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  • What supplements to fight off acute hepatitis like liver in...   #139029   15d  C
    i have an array of crippling health problems (undiagnosed) which i wont go into but lately I’ve began to get a kind of cramping pain in my right side. it doesnt seem to ever go away but it does fluxuate in intensity/severity. i notice when i pass gas or a stool that the pain subsides greatly, but its only temporary. ... ... ... i read that if you have undiagnosed conditions such as CMV (which i think i very well may have, i have alot of symptoms including vision floaters, etc) that it can actually attack the liver and cause hepatitis. the thing is, i dont really have the hepatitis like symptom ...   [retrieve this message]
    • could be gallstones. You have to stop being afraid of being...   R Educational nastynick   15d
      could be gallstones. You have to stop being afraid of being diagnosed and go see a doctor, no one in this forum will know for sure what you have and you even you cant. See a doctor and ask for a CT scan or some other sort of scan to investigate. ... ... raw unpasteurized unfiltered apple cider vinegar is very good for your liver and gallbladder, and so are beets and lemon juice. ... ... I read that its not good to avoid fats like you are saying, because will make your bile acumulate more, making you more prone to having gallstones. And there are lots of healthy fats that your body needs for proper f ...   [retrieve this message]
      • thanks for your reply. ... ... yeah, my sleep scheduel is...   #139029   14d
        thanks for your reply. ... ... yeah, my sleep scheduel is really wonky. i think it relates to parasites and sometimes taking l-ornithine and melatonin and anti-insomnia organic teas help... sometimes not. usually eating food allows me to escape, but i only get a small 15-30 minute window. yeah, everyone says eating before sleeping is bad, but surely its better than not sleeping at all? ... ... also...honestly the ONLY thing ive found to keep my health in line so i am not suffering intolerably has been to come back to drinking alcohol. yes its contradicting but wow it works. of course, its a band-a ...   [retrieve this message]
        • After 3 years on CZ I don’t think you really want to be hel...   hanna   14d
          After 3 years on CZ I don’t think you really want to be helped or you are lonesome and need attention. ... If you want to help yourself start with cleansing, that is ... cheap to do and everybody can use that. Liver flushing and colon cleansing. Cheapest colon cleanse 1tsp Epsom salts (=magnesium sulfate) for 1 week in the morning. Don’t do more than twice a year. Personally I like oxypowder but that is more money. There is a kidney cleanse with water melons, look under cleanses at top of page. This will help in case you have parasites. ... Don’t use milk thistle till your liver is clean so it can ...   [retrieve this message]
          • it has nothing to do with needing attention. i only post ...   #139029   13d
            it has nothing to do with needing attention. i only post here when i encounter a new development in my decay... otherwise, i am happily wasting away in my own way. ... ... but i ask advice with the intent to see if theres some ideas ive not discovered yet. its a cry for help, sure, but its also that i just want to explain how impossible my situation is to fix and to vent. i know no one will ever care but im still angry as hell this happened to me and that i never figured out what to do about it until its far too late. ... ... i dont have the self discipline or motivation/support to do this mysel ...   [retrieve this message]
            • I am glad you are at least happy. Sorry I can’t take you mo...   hanna   13d
              I am glad you are at least happy. Sorry I can’t take you more serious after checking a lot of your posts. Even your regular ID sounds like cynic. ... ... Dquixote gave you good advice and that is 20 months ago. ... You could consider going to AA to get help with your alcohol ... problem and meet different people. ... Most of us don’t get support from people around us, it is a lonesome journey but we still keep going. If I am sick I never tell people around me and try to solve it myself with ... help from CZ and the internet in general.   [End]
              • my handle is an old name which relates to my music more tha...   #139029   6d
                my handle is an old name which relates to my music more than anything. it is cynic yeah, but if you experienced all this wouldnt you be cynical? it was originally a shortened nickname for synthetic... which relates to the electronic music i compose. ... ... anyway, hate me. judge me. fine. i guess i have burned out any one on here’s desire to offer any more help for me. in fact, im practically certain if i were someone like you and i read someone like my posts i would hate me the same thinking something like : ’’dumb kid. pathetic addict. stop whining and fix yourself.’’ ... yeah. well. ive ex ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Some questions about alcohols short-term counter-intuitive ...   Prospero   23d  C
