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Money Debate & Global Economy Forum

Dollar, Gold, Euro, Depression, Trade, Future, Forex, Value, Currency, AIG, GM, Chrysler, Ford, Obama, Banks, Insurance, Hedge Funds, Investments, Toxic Assets, Real Estate Roller Coaster
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Challenge the message and not the messenger!
The first person to resort to name calling and personal attacks automatically loses the debate!
Personal attack is often the best indication that the writer knows his logic is flawed and therefore tries to deflect attention by attacking the opponent, instead of attacking the arguments of the opponent.
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  • Video Embedded You Are Going To Get Zero From Your Bank   enolamonroe   13mo  C
    Tick Tock..Countdown To Global Financial Free-Fall. By Gregory Mannarino ... ...   [End]
    • Video Embedded Why Leave Extra Money in a Bank-Peter Schiff   enolamonroe   13mo
      ... ... By Greg Hunter’s ... ... Money manager Peter Schiff says, “Cyprus is a wake-up call for everybody who has a bank deposit. . . . When you are depositor, you are, in fact, . . . lending your money to the bank.” Schiff predicts, “There’s no question . . . banks will fail. The question is will government do the right thing and allow depositors to lose money. Or, do the wrong thing and bail out depositors by printing a bunch of money which, in the long run, means deposits will lose even more value.” The FDIC has just $33 billion to insure more than $10.8 trillion in deposit ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Video Embedded Jim Rogers: "Get money out of the Banks, they're going to l...   turiya   13mo
        Video of Jim Rogers on CNBC this morning 3/28/13: ”If politicians say don’t worry, then understand you have to worry and they will loot your bank account. Run for the hills and hurry to get your money out” IMF condoning stealing of people’s money. He says don’t trust any politician, if you do, you will go bankrupt quickly. Amazing the CNBC reporter agreed with him. ... ... Short to the point segment. Get your money out of the banks! ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Depositors Money Becomes the Bank’s Money   enolamonroe   13mo
          This Will Blow Your Mind....E ... ... Think Your Money is Safe? Think Again: The Confiscation Scheme Planned for US and UK Depositors ... ... Confiscating the customer deposits in Cyprus banks was not a one-off. It could happen here. ...   [End]
  • Need Help???????????   russbrunson   15mo
    Can builder charge me interest if my bank delayed disbursement for home loan?what is the legal time for disbur? ... singapore home loans ... ...   [End]
  • Sind Sie damit einverstanden, dass Abercrombie and Fitch ei...   cheer1234   18mo
    Die Menschen sind durchweg daher in positive Kleidung gekleidet eingeschlossen und sind in der Regel innerhalb einer Disposition zu dekorieren, die so mehr, als die Ordnung diejenigen sind. Jeder will gut aussehen und wie Sie und Ihre Familie Kostüm bietet einen enormen Einfluss auf die gesamte Einzigartigkeit. Dusche als sehr wahrscheinlich die wichtigsten Dinge, abercrombie deutschland die machen oder brechen würde die persona bekannt. Viele weitere am Ende mit zu Ihnen mit allen irgendwie Hochzeitskleider jemand zu nutzen versucht. ... ... Wenn Sie ...   [retrieve this message]
  • where's the debate?   konstantine   23mo
    0 of 2 people agree with something on a debate forum but have got f*** all to say. ... ... I love contrary opinions as long as they make sense. Not that I invented modern monetary theory. ... ...   [End]
  • It's Time to Get Off the Debt-Ceiling Standard   konstantine   23mo
    Article by Lawrence Kramer ... ... ... ... Money ”works” because it is accepted by people with something to sell. There are lots of things that someone offered ”money” may want to know about it, but one of those things has always been whether it is scarce, i.e., whether a flood of it may appear and compete for what the offeree may seek to buy with it. What the offeree of money needs, then, is information about the scarcity of the money. Gold, in its day, provided that information. ... ... If the money is specie, the money is its own information, so long as the offeree knows that specie itself is rare. E ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I think that debt slows the growth of the American economy,...   Charlize   13mo
      I think that debt slows the growth of the American economy, it stops economic development and rehab after the financial crisis. It’s important to live within our means and government should understand it. It’s obvious that the US is in a very difficult economic situation today. I think that the debt is the main reason for that and it doesn’t allow us to go any further. The US has never been so much in debt, it’s not just about the government, people also make debts, use credit cards and fastest payday loans. With a help of borrowing they get cash but these money doesn’t make them any weal ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Modern Monetary System   konstantine   23mo
 ... ...   [End]
  • Canada Marketing Summit   russbrunson   4y
    Are you guys going to the Canada Marketing Summit in Vancouver?? Mark Victor Hansen should be good. Their site looks AMAZING. I wanna steal those hover button!   [End]
    • Hey guys come out to the Canada Marketing Summit. 4 day int...   russbrunson   4y
      Hey guys come out to the Canada Marketing Summit. 4 day internet marketing and online income streams conference. ... ... Mark Victor Hansen will be there. The guy who owns Sitepoint, 99Designs and Flippa will be there. The guy who owns is rumoured to be there. A tonne of internet marketers. ... ... Here’s a link that I’m sure they won’t care if I mention... it’s $200-off the regular priced ticket. Come out: ... ...   [End]
    • Yeah nice information shared here, but mostly I like that B...   demon00seven   28mo
      Yeah nice information shared here, but mostly I like that Bruce Lee picture, this picture gives me interest to write something in this post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. ... ... Air Duct Cleaning Miami Florida   [End]
  • Banking Timeline   turiya   5y
    The History of the Money Changers ...   [End]
  • Thinking about money   high.ness   5y
    I had a epiphany about 4-5 years ago about money and its purpose in our lives. ... ... I was writing a book on the subject- the more I researched the less it came together- well let’s face it, it is a whole big topic-emotions around it, having it or not, not having idicates not receiving blah blah blah ... ... Do what you love and the emoney will follow- yes but how long will it take to follow- oh yes, the ”timing” of money- now this topic has become more of an interest. ... ... Timing receiving giving ...fear, security, control, power all sorts of interesting aspects ... Complex, but if anyone has heard ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I think you were talking about Wayne Dyer. From what I know...   PainKilla   5y
      I think you were talking about Wayne Dyer. From what I know, his story is interesting...born in time of depression, never knew his dad cause he left his mom and brothers, all kinds of trouble. ... Speaking about the timing and the money mentality I think it is true and very applicable on other areas of our lives...I reestablished contact with a girl after a period of thinking intensivelly about her. It was a little experiment I guess. I became more interested and more believing cause I already knew about the law of attraction and ’You become what you think about’ and so on. ... So I think the ho ...   [retrieve this message]
    • These posts are really good and definitely beneficial. Grea...   lolaa00   27mo
      These posts are really good and definitely beneficial. Great stuff from this part of the internet. This is the best board for anyone who wants to know about this subject. ... ... tarots gratuits ...   [End]
    • My experience with money is like going up and down. I often...   #177417   6mo
      My experience with money is like going up and down. I often experience the periods of good income and then occurs some kind of gap. For mr it’s already something mathaphysical. I know that after every next gap my income will shift to a higher level. Still I like to feel confident of the next day of my life and that is why I always know where to get short-term financial aid.   [End]
  • U.S. Public debt is 6.73 TRILLION dollars. EDITED   been there done that   5y
    Excuse me, I misquoted the amount, it should be .373 (like it matters). ... ... ... I think that is headline news, but of course we’re always going to be told that the economy is getting better. ... ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
    • We’re always going to be told nice, polite, ”modified” inf...   been there done that   5y
      We’re always going to be told nice, polite, ”modified” information, but the truth about the economy has been kept secret for years. The national debt clock is telling us it’s 11 trillion, but it’s much worse when true accounting principles are used to calculate the national debt. ... ... The highest ”official” estimate is shown here... ... ... ... ... In May 2008, Robert Fisher of the Federal Reserve reported a national debt of 99.2 trillion when calculated properly. ... ... In 2007, Usa Today reported a national debt of 59 trillion when calculated properly. ... http://www.usatoday. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Does all the cash end up back at the Federal Reserve?   CandidaInContext   5y  C
    Just curious, I mean if the currency is lent out to the government. And the government pays back currency to the Reserve, wouldn’t all cash eventually end up back at the reserve? ... ... The country would have to continue getting more currency printed by the Fed, just to keep currency floating around. ... ... And would the tax payers continue paying interest on the currency the Federal Reserve is holding on to? ... ... And who exactly owns the federal reserve anyway? ... ...   [End]
    • And who exactly owns the federal reserve anyway? ... ... N...   #77203   5y
      And who exactly owns the federal reserve anyway? ... ... Non americans, private individuals, who don’t have to disclose their identities. Also, in todays world, it is very easy to hide behind some other people, so in that respect, you can never quite ”follow the money” and find out. However, there is another way to find out: look who was always involved in these types of manipulations, and all roads inevitably lead to the same place.   [End]
    • watch "America: Freedom to Fascism" on youtube!   ginab4u   5y
      It explains the Federal Reserve. Sorry, but I can’t figure out how to get it in here! ...   [End]
      • watch this! Zeitgeist - The Movie: Federal Reserve http://...   ginab4u   5y
        ... ... Normal ... 0 ... ... ... false ... false ... false ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 ... ... ... ... ... ...   Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 "... ...   [End]
    • Image Embedded who exactly owns the federal reserve anyway? ANSWER   TheObserver   5y
      ...   [End]
    • Image Embedded This graphic flow chart will explain it very simply...   #78810   5y
      All the cash ends up back at the Federal Reserve? ... ... ...   [End]
    • ....Federal Reserve?   ginab4u   5y
        ... ... ... Chart of who "owns" the Federal Reserve ... ... ...   ... ... ... Chart 1 ...   ... ... Federal Reserve Directors: A Study of Corporate and Banking Influence ... ... Published 1976 ... ... Chart 1 reveals the linear connection between the Rothschilds and the Bank of England, and the London banking houses which ultimately control the Federal Reserve Banks through their stockholdings of bank stock and their subsidiary firms in New York. The two principal Rothschild representatives in New York, J. P. Morgan Co., and Kuhn,Loeb & Co. were the firms which set up the Jekyll Island C ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Does all the cash end up back at the Federal Reserve?   scottyw68   3y
      Hello! ... I would say yes the end results is that the moneys do end up at the federal reserve. There is one main family that own this world! There are only 4 countries that do not have a private bank in and the U.S. is invading those for them as we speak. ... ... That family is the ROTHCHILDS estimated value 500 trillion dollars beyond rich ... ...   [End]
  • i'm going to help you out,'s how to get guys l...   John McCain 2008   5y  C
    i’m the amerikan businessman. forget about giving me money. forget about loaning me money with strings attached. immediately cut my cap gains. immediately cut my tax rate. taxes keep me from risking my capital. if i don’t see a profit out there, or one that’s small...i keep the money close. if i buy a stock and it goes up 15%, and you tax me 15%...i’ve gained nothing! if i turn a house and get hammered for cap gain...why do it? the taxes we all pay are criminal. my taxes as a businessman are my number 1 priority after i’ve earned the money. i spend an incredible amount of time a ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Zero taxes is the ticket,yeah.   rokybird   5y
      just use deductions, or invest in equipment,   [End]
      • i've got plenty of deductions...but 1040 employees get hamm...   John McCain 2008   5y
        business owners like myself are constantly having to invest in equipment and expenses and blah, blah, blah to keep untaxed. there’s no ”natural contentment” of doing things as you want. hope i’m explaining it correctly. wouldn’t it be nice not to have to pay a cpa to find loopholes and legal diversions? 1040 regular paycheck workers take home peanuts on the gross amount. my wife is 1040...almost isn’t worth the effort and she makes a good sum. the class warfare angle gets tiresome. the guy making $3500 gross and taking home $2576 should have some sympathy for the guy who grosses $10 ...   [retrieve this message]
