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  • week 6 on Lugol's...breakthrough!   BSA SUCCESS by healing naturally  7y   12,280  Cross-post
    Wow! There have been some VERY PLEASANT shift/developments this week. After taking 2 1/2 days off last weekend from taking Lugol’s , I am again taking 6 drops of Lugol’s 2-3 times a day. (If my schedule permits me to be at home mid-day I take the third dose. I started taking the third dose after reading an interview by Dr. Gerson where he stated his protocol was giving Lugol’s 6 times a day. I realized that maintaining an even blood level of Lugol’s, rather than letting it go up and down, may be important.) ... I have also done 2 of the hot & cold liver & kidney fomentations in the last week. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • here is the mantak chia lemon juice for eyes eyebath info.   RN EDUCATIONAL by chirontherainbowbridge  3mo   278
    Eye Habit Number Three - The Invigorating Lemon Juice Eye Bath ... Dr. William Apt, a leading eye specialist in the mid-1900s, recommended the Lemon Juice Eye Bath. He stumbled upon this secret from a 105 year old man. He instructed Dr. Apt to ”put three or four drops of lemon juice in an eye cup with purified water and wash the eyes with it daily for about 20-30 seconds with each eye.” Dr. Apt says it is invigorating and strengthening. It removes toxic fatigue of the eye. This ancient oldster washes his eyes daily, eats natural foods, wears no glasses, and has perfect eyesight! The Lemon Jui ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Amazing   RN by Somer  5y   4,108  Cross-post
    Hello, all you happy Flushers! ... ... Just dropping in to say... ... ... Since flushing my liver clean about four years ago, I have had NO problems with ”adult acne” or ”rosacea”, which had plagued me all my life. ... ... It took 5-6 flushes before I released 30-40 beautiful jade green stones the size of small prunes... but since that time, beautiful skin! ... ... Oh, and after four years of dedicated cleansing, including lots of fasting, pro colonics and flushing the liver clean, my eyes improved by a full point! My glasses were fuzzy and I went in to have them redone and ... they had IMPROVED! Permanentl ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Protect Your Vision Naturally   RN by GodSpeak  7y   4,016  Cross-post
    ... ... ... ... Protect Your Vision Naturally … ... Science Reveals Eleven Important Eye Health Nutrients ... Can you read this line of type without the aid of eyeglasses? How about the headline above? If you answered yes … congratulations! But what if you answered no? Sadly, more and more Americans are experiencing some degree of vision impairment. But this alarming trend need not continue. Modern science has discovered the link between nutrition and eye health—the link that could prevent eye disease in some people and arrest it in others. ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Begining to REVERSE Macular Degeneration and other common eye disorderes...   RN by clone477  8y   15,215
    Hi everyone, ... My grandmother is 71years old and has had The dry type of Macular Degeneration for over 5 years, every year it got worse. The dotors told her there was nothing that could be done, basically sending her home to go blind. So I decided to do a ton of research on the subject. I read a bunch of books and many studies on the net of how people have stop and in most causes reversed MD and other common eye dieseses. I also purchased Dr. Lorraine Days CD on MD. All my research basically said the same thing. High intake of dark green vegtables(spinach, broccalie,kale,ect) and oran ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Questions on improving eyesite.   RN by GSM  9y   2,316
    Hi, ... I also had progressive myopia. Every time I checked my eyes had gotten worse. My worst prescription was around -6.25 in each eye. ... This all changed when I started reading about and practising the Bates Method. As you say, the Bates Method emphasizes the importance of getting rid of the glasses. When Bates stated the fundamental principles of his treatment, the first was that the glasses should be discarded permanently. However, if you read the Better Eyesight magazines you will find references to how Bates was surprised to find that people had been able to be cured, despite the fact ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Questions on improving eyesite.   RN by Owen  9y   2,188
    Dear 41307, ... ... I have two suggestions that might ... possibly help you. One is a book, ... and one is a supplement. ... ... The book, IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP, ... was written by Andreas Moritz, who ... has a forum here at CureZone. I have ... great respect for Andreas. He devotes five pages in the book (pp. ... 141-146) to eye exercises. Fortunately, my vision is excellent, ... so I haven’t needed to do them. But ... I did read through them, and they ... struck me as more comprehensive than ... the Bate’s exercises. ... ... The supplement I use is Vision Advantage, which was formulated by ... Doctor David Williams, one of the ... most re ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Yes, vision CAN be improved!   RN by Owen  10y   3,066
    Hi Johng, ... ... Nice to touch base with you. I’ve enjoyed your posts on the different forums. And, yes, I’m the same Owen who found a way to heal his floaters and flashes. ... ... My vision is now back to 20/20. I can see better than at any other time in my life. When I was around 13, I got my first pair of glasses. Every half-dozen years or so, I had to have the prescription strengthened. By my late 50’s, I was wearing glasses for reading, driving, just about everything. ... ... Now, at 63, I only use the glasses for reading small print. I don’t need them for driving or general living. I sat under ...   [retrieve this message]
  • How I Healed My Floaters & Flashes   RN by Owen  10y   8,322
    I’m a 63 year-old man who has been ... in excellent health for 28 years. ... But last autumn, I suddenly developed floaters in my left eye. ... Even worse, I noticed lightning-like ... flashes in the corner of the same ... eye. At night, they were especially ... noticeable. ... ... I did some research on the web. Then ... I made an appointment with an eye ... doctor to see if there was damage to ... my retina. Thank God, there wasn’t. ... The doctor told me that flashers ... and floaters were common in men my ... age. ... ... After more research, both on the web ... and in my health books, I found that ... a number of people recommended ... hy ...   [retrieve this message]
  • How I cured nearsightedness   RRR by #127648  4y   14,690