    Hi, I have some questions regarding some of alcohols strange, counter-intuitive effects upon those with severe liver damage. Primarily I’m wondering why alcohol seems to counter the fatigue that goes hand-in-hand with a damaged liver. The effect is very puzzling to me, and also terrifying. It’s obviously suicidal to actually pursue this sort of short-term help, but I’m wondering why it works at all. I’m someone with a severely damaged liver who is plagued by the worst fatigue I can imagine anyone suffering, and yet, for some reason, alcohol, the very poison which caused the damage in the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Are these liver flukes?   pspitel   46d  C
 ... ... Are these liver flukes? They are light brown with pinkish parts - look like organs. Smooth and fleshy and don’t break apart easily. There also appeared to be some sort of hollow casings passed. ... ... First off - thanks to all the generous contributors on this site. Truly amazing. ... ... I really can’t believe this is happening to me. Over the years I’ve passed a few light colored egg sack type things. I didn’t pay it much attention. For the last year or so I’ve been depressed (maybe not from parasites) and sluggish and having IBS type symptoms. I decided to ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Looks like flukes to me but more like intestinal flukes. I...   Parasiterev   46d
      Looks like flukes to me but more like intestinal flukes. I’ve had tons of this stuff out too. And also liver flukes which look more like rolled tomato skins.   [End]
      • Thanks so much for the valuable info. I’m going to read up ...   pspitel   46d
        Thanks so much for the valuable info. I’m going to read up on intestinal flukes. It’s all new to me but obviously something to deal with seriously. What do you think the best course of treatment action is? I guess in the short term this ”Para Response” is doing something good. It’s mostly worm wood, cloves and black walnut husks I think. I’m going to completely stop alcohol intake and limit meat eating. Time to load up on the green juices. Thanks again for your response.   [End]
        • pspitel: Fluke Drug Treatment Protocol   ICU   45d
          ... pspitel - ... ... ... ... Looks like you're infested with a large colony of liver & intestinal flukes!  ... ... ... ... Recommend the Fluke Drug Treatment Protocol (Albendazole & Praziquantel): ... ... ... ... Keep the forum updated on your progress.  Feedback helps others fighting the beasts. ... ... ... ... Good luck in your battle! ... ... ... ... Cheers - ICU  ... ... ... ... All My Drug Treatment Protocols:   [End]
          • ICU, ... ... Thanks for the link to drug protocol. This is...   pspitel   44d
            ICU, ... ... Thanks for the link to drug protocol. This is very valuable and thorough. I’ll order those meds online. Is it true that I’m actually making the situation worse taking these herbals? I figured they might not kill it all, but at the very least not do any harm. I’ll keep the forum updated on my progress. I’m trying keep cool and not get all psychosomatic about my symptoms now. I’m feeling all kind of intestinal sensations now but it might just be in my head now that I know I have invaders in there. I have to remember that just 2 weeks ago I felt nothing. My energy levels are so far un ...   [retrieve this message]
          • ICU, ... ... Is it possible to have both ”intestinal” and ...   pspitel   44d
            ICU, ... ... Is it possible to have both ”intestinal” and ”liver” flukes? I figured they were similar but totally different organisms that would enter the body on different occasions. Or - are they the same organism just one hangs out in the intestines and some migrate to the liver? To me it seems unlikely that I would contract both. I haven’t observed any of the rolled up tomattoe looking things yet, but have seen some weird varied stuff. Only smallish seeds coming out now (that I can see). ... ... Thanks for all your help   [End]
    • Re: Are these liver flukes?   KrazyKat   45d
      IDK for sure, I had some real worms and parts that looked like the ’tubes’ that you had. My liver doc said the test showed that they were protozoan in nature. They were too degraded for the tests to be accurate. Hope we all get this stuff OUT!   [End]
      • KrazyKat, ... ... Thanks for your response. What did you d...   pspitel   45d
        KrazyKat, ... ... Thanks for your response. What did you doc proscribe for you? And did you get rid of them? This is so crazy - I could have very easily never noticed anything as my symptoms weren’t very pronounced. Can’t believe I was walking around with these things in me. I have cash but no medical insurance. Reluctant to see a doc as they would probably just laugh at me and order useless expensive tests. Did these things do any noticable damage to your liver or body?   [End]
