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Look into garlic as well

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  • insomnia with DMSA?   mercuryman28   32mo
    • Look into garlic as well   #107689   30mo
       Look into garlic as well
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      Date: 10/13/2011 1:02:14 PM   ( 30mo ago )
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      This guy has an extensive background on oral chelation and includes garlic in his protocol.  From everything I've read garlic should be either eaten raw or peeled and chopped before cooking it lightly because baking or cooking it whole destroys the beneficial elements.  Have read for many years that studies prove that garlic removes heavy metals.

      Dr. Garry Gordon Discusses EDTA Oral Chelation Therapy

      "I haven't had to send one patient to a heart surgeon for the past 10 years."
      — Dr. Garry F. Gordon, world-renown expert on chelation therapy, anti-aging, nutrition, mineral metabolism, and alternative and preventive therapies, has exhaustively researched the more than 7,000 books and articles on EDTA written in the past 50 years. Dr. Gordon developed the original protocol for safe and effective use of EDTA, has published numerous scientific papers on the topic and is co-author with Morton Walker, D.P.M. of the best-selling book The Chelation Answer.


      Q: Should everyone be taking EDTA for the removal of heavy metals and environmental toxins?

      A: Absolutely. Part of the price we must pay for progress is to recognize the degree of pollution that our progress has brought into our water, food and air. Every human being today would live longer, be more intelligent, have a higher level of health, and respond better to any medicine, drug or surgery, if they chose to follow an EDTA oral chelation program.

      Children are especially at risk. When I owned a large trace element research lab we worked with the University of Maryland and the Center for Disease Control on a study to prove that the levels of lead in every child are causing serious damage to IQ and behavior. In other words, every child on earth today has some degree of lead poisoning and the lower the level of lead you can achieve, the higher the child's IQ. That's all published in good peer-reviewed studies.

      A body today averages 1000 times more lead in bones than was present before the Industrial Age, while getting less and less of the essential minerals such as zinc in our excessively refined foods. It has become clear to me that maintaining optimal health requires that we routinely take chelating and detoxifying agents such as garlic and EDTA that will continuously pull the toxins like lead, mercury, and even pesticides, etc., out of the body. This way, we are not putting the essential nutrients like vitamin E, etc., into a polluted cesspool and expecting to get the full benefits of these miraculous nutrients.

      We now have the unparalleled history of over 40 years of extensive and safe use of EDTA, with studies showing increasing life span in research models. In our toxic world, oral EDTA offers potential benefits as diverse as those seen with some of our most powerful essential nutrients. I believe it has become as essential today for optimal health as any essential nutrient.

      Q: If EDTA is so good at removing heavy metals, does it also deplete the body of essential minerals and other important substances?

      A: No, amazingly it doesn't. In some instances, oral EDTA actually enhances the uptake of various trace minerals, while lowering the total body burden of lead. The World Health Organization and advisors to the National Academy of Science recommend that EDTA be added to the diet of children in poor countries to enhance mineral absorption, particularly of iron and zinc.

      EDTA is never broken down in your body. It goes in and comes out as EDTA. So it's hard for it to do a lot of mischief since the only thing it's known to do is to have this compelling influence like an extremely good-looking, eligible young bachelor. All the attractive young ladies might sometime during the evening stop by to say hello. It's the same way with EDTA; every one of the metals (in the periodic chart) would say hello. But EDTA has a very strong list of preferences, which are called stability constants. It will be very inconstant with calcium, to which it says hello; you're there, goodbye. It says hello to magnesium; you're there, goodbye. It goes up to zinc and says hey, you're pretty interesting. Then it goes up to lead and says, I think you're really interesting, we could spend the evening together. And when it gets up to mercury, it says can we spend the rest of our life together. So that's kind of how it goes.

      On the other hand, we know that EDTA is a nonspecific chelator, and if there is not an ample supply of minerals with a higher stability constant, then EDTA could potentially remove essential minerals. It would ultimately depend on the amount of heavy metals in the system, the pH of the system, etc. If there is not much lead or mercury in the system for instance, then EDTA could remove zinc, which is rapidly excreted in the urine.


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