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Liver Flush Results

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  • Re: 2nd flush results by omarkayam  8y   1,833   RN
    I have done two flush’s the first one, I drank apple juice from 8am till 8pm 16 ounces every two hours the first day, the next day repeat the same thing from 8 to 8, at 10pm I drank 4ounces of olive oil mixed with a juice from one and a half lemon and went to sleep on my right side, the first hour I had lots of pain, at five am I drank about have liter and went to bed, about 10 am I past 20 or more stones.two weeks later I did the flush again, the first day apple juice from 8am ... till 8pm, the next day I started at 6am and till 6pm, then I mixed one liter filtered warm water with 25 grams o ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Great Test Results by #164931  11y   1,941   RN
    Hello All, ... ... My husband has been flushing successfully for the past few months while changing his eating patterns according to Dr. Sandra Cabot’s book. He has finally reached a turning point. After 9 years of steady increases in his liver level tests (sgot) with no medical explanation as to why from his doctors, his last test results showed that his sgot levels decreased to the level that it was 2 years ago! Praise God! With the flushing information from this site and Dr. Cabot’s book, we are finally on the right track and look forward to getting his levels back to normal. ... Thanks every ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Healthy Gallbladder after parasite and liver cleansing by #166751  11y   2,877   RN
    All these questions won’t really make any difference if you don’t have to have the surgery, will it? ... ... Just to give you my synopsis, I was also told I’d need gallbladder surgery. Only I had cysts in my gallbladder. I thought,”what the heck, I may as well try the liver cleanse.” I had nothing else to lose. Three weeks of parasite cleansing plus the liver cleanse left me feeling pretty good. ... ... I went back to my doctor to have some further tests and they couldn’t find anything wrong with my gallbladder anymore. ... ... Maybe you should do this then go see your doctor again? ... ... Lisa ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Anti-depressants and liver flushing by AmyK  11y   2,235   RN
    I was weaning off Serzone from this past Sept to Dec. That was my 4th medicated episode, the longest of them all at 1.5 years. All over a span of 9 years. ... ... I started cleansing Jan 9. Have done all the cleanses so far once and am on round 2 of all the cleanses. I’ve been a bit agressive with the cleansing. Round #2 of the MC was a bit soon, should have waited another month, since I decided to stop on day 8 after cheating about half a dozen times. ... ... I did not renew my prescription in January and decided to see what would happen. By day 3 of MC, I noticed a huge difference in my menta ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Liver Flush #5, modified recipe trial--Results by AmyK  11y   2,030   RN
    I decided to try the pop/cola flush with lemon juice and OO instead of the OO/GF, since I could barely tolerate the OO/GF after the 4th flush experience. Will give this modified version another go for flush #6 and #7. ... ... I took both Tracey and Marg’s suggestions and did the following: ... ... 0.5 c OO ... .25 c freshly squeezed lemon juice ... .25 c cola plus a whole bunch more to deal with the OO ... ... 2 x ¼ c OO (could not do the shotglass approach), so each ¼ c became 3 sips chased down by the lemon juice/cola mixture. When the LJ/cola mixture ran out, chased rest of OO with cola. Slightly better ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Liver Flushing is a Piece of Cake! by Mrs. Ev  11y   2,796   RN
    I agree totally with Blueduck. ... My friend, Mel, had tried the gb/liver flush last year and just raved about how great it was, and how awsome she felt afterward. She told me I ”just HAVE to to this!!” Well, I told her I would, but I just couldn’t make myself do it..yet. It seemed so strange, and honestly, I was a little afraid. ... I need to tell you, and anyone who is considering trying this for the first time...IT’S A PEICE OF CAKE! All you really have to do, is drink 2 doses of epsoms with water (which is a laxative) before bedtime...then at bedtime, drink olive oil and grapefruit ju ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Some GB Questions ZiaD by Blueduck  11y   2,862   RN
    ZiaD, ... You got the picture very clear. Now you know the things that doctors do NOT tell a person before they do gall bladder surgery, and collect the money to make a couple house payments on their second or third homes. Doctors have told a lot of us in this forum that they need this surgery. I am one of these people. In fact I was told that I would die without this surgery. That was last September after my first (and only) gall bladder attack. I changed my diet and have done eight liver flushes. I have gotten out hundreds of stones and not had another attack ! ... ... If gall bladder surgery ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Sciatica by Mrs. Ev  11y   2,350   RN
    Zora, ... I had that awful sciatic pain ever since I was pregnant with my second child. I had gone to the chiro, and was releived somewhat. Once. ... ... After she was born, I twisted my back and have had sciatic pain ever since. It was always there, but somehow I got used to it. Strange that we actually learn to live with pain, but I did. After my gb attack, I tried the gb flush and let me tell you, ever since the very next day, I have never had sciatic nerve pain again. NEVER!! NOT ONCE!! It’s like a huge rock has been lifted off of my back. I can twist and turn like never before. Some peo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 13th liver flush, mag citrate & coffee enemas by Juniper Berry  11y   4,297   RN
    Hello Everybody! ... ... Well, I had a successful 13th liver flush. Since my 12th flush (25 days ago), I have been experiencing a sharp sort of a pain in the region of my gallbladder. I had thought that I might be getting cleaned out pretty much, because on my 12th flush, I had only passed one small stone and several pieces that looked like small bits of wood--I call these things ”Twix” pieces because they are hard and crunchy, like a Twix candy bar. I think these grooved pieces come from my liver ducts. ... ... I have been looking in to using magnesium supplements and/or magnesium citrate (the k ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Blood pressure lowered by Mrs. Ev  11y   2,953   RN
    Wow! That’s terrific news! That is quite an awsome change in BP. I was on BP medicine since Nov 2002. After my 2nd liver cleanse, I haven’t needed it at all. Every time I check the BP it is around 120/80 :::happy dance!:::: ... Mrs Ev   [End]
  • Re: Stone formation: 2 weeks or 2 months or 2 years by Spirit  11y   2,244   RN
    Every person is different, but there are people who can produce new stones within 2 weeks, there are people who can produce new stones within 2 months and there are people who can produce new stones within 2 years time. ... ... Many women can produce ”large” stones within few months of pregnancy or within few months after birth. ... ... If you can’t seem to be able to flush all stones out, that only means that your body is constantly producing new stones ... but do not be discouraged! ... ... One day, there will be no more stones, and you will remember good old days when you could do a flush and get so ...   [retrieve this message]
  • FIRST FLUSH RESULTS!!! by #97091  11y   2,305   RN
    I DID IT!!!!!!! I”M ALIVE!!!!!!!! ... ... I felt NO pain or even any discomfort last night after the OO and LJ potion. In fact, I didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary. I was almost disappointed since I was expecting to feel the rumbling of ”marbles” in my liver area. Nope. ... ... Today so far I have passed well over 50 good sized green stones. All different shades of green and sizes. They smell horid. Like --what I would imagine to be-- the smell of burnt rubber! But probably more potent smelling. ... ... I cut one open and they are kinda gooey and green inside. It remin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 2000 STONES TO BE FREE? by Rusfox  11y   1,166   RN
    I would not advise to stick to number of stones so much. It is very individual. It depends on age, way of living, medications taken before, foods consumed. ... ... The most important is the way you feel after flushes. If you feel great, keep flushing. Keep flushing untill all the symptoms Dr.Clark is talking about are gone. Then you will know. She could use the number just symbolically. ... ... My friends had different problems and different flush results. But all of them similar in a way that they feel much better then before. Each of them has done at least three flushes. One got rid of allergies ...   [retrieve this message]
  • First Liver Flush! by Jecue  11y   832   RN
    I have been very busy and haven’t had the chance to post my Liver Flush Results from 2 weeks ago. I am doing my second one this weekend and just realized how long it’s been. I did the HC flush. I added a coffee enema 1/2 hour after the 2nd ES drink since I hadn’t had a BM from them. I was worried about the stones not having a proper exit route! (HEHE) That did it and got everything going. I was feeling extremely exhausted by the time I was drinking the OO/GFJ but I got it down and kept on following all of the rules... Next morning I took the ES at 6 (threw up some of it) and went bac ...   [retrieve this message]
  • worms ~~~~~~~~~~~~ by ocean  11y   1,110   RN