        • You are paying high taxes to finance America’s wars and deb...   #77203   5y
          You are paying high taxes to finance America’s wars and debt. More then half of what you pay goes to those two things; most of the rest is stolen. ... ... Debt is created by federal reserve - a private institution. ... Wars are created by the media and weapons industry and bring only death, destruction and more debt (and profits for a few anonymous individuals) ... ... Direct your energies there, and you may just live to see the day when no taxes need to be payed.   [End]
    • Why would you do any differently with extra money from less...   Dquixote1217   5y
      Nice try but no Rush Limbaugh cigar, MD.  You already said that if the government gave you money for your business you would not use it to hire anyone in a recession but rather would pay off debt and sock it away.  Why would you do any different if you got extra money because you paid less taxes?  And how would you buying and selling a house for a profit help the economy? ... ... I agree we should have far less taxes, but the way to do that is to return our system to one that serves the people instead of a nanny state that enslaves us.  Abolish the fed, stop the illegal in ...   [retrieve this message]
      • business 101 lesson for our dear friend, dq...gather 'round.   John McCain 2008   5y
        here’s how i make the country money on a real estate deal, dq. when i buy a home for re-sale, i pay a person to do the paperwork and legalities for me. if a realtor found it and turned me onto it, she gets paid something. then i get financing...expenses there all around. typically the home needs repair. i pay money to a crew to do the work. that’s all out of my pocket, dq. now i’ve got to advertise the property some way. cost up front. i haven’t made a dime, yet, you follow? market changes, neighborhood changes, jobs in the area, schools good or bad...all market forces that make a ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Don’t forget charging yourself to landscape the property an...   Dquixote1217   5y
          Don’t forget charging yourself to landscape the property and then writing it off as an expense. ... ... Buying and reselling existing housing is not exactly producing anything, but I concede your points.  However, I hope you are a bit more diligent in the  "qualifying people for a loan" bit, since I have a distinct feeling that a lot of those loans you qualified people for in the past are in derivative packages that went down the tube and started this mess. ... ... Ouch! ...   [End]
          • Buying and reselling existing housing is not exactly produc...   rokybird   5y
            That is the point but JM is not getting it. Basically he is doing ... little more than stock speculating. ... ... In fact it is a form of theft to outwit some dumb consumer. ... ... ... Over here the condo flippers buy a condo for 170k do some conversions such as ... convert usable closet space into a another bathroom,(they put 3 bathrooms ... in a tiny 1000 sq ft condo in one) which leaves you with no storage space, ... after putting in 80k work =250k value they find some suc*** to give them ... 350 or 400k for it. Thats a profit of 100k. ... ... Essentially the buyer got some upgrades worth 80k for 180k in cost. Soun ...   [retrieve this message]
            • nope, i guess i don't get it.   John McCain 2008   5y
              if all the people i just put to work earning money in my example doesn’t convince you that i’m good for the economy, roky, then nothing will. what i just described above is an amerikan business principle in action. you don’t like that, you don’t like amerikan capitalism. plain and simple. the market dictates price. notice how you don’t scream and holler, roky, when prices are in the dumper?! hmmmmmm? where’s your voice now on all the builders who can’t give away a house? but the minute a guy makes some money on something, ’ol roky’s feathers are flapp’n in the my brain ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Video Embedded Peter Schiff predictions   Newport   5y  C
    i have a couple of teenagers. i really enjoy talking with them at the dinner hour to find out how their day went etc. i find that on this cleanse i like to prepare and smell food so i made my daug ...   [End]
    • I agree with all but last 60 sec of video   TheObserver   5y
      I say ”the government” does not think that it was just random events which got us here. I would go on to say it was a well thought out plan (above governmental level). ... ... But you know I love a good conspiracy.   [End]
    • Re: Peter Schiff predictions & black market   turiya   5y
      I been getting that the dollar just may start to ”go through the floor” as early as the third week in February. ... ... All third world countries black market is a quite active & basic thing. ... ... It may be wise to take a course on black market economy. ... ... ... The underground economy or black market is a market consisting of all commerce on which applicable taxes and/or regulations of trade are being avoided. The term is also often known as the underdog, shadow economy, black economy or parallel economy. ... ... In modern societies the underground economy ...   [retrieve this message]
      • If the dollar goes through the floor, does that mean that w...   csb   5y
        If the dollar goes through the floor, does that mean that we would be better off, ie.e., our dollar going further, if we were in another country? I’d better check on my passport.   [End]
        • my gut feeling is that living in a third world country, one...   turiya   5y
          my gut feeling is that living in a third world country, one will be better off. The infrastructure is already set up to deal with the impoverished situation. Farmers’ Markets, flee markets, black markets, money changers, bullock carts, farm animals allowed within the cities [chickens (eggs), goats (milk), etc.]. ... ... Mind you that the rest of the world’s economies will also b taking a hit. Thievery will be on the rise wherever you go. Be sure to watch your back. Its easy to spot an American... like a fish out of water. It is my observation that most ethnic peoples of the world are very commu ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Now that I think about it, if the dollar is falling, then o...   csb   5y
            Now that I think about it, if the dollar is falling, then one would get less for their money - not more.   [End]
            • Unless one moves quickly...   turiya   5y
              I’m not so worried about it myself. I have stressed myself out enough in my life. I don’t have so much. I am old enough to not be running around the planet wondering where I should be when the sky falls. I have never been into Wall Street Investment. I work for myself. Keeping in good health is the main priority. And will try to keep my head above the water line for how ever long that will be. I know I am not alone. ...   [End]
    • Merrill Lynch says rich turning to gold bars for safety   Newport   5y
      Never panic, but if you are going to panic be the first to panic... ...  ------------------------------------------------------------- ... Merrill Lynch says rich turning to gold bars for safety Merrill Lynch has revealed that some of its richest clients are so alarmed by the state of the financial system and signs of political instability around the world that they are now insisting on the purchase of gold bars, shunning derivatives or "paper" proxies. By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard Last Updated: 10:32AM GMT 09 Jan 2009 ... Gary Dugan, the chief investment officer for the US bank ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Americans must prepare themselves for a massive collapse in...   Newport   5y  C
    Willem Buiter warns of massive dollar collapse ... ... Americans must prepare themselves for a massive collapse in the dollar as investors around the world dump their US assets, a former Bank of England policymaker has warned. ... ... ... ... ... ... -------------------------- ... Kind of late...   [End]
    • not sure   Zoebess   5y
      Not sure why that person posting at the ... link you provided did not post the whole ... article. Part of what Buiter wrote ... also included this~~ ... ... ”Writing on his blog , Prof Buiter said: ”There will, before long (my best guess is between two and five years from now) be a global dumping of US dollar assets, including US government assets. Old habits die hard. The US dollar and US Treasury bills and bonds are still viewed as a safe haven by many. But learning takes place.” ... ... full article~~ ... ... ... This ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Custodial Holdings of US Agency Debt -EDIT   Newport   5y
         ... ... Full post: ... ... ... ...   [End]
        • The difference between perceived reality and what is actual...   Newport   5y
          The difference between perceived reality and what is actually happening is of course hidden from view by the Pirates: ... ...   [End]
          • Yes, that sounds true, although, ... drenched in wishful th...   Zoebess   5y
            Yes, that sounds true, although, ... drenched in wishful thinking, I ... do hope that the government’s ... efforts to allay the public ... growing sense of betrayal will ... work long enough for me to either ... complete my business and go hunker ... in somewhere, or hunker here and ... hope whatever they are spraying ... us with here, I can keep fighting ... the effects of, AND prepare for ... our paradigm to shift to a reality ... that is extremely challenging. ... ... I doubt I have any control except ... what I can do to prepare. I do not ... have the assets to buy precious ... metals, but I can buy tools and ... herbs and grains and see ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Re: not sure   Megabite   5y
        ”This would give us hope that there IS ... still some time to prepare.” ”This would give us hope that there IS ... still some time to prepare.” ... ... I sure as hell hope so! :o ... ... ...   [End]
    • Credit Card Companies Slash Credit Limits   Newport   5y
      Credit Card Companies Slash Credit Limits ... As if access to credit wasn’t already tight, credit card companies are slashing consumer credit lines and closing inactive cards - a move that could harm borrowers’ credit scores and restrict access to loans. ... "Card issuers are playing defense, "trying to limit their risks in "the poor economic climate and against the prospect of continued consumer defaults," said Greg McBride, senior financial analyst at ... But the lenders’ actions could bring more worries for consumers. ... ---------------------- ... Huh? Where di ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Master Rothschild Lectures Us Peon Serfs!   #89866   6y  C
    ****Note the hypocrisy**** ...   ... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... Sir Evelyn de Rothschild calls for action ... ... ... ... Viewpoint Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Financier ... ... ... All of us - countries, corporations and consumers - have neglected basic principles. ... Sir Evelyn: "action has to be taken and action must be taken very soon". ... ... ... ... Ethics - we have lost sight of an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. ... Careful management - we have indulged our wants without the taxes or the prices or the cas ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Trillions - EDIT   Newport   6y
      From: ... ... ... ... ”We make money the old fashioned way. We print it.” … Art Rolnick, Chief Economist for the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank ... ... -------------------------------------------- ... ... Speaking of printing money, Rolnick wasn’t kidding, to the tune of trillions. To get a grasp on how much just one trillion dollar is… ... ... How much is a trillion dollarss… ... ... Most people can not even fathom how much a trillion dollars is! The following analogy will help! ... ... ONE million dollars would equal a 4 inch high stack of 1000, $1000 bills (the sum total of 1000, 4 thous ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Zimbabwe's Inflation Rate is now 516 Quintillion Per Cent   Newport   6y
        ... ...   [End]
        • Mob runs riot as Zimbabwe runs out of water   Newport   6y
          ... ... ... ... The seething anger felt by ordinary Zimbabweans exploded yesterday as hundreds of off-duty soldiers went on the rampage in the centre of Harare. Witnesses said that the violence erupted at a bus depot on the edge of the city centre where soldiers, frustrated at not being able to draw cash from banks, confronted illegal moneychang-ers. The dealers scattered and the soldiers turned on the city, followed by civilians spurring them on. ...   [End]
  • Banksters shares plummet   Newport   6y  C
    ... ... ... ... Shares of U.S. banks fell on Thursday. Highlights: ... ... * Citigroup Inc (C.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) shares fall as much as 25.5 percent to $4.77 ... ... * Bank of America Corp (BAC.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) shares fall as much as 10.6 percent to $11.68 ... ... * JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) shares fall as much as 18.5 percent to $23.21 ... ... * S&P financials index .GSPF falls as much as 8.5 percent ... ... * Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Video Embedded Who woulda thunk?   Newport   6y
      Peter Schiff Was Right 2006 - 2007 (2nd Edition) ...   [End]
      • Re: Who woulda thunk?   jerseybug   6y
        And Campbell Brown of Comedy News Network had the audacity to tell this man to have a reality check,show of Thursday 11-20-08. Everything he has predicted has come thru.   [End]
    • Relation Challenge & Gold   Newport   6y
