi, which I very much love and recommend. ... ... Here it goes: ... 6 oz. liquid oil ... 3 oz. solid oil (coconut oil, shea butter and/or cocoa butter) ... 1 oz. beeswax ... 9 oz. water (distilled water, floral water, herbal infusion, fruit juice, aloe gel, whatever you ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Unexplained Lump (Bane of my Existence) by andmor  8y   7,091   R
    Dear Lee, ... ... Surgery always injures lymph vessels, blood vessels and possibly meridians. There are numerous lymph nodes around the ears. By cutting off or injuring a local lymph vessel network that drains metabolic wastes and dead cells from that given area of tissue, there can be an accumuation of these wastes in any of these attached lymph nodes. Since the outlet for these wastes is cut off from the larger lymphatic vessels, the waste products and dead cells mingle with the rest of the tissue and form a lump. These lumps can occur without surgery, and many people have them. They all resu ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Thanks you and so many questions by andmor  8y   5,106   R
    Dear Hildegard, ... ... I am very sorry about the difficulties you and others have to get their questions posted on this forum. I am still working 12 hours per day 7 days a week, and once it gets to 10pm I don’t feel able to give the best possible responses, so I wait for some breaks here and there during daytime. So here it is: ... ... I feel there is something in your diet that doesn’t agree with you. Do you eat out regularly? When you wake up tired it is often due to what you ate in the evening before, of due to going to bed way after 10pm, and/or sleeping past 6:30am or 7:00am. ... ... The other thin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: sports drink question posting for young athlete by andmor  8y   4,776   R
    Gatorade basically is water, with both glucose and sucrose-fructose syrup added. These sugars pass right into the blood stream, which makes you feel great, but set you up for a number of problems that are worse than eating plain white sugar. The only thing that’s. The sport drink also contains salt (tablke salt or sodium chloride which is anything but conducive to proper cell nourishment). To replenish mineral salts, it is best to use real, unrefined salt with its 84 minerals. Then there is sodium citrate, and monopotassium phosphate for electrolytes, citric acid to improve flavor, and a n ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Another question: fear of death & drowning by andmor  8y   3,677   RN
    Yes, Louise. You answered your own questions by stating them. As it so often happens, a question contains its answer like a seed contains its flower or tree. You have good intuition, which is but the ability to know the connectedness of things, times and events. Past lives are no less in the past as this present moment is. They simply occur in other time lines or time dimensions that we call ”the past.” Usually, such karmic past life incidents as your drowning in the sea don’t come to the surface of a person’s attention before one has reached a certain age. ... ... The purpose of karma is to gr ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Colon Health by andmor  8y   15,592   RN
    Great responses to a great question, indeed. What is left for me to answer here is that magnesium oxides don’t act as laxatives but as cleansers. Their purpose is not to trigger peristalsis but through oxidation remove the obstructive waste matter that prevents bile from coming into contact with the intestinal wall. Along with the production of intestinal gas (about 10 liters per meal) bile is the key trigger for peristaltic action. Restricted bile secretion from the liver and gallbladder leads loss of peristalsis. This further increases toxicity from undigested food and causes excessive ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Probiotics and...colon cleansing, liver flushing, candida, etc, etc. by andmor  8y   6,586   RN
    Actually, I am asked this question almost daily. Although, I don’t discount the possibility for some benefits from taking probiotic supplements, I have yet to see someone who actually improved or cured the digestive problems for which they are recommended. Taking probiotics, in my opionion, is more of a bandaid that may provide some temporary relief or support to the intestinal flora, but it doesn’t realy address the core issues of the disturbed flora. For one thing, lack of bile secretion naturally leads to over-population of destructive bacteria due to the increased need for decomposing ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Zapping and the Power of Healing by andmor  8y   3,118   RN
    I am not a great friend of zapping. If you kill lets say 10 million parasites in the body, you will have to deal with 10 million parasite corpses. The question is which is better, parasites that are dead or alive? Since parsites occur only in areas of congesiton and toxicity, killing the parasites adds waste matter to the existing congestion. When new parasites grow in that congested environment, you will need to zap them again. There comes a point when the congestion reaches a point where the body must create a toxicity crisis in order to deal with it. I prefer methods of cleansing to met ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Marijuana by andmor  8y   3,653   R
    Like any herb, plant and food, Marijuana may be useful for some animals, some insects, some microbes, or some humans. Like tobaccao, which is considered one of the most sacred plants by Native Americans, marijuana is embued with high frequency notes that are necessary for the balance and evolution of the planet. The use of this herb as a means to get glimpses of higher dimensional perception is not its primary purpose, but it can be used that way. In the more ancient civilizations MJ was used as a healing plant. Its higher frequencies would establish a link between dimensions, and when app ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Panchakarma problems, changing limited beliefs by andmor  8y   3,686   RN
    Dear Chetana, ... ... 1. Ghee stimulates bile secretion, but when you take it in larger amounts it can also force stones from the rear parts of the liver to move towards the main bile ducts that combine and form the common bile duct. When these stones block the main bile ducts, there is little bile around to digest your food and so you may get constipated. In addition, the hydrochloric acid that your stomach produces, is not neutralized properly as it passes through the duodenum along with the ingested food.The strong acidiy of the food chyme, along with the constipation, may irritate the intes ...   [retrieve this message]
  • What else is in the nation's tapwater? by andmor  8y   1,598   RN
    Good reasons to use a good water filter: ... ... ... ... ... Unregulated Contaminants ... by Kathie Zier ... ... The first ever nationwide compilation of tap water testing results from ... drinking water utilities shows widespread contamination of drinking water ... with scores of contaminants for which there are no enforceable health ... standards. ... Examples include the gasoline additive MTBE, the rocket fuel component ... perchlorate, and a variety of industrial solvents. The pollution affects ... more than one hundred million people in 42 states. ... These findi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Eye Color Changes and Instant Healing by andmor  8y   5,719   RN
    Certainly, the iris color can change for various reaons. Just as poisoining and tissue erosion in the body can affect the color, so can cleansing the body. And as you may know, people with multiple personalities can change their iris color from blue to brown or green to gray with in a split second, depending on who is the dominating personality or soul fracture at that time. Gradual personality changes can also change the eye color. The old viewpoint that things in our body are and static or physical and, therefore, real, is defying the laws of quantum physics and are just figments of our ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Probiotics by andmor  8y   4,671   R
    The bacteria populations in our gut are regulated by the pH (acid-alkaline balance)which, in turn, depends on the efficacy of digestion and foods consumed. A toxic, waste-filled intestinal terrain will attract bacteria whose job it is to decompose the waste. And so, there is little value for those bacteria that aid the digestive process. Bacteria that ferment and putrefy foods are in a greater demand than the probiotic, beneficial bacteria when, for example, you eat cadaver foods such as meat, fish, chicken, etc., or you drink alcohol or soft drinks, or when bile secretions are not suffici ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Hormones by andmor  9y   1,983   R
    As the old saying goes, ”mind over matter,” acne is the manifestation of self-judgment. As others have so poignantly explained, hormonal secretions in the body reflect the state of mind and emotions. Happy feelings, peace of mind, and love in the heart all generate balanced hormonal secretions that affect us on the cellular level. It is difficult to get sick when the hormones remain balanced. Neuropeptides are biochemcials or hormones that the brain produces for every thought you think and every feeling you feel. These peptides control every function in your body. Serotonin, for example, r ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: How important are medical labels? by andmor  9y   1,735   RN
    You are raising a very good point. Society uses labels to hide the unknown or make it more bearable, or so it seems. To give the unknown a life of its own, ”this is cancer” and ”cancer is a deadly disease that we we need to combat” we have, however, fallen in the traps of fear. By making the unknown concrete and tangible, we also turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is well known (and I have discussed this in my new book, Cancer Is Not A Disease - It’s A Survival Mechanism) that over 95% of diseases come and go on their own without medical intervention. This inscludes cancer. The ch ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Karma and Free Will by andmor  9y   2,474   RN
    Bharati, ... ... an excellent question! The notions of ”an eye for an eye”, ”a tooth for a tooth”, or ”you shall reap what you sow,” are not really related to external mechanisms of karma returning to you. Karma means action causing reaction. But reaction and action are basically the same thing and always occur inside the doer. Hence, an eye for an eye. ... ... If you kill someone, you are not really responsible for the death of the other person’ that’s only how man’s laws see it. Cosmic law looks at what happened before this event and finds that the victim is responsible for what happens to him. In ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Second Andreas Moritz teleconference by andmor  9y   2,194   RN
    Greetings All ... ... I hope this message finds you and yours in the best of the best! ... ... Here is the much awaited information about the second Andreas Moritz teleconference. ... Judging from the last conference and the positive feedback received, this second teleconference will be just as great. ... The teleconference held last month was such a huge success that Andreas has set another on for December 15th 11:00 AM EST. This teleconference, like the last, will go until! The last conference went for about 1 1/2 hours with great questions and the answers were equally fabulous. I have heard back from m ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Lasik surgery is very dangerous by Owen  9y   1,909   R
    Dear Ribbot, ... ... I’m very sorry to learn that you opted for ... Lasik surgery. However, I’m not at all surprised that you regret it. ... ... Lasik surgery is a dangerous scam. There are ... more lawsuits generated by Lasik surgery procedures, than any other surgical operation ... performed in America. ... ... A good friend of mine, a woman whose children ... I once tutored, decided to get Lasik surgery ... about 4 years ago. Her vision was already good, but she wanted it to be better. ... ... The surgery ruined her eyes. My friend spends ... most of her time in a dark room in her home. ... Quite simply, her life is ruined. ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Cancer: Causes and Treatment by andmor  9y   3,812   RN
    Dear Andy, ... ... Incidently, I just released a book on cancer, entitled, Cancer Is Not A Disease - It’s A Survival Mechanim ( You may want to read it because it will help you remove the fear of cancer and understand what cancer really is and why it is in you favor for as long as certain conditions remain intact. Removing the fear of cancer is the most important step to achieve complete healing. You will also learn the main physical reasons behind cancer. Diet, lifestyle, the liver bile ducts, blood vessel walls, and the lymphatic system all play major roles in all of that. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Prickly Pear and spiritual evolution by andmor  9y   2,083   RN
    Lori, As far as I know prickly pear favors Vata and Pitta types. ... ... Eating a vegan diet can be quite detrimental to one’s health. There is vegan and vegan. Some fill themselves up with tofu and soy milk, others just eat veggie wraps or veggie burgers. Some eat fresh home-made meals, others eat mostly resaurant foods. There is a huge range of ”vegan foods ” some healthful, some not. ... ... Many New Age folks attribute their healh problems to the shift or ”ascension” we are going through. Whereas there is a certain influence from that, the real cause is not external. Since the shift actually occ ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Little seems to be going "right" at this time by andmor  9y   1,757   R
    Dear Hally, ... ... Doesn’t matter how difficult your make own life by making the choices you made, including choosing your own parents and the land your are born into, the reasons behind all of that are positive ones. Even putting yourself into a situation of financial limitations that restrict you in your desire to seek support and assistance from others who take a fee for their service, in no way reflects lack of desevability or weakness on your behalf. Quite the opposite, only very strong souls venture forth into such terrains of ”adversity” and desperation. They cut themselves off external ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Little seems to be going "right" at this time by #11958  9y   955   RN
    Hi Andreas, ... ... There have been difficulties that have entered my life in recent years, and it seems that I am not responding well to them. I have lost confidence in my ability to care well for myself. I am seeing unhealthy patterns and beliefs that I learned in childhood more clearly than ever before, but do not have a clear sense of what it is that I need to do in order to move forward in my life. ... ... The losses that have come into my life are major, yet I somehow need to pull myself together in order to overcome them. When I feel weary and downtrodden, such as I have been, it seems tha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: question on healing by andmor  9y   2,041   R