  • Cirrhosis and Liver Flush   KrazyKat   46d  C
    I’ve done liver flushes for years, lately, they’re making me nauseous. So is food with any fat in it. So I’m thinking gall bladder. My liver panels are normal, but the ultrasounds always show stones, even after doing flushes. So would you do any more flushes knowing that the liver isn’t digesting fats well and doing flushes make me nauseous?   [End]
  • Can you or someone you know be the face for Hepatitis B Pet...   lexi53   54d  C
    Hello Everyone! ... ... Millions of people around the world suffer from chronic Hepatitis B (including myself). Until now there was no cure but finally there’s a light at the end of the tunnel...There’s a new drug currently in it’s second part of trials on humans called REP9AC’. It usually takes many years before a new drug gets approved so there’s a petition on Facebook asking Christine Kukka who is the Hbv advocate to get the approval process accelerated: ... ... ( it will not allow me to post this link here but you can find it on Facebook under HEPATITIS B FOUNDATION ) ... ... Please check it out, s ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Coffee Enemas and Detox causes Low Blood Pressure?   taroki   5mo  C
    Since I started doing coffee enemas and detox, I noticed I would experience ”Waking up as soon as I drift off to sleep”. I think somehow my body isn’t letting me go into deep sleep. ... ... A few weeks ago, after trying Castor oil pack on liver, or Oxy-Powder to clean my colon, I wake up in the middle of my dream feeling like I am falling, then my gut feels tired after. Is this possibly due to parasites still in the gut? ... ... Past few days it’s gotten worse. I have very little sleep and I wake up feeling very fatigue, aching, mentally unwell. My feet and hands are cold, body temp is low. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • fish oil and bloating and/or weight gain   crib111   5mo  C
    1) I read fish oil helps with elevated triglyceride levels (which I have), however whenever I take fish oil I bloat like a beach whale. Do you need good fat digestion/absorption for fish oil supplements? ... ... 2) Also when I drink a few cups of coffee in a day I get runny/greasy stools, which is common with fat mal-absorbtion, but there’s no fat in coffee, so any theory on that one as well? ... ... 3) does poor fat digestion/absorbtion lead to high triglycerides?   [End]
  • Liver cirrhosis/hepatic encephalopathy cure   JMM123   5mo  C
    Hello there, ... My Grandma has been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and is currently suffering from most of the main symptoms associated with such a disease with the main concern being hepatic encephalopathy/her mental state (she currently suffers from bouts of confusion throughout the day and struggles to complete sentences). After being told by many a doctor that there is nothing further that could be done I have decided to take a pro-active approach and search elsewhere for a possible cure or way to treat the symptoms associated with the disease. I have grown up with my Grandma all ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Before you rush in and attempt liver-flushing many of the p...   Telman   5mo
      Before you rush in and attempt liver-flushing many of the problems are down to poor nutrition and it is important to ensure initially that the gut is clean and working as best it can. ... ... To help your personal education I have included to links below which are in straight forward language. They may help you understand better what you are up against. ... ... Regards ... ... Here are the links ... ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi, ... I don’t know how your Grandma is doing but I hope ...   wifeonamission   4d
      Hi, ... I don’t know how your Grandma is doing but I hope she’s still hanging in there... my husband has cirrhosis and was hospitalized for encephalopathy at the beginning of the year, but he is doing much better now. His MELD score was 17 and just 3 months later it was a 9, thanks to alternative treatments (which were NOT suggested by doctors... we had to do our own research... thank God for the internet!). I just wanted to tell you, I learned a few things that can help. Probiotics definitely help, and can cut the risk for encephalopathy in half. If you would like to read more about this, I ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Intolerance to sugar   hayley3   6mo  C
    Sorry this msg is in wrong place.   [End]
  • cirrhosis   nonie   7mo
    I love scallops. I know eating raw or undercooked shellfish is dangerous, especially with cirrhosis. Can anyone find information for me about eating cooked scallops being safe for someone with cirrhosis? Thanks   [End]
    • dont eat scavangers they are just to clean the earth. if it...   hypertapeworm   7mo