    When I was 15 my eyesight started to degrade. I was slowly losing my ability to focus on distant objects. The eye doctor recommended glasses, but said I could wait because my eyesight was only 20/30 (It had used to be 20/15 2 years earlier) In my case, it took me the next 4 years to get to the point where I was never bothered by blurry vision, now I am 24 and I have excellent eyesight. Everyone in my immediate family (parents siblings) are nearsighted. ... ... I went on the internet and did some research, found lots of information, and mostly it was useless, but the most important things I ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Glaucoma cure!!!???!!!   RR by parrotgreen  27mo   4,603  Cross-post
    This is going to be a long post but I like to tell my stories in detail. ... I have had cataracts which were solved eventually by drops (cineraria + MSM + Can-C, I don’t know which one worked, most probably the first). However the cataracts kept coming back. Also my eyesight is rapidly deteriorating towards more myopia. Very bad for me since I only see with one eye. Iodine did not seem to do much for this particular problem. Maybe made it worse (sorry to say - not completely sure but suspected). WHY???????? I came to think that this could be a lymphatic problem. More detox more junk in the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • A few things that helped improve my eyesight.......   RR by Corey  5y   3,729  Cross-post
    Back in the early months of 2008 I developed a problem with my right eye. Things became fairly blurry when I would close my left eye. I did go to an eye clinic and they prescribed some drops (I don’t remember the name) and was told that would clear up the problem. I went back 3 weeks later when the drops were used up and the problem was worse, not better. I could not even make out the large letters on the chart with my right eye. I was referred to a super-duper eye clinic and was put thru a myriad of tests, only to be told that they did not know what my problem was and that I would have t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Man says raw food diet has made him 'almost superhuman' Learn more...   R Educational by InCharge  4mo   653  Cross-post
    (NaturalNews) For fruitarian and endurance athlete Michael Arnstein, his 15-mile commute to work isn’t by car, bus or train. Instead, he runs to the office, jogging through residential neighborhoods and eventually New York’s Central Park, pausing only to enjoy fruit along the way. Before his run, he may enjoy a breakfast of approximately 15 oranges. By the end of the day, he’s consumed about 6,000 calories, having eaten "nothing but raw fruits and vegetables, primarily fruits." ... ... Thanks to his raw food lifestyle, Arnstein says he feels "almost superhuman," benefiting ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Dr Schulze on the eyewash formula and eye diseases   R by knowledge seeker  20mo   2,525  Cross-post
    Interview of Dr Schulze talking about eye diseases ... ... This formula and program have worked for all eye diseases from glaucoma to retinopathy to cataracts to no optic nerve to even some cases of blindness ... ...   ... ... INTERVIEWER: Why have my readers got such disappointing results with Dr.Christopher’s eye formula? ...   ... SCHULZE: The first reason goes to what we talked about earlier; poor quality commercial-grade herbs. You want to make sure the herbs are organically grown or wild-crafted. You cannot trust where commercial herbs were grown, and how they were treated when they were impo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Vitamin E and minerals for eye health   R by augest  5y   3,555
    Besides vitamin A and C, vitamin E is also one type of antioxidants that are recommended by the Age-Related Eye Disease Study. The study revealed that a nutritional formula containing vitamin E brought down the rate of advanced macular degeneration by 25%. The effect of vitamin E in dealing with cataracts is still obscure. ... ... Many eye doctors persuade their patients to take a daily multivitamin that contains up to 400 International Units of vitamin E. But you should consult a physician before taking high dosage of vitamin E, since extreme vitamin E intake may bring problems such as increas ...   [retrieve this message]
  • chia seed   R by chirontherainbowbridge  5y   5,208  Cross-post
 ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Better Vision   R by Zoebess  7y   2,201
    This was floating in a file and thought it would ... be something good to share. I do not have a link~~ ... ... Better Vision Without Glasses: The Newest Methods of Building Perfect Eyesight Without the Use of Artificial Contrivances ... ... ... We all want good eyesight— eyes that see clearly, that are bright and denote vitality. ... We do not want to suffer from eyestrain, nor do we enjoy wearing unattractive and ... bothersome glasses. Oculists and optometrists have been unable to give us healthy ... eyes. In spite of the increasing numbers of eye doctors who have entered public ... service in recent ...   [retrieve this message]
  • more on the mega pull   R by trapper/kcmo  7y   4,786  Cross-post
    seeing colors? no, not really. but i did one night just as dusk was settling in. that visual purple was just a sign of things to come, though. ... ... i pull at least five times a day, mostly in a row, maybe with a little break in between or maybe a drink of water in between. the magic number seems to be five. here is what definitely has been happening. ... ... i get a feeling in my head that feels like a tingle. it is certainly a lightness of being. i feel calmer and think more clearly. i am in a good mood and have plenty of energy. i do this in the late afternoon and it lasts into the eve ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Some Suggestions That Might Help Prevent Macula Degneration.   R by Owen  8y   1,232
    Dear Chiron, ... ... Like you, I have a close relative who suffers ... from macula degeneration. It’s scary to watch ... her becoming progressively blinder. Alas, ... she won’t stop eating a VERY toxic version ... of the SAD diet, nor will she take vision ... supplements. ... ... However, perhaps your family member will be ... open to some of these suggestions. Or perhaps ... they’ll resonate with someone else who is ... reading this post. Much of the information I’m ... going to pass along to you, comes from Doctor ... Julian Whitaker, one of the very best Natural ... Health doctors. I’ll quote him in context. ... ... The macula is a s ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Vision and mineral balance...   R by prettysoulful  8y   1,542
    Okay, it has been a pretty long road. Over the last several month I have tried several things that have improved my vision a lot or a little, but somehow didn’t keep my vision firmly better. ... ... I believe I have finally found the answers. For the past several weeks, I have been supplementing zinc, in addition to other more long-term supplements. I have had constant improvement in my left eye, but only marginal improvement in my right eye. I tried various nutrients that I hoped would begin to affect my right eye with as much improvement as my left, but for these last weeks and the many month ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Pinapple and vision   R by Ayehasherayeh  9y   1,468