    Dear Carter, ... ... The idea that life is mapped out in advance and we are just here to follow the route we have chosen is only correct for those who believe in it. Your beliefs shape your reality. All probabilities exists simultaneously in all aspects/dimesnions/timelines of reality. Out of these, in any given moment we choose to manifest some of them in this physical plane, while all the other possible probabilities manisfest on other planes of our multi-dimesntional reality. Nothing is ever lost, no life is lost, and no opportunity is lost. But for reasons of our personal situation and adva ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Sex by andmor  9y   2,709   R
    I have not read every post that followed yours, but it seems it has stirred up some emotions here. I will stick to your original questions and concerns. ... ... I do sense you and your husband have spent quite a few lives together, two of which ended with disapointment and distrust in one another (following some violant/sexual encounters). Your husband is somewhat in denial of the guilt and shame for his past actions, not just because he is unaware of them. His subconscious still makes him believes he abused you. Although this has phsyically happened before this lifetime, it translates into th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Finding my way by andmor  9y   2,108   R
    Whether inherited or not, Gilbert’s seems to be accompanied or caused by major bile duct blockage. At least, this is what I have found among those with Gilbert’s doing liver flushes. A friend of mine who has had Gilbert’s has released over 10,000 stones. Duing his 6th cleanse he passed a lot large, dark-red bilirubin stones. After that cleanse, most of his life-long symptoms disappeared. I am aware that some caution those with Gilbert’s not to do liver flushes, but I don’t necessarily share that opinion. Although orthodox medicine doesn’t believe Gilbert’s is causing any major problems, I ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: why do animals have to eat meat?? by andmor  9y   2,276   RN
    Jackie, ... ... Both the species of animals and humans living on the planet right now reflect and bring forth some of the distortions that have existed for many throusands of years. It is no coincidence that animals kill other animals, humans kill animals, animals kill humans, and humans kill humans, for food or other reasons. We are now facing the pain that has resulted from eons of disharmonious relationships. There was a time when animals and humans lived in total peace with one another. If an animal were to kill another animal it asked permission to do so, for the betterment and sustenance ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Husband and p 0 r n o g r a p h y by andmor  9y   3,688   BSA EDUCATIONAL
    Pornography seems to offer to men a variety of ”options” they feel they don’t have when their are with their spouse. Intitially, this may satisfy their senses, but in the long-term it decreases their ability for having a deep, meaningful, emotional exchange. Like most other addictions, the addiction to pornography in whatever form leaves the man unfulfilled because of this lack of emotional exchange with his partner. The lack of loving exchange creates an emptiness in his heart which he feels he can only fill through physical arousal and external stimulation. In due time, like hot spicy fo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Cancer is Not A Disease – It’s A Survival Mechanism! by andmor  9y   3,461   RN
    Dear Members of the Forum, ... ... Some of you have inspired/asked me to write a book about cancer, and so I am very pleased to announce that I have just released my new book, Cancer Is Not A Disease – It’s A Survival Mechanism. For the time being, the book is only available through my website but it should soon turn up in most online bookstores such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. ... ... ... About this Book ... ... Cancer is Not a Disease! ... It’s A Survival Mechanism ... ... Discover Cancer’s Hidden Purpose, Heal its Root Causes, ... And Be Healthier Than Ever ... ... In Cancer Is Not A Diseas ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Benefits of SARDINES????????????? by andmor  9y   2,366   R
    I may not be the right person to ask this question since I don’t recommend eating fish in any form, whether it has bee contaminated with metals and chemicals or not. Unless you eat fish alive and raw, it will putrefy within a matter of minutes and hours after death. If heated, the already damaged cell protein will coagulate and therefore not be used by the body. Any proteins not eliminated by the liver and colon will clog up the basal membranes of the blood vessel walls and cause circulatory problems, the most common cause of chronic illness (see more information in Timeless Secrets of Hea ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Life.... by andmor  9y   1,665   R
    Your are going through the disillusionment that occurs when part of you awakens to a deeper meaning and perspective of yourself. It is a dying process where the old life, beliefs and values lose their attraction, meaning and purpose. Even a soul experiences darkness, ”the dark night of the soul”, where the motivation and will to live are minimal and everything else becomes ”superficial.” The question arises ”what is the point of all this?” Happiness is but a fleeting occurrence. ... ... I can tell you that you are not the only one going through this. However bad it appears to be, it has its goo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Purpose by andmor  9y   1,549   R
    Who are you? - It is not important to find out what you are here to do but to find out who you are. Unless you accept yourself the way you are, you will not know you are, and your purpose here cannot be revealed to you. Be grateful for the little insignifant things in your life, for they are your doorway to discovering who you are. Seek and discover the precious purpose in life’s adverse situations and the rest will unfold automatically. Don’t look for a purpose of your existence. Looking for it means that you are looking for it outside yourself. The truth is that you are your own purpose. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: chronic dry peeling lips by andmor  9y   2,816   R
    Dear Friend, ... ... You only mentioned breakfast and dinner, perhaps by mistake. The main meal of the day be consumed at the time when food can be digested most effectively. Being Vata, it is also good to cook vegetables more thoroughly. Vatas develop dryness when eating raw ar half cooked veggies. Ideally, oils should be avoided in the evening meals since they require a much stronger AGNI, avaialble only at lunch time. If eating with foods in the evening, oil can linger in the stomach for up to 8 hours, especially of the omega 3 types. This may affect digestive functions in sensitive people, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Just to add a personal story by hanna  9y   2,776   RN
    In Feb’03 I started liverflushing for gallbladder problems. In the following months I became aware of Andreas forum and started following him. Added oxypowder, Ayurvedic lifestyle, did kidneycleanse, but the liverflushes made me feel better all the time. During the summer got rid off allergies, not expecting that since I was only working on my gallbladder. ... Had a telephone consultation. And by Oct’04 felt stuck, still depressed even with 3 anti-depressants, we stopped by Andreas office for an appointment, we were on our way to Florida in our motorhome. Since I already had done more than 3 ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: your thoughts on bird flu by andmor  9y   2,497   RN
    Carter, ... ... The more we fear it, the more we energize it. If there is a mass hysteria, it it is likely to occur. Viral outbreaks don’t happen accidentally, like hurricanes don’t happen accidentally. Viruses go by vibration. Collective vibration was extremly low in the beginning of the 20th century, and reached its extreme in 1914. We are moving through a period of two extremes right now, one has a very high vibration, the other very low. This is necessary to bring about a shift that will radically change the way we live our lives on earth. The climate changes, the polar ice caps are melting ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Alignment With My Other Side by andmor  9y   1,791   RN
    Dear T, ... ... I may disappoint you here, but the answer to all four questions is not as complex as the questions you raised. ... Much of what you expect is conceptual and stems from your mind, whereas the actual living occurs in the heart. You don’t have to align with the universe or try to make the universe comform to your desires and dreams. You can try as hard as you wish, but the trying occurs only in your head, not in the heart where it is meaningless. There is no magic activity you can do to align yourself to a larger picture, a bigger purpose, or a more meaningful life. You are already al ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Understanding and dealing with Hepatitis C by andmor  9y   3,363   RN
    People with Hep C tend to have a lot more stones than average, and the liver impairment causes them to keep making new stones. There is a strong emotional component to this as well. She may contact me to find out what it is and work with that. I know of quite a few people who apparently had Hep C for many years before they were diagnosed. It is more common than is known. ... ... Intrahepatic stones are not the only cause of Hep C. Protein from animal foods clog up the sinusoids (blood capillaries) of the liver and starve of damage liver cells. All cells in the body and the blood contain tiny ac ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Plastic Surgery by andmor  9y   3,536   RN
    They are more confusing to the body than anything. The cells cannot communicate with the implants which creates a seperation as well as scar/dead tissue alongside the implants. Any cuts made, cut off the medidians and casue long-term weaknesses of damage to the organs they relate to. There are numerous facial meridians that run very close to the surface of the skin. The unsuspecting plastic surgery patients may be happy about their looks, but can start suffering from illnesses two or three years later; illnesses that are directly caused by cutting these meridians. A breast implant operatio ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Poor absorption, reasons? by andmor  9y   1,950   R
    Please see my answer to the previous post as it applies to you as well. There can be many possible causes for this, like eating too fast, eating in between meals, eating the main meal in the evening, not sleeping early enough in the evening, choice of foods, etc. etc. The body is not physical, although it appears to be that way. It is made of molescules, atoms, subatomic particles, all of which are nothing but energy and information. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions are energy and information, too, and as such can can easily alter the energy and information that runs your body. The bod ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Life Insights by andmor  9y   1,816   R
    Dear Nidhi, ... ... The reason you were born into the family and culture that raised you was due to a great deal of guilt of having subdued others into submission and limitation. You were a man, a ruler who set the rules of living in a part of India now known as Pakistan. You asked to be born into a family that arranged marriages, leaving you with no choice. In truth, though it was your choice all along, for you had this need to balance out the shame and guilt of restricting other people’s freedom. You have come a long way of liberating yourself from this self-inflicted pain, but there is oppor ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: hypersalivation, protein foods by andmor  9y   4,580   RN
    The hypersalivation or involuntary salivation occurs in response to putrefaction of protein foods in your small intestine. Most often the stomach is involved, especially when animal proteins as in fish or meat are combined with carbohydrates. Bile tends to shoot into the stomach and causes nausea. I used to have the hypersalivation just before a fainting spell and a gallstone attack. The bottoms line is, you are poisong yourself with dead, degenrate, putrefied and coagulated(due to heating) cadaver foods. The body can actually develop a severe protein deficiency by eating these foods. Much ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Gallbladder on Strike by andmor  9y   2,034   R
    I actually never advised a person to have their gallbladder removed. It may be ”sleeping”, but if it were dead you would not be alive today. The gallbladder may be inactive because it doesn’t receive Chi or life force. This could be due to one of several reasons, or a combination of thereof: ... ... Injury that has cut the Chi flow through the gallbladder or liver meridians, for example on the sides of the legs or the 1st or 4th toes. ... Long-term congestion in either organ. ... Emotional distress or resentment towards someone or oneself. ... Dietary reasons. ... Lifestyle reasons such as not sleeping dur ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Anemia, blood iron, child birth by andmor  9y   1,480   R
    Dear Jessica, ... ... Every healthy pregnant mother will reduce iron levels as she approahces delivery. The iron drops gradually so as not to up upset the body. This response is natural. By the eighth months the iron drop is much substantial and reaches a peak just before delivery. All this is to prevent infection of the blood during deliver, when the body has a huge, open, gushing wound. By keeping the iron at the lowest possible level, the liver makes sure no airborne bacteria or otherwise transmitted germs are attracted to the blood and enter it. Some women need to lower their iron more tha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: question regarding two Tatoos I got a few years ago. by andmor  9y   1,777   R
    Dear Boldyloxx, ... ... The issue with tatoos is less that they contain noxious substances, but that they cut the meridians if they pass through them. There are ways to reconnect them, such as Ener-chi Art (see my website). Also, just placing your right hand over the tattoos and thinking of them as beautiful ornaments instead of a ”wound,” a source of toixicity, or a mistake from your past that you want to rip out. Such thoughts or feelings affect the cells of those parts of your body much more powerfully than the tattoos do. Accept them as being part of your body. This way, the body doesn’t ha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: lipid/cholesterol problems etc by andmor  9y   1,790   R
    Suga, ... ... You described all the major symptoms of protein poisoning and lymph congestion in the cysterna chyli vessels and thoracic duct (skin rashes mainly on trunk and scalp, and pain in upper chest area esp when lying on right side, pains in between right and left shoulderblade and pain down the left side of neck and shoulder). ... Eating just ”less” protein can be desastrous when the blood capillary walls and lymph ducts are already saturated with protein. Especially when they are eaten in the evening. Insulin resistance and high cholesterol directly result from eating animal proteins and ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Andreas....Acne and emotions...Please read by andmor  9y   1,790   R