      dont eat scavangers they are just to clean the earth. if it has a spilt hoof and chews the cude then eat it. if it is in the sea it must have fins and scales for it to be save to eat.certain birds on good to eat as well as insects like the crticket and grasshopper. these are the basics when knowing what and what not to eat I hope this helps good luck   [End]
  • Any advice on eating whole milk thistle seeds?   emulsified   9mo  C
    Hello, I’m wondering if anyone has tried incorporating whole milk thistle seeds into their diet. If the seeds are soaked overnight are they at all palatable? Or are they too tough and fibrous to eat? I would love to be able to soften them up enough to eat by the bowl full. Is this even possible? Any and all ideas and/or information would be tremendously appreciated! ... Thanks, ... Paul   [End]
    • I was watching this cooking show on youtube last night, the...   everything   9mo
      I was watching this cooking show on youtube last night, they described how many spices, nuts, etc., are soaked and then mashed into a paste. ... It seems to make sense that grinding things up make them easier to absorb, all my vitamins, herbs, spices, etc. all come chopped or ground up. ... Something to think of, make your own tincture, or harvest lots of the seeds while they are in season, I’m sure they will store well. I spend allot on my pills, you got the right idea.   [End]
    • Hi E, ... ... This may or may not be apropos and/or of int...   shotsee   8mo
      Hi E, ... ... This may or may not be apropos and/or of interest to you. ... ... Are you aware of the almost miraculous results many tens of THOUSANDS of people have experienced, with most of the diseases known to humankind, from ingesting ascorbic acid? ... ... If you are still interested in finding a solution to your health problem(s), and gaining greater health in ALL areas of your body, I STRONGLY encourage you to read this article written by Dr. Robert Cathcart, M.D. ... ... You have only better health and well-being to gain by applying its recom ...   [retrieve this message]
  • How to tell what is causing Brain Swelling - Need an expert...   JrDavis   12mo  C
    I’m pretty sure the pain I am getting in my head is caused by some sort of swelling. ... ... The pain is usually on the top of my head near the soft spot and towards the frontal lobe. Usually above my eyebrow, Behind my eye, and near my left temporal artery. ... ... I would say this is a localized pain. It feels bruised. If I tug at my hair where the pain is it is very tender. ... ... I took L-Ornithine which seemed to help the pain. Then it didn’t. I was only taking 500mg. Then I started to take the L-Aspartate, in the form of Mag and Potassium. Which seems to help for a little bit. ... ... I then did a smal ...   [retrieve this message]
    • This is how Morgellons starts. Go to a hot tub with lots of...   dolphinsplaying   9mo
      This is how Morgellons starts. Go to a hot tub with lots of chlorine and submerse your head. If you have had this for will produce a tar like substance but then headache will be gone. Then pay attention to things after that. If you get Morgellons..Albenza helps. Praying for you. This is how my nightmare started with a squishy scalp.   [End]
  • Treatment of chronic hepatitis C with C-glycyrrhizin   #85022   13mo  C
    To All ... I have been using C-glycyrrhizin since 2009. My Dr is a genius but my plan will not pay for it. It is now on e bay. Thank God ... Check out the links below C-glycyrrhizin really calmed down my liver and helped my numbers. Good Luck All ... Mickey ... ... Glycyrrhizin as antiviral agent against Hepatitis C Virus ... ... ... ... Long-term treatment of chronic hepatitis C with glycyrrhizin [stronger neo-minophagen C (SNMC)] for preventing liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. ... ... ... ... Natural R ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Thinking about trying Lactulose. Ammonia from Protein.   JrDavis   13mo  C
    So it seems that when I eat protein now (Milk, Meat, Scallops, etc) I tend to be getting really bad Ammonia issues. ... ... My head hurts really bad and feels bruised when I push on it. ... ... 500mg’s of Ornithine before bed does the trick. ... ... But if I miss a dose/eat more protein. ... ... ... The pain comes back towards the end of the day (3-5pm). ... ... I have Hep C (25 years) and I have never drank Alcohol in my life. Just recently was on a small dosage of Oxycodone. But had a horrible diet. ... ... My mother has Hep C (This is how I got it) same amount of time. Has Drank enough alcohol and used drugs. ... ... But ...   [retrieve this message]
    • My mom takes prescription Lactulose to make her go to the b...   AngelofEventide   13mo
      My mom takes prescription Lactulose to make her go to the bathroom. It’s pretty hardcore on her. Never knew it was used for anything else.   [End]
    • It seems that I’m dealing with similar ammonia issues - or...   ilove80s   13mo