    ok everyone! about 4 months ago when i stared the parasite cleanses i had nothing happen till i did a flush a month later. out came tapeworm, thing with legs, and some stuff that looked like looked like a slug with black stuff on it’s edges. after that i pretty well concentrated on paracleansing with a liver flush here and there. each time however when i flushed came out the most worms. tapeworms or earthworm like looking things and flat ones too! in the last month i passes a lot of dead flat and long worms about every morning after doing a tincture of clove/wormwood/black wal ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Choline MELTS(imulsifies)stones away by #163223  11y   4,357   RN
    I had gallstones but instead of going through the ”cleanse” I simply took the advice of my naturopath and took choline. It worked! ... ... It turns out if you don’t get enough choline in your diet chloesterol does not imulsify and turns into stones. ... ... Taking choline will PREVENT gallstones and get rid of them if you take it long enough. ... ... If you take too much choline it could cause muscle tension and headaches so don’t go overboard. I find 125mg of choline is fine for me, but most of you will probably tolerate more. ... ... ... http://ww ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Gratitude from a happy liver owner by Autumn  11y   1,473   RN
    O Dear and Gentle Readers, ... Thank you for all your advice over the past year that I finally followed! Using Dr. Clark’s instructions precisely I had a first flush. It was easy and comfortable. Soon there were 24 bright green stones, one larger than my thumb nail. Enough flush to help a gall bladder have a nice day. ... (By the way, this is not medical advice, I am no doctor I am only your very newest little baby.) ... Why flush now? ... Motivation was general melancholy, lack of focus, great anxiety about choices in the future, and feeling hurt by noises, lights, and people’s rough manners. After t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Husband, Me and Daughter - H Clark flush by #162298  11y   2,703   RN
    Hi ... My husband, 14 yr old and I did the H Clark flush on sat night. Contrary to all, we found it fairly moderate going, even though some people have an issue with all the epsom salts. Slightly quesy but not unbearable. Husband had best results an type of stones passed, large black, green, tan. Daughter and I passed many green and tan stones. We are going to follow up in 2 weeks time with next flush. I’d suggest you persist and put mind over matter and consider farther down the line with ref to your health, it’s worked for so many people. I was the primary cause for doing the flush as ...   [retrieve this message]
  • My First Flush... Good Results. by Ain  11y   2,373   RN
    ... ... Hello All. ... ... Thought I would let you all know about my first Liver Gallbladder cleanse. ... ... Let me start with a bit of a backstory. I am a 40 year old male who weighed about 320 pounds. I went to my doctor for a regular check up in November 2002, and he said I had high blood pressure. ... ... He told me to lose weight and gave me some blood pressure medication. I took it on and off for a while not thinking it was important, after all, I felt fine. ... ... In January of 2003 I started to have these really bad chest pains. They felt like acid reflux and I was willing to put up with them ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I am so happy by Marg  11y   1,725   RN
    Hi everyone, ... I am on the morning of my 8th liver flush and I am just so happy with the results. ... They have been a long time coming, and I am more convinced than ever that I had to clear all the grainy gunky stuff that was blocking up my liver and gallbladder before I could succesfully start clearing out stones. ... This time I have passed well over 100 stones. Tho it is hard to really decide how many, because all the teeny little ones would have to be in the hundreds I think. ... I have passed my biggest stones yet. About 20 marble size, and 50 or more pea size. ... I ate normally yesterday. Dra ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Bowel Cleansing with B&P's by Tracey  11y   2,470   R
    Hi Mrs. Ev, ... ... You may want to add bowel cleansing to your healthy cleansing regime! ... ... Below is a great link to all you need to know about bowel cleansing. The articles at The Doctor Within are great...and the other links are all about the bentonite & psylliums shakes - that scrub out your intestines. ... ... Between liver flushing, parasite cleansing, bowel cleansing and the odd Master Cleanse should be off your medication in no time! ... ... Tracey Bowel Cleansing with B&P’s ...   [End]
  • yes! by ocean  11y   2,073   R
    hi, i’ve been on numerious anti depressants and others for sad and bi polar disorder throughout the last 15 yrs...and i could only do them for a short period of time as they in the long run mad me sick! ... ... i’ve been parasite cleansing for 4 months and on my 5th liver flush. after the first i was overjoyed and ecstatic! the feelings of joy just pouring out of me! that has somewhat subsided as i know i have to flush more. i have stuff still stuck in me. currently im cleansing my bowels after a fabulous article i’ve read! ... ... while being on these forums i’ve been discovering very interesting t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Do all religions have fasting days? by Spirit  11y   4,160   R
    Fasting Across Religions ... ... Do all religions have fasting days? Use this chart to see ... which faiths have fasting or an equivalent. ... From: ... ... ... BAHA’I | BUDDHIST ... | CATHOLIC | EASTERN ... ORTHODOX | HINDU | JEWISH ... ... MORMON | MUSLIM ... | PAGAN | EVANGELICAL ... PROTESTANT | MAINLINE PROTESTANT ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Religion ... ... When ... they fast ... ... How ... they fast ... ... Why ... they fast ... ... ... ... ... Baha’i ... ... The ... Baha’i ... fast takes place during Ala, the 19th month of the Baha’í year, ... from March 2-20. ... ... Abstain ... from food and dri ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Re: Some GB Questions Please by Spirit  11y   4,966   R
    if one gets his GB removed and the liver continues to make these stones, WHERE do they go? Do they just sit in the liver from then on, clogging it up or what? ... ... ... You are right! You see, you already know the answer. ... ... They usually stay inside liver bile ducts, or inside common bile duct, depend on where those stones were formed, or how far they were pushed-by or washed-by bile. ... ... When person eats a very fatty meal after several days of fasting, liver will produce more bile, and that bile may flush some of those stones, flush them out into intestines, what is good! ... ... All religions and ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Immediate gallbladder attack relief by AmyK  11y   7,852   R
    I had a very quick and fast oncoming GB attack between my Flush #2 and #3. This attack was unlike any other attacks. I had eaten nearly no fat or any of the wrong foods that day or the day before and it came on very fast, within half an hour and with much more pain. ... ... I took a drink of ES (1tbsp ES, 3/4 water) and it gave me immediate relief, then the next morning I had diarrhea for about 6 hours. It was well worth the pain relief.   [End]
  • Re: Little Pain on the right side by Mrs. Ev  11y   1,785   R
    Hi Deep! ... I wanted to tell you that I had those same symptoms, but never knew what they were. For years I had indegestion. Could hardly stand to eat garlic/onions/cucumbers..and coffee..sheesh it gave me heartburn! Then I had the pain at the center of my chest. I also experienced bouts of back and forth between constipation and diareah. Sometimes after a particularly fatty meal, I would have the WORST gas, burping the stinkiest room clearing burps! (Hey, just being honest! LOL) Anyway, after doing the very FIRST liver/gallbladder cleanse, I am indegestion free! I ate garlic for the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: My Second Flush by Adrick  11y   2,048   R
    YO Tracey!!! ... ... Did my Fourth Liver flush this weekend!!! With saturday drinking close to four liters of lemonade no maple syrup. Did one epsom salts at night. then the 1/2 C olive oil follwed by 1/2C chaser of lemon juice; followed 15 minutes later by another 1/2 C olive oil followed by 1/2 C chaser of lemon juice. ... This morning did the epsom salt at nearly 7 AM and immediately had a 2 1/2 foot + mucoidal plaque! THEN at about 9 AM I did the second epsom salts--again immediately follwed by another 2 1/2 foot mucoidal plaque!!! No stones until 12:30 PM and 1:30 Pm and 2:30 Pm. Less ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: my 2nd flush -- Update by peggy  11y   1,215   R
    This is 2nd day after flush. This morning I was laying there and at the bottom of rib region I felt and heard something that I’m not sure how to describe. Make this sound quickly and forcefully with lips: ”P’sh, p’sh, p’sh” -- I imagined it as stones/stuff being shot out. Then shortly after some rumbling further down in gut. ... ... Went to the bathroom and maybe around 100 sand to pea-sized material floating on top. They were shades of tan, they were hard, and when pushed hard with a q-tip would come apart with a kind of crumbly consistency to them. ... ... Improvements since first flush: ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Thanks Mel!! My Story!!! by Mrs. Ev  11y   2,733   R
    Mel is my mentor! If it wasn’t for her, I may have had gb surgery. She had been trying to get me to do a cleanse for months. Just for good measure~! Anyway, I ended up in the ER one morning with excrutiating chest pains, and thought I was having a heart attack. I’m 40 and overwieght. After all the tests they ran on the heart, it looked good. An Ultra sound showed thickened gb wall and ”several stones”. They sent me home, told me to call my dr and discuss when and where to do surgery. I got home, and called Mel. I did the Hulda Clark cleanse the next day, and passed close to 1000 ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: To Spirit from Birdie by #162019  11y   1,525   R