    Your therapist is certainly correct about her assumptions. There is no other influence as powerful your emotions. Seeing ourselves or parts of our body in a negative light, we basically attack ourselves. The resulting fight or flight response sheds out highly irritating stress hormones and at the same time constricts the blood vessel supplying the bowel and other internal organs. There are different ways to deal with these emotional states, such as hypnotherapy, meditation, counseling, Tai Chi, Chi Kong, Yoga, etc. I use Sacred Santemony (see my website fore details) to address the underly ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Andreas, what do you suggest I take to start chelating mercury out- ... by eureca  9y   2,638   R
    Yikes, ... ... I’ve always read that a person should wait until the amalgams are gone or risk leeching more mercury out of the amalgam and into the body. I know people want to act now, but I was so afraid of redistribution and an increase of then existing symptoms. ... ... Last year in November I had 8 amalgams replaced. My neurological symptoms(ear ringing, eye twitching, numb fingertips)went away within a month, it might have been sooner but at about a month, I was watching tv and realized I hadn’t experienced them recently. But the fatigue and brain fog persisted. But I felt better right away ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Some Ideas by Lapis  9y   1,606   R
    Try Samento....(a type of cat’s claw) and a good quality olive leaf extract along with proper diet, etc. Are you using eft to address the emotional causes? I would aslo suggest the very poweful Medicine Buddha meditation (chant). You can get a great cd called Medicine Buddha by one of the best sound healers of our day...Jonothan Goldman. ... The Medicine Buddha is a huge, strong attractor program that can be accessed with intent and the chanting meditation. ... ... I would also consider cranial sacral, deep lymph massage, and possibly chiropractic. Is it in the brain or brain stem? What is yo ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Vaccination advice by andmor  9y   1,581   RN
    This is up to you to decide, but in my opionion these outbreaks are are actually worsened if not caused by the vaccinaations. The whole concept of vaccination protecting against infectious disease is a fallacy and has never been. The great epidemics declined before vaccines were given. The body may develop antibodies to a viral agent in a vaccine, but this does in now way mean it is immune. Immunity is something very different. That’s why the rate of infection among those not vaccinated is just about the same as among those who are vaccinated. In some people, though, vaccines strongly depe ...   [retrieve this message]
  • i used to suffer from Exfoliative Cheilitis badly... by johng  9y   13,183  C   BSA SUCCESS
    i used to have this problem (Exfoliative Cheilitis = peeling lips) very badly, but now for the most part its gone. I hope to have it fully cleared up during the next year. ... ... I learned its mostly related to diet and intestional irritation resulting from poor digestion. ... ... I did liver cleansing and the various cleanses discussed on this web site, especially in Andreas Moritz’s forum here. creams and drugs just touch the symptoms. if you want to really heal yourself, you have to do it from the inside out. ... ... John g ...   [End]
  • Re: Breaking up by andmor  9y   1,757   R
    One thing is for sure, we are not destined to suffer. We suffer because we make comparisons with what we had before or what other people have. We suffer because we resist what the moment brings to us. We suffer because we still don’t like what we see in our lives and in others. Suffering is not real, just like darkness isn’t. Darkness is merely the lack of light and has no power on it own. Suffering isn’t a tangible thing that has anything in it but lack of acceptance of what is. If we could accept whatever happens to us with an open heart and mind, it would show us probabilities and possi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Message from Andreas: Namaste Publishing U.K., Earth Changes. by andmor  9y   4,352   RN
    Dear Friends, ... ... A small publishing company in England, Namaste Publishing ( has been publishing and distributing a U.K. edition of my liver flush book worldwide, but without a legal contract or my authorization. The book, which has a green cover, is entitled “The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse” (May 2004). The owner of the company, Carl Sims, is selling it in England and distributing it to all major websites around the world, including By offering a much lower price on websites like Amazon than my American edition, he is effectively diverting ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: ayurveda, astrology, our purpose in life by andmor  9y   1,527   RN
    Dear Lumena, ... ... The trinity of the three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha represent the three forces of nature that control every life form on this planet and the makeup and behavior of the large-scale universe. In my book, It’s Time to Come Alive, I describe the three doshas as mental forces as well, i.e., Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. So all the physical qualities have their non-physical representation in these mental forces. Astrology and Astronomy are actually the sciences of our extended self (universe, and therefore, we find that the same laws that control our lives also control the life of t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: liver ruining life by andmor  9y   3,430   R
    There is a clear procedure for liver-flushing that is essential to follow to reap beneficial results. We know that food and water are essential for our sustenance, but when taking too much of them we can kill ourselves. Obesity is now the biggest risk for most chronic illness and death. Oxygen in moderation is essential, but when ingesting too much of it, it can also kill you. There are tools out there that can help us heal, but they need to be used wisely and with patience. By subjecting the liver and gallbladder to sic liver flushes in 2 weeks you can ruin them. They never even get the c ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Cancer and Safety of Black Cohosh by andmor  9y   1,662   RN
    Chetana, ... ... First, unfortunately there is a movement out there to discredit the benefits of herbs like Black Coshosh in order to create markets for themselves. There are many websites and organisation financed by the big pharmaceutical industries, while disseminating useful information and products, to create doubts and confusion in the masses and gradually steer them away from the huge trend to go alternative. Who do you think pays the millions for studies to ”prove” that a cheap, harmless herb increases cancer? It is easily done, when the financing is taken care of. You select subjects t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • liver ruining life by #32635  9y   3,209   RN
    Andreas, ... ... I’ve been flushing for about a year to get rid of my acne, but now it’s worse than ever. About a month ago I did a flush and passed few stones. My sinus congestion was terrible, so I proceeded with another flush a week later. I managed to get out some HUGE stones, and my sinus congestion was gone. I began to think to myself, ”with these kind of results, I should flush every weekend.” I proceeded to do so. After a couple of weeks I also decided to up my dose of ACV and Chanca Piedra. I started breaking out really bad and immediately thought that I was breaking up too many stones ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Depression, Anxiety, Loneliness and lack of Motivation by andmor  9y   4,759   R
    From one point of perspective your life seems to be falling apart, but from another it is actually coming together. Like so many people now, you find a part of you and your life withering away or dying off. You are compelled to let go of what was never you in the first place, just roles you played and experiences you had. There is a reawakening occuring in you that can no longer be satisfied with the ordinary. Yor relationships meet with resistance. The resistance is due to an inner drive to be complete and whole within and not just take from another in order to fill yourself up for a litt ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded ~ Attention Please ~ by Lapis  9y   1,234   RN
    Andreas hold’s one of Curezone’s finest forums that is frequented by some of curezone’s most passionate people. I am posting this message here because there is a family that could use our help with thoughts, prayers and action (letters). ... ... ”...the doctor cut a 5 inch slit between her ribs and stuck her hand in to remove the whole thymus gland. In doing this procedure the doctors collapsed her left lung. Katie was running a fever and is in severe pain and has difficulty breathing after the operation. The thymus gland did not need to be removed; they only needed a small tissue sample to ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: low cab diet/liver flushing/cleansing by andmor  9y   2,158   R
    I suggest you stop counting calories and eat from nature’s table of delicious, fresh foods. Eating according to caloties is an old concept that has little or no relevance, except to confuse the body. It is all relative to the person eating them. What are a lot of calories for one person may actually not enough for another person. A vata-type with his hyper-metabolic rate will hardly ever put on any weight with fat-rich foods, whereas his natural opposite, the Kapha type with his low-metabolic rate requires foods, like spices, to speed it up. Calories may or may not play a role in this, but ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Left side ailments. by andmor  9y   1,897   R
    Are you doing kidney cleanses every 3-4 liver flushes? It is very important, especially when you pass so many stones. Some toxins alsways end up going to the kidneys, especially the left one. The ”lazy” left eye relates to congestion in the left kidney. Most left side problems stem from the ascending colon or left kidney, but usually both. Make sure to keep them clean when doing liver flushes. ... ... Andreas   [End]
  • Re: Mind over Matter by andmor  9y   1,641   RN
    There are many influences on the human body, and the mind certainly place a major role. I have written major sections in three books of mine to this matter. The conscious mind does influence the body through the well documented mind/body responses. Even more influential is the subconscious mind which translates its many memories into constant bio-chemical changes in the body. Nearly 200 studies have documented that the body responds to emotions in an instant. For example, the DNA of medical students who are sitting for an exame have a much lower interleukin and interferon secretions (anti ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Something Very Difficult, recurrance of cancer by andmor  9y   2,271   RN
    Dear Hally, ... ... When the doctors said that she now has a recurrence after many years of being cancer free, this is not really true. The cancer was never cured and it never disppeared; all they did was to suppress it. To develop cancer of the bone or liver to grow to the point of when it can be diagnosed takes many years. I have written about this before in my book Timless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation which has a chapter just for cancer. After treating breast cancer with medical approaches, such as chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, the chances for the cancer to appear in the bone tissu ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Body becomes even more sensitive by andmor  9y   1,595   RN
    Dear Hildegard, ... ... Whereas it is perfectly natural for the body to reject any foods that don’t have any real value for the body (no life force as in the case of micro-wave and pre-cooked foods)or that contain drug additives like MSG that upset the body’s basic matabolism, we cannot always avoid them. People whose basic survival mechanisms are already impaired suffer much fewer complaints after eating carcinogenic foods (like French fries), if any, than those whose body is cleansed and more sensitive to things that interfere with its functioning. A more refined body versus crude, congested ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Just some information... by andmor  9y   2,460   R
    Thank you, I think Lapis found an excellent alternative source. However, I have seen great improvements in people using Pascalite clay. Sometimes, when a company develops a new, more expensive, and perhaps more effective product, they minimize any positive claims for their lesser expensive products. certainly wants to promote their new chelation product, and there is nothing wrong in that... ... Andreas ...   [End]
  • Re: Parallel/Concurrent lives by andmor  9y   1,730   R
    Dear Janaki, ... ... The questions you asked are also your answers, except that it is not just one of our other lifetimes, but all of them that we live simultaneously. All lives are stagged together, but kept from us through a ”veil of ignorance.” This veil of ignorance is thinning now which allows us to more and more consciously live in the other dimensional aspects of ourselves as well, and without creating too much confusion or conflict within. We are not just the three dimensional physical human we seem to refer to us ”I” when we live on this planet, but we are all our past, present and fut ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Terrible things by andmor  9y   1,681   R
    It is diffcult to imagine right now how we can wiggle ourselves out of this chaos, corruption and physical destruction. The way duality works is that more extreme the destruction is the more powerful will be its opposite, that is, the reconstruction. The new generation that is being born right now consists of many souls with incredible gifts, wisdom and abilities, derived from their experiences in ancient civilizations suchas Lemuria. The extremely negative things happening in our world today sort of generates a need for the opposite to happen, for all things will have to find the point of ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Is Reiki effective and real ? by andmor  9y   2,241   RN
    You know, that really depends on the person who receives it. Healing is permitted or not permitted, it not given. Everything in nature can be healing, but resistance prevents it. Every person by nature of his very existence is a healer. We all generate an energy field that mingles with other energy fields of people, plant and animals. If you feel good about yourself, then your energy field has an uplifting effect on others; you bring their energy field to a level of higher vibration. They may reward you with a smile or thank you for one thing or another. This makes you a healer. When you d ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Toxins by andmor  9y   1,651   R
    Chumley, ... ... Toxins accumulate in fat tissue because this keeps them neutral. When the fat is broken down to fast without the proper precautions (as in most weightloss programs) these toxins are released back into circualtion which can lead to liver, kidney and heart problems and even cause heart attacks. A person with a fatty liver has stored lots of toxins in the liver. THe fats help to prevent liver failure, but in the long term this ”solution” fails as well. There is a limit to as how much fat the body can store before cell suffocation occurs. Usually cancer results or compications with ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Viruses are not the cause of infections by andmor  9y   3,206   RN
