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Liver Flush Results

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  • Re: Reflushing tonight by Rusfox  11y   3,066   R
    Well, it is 9 pm here now and here is what I got so far. ... ... I must say this flush was not the easiest one. Drinking mixtures was O’K, I felt asleep easy. 3am I woke up and felt quite nauseous, I had to walk a little around my place in massage shoes. I felt better after walking and went back to bed. ... ... 6 am drank epsoms fine. 8 o’clock woke up to drink another epsoms drink and felt pain in my liver, but it was closer to my right kidney. But I know it was not kidney. ... ... My husband massaged that area and I felt better. After that I drank my 8 am epsoms and immediately had to run to toilet an ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Mysterious healing of tendons after cleanses by DesertRat  11y   3,966   RN
    I recently started passing only a few tiny stones with each flush, and my chest pain (liver/pancreas pain) has vanished completely. But here’s the really fun part: ... ... As some folks might remember, a week or so ago I was worried about oxalate poisoning from my new (3 months old) all-vegetable-nut-fruit diet (with a bit too much spinach). This was stupid of me, I now believe. Oxalate is the ordinary waste of plant metabolism and is in all plant foods, so surely a healthy human body can deal with it. ... ... I am predisposed to fear joint pain because terrible rheumatoid arthritis runs in my fa ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: First far so good!! by nspeth  11y   1,654   RN
    Hi Joanne! Honestly, so far this is a breeze, I don’t know what I was so worried about! I took my 2nd dose of Epsom almost an hour ago. I’ve had to use the bathroom 3 times so far, it was all water with some ”stuff” but I was pretty much already cleaned out from my 3 morning/afternoon BM’s. It’s really weird, I feel like I am peeing from my butt.....sorry....LOL! And it’s not bad diarrhea like when you are sick. There is absolutely no pain or cramping, it’s just water. I have felt no nausea and I feel an overall sense of well being....maybe my body knows what I am doing and that it is well ...   [retrieve this message]
  • improvements since first flush by stockwiz  11y   1,367   RN
    I’ve noticed 2 distinct improvements since I’ve done my first flush, number one is while running, expecially if I go for a week without running, I would have a tendancy to cramp up starting right in the right ribcage and eventually spreading to other parts of my chest and abs, which would eventually go away. This is gone completely, not a single cramp after 4-5 miles running. ... ... I also seem to have improved vision and concentration as well, although I will further verify this after a second flush next week. Anyone else have any great improvements? I know you have. ;) ... ... For being 22 and in ...   [retrieve this message]
  • first liver flush! HOORAY!!! by Canada woman  11y   1,483   R
    Did my 1st liver flush last night with a bit of trepidation... but without any problems whatsoever! NOTHING! Had no problem with the Epsom Salt.. just squeezed 2 nice little grapefruit into it & put in a wee bit of Stevia. Tasted just like grapefruit juice to me... and I even put a little more ES than called for. The OO/GF was no problem either, again just whipped it up in the blender with GF plus 1 lemon & a little Stevia. No oily taste at all. Didn’t even have to use my straw! My only problem was sleeping... what little there was. No discomfort or nausea at all, just couldn’t sle ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I had a liver full of cholesterol stones ... by flowerchild59  11y   4,931   RN
    Hi, I can only tell you a little of my experiences. I had an ultrasound last year that showed a normal gb. It was ”normal” because there were no calcified stones. Cholesterol stones will not show on ultrasound. A week later a HIDA scan showed my gb was working at Hi, I can only tell you a little of my experiences. I had an ultrasound last year that showed a normal gb. It was ”normal” because there were no calcified stones. Cholesterol stones will not show on ultrasound. A week later a HIDA scan showed my gb was working at 1% function. When my gb was removed a month later it was ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Liver Flush Surprise by alisaun  11y   1,619   RN
    OK, so I’m doing a liver flush. It’s my third one. I did the Dr, Schulze one the first two times. The first time was good, got stones. The second time the fasting didn’t work out for me and my whole system just kind of shut down so nothing was moving. ... ... So, on the tail end of this third time, I decide to shake things up a bit by doing the Clark cleanse too. While perusing this site, I review the parasite stuff. ... ... Now, being a somewhat impatient person who can’t wait sometimes to order the product, I trundle off to my awesome health store and discover a tincture of wormwood, walnut, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Stones, Enzymes, Probiotics and questions by sudanym  11y   1,097   RN