      from: ... ... Jim Willie CB ... ... ... ... ... Where is new money going? It is pumping up bank stocks, replacing dead bonds on bank balance sheets with USTreasurys, along with backstopping Fannie Mae and AIG hemorrhages under official aegis. It is replenishing JPMorgan in pre-dawn agreements before bankruptcy judges to the tune of $138 billion under highly suspicious circumcisions. JPMorgan must carve out its layers so it can continue funding the gold suppression and USTreasury propping, if not their own massive unreported credit derivative losse ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Back to the Future...   Newport   6y
      from a Yahoo post: ... ... GM has hit lows last seen pre WW2 (1938), says Yahoo!and the S&P has breached the lows of 2002/3 to go back to 1995/96. ... ... S&P 500 11/12 year low of 768.63 on 10 October 2002 ... ... Markets going back in time...   [End]
    • The evil of the US dollar   Newport   6y
      ... ...   [End]
      • Edited   #28187   6y
        ... ... "The real solution is to d   [End]
        • Constitutional Definition Of A Dollar   Newport   6y
          the gold standard is compulsory, thereby preventing the generation of ... unsupported paper currency. ... ... Of course that was ALREADY covered in the now shredded constitution... ... ... from: ... unsupported paper currency. ... ... Of course that was ALREADY covered in the now shredded constitution... ... ... from: ... ... ... ... Constitutional Definition Of A Dollar ... ... The Coinage Act of 1792 clearly defined the U.S. unit of account - the dollar: ... ... ”DOLLARS OR UNITS -each to be of the value of a Spanish milled dollar as the same is now current, and to co ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Gold and silver market manipulation update   Newport   6y  C
    ... ...   [End]
    • The G-20’s Secret Debt Solution   Newport   6y
       ... The Big Question: What gold price would be legislated to reflate the U.S. and global economy? ... I can’t tell you what gold price the G-20 would ultimately agree to. But here’s what they will be looking at … ... To monetize 100% of the outstanding public and private sector debt in the U.S., the official government price of gold would have to be raised to about $53,000 per ounce. ... ... To monetize 50%, the price of gold would have to be raised to around $26,500 an ounce. ... ... To monetize 20% would re ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Image Embedded Saudi Arabia Buys $3.5 Billion Of Gold In Two Weeks - Cooper   Newport   6y
         ... Have Gold & Silver Prices Reached A Tipping Point? Peter Cooper 14 November 2008 ... ... There has been an unprecedented surge in Saudi gold purchases in the past two weeks with over $3.5 billion being spent on the yellow metal, reported Gulf News citing local industry sources. ... ... Gold market expert Sami Al Mohna told the leading regional newspaper that this buying had substantially increased the gold reserves of the country: ‘Many Saudi investors see this as the right time for making investments in gold as the price is ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Gold and silver market manipulation update   lolaa00   27mo
      It’s a really great site you have here. Thank you for the effort to be so good for us (even though we don`t deserve it) and keep it up. ... ... horoscope ...   [End]
  • Dollar Smelling Like A Rose !!!   twll   6y  C
    ... ... ... MONEYANDMARKETS» ... Saturday, November 1, 2008 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... YOUR BEST SOURCE FOR THE UNBIASED MARKET COMMENTARY YOU WON’T GET FROM WALL STREET ... ... ... ... [«] Money and Markets 2008 Archive View This Issue On Our Website [»] ... ... The U.S. Economy Stinks, but ... the Dollar Smells Like a Rose ... by Jack Crooks ... Dear Subscriber, ... ... ... An advance report of third-quarter U.S. GDP showed a decline of 0.3%. That’s awfully pathetic, right? But not quite as pathetic as the 0.5% that was anticipated ... ... ... Still, there’s no denying that a GDP contraction of any amount is unappealing. And when it com ...   [retrieve this message]
    • China and Russia Moving Away from the US Dollar?   Newport   6y
      ... ... ... ... The headline of this news piece greatly overstates the extent of any deal between Russia and China to stop using dollars. It seems to be a bilateral trading agreement. But it is credible since Russia and China have mutual trading interests that do not involve dollars; Russia is rich in resources and China is strong in manufacturing. Choosing to trade in the rouble makes sense, especially as China remains under currency controls. ...   [End]
      • Bottom of the barrel?   Newport   6y
        from: ... ... ... ... Recently we have been hearing of ”.899” Gold turning up all over the world. Believe it or not, Gold has its own fingerprint or ”DNA” so to speak. The speculation is that this .899 Gold is actually metal received from the confiscation back in 1933. Back then the government made it illegal to hold Gold personally, recalled Gold coins and melted them into bars that were stored in West Point, N.Y.. If it turns out that this .899 Gold is in fact from West Point there will be hell to pay. Already on a global basis, Gold is becoming scarce and difficul ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Interesting! ... ... I would love to be a fly on the wall ...   #89866   6y
          Interesting! ... ... I would love to be a fly on the wall at Fort Knox. Some say it is nearly empty or filled with gold plated lead bars. ... ... The Rothschilds left the gold market just a few years back. Maybe they don’t want to be around when ”this gold issue” is exposed.   [End]
  • Video Embedded Peter Schiff on Glenn Beck 10/13/08 - Scary stuff   Newport   6y  C
    Who are you and how do you know my name or at least the first intitial to my name. Your good at intitials as in your post calling Palin the C%$#@ word. If this is normal language here I guess it i ...   [End]
    • Unlimited dollars available to Japanese banks   Newport   6y
      Bank of Japan Offers Unlimited Dollars to Banks ... ... By Mayumi Otsuma ... Bloomberg News ... Wednesday, October 15, 2008 ... ... ... ... ... ... TOKYO -- The Bank of Japan said it will offer lenders as many dollars as they want, joining European counterparts in attempting to lower borrowing costs in money markets and freeing up credit worldwide. ...   [End]
    • Video Embedded Jon Stewart catches Hank Paulson in a tortured flip flop   Newport   6y
      ... ...   [End]
    • Black market in gold developing...   Newport   6y
      Dan Norcini on paper vs physical gold market.... Posted On: Wednesday, October 15, 2008, 1:51:00 PM EST Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan Author: Dan Norcini It was more of the same type of price action that we have been seeing in gold for some time now. The market is torn between continued deleveraging from speculative players on account of redemption requests from clients moving to cash versus safe haven buying. It has been interesting reading the comments about this market in the financial press of late. The majority of gold pundits for the most part seems to be reading the sam ...   [retrieve this message]
  • gold and economic freedom   icky   6y  C
    ok, who wrote on. it’s at the bottom. ... ... GOLD AND ECONOMIC FREEDOM ... ... An almost hysterical antagonism toward the gold standard is one issue which unites statists of all persuasions. They seem to sense-perhaps more clearly and subtly than many consistent defenders of laissez-faire -- that gold and economic freedom are inseparable, that the gold standard is an instrument of laissez-faire and that each implies and requires the other. ... ... In order to understand the source of their antagonism, it is necessary first to understand the specific role of gold in a free society. ... ... Money ...   [retrieve this message]
    • That was fascinating n/m   Quinta_Essentia   6y
      That was fascinating n/m   [End]
    • Frontman for the Rothschilds admits it!!   #89866   6y
      ”Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. ” ... -by Alan Greenspan ... 1967 ... ... ... So Alan Greenspan became frontman for the Rothschilds, Chairman of the Rothschild’s private company the Federal Reserve whose primary objective is Rothschild wealth by creating money out of thin air to lend the US government to be paid back to the Rothschilds in real-legal-tender-spendable-money plus interest. Greenspan admitted that the Rothschilds intent and the intent of their private company the Federal Reserve, was to eventually confiscate the wealth of the US citizens, not manage th ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: electrons and economic slavery   turiya   6y
      In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value. If there were, the government would have to make its holding illegal, as was done in the case of gold. If everyone decided, for example, to convert all his bank deposits to silver or copper or any other good, and thereafter declined to accept checks as payment for goods, bank deposits would lose their purchasing power and government-created bank credit would be worthless as a claim on goods. ... And So, what we have taking place is the continued deva ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: gold and economic freedom   An105bodies   6y
      Alan was one of my ”irrational exuburance” favorites ... ... But he has missed the point Gold is the purest of metals and can be smelted with others if necessary to make it go further ... ... Gold also was used for the spiritual significance of its purity and on high vibration ... ... All the rest is the intellect, not the higher vibration, and while all the rest has truth-not the truth of the spiritual ream and the history of Gold and the Gods ... ... All money metal gems is simply a mode of exhange for goods and services that will be delivered in the future- a futures contratc if you will ... ... It is barter ”o ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Bataan Death March Tickertape....By: Jim Willie   Newport   6y  C
    By Jim Willie CB ... ... ... ... ... ... Pardon the jumpy style, not burdened by depth, preferring breadth instead. The events of the last few days continue to be remarkable, alarming, chaotic, surreal, and desperate. The globe is slowly realizing that the United States is careening toward a probable financial death experience. Nothing has worked to date, and nothing will work in the present, not bailouts, not liquidations, not nationalizations, not papered over fraud, and surely rate cuts. The stark reality contains a blur of a massive locomot ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Mint stops all gold sales   Newport   6y
      U.S. Treasury Freezes Production, Sales of all American Gold Coins ... Key concepts: Gold coins, U.S. Treasury and Money supply ... ... ... Health Ranger comment: The is the step before national gold confiscation: The U.S. Treasury has frozen all gold coin production as of October 8th, 2008. The mints have been ordered to stock selling all gold coins to consumers. Gold is now under assault by the U.S. government... ... ... ... ...   [End]
    • U.K. Used Anti-Terrorism Law to Seize Icelandic Bank Assets   Newport   6y
      ... ... ... ... Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling used anti-terrorism rules to take control of assets held in Britain by a troubled Icelandic bank. ... ... Darling stepped in to protect deposits made by U.K. residents in Reykjavik-based Landsbanki Islands hf, which the government of Iceland seized yesterday. About 300,000 U.K. account holders held deposits at Landsbanki’s Internet bank, Icesave. ...   [End]
    • Video Embedded Tehran talks to Max Keiser   Newport   6y
      ... ... ... ... Comments: ... ... ...   [End]
    • Dow plunges more than 660 to fall below 9,000 N/M   dquixote1217   6y
      Dow plunges more than 660 to fall below 9,000 N/M   [End]
      • Cops: Stamford Man Threatened Bank Over Financial Losses   Newport   6y
         -- Cops say the Wall Street crisis has had a disturbing affect on one disgruntled investor. Police charged a 60-year-old man with threatening to blow up a bank branch in Stamford. Authorities say he was angry about his investment losses, so he walked into a branch and said he would kill everyone inside. ... ... ...;jsessionid=23296701C99742DF7854F0281A08C2EA?contentId=7606388&version=1&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1 ...   [End]
    • Rumor: German Banks Banning Selling Gold To The Public   Newport   6y
      From: ... ... ... ... As operator of the gold website ... ... today I received several messages that the European Union now wants to go after gold. They fear that a massive run into gold cannot be controlled in any other way. ... ... There are several rumors in banker circles: ... ... Rumor 1 (from a high-ranking banker in Germany) ... ... If the current last ditch system rescue fails and there is a massive stock market crash happens tomorrow Friday, severe limitations will be implemented EU-wide over the weekend: ... ... the sale and ownership of gold will be prohi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Federal Reserve Engaged in Acts of Economic Warfare Against...   grzbear   6y  C
    (NaturalNews) In 1942, German intelligence officers rounded up skilled Jewish prisoners and launched Operation Bernhardt, a clever scheme designed to counterfeit hundreds of millions of dollars worth of British Pounds and destroy the British economy by flooding it with counterfeit money. Located in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, Operation Bernhardt was, even by modern standards, a runaway success that resulted in the creation of forged bank notes worth 132 million British Pounds. ... ... This ”economic warfare” operation resulted in a devastating economic effect on the British economy. Y ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Inflation, hear we come!   supercheetah   6y  C