    Actually, I don’t work with insufflation of ozon, neither for the ears nor the rectum. I am also not in favor of killing viruses. Viruses don’t cause infection, but they enter the body when parts of it need to be infected or destroyed in order to prevent a major desaster such as potential cell mutation. As so often, allopathic medicine assumes that microorganisms are behind an infection and possibly cancer, when in truth they are on our side. So, Herpes 1 is called a good virus and hepes 2 a bad virus, but this isn’t true. Viruses are not bad or good, just as there is no bad or good choles ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: liver tumor?? by andmor  9y   1,507   RN
    Chris, ... ... First, your body doesn’t do anything to harm you, so there is nothing to be afraid of. However, fear of the unknown may manifest what you expect. Negative expectations are self-fulfilling prophecies. When they become fulfilled, they give us the idea that they would have happened anyway, as if we had no choice. But this isn’t true. Although we often create what we fear through subconscious programming, we can change the programme. ... ... Each negatively viewed situation like the bump on your hand can also be seen positively, or ideally, through the eyes of acceptance. When you accept ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Colon Cleansing, Avoiding vata aggravation by andmor  9y   4,710   BSA EDUCATIONAL
    Dear Chetana, ... ... I can very much associate with what your are going through. During my Ayurveda training I also studied Panchakarma and had numerous 2-week PKs over a period of many years, but without improvement. During the last treatment while in day 3 of the ghee-day, I passed out and died. My heart stopped for five minutes. When I returned to my body, I was very ill for 2 months, with several gallbladder attacks. With every PK pree-treatment I had done I suffered a gallbaldder attack. But after the last one I never had A PK again and focused on experiementing with other approaches. The ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Questions About Lyme Disease by andmor  9y   1,794   R
    Ray, ... ... I have nothing much to add to the excellent previous post, but would like to support you in your intuitions about Lyme Disease. ... It is actually quite difficult to diagnose Lyme disease because many of its symptoms ... are similar to those of other disorders. Many of the victims have not actually been exposed to the tick that carries the infectious bacterium. To be able to infect a person, the tick has to be attached to the body for at least 2 days. And there are many people with Lyme Disease who have not been out in nature at all. On top of all that, the bacterium can not really be fo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: no energy by andmor  9y   1,813   RN
    Dear Johanna, ... ... Amphetamines are very toxic drugs, for which reason they have side-effects such as the ones listed below. If you find you suffer from any of these or wish to prevent them from occuring in the future, it is best to wean yourself off these drugs. It is not true that they give you energy, they don’t have any energy packed into them. However, they act as stimulants, which releases and thereby depletes the body’s own energy. So you naturally become dependent taking them, just to get stimulated enough to function. The question is how long can the body live on energy it doesn’t r ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: whey protein by andmor  9y   1,673   RN
    Whey protein from cows milk was designed to help a calf grow until a certain age. Perfect for baby cows for a short period in their lives, it isn’t the case when ingested by humans at any age. Now added to many foods and power drinks, it creates many allergies and reactions to all sort of foods that contain them. I have discussed cows milk at great length in my book Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation ( The milk protein often acts like a virus in the body, stressing the cells and immune system. I have not found anyone as yet who can deal with it without side-effects. Ma ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Lost. by hopelessminx  9y   1,905   RN
    Hello Andreas! ... Im a little confused what my current situation in life is. After leaving highschool, i left behind good friends, that I dont speak to at all (fear? of what?! Not even I know!!!). I find it hard to talk to people. I lack communication with lots of people in my life, and I dont know why. At times I find it hard to tell the same people that I care for, that I love them. Its a power inside of me that holds me back. I can do it at times to my dear mother, but its rare. I feel awkard even hugging people. I dont understand. I have always noticed this about myself, but it is someth ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Self Empowerment by andmor  9y   1,630   RN
    Dear Lori, ... ... As often, the last question one raises sums up the answers to the questions one has. You have said it beautifully. The main precepts for expressing our spirituality are self-care, self-loving and fulfilling of our heart desires. This is when you are in alignment with yourself, of spirit, spiritual. There is notjing more to do or to be than that. If everyone did this, we would have no conflict nof fear on this planet, only love, peace and harmony. ... ... The need to pray arises from lack, and wanting to have this lack removed by a power greater than us. Praying is not so much a sp ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Braces on a child by andmor  9y   1,620   R
    Each tooth is related and controlled by an organ and vertebra of the spinal column. When teeth grow in crooked fashion or with too large spaces between them, it shows that there are internal changes underlying these occurences. If the two front teeth aren’t straight and normally spaced, for example, it indicates some congestion in the kidneys and the part of the spinal column connected with the kidneys. Trying to force the teeth into place may look estetically much better, but it can lead to spinal issues and organ problems. It is like putting these organs into a straight jacket. Everythin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Thoughts on Oxy Powder? by andmor  9y   5,163   R
    Dear Jeanette, ... ... I do recommended Colosan and Oxypowder for colon cleansing, particularly with problems of constipation. As you can see from other posts, not everyone has the same experiences. ... Until recently, colosan required you to use quite a bit of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice chased after ingestion. This can be quite irritating in some people. Now they have introduced the caspule form (with citric acid), which is much more easily tolerated, more or less like oxypowder. ... When I came accross colosan over a decade ago, there wasn’t really any other such product, except the origina ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Change by Andmor  9y   1,357   RN
    You are actually not the only one who feels that way. There is a sense of urgency in the air or ethers to move into a new, higher state of consciousness and to start a new life that is based on inner freedom and power, versus outer dependency and weakness. ... The world as we know it is in the process of dying off and to re-emerge in a different form that won’t tolerate people who are not in their power and are not free. A lot of people are suddenly trying extra hard to catch the train that is leaving the station, and you are one of them. The focus is on the body right now, for you will need ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: State of the planet by Andmor  9y   1,543   RN
    If you wish to get an indepth perception of mine on the state of the planet, I suggest you read my books Lifting the Veil of Duality and It’s Time to Come Alive ( ... In short, although I see the same predicament the planet as a whole along with all its inhabitants, humans and animals, is facing, I am not worried about the course this all is taking. It is no coincidence for the earth and humanity to experience a destructive face, for even destruction is part of the evolutionary process. Much of what we may perceive as self-destruction is actually our currently chosen way to deal ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Spiritual Questions by Andmor  9y   1,569   R
    Dear Lori, ... ... Yes, your are processing many lifetimes at once. The different roles you are playing and experiences you are having and directly linked to bringing to completion the ”unfinished business” from several simultaneous lifetimes that may call past lives. At the same time being here with so many other souls, there is a field effect to this that nobody can avoid being affected by. There is a tremdendous collective cleansing going on, induced by ever-increasing energies of a high frequency nature, and this brings to the surface any fear, poor self-perception, insecurities, and resist ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Mental Issues by Andmor  9y   1,698   RN
    Like so many people, you don’t have the best opinion of yourself. What you don’t realize is that the way you have lived your life so far was actually the best you could have done. If you ”missed” opportunities, it was in your cards to miss them. You may believe that you ego-self of body-awareness is in charge of your life, but not so. You have a higher aspect (your higher self) that never sleeps, even if you do, that never lets you down, even if you think it does, that never makes mistakes, even if you think you do. What you call mistakes is actually nothing but your inner guidance. Mistak ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Dry, cracking, peeling lips by Andmor  9y   1,572   BSA EDUCATIONAL
    The problem is not really in the skin of your lips, but reflects an inflammatory condition in the colon, parts of the small intestines and some in the stomach. The inner skin that enfolds the GI tract is irritated and may have developed small lesions. Drugs do that, and certain foods and beverages do that as well. The lower lip mostly represents the condition of the large intestines and the upper lip mostly that of the stomach. Eating a lot of acid-forming foods such as animal proteins and any processed, refined, micro-waved, frozen foods acidify the intestinal lining and walls and force t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 17th Flush Andreas by kemetic  9y   2,652   RN
    Greetings Andreas ... ... My flush this weekend first was large blackish green stones large ones about 20 of them with a couple of cups of chaff,,that was sturday morn,,saturday nite i started getting bloated so i decided to do a enema,,,it made me release more stones in odd shapes some were like horsehoes,,some clumped together with a carmel brown hard substance holding them together,,then something happened ,,i sat back down on the toilet and i noticed some hemmoroid blood,,then i thought to get up and look and feel the new type of stones and they were so hardened they were like sharp sand or ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Pain of disillusionment with spiritual community by Andmor  9y   1,382   RN
    Hally, ... ... There comes a time in your life when you need to stand in your own power and wisdom and trust it completely. That’s when following a teacher will not be necesssary anymore. In fact, if you try to go to others for spiritual guidance you may actually diminish your own inner abilities and gifts, or makes them less accessible to you. You are likely to become disappointed with others, and perhaps stop trusting them. However, that is not their fault. Trust cannot be disappointed if it is rooted in oneself. Things happen in life that challenge you to continue trusting in yourself, and t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • To all Forum Members, News of Andreas: by Standfast  9y   867   R
    Dear Friends, ... ... The good new is, Andreas has got most things back in control & his website is fully functional. He is however rather busy and apologises for the fact that he will not be available to answer questions at present, however please do continue posting your questions and comments. There are many experienced forum members around who can help with many issues. ... ... The good news is that his website is now fully equipped to fulfil all orders for books and artwork. Amazon takes 8-10 days to deliver, whereas from his website it is shipped within 24-36 hours. As E-books they can be down ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Please read! Spring Equinox notice. by Invincible  9y   1,256   RN
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  • Re: Dear Andreas ...It's not the first time we've met by andmor  9y   1,012   R
    Thank you, it is a very good question. When an event like this is karmic, even if you know what is coming you cannot prevent it. Karmic lessons can be painful, but they are also in our best interest. It is a clearing process. ... I once knew a young American man while I was working on a project. A friend of his had a vision about him that he would have an accident involving his leg on a particular day. The man himself one morning had a dream that he would lose his leg during an accident. Although he was warned not to go outside the building that day, he went to the train station to another to ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: MESSAGE BY ANDREAS TO All MEMBERS OF THIS FORUM by nieema0  9y   1,646   R
    Namaste ... ... My Brother in Health ... ... I am deeply hurt by the things done to you and I am sorry for these events. ... ... Remember one thing please, those of you that are the solders of the truth will always be tested. ... ... You my Brother have been tested severely and even in your in your telling us of your trials, your loving and helping spirit shines thru. ... ... Take all the time you need to get to where you are being lead, I for one will be here when you get back!!! ... ... If there is anything I can do please let me know!!! ... ... Your light can not be is just not going to happen, this is my prayer ...   [retrieve this message]
  • MESSAGE BY ANDREAS TO All MEMBERS OF THIS FORUM by andmor  9y   2,771   R
    Due to major fraudulent activities involving theft of my domain name and all funds by someone who was working for me I was forced to shut down my website. I wish to alert everyone who has been trying to order any of my books from my website, or tried making an appointment with me for a consultation, cannot do so for the time being through this site. My domain e-mail addresses don’t work right now either. ... ... I hope that within the next few days I will be able to restore it all, and I will let everyone know. ... I also hope you can understand why I am unable to any questions posted ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Hi Andreas; a question about treating hypertension by andmor  9y   2,144   RN EDUCATIONAL
    You didn’t mention his age. His boderline blood pressure may actually be completely normal for him, and for his age. The recommended ”normal blood pressure” has been ”adjusted” so many times that I would not give any credence to those who claim they know what is normal for a person. Different body types have different blood pressures. Plus,they fluctuate all the time. There are millions out there who suffer from a false positive hypertenstion diagnosis. I wrote quite a bit on this subject in my book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation ( See the excerpt below. ... The big ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: geriatric care by andmor  9y   1,096   RN