    I did 3 flushes in 3 days without the epsom salts. I didnt know how long to wait but wanted to be free of the pain so did only the olive oil and lemon juice and passed my stones with no problem. by the 3rd flush I was not seeing any stones so assume that all is well. THE PAIN IS GONE!!! It has been over a month now with no problem, so I plan do do a monthly dose of olive oil and lemon juice regularly to make sure it doesnt happen again.   [End]
  • OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT produced amazing reduction in blood pressure and bloo... by #163417  11y   3,210   R
    Hi to all the liver flush family. I want to share what is a wonderful result from trying natural remedies to replace prescribed medications. When my husband came home from having his gallbladder removed he was in a sorry state. Not only did he have to recover from the operation in which the retrieval bag broke causing an infection but the antibiotics and other medication had terrible side affects which made him sweat profusely, feel nauseous and put him off his food. He was tired irritable and difficult to live with. He was left with a spastic bladder after surgery so he had to have a cath ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Swedish Bitters Recipe! by Tracey  11y   5,100   R
    Hey Ocean..thanks a lot for pointing me in this direction. I just love making things....I think I’ll make this! (minus the Senna) ... ... Cool! ... ... Thanks! ... ... T Swedish Bitters Recipe ...   [End]
  • 4th flush... by yemaya  11y   1,500   R
    It eary here and i havent started passing stones..yet. I had an interesting evening, and have only slept a couple of hours. ... ... I followed the Dr.Clark flush, but moved everything back an hour... i was suprised to have bathroom attacks right as the OO/GF hit my lips.... so i was a little late lying down. I was down for 10 minutes...and I had the bathroom urge again... I tryed my best to relax and ignore it.. i lasted about 30 min..then made a quick trip. ... ... I have had a hard time sleeping with these flushes so i had 8 ornithine and some valerian tincture with my mix. Slept for 2hours a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Gallstone Proof by Tracey  11y   1,751   R
    Hi Greg! Yup...this issue comes up every now and then, of course! It probably occurs to everyone at least once. ... ... Below is a link to photos of gallstones and an analysis from a lab. ... ... The ’are they globs of oil’ (or a chemical reaction) has been thrown out many people who haven’t ingested one bit of olive oil and produced stones. ... ... Tiratu after a 30 day fast, started in on carrot juice and pooed out a bunch of stones! (hmmmm!) Hanna did an ’ice cream’ flush and produced stones. The list goes on... ... ... Then there are the people who drink lots of olive oil and get out nothing! ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 10th flush results by Ronnie  11y   1,487   R
    I haven’t posted for some time which is an indicator that the flushes are really helping - in the beginning I was desperate. I am posting my 10th flush results in the hope that it may help some people who are starting out on this process to read what others have gone through. I always find this very helpful. After a successful 7th flush with over 50 large ’stones’ the 8th and 9th were two months apart and did not produce much. I knew there was (and is) more to come out and I was reassured by reading the posts of other people who had varying results with different flushes. After the 9t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 1st liver flush results. Not too bad by bcn  11y   1,271   R
    Last weekend I got the courage to do my 1st liver flush. ... ... I followed Dr Clark’s recipe, just changing two things: lemon instead of grapefruit, and 3 tablespoons of dried powder of Magnesium Sulfate instead of 4 tbs of the hydrated (7H2O) crystal salt. I also not used ornithine, since I was unable to find it here in Spain (I slept well anyway -only some discomfort at 2-3 am). ... The results were not too bad. In the morning, in several bowel movements, first I got 3-4 marble size things (dirty green color), then 20-30 pea size (most bright green), and many smaller things. Only 2 stones wer ...   [retrieve this message]
  • One message from [gallstones] group ... by Espen  11y   1,107   R
    From: RH ... Delivered-To: mailing list ... Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 11:43:09 -0400 ... Subject: Re: [gallstones] Re: ultra sound proof - A very important question ... ... ... ... On Tue, 22 Apr 2003 14:34:58 +0300, Wally Gordon   [End]
  • First Post 4th flush. by 2Dogs  11y   1,351   R
    I just wanted to drop a line and say that the liver flush is working for me. I had some foods that gave me problems and tried the flush out for help. The first flush worked with a small result the second and third were better. The fourth flush last night and this AM was exellent! I’m guessing 200+ stones and some the size of large marbles. I was very skecptiable to try this but the results are impressive. I feel better than I have in a long time. I’m 37 years old run 10 miles a week and excerise 3 times a week. I still felt poor at best and this has really helped me. I was looking at Bowel ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Liver Flush by akashiccc  11y   1,164   R
    I just thought I’d post and say that I just did my second flush and my results were hundreds of stones. There were so many I had to flush twice. Again, I feel better and immediately the chronic acne on my back and face cleared up. That’s number two.   [End]
  • Why Epsom Salts? by curedmyIBS  11y   1,737   R
    Adrian33, ... I just happened to stumble across this site, interesting posts, I live in Melb. Australia and have been a health wreck for almost 20 years, poping lots of pills every day. ... ... Had to do something different, my health was gradually deteriorating. The Internet is full of rubbish, however, you will always find something useful if you are prepared to look for it. ... ... My initial discovery of the liver flush was at: ... later I found the Clark flush method. I have only tried the Julia Chang method i.e. 2 day apple fast followed by olive oil/grape fr ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: will liver flushing help? by netav  11y   1,215   R
    Gave you some stuff to block your pores? Give me a break. That to me is like having a bleeding finger and cutting off your arm. Of course your body is going to develop a rash, that medicene is not letting your skin breath and eliminate foreign toxins. I complained to my doctor that I was sweating too much, and my doctor told me that means everything is working. so I spent years sweating profusely when I play sports. When I played shirts and skins, I would gross everyone out with dripping sweat. (I’ve always been in really good shape) Of course, putting out that much sweat would make me tir ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Choline MELTS(imulsifies)stones away by #163223  11y   3,517   R
    Ok I did have stones and stone pain + symptoms like constipation a jaundice occasionally. I started with 500mg of Swiss natural sources Choline Plus which is just 500mg choline plus 50mg of alfalfa, green cabage, and lecithin added. The alfalfa and green cabbage are I assume to counteract the fishy smell of choline. I started breaking the choline tablets in half to 250mg since 500mg was giving me muscle tension, but you may tolerate more than I did(taking extra calcium/magnesium seems to counter the muscle tension if your stomach can handle extra cal/mag which mine could not. Calcium/magne ...   [retrieve this message]
  • The penny for your thoughts by Autumn  11y   1,039   R
    Gentle Readers, ... Thank you for the honor of your questions on the earlier post. Here are all your answers combined, since I fear that answering each person over and over would set off that stairstep volley pattern that can be a tad confusing to read. ... 1. Bitter Greens ... Wellsir (or Wellma’am, this bouquet is for you, Dear Pauline!), the books say using these can help clean the bile, and also prevent dormitory-mates from stealing your lunch from the fridge. (Bitters? Interesting, haven’t tried them...) I use the hard fibrous greens that are lower in oxalic acid, like dandelion, mustard, kale ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Ginger for nausea by #164340  11y   835   R
    Hi noflush ... ... Here is a great cheap way to stop that nausia ... ... ... ... ... Antiemetic: helps prevent nausia and vomiting. ... ... Ginger deserves extra honorable mention as a natural antiemetic. Used in the Orient for centuries, it improves production and secretion of bile from the liver and gall bladder, improves gastrointestinal motility, and stimulates digestion. Ginger tea can be made by grating the fresh root (found in the produce section at almost any grocery store), skin and all, until you have two Tablespoons of the mushy, lemony smelling st ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Another gallbladder saved! by WDCGator  11y   944   R
    This past Friday morning I was to be operated on to have my gall bladder removed. Divine intervention led me to this site Thursday morning at 4:00 am. Thurday I was to have the blood work and chest X-Ray done for the operation the following day. After reading this site for over 3 hours I cancelled the operation. I just told the hospital and Dr’s office that a huge job came up I had to take. I started Dr. Hulda Clark’s flush Friday night to a tee. I might mention that I had nothing to eat for two days prior but juice because of the pain. I wanted no fat in my gall bladder. Saturday morning ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 2nd liver flush by Chris  11y   1,226   R