    With all the money being dumped into the money supply, INFLATION, here we come. Now, states want a bail out, like CA and MA. They cant get loans to pay expenses. When will this end? ... ... And they want us to live within our means and not spend money if we do not have it. The problem is that its getting so expensive to live, and the salaries really do not keep up with inflation, living within our means is a nice thought but hard to do with these inflationary pressures.   [End]
    • Don’t worry, someone in a +5k suit will be on TV telling yo...   Newport   6y
      Don’t worry, someone in a +5k suit will be on TV telling you all that this is an illusion and point to the CPI which will show low or no inflation due to hedonic adjustments... ...   [End]
    • Watching currency turn worthless in real time...   Newport   6y
      Remember, Currency is NOT Money, Money requires no further settlement. ... ... US Calls for Coordinated Response to Credit Crisis ... ... ... ... ... ... ... For more on re-education: ... ... THE SECOND GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD ... ... ... ... ... FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING REVISITED ... ... ...   [End]
    • Re: Inflation, hear we come!   trapper/kcmo   6y
      they want sales. they dont care where we get the money.   [End]
  • State of Affairs   actionisthejuice   6y  C
    Folks, ... What is really going on with U.S.A economy? Big corporations going bankrupt major banks shutting down, unemployment rising, people being laid off left and right. Consumer debt is also at a all time high. Should we be worried, or is this a normal trend in the economic cycle? I’m afraid of losing my job as well, so now I have to cut back on all unnecessary spending no more eating out, reduce car travels, and especially no more vacations. Thank God I have access to this site where re-education is possible. However, I remain positive and thank GOD for each day. Hopefully, I can impleme ...   [retrieve this message]
    • oops, sorry, I meant $150,000 not $150,00.   actionisthejuice   6y
      oops, sorry, I meant $150,000 not $150,00.   [End]
    • We have not had medical insurance for 3 years and hadn’t us...   mh   6y
      We have not had medical insurance for 3 years and hadn’t used it for years prior except to play it more safe with having babies. Naturally if we had to, we all could deliver babies at home just like humans have done for centuries. ... ... mh   [End]
    • ”””What is really going on with U.S.A economy?””” ... ... ...   #48688   6y
      ”””What is really going on with U.S.A economy?””” ... ... Could be part of the cycle. ... ... After WWI things were quiet till the sixties when the economy roared. ... Everything died around 1970. ... 1970 -- to around 1983 were recession times. ... 1983 -- 1989 was a big boom. ... That burned out and from 89 to around 1994 was a bust. ... From 95 till around two years ago was a boom. That’s eleven years of booming economy. ... It finally fizzled. It was such a long and strong boom period that I believe it will take a while to come around again. ... Its almost like a pendulum - swinging back and forth. ... People thirty ye ...   [retrieve this message]
      • The US president has nothing to do with anything. His the p...   #91451   6y
        The US president has nothing to do with anything. His the president of a company called the United States of America and even at that does not make any decisions.   [End]
      • It is quite simple. ... To be a politician you basically st...   mh   6y
        It is quite simple. ... To be a politician you basically start as a lawyer. ... To become a lawyer you sell your soul into the system that is controlled by a few people. To become a judge you must prove your self as a lawyer. To become a governor you must prove your self greater. To become president or ceo spokesperson for your fellow politicians you must prove yourself worthy and accept putting your name and picture as a target for all the slaves to blame. ... ... The worthy politician is a mason thief/liar and will sell their soul. They will put people in prison/death and anything else they are tol ...   [retrieve this message]
        • MH, ... Isn’t that the truth. Just look around and see the ...   actionisthejuice   6y
          MH, ... Isn’t that the truth. Just look around and see the evidence. We need to become more aware and as the Bible suggests, stay clear away from evil and focus on GOD. For only GOD can set you free....peace and hopefully more people will start to realize this and open their eyes, hearts and minds..God bless and continue to stay positive as we enter these crucial times... ... ...   [End]
  • Gold a Barbaric Relic?   Newport   6y  C
    Central banks favour gold amid credit crisis ... ... LONDON — Sales of gold by European central banks are likely to be lower than expected over the next year as the global banking crisis boosts bullion’s appeal as a “safe” reserve asset. ... ... And banks elsewhere in the world, most notably in Asia and the Middle East, may even become buyers of gold in an attempt to diversify their reserves away from the U.S. dollar, analysts say. ... ... Under the terms of the Central Bank Gold Agreement, signed in 1999 by key European institutions including Germany’s Bundesbank and the European Central Bank and renewe ...   [retrieve this message]
    • NYSE Announces Fourth-Quarter 2008 Circuit-Breaker Levels   Newport   6y
      NEW YORK , September 30, 2008 -- The New York Stock Exchange will implement new circuit-breaker collar trigger levels for fourth-quarter 2008 effective Wednesday, October 1, 2008. ... Circuit-breaker points represent the thresholds at which trading is halted marketwide for single-day declines in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). Circuit-breaker levels are set quarterly as 10, 20 and 30-percent of the DJIA average closing values of the previous month, rounded to the nearest 50 points. ... ... In fourth-quarter 2008, the 10, 20 and 30-percent decline levels, respectively, in the DJIA will ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Settlement day approaches for derivatives   Newport   6y
      By Aline van Duyn in New York ... ... Published: October 1 2008 03:00 | Last updated: October 1 2008 03:00 ... ... The $54,000bn credit derivatives market faces its biggest test this month as billions of dollars worth of contracts on now-defaulted derivatives on Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers and Washington Mutual are settled. ... ... Because of the opacity of this market, it is still not clear how many contracts have to be settled and whether payouts on the defaulted contracts, which could reach billions of dollars, are concentrated with any particular institutions. ... ... According to dealers, in ...   [retrieve this message]
    • spot market/metals   #87980   6y
      This might interest you guys, everything is down over the weekend, and platnium has just TANKED this year. It was over 2K, now it’s under 1000, and it’s approaching gold. ... Spot prices from Kitco: ... ... ... ... ... ... This seems artifical to me. I know that platnium isn’t being used any longer in catalytic converters, it’s been replaced, but that is a big ’adjustment’. ... The credit market is still shut down, if and when it opens up again, I suspect that things will go up rapidly. One of my customers tried to buy a car this week end, and there is NO Fincancing available ...   [retrieve this message]
      • I just can’t figure this one out ... ... The price set on ...   Newport   6y
        I just can’t figure this one out ... ... The price set on these exchanges is for paper promises to deliver. IMO these promises should moved down to near zero soon, paper gold/silver is about as rare as paper money... ... ... ... The public appears to need a little more time to figure this out... ... ... ... ...   [End]
        • Ah, ok, so I am used to calling the guy I buy gold settings...   #87980   6y
          Ah, ok, so I am used to calling the guy I buy gold settings from, buying something, and he sends it to me, and then he bills me. Then we do something to it, and sell it to somone else. ... Of course I check the spot metal price. ... So this is set on essentially a promisory note to deliver gold to an investor on demand, that may or may not ever be fullfilled? ... Am I understanding this correctly? ... Kind of like B. of A. and the Lehaman brother hedge fund, ”Where is my money?” Answer, Lehman, ”sorry, we don’t have any.” ... So people have been selling EFT’s with nothing behind them, just like the cru ...   [retrieve this message]
          • All markets are a price discovery mechanism, however when t...   Newport   6y
            All markets are a price discovery mechanism, however when that becomes a place of manipulation you no longer have a market and sooner or later there will be either excess or shortages. ... ... ...   [End]
            • Gotcha-n/m   #87980   6y
              Gotcha-n/m   [End]
              • Nobody will be spared, unless they own gold bars   Newport   6y
                ... ...   [End]
              • Disconnect Between Paper Gold and Physical Gold   Newport   6y
                Today October 6, 2008, 19 minutes ago | (Jesse) ... Its hard to miss the disconnect in prices between ’spot gold’ prices, which are based off the gold futures front month adjusted for time and the actual market prices of gold for sale in any reasonable quantity. What does this imply? First, there must be forced selling of paper gold probably in hedge funds being attacked by bear raids from the other large hedge funds and bank trading desks as ... ... more: ... ... ...   [End]
                • I’ve watched the spot metal prices so long that I can almos...   #87980   6y
                  I’ve watched the spot metal prices so long that I can almost feel the footprints of a manipulation. The why’s are what is important in order to predict the future. ... I just got back from the grocery store, which was full of really scared people, and really anrgy people. They feel it, can’t identify what is being done. But they were buying cases of kraft macaroni and cheese & frozen dinners. (go bromine!) ... Here is my current working theory: ... A lot of bad sub-prime paper wound up held by Asian countries. In essence, they had bought out our country on pennies for the dollar. When the ban ...   [retrieve this message]
                  • “If you can keep your head when all about you ... Are losin...   Newport   6y
                    “If you can keep your head when all about you ... Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;” ... ... “If” by Rudyard Kipling ... ... Rudyard Kipling would probably have made a good gold bug because he certainly called what has been happening in the financial markets over the past two weeks. The media have been full of wild exaggerations and outright lies all designed to create a panic among the people and get them to support the Wall Street bailout bill which passed Congress last week. For example, when I punched out the gold stocks this (Monday) morning, gold itself was up 3½% and the average gold stoc ...   [retrieve this message]
          • CNBC airs prediction of default in paper gold   Newport   6y
            CNBC today gave a few minutes to Swiss Asia Capital CEO Jurg Kiener to talk about gold, and he noted the disparity between the explosive physical market price and the sluggish paper market price, blamed the speculation of Wall Street banks for the latter, and predicted the failure of the paper market and the quick doubling of the gold price. You can watch the interview here: ... ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
            • U.S. Mint Halts Production of Half-, Quarter-Ounce Gold   Newport   6y
              By Frank Tang ... Reuters ... Tuesday, October 7, 2008 ... ... ... ... ... ... NEW YORK, Oct 7 (Reuters) - Unprecedented demand for precious metals and volatile markets forced the U.S. Mint to cease production for the half-ounce and quarter-ounce popular American Eagle gold coins for the rest of this year and to supply other bullion coins on an allocation basis. ... ... ”Due to the extreme fluctuating market conditions for 2008, as well as current market conditions, gold and silver demand is unprecedented and the demand for platinum is unusually high,” the U.S ...   [retrieve this message]
              • The mint is lying   Newport   6y
                ... ...   [End]
  • What the heck???   #48148   6y  C
    With the $5.3 trillion bailout of Freddie and Fannie and the $700 billion heist (not to mention all the rest of it) they could’ve just given every American adult $1 million each and that would’ve solved the housing problem and started the economy. ... ... ... ... Half of them would spend it all right away and get the economy going, and the other half would hide it in a mattress somewhere. ... ... ... ... No one would put it in a bank! ... ... ... ...   [End]
    • The math does not work   dquixote1217   6y
      Even if you accept the figures of 5.3 trillion dollars and a 700 billion bailout for a total of 6 trillion dollars, that only comes to $30,000 for each adult. ... ... To give each U.S. adult a million apiece would take about 200 trillion dollars - which is more than the total wealth of the entire world (estimated to be $125 trillion). ... ... DQ ...   [End]
      • OK, but you get the point.   #48148   6y
        I never was good at math. It sounded good when Russel Crow said it last night on Jay Leno. ... ... ... ... How many trillion dollars will it take to fix this mess? Why can’t we just let the market fall, and then go up naturally? ... ... ... ... Is it so bad that it will it mean we have bread and gas lines again? ... ... ... ... If we agree to a bailout it will just mean printing more phony money with no gold to back it, then the national debt goes UP even more, and we’re still no better off. I’m afraid we got ourselves in too deep, and we need to take care of it now, not open more credit cards to pay the other credi ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Edited   #28187   6y