    Whatever applies to making anyone healthy, also applies to the older generation. Those suffering chronic illnesses often have a severely congested liver and intestinal tract. The elderly respond very well to cleansing of these organs, and regain some or a lot of their lost vigour and vitality. See my books The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush (formerly, The Amazing Liver Cleanse, as well as The Key to Health and Rejuvenation, soon replaced with its new edition, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation). ... ... Many older people are chronically dehydrated, and suffer from nutritional def ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: colonics by andmor  10y   1,757   R
    I know of too many people who developed serious health conditions by omitting the colonics or colema treatments at the end of the liver flushes, to not warn about this. You can ask on this forum, and people will tell you that sometimes, as many as several hundred stones can get trapped in the colon for days, weeks or longer if not removed through a colon flush. A colema is not more invasive than a simple enema. Jesus used to teach people to take enemas. The ancient Egyptians did them, and in India they did them for 6,000 years. Until the 1920 most hospitals had colonic machines. When drugs ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: It 'runs in the family'... by andmor  10y   2,229   RN
    People whose constitution does not require extra food protein in order to be healthy (mostly the Kapha and Pitta types) don’t have a very efficient enzyme system for breaking down food protein. Since constitutional body-types are mostly hereditary, this genetically determined “inefficiency” is passed on from parents to children. Those with a family history of heart attacks appear to be at risk because of possible hereditary factors, but the role of genetics in heart disease is only marginal. The primary reason is family members sharing a similar diet, lifestyle and constitutional body type ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: The Protein Myth by andmor  10y   3,084   RN
    Dear Danielle, ... ... This is a great question? It is similar to ”Why does the medical industry and the drug companies brainwash the masses into taking expensive drugs that cost them next to nothing instead of healing the body through natural means?”, or ”Why does the food industry knowingly put poisons such as hyodrogenated trans fatty acid, canola oil, soy oil, aspartic acid -- known to cause diabetes, heart disease and cancer -- into the human food chain?” The meat industry is huge, and when it comes to it, the wealth of the nation is in very few hands. They need and want to keep people in ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Great questions!! by andmor  10y   3,087   RN
    Dear Gayle, ... ... You don’t need to connect with your higher self because you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t your higher self. You are both your higher self and your lower self (ego or personality self). The awareness of your physcial body tends to dominate you while you are learning to navigate through the intricacies of life in the duality world. You gather a wealth of experience that your higher self would not be able to compute, evaluate and utilize were it not for your ego-driven personality (desire). Trying to contact your higher self doesn’t really work because you are already you, an ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Thankful for Andreas! by alisaun  10y   1,431   R
    Dear Andreas, ... ... Just wanted to say that I am so incredibly thankful for you and your forum. You have helped so many people. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer questions and help people with such a wide array of issues. ... ... Blessings, ... ... Ali   [End]
  • Re: our work; mechanism of healing; lightworkers' role and their current... by andmor  10y   1,239   R
    Lillian and I very much complement one another, each one with different gifts. She has a very special, open and clear connection with beings in the unseen world who are very willing to share their amazing insights, love, wisdom and tools of transformation with us. I receive my insights mostly through my higher self and the higher selves of people I am working with. ... ... There are no better ways than others, just different ones, depending on the person. True healing is not passed on from one person to another, it is inspired through love, wisdom, insights and tools of tranformation, just as ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Mirrors or triggers? by andmor  10y   2,187   RN
    There may be a huge number of different messenges, but they can only have one of two effects: Either you feel happy or you don’t. If you feel unhappy because of the way other people are, you carry a judgment in your heart about a part of yourself that you a not really aware of until you become emotional about it. It is very easy to feel compassion for nice people, but the real test for compassion comes when we face angry, unkind people. Anger can only be triggered in you if you have nager in you. So another person comes along who does something annoying and you become upset and angry. In r ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Andreas-Deeper Question about Healing Process by andmor  10y   2,024   RN
    Dear Tony, ... ... Life is an ongoing experience and its many challenges may not always make sense to us. But when you look back in time you will realize that those challenges were needed for you to evolve and grow, to take in into areas you would otherwsie have avoided going into. Falling down during your first months of trying to walk may appear to be a frustrating experience if you happen to see it that way. But you can also see the falling as a way to gain self-confidence and strength. A toddler who is constantly held by his parents when he about to tumble and fall will lack self-confidence ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Andreas: Dimensions by andmor  10y   1,159   R
    Dear Lori, ... ... You have a great ability to think of abstract things in concrete ways! ... ... Think of it in this way. The sun is undivided, but it emenates its rays in many directions. It can reach the moon or other far away celestial bodies, including the earth. It can take time for the light rays to travel, sometimes millions of years. Even if it takes a long time to reach far away places, it is still the sun that connects with its reflection wherever this may be. So in a way, the sun can be present in many different places and times, all at the same time. The sun light may be visible in the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: i used to suffer from this badly... by johng  10y   10,402   RRR Educational
    burning red (fire red) around lips... top lip bottom lip... easily irritated, always dry and peeling... sometimes it looked my my lips were alot bigger than they wore because the skin above and below the lips was so red. ... ... I had this for many years, at least the past 15 years (I am now 32). ... ... If no one has ever posted a question about his condition in the Ask Andreas forum, I would. He is extremely knowledgeable, and treats conditions from their root cause as opposed to just symptoms. ... ... John g   [End]
  • Re: On Religion, angels and demons, abortion, life support machines, etc. by andmor  10y   1,649   RN
    Dear Edel, ... ... 1. There are light angels and dark angels. Light angels are energies embued with specific intelligence and purpose to facilitate and maintain the constant creation of the universe, from guiding subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, etc., to assemble in a form that gives rises to a specific purpsoe, such the creation of the cells of the human body. There are a nearly infinite number of angels present at every level and stage of the creative process of absulutely everything that exists. The subatomic particles of the chair you are sitting on are created and destroyed thousands ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Why do some of us need help from others? by andmor  10y   2,039   RN
    Dear Hally, ... ... Great question! Thank you for bringing it up. ... ... In reality, we don’t need help from others. But, given our complex karmic and emotional records, and the humans aspect of our existence, there may be an advantage in asking for help in order to learn how to receive something with an open humble heart. By asking for help, you give others the opportunity to open their heart, develop their gifts, and and grow in love compassion. ... ... Many humans assume that they live separate lives and are independent from one another, that they can make it on their own and don’t need anyone else’ ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Andreas-Question about oil swishing? by andmor  10y   1,678   RR
    Thank you, Tony, you are very kind. ... ... The reason I only recommend swishing for 3-4 minutes is to avoid ... 1. too any toxins, bacteria metals etc, being released at a time. ... 2. reabsorptions of what has been released. ... ... 15 minutes is a long time to hold the oil in the mouth. Some people can afford it, others cannot. I tend to be on the cautious side. If you want to do it longer than 3-4 minutes you may need spit out the oil, rinse the mouth and use new oil. I would avoid doing this in the evening, especially a longer version of it. The nervous system is very sensitive to toxins circulati ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: don't know how to solve my situation by andmor  10y   1,666   RN
    As unfortunate as your situation is, you don’t need to be a victim of it. You are not responsible for other people’s closed hearts, anger, lack of love for you. This is their own making. If your own mother doesn’t love you, she is hurting herself most. She must be a very unhappy woman to not be able to love her own daughter. Your father, being an alcoholic, is very unhappy about himself and suffers from very low self worth. You don’t need to to follow in their footsteps. If someone treats you bady, it is their stuff that doesn’t allow them to be nice to you. It has nothing to do with you, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: multiple questions, part two by andmor  10y   1,606   R
    Dear Claudia, ... ... Yes, animals evolve just as we do. Although many humans believe that animals, birds, fish, etc. dont think like we do, or feel emotions like we do, this is not true. Even trees and flowers do, and there is actually a lot of research to show that. There are beings on all those things, that like us have a higher nature and a lower one. If they suffer and die prematurely, part of it due to their own making (past existences) and and part is due to their desire to support life on the planet. It is good to see what is happening on the planet, but also to see beyond the appearant ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: multiple questions by andmor  10y   1,526   R
    Dear Claudia, ... ... Good questions! ... First, a human soul is a composite of 12 soul fragments that make up one’s oversoul (umbrella soul). There can be one or more of these fragments in the human’s life, while the others remain in the higher dimensional spheres. We all have one foot in our divine nature and the other in our human nature, so to say. Part of us is here, and other parts of us are there. Sometimes, a soul fragment is replaced by another one of the 12, which can happen during life-changing events or near-death experiences. People may comment, ”you are so different since your accide ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Gratitude and Appreciation (Calcified Stones) by lorelei  10y   3,350   RN
    Dear Andreas: ... ... I’m feeling much gratitude right now and I want to share it with you. 9 months ago I had my first ”gallbladder attack.” I was in great pain, I couldn’t walk nor breathe. After an ultrasound, my MD told me that ”You must have your gallbladder removed immediately.” I made the plans. Then, I was guided by my chiropracter to try natural flushing first. After refusing flushes that included lots of sugar through juices, I chose Dr. Clark’s liver cleanse. That choice led me to, which led me to your forum. ... ... You have now led me through 7 liver flushes and a ma ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Owen!! by Invincible  10y   1,595   R
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  • Re: A Suggested Reading List, Andreas? by andmor  10y   1,380   R
    Dear Owen, ... ... Thank you so much for your kind words, and I certainly know where they are coming from. But believe me, I am not here to be a Guru or Sage type person. I am simply Andreas who has a desire to assist others on their jouney here, like you do, and so many others. Having gone through major struggle myself it is naturally human to want to help those who go through the same. Just because the masses are not like that, we assume that those who are must be special individuals. They are not. We all share in oneness, whether we are aware of it or not. I oftentimes see the angelic form o ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Andreas:Life from other Planets & their Blue-Print. by andmor  10y   2,300   RN
    Dear Standfast, ... ... Great questions! ... ... No, I wouldn’t design us differently because how we function is not so much how it is, but how we do it. The blueprint of our physical body is not physical at all. The DNA is not the final blueprint of our body, but an expression of it. Take the I-consciousness out of the body and the DNA break up and ceases to have a purpose. We call it death. During the the era of Lemuria and Atlantis our consciousness vibrated at a higher frequency allowing us to consciously derive knowledge and energy from our higher aspects of self. This created a physical bluep ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Sudden death of a loved one and spiritual confusion by andmor  10y   1,482   RN
    Dear Kristie, ... ... As it often happens, when a beloved person dies like your grandmother, the loss of physical presence of that person, creates a longing and emptiness, such as you have experienced. To fill that empty space in your heart, you seek to be comforted. This unconscious request invites an entity (soul that hasn’t moved into the light at the time of death) that has such an effect. However, having an entity in your body separate from your own soul has a weakening and disorienting effect. I am not getting that the entity is your grandmother. Your grandmother has made a good transion ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Andreas: Past life connections by andmor  10y   1,534   RN
    Dear Janaki, ... ... I would advice you not to try figuring it out. It is a blessing, and the best way to go is to be with the flow. There are many things that may change because of it, but to make it worthwhile let your attention go where it falls at the moment, not where it might take you in the future or why (past-related) it has happened. Enjoy the opportunity, and the moment. ... ... Andreas   [End]
  • freedom from judgement ..andreas by rhyuths  10y   1,569   RN