    i’m really ripping these out, one after another. ... ... okay it went alright i did the coca-cola flush. it was pretty mild, i felt sick naturally... then i woke up at about 5am felt great and really relaxed. passed less stones than last time, but definitely did pass a few. probably like 20+ (last time i had over 300!) the coke flush didn’t seem as powerful/effective as the clark flush but the coke flush doesn’t have you consume 892 tablespoons of epsom salts either. (i’ve been known to exaggerate sometimes, but you get the idea) ... ... i actually didn’t use any epsom salts at all, which is to ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Some good news... by yemaya  11y   1,651   R
    nice one tracey!!! ... ... I know how you feel.... I have gone from 3 panic attacks a day to two in a month!!! my skin is looking healthier.. I am not dependent on laxatives any more.... and my other health probelms are getting mildly better.. (but I can feel that they too will be gone soon).... ... ... I am so happy... and all this with no ”medication”!!!!!!! ...   [End]
  • Some good news... by Tracey  11y   1,800   R
    Hi all...Even though the following ’improvement’ isn’t earth-shattering or IS totally noticeable! ... ... I’m 36 years old and about 4 years ago I started noticing these small bumps on my face. This totally shocked me and I thought: oh I just getting old? Is this what happens? The bumps were just under the skin (not pimple or anything) and were along my jaw line up the side of my face kind of...on both sides. ... ... Thinking about it now (from this new health perspective/knowledge) - those bumps must have been accumulated toxins just beneath the surface of the skin. A layer ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 2nd Flush!!! by Adrick  11y   1,574   R
    My second flush was not as MEGA Prolific as the first one!!! But it was of the pea soup variety...Predominantly pea green (soup) in color, some with brighter/darker green inside. The largest was about 3/4 inch by 1 inch!!! Many pea size with Many twice pea size. A good 100 total, probably more than 150 up to 200 total... ... Am thinking I will do One more flush for sure...And of course I will resume the P and Ps to get stray stones out of the colon!!! ... ... Adrick ...   [End]
  • Re: Question: Right side or left side? by Tracey  11y   1,171   R
    OOoooh very interesting! It’s true...even before I knew about this liver flush...I always automatically lie on my right side if my tummy was feeling bad! hmmmm.... ... ... I really have no idea...maybe for digestion and indigestion the left side is correct because it’s stomach/colon related. Maybe the liver flush right side idea is correct because of how the ducts empty...? ... ... Hmmm...just pulled up the anatomy...and it does kind of loook like things empty to the right.... ... ... Click on the Digestion picture. ... ... Take a look...Whadya think? ... ... T Anatomy ...   [End]
  • What would happen if a stone came out by itself? by peggy  11y   773  
    Anybody know what it would be like or if it’s possible for a gallstone(s) to spontaneously pass out on it’s own, travel thru the intestines and be expelled? Painful? Would you be sick? What symptoms might you experience? ... ... In retrospect, I’m wondering if this is what happened to me a couple months ago when I was mysteriously ill for about a week. (I didn’t know anything about gallstones or this site at that time.)   [End]
  • Re: Gallbladder Removal and Weight Gain by gracie9  10y   5,979  
    I wondered if there was a relation between gallbladder removal and weight gain. I had mine out in May and by October I had gained 20 lbs! ... ... Immediately after the surgery, I realized I could never overdo fats again. So it actually has curbed overeating rich foods, however, I still have an unexplained weight gain. Adding more exercise, and cutting out even more calories has not made any difference. Perhaps the problem has to do with how efficiently (or inefficiently) our systems digest foods without the gallbladder... ... ©†ƒ……•™¼‡_Original_Message_¾€š½ž¢«»¬ï°© ... ... I wondered if there wa ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Adkins diet bad for liver? by #23054  10y   5,370  
  • Re: Question about edema by spiffy  10y   812  
    I too suffer from edema from the waiste down..have you found ... a path to symptom relief yet...   [End]
  • Re: Question about edema by DAR  10y   795  
    simmi ... ... You use the watermelon seeds that are in your watermelon and you use some of the white of the watermelon also. It won’t be as sweet because of that, but it is good per Dr Clark. ... ... Hope this helps ... DAR   [End]
  • Re: Adkins diet bad for liver? Bogus!!!! by AtkinsDieter  10y   4,828  
    I know this is an old message but I have to respond because the content of Davee’s post is so thoroughly bogus. ... ... I have done Atkins for years now - since 1995. It is the only diet which has stabilized a lifelong problem with hypoglycemia. In addition, unlike the ther members of my family, I am the only one who has not become diabetic. ... ... I would love to see the citations for all of Dr Atkins’ supposed problems, Davee :-) , particularly his passing out at lectures, etc. :-) Do you have any? Oh dear - of course you don’t. ... ... I am so, so, so very tired of people trying to force everyone int ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Adkins diet bad for liver? by grog  11y   5,075  
    In all the ’’atkins’’ books the warnings are clear,’’consult your physician first’’ if you have one you can trust. Seriously though, if you have a pre existing condition, like many people who are seeking out alternative health care have, you can hardly blame Atkins for that. Appendicitis and other digestive disorders don’t just appear in two weeks.although i imagine any extreme change to your system could exacerbate your pre existing condition. Or maybe your not a ’’protein type’’. I don’t believe Atkins meant for everybody to eat this way,but he had to destroy the myths that protein and f ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Adkins diet bad for liver? by grog  11y   4,765  
    i believe recent scientific studies and thousands of years of history prove you wrong. and as for the maliscious lies about dr.atkins charactor or intentions or the completely moronic rumours that you chose use shows me your ignorance and narrowmindedness. dr. atkins struggled and fought the establishment and gave more to help people in hopeless situations than people like you will ever know. and no your info was not helpfull, it was hurtful.   [End]
  • Re: I have Liver Problems and need the ABC's This is all Greek to me. by Robbie  11y   842  
    Hi Lynn, ... I just so happen to be browsing through this forum and found your post. By the way, Lynn is my middle name! (smiles) Dont worry, You can find relief from hepatitis. ... Go to the ”Active” liver flush forum and to ”Ask Andreas Moritz” forum and get ALL the information you need to get started flushing your troubles away! Isn’t it wonderful that it wont cost you thousands of dollars and years of problems to take care of your health? Come join us on the ”Active” Liver flush forum and ”Ask Andreas Moritz” forum. ... Robbie   [End]
  • Re: I have Liver Problems and need the ABC's This is all Greek to me. by lynnlavergne  11y   719  
    i am 42 and was told last oct that i will need a transplant in 6 months to a year...i have Hep C and it wasnt founded until my liver is shot...need all the help i can get..this is so over welming at times that i dont know what to do   [End]
  • Re: you may have Celiac sprue by KatieTo  11y   2,231  
    Scarlet, ... Forgive me for responding so late, I just discovered this forum today. I only hope that you check back and read this. From the symptoms you are describing, and from reading your other posts, it really sounds like you have Celiac Sprue, also called celiac disease. It’s an intolerance to Gluten, the protein in Wheat, Barley, and Rye, and it’s relatively common, about 1 in 133 people have it. ... ... Your symptoms are consistent with Celiac disease, and you should really have your doctor test you for it. Doctors don’t think of this, because they used to consider it a rare ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: The answer to all your Problems by grog  11y   1,318  
    lets see peaceforall reverse quack witchery a 50 year old bragg book for reference sounds like a ringer to me.   [End]
  • Re: Gallbladder Removal and Weight Gain by momof 5  11y   5,030  
    I too have also had my gallbladder removed after a pregnancy. I have also gained a whole lot of weight and can’t seem to loose any of it either. I just wanted you to know that you’re not alone.   [End]
  • Re: Question about edema by simmi  11y   802  
    Hi Help me please everyone! ... ... ... Just like Tazviolin, I have done my first gallstone & liver flush and have gone up by 3 dress sizes. ... ... The flush is great though but...... ... ... My hands, feet ankles, upper body,lower body all my physique has balooned so much that I have become so big its frightening me, and they hurt. ... ... 8/10 weeks on I am getting bigger & bigger. ... ... I have now done the watermelon flush and have been drinking watermelon juice for the last 3 days. ... ... Although I pass water (urine) my body is stil very big! ... ... I am really scared now. My bowels never used to open for the last ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Adkins diet bad for liver? by chexi  11y   5,003  
    As one who has done the Atkins diet (actually Protein Power, but there’s not much difference), and as one who has been in moderate ketosis and lost 30 lbs in 3 months (20lbs in the first month), I can say that low-carb dieting is great for losing weight fast. ... ... That said, it’s not something I would do long-term, and in fact, I wouldn’t recommend it even short term. Reducing carbs in general I think is good, but eliminating them is not so good, especially if you eliminate fruits and vegetables in the process. ... ... Being on the Atkins diet is what I think brought me to this forum. By that I ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: The answer to all your Problems by peaceforall  11y   1,396  