          Immigration pyramid. ... xy 2 im   [End]
          • .... Simple English.   #48148   6y
            ....... there are 20 million....   [End]
            • Image Embedded Edited   #28187   6y
              ... US To Declare October ‘Economic Emergency’, Suspend Electio...   Megabite   6y  C
              -------------------------------- ... ... September 16, 2008 ... ... US To Declare October ‘Economic Emergency’, Suspend Elections ... ... By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers (Traducción al Español abajo) ... ... The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) is reporting in the Kremlin today that the Bank of England has received from the United States Federal Reserve Bank a ‘notice’ that President Bush is preparing to declare an ‘Economic Emergency’ during the week of October 5th and will further announce that the American Presidential election due to be held on November ...   [retrieve this message]
              • Who is this Sorcha Faal? Is this person reliable, or just ...   gunnerrat   6y
                Who is this Sorcha Faal? Is this person reliable, or just another internet crank?   [End]
                • The four times I have been pointed to her site have all bee...   Newport   6y
                  The four times I have been pointed to her site have all been total BS...your mileage may vary... ... ... That said; here is financial socialization from the Telegraph UK: ... ”If that means the temporary nationalisation of large chunks of the Western economy, so be it.” ... ... ...   [End]
              • I have no idea who this person is, and I don’t have enough ...   Megabite   6y
                I have no idea who this person is, and I don’t have enough information to advocate anything she is saying, however, I find it interesting considering the direction this all seems to be heading. Lets hope that it truely is BS. ... ...   [End]
              • ... Yeah, and Mikey died from eating too many pop rocks. No...   #69242   6y
                ... Yeah, and Mikey died from eating too many pop rocks. No, the US elections are not going to be suspended. We are not in a depression or in the throes of a World War. Bush is still the titular head of the Republican Party. If he suspended the election you can bet that the American people would be outraged and that the Republicans would probably lose every seat that was up for grabs when the election resumed. As much as I despise Bush I can’t imagine that this has even crossed his mind. More garbage originating from hacks on the internet. ... ... (no offense to you Megabite - you are just postin ...   [retrieve this message]
                • Blackngold, I appreciate your levelheadedness. I hate to f...   deven   6y
                  Blackngold, I appreciate your levelheadedness. I hate to find my mental energy wrapped around conspiracies and whatnot, but I will breathe a sigh of deep relief when Bush leaves office. The prevailing theory is that he was going to strike in Iran and hell would break loose(or, the newer angle being the Russian thing), and elections would be suspended etc... Like I said, if someone new(obama) is sworn in, i’ll look back and call myself silly for believing the hype. ... ... On a side, note, were you on good terms with ol’ charlie tonic? I actually was, although you won’t find my name on his s ...   [retrieve this message]
                  • ... Even if a war started overseas, why would the elections...   #69242   6y
                    ... Even if a war started overseas, why would the elections be postponed here? We have been fighting 2 wars overseas the last 5 years and it has had no effect on our elections here. We’ve been fighting wars on and off overseas the last 50 years and have never had an election cancelled. Even with the bad economic news that has come out recently, the US is nowhere close to being in a depression. Why would the election be cancelled? Who would benefit? If anything, the Republicans have a better shot at winning the White House now then they have had at anytime since the election cycle started. S ...   [retrieve this message]
                    • I believe the scenario would entail another attack over her...   deven   6y
                      I believe the scenario would entail another attack over here. That could cause enough brou-ha ha to cancel the election. Why? Power. The neocons are in charge of the most powerful nation on the earth. They don’t want to give it up. They can continue to fulfill there plans for ever more global power and control. ... Mind you, I’m not saying this is going to happen, I’m bringing it up in answer to your questions, and from the previous post. It’s late and I’m tired, but If you want I could articulate this much better another day. There us actually a lot of information and actions that po ...   [retrieve this message]
              • Come on people!!!   #87794   6y
                sorcha faal is a fiction author. if you have been following his stories for the last few years you know he has written some highly entertaining albeit totally BS stories. ... ... good grief. are you always this naive?   [End]
                • Well apparently you don’t know enough to be out in the open...   Megabite   6y
                  Well apparently you don’t know enough to be out in the open ... instead of hiding behind a number. ;) ... ...   [End]
                  • ... Come on people don’t you know how to use a search engin...   #94312   6y
                    ... Come on people don’t you know how to use a search engine! ... ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
                    • I have seen that and heard that that info is CIA propaganda...   Megabite   6y
                      I have seen that and heard that that info is CIA propaganda. So who is right? That’s the problem. There is so much disinformation floating around is hard to tell what is the truth and what is not. ... ...   [End]
                      • I’ve read that also I also noticed that most of the website...   #94312   6y
                        I’ve read that also I also noticed that most of the websites that attempt to expose her come up unaccessible! ... One of david booths(Sorcha) claims was that Australia the United states and the UK where in the process of evacuating 11,000,000 to 20,000,000 Australians due to drought! This was April of 2007 ... This would be quite an accomplishment to conceal such an event ! ... Her message is one of doom and gloom and fear and most of the websites that promote her promote the same! ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
                • Sometimes fiction is a step ahead of reality. Remember the ...   #77203   6y
                  Sometimes fiction is a step ahead of reality. Remember the film ”Wag the Dog”? It was a comedy about a totaly manufactured war in Albania. Very funny and good film. And then a few years later the war really happened with all the same manufactured news.   [End]
              • NSPD-51 Bush CAN suspend the elections IF...   unyquity   6y
                ...he decides to declare a ”National Emergency” of ANY sort. ... ... Regarding what one believes or feels about Sorcha Faal, the fact is that Bush DID instigate NSPD-51 (National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive), which allows him (or any president) to suspend the elections and take over power dictatorialy in the event of ANYTHING that the president decides to label as a national emergency. ... ... Newport reported it here, initially I believe (at least his post was the first I’d read of NSPD-51) : ... ... ... ... It is my understanding th ...   [retrieve this message]
                • he had his legal staff working on this back in 2004 for tha...   grzbear   6y
                  he had his legal staff working on this back in 2004 for that election... so I would expect they have the needs and process down pat by now. ... ... grz- ... ...   [End]
                • Yes, and as in ”times of increased international tension or...   Megabite   6y
                  Yes, and as in ”times of increased international tension or FINANCIAL CRISIS” ... (emphasis mine) ... ... This is what worries me. ... ...   [End]
                  • Re: another bank failure would do it.   turiya   6y
                    And what would constitute a national emergency??? could be just about anything that Bush decides would fit the bill.... it would be entirely his discretion. ... ... with could simply be: ... - another bank failure... or stock market plunge... ... - another hurricane hitting the gulf... (as thousands of evacuees will not return to their district for possible a few more weeks) ... - an outbreak of contagious disease ... - another attack (false flag or otherwise) ... - a sharp rise in gas prices... ... - a ufo sighting ... - another train wreck... ... any others that anyone else can think of....   [retrieve this message]
            • U.S. mint suspends gold coin sales   Newport   6y  C
              12:25a ET Friday, August 15, 2008 ... ... Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: ... ... The U.S. Mint has suspended sales of American Eagle gold coins and is refusing orders from dealers, two coin and bullion dealers confirmed Thursday. ... ... The mint’s suspension of gold coin sales follows its tight rationing of sales of silver eagle coins, begun in May, when sales to the public were terminated and sales to the mint’s 13 authorized dealers were tightly limited. ... ... ... ...   [End]
              • Then, its back to beans and rice...:)   turiya   6y
                ...better grab that bag of beans and rice there, newptie, before they run out of them too:) ... ... Oh yeah, these may help... ... ...   [End]
              • Re: U.S. mint suspends gold coin sales   dquixote1217   6y
                If the dollar collapses from all the mountains of debt, paper money will become just that.  Gold, silver and copper will likely become the means of barter as will food and real material supplies.  Who knows what a person with a few thousand dollars of gold, silver and copper and a few months of food supplies might be worth in such a scenario?  Worth at least something, which is more than others may be able to say after selling off their property and goods for pennies on the dollar just to stay alive. ... ... It costs so little for each month’s supply of food, water, supplements, ...   [retrieve this message]
                • "Silver Shortage? What, Me Worry?,"   Newport   6y
                  Honest money and truth are the ONLY weapons against our Masters, they must be eliminated.... ... ... Hommel, Bond report on growing shortage of silver ... Submitted by cpowell on Fri, 2008-08-15 12:37. Section: Daily Dispatches ... 8:30a ET Friday, August 15, 2008 ... ... Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: ... ... As the U.S. Mint suspends sales of American eagle gold coins, Silver Stock Report’s Jason Hommel reports many telling new details about the growing shortage of silver. Hommel’s commentary is headlined ”What the Silver Shortages Mean” and you can find it here: ... ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
                • What if I don't want your gold or silver?   gunnerrat   6y
                  You save gold coins, I save food. If (when) the government collapses, how can you be sure your gold & silver will be valued so much? ... ... The value of metals are tethered to the dollar. When the dollar disappears and with it the market exchanges, the value of these metals will vary wildly and subject to valuations within individual transactions on a small scale, not a large scale as it is now. ... ... For example, you come to me wanting to buy one of my bags of rice. I say it’ll cost you 5 silver coins (because I’m a greedy bastard) and you say that’s ridiculous. I shrug and you go looking el ...   [retrieve this message]
                  • you underestimate the power and usefulness of money. money ...   Quinta_Essentia   6y
                    you underestimate the power and usefulness of money. money as much as anything else created modern civilization. ... ... lets take your own hypothetical situation. what if you want someone to fix your generator and dont have the parts. but the guy with the parts has all the rice he needs. in fact you have nothing he needs at all. but he will take some silver or gold because he knows that can always be traded. now newport comes to you with an offer to buy some rice for silver. well now you are a motivated seller. you NEED the silver to get the generator parts, so newport offers you half a piece, ...   [retrieve this message]
                    • Video Embedded ”bartering only works when all parties have something the o...   gunnerrat   6y
                      ”bartering only works when all parties have something the other party needs. when that is not the case, and both parties have different needs and different things to trade then the bartering economy collapses...” ... ... Which is why I have dried fruits, meats, cornmeal, spices, milk etc. I have enough variety that I’ll have plenty of options for trade. ... ... Yes, money is a cool little invention. Money is accepted when other needs (food, clothing and shelter) are secured. Who wants shiny little trinkets when people are cold and starving? ... ... Money also goes hand-in-hand with government. Govern ...   [retrieve this message]
                      • Re: Re: What if I don't want your gold or silver?   Quinta_Essentia   6y
                        i dont think you got what i was saying. what if you NEED something form someone and you have nothing to trade them for what you need? they simply dont want anything you have? what then? just because you stock piled a bunch of food doens’t mean you wont have a need. what about medicine? what about an herb to cure a weird disease you never expected to get? etc. ... ... dont count solely on food as a bargaining chip. that too is speculative investing. the wise investor spreads out his investments, thus limiting his risk.   [End]