      It seems that I’m dealing with similar ammonia issues - or at least I’ve strongly suspected as much. For the better part of six months, now - I’ve intermittently investigated ways to lessen/eliminate my ammonia burden. I haven’t gotten very far as far as resolving the problem (assuming that there is one) - but don’t let that discourage you. You might respond differently. Besides - I haven’t been very persistent with the supposed remedies - I’ve usually stopped taking the supplement shortly after noticing certain adverse effects. I just haven’t been sure how wise ”pushing through” an ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Afraid Husband Might Have Colon Cancer - Please Help   #35048   13mo  C
    Hi everyone. ... ... My husband has been complaining ( on and off , but for quite some time ) about a dull ache in his upper right abdomen. The pain is not unbearable, it is rather felt as a warm , swollen feeling of weight, sometimes he also feels a burning sensation. The pain got worse during the last month and sometimes radiates to the back on the same side. ... He also has random episodes of dyspnea and heart palpitations, but he’s been having them for years and he always blamed them on the meds he’s taking (he’s a former drug addict and he’s been on subuxone for 10 years). ... ... We initially tho ...   [retrieve this message]
  • HELP! Liver Function Test - Explain ? ( chronic fatigue suf...   mattleecarter   13mo  C
    Hey! ... ... Just here to get some helpful answers if possible. My full story is here ... ... ... Ill keep it short and sweet. Suffering from chronic fatigue since AUG 2012. ... The doctors cant quite find out what is wrong with me but I need to know what this blood test might mean. ... ... Since May 2012 my Liver Function Test’s have been rising. ... ... Now MARCH 2013 my LFT’s are: ... ... Bili total 12 (normal range 4-20) ... ALP 89 (normal range 35-110) ... GGT 60 (normal range 5-50) ... LD 269 (normal range 120-250) ... AST 103 (normal range 10-40) ... ALT 346 (normal range 5 ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Elevated levels of LD (aka LDH) and changes in the ratio of...   R Telman   13mo
      Elevated levels of LD (aka LDH) and changes in the ratio of the LD isoenzymes usually indicate some type of tissue damage. Usually LD levels will rise as the cellular destruction begins, peak after some time period, and then begin to fall. For instance, when someone has a heart attack, blood levels of total LD will rise within 24 to 48 hours, peak in 2 to 3 days, and return to normal in 10 to 14 days. LD levels are elevated in many other conditions reflecting its widespread tissue distribution ... ... Raised alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and aspartate aminotransferase (AST) values indicate lea ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded What causes this type of varicose vein? Liver issue?   JrDavis   13mo  C
    ... ... I went to the ER a couple months back for this varicosity in my thigh vein. ... ... The Dr. said it wasn’t blood clots because when he pushed on them it wasn’t hard. ... ... Said if it was Clots he would be able to feel them. ... ... And honestly it feels like a balloon. ... ... I don’t notice it when I sit down. However, When I do extend my leg a certain way when I sit it happens a bit. ... ... The Dr. Said ”Your liver could do this, But you will need to have your PCP dig deeper” ... ... He felt for my liver, Said he couldn’t feel it. Didn’t have Jaundice or anything. Was just sent home. ... ... 2 months later (I know ...   [retrieve this message]
  • High Blood Pressure caused by Liver Constipation, Kidney Lo...   goodsamaritan55   14mo  C
    The healing of our driver Oliver continues. Oliver used to have recurring kidney infections, UTI, and erectile dysfunctions and later on high blood pressure with pain on the nape. Oliver got into kidney cleansing herbals and raw meat and healed his UTI and cured his erectile dysfunction. Oliver then did colon cleansing via the herbal invention Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea and got rid of black stinky mucoidal plaque and eventually big black marbles of old stuck up poop. He drank 1/2 cup of the miracle tea at evenings for a total of 5 times. ... ... With his colon and his kidneys clean, Oliver was now a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Consumption Of Pig Flesh Correlated To Multiple Sclerosis, ...   frugivorous   14mo  C
    CONSUMPTION OF THE FLESH OF PIGS IS CORRELATED TO MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS ... ... There are ethical, environmental, energy, esthetic and empirical reasons that the flesh of pigs is forbidden to Orthodox Jews, Muslims, observant Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Seventh Day Adventists, Trappist monks etc. etc. ... ... Pig flesh is correlated to cirrhosis of the liver mortality, liver cancer, the liver’s Hepatitis E and multiple sclerosis. Its fats are saturated and correlated to strokes, heart attacks, and Alzheimer’s. Processed pork has other toxins as well, from ... living trichinella worms in their cyst cocoons t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Help with identification - aliens???? Warning pictures.   noli28   14mo  C