    this is almost a reverse wacko statement i just read through braggs book the fasting book and clearly states not to take long fast,,that it takes preparation to begin short little fast and that one should fast 1 day a week and then maybe 4 to 5 days 3 times a year ... ... this chet web page is anoher example of quack witchery in reverse   [End]
  • Re: OO/GF by RMD  11y   1,011  
    Honey, you are on the wrong forum. THis forum has been archived. The active forum is # 17. ... ... I am not a member of the curezone team. I cannot give advice.   [End]
  • Re: OO/GF by whitedove1455  11y   950  
    Please explain to me what a ’slow flush’ is. My daughter is seriously ill with pancreatitis and gallstones. We were supposed to have surgery today, but it was cancelled because of her health. I have been afraid to do a cleanse on her, but maybe a slow cleanse would be safer. ... ... Thanks, ... Claudia   [End]
  • Re: Some good news... by misskitty  11y   1,403  
    Tracey, ... ... ”The bumps were just under the skin (not pimple or anything) and were along my jaw line up the side of my face kind of...on both sides.” ... ... I had these!! I have never had any problems with my complextion, even in the teen years, except around my period. A couple of years ago I started getting these just like you on the jaw line, more on the left side, but both sides. I thought it was stress due to my folks moving in with me. I tried potassium and that helped for a while. (I was taking it for restless leg.) ... ... Anyway I haven’t had any of theses bumps since I did my first li ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Gallbladder Removal and Weight Gain by yvonne  11y   5,217  
    I had my gallbladder removed about a year ago ... and I, too, have gained 10 to 15 pounds since. I have tried everything ... low fat/low cal diet, the Atkins’ Diet, and I have regularly exercised. All to no avail -- I cannot shed these pounds. Why?   [End]
  • Re: Gallbladder Removal and Weight Gain by #161788  11y   5,832  
    I have had the same problem, I have gained weight since my gallbladder was removed and I can not lose weight. I have tried everything. The doctor said that is because my food is digesting differently.   [End]
  • Re: So what would be the ideal diet for someone that is B negative? by INTP  11y   5,025  
    No one ever said life would be easy. But you can’t ignore your body for long. As a O- non-secretor I have a list of foods my body won’t tolerate as long as your arm. And they change all the time. One day I suddenly can’t eat onions. Then a week later it is Ok for awhile. But the list always shrinks with time. Eating out is almost impossible. Unless I keep a bathroom within 5 minutes at all times for the next 6 hours.And if it doesn’t come out, I may shoot up 10 lbs in a day. All from something as simple as the cook used 1 teaspoon of canola oil instead of olive oil. ... ... That is why I keep c ...   [retrieve this message]
  • So what would be the ideal diet for someone that is B negative? by muttgirl  11y   4,858  
    I read the book, but once I found out I couldn’t have chicken, tomatoes and a few other common foods I thought were healthy I never gave it a try. ... ... There didn’t seem to be anything left to eat. I can’t eat too much fish due to the mercury, can’t have tofu because of my thryoid, and now chicken is out. I don’t like beef or lamb. So I am really supposed to eat rabbit? That’s a joke. If I go out to a restaurant what is left to eat other than pasta which is bad for you? ... ...   [End]
  • To: Wellnessyoga Re: Can I skip parasite cleanse and do liver flush? by Jani  11y   4,586  
    Hi Wellnessyoga: ... ... Sorry, I haven’t been on-line for a couple of weeks. You had asked a question about cleaning the blood. I have read many times that you should NOT clean your blood before cleaning the liver. It is my understaning that the Cleansing Order is as follows: ... ... 1. Bowel Cleanse (Herbs, Colonics, Enemas or ALL three is best) ... 2. Parasite Cleanse ... 3. Kidney Clease ... 4. Liver/Gallstone Cleanse ... 5. Blood Cleanse ... 6. Liver/Gallstone Cleanse ... ... The issue you are avoiding is the Liver’s function is to filter out and remove all toxins and poisons. You want it in tip top shap ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Can I skip parasite cleanse and do liver flush? by Jani  11y   4,624  
    Hi Wellnessyoga: ... ... Sorry, I haven’t been on-line for a couple of weeks. You had asked a question about cleaning the blood. I have read many times that you should NOT clean your blood before cleaning the liver. It is my understaning that the Cleansing Order is as follows: ... ... 1. Bowel Cleanse (Herbs, Colonics, Enemas or ALL three is best) ... 2. Parasite Cleanse ... 3. Kidney Clease ... 4. Liver/Gallstone Cleanse ... 5. Blood Cleanse ... 6. Liver/Gallstone Cleanse ... ... The issue you are avoiding is the Liver’s function is to filter out and remove all toxins and poisons. You want it in tip top shap ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: The Epsom Salts by Jani  11y   4,552  
    Does anyone know how to administer Epsom Salts as a drink? How much Epsom Salt to an 8 oz or a quart of drinking water? ... ... Thank You, ... Jani   [End]
  • Re: OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT produced amazing reduction in blood pressure and ... by Rae  11y   2,446  
    What great news about Olive Leaf Extract. How much did he take to get such awesome results? ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: YIKES! by davee1  11y   4,933  
    Yes, a growing body of evidence does indicate that a rapid rise in insulin can contribute to many problems. However, low glycemic foods do NOT cause a rapid rise in insulin in anyone. That is what glycemic index specifically measures. There are many factors that determine GI. Processing is but one. Some starches become gelatinous upon digestion. Even though they have a high fiber content, they still have a high GI. Surprisingly sugar and pasta have moderate to low GI’s while brown rice has a high GI. GI is the most important factor in considering a carbohydrates impact on blood sugar and i ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: The answer to all your Problems by #163080  11y   1,356  
    That is a great article but be AWARE of distilled water! ... ... Eric ...   [End]
  • Re: Is it okay to flush once a week instead of waiting to flush every tw... by on my way to health  11y   1,332  
    From the reading I have done, lots of flushes can be a bit taxing on the kidneys??? I wonder if just lots of distilled water and/or tea in between times could help this since it would help in flushing the system. I have been through 4 flushes and still can feel the gallbladder in there talking to me with all sorts of twitches and cramps. I have done 2 flushes back to back and seem no worse for the wear. ... ... follow your instinct.   [End]
  • Re: YIKES! by Ron  11y   4,765  
    Hi PTRee, ... ... ”Fiber husk is very beneficial and is an essential part of a colon cleansing program...but the ... grains do not have to be ingested to obtain this benefit. Daily fiber can also be obtained ... from seeds (ie. flax) and vegetables.” ... ... What does the above quote mean? Why would eating the grains be less beneficial than what you suggest. ... I never said that anyone should avoid eating vegetables or flax seed with a meal. ... ... I did say that the amount of fiber that is required to prevent constipation was insufficient if it was only gotten ... from supplements, so eating the 1/2 cup or ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: YIKES! by Ron  11y   4,757  
    Regarding fiber husks.. ... ... I have heard and agreed with Dr Teplisky on a lot of what he says. ... I just prefer to get my fiber from the closest farmer/grainery etc instead of from the trendy shops. ... Maybe I am just trying to get back to nature and do it the cheapest way. Do you have a store? ... ... Ron   [End]
  • Re: YIKES! reply to PRTee by Ron  11y   4,861  
    Hi PTRee, ... ... If you are into colonics it is no wonder why you deny the use of fiber to prevent constipation. ... No one said that eating like a horse was the way to move stool but keeping the hard rocks of stool ... from forming is a big help. Bread and pasta are big culprits in constipation and a slow perisistalysis ... is another because the longer stool remains in the colon tha more dehydrated and HARDER it becomes. ... IBS is mainly a self inflicted condition unless there is an underlying neurological problem in the gut. ... ... I am not speaking from the pulpit... The attached article quotes SEVEN s ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: YIKES! by UserX  11y   4,769  
    Let me clarify...when I said that I think you missed ’his’ point...I was referring to Hypoguy...not Davee. ... ... There are other issues with grains besides gluten-intolerance and fiber content. Consuming grains also produces an increase in insulin levels which a growing body of research shows has implications for obesity, heart disease, cancer and perhaps most chronic illnesses. Again...I will refer you to for further information on this. ... ... You wrote: ... ... ”Others may have bowel troubles like UC, IBD or crohns and thay have been told to avoid fiber because of ... strictures... ” ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Tracey... by Earthling  11y   1,569  
    Re: allergies, yes, I have done two cleanses in the past two months and I have never experienced allergies like this. I am taking Claritin, which isn’t helping all that much, and just today started on the Echinacea. Hope it will help. I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing this type of reaction from a cleanse.   [End]
  • For Davee 1.......... by Southern Belle  11y   4,767  
