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Liver Flush Results

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  • Re: 7th flush last night- now in pain!   R by Julia  11y   3,918
    Thank you so much!! I tried the bath and also had some of Dr. Schulzeís Detox tea. Both seemed to help alot! I donít know if it was the effects of the tea itself or the heat but what little pain was left after the bath, disappeared after the tea. It is several hours later now and I have a little pain. The flush kind of wipes me out, so I have decided to wait and see if I really need to do another right away. If I can, I will try to wait two weeks. ... ... Again-- thank you!!   [End]
  • 7th flush last night- now in pain!   R by Julia  11y   6,289
    I am pretty sure that I must have a stone stuck in a bile duct. I was up half the night with feelings of incredible pressure, then pain in my gallbladder area. I took more es and another 1/4 c oo then finally slept. Woke up this morning still in pain. I have passed a very small amount of tiny stones, I feel, dizzy, tired, and have a headache. ... ... Should I flush again tonight? And is there anything I can do now to help. Could I start another flush in the middle of the day? If I did do another flush during the day, would I need to be resting or just normal activity? ... ... Any advice would be g ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Third flush results!   R by Zachel  11y   2,540
    ... Hello everyone! ... ... ... ... For my third flush, I decided to try naturemanís recipe which uses no epsom salts. I ate only raw/dried fruit and salad the morning of the flush. ... ... Instead of the first dose of epsom salts, I took 400 mg of magnesium citrate, and 400 mg again for the second dose. Right before bed I took the grapefruit/olive oil mixture, and for the first time I felt really nauseous from it--I almost vomited, and couldnít finish the whole thing. I managed to get most of it down, though. (Maybe I needed more grapefruit juice?) ... ... ... ... I laid down on my right side, and I could ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Coffee Enemas Detoxify Liver!   R by Tracey  11y   2,406
    Hi Alleygator...yes, you should definitely flush again! ... ... I know some people are averse to enemas, but you should read the good stuff about coffee enemas! (like Dusan suggests) They detoxify the liver and gallbladder....soooo, it could do wonders for you... ... ... Tracey All about Coffee Enemas ...   [End]
  • Hemorrhoids?   R by Spirit  11y   1,905
    Hemorrhoids cures: ... ... - Foods that doesnít cause constipation (liquid foods), especialy soups and fish ... ... - Motion - walking (sitting is bad!) ... - drinking planty of water ... - consuming unrefined foods ... - eliminating all refined and processed foods ... ... - whole brown rice, cooked long time, with sesame salt is considered good for many people ... ... ... - roll cabbage leave into ĒcigarettĒ, lubricate it with olive oil, and insert it into anus, it is considered the best band-aid ... ... ... Spirit   [End]
  • my fourth flush   R by #166713  11y   1,942
    to those out there wondering if these liver flushings work , I am here to tell you yes and keep on doing them. I was in a lot of pain for a auto accident years ago. Pain that would not go away. ... ... I was turned on to the parasite cleanse with hydrogen peroxide. I was doing this for three week and stumble on to this site could not believe what I was reading, so I did the liver cleanse with the epson salt and oil the first one did not work but I was sick when i did this only to make my self realy sick, my second flush went better 4 weeks later clearing out 125 green stones, my next flush I d ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Pregnant w/gallstones and in agony! Please help   R by Spirit  11y   4,537
    Read here: ... ... ... ATTACK ! ... ..HELP! Gallstones Attack! Pain ... What can I do? † cholesterol ... is killing me ... ... † ... ... ... Pregnancy! ... ... Which is the safest gallbladder cleanse duri ... † Celia ... ... † ... ... ... FEAR! ... I am ... affraid to do cleanse ? Help me ? † really scared ... Lab ... documentation of stones † Serenitii7 ... SAFETY ???? ... † Doctor ... Can oil that we ... drink, lubricate bile ducts? † oil sceptic ... Nursing a ... newborn and doing a flush † Anameke ... Can the flush ... help for stone stuck in duct? † sceptic ... DOCTOR! ... ... positive feedback ...   [retrieve this message]
  • recipe for liver cleans (flush)   R by James108  11y   1,685
    I have Dr. Clarkes book at home but I am travelling abroad. Could somebody send me the recipe for the liver flush from her book please. Thank you. ... James. ... ... by the way, I used to cough foggy colored flem each morning and spit it out after waking up. after zapping for three days it stopped and never came back.   [End]
  • My Quick Cleanse   R by _BOB  11y   2,099
    Mantzí Quick Cleanse ... ... ... My recommendation is Ė if you have the time and patience, do Dr. Richard Schulzeís 5-day flushes. ... They are not only very good cleanses Ė they are restorative as well. These are the starting points for any healing process. ... ... Iíve noticed that the individual who is not deathly ill may not have the fortitude to stick with a cleanse for 5 or 10 days or more. What Iíve done is combine some of the highlights of other flushes into a quick 2-day flush and cleanse. I use it personally and am quite happy with the results. I use it occasionally to Ďclear outí. It wo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Phenomenal Results with NO epsom salts   R by natureman8  11y   2,263
    I did my second flush at the weekend. ... It was a great experience. ... Alot of stuff, huge amounts. ... First came the tan stones, than the olive green, then the deepest darkest green ones. Some as big as my thumb (i have big thumbs too). I even saw a few orange ones!! ... I didnít use epsom salts, my body doesnít like the stuff. ... I devised my own flush based on research and intuition. It worked for me. I felt great the next day and had plenty of energy to go shoppping and then party all that night ( i know i couldnít of done that with 4 tbsp of epsom salts in me) ... My flush went like this: ... I took ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Eat good fats for gallbladder   R by Spirit  11y   11,386
    Miss Scarlet, ... I read about very few people who encountered pain while doing flush (ca 3), and maybe 2 of them think that pain was caused by stone being somewhere inside ducts (stone stuck). ... ... Now, 2 people is far to little to make any conclusions, and certainly too little to answer your question. ... ... But, going non-fat for a few days can for sure create stronger reaction inside liver-gallbladder and may result in larger number of stones. ... ... ... BUT, be aware, that non-fat or low-fat diet is No1 cause of gallstones. ... ... Low-fat diet will cause bile stagnation, and bile stagnation is very im ...   [retrieve this message]
  • My Version of the Hulda Clark's Liver Flush - Tracey   R by Tracey  11y   10,686
    Oh Blackberry....Iíve just been laughing and laughing over your post - YUP, thatís how it goes allright!! ha! ... ... You know...I vaguely remember what youíre talking about...but who knows where that is now! Iíll just copy the wee section I give my friends and family (and people off the street)....see if this will work for you...? ... ... *** ... ... I finished my big cleanse off with a Liver Flush. It worked really well. If youíre doing this Liver Flush while on the Lemonade Cleanse and Bowel Cleanse, then donít eat all that food on the ímorning of the flushí...but do have some freshly squeezed juice o ...   [retrieve this message]
  • discover a new liver cleanse   R by butterfly  11y   2,314