    Hi, I have been really ill since last November. I was hospitalised with liver function tests being 2600 (meant to be less than 35)!! I went a tinge of yellow and have had a pressure in my liver since. ... ... My liver function tests have gone back to normal but I still feel really ill and am passing very stange things in my faeces. My doctor doesnt seem to know what to do, but I have been told I have high cholesterol and low ferritin now??? ... ... I am not making any progress really and wondered if anyone could identify these???? ... ...   [End]
    • In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter what type of parasi...   Kcirla   14mo
      In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter what type of parasites you have. If you feel sick, you most likely have a problem with parasites and/or candida. ... ... Also know that liver function tests are crap, they don’t really reflect how bad one’s liver can be. ... ... Forget the standard doctors, they won’t help. ... ... ... First thing, look into your diet. You want a diet that will help strengthen your digestive organs. If you have parasites, you HAVE a weak digestive system, and your liver is very likely to be burdened. Eat lots of raw vegetables, fruits away from other foods in moderate amounts, and mi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Several months ago I have uncontrollable burping, cant be b...   Ivann   14mo  C
 ... ... ... Several months ago I have uncontrollable burping if not expelled, and my chest hurts and makes me breathe with difficult. ... ... I have hurt in the right in the stomach. The gastroenterologist told me what hurts me is the knee of the duodenum and sent me to do an endoscopy I Had This, because I did one about 2 years ago, i dont want to do endoscopy again. ... ... I also performed an ultrasound, the doc did it in two minutes, and said, I have mild increase in liver ecogenecidad consider mild steatosis. ... ... I continue with malabsorption, now last a little more ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Excellent info on liver detoxification pathways   purplepixie   15mo  C
    Not sure if this has been posted before but think it would be valuable info to a lot of folk on here. ... ... It gives excellent info on phase 1 and 2 detoxification pathways - what’s required for them to be optimum, what occurs and why when they’re not etc... ... ... (now i know why my pee smells like plastic when i eat asparagus! lol) ... ...   [End]
    • Excellent Info! Thanks!   sans sucre   15mo
      Excellent Info! Thanks!   [End]
    • Glad you found this useful! I was very happy to have stumbl...   Faith110   15mo
      Glad you found this useful! I was very happy to have stumbled upon it   [End]
    • Great article! Can liver problems be a root cause of candid...   #166978   15mo
      Great article! Can liver problems be a root cause of candida? I’m just wondering because mine doesn’t seem to be from antibiotics, but an impaired immune system and bad diet..   [End]
    • Thanks for the link! Great info. Printing it out. lol .....   Aliciajb   15mo
      Thanks for the link! Great info. Printing it out. lol ... ...   [End]
    • A good informative read. Seems there is a big overlap betwe...   Ladywear   15mo
      A good informative read. Seems there is a big overlap between symptoms of liver dysfunction and candida. I wonder how many of us are actually dealing with liver dysfunction rather than candida. Although which comes first....the candida which causes liver dysfucntion or poor liver dysfunction therefore causing candida. Interesting.   [End]
      • Agreed Ladywear...the old proverbial chicken and egg scenar...   purplepixie   15mo
        Agreed Ladywear...the old proverbial chicken and egg scenario - something i argued with my doctor about! ... ... I guess having a huge candida/pathogen/parasite load can eventually bring liver function down - and then more imbalances come into play due to over-toxicity. ... ... Equally, if liver function is not optimal to begin with - candida etc - their toxic rubbish circulates and toxifies the whole body quicker and easier...and then they thrive even more. ... ... My mother was not the healthiest woman - an alcoholic, also her mother was too - I was born white and on day 2 of life became yellow. It’s c ...   [retrieve this message]
        • It makes perfect sense because the liver is the body’s filt...   Faith110   15mo