    I am catching up on my curezone reading and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your responses to the Dr. Adkins diet. You have a lot of common sense! I was on the Dr. Adkins’ diet for two weeks and ended up in the hospital with a ruptured appendix. I had never been much of a meat eater and because I have to have a reason for everything, I blamed all that meat on my appendix problem. I have no idea if that has any basis for truth, but it makes perfect sense to me! ... ... I think you need your own forum on curezone. Interested? ... ... Paulette G.   [End]
  • Re: I'm glad someone jumped to conclusions??? by Ron  11y   1,706  
    Hi Tracey, ... ... (I do agree that cortisone weakens tissue and can delay healing and can leave deposits ... in injured joints if used too often, but this is a local application like BOTOX for a specific ... and expected reaction.) ... ... Explain your fears and I will dispel them in this case. ... ... Ron   [End]
  • Re: YIKES! by Ron  11y   4,855  
    Hi PTRee, ... ... I think I actually ansrwred Daveee’s question quite well. ... I realize that some are allergic to Gluten and they have to be careful with certain grains. ... ... Others may have bowel troubles like UC, IBD or crohns and thay have been told to avoid fiber because of ... strictures... ... ... The rest of us may have had trouble with flour products blocking us up and doctors may have suggested ... ”Fiber Supplements like Metamucil with less than great results. ... Fiber from the husks of whole grains will prevent constipation and keeps the liquids that cause diarrhea ... from flooding the gut. Gr ...   [retrieve this message]
  • YIKES! by UserX  11y   4,892  
    I think you may have missed the point that he was trying to make! Your post implied that there was no problem with unrefined carbs...but there are some who believe that ANY grains can pose a problem...see for more info on this. ... ... Also, the very common combo of starches with proteins (a la meat ’n taters) is a crummy pair for food combining...not the easiest to digest and often a culprit for gas and bloating. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Do castor oil packs work for gallstones? by Depressed  11y   4,181  
    Hi Yemaya----- ... ... I have used castor oil on my face for many years---am now in my middle 40’s and have NO wrinkles. I do believe it works! And is very cheap! Just massage a small amount in to prevent ”crow’s feet” around the eyes, a small amount around your lips to stop those annoying and unattractive lines that develop around the mouth. Also use on your neck to stop sagging! Thanks for asking!   [End]
  • Re: Adkins diet bad for liver? by Ron  11y   4,844  
    Hi Hip No Guy, ... ... I think this is what you are looking for. A respected study. ... ... ... Ron   [End]
  • Re: Adkins diet bad for liver? by Ron  11y   4,934  
    Hi Hip No Guy, ... ... Could you tell me what it is about the word UNREFINED that you do not understand? ... ... Flour based products are what you must avoid in order to avoid REFINED carbs. ... Bread, pasta, cookies, crackers, bagels pretzels and white rice must be avoided. ... Potatoes and root vegetables are OK in moderation WITH meals that contain protein. ... ... ... ... Let me know if there is more convincing required ... ... Ron   [End]
  • Re: Adkins diet bad for liver? by #163633  11y   5,056  
    Hi Ron, here we go again ;) ... ... ”...but if they are UNREFINED CARBS they will give you the nutrients you mention without the rapid and high bloodsugar rises that are so addictive and harmful. Grains will release their starches and sugars slowly...” ... ... I see this everywhere, but I think that it is mostly a suburban legend. I have never seen a study backing this up, perhaps you have. Even if you have seen many randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled studies backing this up, it is true that: ... ... No matter how whole, organic, cold stone ground, refrigerated or loved grains may be, many folk ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Should I flush this weekend or not??? (need advice!) by zora  11y   1,345  
    Scarlet, ... craving water is one of the first signs of diabetes. ... My mother got diabetes after following a strict grapes-only diet for a few months. She lost a lot of weight and felt great at first, but then started getting sicker and sicker. So be careful with the diets you are following.   [End]
  • Adkins diet and diabetes by zora  11y   4,984  
    My mother is a diabetic, and she could not keep her blood sugar in the norm by using medicine only. But she didn’t want to go on insulin. Once she started Dr. Bernstein’s diet (which is essentially the same as the Atkins diet but includes no carbohydrates ever) she was able to manage her blood sugar! This diet is easy to follow because you never go hungry, and your blood sugar doesn’t go up and down so much. Dr. Bernstein is also a diabetic, and he himself has been on this diet for a long time and lived a much healthier life than before he started the diet. As far as the protein damaging y ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Hey StarBrite!! by Southern Belle  11y   1,399  
    It is so good to hear from you and yes, you have been missed!! I checked out the website---That is great!! Looks like you are doing well with it, too! ... ... Paulette G.   [End]
  • Re: gold coin grass by zora  11y   1,795  
    The flushes work--I am passing a lot of stones. However, I’m still geting attacks between flushes and the stones are probably big because they get stuck for a long time--up to 15 hours! So I need to break up the stones in smaller parts to flush all of them out. ...   [End]
  • Re: Adkins diet bad for liver? by #165733  11y   4,775  
    Hi Daveeee, ... ... When you say unsanitary conditions, I agree... but what do people get from such conditions? ... INFECTIONS and what IS now available to treat that? ANTIBIOTICS? ... ... Modern sewage and water treatment with chlorine and fluoride is part of avoiding infections, ... and so is modern medicine and prompt diagnosis, but I know ... of people on farms who are sick less than cityfolk, (often living into their late ninetys). ... ... (I am sure it has to deal with fewer muggings and not being hit by buses... or breathing the exhaust fumes.) ... ... Ron ...   [End]
  • flush by Tracey  11y   1,595  
    You can still flush, yes! Also...take milk thistle & dandelion in tincture form...this will rejuevenate and heal. ... ... Did you do a search on the curezone search engine for pancreatis & liver flush? (using those three keywords?) I bet you’ll find lots of information on it! ... ... T Hulda Clark Liver Flush ...   [End]
  • Re: Adkins diet bad for liver? by Davee1  11y   4,725  
    I agree with you 100% about refined carbs. The book I mentioned ”The new glucose revolution” is all about that. I don’t completely agree,however, that the #1 reason people live longer is antibiotics. There are many reasons including the fact that people no longer live and work in close proximity to work animals and unsanitary conditions. I know people in their 70’s who live completely organic lives (no innoculations, no antibiotics) and are healthy and vibrant. In fact I hope to be that healthy when I reach that age. My point in mentioning it was that the diet of our ancestors is often cit ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Adkins diet bad for liver? by Ron  11y   5,227  
    Hi Daveeee, ... ... You have some good points but any diet which gets results can also influence people who are too easily led ... that more of the same is better.... ... ... Do not forget that many have tried the carb counting and supplemented diets only to regain more than ... the original weight when they fell of the difficult bandwagon. ... The secret is in avoiding the REFINED carbs which did not exist in caveman days. Fat cavemen never ... had the drive to catch and kill a Mastodon ... ... PS... The NUMBER ONE reason why people live longer NOW is because of ANTIBIOTICS ... Pasta and bread will kill you if you ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Adkins diet bad for liver? by Ron  11y   5,756  
    Hi Daveeee, ... ... The one good thing about the atkins diet is that the dieter sees results, lowers BP, helps prevent diabetic ... nerve damage, learns to live without REFINED carbs (which did not exist in Caveman Days) , gets more than ... enough protein to help build muscle.. Ooops that is MORE than ONE good thing! ... (I am surprised that you didn’t mention a connection between his diet and falling on the icy sidewalk.) ... ... I do take issue with the lack of carbs, but if they are UNREFINED CARBS they will give you the nutrients you ... mention without the rapid and high bloodsugar rises that are so ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: The answer to all your Problems by StarBrite  11y   1,638  
    Hi Southern Belle---I agree with you! Naked..hum. could be a good thing! I have missed you. I have been busy lately, but, I am BACK. I have a new site on Ebay Auctions. It has been taking up a lot of my CUREZONE time. I have a link to CureZone on the bottom of my page so others may find ’good health’. ... ... Check it out**NITEFRIGHT AUCTIONS at: ...   [End]
  • Re: The answer to all your Problems by Southern Belle  11y   1,511  
    Thanks for sharing! ... ... I agree with all of that, but how in the world do you strip naked and walk in the sun for 15 minutes in the city? ... ... Paulette G........   [End]
  • Re: Adkins diet bad for liver? by StarBrite  11y   4,877  
    Shannon, ... ... Hello! It has been a LONG time since I have posted on CureZone! I am SSOOOO busy with everything going on in my life! I have been on Atkins for about three (3) weeks now, have lost about 13 pounds. It is really hard to eat a lot of meat, with out veggies. I am off of it now, but, still trying to ’watch what I eat’. I know that is very bad for your digestive system. As a lot of you long time CureZone members will remember, I have had a LOT of problems with my colon! By consuming a lot of proteins, and not enough leafy greens, you will be very constipated!!! Or at least I ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Still Confused by INTP  11y   4,893  
