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  • Coconut oil SURPRISE!   by tritop  5y   16,695  Cross-post
    I was unprepared for this - just found two little worms floating in my toilet. I’ve been taking coconut oil daily for 3 weeks, ranging from 2 tsp to just under two tbsp a day, spread throughout the day. I have been taking it as a healthy fat and for weight loss so magine my surprise to receive the benefits of it’s anti-parasitic powers! ... ... The worms were about 2 inches long, fleshy colored or pinkish brown and skinny, and they floated. That was all I could see due to the toilet paper - any ideas of what they might be? Do dead parasites usually float? It was so nasty! ... ... I did a little ...   [retrieve this message]
  • How to metal / nickel detox?   by justmarvin  7y   15,624
    Azovsky, I was wondering if from your research you can answer this question. ... ... I have been exposed to nickel directly via braces, as there is some nickel in braces. I was wondering if you read from your research any detox regimen for nickel? ... ... Thanks! ... ... JM ...   [End]
  • Oil of Oregano   by WannaSeeWorms  5y   15,388
    A drop of oil of oregano in olive oil was the only thing that worked for me and I mean even with drug pain killers, cloves, etc. Gave me a month to mull over letting go of dead tooth with abscess at the end (which I finally did). Now I have read that if one takes big therapeutic doses of super duper enzymes (the context was about hi-zymes), one can knock out the infection in 3 days. ... good luck   [End]
  • Castor oil packs for gall stones........   by Corey  32mo   15,103
    I ran across the following in the book: THE OIL THAT HEALS. I did use the remedy on a granddaughter and it worked. ... ... Castor Oil Packs for Gall Stones ... ... An Edgar Cayce remedy, the versatile abdominal castor oil pack has been used by many for various ailments over the years. The following testimonial from one of Dr. David Redding’s patients discusses the successful use of this therapy for gall stones: ... ... I had intermittent gallbladder pain and discomfort since I was about 55 years old. My [primary care] doctor had told me that if the episodes got more frequent or any worse that we need ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Tooth infection - CS any good for it?   by archus  5y   14,896  Cross-post
    Hello all, ... ... I had a very bad tooth ache this morning and could not eat anything on my right bottom, last molar. I went to see my dentist, he cleaned the teeth and also took an xray. He said that I have an infection in the root canal, although very slight one, I have to take antibiotics. ... ... My next batch of CS has not arrived yet, so what should I use for both pain and infection. The clove oil did not help me at all. I also like to know if CS is going to help get rid of the infection. ... ... Thank you. ... Archus   [End]
  • Re: Tooth infection - CS any good for it?   by Johny Apple Bomb  5y   14,827
    A Beck type magnetic pulser would probably do the job. 50 pulses or more and it would be gone. MMS might work. ... ... Silver might work if you take enough. Just depends on how much gets to the infection. You would have to drink 8 ounces a day at least. Without a machine it would be very expensive. Maybe the silver would absorb sublingually if held in the moth next to the tooth. ... ... Since you don’t want to get a root canal at all costs I would consider taking the antibiotics. Also take some silver.   [End]
  • Re: Tooth infection - CS any good for it?   by ciscokid  5y   14,798
    FWIW, here what I do on an achy breaky tooth. ... ... An Oz of distilled water and a few drops of Iodine. Lugols, KI, Mag... whatever. Swish it around, then let it sit over the angry tooth for a minute or more. ... ... MMS. Swish and hold MMS in your mouth for as long as you can. 10 minutes is good. Hold it over the angry tooth. Spit it out. I don’t swallow MMS. But it has been useful in things like this. ... ... Colloidal Silver. Same. Swish and hold for many minutes. This time, swallow. ... ... Oil pull. Definitely, oil pull. ... ... Put a few drops of Colloidal Silver in the ear canal closest to t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Tooth infection - CS any good for it?   by paraboy  5y   14,652
    I have always had great success with 400mg of coq10 double absorbable. ... ... CoQ10 needs a good quality carrier oil to absorb properly. ... ... My mom had a tooth absess one night and asked me to drive her to ER. ... ... I decided to give her 400mg of Q-Gel CoQ10 and waited for her to get dressed. ... ... Twenty minutes later, she was asleep. ... ... I asked her in the morning why she didn’t want to go to ER and she said the pain went completely away. ... ... Her pain never returned and she has not had to have a root canal either. ... ...   ... ... hope this helps, ... ... Paraboy ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Tooth infection - CS any good for it?   by jeffmart  5y   14,584
    You should give oil pulling a try. Take a tablespoon of olive or coconut oil and swish in your mouth as long as you can (up to 20 minutes) then spit it out in your toilet.   [End]
  • Re: Tooth infection - CS any good for it?   by hanna  5y   14,554
    For pain so far MMS has helped my husband and me. I use the mouthwash that Silverfox on the MMS forum suggested. ... When I had a very bothersome tooth I also rinsed and took internally the CS.   [End]
  • Re: Tooth infection - CS any good for it?   by archus  5y   14,474
    Thank you all. ... ... I could not bear the pain last night so I took Tylenol, but also put Turemric powder around the tooth and violla! This morning it is much better, I can actually bite and chew my food. I could not even bite and sqeeze my jaw. ... ... I will take CS tomorrow. MSM sounds like a good idea. I have to buy some. Any fav websites for MSM? ... ... I am also doing H2O2, making a pond around the tooth by raising my head at an angle and blocking my throat with my tongue. I intend to do the same with CS. ... ... I am feeling so much better this morning, but I am going to continue all the remedies ti ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Tooth infection - CS any good for it?   by archus  5y   14,452
    Thank you all. This was a very good informative session. ... ... I do want to report though that one night of turmeric powder and swishing with h2o2 cleared up my infection. I coontinued for next four day with eating one spoonful of turmeric powder and half spoon pressed against the tooth before sleep. ... ... I have started CS last night for another reason, mucus in my chest. ... ... I thank you all for great advice and I will have to buy some new things that were posted here...Oregano oil etc. ... ... Thank you. ... Atul   [End]
  • Re: Tooth infection - CS any good for it?   by greatkazzoo  5y   14,438
    I once read that oregeno oil was great for toothaches and one day I got to prove it. I was experiencing a pretty bad tooache so I ran out to GNC and bought the oil. A little expence, but goes a long way. Applied it and I swear within an hour or less (been awhile can’t remember) my toothache was gone and never came back. Some people can’t stand the taste but I love oregeno so no prob for me.   [End]
  • Re: Tooth infection - CS any good for it?   by alive76  5y   14,416
    I think Hanna is talking about MMS, not MSM: ... ... ... The two are vastly different.   [End]
  • Re: Tooth infection - CS any good for it?   by lightstream  5y   14,405
    I just brushed my teeth with black-walnut hull juice. I swished the juice in my mouth where my molars are. I bit down hard on the handle-end of the toothbrush (on the tooth that hurts, the back molar) while swishing, & then brushed some more around the gum and tooth with the juice. My molar-roots no longer hurt with hard pressure, well, not for another 12 hours or so. MMS does the same thing for me. Both are very powerful for doing what they do. ... I swallowed. ... My whole head feels like a BIG GIANT WALNUT! When I breath, I can feel walnut-fumes in my sinuses. After brushing my tongue ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Tooth infection - CS any good for it?   by LuellaMay  5y   14,388
    Colloidal silver will get rid of the infection.  Swish it through the affected area and then "swallow" several times a day.  My guess is that in two days it will be gone. ... ... Luella ...   [End]
  • A "new" OTHER remedy for gallbladder attacks...Re: how to dissolve my st...   by unyquity  32mo   14,354
    The only remedy for a gallbladder attack is to take a tablespoonful (15g) of Epsom Salts in 3/4 cup of warm water on an empty stomach. The only remedy for a gallbladder attack is to take a tablespoonful (15g) of Epsom Salts in 3/4 cup of warm water on an empty stomach. ... ... ’Just wanted to add here that I have recently found ANOTHER quick remedy for gallbladder attacks, and that’s to put 2-3T of raw/organic apple cider vinegar in 1/2-1 cup of apple juice/cider and drink it all at once. ... ... I have recently seen this work and have read 32 testimonies of the same here: http://www.earthclinic. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • how to dissolve my stone?   by latticesam  32mo   14,335  Cross-post
    hi every one, ... i have scheduled my liver flush in 6 days. ... please tell me what i can use to somewhat dissolve my 20 mm gallstone( probably calcinated because also showed up on xray, and ultrasound said it is free floating) ... ... tell me something which is very effective in reducing the size of my gallstone before the flush.(give all alternatives) ... ... IMP: in case my stone is stuck on the cyst duct or in the bile duct , what immediate medication shall i use to pass the stone and avoid hurting my common bile duct. i have seen that cyst duct is only 5 mm i diameter and my stone is 20 mm, i worry ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Tooth infection - CS any good for it?   by endeavour  5y   14,314
    Citricidal is a product I have used with great sucess for this problem. This is grapefruit seed (NOT grape seed!) extract in a suspension of glycerine; 5 - 15 drops stirred in water at night - next morning pain gone. It’s a natural antibiotic/antiviral and has many other uses as colon cleanse, anti-fungal, cold cure (back up with echinacea) and antiseptic. In dilution it is a safe douche for vaginal infections, soak for athlete’s foot and is safe for children. Dabbed neat on insect bites it stops itching. For mouth ulcers, gum problems, sore throat, etc, swish around mouth before swallow ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Tooth infection - CS any good for it?   by LuellaMay  5y   14,298
    Oh my........  Mucus in chest.  Just got over that experience.  Actually it ended up in my lungs.  The best thing for that is to nebulize with colloidal silver and lobelia several times a day.  Also, Clear Lungs is very effective in getting rid of the congestion.  This combination got me well in no time.  You can get Clear Lungs and the nebulizer if you don’t have one, from Curezone Sponsor  By using their coupon code LR001 you will receive a 15% discount on both.  For congestion, this is the way to go.  But a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • try SEASALT   by schnelli55  5y   14,273
    Seasalt is also an ancient very effective means for toothaches. ... ... Make a concentrated seasalt solution (brine) and take half a teaspoon into the mouth. Saliva will grow the volume of this solution into ”a mouthful” in short time. ... ... Spit out and repeat. ... ... Salt is said to relieve from pain within minutes, even with open nerves of the tooth. ... ... And salt does one more important thing: ... It will clean out the tiny channels in the teeth very effectively. The downside is: your teeth get more sensitive. ... ... From my own bad experience: do not take colloidal silver onto the so cleaned teeth. The pa ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: how to dissolve my stone?   by Telman  32mo   14,110
    Only 1 in 10 people with a calcified gallstones has a chance of reducing its size by dissolution; and it can take month even with a prescription drug. ... ... Do you even know if the symptom you have are related to the gallbladder? ... ... There are plenty of herbal preparations that claim to help dissolve stones and many people swear by them. You have to do your research, purchase the herbs and take then for some time. This will take longer than the 6 days you have set your mind on. Obtaining knowledge and good preparation is very important, especially if you are attempting to expel such a large st ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Thank you   by Telman  32mo   14,077
    I have also used tomato juice, not the pulp but the clear liquid that is released when one removes the skin. ... ... Very nice get your message. I shall add it to the formal advice. ... ... ... Telman ... ...   [End]
  • Re: how to dissolve my stone?   by latticesam  32mo   13,964
    firstly my gallstone is confirmed from the xray( kuk) and ultrasound. it is a free floating stone.since it showed up on xray, i concluded it is calcified. ... ... i have started taking a medicine, from a store of herbs, they know lot about herbs and they give nutural preparations for almost every disease.they asked to take their preparation with soda( liquid one used with whiskey) ... . i think that is some kind of acid base reaction concept. ... ... thirdly, im ready for a commitment of even five years or more.frankly i have never had a gallstone attack, just one i felt a small pinching pain but onl ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: How to metal / nickel detox?   by newport  7y   13,720