          It makes perfect sense because the liver is the body’s filter. It takes the blunt of all the abuse on our bodies, be it from stress, poor diet, infections, environmental toxins, metals, drugs etc. ... ... If it’s not functioning properly, everything else will get backed up, and nasty little bugs can get the upper hand. Just look at what happens to a swimming pool or a fish tank when the filter stops working. It will be green and moldy in a matter of days!   [End]
        • Me too. I have been tested and am a pathological detoxer, ...   sans sucre   15mo
          Me too. I have been tested and am a pathological detoxer, and I must have been my whole life, as they said it was a genetic defect. A life where I have hardly ever been what I’d consider truly well. For me, I think what happened was, on top of being on antibiotics practically throughout my whole childhood after not having been breast fed, getting type 1 diabetes as a child, and then having a really bad diet in my 20’s (fast food, diet drinks, lots of unhealthy carbs and fats), just got everything out of whack and candida emerged. So, my liver was on shaky ground to begin with, and then ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I certainly believe in my case the candida is a result of p...   Ladywear   15mo
      I certainly believe in my case the candida is a result of poor liver function, I actually have a genetic defect - diagnosed as Gilberts Syndrome, which means basically I detoxify 33% slower than I should. Stands to reason toxins will build up. Interesting too that Gilberts syndrome is a common finding amongst people diagnosed with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) or M.E. If you do get blood tests for liver function make sure you question your bile reading....often doctors dismiss the lower reading as insignificant but it really isnt. It might only be a couple of points lower than it should ...   [retrieve this message]
      • I’ve read about Gilbert’s syndrome myself Ladywear - mainly...   purplepixie   15mo
        I’ve read about Gilbert’s syndrome myself Ladywear - mainly due to trying to figure out my low bile output. ... Is it a common genetic defect? What do you do to try to balance out your low bile production? ... So many people have so little bowel movements per day - i know alot of that is just plain wrong diet - but i also think liver congestion and bile production is also a major cause. ... ... You’re right - it’s important to support all the imbalances and body systems....abit like directing an orchestra! Hoping to one day come to a grand finale of great health! ... ... Some imbalances require such speci ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Reply to Purplepixie   Ladywear   14mo
          Sorry I only just saw your reply. ... ... No I havent taken the antifungal you mentioned but then I am not heavily into antifungals, they never really worked for me just made my body more toxic than it already was, putting me under further strain. ... ... I do believe in supporting my immune system in as many ways as possible, clearing and cleansing the organs by means of nutritious diet and supplements. Like you I dont specifically take any one supplement to support one area, I use a balance. My most important one is for liver support - it does support Gilberts Syndrome and the detox pathway that ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Re: candida starts   Karlin   15mo
        I am not a Candida sufferer, so I don’t know... but from what I read Candida really starts in the colon where the ”gut flora” is the first line of defence. ... ... From there, it crosses the bowel wall and moves into the bloodstream and THEN it can get into the liver? ... ... Once you have it you have to clean the liver but you will keep getting it over and over unless your colon has the good bacteria. Probiotics might help, and of course yogurt, saurkraut, femented soy [never eat soy that is NOT fermented, by the way!] and avoiding carbs and sugars and especially antibiotics {”probiotics Vs a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • alpha-1 antitrypsin & liver   CFIDS2   15mo  C
    After 8yrs of various health problems and not feeling normal, I FINALLY discovered the problem. I have the ”SZ” phenotype of Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency and my liver enzyme ALT has been consistently elevated 55-95 since 2004 at least...I also have 2 recent liver ultra sounds that show liver and spleen slightly enlarged. ... ... My Albumin is slightly above normal (which the doctors say is good sign) and due to knowing something was wrong, I have been taking liver support supplements for the last few years. I am going for a liver biopsy in a week or so to see the exact state of my liver. ... ...   [retrieve this message]
    • NOBODY??? ... ... I am now trying to determine how to flus...   CFIDS2   14mo
      NOBODY??? ... ... I am now trying to determine how to flush the ”bad” antitrypsin out of my liver to prevent further damage...I have read that grape seed might help normalize it, but I am wondering if traditional liver flushing herbs like milk thistle or bupleurum can flush this abnormal protein out of my liver???   [End]