                    • Re: What if I don't want your gold or silver?   turiya   6y
                      It seems to me that the coinage of money has made it easier for many to become overly obsessive with accumulating it... obsessive with the accumulation of material objects and property and other forms of material wealth. ... And it seems to me that we are will be soon entering a time when money may just become obsolete. There will be no money. In fact having money in the form of gold or silver may become quite illegal. And then, there may be a good side to this when this day does come... ... "Why is money so important? It is your protection against love, against life, against death, again ...   [retrieve this message]
                      • Re: Re: What if I don't want your gold or silver?   Quinta_Essentia   6y
                        wow! so a fabulously wealthy guy like Osho, who thieved and robbed and stole lots of MONEY from people is now going to lecture us all on money?? ummm....yeah right. ... ... money is just a tool. like a hammer. you can hit someone over the head with your hammer or you can build a house. the hammer is neither good nor evil, it just is. money is neither good nor evil, it just is. how you use the money, thats the key. how you use the incredible tool of money. ... ... money can be used for all kinds of wonderful things. its an amazing blessing if you choose to see it that way.   [End]
                        • Video Embedded ”America will be the first to drop money.” -Osho ... It is ...   turiya   6y
                          ”America will be the first to drop money.” -Osho ... It is the mind of man in that moves towards the extremes. It will be interesting to see how bent out of shape your mind will become when it is unable to move in the dimension of there being no money :-) ...   [End]
                        • Explain this Osho, please   #18637   6y
                          I find this thread fascinating on many levels, and now I look up Osho because I’ve never heard of him. According to Wikipedia he spoke out against Gandhi. That’s confusing. Why? How strange. ... Money IS just a tool. It is what it is, like it or not. What people choose to make out of it beyond that is what causes problems in my humble opinion. When society gets to a place where money is no longer needed and we do what we do for each other out of love and because it’s the right thing to do, then we will have Utopia and we finally will have ”gotten it,” and perhaps we can go on to the ne ...   [retrieve this message]
                          • Video Embedded Hitler “was as moral as Mahatma Gandhi” ... ... Hitler enjo...   turiya   6y
                            Hitler “was as moral as Mahatma Gandhi” ... ... Hitler enjoyed torturing others, Mahatma Gandhi was into torturing himself... But both were into torture... Both were sick individuals. ... The masochist looks non-violent because the violence they do to themselves is not easily seen by others. Gandhi was not a non-violent individual, although this is what he advocated, this is what he is known for... his non-violent philosophy... it is bogus. ... The odd thing about it is that if you torture others you are considered a criminal, if you torture yourself, you will be considered a holy man, a respected ...   [retrieve this message]
                          • osho was never known as osho by hardly anyone while alive, ...   Quinta_Essentia   6y
                            osho was never known as osho by hardly anyone while alive, his name was bagwan rashneesh, it was later changed by his followers because too many negative became associated with his real name. he was a cult leader in india, and then later in oregon. he was smart, capable, very cunning, and very insightful. he was also a psychopath who plotted the murder of many people and succeeded several times. he was scam artist who expanded his wealth through theft and real estate fraud. rape and child molestation, along with rampant drug abuse, went unchecked at the oregon cult compound. he began to ho ...   [retrieve this message]
                            • Thank you, QE and Turiya   #18637   6y
                              Thank you both for your responses. I will re-read them and check the information out for myself.   [End]
              • The Anatomy of a Crime.   Newport   6y
                ... ... ... ... In order to understand where you may be going, it is important to understand where you have been. Nowhere is this more true than in silver. The historic price sell-off, coupled with the obvious shortages in almost all forms of retail physical silver present the lessons of a lifetime. I believe that how we learn from this lesson will determine our future financial situation, good or bad. ... ... The drastic sell-off in silver (and gold) is further proof of an ongoing manipulation to the downside. My advice to own real silver on a fully ...   [retrieve this message]
                • this has actually been going on for over a year. there are ...   Quinta_Essentia   6y
                  this has actually been going on for over a year. there are now four principal parties that essentially control the short term price of silver. no one knows who they are, but its a good bet they are familiar names (think banking families) ... ... these people could make SERIOUS cash simply by manipulating the short term price, then shorting if they expect it to fall or buying if they expect it to rise. ... ... from wiki ... ... --------- ... ... The CFTC publishes a weekly Commitment of Traders Report which shows that the four or fewer largest traders are holding 90% of all short silver contracts. This level o ...   [retrieve this message]
                • Been Going for 20 Years   Quinta_Essentia   6y
                  this guy argues that the silver market has been totally rigged for at least 20 years. i dont doubt it at all. ... ... ... ...   [End]
            • Money for nuting and chicks for free   nono   6y  C
              ... Financial dollars lean toward Dems ... By Andrew Coen ... April 3, 2008 ... ... The financial sector’s campaign contributions to the presidential candidates tilted toward the Democrats for the year to date through March 20, with presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) lagging well behind, according to data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics. ... ... Donors from financial services, insurance and real estate companies gave to Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Barack Obama, D-lll., and Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., by a more than two-to-one margin over Mr. McCain, ...   [retrieve this message]
            • Stocks down 10% for the year.   Johny Apple Bomb   6y  C
              Good buy or is the World ending, the sky falling? If you buy a total stock market indexed fund you own all stocks. US Corporations are World Wide so if the US goes down the rest of the world will follow as well. ... ... It’s no fun having a set back but lets not panic ourselves into the fetal position.   [End]
              • Difficult call, the DOW could go either way but some of the...   Newport   6y
                Difficult call, the DOW could go either way but some of the others are toast. ... ... In the Weimar model defensive stocks kept above REAL inflation (forget CPI) however IMO even if you choose to STILL believe the banksters you must have 15% in Precious Metals preferably in the real thing. ... ... The End of a Powerful Week in Finance ... ...,1&ARList=1&cTID=&cCat=&PRID=&cSubCat=&Full=1&Archive=&ArtSel=$5724$ ...   [End]
            • Is this the general consensus among financial advisors?   #18637   6y  C
              Perhaps someone will explain this to me. I know it seems like I’m beating my head against a wall (certainly it would feel better than my state of confusion), but I’m just baffled and bewildered. I spoke to a financial advisor yesterday: great guy, honest, which is a rarity these days. HE brought up the subject of the election. I really didn’t opine at first. He is not worried about the economy because the economy always takes care of itself. He’s only worried about leadership. What the hell does that mean? I did not ask only because I knew the answer I would get. I once again hope ...   [retrieve this message]
              • He is not worried about the economy because the economy alw...   traderdrew   6y
                He is not worried about the economy because the economy always takes care of itself. He’s only worried about leadership. What the hell does that mean? ... ... What that means is the risk takers and the hard workers of the nation are the real wealth producers.  A government is essentially parasitic to the nation.  What wealth does government produce other than for themselves?  If you give people wealth, do they respect that wealth?  They only can only induce incentives for people and businesses, whether it be for foreign interests or th ...   [retrieve this message]
                • Image Embedded Okay, while we have you on the horn talking about ... finan...   Zoebess   6y
                  Okay, while we have you on the horn talking about ... financing...I read this editorial yesterday and ... am as confused as the first poster since I wonder ... if this trend of running our economy into the ... ground will continue or will our currency change ... or will there be any hope of stabilizing at this ... point. I wonder how bad it is behind the curtains. ... It feels like trying to tread water as the ocean ... is being drained. ... ... Here is the article~~ ... ... ... ... Many questions are percolating in my mind as I have ... been patiently saving and working to get to a ...   [retrieve this message]
                  • As a Sub-Prime Sales Superstar...the answer is easy.   MtnnnDewww   6y
                    Zoe, boy have you asked the right person and I bet you didn’t even realize it. Both my wife and I are at the peak of performance in the mortgage lending game. We know all, how the meltdown occured, when it was predicted, everything. You ask a great question, that all Curezone money people should be asking...Is it a good time to buy? Answer: Depends. It all depends on your financial situation as it stands today. Bargains are to be had if and only if you have your previous home SOLD, money in hand!!! Never buy another home dependant on the sale of yours. The market is in the worst d ...   [retrieve this message]
                    • I am sorry but there are NO bargains available right now. t...   Quinta_Essentia   6y
                      I am sorry but there are NO bargains available right now. they are bargains when looked at relative to prices from two or three years ago, sure. but those prices were utterly insane and totally out of wack. prices will only drop in nearly every market in the near future. unless you live in San Fran or some such place, its almost a guarantee that prices will drop. inventory is huge, and banks and real estate companies are desparte to stop the blood letting. ... ... i would wait for AT LEAST a year before buying. things will only favor the buyer more and more in the coming months in my opinion. ... ...   [retrieve this message]
                      • I actually see bargains every day of the week.   MtnnnDewww   6y
                        You remind me of the stock investor who waits for the ultimate low to enter the market and the ultimate high before they sell. You know where pigs slaughter! Being a pig in real estate will lose you a property that could’ve been yours because you were off $2500 on the bid. How would that feel? You lost a $445,000 luxury home appraised at $535,000 because you wanted to wait another year???? Every home has a buyer. Never forget that. Lending requirements are changing daily. Countrywide Mortgage may be in bankruptcy by the end of the Winter. You want to chance it that your jo ...   [retrieve this message]
                        • given that you were one of those pimping and profiting off ...   Quinta_Essentia   6y
                          given that you were one of those pimping and profiting off the pump and dump real estate scam market of the last few years, I take everything you say with a grain of salt. ...   [End]
                          • You can take anything I say with a "grain of salt"...but...   MtnnnDewww   6y
                            I’m the guy in the paid off luxury home, the swimming pool, the hot tub, the showhome that everyone wants to visit for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Credit cards paid off zero each and every month. How many of your friends can honestly say that? Not many I’m sure. Asset sheet as long as my arm. You should be so lucky. There’s so much about sub-prime lending that you don’t know and probably don’t have a real interest in that I’d be wasting my time with you. The general media (which doesn’t understand mortgage lending) has done such a snowjob on the lending market that we’re all lumped ...   [retrieve this message]
                            • Good God! When we went to buy a home about 10 years ago, m...   #18637   6y
                              Good God! When we went to buy a home about 10 years ago, my husband had a 50K income. We wanted a house in the 110K range, but mortgage lenders kept telling us we could afford so much more. They were far from being in full disclosure mode, explaining all options to us so we could make an intelligent decision. We KNEW what we could afford. People who fall for mortgage lenders’ crap are lambs to the slaughter. They are the same as car salesmen. Sorry. I’m not trying to insult you here. This is just what I see every day. Do consumers have responsibility? You better believe it. The ...   [retrieve this message]
                              • So, "this is what you see everyday" is it?   MtnnnDewww   6y