    The biggest source of nickel is cooking acidic things in Stainless Steel pots. ... ... That said I know of no specific nickel detox, but the standard heavy metal detoxes like DMSA, DMPS should work.   [End]
  • Video Embedded Cricket Parasite (Horsehair worm) by TheHollister [Video]   R by LCD  7y   13,708  Cross-post
    Cricket Parasite (Horsehair worm) by TheHollister ... ... Added: January 29, 2007 ... From: TheHollister ... The tapeworm that shot out of a cricket’s butt when my sister stepped on it. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Comments: ... ... It is actually caled a horsehair worm. They only infect insects. They dehydrate their hosts that make the insects go to water for a drink. Generally insects fall into the water at one point. That is when the worm escapes out of the anus killing it’s host. ... ... ... That’s a parasitic worm- Spinochorododes tellinii- whose larvae infests grasshop ... [Video Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Avoiding Metals & Borosilicate Glass   by azovsky  7y   13,679  Cross-post
    Hi everyone! I was wondering if it is safe to ... use borosilicate glass for cooking etc? ... ... After reading about nickel and stainless steel toxicity ... in Dr.Clark book I decided to find an alternative. ... I thought that glass would be the best replacement ... and I was excited to find all kind of items made of borosilicate/pyrex glass. ... One thing I noticed though was that while there is plenty of stove ... and fire proof glassware on ebay ... there isn’t much offered from ... today’s manufacturers and all these ... items on ebay have been discontinued long while ago. ... Does anybody know why all these pyrex boro ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: How to metal / nickel detox?   by azovsky  7y   13,533
    Sorry, I don’t know of any specific nickel detox. I guess metal detox should do. ... ... I was really hoping to hear about borosilicate though. I tried again to search online about it’s possible toxicity but found very little info. I guess it should be safe to use. I just wanted to hear from other people who use borosilicate for cooking, etc. and who possibly have more info about it’s health safety. Thanks again.   [End]
  • Re: Avoiding Metals & Borosilicate Glass   by azovsky  7y   13,414
    Hi, thanks for the info. I’ve heard that enamel may contain lead, at least the one they use to glaze ceramics. ...   [End]
  • Re: Avoiding Metals & Borosilicate Glass   by newport  7y   13,388
    I use the old fashioned type of enamel pots from france now, enamel is glass but I don’t know about the makeup of it. They are heavy and expensive but they appear to work and NON reactive. ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • which is the best zapper?   by #71936  8y   13,347  Cross-post
    Sorry to bother you AGAIN with this question, I am new, nonetheless I’ve seen this question repetitivily on the forum but I could not find a definite reply. ... ... I am thiking of getting one of the ”best” hence more expensive zappers, my search narrowed down to 2 models. ... ... 1-the auto zap ... I found it in @ 139 US$ ... ... 2-the super zapper delux ... I found it in @ 189 US$ ... ... the first one seems preatty straight forward, the second looks very smart and has a smart key and program drivers (sold separatly) that completely confused me i.e. have no id ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Avoiding Metals & Borosilicate Glass   by newport  7y   13,339
    There is no lead in the modern European enamel cookware, certainly Hulda Clark wouldn’t be recommending it if there was.   [End]
  • Re: try SEASALT   by Stokrotka  4y   13,333
    Hi ... ... Do you think if one can still use salt for mouth rinsing if it causes his teeth to become more sensitive. ... ... Isn’t salt rinsing harmful? ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Avoiding Metals & Borosilicate Glass   by can1843211  7y   13,241
    Where did you found out this? About the enemal might carry metal.   [End]
  • What Hulda Clark says about ascaris/eggs   RR by jessesmom1987  5y   13,012
    And I wasn’t eating banana’s either. ... ... I definetly got the night sweats like Hulda Clark says, two different times- to the point of having to get up and change my nightie because it was soaked. Both times were after starting the L-Cysteine, ozonated oil, and COQ10, and it happened the very first night on both occasions (several months apart). The next day was when I got the floating eggs, and lots more in a coffee enema. ... I also got the remnants of the mother worm too. The pictures are hard to tell what they looked like, but you know when you get them. Out of everything I’ve killed, the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Avoiding Metals & Borosilicate Glass   by gracepaisley  6y   12,982
    My understanding is that borosilicate glass is more expensive to produce than the newer tempered glass that both Pyrex and Anchor Hocking now use. Corning sold its Pyrex consumer products division in 1998 and is now run by a corporation called World Kitchen, which has since started to use cheaper tempered soda-lime glass. ... ... I’m not sure of the contents themselves being harmful, but I’d like to send out a warning of more imminent danger from using glass bakeware produced after 1998. ... Since that year, hundreds of complaints have been filed with Consumer Affairs regarding injuries sustained ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: which is the best zapper?   by Johny Apple Bomb  8y   12,944
    What problems are you having? Symptoms. Disease.   [End]
  • Re: which is the best zapper?   by sledgehammer  8y   12,825
    Just a suggestion on digestive problems......I’d try some pro-biotics and yogurt to help with that.....if you zap , you’ll kill good and bad enzymes/bacteria , pro-biotics will add new enzymes/bacteria to help with the digestive process...... ... I’ve used a freq generator for carpal tunnel and bursitis and it helps , not sure about depression etc.....hope this helps.....Richard   [End]
  • Re: which is the best zapper?   by inspiraller  8y   12,765
    Hi ... ... I have done extensive research into this. As mentioned previously as long as the zapper has a constant positive offset. And that will apply to most zappers on the market then it wont matter so much what frequency you use. It is important not use a zapper that doesnt wrap around your wrists because these have been proven not as affective as those you hold or ones with feet pads. ... ... Here are the options anyway: ... ... PRESET FREQUENCY ZAPPERS (anything upto £150) ... 1) Auto Zapper ... 2) Parazapper ... 3) Ultimate Zapper ... ... Summary ... It seems Parazapper claims most testimonials. I have read that it ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: which is the best zapper?   by miky  8y   12,717
    Hi Johny, ... my problems are depression and cronic digestive problems. ... ... I’ve been depressed since I can remember, swicthing from mild to deeper depression and I’ve been bloated basically for the past 3 years. ... ... My shoulder is also in pain. ... ... Any help/suggestion will be greatly appreciated! ... ... Thanks   [End]
  • Re: which is the best zapper?   by Johny Apple Bomb  8y   12,616
    been bloated basically for the past 3 years. ... ... My shoulder is also in pain. ... ... ... Sounds like you might need a Hulda Clark Liver Flush. Shoulder pain and bloating are common symptoms. ... ... If your shoulder pain is an injury from bench pressing you should try something like this. ... ... ... If your depression involves alcohol try 5000 mg of glutamine a day and a few other things. Download ”Cure for all Diseases” and look up the section on Alcoholism for the rest of the info. ...   [End]
  • Re: which is the best zapper?   by ParaZapper  8y   12,593
    - yougurts and supermarket style ones don’t have enough of them and are basically useless ... ... A good yogurt will have 6 to 8 different microbes and is loaded with them. The advantage is that they are living, active, and have the food that they need to survive. Also, you do not need much, a tablespoon full works fine. ... ... Kefir is even better with 10 to 12 microbes. ... ... If you can not tolerate a single tablespoon of yogurt or kefir, then try a Silk smoothie which is soy based and has 6 different microbes. ... ... I do not know entirely what you are referring to ”supermarket ones” but yes if you mea ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: which is the best zapper?   by Johny Apple Bomb  8y   12,562
    the first one seems preatty straight forward, ... ... Yes pretty simple. It has one frequency of 2.5 khz. Lower frequencies are believed better for deeper penetration. ParaZapper has one for similiar $ that has both a lower and upper frequency. ... ... the second looks very smart and has a smart key and program drivers (sold separatly) that completely confused me i.e. have no idea what they are for. ... ... This one can use pre programmed smart keys, programmed to work on specific symptoms or diseases. The frequencies change sort of like a Rife machine. I would rather have the Gamma so I could make my ow ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: which is the best zapper?   by #70428  8y   12,552
    Hi Mikey ... ... Are you the same Mikey I emailed you about zappers? Have you decided which one to purchase. Did you look on Hulda Clark’s website regarding the Super Deluxe with the program drives? ... ... Hope you find what you’re looking for. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: which is the best zapper?   by miky  8y   12,508
    hi, yes it’s me. ... ... I think at the moment I am more kin on the auto zap, for simple reason it seems simpler to operate. ... ... about the one you ordered, wow, 28 days is soo long, thank god they are based in uk, amyways, ... ... I think I will check also parazapper as I was told that that one has 2 frequencies instead of only one as in the auto zap, altghough I also read that the 2.5 one is the best frequency to use , so not sure if you really need more frequencies. ... ... do you have any thoughts on the food and tooth zapper or this is just too much? ... ... thnks miky   [End]
  • Re: which is the best zapper?   by patrasarah  8y   12,503
    fyi-i read a medical article lately that there is a connection between poor digestive health and depression--BECAUSE most of the body’s serotonin is MADE in the gut--and THAT is the neurotransmitter that is the basis for many if not most psyciatric drugs for depression--they are called SSRI drugs-selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor drugs-like prozac,paxil--and others--those drugs try to keep serotonin from being broken down--won’t go into details-but it is logical that if you heal your gut-your depression COULD go away!!!!!!!!!!!!   [End]
  • Re: which is the best zapper?   by newport  8y   12,495
    PRESET FREQUENCY ZAPPERS ... Bought a ParaZapper, seems to work fine ... ... TARGET FREQUENCY ZAPPERS ... Found someone that has a Rife machine, so I will be looking further at this in the future. ... ... PROBIOTICS ... Make my own yogurt as per SCDiet out of organic milk and fresh starter (Acidop…/Bifidus/etc). This works well since most commercial yogurt is not fermented enough to keep it sweet, unlike places like India where it needed to be sour to skip refrigeration. ... ... Very informative post, thanks. ...   [End]
  • Re: which is the best zapper?   by miky  8y   12,482
    Thanks for the advice Richard, ... I am not very good with dairy products, so I’ll pass on the yougurt, but as soon as I make my mind up on which zapper to go for, then I’ll look into getting some pro-biotics. ... I remember last year I went to listen to a lecture on nutrition and there I was told that if you want to take pro-biotcs, you have to go for proper ones, yougurts and supermarket style ones don’t have enough of them and are basically useless. ... The lady who gave the lecture, gave the name of a couple of brands of pro-biotics, but I cannot remember them, but if you are interested I am s ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: which is the best zapper?   by newport  8y   12,481
    From what I read the second one is a small frequency generator that comes pre-programmed with zapper frequencies. You then need to buy other frequency cards or a software/hardware solution +600 (I believe) to program your own. ... ... Goes a little beyond zapping and more into rife which is a very interesting subject all by itself... ...   [End]
  • Re: which is the best zapper?   by miky  8y   12,378
    HI inspiraller, ... ... thanks so much for your message, I found it most helpfull! ... ... I don’t think I am interestend in a target frequency zapper, as I don’t know what I am fighting, nevertheless, could you explain me what a frequency generator and syncrometer are? their benefits conpared to a standard zapper? ... ... Also thanks for reccomending a probiotic, I don’t trust just yogurt, thanks again, I really appreciated your message :)   [End]
  • Re: which is the best zapper?   by miky  8y   12,335
    Hi AJB ... yes, the reason why I am looking for a zapper is ultimately to do the liver flush, i think you have to zapp and do the kidneys cleanse before doing the liver flush, but correct me if I am wrong. ... ... My shoulder pain was definitely made worse by bunch presses, although I have reason to believe it is due to constipation and a trigger point in the scalenes muscles, but I’ll definitely check out the link you sent me, I am a gym freak anyways so it should be very heplfull. ... ... Depression is not caused by alcohol, but thanks anyway. ... ... Do you have any thoughts on food and tooth zapper? ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Apricots, peaches, and nectarines - Fight cancer & kill F.Buski   R by totakeke  4y   11,960  Cross-post