    Not sure of metal removal properties. That would be nice though. Pineapple being composed of proteolytic enzyme has the ability to dissolve and clear congestion in arteries as well as the veins leading to eyes. Pineapple eases the congested feeling and photosensitivity that I have had with my eye ”disease” ... ... A.   [End]
  • Re: Short sightedness + night blindness   R by kcdaisy  10y   1,615
    Hi ... ... Have you heard of the goji berry in China? its been known to cure ailments of the eyes. The founder of Himalayan Goji Juice - Earl mindell revealed in a seminar that took place a few months ago that he used to wear glasses at night when driving. He doesn’t anymore due to taking the goji berry juice. ... ... If you do your research on the internet about the goji berry, i’m sure you’ll get the information you need. If you know anyone from China, they will tell you that they make goji soup to help heal the eye. ... ... I have been drinking Goji for almost two months now for nutrition and other t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Glaucome cure - update   by parrotgreen  26mo   2,492  Cross-post
    Update on my thread of 20 days ago ... ... ... ... Well, we are not dead yet. ... N. has had no recurrence of his eye pressure. He is faithfully doing his BD 20 mns a day. ... ... M. is OK and eye pressure is completely normal. ... ... I am on my 54th day and about two weeks ago I saw perfectly well, no cataracts and much less myopia (improvement of 4 dioptries!!!! which I could check with old glasses). Unfortunately this did not last as next day it was back as before. ... This happened again today. YEAH!!!!!!! ... I suppose I just have to wait until it happens more and more ...   [retrieve this message]
  • BD: how to   by parrotgreen  27mo   3,771
    The procedure is identical for men and women. ... ... Measure the inside of toilet bowl. Find yourself a plastic basin that will fit in. ... Raise the plastic lids of the toilet. ... Fill the basin with cold water + a handful of ice cubes (depending on weather and duration of BD - the water should stay cold) and fit it in the toilet. ... Lower the first lid of the toilet and sit on it with legs parted wide. ... You should be as warm as possible, well clothed except for the groin. Socks etc if needed. ... ... For the required time you should leisurely rub (not hard!) a cloth on both sides of the pubis dipping it ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Too many problems   by #143003  3y   4,152  Cross-post
    Hello curezone iv been reading from this website for some time but have never posted before today, I figure my illness has gotten out of control and without expert advice to rescue me before everything spirals off into oblivion. ... ... I was diagnosed several times with IBS two years ago and sense then have been tortured by my daily existence, Iv lost track of all the doctors since all of their ”treatments” just exacerbated the symptoms; some of the doctors didnt even believe I had IBS, they thought I was making it up. Laxitives caused some of the worst pain and I wont even talk about the ”go ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Watermelons: As Good as Statins for Lowering Blood Pressure & Much More   by Dquixote1217  4y   4,439  Cross-post
    Watermelons: As Good as Statins for Lowering Blood Pressure and Much More ... ... by Tony Isaacs ... ... Elevated blood pressure (hypertension) is common for many of us from time to time and it has often been the practice of doctors to treat high blood pressure by prescribing dangerous statin drugs. Now, researchers have found that healthy watermelons can do just as good of a job without all the nasty side effects which have been linked to statin drugs. ... ... In a study just published in the American Journal of Hypertension, food scientists at Florida State University found that consumption of six g ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Restore and Maintain Good Vision and Eye Health Naturally   by Dquixote1217  4y   8,164  Cross-post
    Restore and Maintain Good Vision and Eye Health Naturally ... ... by Tony Isaacs ... ... A number of conditions can lead to poor vision and eye health, including near-sightedness, far-sightedness, macular degeneration, presbyopia, glaucoma, astigmatism and cataracts. As we age, we become increasingly susceptible to many of those problems. However, contrary to popular mainstream dogma, such conditions can be prevented and often even successfully reversed. ... ... The most common vision robbing eye problems are: ... ... Hyperopia, also known as farsightedness, is a defect of vision caused by an imperfecti ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • cataract cure testimonials   by periwinkle1  4y   4,828  Cross-post
    Dear Cure Zone Readers: ... If anybody has cured themselves of cataracts, I would like to know how you did it. Also, if you have used Dr. Schulze’s Incurables Program to do it, please let me know. ... Thank you   [End]
  • Saffron May Save Aging Eyes   by Dquixote1217  4y   1,171  Cross-post
    Saffron May Save Aging Eyes ... ... By Sylvia Booth Hubbard ... ... ... ( NewsMax Health ) Australian researchers call saffron "nature’s sunglasses" and say the aromatic spice "may hold the key to preventing the loss of sight in the elderly." ... ... They discovered that saffron, which is often used in curries and Mediterranean dishes, helps shield the eyes from damages caused by bright sunlight, and may reverse age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the most common cause of blindness in the elderly. ... ... ... ... For the rest of this article: ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Burst of Technology Helps Blind to See   by Dquixote1217  5y   1,025  Cross-post
    from the NY Times ( ... ... Burst of Technology Helps Blind to See ... ... By PAM BELLUCK ... ... Published: September 26, 2009 ... ... ... Blindness first began creeping up on Barbara Campbell when she was a teenager, and by her late 30s, her eye disease had stolen what was left of her sight. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Béatrice de Géa for The New York Times ... ... Barbara Campbell is part of a worldwide experiment testing whether electrodes implanted in the eye can restore sight. ... ... ... ... ... Multimedia ... ... Graphic ... An Artificial Retina ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • UPDATE, UPDATE, REVERSE Macular Degeneration, cateracks, and other com...   by clone477  7y   6,166
    Its been a while since Ive been back to update people, its been about 1 1/2years, and my grand mother has been for two check ups since I last posted. AND SURE ENOUGH, HER EYES KEEP INPROVING AND SHE IS SLOWLY GETTTING HER VISION BACK, YOU CAN CALL THIS ONE A CURE!!!!! Follow this regime if you have any eye conditions, if you have the will to try something different and go with what you believe in, you will get better. ALSO BE AWARE OF SIDE EFFECTS FROM MEDICATIONS... My grandmother is taking Prednisone, which I just found out is a major player in destroying your eyes. I talked to the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Building and Maintaining Strong Vision for Life   by Dquixote1217  7y   2,115  Cross-post