    in the book called: the complete book of ayurvedic home remedies by vasant lad. ... ... 8 oz olive oil, 4 oz lemon juice, 1 chopped garlic clove, and 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper. ... ... drink this entire mixture early in the morning at about 6 a.m. on an empty stomach. do not eat anything until noon. if you feel thirsty drink hot water or a little lime juice. ... ... the treatment is suppose to be a shock to the gallbladder, ehich contracts and squeezes the gallblader stones out into the duodenum. ... ... that night take 1/2 teaspoon of triphala with warm water. the next day you will pass sone green stu ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Adrick   R by Adrick  11y   1,838
    Hey Tracey! ... ... All went well! After I followed your advice with the epsom salts in the morning. The night before I tried that Flavored laxative Instead. ... I had started to do FILíS suggested Liver Flush. The entire day all I drank was the lemon juice with no maple syrup but a bit of cayenne pepper...and some water... ... By 8 PM I took the first dose of 1 T olive oil; 8:30 PM 1 t flax oil; 9:00PM 1 T olive oil; 9:30 PM 1 t flax oil; 10 PM 1 T olive oil and 10:30 PM 1 t flax oil. Then I read your message suggesting I not omit the epsom salts so I took the Flavored laxative about 10:30 ...   [retrieve this message]
  • my flush story   R by maddie  11y   1,606
    Okay so here is my tale, not as exciting as I had hoped but the good news is I didnít drop dead which I was worried about lol. ... ... I did the clark flush but only one dose of epsoms and a small teaspoon at that at about 8pm because I have chronic diarrhea so didnít wanna go overboard. At 10pm I did the grapefruit and OO and it was not as disgusting as I imagined at all. I immediately lay on my right side with knees up and felt some ĒspasmsĒ on the right side and the left side. ... ... I fell asleep for 2 hours and woke feeling so sick, weak, naesous, heartburn, etc. I took a small sip of alk ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Hi Sarah!   R by Southern Belle  11y   1,117
    You probably donít know that 90% of ALL human beings have gallstones and yes, that can even include children. (and your pets, too, I think--but how do you flush a pet?--Ha) ... ... I was told I had gallstones during a sonogram for another problem I was having, but had never experienced gallstone problems. I just knew I wanted them out. I asked the Dr. why you could pass a kidney stone, but couldnít pass gallstones. He brushed me off with some answer like gallstones are ĒharderĒ than kidney stones and impossible to pass. Deep down within my soul, I knew he was wrong. So, I read all I could ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Olive oil does not cause stones!   R by Juniper Berry  11y   2,105  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Hello Everybody! ... ... Remember me? Iím the one who started flushing in June of 2002. I used to get hundreds of stones out! Not any more!! I think Iím pretty much cleaned out, and have been for a number of months. ... ... I flushed on Monday night (three nights ago)--my twelfth, I think. I did the Hulda flush with my usual amount of olive oil. This time, I only got one small dull green colored stone out and two pieces that I would not call stones, but since they did float, I thought I should mention them. They were similar to the Twix-like pieces I have gotten several times before. They ...   [retrieve this message]
  • My ultrasounds before and after flushes. I try Actigall and Lithotripsy?   R by Celia  11y   4,094
    Hi everyone. I am the same Celia who has posted my results of flushes during pregnancy and nursing. I remember someone asking if anyone has had an ultrasound before a flush, and then after. I have! First ultrasound results on Jan. 04, 2002, before any flushes: ... ... ĒCholelithiasis [gallstones], gallbladder sludge and thick gallbladder wall are consistent with chronic cholecystitis. There is no pericholecystic fluid or positive sonographic Murphyís sign to suggest acute cholecystitis.Ē ... ... Second ultrasound results on Jan. 20, 2003, after twelve flushes spaced out over a year: ... ... ĒCholelithias ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Liver flushing tips (taken from newsletter)   R by #25  11y   1,101
    ADVERTISEMENT ... ... ... My Groups | curezone Main Page ... ... ... ... Free & Noncommercial Online Health and Wellness Newsletter ... ... Number of Subscribers: 5,897 ... ... Feel free to forward this newsletter to other e-mail groups! ... ... To discontinue receiving this newsletter, email: ... ... ... If you would like to unsubscribe, please email: ... ... ... If you would like to subscribe, please email: ... ... ... ... There are a variety of protocols for doing a liver/gallbladder flush Ė and I have done many of them over the years ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Sixth Flush Results   R by Julia  11y   768
    I did my 6th last night. I followed Dr. Clarkís method, except that I use 3/4 c. oo instead of 1/2. I started this after my 3rd flush during which a stone must have become stuck. I was up all night in pain. Last night went great though. I took 6 ornithine and went to sleep very quickly. I didnít wake up until 8 or so and was able to go back to sleep until 9. For the first time, I skipped the morning es. (I took it the night before as directed) I am SOOOO glad!!! I still passed stones, over 100 tiny, tiny ones and several that were the size of a large peanut. But without the morning es, the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • great results   R by butterfly  11y   2,001
  • it has bee about three monts since last cleans and doing great   R by #162391  11y   2,335
    Hi you all, ... I just wanted to let you know I didnít fall off the world yet. I am still doing great, with no problems in the ald gallbladder thanks to the cleanses. I have waited three months because the last one was nearly clean. I will be doing the 8th on sometimes this week. ... ... I have been really busy and missed looking in on you all. For all you new folks, keep going and you will be doing better than you imagined. ... ... God bless you all and I will let you know the results of the next cleanse. ... Charles Hilton ...   [End]
  • Tranquility-If I Knew Then What I Know Now   R by HealthyOne  11y   3,233
    Hi Tranquility, ... You are so lucky to have discovered this forum prior to any surgery. I only wish I had discovered it beforehand because I would not have had the surgery done. ... ... Yes, I had a laparoscopic cholecystectomy in Oct, and itís not always the quick, easy surgery that they lead you to believe. Instead of being off work about a week or so, I was off for over 6 weeks and am still having pain between my shoulder blades. I was told immediately after the surgery that there may be stones caught in the common bile duct because when they injected the dye, it did not flow through the intes ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Liver/gall Flush #2 journal notes and inventory   R by AmyK  11y   2,942
    LIVER FLUSH #2 March 28/29, 2003 ... ... Started MC semi-fast on Thur March 27 ... ... Fri Mar 28 ... 7am salt flush (nothing happened, dehydrated?), MC lemonade 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm. [cheated w lunch] Lunch around 130pm of guacomole/salsa and tortilla chips. Was planning to flush on Saturday, but needed to flush Friday night due to unexpected plans for Saturday evening. Tube WELL lubed. ... ... grn=green ... ... 730pm ES#1 no popping sensation, ES bath at 8pm, clay mask ... 9pm ES#2 popping sensation and slight gurgling ... 1030pm OO/GF drink. Did not experience the washing machine agitator as I did last time. Thi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Keep your Gallbladder   R by Blueduck  11y   2,746
    kal, ... You must do more than one gall bladder flush. You are probably having pain because there are more stones which have to be flushed out. It is recommended to do the flushes every ten days to two weeks, however, if you are having pain now, do another flush as soon as you can. It helped me to NOT eat any fats after having an attack. The only fat I ate for four months was the olive oil, which I used to flush with and I also ate it as salad dressing. I was so scared of having another attack that I was willing to do anything.......the flushes saved me from having another gall bladder atta ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 2nd flush   R by yemaya  11y   1,985