    Six Fresh Seeds ... ... Cure and Prevention of All Cancers, pg 580-581. ... ... © Copyright 2007 by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D. ... ... ... ... (Summary: Apricot, peach, and nectarine seeds have strong anti-cancer properties, and can kill F. buski as well as SV40.) ... ...   ... ... ... ... ... ... You will need ... ... ... 6 Large Apricots OR 6 peaches OR nectarines (in order of effectiveness.) They do not need to be tested for chlorox since it doesn’t penetrate the pit. ... ... ... Let them completely ripen if you have time and chlorox is Negative. Remove the pits. To crack open pits: find a rock or piec ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Disappearing gallstones: Report of 2 cases (p.101-103) by Robin Gray   BSA SUCCESS by White Shark  5y   11,670  Cross-post
    The science is slowly catching up. ... ... After many years of doctors claming that gallstones can not exit gallbaldder, now they finally decided to change their mind. ... ... ... Disappearing gallstones: Report of 2 cases (p.101-103) by Robin Gray ... ...;jsessionid=ADD22B122E14F52438C8905AD202C339?DOI=10.1002/bjs.1800610206&issueDOI=10.1002/bjs.v61:2&vid=2 ... ... Abstract ... ... Two cases of disappearance of gallstones confirmed by operation are described. ... ... It is suggested that a contributory factor in the disappearance Was the Patient’s adherence t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Washing your hair with borax - It's an art!   by freelastchance  9y   10,869
    OK, I’ve tried this so many times and had all kinds of results. I gave up many many times, and I think the first time I tried it was more than 2 years ago! I’ve finally got it!!! My big mistake was I was using to much of the borax liquid soap! ... ... Here are my basic directions: ... ... About 2 TBS Borax Powder in 1 quart jar of Water, for the Borax liquid soap. OK, My hair comes about to my shoulder blades and I use about 1-2 TBS of the liquid/water soap! I just pour it in my hand, rub my hands together as if I am lathering it, then rub it into all of my hair and scalp. Wash it out really well, t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Can anyone tell me what this is?   by Bonza105  5y   10,328  Cross-post
    Hi, ... ... I was just starting my 4th liver flush today and started on the Epsom Salts early. Got the usual butt pee but noticed this critter in the bowl. ... ... Any ideas? ... ... ... ... [Image Embedded Here]   [End]
  • Hulda Clark's Claims   BSA EDUCATIONAL by LCD  9y   10,180  Cross-post
    A message from another list, message sent to Terry Polevoy, MD, ... ... ... From: Robert Langford ... To: ... Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2005 1:07 PM ... Subject: Hulda Clark’s Claims ... ... Hello Health Watcher, I downloaded Hulda Clark’s book the Cure for all Diseases. ... ... I had a serious Migraine headache problem that I suffered for over 30 years. No Medical Doctor could ever help me, instead I got sick from the medicines they gave me. ... ... I saw in her book she had a cure for Migraines listed so I did it. I used a TENS unit as a Parasite zapper, with positive lead ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Banana or egg sac?   by shroom  5y   9,909
    I am guessing [educated] that it is poop from the parasite[s] and the ”cotton” are proteins the body generates to capture and contain foreign antigenic material, kinda like what mucus does. I see this action in vitro all the time. Shroom   [End]
  • $10 Zapperplans zapper, Ultimate zapper, Terminator2 and Silverado zappe...   by FungiPete  5y   9,878  Cross-post
    I would like to add this review of 4 different types of zappers I have used as a guide to others who might want info on choosing a zapper. It must look like I have a fetish for zappers, however has more to do with the fact I have parasites that plainly refuses to die. I also have been searching for a zapper that fits around me and my life and not me around it. ... ... I suspected for over a year now that I have parasites and bought the $10 zapper and a few months later the Ultimate zapper. After giving up smoking and caffeine my weight ballooned and my weight went into over drive and so did my ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Re: Banana or egg sac?   by Bonza105  5y   9,870
    Doh, sorry forgot to include the pics. ... ... ... ... ... Thanks [Image Embedded Here]   [End]
  • Image Embedded Re: Can anyone tell me what this is?   by Bonza105  5y   9,721
    Thanks for your help everyone. ... ... I don’t think it’s mucoid plaque, I have done two blessed herbs colon cleanses in the last year and none of mucoid plaque I passed looked like this. ... ... Jessesmom! the pics of ”spiders & cotton balls” in that link were all too familiar and then I spotted the ”more cotton balls” pic underneath and realised that I had passed something that looked like that too. ... ... ... ... So it looks like they are probably Ascaris........ Gross [Image Embedded Here]   [End]
  • It is Banana fibers! Musa sapientum   by White Shark  5y   9,691
    Banana is so soft, that most people never chew it well. ... ... When colored by bile, Banana fibers looks exactly like the object on the photo. ... ... It is definitively not an ”Ascaris nest”, Ascaris is not a bird or alligator, it makes no nests. ... ... It is not mucoid plaque, cause it is banana, after being exposed to digestive juices. ... ... Why is it so often that people see it in their feces? ... ... Cause we all eat bananas, and nobody chews them more then 3 times. ... ... White Shark   [End]
  • Re: Can anyone tell me what this is?   by Bonza105  5y   9,597
    Sorry, i’m new to this! the body of the thing was about 3mm ... across. ... ... That came out with just the ES, I have only just taken the grapefruit/olive oil.   [End]
  • Re: Can anyone tell me what this is?   by outoftime44  5y   9,550
    WOW I don’t know what that is to be honest, I have not had anything like that, but I just want to say job well done on getting that out. ... ... Have you felt some physical improvements since that successful flush?   [End]
  • Re: It is Banana fibers! Musa sapientum   by texasbluesgirl  5y   9,518
    Banana?? I don’t eat bananas EVER yet I have literally passed hundreds of these things over the past year during several different parasite cleanses. Here is a link to my picture in the files. ... ... They are the same exact things that are shown on the link from jessesmom1987.   [End]
  • Re: Can anyone tell me what this is?   by Newport  5y   9,493
    Dunno, but maybe put a match or a penny next to it for size comparison the next time...   [End]
  • Re: Can anyone tell me what this is?   by dill321  5y   9,490
    looks like the beginning of a healthy ascaris nest! yes sir eee.   [End]
  • Re: which is the best zapper?   by wellness_woman  4y   9,485
    Also a great skin cream...   [End]
  • Re: Can anyone tell me what this is?   by jessesmom1987  5y   9,469
  • Re: Can anyone tell me what this is?   by linenup  5y   9,450
    This looks like what I would call mucoid plaque. I have seen these come out, I called them starfish. I know others have seen these. It is a build up of whatever because of a gi infection probably created by the immune reactions. Shroom had the name for this. ... ... It looks like no worm or fluke that I have seen. You could take one of those (in preservative) to a lab for identification.   [End]
  • Re: It is Banana fibers! Musa sapientum   by Bonza105  5y   9,419
    Phew what a relief, thanks White Shark. ... ... That makes sence as I had a banana for breakfast & I am a lazy chewer.   [End]
  • Banana or egg sac?   by Bonza105  5y   9,336
    Hi everyone and thanks for your input. ... ... Following on from my liver flush yesterday I passed this thing this morning, it measured about 10mm across. Sorry to those who like these things photographed next to a visual size comparison like a coin but it’s enough for me to remember the camera. ... ... I found some Paragone I bought a few years ago and took it all of yesterday, I don’t know if this would make any difference. ... ... Banana or egg sac? that is the question.   [End]
  • Re: Can anyone tell me what this is?   by #68716  5y   9,301
    I’ve been passing these exact same things since the beginning of my liver flushes. Always wondered what they were but have been too grossed out to take pictures and ask on CureZone. ... ... So the other poster says they’re Ascaris? Humaworm takes care of these, no? On my 3rd week of HW. ... ... I’ve been passing literally hundreds of these for weeks now. I also frequently find the little thread-like ”veins” all on their own, disconnected from the main blob. The veins vary in color. I’ve passed black ones, brown ones, and yellow ones. The blob is always white though... ... ... Is the main ”blob’ the actua ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: It is Banana fibers! Musa sapientum   by shroom  5y   9,289
    I would have thought so as well, and checked into it. [negative] These look like the waste that accompanies larger helminths, but not sure which type. Very likely in the liver. You will need to keep at it until it\they are removed. ... I would refer to ”Hulda Clark”, anything that she has published on this issue. She knows her ”flukes” etc. ... Shroom   [End]
  • Re: Can anyone tell me what this is?   by shroom  5y   9,282
    My best guess is poop from large helminth. Shroom   [End]
  • Re: It is Banana fibers! Musa sapientum   by WannaSeeWorms  5y   9,278
    Bananas my a.....!!!! Then try some frozen castor oil capsules which are supposed to whack the small intestines... the only time I got ’prehistoric shrimp.’ ...   [End]
  • Re: Can anyone tell me what this is?   by Charly  5y   9,262
    I can’t believe some of the guesses here! Why guess if you don’t know? People don’t wasnt guesses. ... ... They don’t look like mucoid placque or remains of bananas!! They are a parasite or a nest of parasites and they look just like the parasites posted on the website Jessiesmom posted above. I have had alot of these ’cotton balls’ and worked hard to get rid of them... if they are a nest I never saw the parasite. All I ever saw was the cotton ball. I have cleansed for parasites mamy times and don’t have anything now.   [End]
  • Re: Banana or egg sac?   by Alienworms  5y   9,252
    I’ve had these (or at least something very similar) and have seen many other people describe something like it. One time I opened one up with scissors. It had hollow chambers inside and was very tough in texture. I think it has to be some sort of egg sac because of the way mine came out together and when I was feeling very sick from a cleanse. During a successful cleanse these ”cotton balls” were followed by a large worm. Actually one time I think I passed the worm first. If it was any type of food particle the texture would be very soft and nothing like what I’ve seen.   [End]
  • Re: Can anyone tell me what this is?   by harpazo_hope  5y   9,211
    Check out this video-   [End]
  • Re: WARNING...Pond's Cold Cream changed their formula.   by #144063  32mo   9,189
    I thought I was a suffered of Demodex Mites for 10 months. ... Every day for 10 months I felt those ”bugs” crawling and wiggling. ... ... ... I spent about $2K buying this cream to include Ponds Cold Cream, that lotion or soap, that oil, going from doctor to doctor who either ignored me, or gave into my demands for Ivermectim. I even purchase Borax laundrey detergent to bath in, tea tree oil in wipe myself down in (including my eye lashes) to no avail. I saw 4 Demotologists, 1 Neurologist, and 1 Immunologist without any success. ... ... The ”bugs” were still crawling on every part of my body to include ...   [retrieve this message]
  • What exactly does low SIgA mean, besides depressed immune system, treatm...   by Johlysid  3y   9,177  Cross-post
    I got my Diagnos-Techs test back and found ... ... Total Salivary SIgA 9 (depressed) normal 25 - 60 ... ... Total Intestinal SIgA (Stool) 16 when should be 400 - 880 ... ... Also on the test was Gliadin intolerance WHICH I CUT OUT LIKE 6 MONTHS AGO, ... ... other tests found 0 parasites, and... ... ... we are already on my second round of anti fungal program, ... ... and today I did my 2nd liver flush and got ~20 stones out and I had a headache (hopefully this is a herx/die off reaction) (1st flush 0) ... ... in the middle of oral, suppository, chelation of lead (high levels on urine challenge test), tungsten (””), and merc ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: It is Banana fibers! Musa sapientum   by Bonza105  5y   9,173
    I agree texasbluesgirl, that doesn’t look like banana in your picture. What symptoms were you getting with them and have you got rid of them yet? Where do you think you picked them up?   [End]
  • WARNING...Pond's Cold Cream changed their formula.   by leggybrandi  33mo   9,076  Cross-post
    I just realized that Pond’s Cold Cream has changed their formula which no longer contains Borax (Sodium Borate). I would suggest finding another alternative to kill the demodex that has some of the old ingedients. Just letting everyone know. If anyone has any good suggestions, please let me know. I’m throwing my old cold cream away...   [End]
  • newbie, zapper for hiv and swollen lymph nodes? Thanks   by #81856  5y   8,964  Cross-post