    from the NewsTarget newsfeed at The Best Years in Life Health News ... ... ... ... ... ... Building and Maintaining Strong Vision for Life ... (NewsTarget) Building and maintaining excellent vision involves some basic steps anyone can follow. Even if you believe nothing can be done to help your vision, taking these simple steps can go far in preserving it, or even improving it. ... ... ... ... Establishing core nutrition The foundation of excellent vision is proper nutrition. A healthy diet is in many ways the most important factor in building, supporting, maintaining, and also improving vision. While there is ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Amino Acid Peptides for Cataracts   by #2853  7y   5,073  Cross-post
    As for your question about peptides for cataracts, ... I am very interested in this issue. I work with blind people every day. If I had cataracts and there was a natural, safe and effective treatment for them, it would certainly be my first choice over surgery. Many of the people who I work with had cataract surgery and are now blind as a result. I am not saying I would never do the surgery. I am saying that I would try natural treatments first. ... ... When I am looking for a natural treatment for anything that is not a food, I look for double blind placebo controlled tests. My search for a dipep ...   [retrieve this message]
  • More benefits on me!   by amato  7y   1,403  Cross-post
    Hi there ... ... Today I went to swim in a pool(don’t panic there is spring thermal water).I was concerned about intestinal gas I lately have, which would be obvious coming out of me in the pool LOL.......So having read about the recipe of taking 4 times daily 6 drops of lugol’s for 3 days to stop flatulence, I decided to take 4 drops more in the afternoon just before going to swim(currently take 8 drops in the morning) ... The gas stopped immediately and had no more gas till now that I have returned(past midnight here in Greece) ... ... On the way home I also noticed that I can see more clearly on the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • dry tired sore eyes, are these due to contact lenses?   by sama  10y   3,746
    My 21 yr old daughter has a problem that is causing us all to be desperate. Her eyes become sore, very dry, and tired. She has been to so many doctors and the last one has tried about everything, but the condition keeps flaring up every once in a while, sometimes she can go months without anything, then it happens again. Now the doctor says he believes it is her soft lenses (daily) that caused the problem, and believes by operating with that lasar operation that she will somewhat alleviate the problem. He says she will always have the problem, but to a lesser agree by not wearing the l ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: How Do You Properly Use Eyebright For Eyewash?   by knowledge seeker  9d   65
    you’re welcome sorry to hear that..I hope it was undestandable   [End]
  • Re: How Do You Properly Use Eyebright For Eyewash?   by cosmican  17d   63
    Thanks a lot, greatly appreciated! I apologize for the delay in response...I don’t seem to get alerts when someone has replied back to me.   [End]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?   by fconzero  34d   293
    If you have Roundworms, Flatworms and Tapeworms then a Hulda Clark treatman with Wormwood, Cloves or Krogers Herbal Wormwood Combination. It takes awhile but they have been working for years as long as you take on an empty stomach preferably and about 1 hours before each of three meals daily take 2 capsules. ... ... I goofed the first time and though 2 four times a day and all my knuckles cracked. That is what can happen with multiple medicines. ... ... A big thing now is Essential Oils from ... . They are heavily concentrated and work on parasites, candi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?   by fconzero  34d   302
    What brand is Organic because I do want to start DE? Tnx.   [End]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?   by #85605  34d   288
    Toxic mold can affect the eyes and the whole system and create mycotoxins just as an added bit of information. For those who may have been exposed to it..   [End]
  • Re: Double Vision   by hypoadrenalgirl  37d   88
    You’re right - I get the same thing, I was advised it’s due to low magnesium and high calcium levels (hair analysis confirmation) - the CA/Mg ratio, particularly low Mg causes poor muscle response in the eye area. In other words, adrenal fatigue. Insulin issues can also cause the same thing, which is what the CA/Mg ratio also reflects - glucose metabolism. If you can, get a hair analysis done, highly recommend it, it can reveal alot as to what is going on with you chemistry wise.   [End]
  • Double Vision   by reikiriki  38d   83  Cross-post
    I have been experiencing double vision for about 3 years. I’ve had every test done by my opthamologist, etc. and there is no known reason why I would be experiencing this. He said it may be because when my eye muscles get tired, they do not contract as quickly. ... When I am tired, it is so bad I cannot see the street signs when I drive. ... I am wondering if there is a connection to my state of adrenal fatigue due to the weak pupil reflex. When I am tired, does it get worse and therefore my eye muscles are slow to respond? ... Anyone else experience this? I wouldn’t call it blurred vision nece ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: week 6 on Lugols...breakthrough!   by itribe  43d   261
    Please send a link as to where we can get info on the liver/kidney fomentation.   [End]
  • Re: week 6 on Lugols...breakthrough!   by itribe  43d   238
    Yes please send a link as to where we can get info on the liver/kidney fomentation.   [End]
  • Re: chia seed   by marcelaolega  56d   157
    they are not that expensive, in fact chia seeds are getting cheaper and cheaper, I buy my chia seeds at chia-direct thru amazon because the quality is very good while they have the most competitive price of all   [End]
  • Re: How Do You Properly Use Eyebright For Eyewash?   by knowledge seeker  58d   224
    ... um Dr Schulze leading student of Dr Christopher recommends not using the tea but instead making a tincture (for how to make a tincture search on here for these words making tinctures webpages and read both posts (2nd is by me) ... ... Be sure to use organic or wildcrafted bulk herbs and you will need 80 proof vodka ... ... I have tried this and it barely stings a few minutes so not as bad as it sounds ... ... Using a tincture makes it very quick, easy and convenient to do ... ... Be sure to read this to increase chance of success and be sure you are doing the right number of times a day (for th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Knowledge seeker, heres something else that may interest you, re: ey...   by knowledge seeker  58d   312