    I did the flush last night with my boyfriend... It was his first flush.... ... we followed the Dr. Clark recommendations and went to sleep at 11:00.... i took 8 ornithine .. but it only knocked me out for a couple of hours.. and i was on and off with sleep.. at about 4:00 i got so nausiated... i didnt want to vomit.. so i mixed 2 drops of ginger oil.. with some almond oil and rubbed it on my my stomach area.. within minutes I felt o.k again.. and fell asleep. my boyfriend was sleeping on and off.. i have some really bizare dreams in the morning... really healing dreams,but so emotional. My b ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Allergies away!   R by Tracey  11y   2,942
    Hello all...I would just like to share with you the latest good news. ... ... A friend of mine (heís 64) has had allergies for many years. Hay fever. Canít cut the grass ever...when he does he sneezes and wheezes. Has taken anti-histamines forever. Lately, though, itís been really bad. For one week he was sneezing and wheezing, his eyes were red, his whole face looked irritated by something just beneath the skin. Not good. He had to sleep sitting up some nights because he would wake in the middle of the night unable to breath - his lungs were closing up. ... ... Well, I visited on the weekend and g ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Flush Report: 3rd flush best with some changes in protocol   R by #162767  11y   1,996
    Tracey wanted me to post my results for her since she put me onto this liver flushing thing, so he ya go. These are each 2 weeks apart. ... ... 1st flush: at the end of 3-week lemonade diet. Followed H. Clarkís protocol. Had nasty toxic hangover, saw 20-40 tiny stones and some chaff. Anus burned from what came out. (Ouch!) I donít pick through everything in the toilet, so my stone count is probably low. ... ... 2nd flush: during normal diet, drank 5 gallons of apple juice during week prior. I skipped the fourth dose of epsom salts (the second morning-after one). Didnít feel nearly as sick th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • results of my husband's first flush   R by teenabee  11y   2,751
    Well, we did it! My husband was such a trooper! He followed my instructions throughout the day - i.e. - no fat/low fat foods up until midday, lots of water, etc. He didnít realize he would be fasting for a good 12 hours or more (something he has never done - at least not to my knowledge) but he went along with it. The only variation was that he took a tsp of epsom salts (for his headache) that afternoon before we took our first dose for the flush, so of course he was running to the bathroom alot earlier than normal. I also gave him a lemon water chaser after each epsom salt drink just t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • huge stones!   R by #164725  11y   2,689
    just finished another liver flush over the weekend and this time around got the biggest stones I ever saw. slightly smaller than a golf ball and their was 10 -20 of them. ... I followed the classic coke liver flush recipe with the epsom salts.As many times as I have done this, I still canít believe all this crap resides inside my body but Iím glad Iím slowly getting it out. Maybe some day my allergies and psoriasis will go away also. Has anyone had this experience?   [End]
  • Re: HELP!!!! Need advice/knowledge   R by Spirit  11y   2,057
    After first flush I felt much better, and didnít do 2nd flush until 4 weeks later ... ... That was mistake. You should be flushing every 10 - 14 days, if there are no symptoms, and you should flush the very next day or the same day you experience an attack. ... ... Since then Iíve had numerous attacks, some without any warning or ĒreasonĒ ... ... It is because your second flush have moved stones, and one of them is on the wrong place and is causing problems. Do another flush, it may puch that stone out, or move it into some better position. ... ... ... how many times will I have to do it to completely rid ...   [retrieve this message]
  • The flush was a success after all   R by alleygator  11y   2,364
    Iím so happy I just had a BM and found green pea like stones. ... I cut them open and they are a dark green crystal like color. ... Has anyone ever had some like that? ... I was worried nothing was going to happen. ... Thank you so much to all of you that have helped me. ... I also read about Mellow Yellow. It was interesting to me because ... my eyes had been yellow for maybe 2 years or so. ... I canít stop looking in the mirror to see how white they ... are again. ... If it wasnít for all of you I would probably be be on the operating table getting my gallbladder out. ... Thank you again! ... alleygator(Lori) ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Success on my 7th Liver Flush   R by Marg  11y   2,473
    Hi Everyone, ... I decided to do a cleanse on Friday evening after work. ... This is only 6 days from my last flush, which I didnít pass any stones during, but did pass lots of grainy stuff. ... So during the week while trying to figure out what was going wrong with my flushing, I decided to do it again quickly, rather than wait the 3 - 4 weeks that I normally do. ... I knew that something was blocked, and it just wouldnít move. ... So anyway Friday evening after getting home from work I took the ... Epsom Salts drink and two hours later another of the same. ... This started to clear me out quickly. (I ate n ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 2nd flush results-FINALLY   R by #162369  11y   2,378
    Well I did my 2nd flush last Friday. I have been so busy, have not had a chance to post the results. ... ... I had been sick the early part of last week w/ the flu. Again I had become quite yellow, they call me ĒMellow YellowĒ, so I had felt like a flush was in order. ... ... I ate only apples on Friday and had AJ until 5pm. The epsoms did not run right thru my system like they did last time. I took my OO & GF, chased w/ V8, picked up the house a little, then laid down. ... ... I woke up around 4am nauseous w/ no hope of going back to sleep. I had a glass of V8, which helped me a great deal w/ my na ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Yippee!!WooHoo!!! Cholesterol lowered! Encouragement to all!   R by Tupper_Amanda  11y   2,311
    I havenít had a cholesterol test since prior to 2001. I found curezone in 2001. Since then I have done 3 colonic and 7 liver flushes (I have been using lemon juice in the liver flushes, but I will change to grapefruit since this was recommended.) I have been eating better and putting more fiber in my diet. ... ... My cholesterol from last time was approaching 300. ... ... It is now 179!!!!! Yippee! WooHoo!! ... ... I hope this will encourage all of you as it did me this morning. ... (I thought the test was Saturday, but it was today) ... ... ... Tupper_Amanda ... ...   [End]
  • Re: 7th flush last night- now in pain!   by secondwind  8y   3,301
    I had remaining pain after a flush a few weeks ago, and a coffe enema was recommended... as being gentler on the body than another flush, but does draw out toxins. Perhaps you could try one of those?   [End]
  • Re: Magnesium citrate vs. chelated magnesium   by #61735  8y   3,829
    I had interesting results from milk of magnesia too! Though I only did a mini flush and was careful with the dosage as it was my first attempt at any kind of cleansing and heard it can make you sick (now use oxypowder). ... I did suffer a mild headache next day but it got out a lot of dark green waste.   [End]
  • Re: 7th flush last night- now in pain!   by entangler  9y   3,382
    Hi there! ... ... You dont say if you did the parasite cleanse first. Once I didnt, and I felt terrible. I had liverflukes, hundreds, wich I have photographed and saved for anyone to look at. ... ... Anyhow.. ... ... A few days ago I borrowed a book describing the methods of the swedish naturopath Alma Nissen. She ran ĒBrandalĒ, a private sanatorium or how you call it. Alma had hundreds of patients go through the liver flush. This was in the 1950ís and into the eighties. ... ... Almas version of the liverflush is similar to Huldaís, but Alma had the patient drink oliveoil the second day too. I dont remember t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Wondering about flushes vs laparoscopic cholecystectomy...   by hmdoyle00  10y   1,503