    hello, i’ve heard about the zapper for years but actually haven’t heard many say it actually works. For instance, on another site someone was talking about a friend found out they had hiv, then a few post down, somebody said by them a zapper. then a couple of people came in with comments, some good and some negative. But, when asked if anyone knew anybody that tried the zapper and succeeded nobody ever answered. ... ... tested poz. for hiv a couple of years ago, haven’t took any medicines and dont know count. I have about 5 swollen lymph nodes (jaw, 2 on neck, 1 behind ear, and 2 small one ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Not a license to die but a license to live: an HIV survivor's story   BSA SUCCESS by Dquixote1217  4y   8,923  Cross-post
    ... Posted at the Yahoo Oleandersoup Group: ... ... ...   ... ... My Story - June 2, 1010 ...   ... To Dr. Marc and the Oleander Soup Group:  I do appreciate your Cancer/HIV-alternative-views, information and social network.  ...   ... I have been hiv positive for 23 and without knowing why, I refused to take traditional HIV meds.  I was already leaning towards alternative therapies, and over the past 23 years I have refined treatments.  Luckily, I read a book by Hulda Clark, The Cure for Aids, and adopted some of her recommended therapies.  I did this over 10 years ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Warning! here's the gross picture   by #128156  16mo   8,794
    ... ...   ... [Image Embedded Here]   [End]
  • the effect of iodine on liver flush   by inmyopinion  7y   8,719  Cross-post
    I have been taking 8 drops Lugol solution for about 15 days.Yesterday I made my third liver flush and as I understood the countless things like small tomato skins were flukes.(or something other?)I did not see as many as these in previous flushes. I also saw something weird but it was so small to understand what so my husband took a macro photo of it.And it was like a disgusting worms home.I made a magnesium oxide(mg oxide powder) colon cleansing prior the flush and these tomato things(they were 2-3 mm)were coming then also.I was not making a parasite cleansing so I think it is connected w ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Why is Epsom Salt burning anus?   R by Spirit  10y   8,684
    maybe it is not the Epsom salt that is burning me so badly but ... poisonous material leaving the body? ... ... Actually, poisons are usually less irritating then our natural digestive juices and fruit juices. ... ... What irritates more are natural fruit juices like Grapefruit juice and lemon juice. ... ... ... Epsom salt increases the speed of movement inside intestines. ... With such a high speed, intestines have no time to neutralize fruit juices and digestive juices. ... During digestion, or stomach (acid), our pancreas (enzymes) and also liver (bile) produce digestive juices. ... ... Those juices are extremely ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Plan to stabalize the situation?   by dave505  16mo   8,647
    Hi #128, ... ... I have the same dillema with the enemas generally speaking ”Continue coffee enemas? I’m torn based on my pushing eggs back into the body theory as described in another post.”. ... ... Everytime after I have an plain enema the movements seems to intensify. not immediatly but soon after. After enema I’m drinking a light electrolyte support (lemon+seasalt) and its ok. But after the first meal (usually steamed vegetables+1 egg) they start moving like crazy. I have pinworms diagnosted - heavy case. especially after 3 round of antibiotics that distroy any defense. and of course non diagno ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Please Help! Parasites in stool now, what should I do?!!!   by #128156  16mo   8,586  Cross-post
    I’ve got pictures. Long story, will detail later, BUT should I flush this thang or try to collect and preserve it to then get it to the proper medical professional for ID? I haven’t flushed it yet, still in toilet. I called the local ER and the guy had absolutely NO idea what to tell me! ... ... I will work on getting this pic uploaded and telling providing more detail... ... ... ... Briefly though, I’ve recently done plasma rife with electrical contact footpads - parasites general set at high intensity and for a long time ( a little over an hour yesterday, and a week prior) This in conjunction w ...   [retrieve this message]
  • About Concerned Aunt   by justnmerciful  7y   8,532
    Hello Ohfor07, ... ... Concerned Aunt is well and doing fine. She did go off of iodine though from the suggestion of her ?naturopath?. She was suffering intense detox. It was just too soon for her to apply this therapy and intends to pick it up again when she is able. ... ... She has also been travelling to different areas attending workshops. So that may be the reason she hasn’t been seen posting for a while. I did receive a mother’s day message from her last weekend via email that was just beautiful! ... ... If you’d like I could email her and tell her of your concern. ... ... Just-n   [End]
  • Re: the effect of iodine on liver flush   by Ohfor07  7y   8,517
    For the past 2 months I’ve been on a gradually-increasing but mostly conservative daily supplementation with Lugol’s. About 2 weeks ago I did my second ever liver flush, the first I did roughly 18 months prior. ... ... On the day of the final approach (2 weeks ago), following the Hulda book, I did not take any of the routine supplements / vitamins or the like. I do not take any prescription meds to begin with, so there was no problem eliminating these as well as the book advises. Up till that day, my daily Iodine intake was at 3 skinny drops twice per day, plus or minus the various other supple ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: WARNING...Pond's Cold Cream changed their formula.   by leggybrandi  32mo   8,461
    I think most of the people here at curezone realize this.   [End]
  • Re: the effect of iodine on liver flush   by jfh  7y   8,373
    The description of the ”tomato skins” does sound very much like liver flukes. I keep up with stuff on the Humaworm forum. I am also doing a Humaworm protocol while I am still taking 15 drop of Lugol’s daily. ... ... I am glad to know that the iodine will also purge worms and other parasites. Thanks for that. I have read that iodine is an antibiotic, antifungal, and antiviral. ... ... I have never done ”the” liver flush. I have drunk some olive oil before bed though. I have also been taking casgara sagrada for a long time. I feel that I should not need the flush.   [End]
  • Re: hello ohfor07   by inmyopinion  7y   8,369
    Hello ohfor07 ... In fact I was one of these people who end up a horrible flush story.I posted a messaged called ’horrible flush experience with unexpected period’ and you were the first one to answer the message.Nice to see you again and thank you. ... It was really horrible.Fortunately this one was much better.This time I especially chose a new moon day.If I donot remember wrong I drank water after stopping the meal and I went to toilet as much as I drank the water.This time I drank nothing after the last meal.Maybe it made the difference but also my period caused cramps that time. ... I came to ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Please Help! Parasites in stool now, what should I do?!!!   by Anthony87  16mo   8,327
    I am not sure what you should do. I will say what worked from me. A diet based on potatoes and cooked veggies. No nuts, grains, seeds, to chop up my colon and cause funguses. Very low fructose to work with the hypoglacemia that gave me belly fat, liver fat and candida through poor bile production. None of the junk meats, dark meats, fried foods. Bananas, pork, eggs, french fries are all things I avoid to continue getting stronger and to never see fungus, parasites, hypothyroid, hair loss, fatigue, brain fog, leaky gut again. It sucks being intolerant of milk and grains..but NORMAL peopl ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Please Help! Parasites in stool now, what should I do?!!!   by glaxony  16mo   8,318
    They will most likely tell you it was undigested food particles and offer you some anti-psychotics. Unless you take it to Dr. Kahill in New York. He thinks everything is a parasite. I am just kidding. I don’t even know if there is such a guy, but there must be the way his groupies promote him. Anyways many labs are not equipped to identify parasites, nor are lab technicians trained to identify them. Just start cleansing regularly and keep cleansing regularly and you will eventually get your parasite load low enough to poise yourself for a full body spontaneous die off, if there is such a t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: hello ohfor07   by Ohfor07  7y   8,318
    Glad to see you’ve had better liver flushing results. It does seem a bit odd that drinking some water may have caused the horrors, but who knows? Maybe it was the moon/blood thing. ... ... Also looks like you are accumulating your own pile of ”I dunno”. Welcome to the club:) I think that this effect is sort of similar to the effect that occurs each time one proudly finds themselves standing on the side of the moral majority; time to humbly go about getting some new friends ;) Anyone who doesn’t have a tall, growing by leaps & bounds pile of ”I dunno” in their lives is very likely headed in t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Please Help! Parasites in stool now, what should I do?!!!   by Anthony87  16mo   8,285
    I had that same taxonomy unavailable parasite too and the same type of thing escaping...when i corrected my diet and began to digest better. Now that you cleansed something...are you ready to eat right so digestion is strong and parasites can’t grow? So much of this forum is people thinking they are radically different from everyone else on dietary needs.. Thinking drinking massive amounts of fat will aid an incorrect diet.   [End]
  • the rest of this story   by #128156  16mo   8,282
    Now that I feel a bit better and have had some time to think about it, here is the sequence of events for anyone that might be interested. My previous posts might suggest coconut oil as the primary killing factor, and I guess that could be, but I doubt it. ... ... I did the rife session at home yesterday morning about 8am. Fearing the herx to follow. I was VERY clean and careful and did the first coffee enema in more than a month. With an eye toward caution with the enema (if that process is even capable of being ”clean” I first shot up there garlic oil and 1 or 2 SF722 (oil-based stuff ca ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Re: Aureus+Fungus infection regressing after many years   by codexaureus  3y   8,267
    Thank you for your comments. After asking the doctor directly he said he thought it was S. aureus. ... ... Regarding the electrodes: ”Bacteria have a negative electrical surface charge. An electrical field forces bacteria to migrate toward a positive electrode and away from a negative.” 1 ... ... To prevent the bacteria from migrating deeper into the skin it would indeed be best to use the positive electrode at the site of infection. ... ... Positively and negatively charged particles within the body flow to their electrode counterpart simultaneously: ... ... ”Electric charges found within [all living organ ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Please Help! Parasites in stool now, what should I do?!!!   by #128156  16mo   8,255
    Thanks, to make matters worse it seems like I am doing a TON already to cleanse. ... ... Something is weighing on my mind, a bit however, in terms of helping vs. making matters worse. and that is coffee enemas. I became a hudge fan a few months back, BUT, in light of this recent flare-up / war, I am beginning to think that either A) parasites like coffee or B) the process, though I am vigulant, was contaminted or C) I unknowingly pushed / flushed parasite eggs back up into the body that were ”near the exit” where they then hatched and ”OH MY!” ... ... I believe it is you Glaxony that has the coc ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Plan to stabalize the situation?   by #128156  16mo   8,222
    This is my short term plan to at least help me make through the day at work tomorrow. ... ... Emphasis: Flush,Detox, Support, and Rest ... ... Aloe vera juice? yes or no, how much? ... Epsom salt flush? (did 2 heaping tablespoons this morning have had no food yet) not experienced with this, good idea once a week maybe? ... ... Continue coffee enemas? I’m torn based on my pushing eggs back into the body theory as described in another post. ... ... sea salt enema with non-alcohol based clark herb tincture? ... I have been doing this experimentally over the past week or so. at a dose of 1/3 tsp sea salt in 4 ounc ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Please Help! Parasites in stool now, what should I do?!!!   by objoyfl  16mo   8,215
    The best thing to do is to go to a regular M.D. and tell him/her that you think you have parasites. S/he will give you a requisition slip for the lab. Any lab will look for ova and parasites. I am generally anti-medical world, but in some instances their science proves useful. At least with tests you know what you’re dealing with. ... ... You can’t take doo-doo out of the toilet and send it to a lab. It’s contaminated already. You will have to collect it in a cup the lab gives you, and you poop into that the next chance you get. Then the lab will have also given you three tubes that you fill wi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Please Help! Parasites in stool now, what should I do?!!!   by #128156  16mo   8,148