    hi just saw your message ... ... Well doctor told me I had glaucoma and lost some side vision pressure was over 20 (I was told up to 20 as normal) ... ... She sent me to a specialist who ran a bunch of test. According to him I do not have glaucoma or retinopathy both of which I was told I had in past--two doctors told me glaucoma ... ... My pressure was 17 and 18 that day but he ran several tests and said do not need to come back for a year. ... ... He also said I would not go blind (my mom did) as they have treatments ... ... I was very happy about this. ... ... Two days later I found a large lump in my breast. I had ...   [retrieve this message]
  • this might help with glaucoma risk   by knowledge seeker  58d   77
    I went to eye doctor this week and they said it is leaking fluids that cause problems. ... ... I know bilberry (organic tincture form) helps with capillary strength. ... ... I just read lemon zest also does this it said ... ... The lemon zest is rich in an antioxidant chemical called rutin, which helps strengthen the walls of veins and capillaries. ... ... I am sure there might be other herbs that do this ... ... for the lemon zest search Google ... ... ... strengthening capillaries in eye prevent retinopathy ... ... also google ... ... herbs that strengthen capillary strength in eye ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Coffee Toxins   by krautlady  60d   256
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on coffee. They are the stark reality that a lot of people don’t want to come to terms with. I’m sick of everyone trying to justify their coffee addiction in support forums and otherwise. This drink is poison and full of dark energy. I have been addicted to it for many years and am trying to get away from it. It messes with my digestion and clogs my liver and yet I am drawn to it like any addict is drawn to their drug of choice. Sadly a coffee maker has a central location in our kitchen almost like a shrine. My husband loves the stuff and does not have t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Please help me--Dr says I probably have glaucoma--need advice--scared   by georginawalker  61d   506
    Even if it does lower IOP I don’t think it is a reason for anyone to take marijuana. And also glaucoma can be treated if it is detected on time. There are various kinds of eye treatments available to cure glaucoma including laser eye surgery. My uncle was diagnosed with galucoma at the Evergreen Eye Center at Washington and he is under treatment now. If we make sure that we have an eye check up every year without fail, it can be diagnosed early and its progress can be halted.   [End]
  • Re: Please help me--Dr says I probably have glaucoma--need advice--scared   by tresher  63d   541
    Some research suggests canabis reduces eye pressure because of glaucoma ... ... The idea that marijuana can be helpful in treating glaucoma dates to the 1970s. Studies conducted then showed that smoking marijuana lowered the IOP of people with glaucoma. As a result of this research, additional studies were conducted examining whether marijuana or its active ingredient, a compound known as THC, could be used to keep IOP lowered. This research was supported by the National Eye Institute, a division of the federal National Institutes of Health. ... ... The research found that when marijuana is smoked o ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Man says raw food diet has made him almost superhuman Learn mo...   by Professor Terguson  64d   845
    Im curious if anybody else has tried this? ...   [End]
  • Are You Drinking Antkiller? Aspartame in diet colas, diet softdrinks and...   by nonviolentfood  66d   105  Cross-post
    Are You Drinking Antkiller ... ... ... ... Aspartame, an artificial sweetener marketed as ... Nutrasweet, was developed ... by Searle Industries as an ... antkiller, whose artificial sweetener ... drew ants in to their deaths. It was ... banned by the FDA but Ronald Reagan ... bowed to Searle Industries and allowed ... it in colas and other drinks. Aspartame is ... in the following products. In unethical ... research on innocent animals, aspartame ... was found to cause brain seizures, epilepsy, birth defects, cancer, diabetes. Mercola, Dorway, and Infowars are some of the millions of sites on the toxicity of Aspartame or Nut ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re Party in My Eyes Worms Bacteria Fungus   by phelp  87d   861
    My opinion is eye problems are usually from dental infections. Look how close the root of your teeth are to your eyes. ... I would bet money on dental issue   [End]
  • Re: Cloudy vision followed use of Can-C eye drops   by shotsee  89d   256
    Hi Veg, ... ... Yes, please do. ... ... I wish you the best of success, Veg, and godspeed! ... ... Sincerely, ... ... David   [End]
  • Re: Cloudy vision followed use of Can-C eye drops   by Vegy  3mo   255
    Thanks David (Shotsee.I am looking into your suggestions, but from the perspective of my long experience about the way my body respond to what hasn’t existed in the ’Garden of Eden’. As much as time may work against me a mistake would have worse consequences. I’ll let you know.   [End]
  • Re: Cloudy vision followed use of Can-C eye drops   by shotsee  3mo   332
    Hi Veg, ... ... You are most welcome. ... ... I do believe you are correct about the ”whole body” approach to health. If you are willing to, the very BEST [cleansing] diet, in my opinion, is the ”garden of Eden” diet, i.e. ONLY/NOTHING BUT fresh, raw, [preferably organic], ripe fruit(s) and vegetables. Given enough time, I have little doubt this would, sooner or later, solve your eyesight problem(s). ... ... However, I have found that regimen, to be a very difficult diet to stay on, primarily for emotional/psychological and social reasons. As an alternative, Veg, from my view, the very [next] BEST way to ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Cloudy vision followed use of Can-C eye drops   by Vegy  3mo   308
    Thanks David (Shotsee). After the last dramatic failure to fight the cataract, I am terrifies about my eye sight prospects. I am also in the dark about the way to go forward. However deep down I feel that prior to launching on a new therapy I have to try to go to the routes of the cataract problem (which would be in the way of any therapy) ... I know for a fact that the eyes are part of the whole & are affected by it. I also know that 3-4 month ago there was a sharp deterioration of my eye sight (checked by the optometrist) in juxtaposition to a serious inflammation flare up in my Crohns dise ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Knowledge seeker, here's something else that may interest you, re: eyes   by chirontherainbowbridge  3mo   230
 ... ... ... esp. the part about the proteins... ... note. Andreas meant to write ”basal membranes”, not ”basement”, bit it kinda works! ... ... how are you? it would be good to hear a reply. ... ... ... best, ... chiron   [End]