    You will get various opinions because Atkins is: ... Excellent for blood type O non-secretors ... Good for blood type O secretors ... OK for blood type B (both) ... Marginal for blood type AB (both) ... Poor for blood type A (both) ... ... See Peter D’Adamo blood type diets via ... ... ... The only reason blood type enters into it is that the genes for blood type and digestion/food tolerance are close to each other on the chromosones. ... ... A major advantage to the blood type diets is for people who are being made ill by their diet. Great health improvements are seen by those people who try thes ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Adkins diet bad for liver? by Davee1  11y   5,480  
    I have already posted twice, but I just read your last message. I don’t want you to get discouraged. I am an exercise physiologist with a minor in nutrition. I have worked with over 1000 people. I have seen people lose on all types of diets. By far the greatest success, long term, that people have had is with a balanced diet that contains moderate amounts of good protein (even from animal sources), good carbs (low glycemic), and good fats. Of course calories are important also. You don’t want to lose weight fast for 2 reasons. 1) You can develop gall stones (fat and cholesterol are process ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Adkins diet bad for liver? by Davee1  11y   4,866  
    Clinical studies have not proved it’s just fine, and the carbs that are re-introduced are still too low to fuel many vital functions in the body. That is the opinion of almost all the scientists who specialize in diet as it relates to health and fitness. As far as the clinical studies, they are all short term and they only address weight loss and overall cholesterol. Just about any diet can help you lose weight if you stick to it (And don’t forget exercise). Cholesterol is one of the most misunderstood concepts in nutrition. Short term adjustments don’t equate to better health. There are a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: liver flush while on parasite cleanse? by cm  11y   1,516  
    I haven’t seen ”anything” yet, but am feeling quite sleepy on the parasite cleanse - gonna try and get some arginine. I’m not feeling any nausea or anything. I think based on your advice, I’ll go for the gb/liver flush this weekend. ... ... Thanks for the responses! ... Catherine (cm)   [End]
  • Re: Adkins diet bad for liver? by netav  11y   4,786  
    Hi Shannon, ... The Atikin’s diet is one of the most misunderstood. Even he does not think people should stay on the two week instroduction longer than two weeks. ... If you are an O blood type (or at least not an A type) the diet will work great for you. Make sure that you take some fiber. Ground flax seeds work great. ... If I had to lose weight, here’s what I would do. If you want to lose it fast (you have a special event coming up soon) I would do the Atkins diet for a couple of weeks, then migrate to the blood type diet. ... If you are not in a hurry and want a diet you can do for ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: liver flush while on parasite cleanse? by Spirit  11y   1,570  
    If youe feel OK, and you haven’t seen anything (~) coming out from you, you don’t have to wait, just do the flush. ... ... D.   [End]
  • Yes actually by Shannon  11y   4,888  
    Yeah, I’ve done 2 flushes so far. ... ... I think it’s a matter of my diet. I seems to get on and off diets all the time and never really stick to anything. I’m an all or nothing person too, which doesn’t help. I just feel confused on which on to be on. ... ... Shannon ...   [End]
  • Re: Still Confused by #162453  11y   4,928  
    Hey Shannon... ... I understand your confusion with the statement why did God put bananas on the planet in the first place. I felt the same way. However after reading the Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type info on this site & then furthur delving on other sites regarding blood types the information was very logical to me. It is based on the concept that different blood-types digest foods differently. I think once the medical community & world understands that each human being is very unique & comes into this world with different obstacles be that hereditary,genetics,blood-types,etc, we will finally ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Reg: Thanks to Bluduck -from kal --4th successful flush with about 6... by stella  11y   1,771  
    hi I was about to perfrom the liver flush today friday. Wed. I started having sharp pains on my left side. Went to my accupuntorist/kinsiology and he said I have pancreasitits. hmmmm he treated me for and I fell better but I read a great deal on it and wonder if it could be from gallstones. should I still do the flush or is it too late. is ther a pancreas flush. please help thanks   [End]
  • Have you tried liver flushing? by #97091  11y   4,847  
    This is supposed to be so helpful for people who have a hard time losing weight. There may be a reason your body is unable to lose it.   [End]
  • Still Confused by Shannon  11y   5,024  
    Once again there are differing opinions. There just seems to be one for EVERYTHING. And when people are against something, they REALLY are against it. I’ve been trying to go raw for the last couple weeks. I did this to lose some weight. It’s not working fo me. I’ve had my doubts about it because of what I’ve read against it. I really don’t understand where you are to get protein from this unless you eat a ton of nuts (which have lots of fat, and if you over do them you will gain weight). I don’t know if I should eat meat or not. Gosh, this is this all so confusing. Some people sa ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: liver flush while on parasite cleanse? by Ed  11y   1,651  
    Hi , my wife and I were suppose to be on a 18 days parasite cleanse programme , but on the 15th day, we decided to do our first liver flush, about a week ago.I suppose everything was ok, as we didnt feel sick and managed to get quite a number of ”stones”. I will be doing my 2nd flush next Friday.   [End]
  • TO ROSEMARY:Re: Faith - quick question by butterfly  11y   4,917  
  • Re: Adkins diet bad for liver? to davee1 by butterfly  11y   4,983  
    i amglad someone has some good info about adkins. i have always tought it was not good for health. like the kidneys get overloaded. this is my opinion. if you must do this diet do it for a short time. if you can do anoth one do it. i know of a couple that did lose lots of weight. i wonder what is going to happened to there kidneys down the road. i personally would not do it. first like you if they are advertising their products. i ususally say no. they are not making money off of me. ... ... good article thank you. hopefully a lot of people see this article. ... ... faith   [End]
  • The answer to all your Problems by brianski35  11y   2,102  
    Well here is the link to all your problems. A look into Dr. Richard S. Info.. Remember you can cure any disease. SMILE. Are you ready for it? Well here it is… ... ... ... ... Do everything you seen in this link and you will get well I now because god told me. ... No B.S. Really I am serious. ... ... I LOVE YOU ALL… GET WELL SOON :) ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Adkins diet bad for liver? by #161567  11y   4,798  
    Shannon, ... I work in Viral Vaccine Research and my boss is an M.D., Ph.D. trained ... in one of the top schools in the nation, and is affiliated with one of ... the finest hospitals in NY. He will stand on clinical studies for the ... most part. He believes the Atkins diet is fine. He does qualify that ... by stating the first 2 weeks are rigid but carbs are then introduced. ... Many times individuals continue on with the 2-wk diet since they are ... losing weight, and certainly understood. But if you go to the library ... and secure one of Atkins books you will notice he has 3 plans, and ... plan 2 & 3 definite ...   [retrieve this message]
  • liver flush while on parasite cleanse? by cm  11y   1,595  
    Hi there, ... ... I am currently on a Parasite Cleanse (Clarkia) and was hoping to do my 2nd liver/gb flush this weekend. I am only on day 5 of the parasite cleanse. Would it be better to wait until I have finished the Parasite Cleanse to do the liver/gb flush? ... ... Let me know what you think, ... Catherine (cm)   [End]
  • Re: Adkins diet bad for liver? by Davee1  11y   5,465  
    Most people don’t know, but Dr. Atkins lost his medical license for malpractice. He also has been known to pass out while giving lectures (probably low glucose levels). His claim that our ancestors ate like his diet in our ”hunter gatherer” days is erroneous. Wild animals are far different than farm raised domesticated animals. Their fat content was mostly polyunsaturated, not saturated. We also know that life expectancy back then was very low.There are a host of problems with the diet. The body can not possibly produce enough glucose from a ketogenic diet. The first thing it will do in th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Adkins diet bad for liver? by Ron  11y   5,260  
    Hi Shannon. ... ... Dr Atkins was a practicing MD since the sixties. He has been preaching this diet since the seventies. ... He has written at least three books on this diet, for all to see. ... If there was a problem, would he have been wise to NOT warn everyone about it? ... ... If loosing weight is bad for your liver, then ALL diets must be bad for your liver. ... If you have a liver problem, what does your doctor recommend? ... ... Ron   [End]
  • Re: Do castor oil packs work for gallstones? farscape66 by Blueduck  11y   4,807  
    farscape66, ... I do think the castor oil packs help with congested gall bladders and pain. However it will not make gall stones come out and be passed. The only way that can happen is with the liver flush. I hope this answers your question. If you have any more questions, please post them. ... Blueduck   [End]