    God what a horrible story with the stick like thing coming out of the back! ... ... That thing in my picture looks more like a stick than a worm kinda? I have noted this in the past, even before today. ... ... I don’t know I think I’m going to go nuts and puke now! ... ... I have GOT to get off the computer and find something to make me feel normal. ... ... God help us.   [End]
  • Re: Please Help! Parasites in stool now, what should I do?!!!   by glaxony  16mo   8,145
    coconut oil is anti fungal and anti bacterial, so it certainly has the potential to instigate a die off ... ... maybe spend some more time strengthening your resolve and your immune system before instigating any more die off ... ... you could also time your cleanse with the cycles of the moon ... ... garlic made my guts go nuts at first, but now i hardly notice i’ve put a clove in, except maybe for the first minute or two   [End]
  • Re: Please Help! Parasites in stool now, what should I do?!!!   by #128156  16mo   8,145
    I didn’t drink any of the fat shown in the picture. It was ”placed” where the sun doesn’t shine and evidently contributed to some die-off overnight, as coconut oil is claimed to be anti fungal and I’ve heard anti parasitic as well. Though if you search for anything, you will find it (we all know how that goes, and it’s frustrating actually). ... ... I must admit, my diet does have room for improvement, so I will give you that. And it is something that MUST change or a problems long term will just re-surface. Just to get things square though. I didn’t drink any fat.   [End]
  • This information might change your life.   by Kalinorth  16mo   8,143
    I had these same problems if not worse. I started to research and try out different products and they kinda worked for a while. The only product that truly worked was from . It was their I need help tincture and their Adult parasite de wormer that did the trick i took these for three months. I also used the Kleri tea from the dr natura cmopany in conjunction with the OFS products. After being sick I also wanted to change my diet so that this would never happen again. So I became a raw food guy. I am now a juicer for life and im loving the vitality and the new fou ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: WARNING...Pond's Cold Cream changed their formula.   by Katara  33mo   8,039
    What about adding borax to the existing Ponds. It should dissolve if you blend some into the cream. ... ... I saw an article years old written up by a gentleman who was a scientist and had a mite infestation. He used lysol with success but said everyone in the family must go thru the protocol at the same time or reinfection is inevitable. ... ... I saw it out on google.   [End]
  • Re: What exactly does low SIgA mean, besides depressed immune system, tr...   by MENDOMAID  3y   8,022
    I searched for ’saliva SLGA’ and I think the websites will answer your questions. I didn’t have any hits for SIGA in saliva. ... ... In some people the anti gliadin antibodies come back to normal slowly. After eating gluten the autoimmune reaction can last for about 3 to 5 months when the cells have stopped producing the antibodies. Some people have plaques of gluten in the intestine which may provide a source of gliadin. It may be possible to eat away at these plaques with digestive enzymes. It is difficult to eliminate all sources of gluten. You may be one of the people who reacts to tiny am ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Please Help! Parasites in stool now, what should I do?!!!   by whaatizit  16mo   7,991
    Which end do you put the clove/garlic in?...Do you putin the enema?   [End]
  • Re: Plan to stabalize the situation?   by #128156  16mo   7,962
    First of all I want to say what has helped me for the last 7 days I have been eating coconut flakes for breakfast and snacks throughout the day. You can get Bob’s Red Mill coconut unsweetened and pretty big bags fairly cheaply. It’s only been a week but my bowel movement have normalized without the need for enemas. This could be due in part to the heavy cleanse prior. Also I am hoping the coconut flakes help with candida and parasites higher in the GI tract, as they’re supposed to do. it’s early but I believe the flakes are the way to go. ... ... As far as the suppositories are concerned, you ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Video Embedded Parasites Face, Interesting YouTube Video   R by LCD  7y   7,949  Cross-post
 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Comments left on YouTube: ... ... efxtive: ... you all %¤#&!§-s!!! i’ve tried this type of medication in seremban, malaysia. I look closely, YES! the worms come out from my pores...not from the lipas stomach! ... ... nkey82: ... They r lying, by using cockroach to the face. the worms dat appear on the face r from the cockroach’s stomach. ... ... ... michaelclement: ... does all human being have WORM on thier faces? is there any classification or type of cockroach you use?may i know?how to preserve that belly?how many stage or treatment?for example once a wee ... [Video Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: WARNING...Pond's Cold Cream changed their formula.   by ginger4jeff  32mo   7,947
    Whats worse the chemical imbalance or having mites? ... ... Ive never had anyone diagnose me with mites but yes I know I have them. I have all the perfect sypmtoms. Yes topical stuff can work BUT!!!!!!!!!! YOU CANT JUST TREAT TOPICALLY PEOPLE! I have mine due to a low immune system. Ive dealt with fibromyalgia/CFS since 14 along with a whole bunch of other stuff. Since going vegan and cleansing LOTS my life is back!!!!!!!!! But if I let my health dip..the mites come back. You cant just expect to eat a S.A.D. diet,have a clogged liver,weak kidneys,intestines pack full of feces and parasites and ...   [retrieve this message]
  • HELP PLEASE: Any advice about the right Zapper for CANDIDA and General u...   by joejac  4y   7,886  Cross-post
    Hello everybody, ... This is my first post, thanks in advance for your patience and support. ... ... 1.- Thank you very much for this information: ... ... ... ... ... 1.1 But as per the above link, there is not a range of frequencies that can kill the candida, plase see this other post: ... ... 2.- ... In the book The Cure For All Diseases In the book The Cure For All Diseases there are several references to this problem Frequencies affecting these fungi are from 384.2kHz to 388. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: $10 Zapperplans zapper, Ultimate zapper, Terminator2 and Silverado z...   by Steve888  5y   7,880
    I agree, for a combination of convenience and economy the Silverado zapper wins. The Silverado also has the added benefit of using silver which is antibacterial, antiviral, and to some degree antifungal. In my opinion it is not as powerful or as fast as the handheld/footpad zappers but wins out for the convenience factor. The more convenient it is to use the greater the chance that most people will use it. The only other issue that some people have with the Terminator and the Silverado is that they sometimes leave marks from the metal interacting with the skin. A bit of wet paper towel ove ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Father that experienced an awful feeling of losing a daughter   BSA SUCCESS by #165732  5y   7,869  Cross-post
    Dear Sirs, ... ... I am a Romanian engineer and a father that experienced an awful feeling of losing my daughter. ... ... Working in Mozambique together with my wife, we were blessed by having a daughter Andra Maria, born on 03 Sept. 1982. ... ... Coming back to Romania in 1984, our daughter had a lot of health problems. She was always tired developing flu, fever, cough, adenopathy, nightmares, etc. Each night we had to treat her by aspirin to lowdown the fever and pains. ... At 5 years (1987), she developed some swelling bosses on the skull. We thought that this might come from falling and hitting. ... ... Pass ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: $10 Zapperplans zapper, Ultimate zapper, Terminator2 and Silverado z...   by freelastchance  5y   7,837
    Great review! ... ... It seems to be pretty common for symptoms to return when people zap short term and then stop without making dietary changes or making living adjustments. Also keep in mind that we are re-exposed to things on a regular basis, so zapping on a regular basis can be helpful - even more important then the method or type of Zapper is being consistent. I am happy to hear you are sharing your zappers as well. I have given away many zappers, and consistently seen results. ... ... Hey about the zapper having a problem with the clip, I had the same problem on one of thei ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Video Embedded Loa Loa Worm Removed from eye   R by LCD  7y   7,793  Cross-post
    Worm Removed from eye, Loa Loa ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Comments: ... ... ... hamkham: ... Loa Loa worms (also known as the ”eye worm”) are classified as filarial worms, meaning they thrive in human tissue. The Loa Loa worm is also called the ”eye worm” because they often migrate through the eye and surrounding subsurface areas. At one time, prior to the 1920s, loa loa worm infections occurred in the United States. Today, however, they mainly infect people who are native to Sudan, and those who live in or near Central and West Africa’s swamps and rain forests. ... ... ... [Video Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: HELP PLEASE: Any advice about the right Zapper for CANDIDA and Gener...   by MZap  4y   7,716
    in range. ... 2.5kHz will hit candida on its 155th harmonic. ... ... Check on this page for more information, if this technical side of zappers interest you ... ... ... I don’t know when a frequency stops having enough energy to hit hard pathogens. ... By the number of people liking 2.5kHz, it seems this one still works. ... I have some doubt 15Hz will work. ... That is why i continue experimenting. ... That is why I’m advocating a sweep frequency to increase the number of hits, even with a low precision generator, using 2.5kHz range and 4kHz to 8kHz range. ... ... No ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: $10 Zapperplans zapper, Ultimate zapper, Terminator2 and Silverado z...   by Steve888  5y   7,683
    The socket for an external device is used for something called a succour punch or power wand. Basically the zapper can be used to power up an SP or power wand to send ”good vibes” to another person or situation. A little ”out there” but I have heard other people had good experiences using these. More here: ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: $10 Zapperplans zapper, Ultimate zapper, Terminator2 and Silverado z...   by ciscokid  5y   7,617
    On the Silverado zapper from Orgone Africa, it states in an image of the product that it has Socket for External Device. ... ... Does this mean it is capable of handling external copper hand held tubes too? ... ... tx   [End]
  • Re: $10 Zapperplans zapper, Ultimate zapper, Terminator2 and Silverado z...   by FungiPete  5y   7,596
    I should add of all the zappers the Silverado makes me smell of a bread factory after a while. I swear I can smell a yeasty smell. In the beginning I kept on checking no one was making toast in the house but it was me. ... ... I’m guessing the zapper was killing candida ! Yippee !!!   [End]
  • Re: HELP PLEASE: Any unbiased advice about the right Zapper for CANDIDA ...   by Gegatso  4y   7,561
    I have seen many people rid themselves of Candida with a bunch of different zappers, so this is about as unbiased as it can get. I will not mention any specific type of zapper. You just have to be diligent with the zapping and also do the obvious things like cut simple sugars COMPLETELY from your diet and cut way, WAY back on starchy foods. Get plenty of natural sunlight and exercise often. You’ll beat it. I did.   [End]
  • The same Toxoplasmosis that comes from raw pork! Yes!   by LCD  4y   7,497
    Toxoplasmosis = Toxoplasma gondii ... ... ... Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease caused by the protozoan Toxoplasma gondii.[1] The parasite infects most genus of warm-blooded animals, including humans, but the primary host is the felid (cat) family. Animals are infected by eating infected meat, by ingestion of feces of a cat that has itself recently been infected, or by transmission from mother to fetus. Although cats are often blamed for spreading toxoplasmosis, contact with raw meat is a more significant source of human infections in many countries, and faecal contamination of hands is a grea ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: WARNING...Pond's Cold Cream changed their formula.   by pinkcat  32mo   7,494
    leggybrandi, thank you for the information about the Pond’s. I had heard this, but now I know for sure. I was actually GOING to purchase some. ... ... Anyway, I use borax (from the supermarket) to great advantage in ridding myself of mites. I follow Ted’s recipe (earthclinic).   [End]
  • Re: HELP PLEASE: Any advice about the right Zapper for CANDIDA and Gener...   by parazapper  4y   7,487
    - Frequencies affecting these fungi are from 384.2kHz to 388.4kHz ... ... That does not mean that the zapper has to say 384.2 kHz or 388.4 kHz. A zapper running at 2.5 kHz will produce 382.5 kHz and 387.5 kHz along with every other odd harmonic of 2.5 kHz. That is the principle that the zapper works on, not the base frequency, but the harmonics. ... ... The 2489 frequency on the CC1 will produce 380.8 kHz and 385.8 kHz, close to both Candida frequencies. ... ... The 2280 frequency will produce 385.32 kHz and 389.88 kHz. ... ... The 2127 Frequency will produce 384.99 kHz and 389.24 kHz. ... ... ... All of the frequen ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: HELP PLEASE: Any advice about the right Zapper for CANDIDA and Gener...   by jaguar57  4y   7,478