    Hey Gallstone Lady, ... I saw your older message while doing a search. I was wondering what you decided to do about your gallbladder problem? I also have a low ejection fraction, but no stones seen on ultrasound. I tried a flush once and felt horrible for weeks after. I am now facing the possibility of having surgery. What were the symptoms that you had/have? I have a lot of nausea and some achiness in the gallbladder area. Thanks so much. ... Holly   [End]
  • Re: Tranquility-If I Knew Then What I Know Now   by CLOE1  10y   1,377
    it sounds like you went to the butcher shop. i wonder what all of the bruising was about, that does not sound good at all. i think i would check into that further. sounds like he beat the hound out of you. i have had many surgeries, never had any bruising at all. best of luck hun, cloe   [End]
  • Re: My Eyes   by DiSkO  10y   1,087
    Hey im interested to know where you bought the didtilled water from? do health food shops sell it or did u buy it online? I too have dull yellow eyes :( would be good if you could help!   [End]
  • Re: Hey, Bright Eyes.....   by DiSkO  10y   1,377
    Distilled water is good to release heavy metals in your body. Water found naturally is stable and contains varies metals already. ... ... But distilled water is only Hydrogen and oxygen. The molecules of distilled water are slightly unstable and when it passes thru your body it graps all the metals to stablise itself. Then we pee it out. Drink lots of it cause when it grasps all the metals u need to make sure your body pees it out as your bodies water content should already be high. Your body can only hold a certain amount of water. What ever it doesnt need it pees out. (the distilled water th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Success on my 7th Liver Flush   by shw  10y   1,153
    I read your letter about your liver flush. I have just for the first time today heard about this. I had my gall bladder removed 3 years ago for 3 gallstones. I am having a lot of pain in the same area again. I went on the internet and looked up gallbladder and came across all of the information on the liver flush. I had no idea that you could have gallstones in your liver as well. the Doctors didnít tell me that, they said they were only in my gallbladder as a result of built up cholesterol. ... Can you tell me if you have heard of any people doing this who no longer have their gallblad ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: huge stones!   by Laura Lee  10y   1,256
    Hello, ... Wondered if i could have the recipe for this flush. ... Thanks!   [End]
  • flushing for the first time I have hip C   by VIKING  11y   3,813
    hi everyone Iam looking forword to do my first fluse ever. I am 55 years old and wanting to help myself to stay healther. I have have hipatitis C and wish to hear if flushing is ok. Because of the cronic illness that I have. I hope that I will not damage my liver. Please help. thank you........ RG   [End]
  • Re: Wondering about flushes vs laparoscopic cholecystectomy...   by Gallstone Lady  11y   1,518
    Hi, ... I was wondering if you ever had the HDA-scan and if you ever went through with GB surgery. Iím facing it now after a 17% ejection fraction from the HDA-scan (with a completely normal Ultrasound) and am trying to decide whether to go through with it or try and use diet changes, flushes and possibly acupuncture to overcome the problem. ... ... Unfortunately Iím also facing OB-GN surgery and will be out of action for 6 weeks. Iím not sure I can face two surgeries at one time. ... Thanks.   [End]
  • Re: blue stones?   by mrtnfan  11y   2,193
    Chorella and spirulina which is a type of algae that have a reproduction rate of 4 in a day. There is another type of algae call cryptomonadales, which consists of the charterisitcs and properties of both chorella and spirulina; besides itís reproduction rate is 16 in a day; that implies that cryptomonadales have a higher energy level, and stronger characteristis; it is of higher grade than chorella and spirulina. ... ... Do email me for more information.   [End]
  • Re: Where do you get citrate capsules?   by farrah  11y   1,715
    I was wondering if magnesium peroxide would do the trick, i have an intolerance to epsom salts.... I find oxy-oxc is generally good at colon cleansing, would that work??? ... ... Cheers   [End]
  • Doctors-third leading cause of death   by TransformationalHealth  11y   1,455
    ... Please INFORM yourself even more !!! :) ... ... Doctors are the third leading cause of death. I suggest that you see this site. ... ... ... ... ... ... Also, Please NOTE and think ABOUT THIS : ... ... These facts on the link do NOT take into account the amount of SUFFERING and pain CAUSED by the medical cartel in America. Like what are going thru AFTER the surgery. ... ... ... I highly recommend all readers of curezone to master the art of advanced searches at ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: LIVER AND EYE TROUBLE??? HELP   by LittleWing  11y   814
    A toxic liver can cause eyesight problems among many other things. Maybe the detox plan you are using is putting a lot of stress on your liver. I would recommend you talk to your healthcare professional.   [End]
  • Re: Where do you get citrate capsules?   by Juniper Berry  11y   1,820
    Thank you HypoGuy! This info is extrememly useful to me. Iím going to hopefully try the capsules on my next flush, if I can find them in time.   [End]
  • Re: Third flush results!   by Zachel  11y   1,984
    Hi, Tracey! ... ... Yup, it looks like those were threadworms... which is a good thing, because all the other ones sound like they look really scary! I donít know what I would have done if Iíd seen one of those big wigglers! Yikes! ... ... Yes, I will certainly be doing another liver flush in 2 or 3 weeks. Iím going to do as many as it takes to get all those nasties outta there! Iím still so amazed at whatís already come out of me, and I canít believe that all that junk has been clogging up my liver! I am so much more energetic since the flush. ... ... Iím also going to try to take my stones into ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: epsom salts   by SufferinginVirginia  11y   1,885
    Ha!! Yes..the tastes of things! Everyone is so different...some people despise the ES...but others donít mind (Iím one of them) and itís the same for the olive oil mixture. Some people love it (okay that might be too strong a word!) and some people donít at all. Try to think of something else while drinking it. Just put your focus somewhere else. I think thatís what I do...Iím distracted by something else in my brain so Iím not paying attention to the drink when I drink it! funny.... ... ... So...are you on your way to a liver flush right now? Or were you just testing out the goods? ... ... T   [retrieve this message]
  • epsom salts   by Tracey  11y   1,996
    Ha!! Yes..the tastes of things! Everyone is so different...some people despise the ES...but others donít mind (Iím one of them) and itís the same for the olive oil mixture. Some people love it (okay that might be too strong a word!) and some people donít at all. Try to think of something else while drinking it. Just put your focus somewhere else. I think thatís what I do...Iím distracted by something else in my brain so Iím not paying attention to the drink when I drink it! funny.... ... ... So...are you on your way to a liver flush right now? Or were you just testing out the goods? ... ... T   [retrieve this message]
  • To Tracey   by SufferinginVirginia  11y   1,948
    Gee Tracey, ... ... You think you could have warned me about how awful epsom salt taste! LOL ... ... Wow, I guess I must be pretty determined if I got all of that down. ... Any other surprises around the corner I should know about? ... ... I have a lot of reading to do. Itís all very exciting stuff! Just when your about to give up, you recieve the gift of hope. ... God Bless and have a wonderful day. ... ... Jane   [End]