  • Adkins diet bad for liver? by Shannon  11y   5,950  C  
    I need to lose weight and was thinking about trying this diet. Is it bad for the liver? ... ... ... Shannon ...   [End]
  • Re: Do castor oil packs work for gallstones? by yemaya  11y   3,808  
    what do you do for wrinkles on the face.. just dab a bit on? or do you use the heat source too?   [End]
  • Re: Do castor oil packs work for gallstones? by Depressed  11y   3,564  
    I have tried the castor oils packs, using a TDP mineral lamp as the heat source. It took the pain away while I was doing the packs, but as far as ”long term” results, I cannot say I noted any in the two months I have been doing them----was doing 1-2 per day, usually every other day or so. Castor oil is also a GREAT product to use for wrinkles on the face---now it DOES work for that!   [End]
  • Re: Third flush! by ocean  11y   1,377  
    hi! don’t be least you got some and didn’t gag on the 00 - i have to try this coke flush and see how it works out. it will be my 5th, and i only got stones out on the first...nothing after that..but worms! ... well at least you got the critters out...they can be a hassle and take a while to get rid of. 4 months for me! ... ... i think cola cravings may be something more then just caffeine addiction. if there is no caffeine in it they you are craving sugar and carbs. etiher way something in you is feeding off it and saying give me more. hmmm. parasites? since my paracleansing i’ve ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Third flush! by Tracey  11y   1,355  
    Hi Alaska! So...are you going to stop at one flush? It might be beneficial for you to do another one in 2 weeks....? ... ... With just have to abstain. Get a non-carbonated beverage (carbonation isn’t good for you) to have every once in a while...but really you should be drinking LOTS of water if you want to be superhealthy! ... ... T   [End]
  • Re: Should I flush this weekend or not??? (need advice!) by Tracey  11y   1,463  
    Scarlet...sounds like you have a great, open doctor. Listen to him and your body and go from there! ... ... T   [End]
  • Re: Great Test Results by #164931  11y   1,462  
    Wow! You have a good memory! Sorry I have not been posting more often. The last couple of months have been so busy that I have not been on line as much as I would like. Along with eating better and flushing, we increased our exercise. ... We surprised ourselves finishing in the top third, walking & running in a 5K raising money for breast cancer. Thanks again to everyone for your always-kind encouragement. ...   [End]
  • Re: gold coin grass by sadru  11y   1,905  
    PHOSFOOD from road -to- health help disolve stones in 3 days.   [End]
  • Re: Should I flush this weekend or not??? (need advice!) by #97091  11y   1,524  
    The stars are VERY subtle. Almost like ”was that my imagination?” kind of subtle. I’ve only had them since I started this whole liver flushing thing. I’ve only done one flush, but weeks before I started taking the Chinese bitters and GCG --at separate times, don’t worry! ... ... I’ve also started taking Curcuma and Coptis, only I have laid off it for a few days. ... ... I don’t really feel any need to waste my money getting tested for hypoglycemia or diabetes if this liver flush is supposed to fix it. I’ve made it this far, if I can make it another few months, hopefully these digestive probl ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Should I flush this weekend or not??? (need advice!) by #163633  11y   1,537  
    Dear Miss Scarlet, ... ... Sounds like you may have more than one thing going on. It would be nice if it were just the water/flu, but I don’t like the sound of the panic attacks/stars. Exactly when do you see stars? When you get up in the morning? After eating certain things? How long has this been happening? Before the nausea/flushing started, or just recently? ... ... FYI, stars can be a big danger sign for blood sugar problems. What kind of doctor are you going to? Have you been accurately tested for reactive hypoglycemia as well as fasting hypoglycemia and diabetes? You might want to revisit th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: classic coke cleanse by rene  11y   2,015  
    Hi Stacey I have never don any flushes before but I do feel I need to and thankyou for your help.Rene   [End]
  • Re: classic coke cleanse by Tracey  11y   3,701  
    Hi there isn’t any packet that you can take that will do the same things as these excellent flushes. ... ... Here is the classic coke flush (I’ll be doing it with rootbeer!): ... ... Here is the Hulda clark Flush: ... ... You can do a combination of Hulda’s lead up, fast, no fat etc etc...take the epsom salts..then down the coke/oo/lemon drink. Next morning take more epsom salts. ... ... Happy Flushing! ... ... T   [End]
  • Re: classic coke cleanse by rene  11y   2,011  
    What is a classic coke cleanse and how do you mix it and take it,also can you buy in a herb store packets made up for liver cleanse. Rene   [End]
  • I'm glad someone responded to that!! n/p by Tracey  11y   1,662  
  • Re: classic coke cleanse by Tracey  11y   2,017  
    I’ll be rooting for you! ... ... By the way...what is ’dh’? I’ve seen it a lot lately.... ... ... T   [End]
  • Re: classic coke cleanse by Alaska  11y   2,046  
    The coke cleanse works. If you think you would like that one better go, I would do that one. I found even though it doesn’t say not to eat after two, it is best to follow that protocol. Good luck.   [End]
  • Re: classic coke cleanse by #165485  11y   1,974  
    Hey Tracey, I’m not doing the coke cleanse. My dh doesn’t think it will work properly and because I’m in serious trouble I’d better do the awful one that I know works. I guess the last time I had to do this was two years ago. I’m almost done work and can head home to prepare for the inevitable. - Jody   [End]
  • Re: classic coke cleanse by Tracey  11y   2,137  
    The soy milk has fat in it...don’t eat the need to build up bile (only released when you eat fat) in order to push out the stones... ... ... Read the Hulda Flush below to follow that protocol...just changing the olive oil/grapefruit mix for the coke/oo/lemon drink. ... ... Good luck! ... ... Tracey Hulda’s Liver Flush ...   [End]
  • Re: Should I flush this weekend or not??? (need advice!) by Cutie Pie  11y   1,603  
    Oh Miss Scarlet, ... I read about your first good flush. Great but don’t stop now. ... Did you follow through with your plan to do a colonic? ... ... Keep taking your parasite cleanses!!! That is so important. They are NON TOXIC. You say you get panic attacks when you do. That’s because you are killing parasites from all over your body including from inside of your heart. ... ... So use your head to win the battle. The panic attacks will pass. ... ... Do you still have your friend’s zapper? Use it every single day until you are feeling better. ... ... When you did the liver flush, y ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: classic coke cleanse by #165485  11y   2,084  
    Hi, okay I took a tsp of epsom salts last night, it was bad though. At midnight I thought we were going to be headed to the hospital. I’ll be drinking the epsom salts and water when I get home. So far today I’ve had soya milk, toast/jam, orange, crackers - I have yogurt here but wondering if its a bad idea to eat it. I need to keep my strength up till I’m done work. Then tonight I’ll drink the olive oil/grapefuit and hopefully pass alot of stones in the morning before I have to be at work at 12:30.   [End]
  • Third flush! by Alaska  11y   1,372  
    Well my third flush did not yield an extreme amount of stones probably in the end I will get about twenty. However I felt like a few parasites were flushed too. The epsom salts hit me harder than they have in the past and the odd thing is I lowered the dosage to two tbls. I did not feel sick in this flush at all, (except when drinking the es) For the first time I mixed the coke with the olive oil. drinking it through a straw and plugging my nose the only thing I tasted was the fizz of the coke. Not bad at all. Well I am glad I did not have awesome results because the whole purpose of these ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: classic coke cleanse by Tracey  11y   2,049  
    Epspom salts? That takes away the pain almost instantly, apparently. 1 tbsp of ES in 3/4 cup of water. ... ...’re eating fat free today up until 2pm then fasting and doing the flush? Are you using epsom salts before and after to relax the bile ducts and eliminate the stones in the morning? ... ... T   [End]
  • Re: Great Test Results by Mrs. Ev  11y   1,477  
    That is terrific news!! And I’m so happy you shared it. I’m looking forward to checking my cholesterol levels. I’ll post them if I ever get tested.   [End]
  • Re: Great Test Results by Tracey  11y   1,456  
    Hi Monica! I remember you from a few months ago! Glad to hear that within only a few months he got his levels WAY down! Yay! ... ... Keep us posted on future good news too... ... ... Tracey   [End]
  • Re: Great Test Results by Juniper Berry  11y   1,536  
    Dear Monica, ... ... That is AWESOME!! God has really blessed me through this site as well. I’ve learned so much. I’m truly happy for you and Michael! That’s just GREAT!! Thanks for sharing. ... ... Juniper Berry   [End]
  • Re: I'm going to replace prune juice for the "epsom salts" portion by Juniper Berry  11y   4,934  
    Hi Rosemary! ... ... Yeah, that bottled drink can really pucker up my mouth! I’m puckered up right now just THINKING about it! HA! But actually, I’m getting used to drinking all sorts of ”good” things, so I can definitely handle a little of that!?! ... ... Good luck with your flushing!! ... ... JB   [End]
  • I've tried both ways... by #166751  11y   1,711  
    once with applejuice 5 days before and once without and there wasn’t any difference. ... ... I’ve never had any pain yet without the apple juice. ... ... LIsa ... ...   [End]
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