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      Re: Passing Seeds in Stool
      Date: 5/20/2006 1:51:56 PM   ( 8y ago )
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      Hi! Others and myself have passed the same thing. They look like cucumber seeds(large ones) some look like Pumpkin seeds and Watermelon seeds.

      I know the ones that look like pumpkin seeds are "dog tapeworm" eggs. This was what I was told when I posted this question a few months ago.

      I read up further and found that this is an easy to get parasite even if you dont own any pets. All you need is a flea bite anywhere on your body (in my case, my ankles get bit alot just from walking in my backyard with bare feet in flip flops).

      Fleas are easily infected from this Tapeworm larvea they pick up from any mammal-- not necessarily dogs. Humans normally wouldnt be a host to this, but if conditions are right for it in your body- the parasite will hatch and breed in you.

      From what im finding from others', a nightly tablespoon of castor oil, Rascal dewomer, and continuing on your present dewormer are some of the things that have potential to purge these Tapeworms out of you.

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