    hi andreas ... i finished reading freedom from judgement a couple of days ago, and i am a little confused right now. but i have been confused before that anyway. i found a couple of things hard to accept because it was never part of my belief, but i know i dont have the answers in life, hence the new ideas presented by you make me think even more. for example reincarnation, and the part about jesus and you even mentioned his other name. i tried putting some of the less controversial ideas to two of my christian friends, but i guess they are less open minded. i even have a feeling they dont li ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Andreas/All: Food Pyramid Conspiracy by andmor  10y   2,164   RN
    Good question. There is no group or individual who has a vested interest in keeping people healthy (except those whose motivation is love), but there are thousands who have a vested interest in keeping people from becoming healthy. The need for control originates in fear and inferiority and manifests throughout every level of society, e.g. law, economy, government, education, defense, religion and health. Each of these systems have been manipulated to keep people from achieving selfhood and freedom. Most people have no idea what is going on, and most of those who manipulate the masses are ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Andreas/Anyone - Magic Mushrooms - are they all bad? by andmor  10y   763   RR Educational
    To be honest, I have never had any personal experience with magic mushrooms, or any other mind-altering drug. I am very content with the state of my mind and have no need to be elsewhere when elsewhere is here already. ... ... However, I can understand why the idea of altering the channel of inner perception and traveling through other dimensional realities are intriguing to some, why they risk sacrificing their mental balance for a short-lived experience. Many people have great difficulties being here on this planet when their true home and heritage is not from here and in this very dense dim ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Dry/Ice: Global Warming Revealed by Drunvalo Melchizedek, How to be... by andmor  10y   3,013   RN
    Dear John, ... ... There is really nothing to fear. We are being challenged to trust in a higher power and intelligence that all of us are a part of. Fear of survival is one of the things that prevents this trust from being fully embraced. To bring the fear to the forefront of our awareness and release it, we first must find a big enough reason. The current dramatic earth changes that are taking place can fulfil that need. ... ... Some pretend there is nothing unbalanced with the earth and its climate and stick their heads in the sand. Others face their fears, and out of those, some enter the field ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Dry/Ice: Global Warming Revealed by Drunvalo Melchizedek by andmor  10y   6,687   RN
    Dry/Ice: Global Warming Revealed ... by Drunvalo Melchizedek ... ... ... What you are about to read is going to change your world forever, this I can promise you. I actually apologize that I have to be the one who brings this unsettling news, but you must know if you wish to survive, for what is coming will either be DRY and heat or ICE and freezing. ... ... Global warming has been in the news for over 40 years, and by this time we have become complacent. Our scientists have come to the agreement that global warming will eventually cause major changes and problems in the world, but in their way of think ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: karma and bad goverments? by andmor  10y   1,377   RN
    Governments basically mirror collective consciousness, or all the individual karmic and non-karmic experiences of the population. Those things we don’t like in a government are the very things we need to see in our collective mirror. Votes don’t elect new leaders. The people’s consciousness determines who gets elected. Those who are against a particular canditate may actually contribute to him becoming elected. They meay need to experience what they are most afraid of or concerend about. ... ... People learn and grow through all sorts of things, love and hate, health and sickness, abundance and ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Andreas and Members: Theory of Mankind on Earth by andmor  10y   1,714   RN
    The Earth is no less a living being with consciousness than a human being. Many of us even call her Mother Earth. She has lungs, arteries, bones, fluids, energy centers, nerves, et.c just like we have, only at a larger scale. A bacterium on your hand could think of your hand as a big chunk of lifeless matter, for it so much bigger than it can see. ... ... We humans have assumed (wrongly so) that plants, animals, rocks, cloads, the lements, molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles don’t share the the same basic consciousness and intelligence that makes up human life. Any concept of separation ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Mental Block, "Lifeless" by andmor  10y   1,342   R
    Jamie, ... ... As I mentioned it before to someone else here, there is so much more behind the current desperation people are passing through. I just received this from someone, and I will pass it on to you and others who go through similar difficulties. ... Andreas ... ... August 15, 2004 ... ”Lifeless” ... ... Greetings! ... ... As we are rapidly approaching our next great leap in consciousness and into a brand New World, the energies are affecting us in many ways. The time frame has been completed for each individual’s decision making process as to where their soul has decided would be in their best interest t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: mental health by andmor  10y   1,585   RN
    Actually, mental and phsyical health are very much intertwined. For example, it is very difficult to be content, happy and peaceful from within if the liver, colon and kidneys are congested. Likewise, if there is an old resentment or suppressed traumatic event that has never been resolved, one cannot be happy either. ... ... Then there is a happiness that does not depend on circumstances, things, or the body. It is state of being where one is grateful regardless of what happens in one’s life, good or bad. Where there is no need to categorize people, objects, events, situations etc. into positiv ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Un-well feeling by andmor  10y   1,525   RN
    When ingesting certain foods that your body cannot really make use of (junk food, overly processed, refined, fried, microwave-cooked foods, etc.) the body’s immune system prepares itself for an attack by increasing the amounts of antibodies, macrophages, B-cells, etc., in order to counteract the harmful substances that these foods carry. The lymphatic system which ends up having to remove and neutralize much of these antigen-type substances, becomes congested as it tries to envelop them with increasing amounts of lymph fluid. This is called lymph edema. Most allergies that ha ve physical o ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Moles / Sunscreen by andmor  10y   2,254   RN
    Jamie, ... ... It often happens that pigmentation of the skin is prevented from occuring in the immediate surrounding of moles. This is due to the presence of waste matter and toxins associated with moles. The skin pigment melanin cannot be formed properly in their presence. ... ... Regarding the answer to your sunscreen question, please see the excerpt from my book Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation,, below. As you will see, there is more hamr done by blocking out UV rays than letting them come into your body. ... ... ....”The sun is completely harmless unless we expose o ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Weston Price and Pau D'Arco, preconditions for healing by andmor  10y   1,644   R
    Rob, ... ... ... The Key to Health and Rejuvenation focuses more on setting the precondonditons for healing to occur rather than on fixing the symptoms of existing imbalances. The body heals itself; a remdy cannot do that, no matter how good it is. ... ... Healing is controlled by the body, not by medicine. A good medicine can be pleasing to the body, which triggers a healing response (placebo). Food can do the same. That’s why Hippocrates said that food is your best medicine. Anything that truly satisfies your body (versus just your senses) makes it whole, healthy. Art, music, nature, fresh air, al ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Reversing insulin-dependant diabetes by andmor  10y   1,880   RN
    Dear Vicky, ... ... Just as there is a way to become diabetic, there is a way to reverse it. The notion that diabetis is a disease, which implies that the body is making a mistake or is doing a poor job, is fundamentally false. The body is not out to destroy itself, nor does it find any pleasure in making its host feel miserable. Instead, the body tries all that it can to protect itself from further harm than what has been caused by inadequate nourishment and a detrimental lifestyle. ... ... If the body’s cells are running out of major nutients (proteins, sugar, fats) because there is not enough in ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Reversing insulin-dependant diabetes by vray1000  10y   1,125   RN
    Today is my Dad’s birthday (he is 69). I’m giving him all 4 of your books as a birthday present. ... I’d love to include your respond to my question as an inspiration and blessing. ... ... Thank you once again. ... Vickie.   [End]
  • Re: AUTISM - Neurological or Karmic by andmor  10y   1,681   RN
    Physiologically, (as I have written about in The Key to Health and Rejuvenation) the number of children affected with autism is closely linked with the toxicity and large number of different vaccinations a child is exposed to fron an early age. ... ... Vaccination as a form of preventing against disease is a fallacy that has no scientific backing at all (see the research cited in my book). Injecting foreign, noxius viral material directly into the blood of helpless babies that have no natural immunity to defend themselves against is bound to have serious consequences on the immune, endocrine, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: My hair mineral analysis! by andmor  10y   1,440   RN
    Stuart, ... ... If I were you, I wouldn’t give too much credence to hair analysis. It may not only be confusing, but also be misleading. If you repeated the test a few weeks from now, you might find quite a different reading to the one you have at hand. It isn’t as straight forward as it sounds. ... ... There are constant and numerous fluctuations of mineral concentrations in the body, according to the time of day (or night), the lunar cycles, the changes in biological rhythms, the types of ingested foods and beverages, new additons of food (often causing a large secretion of certain nutrients), us ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Cracked Heels, Detox Pads, Taboo Herbs... by andmor  10y   2,954   RN
    Dear Jes, ... ... I have recommended confrey root in my kidney cleanse recipe (in my book The Amazing Liver Cleanse, for many years and have not seen any adverse effects, despite the concern some herbalists have expressed. In fact, it has been very beneficial to thousands of people. ... ... There is an organized movement to discredit herbal remedies and supplements as having dangerous effects on your health unless they are prescibed by a doctor. This is in preparation to create a law to ban these natural remedises, just as the one that has been implemented to take effect in Europe in ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Having problems with my son's behaviour, entities by andmor  10y   1,655   RN
    He is has at least two entities in him that override his true personality. Once of them is na old warrior type who used to use his sward to kill and command power and control. It is a trapped soul in the astral plane, an aspect of him, that has not moved into the light when he was killed in that life, and continues to fight his battles as if nothing has changed. This is the one that wakes him up at night and have the violent streak. He is angry being stuck, and only knows to control through harshness, anger and violence. The other one is less dominating, with a lot of low self worth, also ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Most Benefical, Sleep, diet, exercise... by andmor  10y   2,974   RN
    Proper bedtime is by far the most important and deserves the 100% mark. Missing out on deep sleep before midnight negatively affects the digestion of food, elimination of waste, the immune sytem, mental functions, emotions, and the amount of energy each cell requires for its trillions of chemcial reactions per second. With tiredness, regardless whether you stimulate the body or not with nicotine, caffeine, meat, TV or other things, the body has to struggle to perform, and you will get stressed. I have discussed this effect in greater detail in my books It’s Time to Wake Up and The Key to H ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Andreas, what's your own diet is like? by andmor  10y   3,024   RN
    I follow the same eating and food guidelines as provided in The Key to Health and Rejuvenation (now Timless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation, Being mostly a balanced Pitta type, my desires match my dietary needs. In other words, I am almost exclusively attracted to those foods that actually nourish and maintain my body type. I have not been eating any meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese, milk, etc. for the past 32 years, since these were responsible for my juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and arrythmia (heart disease) among many other health problems i suffered from d ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Back Again by andmor  10y   1,841   RN
    Jamie, ... ... Thank you for that link. I knew the drug was toxic, but I wasn’t aware of the severity of it. Still, the best chances for healing your body is to clear out what doesn’t belong in there, and develop the trust that the body can heal itself. While feeling that you are the victim here, it is very difficult for the body to heal. By believing this drug has taken control over your life, and you have no say in this, your are practically telling the cells in your body to remain victims, too, with no chance of being healed. The latest Russian DNA research leaves no more doubt that you, tha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Naturopathy CAN'T help by andmor  10y   2,157   RN
    It is true, in the Western culture, Naturopathy has little to offer for emergency situations, such as a broken bone. But then, complentary medicine is only just emerging here. Acupuncture, though, has been shown to be extremely effective with pain and many acute health issues that so far required medical intervention. I myself am a trained Shiatsu practitioner and had quite a few opportunities to help people with accute and serious health problems. During a conference, in Buffalo, NY, for example, a South American woman suddenly lost all feeling and control in the her head and arms - insta ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Einstein, Picasso & Life-energy. by andmor  10y   1,310   RN
    Dear Standfast, ... ... Excellent questions these are! ... ... The physical lifeforce is indeed limited and can be overspent, or spent within a relatively short period of time. Most people in the fast modern world racing against time to make it use up this resource too quickly and end up too weak or sick to even enjoy the later years of their life. ... ... But then there is the energy that you have mentioned. It is the spiritual energy. You tab into it and increase it when you are truly creative and enjoy be pleasure of creating, versus just trying to achieve a set goal. Creative artists are in the flo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • The Key to Health and Rejuvenation by alisaun  10y   2,099   R