    A type of Clark Zapper does have proven laboratory results in completely eradicating candida after 10 days of daily 21 minute treatments. See ... ... It’s also fairly effective against bacteria in my experience. Yes, you have to supplement with acidophilus afterwards to replace any good bacteria that were killed but this is of no importance compared to the necessity of eliminating the candida. ...   [End]
  • Re: HELP PLEASE: Any unbiased advice about the right Zapper for CANDIDA ...   by Gegatso  4y   7,376
    Oh not at all! I’m talking about cutting out anything with blatant processed sugar - candy, soda, cake, cookies, etc. as far as the simple sugars. ... ... My diet at the time was basically low carb since in addition to cutting all of the simple sugars out, I cut out things like pasta, white bread, rice, potatoes, etc. ... ... I drank a lot of water with lemon. Breakfast consisted of things like eggs, oatmeal, plain yogurt, pure applesauce, and green tea. You get the idea. ;)   [End]
  • Re: HELP PLEASE: Any unbiased advice about the right Zapper for CANDIDA ...   by joejac  4y   7,351
    ”cut simple sugars COMPLETELY from your diet and cut way, WAY back on starchy foods” ... ... You mean: ”No Fruit at all” and ”No Quinoa, No Amaranth”? ... ... Please, I appreciate a lot if you can clarify this to me. ... ... Thanks a lot ... Best regards ... joejac   [End]
  • Re: HELP PLEASE: Any advice about the right Zapper for CANDIDA and Gener...   by MZap  4y   7,242
    “Possibly the best frequencies in the 2.5 kHz range would be 2.4739 kHz for the upper and 2.511 kHz for the lower. You will have a hard time getting a zapper with these frequencies.” ... ... Be happy! ... These zappers : MZ3b, MZ_UZ have a narrow sweep of 33 different frequencies, rolling non stop. ... Among them, you have ... Harmonic 153 : 2522 Hz; 2519 Hz; 2516 Hz; 2513Hz ... Harmonic 155 : 2503 Hz; 2500 Hz; 2497 Hz; 2494 Hz; 2491Hz; 2488Hz; 2484Hz; 2481 Hz; 2478 Hz ... Harmonic 157 : 2472 Hz; 2469 Hz; 2466 Hz; 2463 Hz; 2460 Hz; 2457 Hz; 2454 Hz; 2451 Hz; ... Harmonic ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Black Walnut Hull Tincture Recipe   by Mrs. Lightning  10y   7,169
    Black Walnut Hull Tincture from Cure For All Diseases ... ... This new recipe is four times as strong as the previous one, ... so it is called Black Walnut Hull Tincture Extra Strength. ... ... Your largest enamel or ceramic (not stainless steel, not aluminum)cooking pot, preferably at least 10 quarts ... Black walnuts, in the hull, each one still at least 50% green, enough to fill the pot to the top ... Grain alcohol, about 50% strength, enough to cover the walnuts ... ½ tsp. vitamin C ... Plastic wrap or cellophane ... Glass jars or bottles ... ... The black walnut tree produces large green balls in fall. The waln ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: $10 Zapperplans zapper, Ultimate zapper, Terminator2 and Silverado z...   by Ollala  4y   7,146
    Hulda Clark’s zapper and all zappers made by others are simply not strong enough. They do not have the power to flood all parts of the body with strong enough electricity to kill all of the pathogens on any given frequency (if you have one that can dial in different frequencies) as the zapper cycles through the khz frequencies from 1 to 99,999. Zappers are take-offs of Rife Machines, Rife said the minimum power requirement is 50 watts and mine is 64 watts or about half of the 120 volts/watts that are coming out of a plug outlet in your house. A lot more than the 9 volts/watts a battery can ...   [retrieve this message]
  • pimple, clogged pores and re-accuring lumps or boils need help at any pr...   by ballerzz  11y   6,991
    For some reason i have realy bad skin mostly around the kneck area,(ear and side of kneck both sides) if you look at the problem areas you can see black head or clogged pores around most of the areas i have problems with, I made the mistake of picking or squeezing a few re-accuring areas and its caused a formation of the little black heads to join and as 1 making a big abnormal cist or boil. They go away and come back in the same problem spots every so often and range in size some times realy big and inflamed and when ready to burst very pussy, also usualy sore. Id pick them no more i hav ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: pimple, clogged pores and re-accuring lumps or boils need help at an...   by rosa  10y   6,940
    What you have is a staph infection,you have to leave them alone or you will infect other areas they are very infectius,I have the same. you need to go on kefflex antiviotics, or you can drink hydrogen peroxide food grade remember you must take with destilled water only and dont take iron vitamis on this program or you will get a stomach ulcer. do not pick or squeeze them its not good.another good blood cleanser I found is also good is eating 4oz of grape juice 3 or 4 times a day on emty stomach or eat grapes or buy artichoke extract and sarsaparilla extract and take together on emty stoma ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Why is Epsom Salt burning anus?   by georgio  10y   6,927
    Hi D., ... Thanks for your interesting answers that left nothing undisclosed . ... Georgio   [End]
  • Why is Epsom Salt burning on the way out?   R by georgio  10y   6,867  Cross-post
    Hi every one, ... ... I have read in the Gerson Therapy an explanation for burning of the anus after a castor oil enema. DoctorMax Gerson said Castor oil is not irritating in itself. Instead it’s the release of highly toxic material coming out of the body’s tissues that burns. ... If post on the Liver Flush forum it is because while doing my cleanse the Epsom salt mixture did really burns me badly every time when living the body. After reading the Gerson’s explanation I happen to think maybe it is not the Epsom salt that is burning me so badly but poisonous material leaving the body? ... On the oth ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Coconut oil SURPRISE!   by lightstream  5y   6,835
    Google ”Ascaris” if you can stomach it. ... ... Mine have always appeared to have been dead & somewhat dried up before they make it out, sort of like an earthworm on the sidewalk in the sun. But they always have these crazy-looking kinks in their body, unlike earthworms. They are tangle shaped, similar to the google images, but that may have something to do w/ being shriveled up. Keep up the good work & thanks for your detailed report. I wonder what would happen if you combined some good habanero peppers w/ your coconut oil. Oil helps keep the burn down, & the 2 combined with rice & garli ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: pimple, clogged pores and re-accuring lumps or boils need help at an...   by Wrenn  11y   6,833
    try gently washing face with warm/ then col dwater... ... use a bit of appel cidar vinegar even to a glass of coolwateer for the rinse. ... youhave to be gentle or might actaull stimulte more oil production... mix a littel sea solt abotu once a week with a good oil and right be for eyoutake a shower/ gently rub the area to exfolite it... ... have youtttried applying a littel bit of liquid bentonite in small drops ot each area? dab itone to draw out the oil? ... wipe your neck several tiem s a day gently with warm water wash cloth ehtn hold it there a bit/ then wipe again with a cold washcltoh t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: pimple, clogged pores and re-accuring lumps or boils need help at an...   by Southern Belle  11y   6,787
    Once a week, I make a mask of bentonite clay and organic apple cider vinegar and smear it all over my face and neck. I let it dry and then wash it off. It will draw impurities to the surface and improve the texture of your skin. ... ... Blue Duck is right, though. You need to address the cause of the problem and doing a series of cleansings is exactly what you need to do! ... ... Good luck and good health to you! ... Paulette   [End]
  • Re: pimple, clogged pores and re-accuring lumps or boils need help at an...   by Blueduck  11y   6,787
    Your body is full of toxins. Address your diet, and do all the cleanses recommended on this site. Read all about it by clicking on the side tool bar. There is a lot to learn. Good luck and keep posting here. Welcome to curezone. ... ... Blueduck   [End]
  • Please help with my brother's very complex and chronic gut illness.   by nkm83  5y   6,767  Cross-post
    First post here. The following is pretty long but please read through it as it may save my brother’s life! (He had a suicide attempt last year and is again suicidal due to the gut symptoms). ...   ... His problems started 12 years ago with chronic constipation. He did everything imaginable to no avail. 5 years later he developed anxiety/panic disorder. We finally found the “nutritional medicine” route earlier this year. ... ... His current chronic symptoms are: ...   ... Gut: Constipation / extreme painfull heaviness after small amounts of food...this is the most sever ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Dr Hulda Clark passed away on the 3rd   RRR by Raider  5y   6,710  Cross-post
    In Memory of Dr. Hulda Clark ... ... We just received word that Dr. Hulda Clark passed away peacefully in her sleep September 3, 2009. ... ... Since she had retired and closed her clinic last fall she has spent much time with her family. ... ... We will certainly miss Dr. Clark both as a friend and researcher who gave so much of her self to so many. ... ... A website is being setup in memory of Dr. Clark where people may leave their thoughts and experiences to share with all. ... ... Further information will be posted at that website next week: ... ... ... ... For her family and many close fri ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: pimple, clogged pores and re-accuring lumps or Southern ...   by Blueduck  11y   6,668
    Southern Belle, ... ... Are you using the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay for your masks ? ... ... I use it and love it. ... ... Blueduck   [End]
  • Dr. Beck disses Dr. Hulda Clark in a lecture on google video! What to th...   by justborys  6y   6,660  Cross-post
    Hey Every1~! ... I just watched the lecture by dr. Robert C. Beck on google video, in which he disses dr. Hulda Clark’s zapper and her program for eliminating paracites. He says its completely ineffective as well as he says that castor oil and garlic are poisonous substances. and that the blood electrification is the stuff one should go for... Now I’m getting a lil’ confused my friendz... I thoought that these two ”specialists” are on the same side and that both of their treatments work to the same degree. I was thinking about getting myself one of the sota blood electrifiers and one of the a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Loa Loa Worm Removed from eye   by #87504  7y   6,580
    HOLY COW! I want to say how brave you were to do that. I have some kind of clearish worm thing that lives in/on my eye (among other areas) as well. About a month ago it came out of the corner of my eye - causing me to go to the ER. They didn’t see anything in my actual eyeball... meanwhile I’ve been suffering from neural toxicity - they think due to a medication problem - and evidently been having visual hallucinations, mania and so on. But that seems to have been calming down. Today, I looked in the mirror and saw one of the worm guys hanging out on the colored part (Iris?) of my eye - so ...   [retrieve this message]
  • upper left chest pain   by HighCapacity  10y   6,519  Cross-post
    As far back as i can remember i’ve always had chest pains, the doc’s said there wasn’t anything wrong with me and after ekg test and all that they’d send me on my way, now that i’m 24 i’m getting a little concernedsince the last time i saw a doctor he told me it might be snm or sumthing like that, he said it was some kinda heart and lung disease. My symptoms include sharp pains on the top left side of my chest, during anytime of the day and weither i am doing an activity or not, placing pressure on the area by pushing on it with my hands helps relieve the pain a little and so does poundin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: newbie, zapper for hiv and swollen lymph nodes? Thanks   by #137207  3y   6,497
    I’ve tried the zappers and the magnetic pulser (have swollen lymph nodes myself, many more than you do... and also am quite fatiqued, even though not chronically) and they did not seem to do much... ... ... Now I’m taking MMS for about 2 weeks (tried the incremental from 2 drops to 3 to 4 to... 10 in about 5 days [morning and evening] and switched to 3 drops with water each one hour for about 7-8 hours daily [whatever i manage since i’m at home, not in work, but have feelings of hunger, so it’s difficult to do it on empty stomach for such a long time]) and am using the magnetic pulsar on the no ...   [retrieve this message]
  • great masque idea tip thanks/n/m   by Wrenn  11y   6,459
  • Aureus+Fungus infection regressing after many years   by codexaureus  3y   6,444  Cross-post
    Bad infection between the little and fourth toes. Dragged what may have been fungus to the surface by electrifying the skin with a puls generator (1-2mA at 5V, 30kHz pulse). The electrodes were two small pieces of copper tubing, the negative electrode placed between the little and fourth toes, the positive between the big and second toes. Removed some small ’white wires’ that came to the surface. ... ... After the skin healed up a small metal pin was placed between the little and fourth toes. The negative electrode was connected to the pin, the positive electrode was placed in the mouth with en ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Help, I can't concentrate or focus on conversations   by jasmineflower  6y   6,439  Cross-post