  • Cloudy vision following use of Can-C eye drops   by Vegy  3mo   366  Cross-post
    Hi ... For years I have taken many advices by reading Curezone This time I ask if anyone can help me with my battle against the cataract. After failure of a month use of castor oil (caused pain but no benefits) I have been sent to the Eye Hospital. According their examination on 27.12.13 I have a moderate cataract (I am 72 years of age) & I managed to read the chart’s 4 or 5 line with left eye & 5 or 6. Line with right eye. I also could see clear when I waked up in the morning. On 23.12.13 I started with 1 drop Can-C eye drops (IVP approved) twice a day. On 2.1.14 I increased the dosage t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Cloudy vision followed use of Can-C eye drops   by shotsee  3mo   331
    Hi Veg, ... ... I am sorry to hear of your cataract situation. ... ... There have been a number of studies done showing that ascorbic acid orally [and even sodium ascorbate topically] have both a preventative and [may even have] a possible reversing effect upon cataracts [if ingested in sufficient quantity over a long enough period of time]. ... ... As ”grist for your mill,” I encourage you to consider the information previously posted here: ... ... I wish you the best of success, Veg, and hope for a positive outcome! ... ... Sincerely, ... ... David   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Please help me--Dr says I probably have glaucoma--need advice--scared   by shotsee  3mo   331
    Hi KS, ... ... I am sorry to hear of your glaucoma. ... ... There have been many studies done showing that ascorbic acid orally [and even sodium ascorbate topically] have both prevented and even reversed glaucoma. ... ... As ”grist for your mill,” I encourage you to consider the information previously posted here: ... ... I wish you the best of success, KS! ... ... Sincerely, ... ... David   [End]
  • Re: Cloudy vision followed use of Can-C eye drops   by Vegy  3mo   300
    ... ... Hi ... For years I have taken many advices by reading Curezone This time I ask if anyone can help me with my battle against the cataract. After failure of a month use of castor oil (caused pain but no benefits) I have been sent to the Eye Hospital. According their examination on 27.12.13 I have a moderate cataract (I am 72 years of age) & I managed to read the chart’s 4 or 5 line with left eye & 5 or 6. Line with right eye. I also could see clear when I waked up in the morning. On 23.12.13 I started with 1 drop Can-C eye drops (IVP approved) twice a day. On 2.1.14 I increased the dosa ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Please help me--Dr says... ( made a few edits)   by chirontherainbowbridge  3mo   376
    hi, will have to be very brief, as I just lost a long post. ... so, excuse the point form. these are my suggestions, for you to look into, and see what resonates with you. ... ... first off, i would avoid surgery. ( as would schulze) ... i would maybe even avoid the specialist, but that is me. ... ... i would do EFT, lots of it, for the fear, worry, every thought that makes you feel out of alignment with what you sense to be the ’right way to go’. ... ... check out: John of God. ( distance healing is no problem for him) ... check out: Balanced View. this could literally dissolve the years of depression, and muc ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Please help me--Dr says I probably have glaucoma--need advice--scared   by knowledge seeker  3mo   409
    I have an appointment in 3 weeks with a glaucoma specialist. My mother had glaucoma and went nearly blind. ... ... I was told my pressure is high and my peripheral vision tests showed in parts of the eye, I did not see the lights consistently in the same place in 2 separate tests 6 months apart and thus told me I need to see the specialist. Prior to that I was once told I had it and then doctor (a different doctor) said h did not know. went to a specialist maybe a few years ago and they said I did not have glaucoma then but did have ocular hypertension which may or may not lead to glaucoma. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • How Do You Properly Use Eyebright For Eyewash?   by #178603  4mo   241  Cross-post
    Hello everyone, ... ... I would like to know how to properly use the Dr. Christopher’s eyebright formula as an eyewash. I saw a long thread on here with some instruction, but some things are still unclear. Some instructions say you should boil the water that you put the drops into, whereas others don’t include this step. What if I do not boil the water? It’s a bit time consuming to have to do this a few times a day everyday, and there is no way of doing it 6 times a day if you are away at work for most of the day. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.   [End]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by Julie5510  4mo   1,143
    You can use a 9 volt battery, continue to tap it on your tongue. As it tingles your tongue you are zapping your blood. As your blood circulates through the body, your infestation will be reduced greatly. Continue as much and as often as you ’can stand’ it. Bentonite clay also helps detox and cleanse the body.   [End]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by jesser85  4mo   1,134
    Thanks! I appreciated your answers. I believe I did my fair share of colon cleansing already, and digestion/BM are much better :) But I definitely need to do this Liver Flush, I have been taking milk thistle and castor oil packs..I know they help but are not as nearly as effective as a flush. I have been taking olive leaf extract and the formula Rascal for parasite cleansing. I was taking Humaworm but it’s too much to do constantly I needed a break from the wormwood! What antiparastic herbs were/are you using? Thanks for the information again :) BTW I am a 28 year old female whose been a v ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by #85605  4mo   1,179
    Bugs will rob you of nutrients. ... In order for the lymphatic system to dump itself into the liver, the colon and liver have to be cleaned out using a bowel cleanser and a liver flush. I used the Coke flush that you can google on this website. ... ... I used Richard Schulze’s protocol for a colon cleanse. The #2 formula does have bentonite in it. I used both the LBB and Schulze’s #1 formula interchangeably as they’re both about the same. ... I would surmise you have stuff in the liver that needs to be cleaned out. You may or may not have junk left on the colon wall, but once stated with a par ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by jesser85  4mo   1,178
    What kind of colon cleansing regime did you use to allow a lymphatic dump or did the liver flush attribute to this? I am very sensitive to psyllium and bentonite and could not take it. I used oxypowder, but had to stop because I am underweight slightly and trying to gain weight. I also tried Lower Bowel Balance and eating a diet of mostly vegetables and fruits, which helped greatly. I have yet to do a liver flush after my parasite cleansing was finished this past fall..not looking forward to it after the holidays if I gain some weight I will do this..   [End]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by #85605  4mo   1,162