    I just wanted to share a little bit my experience with this book, which just came in the mail today. I was expecting a book that gave a good broad overview of, well, health and rejuvenation. Something I could read in a day or so. Boy was I wrong! ... ... This book should be retitled “The Really Comprehensive, Extensive, Thoughtful and Thought-Provoking Keys to Healing your Mind, Body, and Spirit”. Well, maybe that’s a bit wordy, but definitely true! ... ... This book is 270 pages long but in nice big 8 ½ by 11 pages. Lots of stuff to read. Not only does it cover fundamental stuff, but goes int ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: previous post, on soul, childhood abuse, purpose of life... by andmor  10y   1,158   R
    This is a wide subject that I have dealt with in great detail in my book Freedom from Judegment, if you are interested. In short, one’s present lifetime is only a snapshot of in the large continuous life, broken down into numerous life streams or lifestimes. The higher self of the person never dies, only the phsyical body does when the soul detaches from it, the soul being the link between the devine self and personality self controlling the phsycal body. ... ... When the body dies, the soul goes through a journey of adjustment, integrating and processing that life’s many experiences. All so c ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: help!!6 months to live!large tumor in liver, can i do liver flush?? by andmor  10y   6,186   RN
    Dear Luna, ... ... Since your are left on your own now regarding medical help, it is the perfect opportunity for you to develop and use your own healing abilities. I have seen tumors of that size shrink to nothing, in case it was in the brain. The cancers in your liver are merely doing what the liver is unable to do, take out poisons and noxious susbstances and remove them via the bile ducts. As long a tumor it is not punctured by a biopsy, you are OK. Just today a study was released that performing a biopsy on tumors in the breast can raise the risk of spreading it by 50%, especially to lymph ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Hello by andmor  10y   1,209   R
    Gehna, ... ... You are never without your higher self, or divine self. The personality self (ego) tends to shut off the connection to its true source self which is oneness with the All, or God. When you enter a certain depth of self during dream state you can have access to information from your higher self or information that has been given to it from other sources. ... ... The antifungal drug is quite toxic the way it is. So to make it harmless for your body you will need to bless it. Take it in the palm of your hand to alter its frequency and imagine the molecules that make up the drug receiving ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Anemia by andmor  10y   1,983   R
    Dear Rem, ... ... It is natural to be allergic to iron, most people throw up, at least those who have still some good immune responses. Iron oxide, which is nothing but rust, is a poison that a fairly healthy body recognizes as such and tries to reject. Since 1986, there have been over 110,000 cases of children ingesting too much iron and over 35 deaths associated with iron overdose. Iron supplements lead the list of poison killers of children under six. ... Most iron deficiencies actually occur when diets contain added iron. As the harmful food addition is ingested, the liver tries to keep iron ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Andreas, please help. by andmor  10y   1,589   R
    Most importantly, don’t panic. Most tumors turn out to be benign, made of fatty tissue and other cellular debris. There is an obvious problem with proper lymph drainage, which can be traced back to the thoracic duct and lymph vessels (cysterna chyli). Your daughter has been given the opportunity to learn more about herself, her body and grow from it, and also prevent something more serious from happening in the future. For the body to develop a tumor(s), there must be other basic parts of the body that have not functioning in a balanced fashion for a while. Those mostly indicated are the l ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Blood Test Results -- Need Help! by andmor  10y   1,157   R
    What kind of liver cleanse did you do? Did it involve a colonic or colema at the end to remove any trapped stones (which almost always happens)? Read about the importance of this aspect of the liver flush in The Amazing Liver Cleanse, Trapped stones can weaken the immune system, affect white cell count and affect other blood values. ... ... However, this may not be the decisive reason. One liver cleanse is not enough to deal with any existing and persistent health issues, such as blood imbalances. Since the liver exerts the greatest influence on the lymphatic system, blood, and i ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: New Question for Andreas............... by andmor  10y   1,534   R
    Dear Kir, ... ... Yes, certainly, bile duct congestion in the is a leading cause of circulatory problems. I had an elderly lady diagnosed with a rare blood disorder which supposedly made her blood so thick she could hardly do anything anymore. They filled her up with a drug that contained rat poison. But things turned worse (wonder why?) and she was sent home to put her affairs in order. Instead, a friend gave her my liver cleanse book. During her first cleanse she literally passed throusands of stones, for three days continously (unusual, but it can happen). When she returned to the hospital a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • post cleanse 3 days no b.m. by ajbegg  10y   1,290   R
    Hi A, ... My wife and I just finished our first cleanse on Sun. ... I had great results, 250+ stones, ranging from bb to shooter marble sized stones. ... My wife had none. She also did not get much out at her follow-up colon irrigation, and now she has not had a bowel movement yet(today is Wed. 8am). ... I am just wondering if all is ok. She typically had one b.m. every two days in the past. So it’s not like we are in a panic. ... Just wondering if you have any advice. ... I am telling everyone I know to clean their liver. I will be following through with as many cleanings it takes to get a healthy liver ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Acidolphilus added to Colonics by kemetic  10y   4,079   RN
    i would like to add a tidbit of my amazing liver flush experience ... ... my first flush was about 11 months ago I am 43 years young ... ... for the last 33 years i had symptons of liver congestion, stones in the bile ducts,,i never knew it till i began my flushing ... ... i was raised on commercial dairy products and always rewarded with sweets cakes and ice cream by elder family members,hamburger meat and otrher animal flesh products poisened by chemicals ... ... i worshiped coney dogs and ginger ale vanilla ice creame floats ... pizzas hamburgers french fries when i was young i considered it ... normal healthy f ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Question re metabolic typing by andmor  10y   1,127   R
    The issue with metabolic typing is that the computer program was written by someone who has put his own concept or understanding about what the different metabolic types require. Having a computer printout tell you what you need to eat does not necessarily account for other influencing factors, such as climate, seasons, circadian rhythms, emotional stress, current disease processes, degree of liver bile duct congestion, and other physical requirements (being a cold Vata type requires warming and heavy, sweet, sour and salty tasting foods, whereas being a cold Kapha type require warming, li ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: natural treatment for thyroid goiter by andmor  10y   12,701   R
    About 96% of goiters are caused by an iodine deficiency. If you medicate with iodine, ideally with the simple prescription-free ”SSKI iodide,” it should best be done under careful supervision because, if overused, iodine can lead to hypothyroidism. However, eating iodine-rich foods, such as dulse (a seaweed), is a more indirect and safe way to increase iodine and shrink goiters. ... ... At the same time, it is important to remove blood vessel wall and lymphatic congestion that are behind the poor nutrient supply (including iodine) and waste removal from the neck area and thyroid gland. Trapped ...   [retrieve this message]
  • i don't want to die help me pls by mummy3  10y   1,426   R
    i have 3 kids to take care of. and now i have cancer of the breast. pls help me i don’t want to die. what do i do now   [End]
  • Thanks for sharing that & good to hear you are doing well. no/ps by Standfast  10y   602   R
  • Re: Eating and headaches by andmor  10y   1,700   RN
    Dear Janaki, ... ... I personally never eat food that has been reheated. My body simply cannot eat old food. Food is considered old (loss of life force and vital elements) after one hour of cooking, except rice and some beans. The loss of life forece is irreversable. Reheating the food increases bacteria. Both factors prompt the body to reject the food and pass it along undigested, leading to fermentation, toxins, gases and increase in destructive bacteria. Headaches are likely. ... ... Eating foods that require several hours of digestion when the stomach is not yet empty, can affect stomach health ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Excitotoxins by andmor  10y   1,048   R
    Dear Nicole, ... ... Yes, you are certainly very intuitive. I agree with what you are saying. We are becoming so smart in dealing with the details of life, but lose sight of the larger picture and how everything is connected. Trust your feelings, they are very mature and wise. I personally don’t touch anything processed that has been deprived of its life force, like most supplements (unless they are whole, dried and ground herbs). The ”smarter” the supplements are, the less likey they are to benefit the body in the long-term. ... ... Andreas ... ...   [End]
  • Re: 40 day fast and liver flush by andmor  10y   1,350   RN
    Dear Rebekah, ... ... I am not in favor of P&B shakes for reasons I have explained many times on this forum. For example, they can remove important minerals from the intestines, lead to constipation and even injure the intestinal walls. The roughage can be harsh for sensitive GI-tracts. On the other hand, it has helped a lot of people recover from major intestinal trouble. However, these intestinal cleanses may offer only short-lived benefits. The colon can get clogged up very quickly again, unless liver cleansing and dietary/lifestyle adjustments are being made, too. ... ... I used to do P&B shak ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Lecithin-Good or Bad? by andmor  10y   1,809   R
    To be honest, I have not seen any real evidence that Lecithin is a miracle food. Being processed the way it is, it lacks in life force and, therefore, has only limited value. Real food, handled with love and care, has far superior healing effects. But if you want to find out for yourself whether it is of benefit to you, try it for a while, or check it with muscel testing (see book below). ... ... You will find plenty of good avice to help you restoring your health from Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation, and for your spiritual emotional quest, Lifting the Veil of Duality, both available ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Sleeping patterns by UserX  10y   944   RN
    Hi Cytrynka! ... ... Although your boyfriend may not be feeling the effects of his sleeping patterns yet, if he continues in this manner he is putting his health in serious jeapordy. Disrupting his natural circadian rhythms can have major consequences for every aspect of his health...compromising endocrine, immune, circulatory and digestive systems. This is particularly problematic for the adrenals and the natural cycles of cortisol...which should be highest in the morning and lowest in the late evening. As the adrenals become more fatigued, a domino effect occurs effecting all hormonal bala ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: jinxed or cursed? by Andmor  10y   1,455   RN
    Dear Georgina, ... ... You have learned to expect these ”roadblocks” in your life from an early age on and because of pastlife traumatic events your life dreams were shattered and you lost all hope of a better life. However, you have allowed these roadblocks (meaning your higher self has) so that each time it happens you receive yet another opportunity to move out of the victim role mentality and illusion that there is an outer force, power or influence that is greater than your own. Your virtually attract or magentize these events, not because you don’t deserve any better, but because you do. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • TO ALL MEMBERS OF THIS FORUM (from Andreas Moritz) by Andmor  10y   1,871   R
    Since I will be touring in Africa from 21st January until 5th February and not have access to the Internet, I will not be able to answer any questions during that time. ... ... I wonder if some of the regular members could inform any new members of this announcement. ... ... Thank you for your understanding, ... ... Andreas   [End]
  • Image Embedded If you are a parent, you may want to know about this by Andmor  11y   2,385   RN
    Check out the aricle on mercury in vaccines ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... CDC Study Raises Level of Suspicion ... ... Posted Dec. 8, 2003 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... By Kelly Patricia O Meara ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Rep. Weldon points out that the autism rate began to skyrocket ... as the number of required childhood vaccinations increased. ... ... ... ... ...   ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Canned tuna or canned poison? That was the teaser for a CBS 2 News "HealthWatch" ... Report of Nov. 22 that focused on high levels of mercury found in tuna ... and the po ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Easy does it! by richidoo  11y   1,135   R
    Baby, if you don’t do right by yourself just this once, it could mean the cold 6 footer. Just this once be divinely selfish and show yourself and your body how much you love yourself by allowing the lip biters to taste blood while you laugh in the confidence of your choice of healing rather than alleviating symptoms. Symptoms cannot be ”alleviated”, they can be either cut off, poisoned numb, or driven deeper only to arise meaner in another place. ... ... Healing is paying off the debt that you have worked up over the years of drawing down your credit reserves. One day the lip biters and doubter ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: How do depressed emotions cause ulcers to form? by Andmor  11y   4,373   RN
    Dear Beth, ... ... The Key to Health and Rejuvenation basically deals with the physical nature of illness, Freedom from Judgment with the spiritual/emotional aspects and It’s Time to Wake up with the mind/body/spirit relationship. ... ... In truth, you can never separate any of these. Every thought, feeling or emotion has powerful physical and psychological affects. Each mental/emotional impulse instantly turns into neurotransmitters in the brain and alters the chemical behaviour of the DNA (there are already hundreds of studies to prove this relationship. The quality of your your feelings or, rath ...   [retrieve this message]