                                You hit the trifecta with wife and I are in the mortgage business big time, with me adding independent businesses on the side, and my boy is in medical school. You blame the lenders, business owners, and doctors all in one post...CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I seriously doubt that you see anything in the mortgage business other than what’s reported on Good Mourning America. You can play victim all you want, won’t affect my life one bit, but to become smart and saavy about your finances, you’d better shed that American Victim status. And incidentally, you leave realtors out of the mix all ...   [retrieve this message]
                                • I fortunately did not bite off more than I can chew because...   #18637   6y
                                  I fortunately did not bite off more than I can chew because I, thank God, had the presence of mind to follow my instincts and educate myself a little bit. I loathe the victim mentality. On that count you’ve got me completely wrong. On the blame game, WE ARE ALL TO BLAME, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. I blame human nature and greed most of all. The truth of the matter in everything, IMHO: follow the money and power trail, period, bottom line. When humans see a way to make gobs of money easily on the backs of others they get starry-eyed and greedy. That’s how I see the mortgage industry. By t ...   [retrieve this message]
                                • btw   #18637   6y
                                  BTW, I don’t watch Good Morning America or any of those other insipid shows either. There’s no point. I have my own mind.   [End]
                        • Re: I actually see bargains every day of the week.   Zoebess   6y
                          Well, ultimately, I will follow my intuition ... and doors will open and the right thing will ... happen. Usually, however, I have sucked in ... some mental input which effects the outcome ... and so I will weigh your words and those of ... Quinta carefully. ... ... My savings were decimated by going the wholistic ... route for cancer, and dealing with a car wreck, ... which although the 16 year old was at fault, they ... drug that out for years and the lawyers got most ... of the money and so you know how that goes. I am ... grateful not to be in pain, and cancer-free, so ... it was worth what I had to do to accomplish those ...   [retrieve this message]
                    • Look here!   Quinta_Essentia   6y
                      they are auctioning off brand new never been lived in homes. does that sounds like a market that will be going UP anytime soon? ... ... ... ...   [End]
              • Your advisor is correct.   MtnnnDewww   6y
                As one who deals in mortgages on a daily basis, your advisor and this poster are correct in saying ”the economy will take care of itself”...basically. ”Leadership” usually refers to how many tax checks you are going to write during that ”leadership span”. Government is parasitic...perfect description by the previous poster. They take from the productive and give to the non-productive. Whichever side of the fence you live, that’s the ”leadership” you’ll elect. If a Democrat is elected with Democratic Congress and House, you’re in trouble if you are a producer. Big trouble. But not so ...   [retrieve this message]
                • So what you’re basically saying is this is just a problem w...   #18637   6y
                  So what you’re basically saying is this is just a problem we’ll have to ride out for a couple of years, just vote Republican and before you know it everyone will skipping around town whistling a happy tune again??? ...   [End]
                  • Optimysitcally speaking, what else would you expect or ask ...   Ohfor07   6y
                    Optimysitcally speaking, what else would you expect or ask for from the world of illusions pulled over our eyes?   [End]
                  • ...just vote Republican and before you know it everyone wil...   traderdrew   6y
                    ...just vote Republican and before you know it everyone will skipping around town whistling a happy tune again??? ... ... We need leaders who want to shrink government.  We need people to realize that their faith and hope in their future shouldn’t be in government.   Society needs morality in order for it to function better.  What good does it do us if the populace doesn’t trust each other? ... ... We need the population to become educated by choosing to spend their time paying attention to paradigms and philosophies that are ...   [retrieve this message]
                • I like stalemate, too.   Hidden Username   6y
                  Fellow GOP dudette here. I used to say and believe the exact same thing you said ($75K+/producer vote GOP, bottom feeder vote Dem). But after watching GWB carry out what his idea of ”compassionate conservative” was while incurring another full trillion with a T in Fed debt, I don’t feel the same way any more. ... ... I appreciate your opinion of the 2008 housing market. I’m anticipating a move this summer (Austin or Houston). Thanks. ... ... Donna   [End]
                  • Don't confuse my voting Republican with rubber-stamping Bus...   MtnnnDewww   6y
                    George W. has disappointed even the most Republicans of me. True conservatives are disappointed in him beyond belief, but that doesn’t mean the conservative way is incorrect. It simply means he was the wrong man at the wrong time. You and I probably think alike. Never change a good philosphy just because a human being made incorrect judgments along the way and warped the nature of the philosophy. It’s the same argument I face when people don’t believe in Jesus because many Christians are hypocrites. Jesus is not a hypocrite, but human beings will disappoint and become hyp ...   [retrieve this message]
                    • OK, you can sing in my choir. LOL ... ... GWB was my gover...   Hidden Username   6y
                      OK, you can sing in my choir. LOL ... ... GWB was my governor for years, during the 90’s. We really liked him. He was able to negotiate with the Dems in our state govt and get what I believed at the time, was a lot of good stuff done. We were confident that he would be able to kick Dem bootie in DC, too. I think we conservative Christian types underestimated the liberal Dem machine (Kennedy, Clinton, etc) in the federal Senate. Bush went in there with an attitude of ”compromise legislation makes for good neighbors” or something like that, but the Dems didn’t reciprocate in kind with any comprom ...   [retrieve this message]
                • .   rokybird   6y
                  ... ... ... ... ... The hidden secret which just cannot seem to find its way above ground is that Neocons are not Republicans, not Democrats. The current Bush is a known Neocon, a bizarre label to be sure. In my view Clinton was a Neocon also, certainly cut from a different cloth than most traditional Democrats. His central policy was to create the foundation for the Fascist Business Model, wherein the finance sector merged with the state. Two candidates, one on each side, represent uninterrupted Neocon rule and the inexorable march to a military state, ...   [retrieve this message]
                  • No argument here.   MtnnnDewww   6y
                    What you say is correct. We are at a point of no return of immigration so hold on for the ride of your life. America deserves exactly what they get. I have no sympathy for the people of this land allowing termites to destroy their foundation.   [End]
                    • Image Embedded Your sentiments that we deserve what we get ... are disinge...   Zoebess   6y
                      Your sentiments that we deserve what we get ... are disingenuous with me since you assume ... that most of us have not played the ”game” ... correctly. I feel that corruption has been ... the achilles heel which has been the biggest ... factor in undermining our nation, but perhaps ... right behind, or in front of that, has been ... a global agenda to dismantle our ”Nation” and ... divy up the globe within a framework of bringing ... the world under one global governing body. We ... are the generation alive at the time when all ... these efforts which have been fomenting since ... before you were born are being brought to ... f ...   [retrieve this message]
            • How to Eliminate America's Addiction to Oil   Ynaig   7y  C
              How to Eliminate America’s Addiction to Oil ... ...   ... by Darshan Goswami ... Innovative technologies such as hydrogen, renewable energy, and energy efficiency can eliminate our reliance on foreign oil. A Hydrogen “Manhattan Project” for Energy is needed to accelerate the transition to a Hydrogen Economy and ensure that this vision becomes a reality within the next 10 years. There is no need to wait 20 to 40 years to achieve the Hydrogen Economy vision and eliminate America&rsquo ...   [retrieve this message]
            • Feds raid Liberty Dollar and seize and freeze everything   grzbear   7y  C
              From GATA ... ... ... Feds raid Liberty Dollar and seize and freeze everything ... ... Submitted by cpowell on Thu, 2007-11-15 15:16. Section: Daily Dispatches ... 10:15a ET Thursday, November 15, 2007 ... ... Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: ... ... The Liberty Dollar organization announced this morning, via the letter appended here, that federal agents today raised its offices in Evansville, Indiana, and confiscated all its property and equipment. ... ... This moves seems extraordinarily bold considering that Liberty Dollar’s right to operate already was being litigated in federal court. ... ... Let’s h ...   [retrieve this message]
            • Higher gasoline price seen trimming down Americans   SqueakyClean   7y  C
              ... ... ... ... NEW YORK (Reuters) - Higher U.S. gasoline prices may slim more than just wallets, according to a new study from Washington University in St. Louis. ... ... Entitled ”A Silver Lining? The Connection between Gas Prices and Obesity,” the study found that an additional $1 per gallon in real gasoline prices would reduce U.S. obesity by 15 percent after five years. ... ... The report, written by Charles Courtemanche for his doctoral dissertation in health economics, found that 13 percent of the rise in obesity between ...   [retrieve this message]
              • Image Embedded just look at those sonic ads. ... ... ... ... ... ......   trapper/kcmo   7y
                just look at those sonic ads. ... ... ... ... ... ... eating in your car would have been seen as a negative not showcased like this. now it is normal, every day fare, the way ads in the kitchen and dining room used to be. ... ... suburban sprawl got nuthin to do with real estate.   [End]
            • Trillion $$ "Health Economy" Sicker Than We Are!   rabbitears   7y  C
              ... ... ... ... Two Trillion Spent on Healthcare Each Year: A Sick Way to Prop Up an Ailing Economy ... By Joshua Holland, AlterNet. Posted July 28, 2007. ... ... Between 2001 and 2006, the healthcare sector added 1.7 million jobs while the rest of the economy added none. So how well is the economy really doing? ... ... For the first four years after the dot-com bust in 2001, a weak economy in most sectors was masked by an explosion in real estate sales, rocketing home values and a surge of consumer spending as people taking advantage of super-low interest rates and ...   [retrieve this message]
            • UN Report - Dollar on Verge of Collapse   finallyfaith   7y  C
              this is no joke, and really could affect us all in a big way. our debt level is simply unsustainable, and the housing market continues to drag the US economy down, not to mention the war we cant afford to pay for. a collapsing dollar will have worldwide impacts, one of which will be the rise of the power of the euro, AND the rise of Russia as an economic superpower. dont believe me about russia? they just finished paying off their foreign debt - ahead of schedule, and they control huge amounts of natural gas and oil deposits. ... ... more at link ... ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
            • Diseased economy   InCharge   8y  C
              This article was written in April, so it may have been posted before. It is definitley worth reading again if it was. ... ... ... April 4 2006 ... By Mike Adams ... ... ... This is an article about the disease economy. That’s a term I coined because I could find no other existing term to describe what I’m observing in our economy today. I call it the disease economy because such a huge percentage of the economic activity and economic growth I see in this country is based on the manufacturing, marketing and selling of products and services based on disease. That is, products and services that ...   [retrieve this message]
              • this is the real danger we at curezone face   trapper/kcmo   8y
                we are, by all rights, economic terrorists.   [End]
              • Re: Diseased economy   #69242   8y
                I certainly am no fan of ”Big Pharma”, but putting out nonsense articles like this does nothing but perpetuate myths. This guy states - ”In fact, as I’ve stated before, the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the United States earn more money than the remaining 490 Fortune 500 companies”. What absolute B.S. I will post the link to the list of the topp 500 companies below. Not ONE medical or drug comany in the top 15. Pfizer comes in at 31. Walmart can not be considered a medical or drug company. The percent of profits from their pharmacy is small. In fact, none of the Walmarts near me even ...   [retrieve this message]
                • ”In fact, as I’ve stated before, the top 10 pharmaceutical ...   grzbear   8y
                  ”In fact, as I’ve stated before, the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the United States earn more money than the remaining 490 Fortune 500 companies” ... ... This statement does not state that the pharmaceutical companies are in the top 10 fortune 500. Nor does it imply that any one of them earns more than the remaining 490 companies... it does say that they do earn more put together than the remaining 490 though. I DID NOT go through and add this all up for in order to be thorough, I would have to investigate the owners of each fortune 500 company and include all of the fortune 500 compani ...   [retrieve this message]