    Okay, so I’ve been reading the messages on curezone for months. I quickly figured out that my health problems are a result of many years of abuse to my system and a devout on the medical community for my ”knowledge base.” However, it all sounded too strange to be true. Why wouldn’t more people cleanse rather than all those medications and surgery? ... Anyway, on June 23rd I began a mild B&P program and revised my diet (sorta). (I fall off the wagon occasionally.) I tried the Clarkia parasite program and then, tried Colozone with Pau D’arco. (I’m not real patient.) Then I did a liver cleanse l ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 4th flush results by rainbow  11y   840   R
    Well I completed my 4th flush and it went very well, I passed about 100 stones maybe more. But this time I had severe diahria in the middle of the night. everytime I went I thought I was going to passout so I don’t know if I passed any stones during that time period. I was so dizzy and clammy I don’t even know how I got back to bed at times. I finally fell asleep and was fine when I woke up. I am very sore and irritated on my bottom it is even uncomfortable to sit..But I feel alot better and I even look better..I did put lemon juice with the epsom salt but it wasn’t fresh lemons so maybe ...   [retrieve this message]
  • First flush!!! Woohooo!! by just-me  11y   975   RN
    Thanks a lot guys for all your comment and help to each other here! It helped me immensely, mostly to overcome my fears. I was offered an operation a year ago and this year again. When I mentioned the liver flush this time no doctor laughed but just shrugged their shoulders and said ”Why? They’ll come back anyway! In your age most people just want to remove it.” Huh! I said I had nothing extra in my body and flushed yesterday after long week of apple juice with Phosfood and raw salads and broiled fish and cottage cheese with flaxseed oil in the mornings. Nothing else but water and extra ju ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Huge Stones On 15th Flush by hopinso  11y   1,193   RN
    I did my 15th liver flush this year last night and got some unexpected results. I did my usual flush, two epsom salt drinks, followed by 3/4 cup olive oil and 3/4 cup fresh lemon juice. This morning I had another Epsom salt drink. Things were pretty slow getting started this morning and I was feeling quite ill. I had passed over a hundred very small stones and a lot of chaff, but knew there was more to come. After a simple warm water enema I passed three huge stones (along with a lot of small ones); one stone was round and 7/8 ” in diameter. Two other stones were right at an inch long and ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Does the liver flush decrease cholesterol readings? by flowerchild59  11y   848   RN
    Andy, I have a family trait (I call them the death genes) called type 4 hyperlipidemia. My mother passed this trait onto me. She died in 1994 and had numerous surgeries for clogged arteries in her neck, heart, abdomen, and legs over a number of years. She also had triple bipass twice due to clogged arteries. My own cholesterol was found to be 425, TG 600’s without medications in 1990 (at age of 30) and I have been on lipitor, zocar and other statin medications since then trying to stave off the heart disease and the such. I quit the lipitor in June of this year due to liver pain and ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Does the liver flush decrease cholesterol readings? by LaurieM  11y   1,172   RN
    Hi Andy, ... Well I have had my cholesterol checked because I had high blood pressure and diabetes, high triglycerides. I had it checked before and after a low carb diet but not after the liver flush. ... I can tell you that I got off my BP meds and am now non diabetic! ... ... I have lost 30 pounds and have kept it off for 10 months now. My skin has completely changed. I had gallbladder surgery 15 years ago, Im 35 now. ... ... I started getting a high liver enzyme count in october and the doc says I may have a liver infection, so thats why I started doing the flushes. I am going to be re-tested this ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Need Proof, Gall Stone still there, Bad Attack today. by Just Wondering  11y   2,088   RN
    9-ball, ... ... I’ve been reading here for some time, because I was working up to do my first flush. ... ... It wasn’t as successful as I would have wanted. But I’m not going to give up. ... ... I know its tempting to want other people to fix up your own problems. And there are times that a quick fix looks tempting. ... ... But you know what is helping me, to do it this way? ... ... In real life, I deal with people who have vaccinated their kids. I deal with medical error cases as well. I work both on my own, and with lawyers, and have one of the highest ”win” rates of anyone else I know of, doing this work. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • My first Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse was a SUCCESS! -Feeling a little sor... by -Alex  11y   1,645   R