    Hi everyone, ... ... I have had a problem that’s been bothering me for quite some time. I’m gradually being unable to concentrate. My friends have noticed it too. It’s been about a year, and it keeps getting worse. I’m usually better when talking one on one, but when I’m with a group of people, I really have to try really really hard to focus on what they’re saying and even then I sometimes daze off. It’s the worse in class - I have the hardest time focusing on the teacher. Sometimes I go to class not learning a thing. ... ... It’s become so embarrassing. The other day a teacher was talking t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Re: Does Hulda Clark Parasite Cleanse Cure Rosacea?   by lornnslady  5y   6,414
    Hi, sorry I didnt reply sooner than this, ... I was focusing on the Dr Hulda Clark parasite cleanse, ... and gave my computer a rest too lol. ... ... I completed the 18 day program. ... As far as seeing parasites, yes I did have some ... little tiny guys in my bowel movement. They were ... the size of a fingernail. They looked like saurkraut lol ... ... As far as mental/emotional prospective, ... some days I felt crappy, other days I felt good, ... and one day, I felt like my head had been cleaned out. ... Maybe I had parasites in there too! ... ... As far as the acne, I have rosacea which is totally ... different than just plain ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: B-17 Laetrile (put in prison)   by  4y   6,399
    Hulda Clark was hauled off to prison in her’s a guy that was put in prison for the apricot seeds. ... ... Put in a search across CZ for ”laetrile” and there’s lots of reading here. ... ...   [End]
  • tapeworm extravaganza!!!   R by hazelfrog  7y   6,381  Cross-post
    I recently posted this in the parasites section of this forum and maybe should have started here... I’m re-posting my original post here in hopes that I may encounter some alternative ideas here.... where I probably should have posted in the first place. (What a Newbie!!!) There are responses on the parasite forum if you care to follow up. ... ... Original Post: ... I found this site after months of intenstinal pain and an extremely distended abdomen. I was suffering from nausia, abdominal pain, weakness, lethargy..... and MAJOR constipation! I finally stumbled across the concept of enema clean ...   [retrieve this message]
  • What could cause my Brainfog?! (Lyme, Candida etc.)   by copi2k  3y   6,333  Cross-post
    hello folks, ... ... well .. i really would like to know, why there is still this GREAT brainfog which i have since 2 1/2 years.. ... ... i got sick in summer 2008.. rapidly.. with a kind of panic attack.. than the day later woke up with brainfog. ... ... 1/2 year later i was diagnosed with lyme, bartonella, mycoplasma. ... ... since that time, 2 years, im treating my disease.. i made different periods and protocols: ... ... 1. borrelia with minocin + plaquenil + peridical azi.. and between that 3 weeks of rocephin, this one was about 1/2 year straight, after that: ... 2. borrelia and bartonella (because of the brai ...   [retrieve this message]
  • HELP!!! soution for temper tantrums- 15 MONTH OLD JUST STARTED ACTING UP.   by newmother  7y   6,331  Cross-post
    My little boy has always been a sweet baby and very cooperative. He was known as the happy mellow baby. Well latley he has been acting out and throwing tantrums. He wants to climb on things like the computer desk and play with the keyboard or even our kitchen table. I won’t allow him to and I say no and remove him. He is taller than most 15 month olds so its easier for him to climb. He seems irritable all day because he can’t climb. He is also teething but I am giving him homeopathic drops to help with the pain. Well I feel like I am losing my baby. He doesn’t want to be held much eaither ...   [retrieve this message]
  • liver cirrhosis , coughing blood,death sentence   by lindanube  5y   6,327  Cross-post
    Our friend, 57 years old, heavy drinker for almost 40 years or more,smoker. We found her in her bed, in her mother house. Has a huge belly hard.Full of fluid and swollen.Has a very intense yellow color all over her body.Yesterday she started coughing blood.Has a very poor body balance, she is not eating at all.Her mother explained to us that the doctors (4)agree that she is beyond repair.I wonder if something could be done in this stage ,I have experience with the Hulda Clark protocol,but not with liver cirrhosis.Could she stand the protocol ?????? ... She said to me that she had a fatty live ...   [retrieve this message]
  • My Body Odor Story. Looking for Feedback   by krave007  4y   6,308  Cross-post
    Ok just to cut through most of what has been going on...,I have been fighting this body odor curse for almost 6 years. I do not know how this happened. I work out all the time I was sticking to a good diet and then I noticed that other people did not like being around me and started making comments about my body odor and bad breath. I tried everything from cologne, colonics, mushroom caps,...,etc ... ... Now after a number of years I found some relief by using liver cleanse (I have done it 3 times now), the kidney cleanse, and the tongue scraper. The odor has not gone away completely but it has ...   [retrieve this message]
  • How I accidentally cured my arthritis   BSA 100% CURE! by happydog  8y   6,293
    ... I had my wisdom teeth out 25 years ago and they healed up with no problems. I never even heard of cavitations! Two years ago I read Dr Clark and went in for a Total Dental Revision like she recommended. The dentist went ahead and cleaned out my cavitations per the recommended protocol. The next day I picked up something and noticed my hands didn’t hurt anymore but I was busy and didn’t give it much thought. When I went back to the dentist the following week I asked him why he did the cavitation surgery, since I had no symptoms and obviously didn’t need it. Imagine my shock when he ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Dr Hulda Clark passed away on the 3rd   by xplor  5y   6,263
    It’s sad that she’s no longer with us... She did everything so selflessly, truly a life in service of others. ... ... About the cause of her death, copied from ... ... ... Tim Bolen ... Posted September 5, 2009 at 8:48 am | Permalink ... My friend Hulda Clark died from the complications of a spinal cord injury that plagued her for the final years of her life. ... ... As many know I accompanied her on her lecture forays around the US and I never told anyone how much pain she was in these last few years. She simply wanted to keep going. I arranged wheelchairs for all of the trave ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Aureus+Fungus infection regressing after many years   by parazapper  3y   6,200
    Interesting. I also had excellent success in zapping my foot fungus problem. ... ... One note though, aureus means gold because Staph aureus is very strongly gold (yellow orange ) in color. I have cultured Staphylococcus aureus for many years and have never seen it any other color. Of course, I can not claim to have seen all variants, but ... Must have been some other form of staph? ... ... How was it determined that the culprit was Staph aureus? ... ... Also, it is normally the positive electrode that is considered to be active because in culture dishes, the microbes generally continue to grow near the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • MRSA cured   R by paraboy  7y   6,069  Cross-post
    Use real colloidal silver and zapping to cure mrsa. ... My friend got mrsa. She woke up with what looked like an ingrown hair on her knee. She tried popping it but her entire knee swelled to a softball size and she could not walk on it. I brought her to the ER 2 times and the 3rd time, she went herself and got it lanced. She had the typical bullseye purple target. She had only 2 choices of anti-biotics but she had allergic reactions to both of them. She lost a ton of weight and could not keep food down. Her dr said that it could take 4-8 months to go away. She kept having random fevers and a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • B-17 Laetrile   by  4y   6,025
    Alternative type practitioners have literally gotten thrown in jail for treating cancer patients with these- because ”they” claim it is cyanide. ... ... Look up Laetrile and B17, and there is alot of cancer information about the effectiveness for it. ... ... Because I was looking up ”Hunza bread” a while back, I found that the Hunza people, lived a long life- and regularly eat/ate apricot seeds. ... ... ...   [End]
  • Ulcerative colitis of 8 years suddenly goes into remission on parasite c...   by jwardmagic  27mo   6,011  Cross-post
    I recently started taking Dr Clarks parasite cleanse; wormwood, black wallnut hull and cloves. I took them merely because I suspected I had parasites. I have ulcerative colitis and due to my compromised immune system and other issues I figured it would only help. Three days after starting my heavy bleeding (I thought I’d need to be hospitalised again) stopped. Now, four days on I have no blood at all, and I do not feel as foggy. I had NO idea taking this cleanse would do this. ... ... Yes I’m sure there are other factors involved, but its amazing. The first day I took the black wallnut hu ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Dr. Beck disses Dr. Hulda Clark in a lecture on google video! What t...   by steve888  6y   5,965
    I think they are both right! Both zappers work but in different ways. Blood electrification gets rid of bugs in the blood stream but won’t touch the gut if that’s where they are hiding. You have to hit all the possible areas where the bugs are or the site of infection/infestation. The Hulda Clark frequencies target parasites. I have the Beck and Hulda type zappers and they both work. These days you can buy zappers that have both the Beck and Clark freqs. in one. ... ... Steve   [End]
  • 1974 article   by Telman  5y   5,938
    That report is from February 1974, 25 years ago, Plymouth Hospital Devon England.   [End]
  • Parazapper theories vs reality   by david1o1  4y   5,929
    The Orgone Nano zapper (good to kill ascaris larveas in the blood / lymph) ... ... The last i bought (Orgone Nano zapper) is by far the best zapper to cleanse the blood and lymph, it is even better than a T2 because when you have put it correclty you can do what you want and forget about it. You can zap all day long and feel energized and see your mucus clear. ... Another great thing is that it uses braces made of a conductive material i don’t know what it is exactly but there is the same tension all around the braces and at the zapper output. ... ... The T2 is good also because you can wear it all day ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Why is Epsom Salt burning on the way out?   by LD Di  9y   5,927
    I signed in looking for a definitive answer to this question. While toxics may be the answer sometimes, this does not explain my experience. My first cleanses, when I should have been most toxic, did not burn. The burning has gotten worse as my system has gotten cleaner (I’ve been doing Hulda’s cleanses off and on for several years.) ... I have a problem with producing bicarbonate to alter the PH of my stomach contents as they enter the small intestine, so I take tri-salts (1/4 tsp) 45 min to 1 hr after each meal to help my digestion. When I omit this, I have severe acid reflux and malabsor ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Dr. Beck disses Dr. Hulda Clark in a lecture on google video! What t...   by Johny Apple Bomb  6y   5,894
    ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • lyme and bob beck protocal   by #133820  4y   5,885  Cross-post
    Does anyone have any information on using the bob beck protocal to treat lyme disease? ... I was diagnosed with lyme in Feb 2009 and have had it for years. So, I am very leary of antibiotics. I’m doing accupuncture and arteminesin, cumanda, samento and burbur. ... Thanks your experience with this is most welcome. ...   [End]
  • Re: What could cause my Brainfog?! (Lyme, Candida etc.)   by J649  3y   5,870
    The brain fog might be due to aldehydes from candida and other sources. Taking 500 to 1,000 mcg a day of molybdenum should help relieve this. It might also be from a magnesium deficiency. Try taking around 400 mg a day of magnesium in the form magnesium malate. This will also help relieve muscle ache. Taking a B50 supplement 2 or 3 times a day, and vitamin c 1,000 mg 2 or 3 times a day may help. Licorice root tea may also help(don’t use it if you have high blood pressure). Detox teas may help, such as the Triple Leaf Detox Tea, which is my favorite. Charcoal can block nutrient absorption. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Coconut oil SURPRISE!   by tritop  5y   5,845
    MMM sounds like a good recipe - fry the onions and garlic and pepper in some oil, with some rice - could make a worm killing risotto or something ;) (or does the habanero have to be raw?) ... ... Thanks for the notes - it is particularly nasty to see those little floaters, but my curiosity overwhelms me so I must know what it was! I will google the ascaris and check out the link! ... ... I called my health food store today, here in Canada, they do have an MMS product, and they also have something that seems to be the same as OxyPowder - I will definitely take the two together and try to kill all my ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: upper left chest pain   by Cecile  10y   5,842