  • split gone by hanna  11y   3,264   RN
    I was flipping through Andreas book and noticed the page ... with the reason for the different colors etc. of nails. ... ... I all the sudden remembered that for years I had one toenail that had a split in de middle, like 2 nails on one toe. ... ... I checked it out and could not find the split anymore. ... ... Just amazing what liver cleansing can do. ... ... Johanna   [End]
  • Re: repetitive problem by Andmor  11y   1,750   RN
    You can be proud of your special, unique qualities (regardless whether others can see them that way or not). Your daughter is certainly not autistic, she is just too special to be recognised for who she is. ... ... Not being able to do one’s homework is one day going to be considered normal. Learning by heart and trying to remember what you have learnt is an outdated form of educating the young and it involves a lot of effort on behalf of the brain, which is not supposed to be that way. The most creative and successful people in the world didn’t use their left brain to achieve their goals, but ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: repetitive problem by Andmor  11y   2,004   RN
    Dear Zule, ... ... You are a very sensitive and special person who has come into embodiment for a number of reasons that may or may not be known to you. ... ... Your have been going from place to place because your spiritual energies have strong healing powers and need to be shared with your world. Your presence can bring out both the ”best” and the ”worst” in those you meet. The ”best” means, it can open people’s hearts, and the ”worst” means it can trigger the release of their own shortcomings and misgivings. One of the ways you do that is to be a mirror for others, so that they can face themselv ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: repetitive problem by richidoo  11y   2,842   RN
    Hi Zule, ... I hope your father is doing better now. I can sympathise with your situation, I was in the same boat for years before I learned how life really works. ... ... You are experiencing the same problems over and over again because your environment is always a mirror of what you are thinking. Since you are very focused on what is wrong with your environment, your friends, your apartment, your problems, you attract more and more of that. In order to change the pattern, you have to fix the cause. The cause is the constant thinking about your problems. Thinking about problems will not make the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Can i do liver flush ... by richidoo  11y   1,268   R
    Hi Boyz, ... You will love reading the book Amazing Liver Cleanse. You can buy it on the internet as a Portable Document File (PDF) which you can read on your computer immediately after paying for it. There is no travel, or waiting, and it is much cheaper than the paper version which costs more, plus the mail delivery charge. ... ... It is not likely that your local library in Singapore will have Andreas’ book, but you can always try! The paper version is available at Barnes and Noble and Borders-type large chain stores, as well as from, but you will probably have to order it from them. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Bacterial overgrowth of small intestine-Protocol? by Andmor  11y   4,937   RN
    Dear Chris, ... ... I have answered a similar question just yesterday, so I adding the answer to this message. Apart form that, cleansing your liver (see The Amazing Liver Cleanse, is very necessary, for without removing the hundreds or thousands of stones form the bile ducts you digestion continues to be weak. This in turn, lead to extra waste from undigested food which requires the help of destructive bacteria to break it down. Rooting out bacteria is lost cause and is counterproductive, and it can lead to many unwanted side-effects. Again, bacteria are not the culprit here. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Breatharianism, food, disease by Andmor  11y   1,520   RN
    Dear Rich, ... ... Your basic question whether breatharianism is natural, necessary or human destiny can only be answered in relation to the one who asks. If you feel that this is your path, then it is likely to be least for the time being. Another person with a different need and background will find little value in breatharianism. If subjected to not eating, he may actually succumb to starvation because that is what he believes it to be. ... ... I closely observed a good friend of mine who was a breatharian for nearly two years. It is certainly possible to do that when your mind set sup ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Hypo Thyroid by Andmor  11y   2,109   RN
    I am not recommending products to stimulate thyroid functions. You don’t want to mask the symptom, for this will make you disregard the cause. From my experience, thyroid issues disppear once the liver and intestines are efficient again and diet/lifestyle are balanced. For example, not sleeping the two hours before midnight is a leading cause of thyroid problems. Among other things, this weakens the adrenal gland and other endocrine glands. All foods that are constipating and mucus-forming affect the thyroid. In fact, anything that causes lymphatic congestion leads to thyroid issues (more ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Malic Acid by richidoo  11y   3,100   R
    Hi Ann, ... The malic acid softens the stones by dissolving parts of the stones through anionic chemical reaction. ... ... This means that being an ”acid” it is lacking in electrons and seeks a cation (molecule/atom with an extra electron) so it can relax and enjoy the flow of spirit. Carrying a negative electric charge allows the anionic chemical (malic acid) to add to the overall zeta potential of the blood, which increases the blood’s ability to clean out deposits of all kinds. ... ... Living tissues in the body have a negative charge (anionic). Toxins and dead matter are neutral or positively cha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: What is the cause for down syndrome? by Andmor  11y   3,205   RN
    Dear Jeanette, ... ... Unfortunately, genes receive a lot of blame these days for being the cause of illness. Down Syndrom (DS) appears to be a genetic condition in which there is an extra chromosome in the cells of a baby’s body. This extra chromosome results most often from abnormal cell division of the egg before conception. It can also occur in the sperm before conception of a baby or in the fertilized egg after conception. ... ... However, the physical and mental retardation seen with DS occur also without the extra cell chromosome. The same stands true for most other ”genetic” illnesses. You ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Anxiety, tension, and worry by Andmor  11y   1,221   R
    Your body, mind and spirit are three expressions of the same you, and all of them are involved in every experience that you have. We are very complex being that do not just live in this dimension of time and space, but in all of time and space. We complete ourselves in many aspects/levels of ourselves and work out our issues of growth and learning in the physical body. At some stage in your life’s journey you come accross means to complete very important periods of inner growth and this requires major physical shifts and changes. ... ... The liver cleanse is one of those methods that allow us ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Ingredient list of silicone implants by Andmor  11y   3,750   RN
    A client of mine had to have her silicone breast implants removed. She had them for 23 years with no problems, but then they started to leak. She knew that something was wrong when she began to feel pain in her chest and numbness and tingling down her arms. She got them out as quickly as possible (and did not replace them) but the doctor said it was a bad rupture. She had silicone in her lymph nodes and chest and he told her he could only clean up so much of it because it is like glue. The following are the other ingredients in the implants; heavy metals are used to make it into a gel. O ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: iron/zinc deficiency and "A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing" by Andmor  11y   2,321   RN
    You may benfit from a different perspective of your body, one that doesn’t see the body as a machine that is making mistakes or is malfunctioning whenever it shows signs of imbalance. ... ... First, I would not so heavily rely on hair analysis tests, since they have about the same inaccuracy rates as blood analysis, that is, 30-50%. Most people are not reading the studies in the Medical Journals, nor does the media report such flaws in the system, for reasons I would rather not discuss here. ... ... Also, the so ”real” looking numbers on the printed hair analyis reports may not accruately reflect ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Att:Andmor by Andmor  11y   2,269   R
    As to my knowledge, dissected livers have never shown presence of calcified gallstones in the biliary system. Traditional medicine claims that calcified stones can only occur in the GB, and I agree with that. ... ... The elderly man had a diagnosed gallstone of 1.5 cm and some smaller ones come out and a post ultrsound could not determine any stones. ... ... The most striking example in my practice was a woman who was diagnosed with having a completely packed gallbladder filled with mostly calcified stones. The doctors threatened her that she would not survive if she didn’t remove her gallbladder ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Questions on diet by Andmor  11y   1,836   RN
    I believe the question whether you should or should not follow a vegetarian diet is one you need to answer yourself. Follow your instincts, your feelings, instead your head. You can justify every theory that exists and provide it with perfect arguments and proof. Yet, the question still remains, is it suitable for you and for what your purpose is here on Earth, or for the lessons of growth and understanding the larger picture of things? ... ... I agree with those who promote non-vegetarian ideas who require a body that is more dense and permits the experience the various facets of duality. In o ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: so, what's your story? by Andmor  11y   1,624   RN
    Dear Duke, ... ... I like your mind and your line of questioning. ... ... 1. Yes, my spirituality started to manifest when I began to meditate twice a day and do yoga each day, over 33 years ago. Since then my whole life has been a spiritual experience. I had many inner episodes of spiritual awakening where I knew who I was, without boundaries and limitation. They co-incided with soul changes, that is, where facids of my own soul were exchanged with new ones that brought new gifts and skils into my life. ... ... But the most profound spiritual experience for me is to be able to be centered in the presen ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: gall stones - Andmor by andmor  11y   1,942   RN
    In all my years of working with the liver cleanse I have had noone who reportedly needed an operation to remove a trapped gallstone. On the other hand, numerous people who were diagnosed with having extra large gallstones did the liver cleanses and they came out without pain or significant discomfort. Ultrasound scan afterwards confirmed that the stones were no longer there. It defies all logic that stones larger in diameter than the common bile duct, can come out so easily without causing any trouble or irriation. Even I was surprised when my partner passed a 2 1/2 inch fully calcified st ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: But how do I avoid meat yet eat to kill yeast? by andmor  11y   1,788   R
    Dear Beth, ... ... The idea that Candida is a trouble maker and needs to be killed for you to be healthy is counter-productive. Candida bacteria are not vicious little beasts that try to destroy the body, they only do their job, and they do it well. They try to clean up some of the dead, denatured, processed, microwaved, irradiated and synthetically derived foods that the body has a hard time to deal with. ... ... These microbes normally live in our gut without causing us any problems and they would never go into overgrowth unless we cannot ultilize these foods. Like outside in nature, the rotting ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Can you please comment by andmor  11y   1,378   RN
    John, ... ... I appreciate your constructive criticism. I can only say that I have nothing against Dr. Clark (or anyone else for that matter) and that I honor the pioneering healing work she has done for so many people around the world. Yet I also have to attest to my experiences with numerous people who have done her version of the cleanse and developed serious side effects as a result of not finishing their liver flush with a thorough colon cleanse. ... ... These individuals came to me asking for help for their predicaments, some of which I have brought up in this forum. Many of these people suff ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Digestion & Probiotics for a Kapha type by Andmor  11y   1,937   RN
    Dear KarenMarie, ... ... Ideally the body should generate its own probiotics (the appendix is the main breeding place of friendly bacteria). Giving the body everything it should make doesn’t seem to improve the overall situation. For example, there is a huge difference between the interferon the body’s DNA/RNA produces to protect the cells against viruses and the interferon made in a chemical laboratory. The latter has tremendous side-effects and lacks the life-force that the ”home-made” version is equipped with. Taking isolated things out of context with the whole is often causing more probkle ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: I've found the answer to my question in your book, however? by andmor  11y   2,037   RN
    Dear Trakar, ... ... I do not know the product you have been using, but Colo Zone or Colosan are not known for causing any side effects. ... ... Probiotics may be useful after the system has been cleaned out, but then it may not even be necessary anymore. It is much more preferable to stimulate the body’s own production of friendly bacteria (they breed in the appendix and are then mixed with the incoming intestinal waste) than supplying them externally (which may make you dependent on them). However, if your appendix is out, then taking probiotics may be a good solution. ... ... Andreas   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: chronic fatigue syndrome by Andmor  11y   1,721   RR Educational
    Dear Lynn, ... ... Certainly, people with chronic fatigue respond very well to liver flushing, not surprising given the role the liver plays in cell metabolism and detoxification. ... ... This is the section in the new edition of The Amazing Liver Cleanse that deals with Gold Coin Grass: ... ... Intolerance to Apple Juice ... ... If you cannot tolerate apple juice (or apples) for some reason, you may substitute the following herbs: Gold Coin Grass and Bupleurum. The herbs are made into a tincture and sold as Gold Coin Grass (GCG), 250 ml or 8.5 oz, for US$16.00. It is made available by Prime Health Products ...   [retrieve this message]

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