    Here’s my story, ... ... In the past several years I have watched my diet consistently. I Avoided food-if you can call it that-containing Hydrogenated Oil, MSG, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, and the like. I felt the improvements in my body (no headaches, no symptoms of any illness, and a reduction in acne). I made these positive changes after taking advice from my parents who are very open to alternative health practices and loath Doctors ignorance and attempts at performing needless medical interventions. Miraculously in the 80’s my mother happened to stumble across a TV program ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Flush #6 results.....what a great day. by flowerchild59  11y   997   RN
    I wasn’t sure I should do it because I am feeling so good!!!!!! I got out three cholesterol stones from my liver three weeks ago that were bigger than a quarter and I have felt incredible since then. No more RUQ pain, indigestion, liver pain, diarrhea, heartburn and the such since this last flush (that I had continued to experience the above symptoms since by GB was removed in Oct of last year). Last flush I found remnants of what appeared to be a worm embedded in one and I started the Paragone the very next day. You would not believe the hundreds of translucent worms that have come ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Brain/eye fog lifted after liver flush by Robbie  11y   1,390   R
    Hi there, ... I have completed my second liver flush and I’ve noticed after my first flush two weeks ago and getting over a brief one week healing crisis, my SEVERE BRAIN/EYE FOG is going away. It is really tripping me out because out of all my MANY devastating symptoms, this was one that really worried me. I have never had eye problems before and always had PERFECT vision. The brain fog was so bad that I really thought I was never going to get rid of it, but since that first flush, I have noticed the brain fog leaving, and even though I juice every morning, eat more fresh veggies, fish,brow ...   [retrieve this message]
  • My VERY successful second flush was INCREDIBLE!!!! by Robbie  11y   1,337   RN
    Hi everyone, ... I started my second flush on Labor day Monday and this morning (Tuesday @ 9am) I passed 250 peanut, pea & split pea size green stones then hundreds I do mean hundreds or seed/grain size stones with some chaff and sand looking stuff. WOW man, I was so elated!!! ... I am definitely a FIRM believer that this stuff WORKS!! I did exactly like the first flush, Drank apple juice the day before and day of flush, ate oatmeal ALL day until 2pm drank water & apple juice during the day, GF/ES 6-8pm GF/OO 10pm went to bed. felt a little quizzy but not much. fell to sleep. Woke up @ 8am ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 9-ball, please don't give up! by Me_Fil  11y   1,925   R
    9-ball, I hear you and I hear your doubts. I have them too as I still have my calcified stones (largest 1cm). BUT, there is no denying the health benefits of the liver flush. Everyone here has experienced health benefits. I’m not a blind believer in every fad remedy or diet that comes my way. When I did my first liver flush I didn’t know anyone else with gallstones. I simply followed instructions in a book. My health transformation was RADICAL and EVERYONE I knew commented (even the ones who had had no idea about my gallstones or the flushing). I lived in Japan and used to go home ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 13th flush results at last! by bone  11y   1,114   R
    I have never understood how people could think that olive oil would make a brilliant green waxy stone in eight to ten hours.Some of the stones have a hard chalky tan color and some dont.How do they explain the tan exterior.I did a flush this weekend and got 420 stones out.90 percent were smaller then a piece of rice but i produced my biggest stone ever.It was almost a inch long by about 3/4 inch wide and covered with the tan exterior.When i opened this stone the green midle was not as waxy as the others,it was a dryer wax and actually cracked a bit.I believe this stone was in the beginning ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 13th flush results at last! by Ronnie  11y   1,330   RN
    Well, to any doubters out there who say that the body manufactures the ’stones’ from the oil and grapefruit juice then all I can say is I have the greatest respect for the ingenuity and consummate skill of my body (well, I have anyway). Every flush has been different, some more than others. I have passed broad bean shaped and coloured stones, split pea stones, pumpkin seed stones, large roundish yellow stones made up of smaller ones, pea sized stones, elongated (some 11/2 inches) stones, dark green, light green, putty coloured, bright yellow, a few red; froth, scum and ’sand’ in all shad ...   [retrieve this message]