    I read your post with interest. From what happened to me, here is what I will share with you: I could see and still can see some things in one of my eyes that looks like a round dot with a tail on it. These keep re-appearing and then the body seems to dissolve them. I have no idea what they are, but suspect they are some kind of parasite. At first the round dot with a tail appears to be darker, then it slowly fades in black color intensity to a light gray, then is gone. The body appears to be taking care of it. What I had to do was a complete colon and liver cleanse, then the lympha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Vision becoming gradually more blurred and faded   by bill6565bill  4mo   521
    Do you remember where to g4t your Saffron? I need to buy the purest ones for my wife, who has Macular Degeneration.   [End]
  • Re: Need help for Macular Degeneration   by bill6565bill  4mo   319
    I’ve decided to give Saffron and Goji Berries a try, but the problem is where I can buy them at their purest form. Some sellers would claim theirs is purest available, but in reality its otherwise (or even fake). I hear Goji Berries are grown mostly in China, while Saffron in Iran, Afghanistan, and Spain. I did not have any luck finding distributors/farmers on their respective countries online so I can contact and purchase from them directly (never mind the costs). If anyone has any idea where I can order them at their purest form, I greatly appreciate it.   [End]
  • Re: Pigment marks on sclera/white of eye   by explorer2009  4mo   356
    both Dampness (yellow) and Dryness (brown) sedate. ... ... This is possible and easy to do as self-treatment with crystals instead of needles - plus it’s safe. ... If interested, please contact.   [End]
  • Re: Need help for Macular Degeneration   by explorer2009  4mo   319
    Burn (retina): No (degeneration) sedate ... ... Self-treatment with crystals to replace needles is possible and easy - and safe, so if interested, please contact. ... Regards,   [End]
  • Re: Need help for Macular Degeneration   by mu-shen  5mo   383
    and you may add Moringa to that list. Read not too long ago that this natural supplement is a big help for reversing macular degeneration (link missing).   [End]
  • Re: Need help for Macular Degeneration   by mu-shen  5mo   412
    was wondering if you saw this 6 or 7 years old post by Clone477 re reversing the macular degeneration for his grandmother... In the hopes that this may help, here is an excerpt ... ... Begining to REVERSE Macular Degeneration and other common eye disorders... by clone477 7 year 3,879 ... I just got the dosages that my grandmother took. ... ... 1. lutein and zeaxautuin 25mg, I know this one there is no limit to the amount you can take, more the better ... ... 2. Vitamine E 400ui ... ... 3. Beta Carotene 25000ui ... ... 4. Zinc 50mg ... ... 5. Vitamine C 1500mg ... ... 6. Selenium 200mcg ... ... Salud ! ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Need help for Macular Degeneration   by bill6565bill  5mo   382
    My wife who just had her eye examined and her Dr. said she has the beginning stages of Macular Degeneration (as of this writing, we have yet to determine if she has a wet or dry condition). I’ve seen one or two threads that provide info on what to do with them below: ... ... ... ... ... Besides the links above, I’d like to ask if MMS has any effect on reducing, if not remove the progress of Macular Degeneration and how MMS can be applied to it. Of course, any other method besides MMS are welcome to help my wife’s co ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Pigment marks on sclera/white of eye   by cosmican  5mo   365  Cross-post
    Hello everyone, ... ... Does anyone know if Doctor Christopher’s eye remedies will help with brown/yellow pigment spots on the sclera? This includes ”eye freckles” as well. I am desperate for a cure or for something to help fade these marks. ... ... Any advice or suggestions on natural remedies that may help this issues, is greatly appreciated. ... ... I kindly await your replies, ... cosmican   [End]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by #176675  5mo   1,863
    To livs, ... ... Sorry you had to read people attacking me simply because I do not agree with them. ... ... I still contend that it is highly unlikely, as you yourself assert, that it is a cataract. ... ... Anyways, I sympathize with you greatly and wish you the best in discovering what this is and eradicating it.   [End]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by #176675  5mo   1,463
    To the previous posters who insist on calling me names and telling me to ”go to sleep” lol... ... ... ”Idiocy” ? lol...uhhh...ok ... ... The other person was not born with it for the 57,347th time. ... ... And um....for the other person who called me an idiot? Think about it. ... ... A young person, who presents with a spot on the eye that moves around and just came about is told they have a cataract and describes it as intractable so I suggest they get a second opinion. ... ... Yes how idiotic of me. ... ... I couldn’t give a rat’s bit of vomit what you think of me - especially the name calling because I don’t agree ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by livs  5mo   1,462
    I’ve heard of the benefits of Vitamin C. I don’t believe I’m deficient in it, but I’ll look into it. I also take food-grade DE on a daily basis. Worked wonders for my candida.   [End]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by beatty57  5mo   1,532
    Dr F R Klenner over 40 years ago years, cured in the body Parasites with massive doses of vitamin C, also the eyes and adrenals need and use the most, vitamin C. ... Recently I found I could read a license plate for the first in 30 years, also it kills parasites in the stomach and colon, see below, ... ... From ‘diatomaceous Earth testimonials’. ... ... Animal/human grade Diatomaceous Earth,  All natural mineral. non toxic. I have used it 6 months now and love what it has done for me. Many call it a miracle for what its done for them. Helps Celiac disease, colon and fibromyalgia, ‘pain’, arthriti ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by livs  5mo   1,484
    I completely empathize. ... ... I too suffer/suffered (not sure if they’re totally gone) with Ascaris. I haven’t seen them in the toilet since Humaworm but one can never be too sure, since those blasted buggers are persistent. ... ... I don’t trust doctors; I wouldn’t go to them unless I really had to. A blood test, in my eyes, will just show how the body is currently operating but it doesn’t mean that it will ever tell you the cause of the symptoms you’re facing. ... ... It was funny ’cause the ophthalmologist I visited that time asked me, ”Are you healthy?” I wanted to laugh out loud. Healthy? I’m suff ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by livs  5mo   1,463