      • I was so surprised and sorry that NO ONE answered your post...   magic1   11mo
        I was so surprised and sorry that NO ONE answered your post. ... I don’t know if you will see this but I wanted to try and help if I could anyway. ... ... I found out last year that I have an alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency, which I’m not sure is the same thing you are writing about. I would think if you have a deficiency in something you would need more of it not less. So I’m a little confused. ... ... I do know that I have had trouble for many years with allergies, candida, and an accumulation of toxic metals. I knew I had a problem with my liver. ... ... I have done many liver cleanses,but things didn ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Primary Bilary Sclerosis and Hepatitis   liberator   15mo
    Just thought I’d share this. PBC (Primary Bilary Sclerosis can be cured in Newc mexico by Dr Burke Berkson using Alpha Lipoic Acid given intravenously and orally. ... ... Robin   [End]
  • Dangers from extending water fasting? fatty liver?   ferisong   15mo  C
    While I’ve read about all of the amazing benefits from fasting, but I also read these accounts of people doing extending water fasts and then being diagnosed with fatty liver- and these people were healthy before water fasting. ... ... I’ve also read people who say their health has been worse ever since fasting, and that it can cause SIBO, organ damage, etc. ... ... Maybe we’re wrong about extended fasting? Maybe it is very dangerous and we’re making a huge mistake?   [End]
  • Castor Oil, Hep C, Liver Flukes, Weight Loss,   JrDavis   15mo  C
 ... ... ... Can I do Castor Oil Flush with Hep C and poor bile flow? ... ... States - ”People with liver problems or poor liver functions should not do this cleanse.” ... ... Why? Isn’t it to help get things moving in the liver? ... ... My stools are floating and I’m losing weight/Fat on my body. ... ... I would also like to try and flush any flukes out. ... ... I read this was a good method for flukes. ... ... My vein on my right inner thigh is protruding (Varicose) and bubbling at the same spots up my leg (Been months now). ... ... ER doctor said my liver wasn’t inflam ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi, ... ... Having treated myself with herbal and nutritio...   verysugar   15mo
      Hi, ... ... Having treated myself with herbal and nutritional protocols for over a decade, as well as having studied natural medicine for 3 years, I believe that a predominately raw food diet rich in freshly prepared juices and green smoothies (fruits and green leaves) will act as cure and prophylactic against most disease conditions. ... ... Specifically geared toward hepatic dysfunction, I would include Silybum marianum (Milk Thistle / St Mary’s Thistle) as a liver regenerator. Take a strong dose. I would take this for a couple of months alongside a raw-food diet before attempting a liver-flush. ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I’m curious about all of this as well as I have low bile fl...   cassaroles   15mo
      I’m curious about all of this as well as I have low bile flow, floating BM, taxed liver (beginning with heavy metal toxicity). ... ... What concerns me is lowering fat content, because your body needs good fats to use as energy. ... ... For increased bile flow I have been instructed by my nutritionist to do coffee enemas once or twice a week. They do help. Especially with flushing out toxins and parasites hanging about in your gut. ... ... Will be following this thread. I need to restore my liver/gallbladder/bile situation as well. ...   [End]
      • Tried the castor oil and no go. Used about 20ml. Didn’t hav...   JrDavis   12mo
        Tried the castor oil and no go. Used about 20ml. Didn’t have any stools passed but I did pass some parasites. Worm looking ones a day or two after. ... ... I’m still losing weight. I know I’m not getting the calories I need but I still feel like I got liver flukes from the seafood I ate last year. ... ... At 131lbs now. Starting to get depressed about the weight.. ... ... Milk thistle hasn’t really helped.   [End]
  • How to chelate vitamin A (jaundice + skin rash)   #132209   15mo  C
    Hi, I’ve always had ALT levels just over the normal level (31) and a tendency to get very yellow skin when I eat too many carotene vegetables and meats. I just recently got a bumpy rash on my forehead and my skin is very yellow again. What can I do do remove the vitamin A from my system? ... ... Thanks!   [End]
  • Is it possible that ammonia in the body from toxins (bacter...   leggybrandi   16mo  C
    I am curious if people who have had issues with ammonia from toxins has also had acne issues? What is the best way to get the ammonia out of the body. I have been detoxing on and off for 4 years? I am 35 years old. ... ...   [End]
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