  • Re: Years of chest Spasms   by #166520  11y   2,106
    Use gold coin grass to soften stones and do a flush every three weeks. Also, gold coin grass is used for kidney stones as well. ... You can go to to buy the GCG. This website has lots of great info. ... ... good luck   [End]
  • Re: 7th flush last night- now in pain!   by #166520  11y   3,374
    Hi. Go to and order gold coin grass. I had a stone get stuck twice and this stuff saved me from a trip ... to the ER. I think everyone that flushes should keep this stuff in their pantry in case of an emergency. I also use this for ... two weeks prior to a flush to help soften the stones. ... ... good luck   [End]
  • Jane   by Tracey  11y   2,187
    Jane...Iím just running out the door...but I want to say that I can feel your inner strength and determination to feel well, healthy and good! Thatís great! (and the most important thing too) ... ... I think that maybe a predominantly raw food diet (not ídietí diet, but you know what I mean....never to be hungry)...may be just what you need once you come off the fast. When the time comes Iíll give you some interesting links. Although that Doctor Within site talks about it in Enzymes and New West Diet. Also.... - she was fatigued and not feeling the best (sheís posted here) a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Will I die early?   by #162369  11y   1,838
    You will be fine Shannon...remember mind over matter!! ... ... I know a couple of people who had there gallbladders out in there 20ís, they are now nearing fifty with no health issues to speak of. ... ... Think positive, improve your health, especially digestive system and you will live to be a great grandma or great-great grandma   [End]
  • Re: blue stones?   by carmen  11y   1,928
    Thank you for the info. Maybe that means that chorella and cilantro are working!!   [End]
  • Re: Years of chest Spasms   by SufferinginVirginia  11y   2,005
    Tracey, ... ... I find it strange that I am talking about my b.m.ís with a complete stranger. LOL To answer your question, I have never had normal b.m.ís. I have known either constipation or irritable bowel for most of my life. I fear that two of my three children will have the same problem. My husband had ulcerative colitis which led to the removal of his large intestine in 1994. So, you see, we are a family plagued with digestive problems. When I was young, I never had a weight problem, but have developed one with age. I am a very active woman who walks and swims on a regular basis. I ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 7th flush last night- now in pain!   by Spirit  11y   4,041
    Julia, ... ... Next things have been known to help: ... ... - another flush - you can flush at any time during the day, morning, noon or evening. ... ... If doing another flush, make sure you are consuming less epsom salts (you donít need strong diarrhea ), but equally much of water. (2 tbsp ES + 4 cups of water) ... ... Direct massage on your gallbladder can also help. ... This is very important, and must be done gently. The best is that somone else (somone with healthy gallbladder) gives you gentle oil massage in the abdominal area, area of liver and gallbladder . ... ... - hot bath, with 4 tbsp of epsom salt in b ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Coffee Enemas   by Tracey  11y   1,842
    Lori....glad to hear the enema made a difference. I am not sure about the pizza possibilities in your far I havenít noticed if others have been able to eat that kind of stuff after flushes and cleansing...But Iíll keep my eye out for you! ... ... Is it just the cheese part of the pizza that affects you, I wonder? Or if itís all the processed stuff that goes into pizzas? I wonder if a home-made pizza made with good fresh ingredients and whole cheese would be allright? You may have to experiment in your future... ... ... Keep me posted! ... ... T   [End]
  • Re: Will I die early?   by #163633  11y   2,020
    I understand what you mean about the anxiety, paranoia and fear that we can have after getting bad medical advice. Itís rather disconcerting, to say the least. As amazing as it is, from what I hear your experience with your gallbladder operation is becoming increasingly common. ... ... Apparently not having a gallbladder can be an annoyance but not life shortening. Actually, it sounds like you made out alright. Occasionally we hear from people who almost died in surgery, had other complications, infections, digestive disorders, continuing pain, etc. ... ... As far as I know you can rest your mind ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Coffee Enemas   by alleygator  11y   1,854
    Hi Tracey, ... I actually felt better after fasting for 4 days and just eating vegetables for a week. ... After the first flush, I felt I could eat anything again. My organs began to feel achey and tender. ... I did the second flush and felt great. I ate what I wanted for 3 days before I started feeling bad, this time the tenderness was worst than after the first flush, probably from over indulging ... Then the Coffee Enema was a great suggestion. I wasnít looking forward to it, but Iím happy to say I will do it again. ... Itís as if it relieved alot of pressure on my organs. Alot of the bloating went aw ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Descriptions of Parasites   by Tracey  11y   2,165
    Thought you might be intereste in this link! ... ... T Descriptions of Parasites ...   [End]
  • Re: Third flush results!   by Tracey  11y   1,954
    Wow Zachel! Excellent flush! ... ... Besides the cornucopia of stones you got definitely sounds like you passed some íthreadwormsí!! eeeek! Good for you! Keep the parasite cleanse and see if you get any more out...will you do the liver flush again in 2 weeks? I sure have noticed that parasite DO come out on liver flushes if youíre parasite cleansing... ... ... Good going! ... ... T   [End]
  • Re: blue stones?   by Tracey  11y   1,918
    OOoh thanks for that information Maddie! ... ... T   [End]
  • Re: Years of chest Spasms   by Tracey  11y   2,148
    Hi Jane....I look forward to seeing your name change...yes! ... ... are your bmís? Are you regular? (sometimes prescription drugs contribute to constipation) ... ... If you feel drawn to the Master Cleanse Fast...then yes, it might be very good for you. If you decide to go that route I would suggest that you do the bentonite & psyllium drinks at the same time in order to reeeally start getting the stuff out. ... ... Here is a link to the Master Cleanse: ... ... Although he doesnít mention b&pís...there is a fast called íThe Ultimate C ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: blue stones?   by maddie  11y   1,896
    colored/jeweled colored stones are symptoms of heavy metals. Interesting that you are detoxing merc.   [End]
  • Re: liver flush   by sadru  11y   1,808
  • Re: Years of chest Spasms   by SufferinginVirginia  11y   2,038
    Sorry Tracey, ... ... Remember, last night I was in a lot of pain. I was 23 in 1992. ... ... I canít tell you how much I apreciate the advice I have been given. I will indeed try what has been suggested. You get to the point in your life where you are willing to do anything. I stumbled across this website just by chance, when looking for a cure for my husbands Kidney Stones. What a Blessing. Iíll let you know how it goes. Maybe my user name will change from SufferinginVirginia to PainFreeinVirginia. ... ... Thanks to all. ... ... Jane ... P.S. Do you think the Lemonade diet/ cleanse wo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Right on Tracey! Eom   by Alaska  11y   1,894
  • Re: blue stones?   by carmen  11y   1,993
    Tracey, ... ... sorry no pictures. The only pills I have been taking are chorella and cilantro for mercury detox. ... ... Carmen   [End]
  • Re: blue stones?   by Tracey  11y   2,006
    Carmen! Light blue? wow. Thatís a new one...well, I remember one person lately saying they passed a cobalt blue one! Amazing! I really have nooooo idea what would cause a blue stone. Wish you could have taken a picture of it for us! ... ... *you donít take any pills/vits that are blue in colour?* ... ... Good thing they came out.... ... ... Tracey   [End]