    I used to have a lot of upper left chest pain, and went to all the doctors who could never diagnose it as anything. After reading ”The cure for all Diseases” I’ve pretty well decided it had to do with gallstones. I’ve done a lot of cleansing, at first a ”vibrational healing” cleanse which was very intense, I took olive oil every day (1-2Tbsp) for a year to cleanse my liver, I believe this helped but was quite hard on my digestive system. (after reading on this site I would certainly have eaten a lot of apples to shrink the stones also). This was before I found Dr. Clark after which I’v ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Apricots, Peaches, and Nectarines - Fight Cancer & Kill F.Buski   by Newport  4y   5,841
    Don’t forget Oleander, but Gold Leaf is cheaper more penetrating an detoxes at the same time (for now). ... ... Also they all fail against the mind control +11 Year olds. Yet all work against breeding age and youger. ... ... Don’t think HC knew about the actions of Myco-fermentans... ...   [End]
  • Re: My Body Odor Story. Looking for Feedback   by krave007  4y   5,823
    I hear what you are saying. I pretty much think that my digestion system is not working very good. I have ordered some hcl. I once used mild of magnesia and some other magnesium product (I forgot the name) that amplified my BO 150%.   [End]
  • Re: My Body Odor Story. Looking for Feedback   by scattered  4y   5,812
    What you telling is similiar to my condition, I smell not only the foods I ate, but also I think I absorb the smells around and reflect back( I know it’ s weird).For example if just only a cup of coffee is put next to me, the extreme coffee smell comes from me. I think BO is kind of related to my colon and digestion, recently I had colon cleansening, but odor is still there. I havent tried yet liver and kidney cleanse, but I think the part of problem is what we eat and what we cant digest.   [End]
  • Re: Dr. Beck disses Dr. Hulda Clark in a lecture on google video! What t...   by Johny Apple Bomb  6y   5,809
    Since you have heavy metals built up in your body judging from previous posts. Try some Lugols iodine supplementation as it tends to help remove bad metals, kills pathogens and works against cancer. Relatively inexpensive. ... ... If your going to use the Beck Protocol use all 4 parts as they work together. Download the Beck papers. The Beck Protocol was effective for me and had lasting results against a 5 year infection. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... If you want to try a zapper get this one. You have a positive offset Hulda Clark Zapper ... that will go to any frequency ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: What could cause my Brainfog?! (Lyme, Candida etc.)   by North Star  3y   5,797
    I used to have brainfog and it was cured through an orthomolecular protocol -- i.e. vitamins. That said, I don’t recommend that route. For a quick cure I recommend a brain glandular from For a more involved cure, e-mail me. Your ability to do it may depend on how much money you have. That said, I am not trying to solicit anyone or sell anything. Just trying to help. It was a great relief to me when my brain fog got better.   [End]
  • Re: Dr. Beck disses Dr. Hulda Clark in a lecture on google video! What t...   by justborys  6y   5,756
    Hmm.. Interesting point about the gut... In that case, if both work, can you give me a link to sum place where i could get a quality zapper+electrifier?   [End]
  • Re: My Body Odor Story. Looking for Feedback   by #109786  4y   5,755
    /my theory was confirmed by doctor /Oz/ that the sulfur smell is from the liver ... ... it’s a metabolic issue of the liver or simply the liver is not able to detox all the crap out from the bad air polution, toxins from food, toxins from drinks, etc. ... ... the liver has phase 1 and phase 2 detoxifications and somewhere along the line the liver is congested, overworked, and not able to eliminate/filter toxins out ... ... ... this proves my theory that different smells are fromm different organs: ... ... fruity smell is from the kidneys due to diabetes ... ... stinky sweat locker room smell is from the bacteria in ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: differences between Blood Cleaner and Zappers   by parazapper  4y   5,749
    I guess that you are referring to the blood electrifier? ... ... The main difference between the zapper and the blood electrifier is that the zapper is intended to work across the entire body while the blood electrifier is designed to increase the bulk of the electrical signal into the blood as it flows through the arteries and veins. ... ... Some people claim that the zapper does not penetrate but that is mostly because they have not tried a strong enough zapper with the correct electrodes. Many people who have tried zapping with better zappers and a 4 point contact system with 3 points positive ha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: lyme and bob beck protocal   by Tizona  4y   5,727
    I certainly think it would help. The problem with lyme, is that the spirochetes are extremely small, extremely durable, and they burrow deep deep into the joints and into the heart and brain tissues. This is why they are so hard to kill ... ... Colloidal Silver will kill the spirochetes ”IF” it comes into contact with them. The problem is colloidal silver does not penetrate deep into joint tissues ... ... The blood purifier may also kill the spirochetes. However it will only kill the spirochetes in the blood at that moment. which may account for perhaps five or 10% of the full body load. ... ... The magn ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Dr. Beck disses Dr. Hulda Clark in a lecture on google video! What t...   by steve888  6y   5,727
    ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... You should be able to get good results with either. Foot pads and copper handhelds would be good to add as well. ... ... Steve   [End]
  • my first liver flush cured my cystic acne   by shiny  10y   5,717
    ... ... It’s great that you’ve cured your acne. ... ... I had cystic acne. ... ... Since my first liver flush I haven’t had a single cystic spot. I can also eat saturated fats without breaking out. Infact I rarely get a pimple now, may be a tiny one once/month? ... ... BTW, B5 made me very ill. Since flushing ,I’ve stopped all supplements. I don’t need them any more. Eventually they stopped working and actually made my body ill. ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: lyme and bob beck protocal   by jman2007  4y   5,699
    if it helped with cfs/fibro why did you stop. ... ... I think the protocal can help change the terrain so even if it doesnt kill lyme for you im sure if done with good diet and detox it should help provide an alterative to abx if thats what your looking for. ... ... Also you might want to get xrays of your spine. My lyme gets worse with spinal injuries, you might find if you do thearpes to help it heal it would help reverse your lyme a bit.   [End]
  • Re: My Body Odor Story. Looking for Feedback   by krave007  4y   5,693
    Yes I believe you may be right. I have begun eating more fruit, digestive enzymes and HCL to help with my digestion. I think that I had alot of things wrong with my digestion that is causing my FBO. A comprehensive approach seems to be working. I just hope now that the digestive enzymes and HCL complete the process.   [End]
  • Re: lyme and bob beck protocal   by MaybelleGrace  4y   5,682
    T, ... I already have the bob beck protocal items machines etc. ... I used it when I was diagnosed with CF and Fibromyalgia. ... IT did help with energy and general health. ... I have not used it since I have been diagnosed with lyme. ... Thanks ...   [End]
  • Re: What could cause my Brainfog?! (Lyme, Candida etc.)   by editman  31mo   5,671
    Brainfog can be the most depressing and disturbing symptom of Lyme. The absolute best treatment for brainfog that I found is LDN (Low Dose Naltraxone). I have repeated this experiment several times with my wife and I going on and off LDN. In all cases, brainfog cleared up after 1-2 days.   [End]
  • Re: Dr. Beck disses Dr. Hulda Clark in a lecture on google video! What t...   by mikewatts1  6y   5,669
    I had several parasites found in my blood via a darkfield microscope after using the Clark zapper for a year.... Killed them with Clarkia 2X a day for 3 months. now I have one of 4 back again. back on Clarkia. ... Also used becks thing for 90 days. Just finished. Still have the 1 parasite in blood i am killing. Not too sure about the electrical devices. I use them as I have them. I sleep with the Clarke zapper every night in my sock. Don’t really know if either of them actually work. I do know that the red blood cells on the slide (while looking for parasites) were in a long string ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Dr. Beck disses Dr. Hulda Clark in a lecture on google video! What t...   by ren  6y   5,664
    I am not all that familiar with Dr.Clark BUT castor oil and garlic are poisonous???!!! Garlic is a super remedy.   [End]
  • Video Embedded Tapeworm in my bathtub by tina0281972 [Video]   R by LCD  7y   5,654  Cross-post
    ... Tapeworm in my bathtub [Video] ... ... Added: February 04, 2007 ... From: tina0281972 ... I was taking an epsom bath and felt a jitter in my leg--all of a sudden there was a tapeworm in my bathtub! ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Comments: ... ... ... this is a fine work of art. Who would ever be creative enough to decide to tape the tapeworm and add music! ... ... ... is that your pet if not it could make good fish bait ... ... ... spray something flammable on it and light it!...then use it for fishing... ... ... ... TAPEWORMS ARE SO COOL take it from me president (and only member) of the TAPEW ... [Video Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Edited   by #120143  4y   5,650
    Thanks so much for sharing thi   [End]
  • Re: Coconut oil SURPRISE!   by #116131  5y   5,649
    I also discovered parasites to my surpise, in my case, using triphala. Thanks for the info on coconut oil, I already thought it was a great food, and didn’t know it was also an anti-parasitic. I’m also planning on trying the MSM when finances allow. ... ... I’m new to the idea of parasites, but I’m already getting the sense that parasites (in the sense of ”worms”) have been a known problem going back to ancient times, but we’re just not educated about it in this country. I’m also thinking that maybe the problem is getting worse in this country, due to many things, including a toxic environment ...   [retrieve this message]
  • differences between Blood Cleaner and Zappers   by cecchetti  4y   5,648  Cross-post
    I’m very new on this and confused because I do not understand the difference between zappers (Hulda Clark) and blood cleaner (Bob Beck) application. I Know the different frequencies each ones perform but how can I know which one do I need to use for example to treat cancer or treat VIHS or chronic fatigue syndrome? Thanks for help me   [End]
  • Image Embedded Re: Father that experienced an awful feeling of losing a daughter   by Zoebess  5y   5,637
 ... I am really happy for you and ... your family that your daughter ... was returned to health. ... ... Keep sharing with others your ... victory since people need hope ... in these days where so often ... much is overlooked in the name ... of science and health ”management”. ... ... I also agree that parasites can ... and do play a role in allowing ... cancer to find a home in a body. ... ... blessings and best wishes, ... Zoe ... ... -_- ... ... ... ... [Image Embedded Here]   [End]
  • Re: What could cause my Brainfog?! (Lyme, Candida etc.)   by dicktr  3y   5,635
    You might have Bradycardia, hypotension and cerebral hypotension like me... check your blood pressure and pulse rate, see my topic.   [End]
  • Re: ?/   by krave007  4y   5,632
    Yes I do have a white coated tongue also. The doctor said it is supposed to look like that but I dont think so.   [End]
  • Re: upper left chest pain   by hayley3  10y   5,630
    I’m confused.... ... You say he says it’s ”snm”, do you know what that is? ... ... Chest pain can be either gastrointestinal,heart related or rheumatic (bones or cartilage). If you’re short of breath then it could be your lungs. ... I don’t know what to think of the fact that you can push on the area and the pain stops, unless it’s a contracting muscle/ligament. ... ... Can you relate the pain to eating, after eating, certain foods, sitting at the computer, (I sit weird and have developed scoliosis because of it)? ... ... ... Those are just some ideas.... ... ... Susie ...   [End]
  • Re: Dr. Beck disses Dr. Hulda Clark in a lecture on google video! What t...   by ren  6y   5,626
    Maybe it’s not good for those people but it’s done right by me and a lot of other people I know. I can see someone not eating garlic because they have a sensitivity to it. I can see someone not eating garlic because it doesn’t vibe with their spirituality. However, for me garlic and cayenne are health foods and also eaten in kundalini yoga anyway.   [End]
  • Re: Apricots, peaches, and nectarines - Fight cancer & kill F.Buski   by wombat  4y   5,619
    plain old nutcracker works too:)   [End]
  • Edited   by imaxfli  4y   5,613
    Do you have a white-coated tongue???   [End]
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