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Re: Colloidal silver for bacteria in the liver?

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          Re: Colloidal silver for bacteria in the liver?
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          Date: 2/2/2011 12:50:09 PM   ( 3y ago )
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          Silver has difficulty making it past the digestive enzymes and acids in the stomach, particularly hydrochloric acid.  Most products which are sold as colloidal silver, and virtually all homemade silver are actually mostly ionic silver, whereas a couple of superior commercial products are mostly true colloidal silver.  Though many ionic silver companies claim otherwise, the truth is that ionic silver has considerably less success than colloidal silver in making it past the stomach and into the blood stream.  Colloidal silver enters the blood stream more quickly and is followed by ionic silver, which plates out onto the colloidal silver which has attached itself to pathogens and injured areas.

          The reason people hold silver and other items under their tongues is so that they can get sublinqual absorption into the network of veins under the tongue.  Such absorption bypasses the digestive sysem and travels via the hepatic artery to the heart where it is then distributed to the rest of the body.  Rectal administration goes first to the liver and then makes its way to the heart and rest of the body.

          Coffee enemas are important because they open up the bile ducts, which is where the liver eliminates toxins to be passed out of the body in the feces.  The liver is the body's "oil filter" and is by far the main way the body eliminates toxins.  When the liver becomes clogged, injured or otherwise impaired some toxins will become stored there and others are re-circulated in the blood stream.  Also, when toxins cannot be efficiently eliminated via the liver and bile duct, the body tries to eliminate some of them through secondary routes, such as the skin.  Of course, the kidneys also have an important role in eliminating toxins.  An impaired liver may well turn into a fatty liver - a condition where the liver turns from its role as an organ to process and eliminate toxins to one which stores fats (and toxins in the fats).  Fortunately for us, of all our organs, the liver can regenerate itself - so much so that a liver can be damaged or impaired all the way down to 29% of original function and still regenerate to 100% - if properly taken care of.

          A healthy diet and lifestyle are important for regaining liver health and function, including getting rid of fatty liver condition.  Include as much mostly raw mostly vegetable and some fruit as  you can in your diet and stay away from processsed meats and other processed and junk type foods.  Flushes should help.  Coffee enemas can be essential to help get the bile ducts open and flowing.  Soy lechithin also helps turn around a fatty liver - just be sure to look for a good non-GMO soy source.  Other things which can help the liver and bile ducts are coconut oil, beetroot juice and apple pectin.  Of all the supplemental items for the liver, I believe that milk thistle (silymarin) is the top one.  Milk thistle has been certified by the German E Commission (a body similar to the FDA) as effective at both protecting and regenerating the liver.  Other important supplements are alpha-lipoic acid, selenium and curcumin.

          I hope this helps,


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