  • No!   by Tracey  11y   2,100
    Shannon! You wonít die early because you donít have a gallbladder!! No! Banish those thoughts. Stop worrying. What will keep you healthy and alive is your good positive worry-free thoughts...So focus on everything that is good and beautiful in your life and watch it grow..........! ... ... Tracey   [End]
  • Re: Butterfly coke classic   by Tracey  11y   2,421
    Thanks Butterfly. ... ... Last time I did the ice cream flush (didnít work for me - rats!) and now Iím doing the cola flush (root beer, I mean!)...what is next? Sounds crazy, but I must experiment! Thanks for all the info youíve been providing on it lately... ... ... T   [End]
  • blue stones?   by carmen  11y   2,180
    I just did my fourth flush today. I passed about 100 stones. Most of them were small to medium in size. I noticed that I had passed about 10 small ones which were light blue in color. ... Has anyone else passed blue stones and what does it mean?   [End]
  • Will I die early?   by Shannon  11y   2,348
    I got my gallbladder removed at 21. I donít want to go into it (itís painful), but I just didnít know of alternative ways. ... ... Iím wondering, will I die early because of it? If I eat right and flush, will this keep me healthy for years to come or will my body not function right without it and overtime shut down? ... ... Iím fearful, scared, and everything else! I canít get it off my mind. I feel so deceived by my doctor. ... ... Somebody give me words of comfort, but I do want the truth for once!   [End]
  • Re: Butterfly coke classic   by #162247  11y   2,351
    it is not a must. it just for flavoring. i like the idea of rootbeer. ... ... good luck i hope that work for you. let me know. ... ... faith   [End]
  • Butterfly   by Tracey  11y   2,420
    Hi there! I want to try the ícokeí flush next. In your opinion is the Coke a must or could I use say....gingerale or rootbeer? ... ... Let me know! ... ... T   [End]
  • to Spirit   by butterfly  11y   2,098
    this may help me too. i have done 9 cleanses weekly because every 2 to 3 hours i feel a lump on my side or under my breast bone. sometimes it feels like something is pressing on my chest or sterm. most of the time it is a short time after i have eaten. i have been eating 99% vegetarian diet with maybe 2 oz of chicken. i will try this. i am getting sick and tired of doing a cleanse every weekend. but these stuck feelings is a little scarry . i feel there is promise since i have been using this site. thank you ... ... i am doing a new one that work well for me monday. ... ... it is not posted on thi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Years of chest Spasms   by Tracey  11y   2,214
    One question...were you really 2 in 1992?? hmmmm. ... ... Iíll give you the links that Dusan has suggested you read: ... ... Parasite Cleanse Clarkia: ... ... Hulda Clark Liver Flush (this is a MUST for you): ... ... Coffee Enemas to Detoxify the Liver (sounds like your liver is not as healthy as it could be, these will definitely help): ... ... And read this about Good Oils (extra virgin olive oil or flax seed oil...): ... ... *you have found out that even ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Years of chest Spasms   by Spirit  11y   2,203
    Dear Jane, ... ... You need a lot of ĒVirginiaĒ Olive Oil, and it doesnít have to be from ĒVirginiaĒ :-) ... ... Go to, get clarkia tincture and use it for 2 weeks, then do your first liver flush (Clark method)! Continue using Clarkia every 2 weeks, one week break. ... ... Get epsom salt, and tak 1/2 teaspoon every day with water. ... ... Read about enema and coffee enema on this web site. DO IT! ... Read how to make your home made yogurt! ... ... Your poor liver is a total mess, and with that chest pain, it is screaming : ĒHELP ME! ... ĒI NEED OIL!Ē ... ĒI NEED LIVER FLUSH!Ē ... ĒI NEED COFFEE ENEMA!Ē ... ĒI ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Years of chest Spasms   by SufferinginVirginia  11y   2,417
    As I sit here and type this message I am in deep pain. In 1992 at the age of 2, I had my gall bladder removed. Durring the surgery, my gall bladder was cut and stones went all over the inside of my body. I was very ill, but was blessed to recover. The Doctor assured me that all stones were removed and that I could go about my life. All these years later I still have moments of chronic pain. Some times certain foods seem to bring it on, but other times the pain hits me out of the blue. It starts on the right side of my chest, just below my rib cage and rises up to my throat, into my ...   [retrieve this message]
  • i have done the coke classic cleanse several times.   by butterfly  11y   2,497
    i have done this cleanse 3 times both my boyfriend and i did it. we mix it all together. when do drink it you need to keep swirling it or you will end up with the oil at the end. it is pretty tasty. surprisingly. ... ... we had great results. ... ... faith   [End]
  • Re: liver flush   by Tracey  11y   1,931
    Hi Sadru....I would suggest you do a good bowel cleanse. Either bentonite & psyllium ( or Holistic Horizons or Dr. Schulzeís. (go to the appropriate Forum for information on his stuff - also read Alisaunís posts on the bowel forum...she got rid of back problems by using Schulzeís program) ... ... I personally know someone who has reduced back pains and stiffness by doing liver flushes and bentonite and psyllium drinks. ... ... I think you need to do this, Sadru... ... ... Tracey   [End]
  • Re: Coffee Enemas Detoxify Liver!   by Tracey  11y   1,899
    Hi Lori...You are brave! (I havenít done an enema yet...but have been researching them for a friend who, we feel, really could benefit from them) hat is off to you! And you passed two more stones...isnít that interesting. It makes you wonder how often we do ínaturalí liver flushes...and if the toxic stones that stay inside us (instead of being flushed out with good regular bowel movements or epsom salts) create more toxicity in our bloodstream..? Hmm....thatís a good reason to get regular! ... ... So...does the acheyness of your organs feel different than the way your organs felt BEFORE ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Coffee Enemas Detoxify Liver!   by alleygator  11y   1,902
    Hello Tracey, ... ... I did try the coffee enema. It wasnít as bad as I thought it would be. I was able to do one successfully. ... I actually passed 2 more gallbladder stones in the process. ... I still have some bloating and tenderness. I plan to flush next weekend. Do you think it would be better to do it this weekend? ... How many enemas should one do to get rid of bloating? ... Thank You again for the advice and the web sites you gave me really helped. ... ... alleygator(Lori) ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: too many liver cleanses   by sadru  11y   1,224
  • Re: liver flush   by sadru  11y   2,000
    dear Rod, ... I agree, did 20 colonic irrigation.2 kidney cleanse. 2 parasite cleanse as per Hilda Clarkís book. will do another parasite cleanse using CLARKIA TINCTURE. I am vegeterian, no junk food, ... Have taken lots of medication in the past ZOLOFT VALIUM etc. ... Will continueliver flush until no more stone comes out. ... Thank-you ROD! ... Sadru   [End]
  • Re: liver flush   by sadru  11y   1,859
    I do not know, the pain just happen. Some article I read says do a liver flush and the pain will go away. ... Sadru   [End]
  • Re: Orithene   by #164761  11y   1,046
    I believe you can buy the Ornithine through PURITANíS PRIDE. Itís a mail order vitamin & supplement magazine. ... ... Hope this helps!!   [End]
  • Re: quick, easy question for anyone whose done classic coke flush   by Alaska  11y   2,480
    I have done this one twice and was confused too. Every experience with it I had read on here had done it seperately. The last time I mixed fresh pressed orange juice with the olive oil and then sipped on the coke in between gulps because the thought of it makes me have to vomit. it really soothes the stomache. Good luck. If you mix them together tell me how it taste Im thinking of trying it that way next time.   [End]