    Lol, wow guys. ... ... Well, here’s my 2 cents to this argument. ... ... I don’t believe I was born with cataracts considering no specialist or ophthalmologist ever told me I was (until last month’s appointment). I was near-sighted and I developed an astigmatism on my left eye, but no one ever said anything about a cataract. ... ... This ”cataract” problem came around this past July up to this present. And as time flies on, I do feel some moving, if not a sort of bulge. It feels awkward, uncomfortable and it grosses me out. But my guess is that these are parasites reacting to the barrage of coconut oil d ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by jesser85  5mo   1,485
    I am having some eye problems as well. I found out I had ascaris roundworms in my intestines, have taken humaworm and now in waiting period to take it again.. I believe I have a hyperinfection because I feel crawling throughout my body, including my face and eyes. Nothing intense, just feels like someone tickling me with a feather... For the floaters and eye crawling, I have tried eyebright eye doesn’t work. The doctors say my eyes are fine, but it certainly doesn’t feel that way! I hope you find relief someday, I know it must be hard. I am going to try and get a zapper and hopefu ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by #154965  5mo   1,470
    Just ignore him. ... ... I had a ”conversation” with this idiot a few days ago. ... ... He just comes here to start arguments and to feel good about himself. ... ... He has no respect for other people. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by #174156  5mo   1,483
    ... ... Your original statement: "The chances of this person (in their very ... early twenties) having cataracts is about the same as him/her getting struck by ... lighting....especially if there was no trauma to the eye" is absolute ... idiocy.  People are born with cataracts just as the OP was diagnosed.  ... ... Your ability to diagnose anything is about as great as your stupid statement. ... ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by #176675  5mo   1,462
    LOL I read did not read the person’s post. ... ... The person’s complaint is not congruent with cataracts. ... ... Go to sleep? that hurts. Bad.   [End]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by #174156  5mo   1,480
    ... ... You didn’t read the article.  Children can develop cataracts.  ... ... Go back to sleep where you belong. ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by #176675  5mo   1,479
 moi....however, this person was not born with them lololol.... ... ... Look back at what the poster said their history was and when the issue presented. ... ... Also they do not move around. ... ... Sorry compadre but a mobile ocular blur does not necessarily a cataract make. ... ... Sorry to ruin your touché but a second opinion from another professional is warranted here. Your assumption per a mayo clinic article serves as no definitive diagnosis whatsoever. ... ... Carry on.   [End]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by #174156  5mo   1,525
    ... ... "The chances of this person (in their very early twenties) having ... cataracts is about the same as him/her getting struck by lighting....especially ... if there was no trauma to the eye." ... ... You obviously know absolutely nothing about cataracts.  Some infants are ... born with cataracts and children develop them in childhood. ... ... ... ... Cataracts you’re born with (congenital cataracts). Some ... people are born with cataracts or develop them during childhood. Such ... cataracts may be the result of the mother having contr ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Dr. William H. Bates   by mclearsight  5mo   172
 ... ... All Dr. Bates books, Magazines are free here.   [End]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by #176675  5mo   1,480
    The chances of this person (in their very early twenties) having cataracts is about the same as him/her getting struck by lighting....especially if there was no trauma to the eye. ... ... Spots, floaters, bacteria, parasites possibly but cataract? Hard to believe. Especially if it looks similar to these pictures and moves around. ... ... I would get a second opinion. And if you go to another ophthalmologist, be prepared to be diagnosed with a cataract again. ... ... Go to someone who who doesn’t specialize to get another opinion to avoid the Maslow’s Hammer (”If you have a hammer - everything looks like ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by fivetoedsloth  5mo   1,529
    Last year’s optometrist inspection showed that my growing cataracts had stopped growing and were disappearing. ... What I noticed was that my colour vision had become much better. ... ... What I did to cause this was the raw zero carbohydrate diet (of 1 part powdered grass-finished beef and 2 parts unsalted cultured butter) and the iodine protocol. ... ... This nutritional approach supports the Human Immune System, which kills parasites and rebuilds the body. ... ... I am 76 years old. If this works for an old guy it will work for anyone.   [End]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by livs  5mo   1,515
    I mentioned it in the post but the ophthalmologist deemed my eye too small for it. Finding ”the right hands” takes trust in your surgeon. Personally, I want to treat the cause of this. Cataract surgery isn’t going to heal this keratitis. ... ... Others have told me that maybe this is just me experiencing too much die-off from cleansing, but before I take the liberty in buying treatments for myself, I just wanted to see if anyone would have been able to identify if I really had a worm in my eye. ... ... Considering what’s been said and done, I guess I’ll just take a risk and look into MH’s products.   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by seemekc  5mo   1,509
    Hi, unfortunately i dont have much advice for you, there is a treatment called Christophers eyebright u can use for your eyes, may take time and is reasonably priced. If theyre in your eyes, theyre most likely in your body too. It gets very expensive and hard to work sick i know. Sad. Praying for u ok.   [End]
  • Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]   by #174156  5mo   1,669
    ... ... Get to someone who does cataract surgery.  It is the simplest thing in ... the world - in the right hands.  I had cataracts in both eyes and about six ... or seven years ago had them removed.  When they remove them these days they ... replace them with a plastic lens fit to your eyes.  I haven’t seen better ... in fifty years (no glasses - except for reading) since the replacement.  ... They do them one eye at a time so in case there’s a problem they don’t blind ... you. ... ... ... ...   [End]
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