  • My juicing story by Me_Fil  11y   1,385   RN
    Hi, I’ve been juicing on and off but mostly on for 4 years and have been juicing daily for at least a year. I remmber when I first started juicing that it really made me go to the bathroom but I had sluggish bowels so it was good. ... ... Now juicing is just part of my morning routine. I can’t directly relate health benefits from juicing because I lead a pretty healthy life. But if I think about it, last year when I wasn’t juicing for a while, I started getting mini-GB attacks and this year (while I’ve been juicing daily) I’ve hardly had any. I never get colds and neither does my husband- ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Understanding The Healing Crisis by Robbie  11y   1,427   R
    Understanding The Healing Crisis ... Ginger Chalford, Ph.D ... ... ”I hope this article encourages us all to ride the storm that often follows us as we are working to improve our health and well being. It’s not always easy, but neccesary.” ... Enjoy, ... Robbie ... ... The body has an inherent desire for perfect health. We have the ability to earn our way back to that state, no matter how ”normal” or bad our health is now. But in the meantime, the body must go through an elimination process to achieve good health. The elimination process is often referred to as the ”healing crisis.” Once the healing cris ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: HELP...Need some more advise!!! by rainbow  11y   794   R
    Julie: My doctors told me the same thing, about multiple stones and about the gallbladder not contracting. I was also told the gallbladder wall were thickened...I had blood work done and was told my liver enzymes were a little elavated..Yes your gallbladder and liver need to be flushed..I did the flush 3 times and felt fine. I even went riding my horse the next morning..I have nothad a gallbladder attack since I started flushing..and they were quite frequent before..I understand your fear because I had the same fears.. Julie you will be fine, I will pray for you and if you want I will flu ...   [retrieve this message]
  • scared and more confused thanks to a surgeon by Jules71  11y   932   R
    Ok so I have messaged on this site before getting some great advise but I had to go see the surgeon as the follow up to an ER visit and he scared the hell out of me by telling me if I try a flush I will be back in the ER with a stuck stone and have to have ”open” surgery rather than planned laproscopic surgery. He said NO WAY can stones be flushed and that if I try it the ”internet” way I will jeapordize my health. I still want to flush this weekend as it is a long weekend. I dont have time to order the gold coin grass like I wanted to help crush the stones and if I had this I would fee ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Liver Flush - no gallbladder by flowerchild59  11y   846   RN
    I had my gb removed last year and continued to have pain and indigestion on a daily basis. I had bouts of diarrhea almost daily too. I found this site and I finally did some flushes, just completed my fifth and am getting out stones still. It took 5 flushes and this past week I can say I have been relatively pain and indigestion free. It feels wonderful to be treating the cause of my congested liver. I am doing psyllium to keep things moving along and am currently in the middle of a parasite cleanse with paragone. I found a threadlike worm embedded in a stone in my last f ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Links to: Bowel, Liver, Fasting, Parasite Cleanse, Edgar Cayce diet tips... by Tracey  11y   2,213   R
    Hi Hopinso~! ... ... Excellent flush results!! ... ... I, too, have done a liver flush at the end of the Master Cleanse fast....and it was my best ever. Lots of stones and no nausea at all. ... ... Sounds like you’re giving yourself a thorough cleansing...good for you! ... ... Tracey ... ... *just thought I’d post my links post since your post will be going out in the newsletter!* Cornucopea of Cleanses ...   [End]
  • Flushing After Master Cleanse-The Good,Bad,and Ugly by hopinso  11y   2,243   RN
    This was probably my 14th liver flush in 12 months, but it was the first one after doing a 10 day Master Cleanse fast. I drank diluted apple juice for three days after MC to prepare for the flush, did two Epsom salt drinks, and took olive oil and lemon juice last night. ... I started passing some stones about 4 AM. They were all small irregularly shaped stones and a lot of chaff (or flakes). I went ahead and did an Epsom salt drink at 8 AM. I passed a few pea sized stones with little green tails (a first), more small stones and a lot of chaff. There were also some odd corkscrew shaped things ...   [retrieve this message]

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