  • quick, easy question for anyone whose done classic coke flush   by Scotty X  11y   2,499
    Hey Guys, ... ... on the classic coke liver flush page it says; ... ... AT BEDTIME take the following: ... ... 5 ounces CLASSIC coke ... 6 oz. Virgin Olive Oil ... 2 Tablespoons lemon juice (freshly pressed juice) ... ... ... But it doesnt say whether you take these mixed together, or seperately! ... ... Please advise! ... ... Scott   [End]
  • Check out the 'R' above.... n/p   by Tracey  11y   1,820
  • Re: Flush while doing MC and P&B?   by Tracey  11y   2,053
    Oh yeah, like Tiratu, I take less epsom salts than called for. ... ... This is a link to my version of the Flush, below... ... ... T My Liver Flush Directions ...   [End]
  • Re: Coffee Enemas Detoxify Liver! Thank You Dusan and Tracey   by kal  11y   1,845
    Can some one please detail how is this Coffee Enema is done? ... ... Thanks   [End]
  • Re: RE: No epsom salt   by #164761  11y   1,178
    Sandra, ... I have never tried to drink THAT much olive oil as the NO EPSOM SALTS post suggested, but when I do Hulda Clarks cleanse, I squeeze a fresh grapefruit over the olive oil and shake it up. It causes it to become pretty watery. It really improves the taste too! I just plug my nose with one hand, and start drinking!!!! When Iím done (before I unplug my nose) I stick a piece of gum in my mouth and start chewing like crazy!!! ... ... I donít think the olive oil is 1/10 as bad as taking the epsom salts ..... so I think Iím going to try this new recipe. I know several older Mennonite wome ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: liver flush   by Rod  11y   1,951
    Try also, kidney, colon cleanse you have to detoxify your whole digestive track not only the liver. Very important is to do Parasite cleanse with Black walnut tincture, cloves and herbs also watch you food habits it is not only about liver flush but also eating habits, actually stop eating SAD diet(standard American Diet). ... ... Cheers, ... ... Rod   [End]
  • Re: Can't sleep   by Rod  11y   3,671
    Next time get L-ornithine, thatís amazing, it really helps you to sleep as it helps to eliminate the extra amoniac deposit in your brain due to parasites waist, also it helps to produce more HGH(human Grow Hormon) therefore it helps to heal your liver as well it is amazing, go for it.(L-ORNITHINE) ... ... Cheers, ... ... Rod   [End]
  • Re: Flush while doing MC and P&B?   by tiratu  11y   2,171
    Hi ... ... I flushed twice while fasting - day 10 and around day 24. I got really great results and felt really good. Especially afer the first one - it was a breeze and my very first flush. The second one knocked me a bit - I think the not drinking after 2pm on the day so far into the fast and looking back I would have been better with alot less epsom salts at that stage. ... ... I have since flushed about four more times and have found for me flushing while not fasting harder. More difficulty getting down the epsom salts and the oil doesnít taste as yummy. Also for me I slept easily while fasting ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Flush while doing MC and P&B?   by Tracey  11y   2,124
    Hi Amy...I donít want to jinx your flush or anything...but I always had my best flushes after fasting! yes yes yes. No nausea...decent number of stones (I never get íhundredsí)...and good clear feelings. yup. ... ... I hope your goes well too! ... ... Tracey ... ... *oh yeah, just remember to stop taking the b&p the day of the liver flush....and wait until evening the next day (at least) to add it back in. Youíll know if it feels right. I also drank the lemonade almost right up to the first epsom salt drink.*   [End]
  • Flush while doing MC and P&B?   by AmyK  11y   2,220
    For the seasoned cleansers... ... ... Iím on round 2 of all my cleansing and feeling amazing! Just starting Day 3 of the MC again, this time with P&B shakes with amazing results. ... ... My question is, Iím due for my 3rd liver/gall flush (about every 2 weeks). The previous 2 flushes were done (very successfully) when I was NOT fasting. ... ... Should I expect anything different this time around while fasting? ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Can't sleep   by Alaska  11y   3,737
    I think your liver functions better when you are sleeping. however I have done two flushes and couldnít sleep either I just layed down and tried to relax as much as possible. My first flush didnít see much success but the second one was wonderful. Hope it went well.   [End]
  • Re: Can't sleep   by #165193  11y   3,616
    Can only speak for myself. I got better results when I went to sleep immediately after drinking the olive/lemon stuff compared to when I could not sleep and sat on the computer like you until morning. I have read view to the contrary. One receipe (grandma Nada I think) says walk all night and another says go to sleep immmediately on your right side. But neither says sit up all night. (ofcourse there may be still more views) ... ... Maybe you could go to bed with a boook....? Just a thought   [End]
  • Can't sleep   by Shannon  11y   3,749
    I just did all my Liver flush stuff. Itís 2 in the morning and I canít sleep. Iím up on the computer and am wondering will being up like this affect my results. Will it? ... ... Shannon   [End]
  • Re: Should I do another flush this weekend... I just did one   by #163633  11y   1,894
    ag, you might try 1 level tsp Barleans ground flaxseed meal per meal (3x/day) for the constipation. Sprinkled on food is good, or in fluids if you donít like it sprinkled. ... ... If it doesnít work in three daysí time, try 1 1/2 tsp per meal, etc. Everybodyís different... ... ... Iím not a big fan of enemas, either ;), although perhaps they would be good for us... ... ... hg   [End]
  • Re: Stone in duct   by #163633  11y   1,864
    Hi butterfly, could you tell us how many days or weeks did it take for the stones to dissolve? ... ... Thanks, ... ... hg   [End]
  • Re: Coffee Enemas Detoxify Liver! Thank You Dusan and Tracey   by alleygator  11y   1,874
    Hi Dusan and Tracey, ... ... Iím not looking forward to the enema, but if it helps me feel better I will do it. ... Thank You so much for responding. ... allegator(Lori)   [End]
  • Re: 3rd flush   by Tracey  11y   1,588
    Hi Yemaya...I have thrown up too...and I really have no idea why. It was weird. I did everything the same (I drink water up until about an hour before the OO drink all the time)...but just before I was to drink the oo drink I got this sick kind of feeling, like I just didnít want to drink it. (this was flush #3 out of 4) All I can think of was...the timing wasnít right! For whatever reason! Who knows. ... ... I DO find that my best flushes are after I MC for a while or AppleFast. Those two flushes were nausea-free flushes. Iíll always do apples for at least a day before now... ... ... Hope that help ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: liver flush   by Tracey  11y   1,873
    Hi your shoulder and upper back pain because of your gallbladder? Or....? ... ... Tracey   [End]
  • Re: yellow stones?   by Tracey  11y   2,521
    Hi there! My first two flushes produced goldeny stones on the outside with emerald green on the inside. Were your friends yellow all the way through? ... ... Did they look like this? Mine did! ... ... Stones can range from white to cream to yellow to tan to bright green to dark green to black and even orange or red! crazy. ... ... Tracey Intraheptic Liver Stone ... ...   [End]
  • Re: my fourth flush   by Julia  11y   1,659
    Cellgirl! yes yes yes! I felt great during the liver flush that followed the 3day apple fast. But, man, that apple fast (Iíd done 2 days since) reeeeally does some major detoxing...I just feel like stuff is coming out of my shoulders, neck and head...Itís bizarre. Not sure how it works, but itís pretty powerful! ... ... Do let us all know how it goes... ... ... Yes, disappointing about the ice cream flush....but I think Iíll try it again (who could resist? ha!). I know, there are LOTS of great stories...I just wanted to experience it first hand! My stones have been totally tapering off...the last ti ...   [retrieve this message]
  • cellgirl   by Tracey  11y   2,153
    Cellgirl! yes yes yes! I felt great during the liver flush that followed the 3day apple fast. But, man, that apple fast (Iíd done 2 days since) reeeeally does some major detoxing...I just feel like stuff is coming out of my shoulders, neck and head...Itís bizarre. Not sure how it works, but itís pretty powerful! ... ... Do let us all know how it goes... ... ... Yes, disappointing about the ice cream flush....but I think Iíll try it again (who could resist? ha!). I know, there are LOTS of great stories...I just wanted to experience it first hand! My stones have been totally tapering off...the last ti ...   [retrieve this message]
  • liver flush   by sadru  11y   2,012
    I have shoulder and upper back pain.I did 14 liver flush every other week, I passed stones out every flush. My pain is still there. What to do now?   [End]
  • yellow stones?   by question  11y   2,546
    Got a friend to do the first lver flush but he got out yellow stones. Anyone familiar with it? I thought the stones had to be dark green. ... ... Welcome your thoughts..   [End]
  • Re: How many days should I wait???   by Southern Belle  11y   1,845
    I would wait 2-3 weeks. ... ... What kind of results did your 1st flush produce? ... ... Paulette   [End]
  • How many days should I wait???   by Katie-Kat  11y   1,996
    Hi everyone, ... ... I just did the flush last & my potty became much closer friends last night lol...My god just how many times CAN you go the bathroom in an hour LOL. ... ... Ok..Iím definitely interested in doing it again but I donít want to be too anxious so how long should a person wait before doing the flush again...?? ... ... Any info would be helpful..thanks! ... ... K-Kat   [End]
  • Tracey...   by #162369  11y   2,029
    Didnít you do a flush coming off the 3-day Apple Fast? If I recall correctly, it went well for you, right? ... I want to do a fast soon, I was going to do the MC, but I am going to Chicago in 2 weeks. ... ... Sorry to hear about the ice cream flush, what a bummer. I too was hoping that you would disprove(is that a word) the olive oil ĒtheoryĒ. We have Hannaís stones, Southern Belleís(and others) flushes who no longer pass stones.. ... ... Getting geared up for the apple fast. Will let you know how it went...prolly will be venting the 2nd day of the fast!!:))   [End]
  • Yes!   by Tracey  11y   1,938
    Most people do the Hulda Clark Liver Flush, linked below... ... ... Start flushing and you will be able to keep your gallbladder! ... ... Click on írecommended messagesí throughout the Liver Flush Archives and Active Forums...this will give you the most informative and inspiring posts from the past... ... ... Tracey Hulda Clark Liver Flush ...   [End]
  • Re: Should I do another flush this weekend... I just did one   by Spirit  11y   1,910
    Yes, go and flush. ... ... try also enema, and coffee enema!   [End]
  • Re: Stone in duct   by Spirit  11y   1,842
    Liver flush is a procedure used for removal of the stones from bile ducts, liver bile ducts and from gallbladder. ... ... Most stones are usually stored inside bile ducts and inside liver bile ducts and you can flush them by consuming olive oil and juice. ... ... Read more here: Liver Flush ...   [End]
  • Should I do another flush this weekend... I just did one   by alleygator  11y   1,942
    I just did a flush last weekend and I felt great, so I decided to eat pizza and some other bad things, like chocolate. ... Now I am in pain. I feel like all of my organs are inflammed and very tender. ... I feel guilty for eating bad stuff, now Iím paying for it. ... I drank water all day today and had one apple, cereal and chicken broth. Iím afraid to eat. What should I do to feel better. ... My digestion is very slow. It takes 2 days to pass a meal. ... Should I flush tomorrow? It only has been a week! ...   [End]
  • Re: Stone in duct   by #166188  11y   1,800
    Hi ... for gold coin grass go to ... Have you tried flushing it out? ... ... Stonehedge   [End]
  • Re: Stone in duct   by butterfly  11y   2,038
    that happen to me when i used hulda clark recipe. i did not realize that i had too big a stone to pass. i was in pain for 4 weeks. i was told to try PHOSFOOD sold by STANDARD PROCESS. i took 20 drops 3 times a day. iT disolved them . they also said to try gold coin grass an chinese formula. i do not know where to get it. look around here you will find it. this happen in february or march of this year. good luck. ... ... faith   [End]
  • Re: 3rd flush   by yemaya  11y   1,550
    i did have water.. is that bad..? is that why I get so nausious? I thought water was o.k!! oops   [End]
  • Re: Liver flush before bowel cleanse?   by Tracey  11y   1,727
    Hi there, ... ... Hypoguy is correct....a bowel cleanse isnít totally necessary to do before a liver flush, but itís great youíve started. You can go ahead and do a liver flush whenever you want, just stop taking the b&pís (or bowel cleanse stuff) the day of the liver flush and the day after. ... ... Thatís great...flush away! ... ... T   [End]
  • Tracey -- Re: Liver flush before bowel cleanse?   by #163633  11y   1,705
    The bowel cleanse does not need to be done first. ... ... I believe it may have been Tracey who said that itís OK to do both at the same time, but stop the bowel cleanse on the days of the liver cleanse. Iíll put a flag in the subject line for her... ... ... hg   [End]
  • Re: Liver flush before bowel cleanse?   by beetlejuice  11y   1,668
    lol hope that mesage was good. you must have had water after 2 pm? though its good to see you still got some out. eww OO vomit.   [End]
  • Re: 3rd flush   by beetlejuice  11y   1,582
    lol hope that mesage was good. you must have had water after 2 pm? though its good to see you still got some out. eww OO vomit.   [End]
  • Re: Stone in duct   by beetlejuice  11y   1,809
    look around here im sure you will find something if you have any questions just ake away.   [End]
  • Stone in duct   by #163986  11y   1,910
    Is there a way to remove a stone in a duct naturally? I want to avoid surgery that involves using a scope to go down the throat and making an incision to get at the stone and remove it. Thanks   [End]
  • Re: tracey? my hemmeroids are acting up   by hanna  11y   1,532
    many years ago i took large doses of vitamin-C and that gave me hemmorhoids. i had to change to buffered vit-c. check if you are eating something with a lot of acids, i assume thatís what you get with C. hanna   [End]
  • 3rd flush   by yemaya  11y   1,592
    Did number three last night and my boyfriend did his 2nd. Everything went smoothly untill 2:45 when I woke up and vomited! Yuck.... I thought i had blown it.. but this morning I got about 75 peas and big pieces of a stone that must of been the size of a golf ball! ... ... Today I am really feeling sicky.. i had 3 mercury fillings out on monday.. so i think I am feeling some after effects... ... ... My Boyfriend.. did really well.. slept all through the night and this morning had about 200 stones! some really big ones too! ... ... We had a little contest going..the first one to pass a stone got a 1 ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Pregnant w/gallstones and in agony! Please help   by Rusfox  11y   3,772
    I did one of my flushes when I was 1 month pregnant and it went perfectly. I did not drink 2 epsom salt doses in the morning, and made morning enema instead. I had quite many average size oval green stones. This was my 14 flush if I remember well. ... ... The only problem was that the stones that were coming out during the day, got clogged in my rectum and I felt like I was constipated. ... ... Usually it does not happen when you drink all epsom drinks. So next time I will drink all the epsom drinks as it says in the original recipe, Iíll just reduce the concentration a little. ... ... Good luck!   [retrieve this message]
  • Cool man! Mine look like the photos too!! n/p   by Tracey  11y   1,298
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