                  • Griz, ... Go in and do the math for yourself. It doesn’t ev...   #69242   8y
                    Griz, ... Go in and do the math for yourself. It doesn’t even come close to adding up. It is a false statement. There is no way around it. The people who put the article together are biased so I personally wouldn’t trust them to do the math. I’ve got no problem with people who are pissed at Big Pharma, but they are not the sole driving force of the economy. The idea that the economy would collapse if we discovered cures for diseases would not fly with an economist.   [End]
                    • It sounds like you have done the math, could you share plea...   grzbear   8y
                      It sounds like you have done the math, could you share please? ... ... When you provide proof with documentation it is a false statement, I will believe it to be so. ... ... I did not intend to disagree with you. I only pointed out reasoning flaw in your original post. It is up to you to prove your point... but maybe that is for a debate forum? ... ... In response to the article’s: ... ... ”In fact, as I’ve stated before, the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the United States earn more money than the remaining 490 Fortune 500 companies”. ... ... You said: ... ... ”What absolute B.S. I will post the link to the list ...   [retrieve this message]
                      • Griz, ... I wasn’t paying attention to the fact that this w...   #69242   8y
                        Griz, ... I wasn’t paying attention to the fact that this was a support forum. I have already run into trouble on one of the other support forums a few months ago. I joined in on a political discussion and was probably the lone supporter of one of the viewpoints and I got thrown off. I am going to end this discussion before I create any more ill will. I hope you didn’t think I was attacking you personally. Your friend. ... Blackngold   [End]
                • go back to your buddy, sean hannity   trapper/kcmo   8y
                  that guy has the temarity to advertise on his show that it is made in the USA. thats right, sean, thats about all that is being made in america - hot air. and there are equal portions comming out of both ends of people.   [End]
            • Inflated housing markets   #19236   8y  C
     excellent report on the inflated housing markets, from a sensible attys notebook. ... ... foolish women who marry stupid arithmatic challenged losers who want and need a working womans paycheck to pay for a home end up being charged TWICE AND THREE TIMES THE PRICE FOR RENTS AND HOUSING PRICES for NO FUNDAMENTAL REASON other then greedy biz men know dumb stupid paycheck working wives and thier non real man, leeching paycheck leechen non husbands. The biz gougers know these DUMB working wife whom the bum males call thier milk COWS, these self abusers and th ...   [retrieve this message]
              • Good Rant, I’ll give you that. Go ahead, let it out. ... ...   #59245   8y
                Good Rant, I’ll give you that. Go ahead, let it out. ... ... And I will respond by saying that was one of the dumbest, stupidest things I have ever read in my life. It has absolutely NO basis in reality at all. I am so sorry I even wasted my time reading the whole thing. That was 3 minutes of my life I’ll never get back!   [End]
                • The line is: That was 18 seconds of my life wasted, that I ...   #19236   8y
                  The line is: That was 18 seconds of my life wasted, that I will never get back. ... ... You need to learn how to read faster. Try to save money for a speed reading course. ... ... Most slow readers and arithmatic challenged people are too busy paying 18 times over value to thier loan shark, errr, fiat lender, err morte age lender, the $800,000 dollars in INTEREST ONLY on the actual fundamental value of thier $50,000 dollar land, material and labor cost, styrofoam lined, price gouger inflated, mcmatchbox home, that they were suckered into john hancocking by unscrupulous predatory fiat lenders. ... ... Wha ...   [retrieve this message]
                  • I don’t disagree with your view on the outrageous market an...   #21676   8y
                    I don’t disagree with your view on the outrageous market and cheap construction. It seems to be like the outrageous gas prices. We can complain all day long but most of us have no other choice for fuel or transportation. I am curious as to what you think a person should do in this housing market. Rent until the bubble bursts? ...   [End]
                    • It’s simply a matter that the poster would rather believe i...   #59245   8y
                      It’s simply a matter that the poster would rather believe in conspiracy theory than the very basic element of cyclical real estate. The person keeps talking about arithmetic, but in economics, one plus one does not always equal two. Yes, it’s a horrible market that is now self correcting. This whole thing started with the affluence of the dot com era, when everyone was living high on the hog! Jobs were plentiful. It even surprised the experts that the increase in home prices stayed at high rates. And now we are running into a situation where the developers (who the poster probably th ...   [retrieve this message]
                      • i just gotta inject some reality here   finallyfaith   8y
                        no fan of GWB here, but seriously he did not invent the massive housing debt scam, its been around for quite a while. this is how it works. banks create money out of thin air. this is true. they are allowed to lend out MORE money than they actually possess, and sometimes they lend out QUITE A BIT more. so a hard working family applies for home loan. the bank lends them non-existant money they don’t have. HOWEVER! the family must pay this loan of pretend money with REAL money, cause thats how the scam works. ... ... except for one small little detail! because of compounding interest they end up ...   [retrieve this message]
                        • GWBush has created the largest national debt ever in histo...   stridar   8y
                          GWBush has created the largest national debt ever in history ! This does play into the picture and into our childrens future! ... Some say the whole baby boomer generation is at fault, and I beleive it is so, seeing many people using the real eastate market to help thier retirement fund grow ,buying at a reasonable price putting a few bucks in renovation and doubling the price they paid for it in a few years! Generation X/Y is pissed and I dont blame them! ... Put I also agree that real estate people are the scum of the planet~ ... ... ~Stridar~ ...   [End]
                          • its not the real estate people, its the bankers and the cre...   finallyfaith   8y
                            its not the real estate people, its the bankers and the credit card companies, and other lending institutions. in the bible there were very strict limits set on how much interest could be charged and how much debt a family could get in. there were REASONS for this.   [End]
                            • You dont know the real estate people around here and I dont...   stridar   8y
                              You dont know the real estate people around here and I dont see why they would be different any where else! These people will never let a reasonably priced home reach the market! If it priced right they will buy it do absolutely nothing to it and jack the price up as high as possible! ... ... ~Stridar~ ... ...   [End]
                              • actually i just saw a survey of the most and the least rega...   finallyfaith   8y
                                actually i just saw a survey of the most and the least regarded professions, real estate agent was at the very bottom!   [End]
                              • OK you guys, I have to interject here myself. I am a real ...   molly bloom   8y
                                OK you guys, I have to interject here myself. I am a real estate person, and I am an ex-banker. I have ethics. I’m a bit insulted at your generalizations. ... ... There are good and bad everywhere. ... ... FF, that’s how banks do business. I will never hear a banker say that what they do is a scam! And yes, there are mortgage companies out there that are scandalous. But certainly not the entire profession. ... ... Come on guys.....   [End]
                                • i am very serious about this   finallyfaith   8y
                                  no really i am saying that the fundamental manner in which banks do business is dishonest, at its core! you CANT lend out imaginary money and demand to get paid back in real money, its criminal. now, obviously not everyone that works for a bank is a criminal. the reality is that only those at the top make the exhorbitant profits, so the average bank employee is just another person getting scammed. but i am quite serious about my assessment of banks, very serious indeed! its a criminal enterprise, and that manner of lending out pretend money should stop today! ...   [End]
                                  • It will stop when the marketplace wants it to stop. That pr...   danq   7y
                                    It will stop when the marketplace wants it to stop. That process may be happening as we speak. We are not only witnessing the demise of the USD, but the demise of the whole fiat , debt money system on a global basis. If I’m correct, then we’ll see rising inflation(currency supply) and rising prices for food , energy and commodities as we move forward. ... ... When the market turns to precious metals, the e-comm industry (payment processors) will ask the commodity based ETF’s to take a walk down the aisle of matrimoney and we will be able to buy a case of beer with digitized gold and silver, rig ...   [retrieve this message]
                                • Re: i just gotta inject some reality here   stridar   8y
                                  Of course there are exceptions! I think the problem is the whole damn credit card society and to many people doing none producing work in the first place. The big problem with real estate people is there are just too damn many of them! They are like a whole community onto themselves, land and real estate are like road kill with a thousand vultures waiting swoop it up! Community, infrastructure, small farming mean nothing in america anymore its everyone grabbing a piece of the real estate pie before its all developed! So someone surely can be in this business and be ethical in thier day to ...   [retrieve this message]
                                • FF, the banks do have backing for their money. Of course t...   molly bloom   8y
                                  FF, the banks do have backing for their money. Of course they don’t take your chunk of cash for your mortgage and put it into a nice little vault somewhere. They invest your interest, so that they have more net worth. It’s a business. Banks do other things too, not just mortgages....They also pay you interest on deposits! Amazing. ... ... Mortgages have been around for years and years. I have no idea why in the world you would have a problem with the banks that lend the big chunk of cash, so that people can own an investment of their own, because the average person is not walking around w ...   [retrieve this message]
                                  • sorry to break it to you but banks do NOT back up their mon...   finallyfaith   8y
                                    sorry to break it to you but banks do NOT back up their money. they have maybe 10 - 15% of all their alleged savings on hand at any given moment. and besides that they ... ... LEND OUT IMAGINARY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... ... this is NOT okay with me. you can’t lend out money you don’t have and expect other to repay in real actual hard cash. they are allowed by law to lend out MORE money than they actually posses this is how the law works. its a scam, pure and simple. its legalized criminality. ... ... i support their right to make mortgage lends and to charge interest. i do NOT support their rig ...   [retrieve this message]
                                    • Well, then let’s look at it this way. ... ... Bank A lends...   molly bloom   8y
                                      Well, then let’s look at it this way. ... ... Bank A lends $100K to a Customer A to buy a house. Customer A happily pays his mortgage, until one day he decides to sell. ... ... In comes Customer B, who gets Bank B to give him a mortgage for the same house. Bank B sends Bank A the balance of the mortgage that is due. So what do you think that is? Play money? I don’t think Bank A would like play money, and I don’t think Bank B sent them play money. ... ... It’s a lot more complicated than you are making it out to be FF. True what you say, and it is a delicate balancing act. Such like the run on bank ...   [retrieve this message]
                                      • they DO go and rip people off everyday and its perfectly le...   finallyfaith   8y
                                        they DO go and rip people off everyday and its perfectly legal. its a giangitic ponzi scheme paid for by you and i. yes, its more complicated than this but that is the basic reality. why do you think people like lincoln were do adamant against allowing a national bank? he knew where it would lead to.   [End]
                                        • MS Molly have you ever heard the term, forest throught the ...   stridar   8y
                                          MS Molly have you ever heard the term, forest throught the trees? You seem to support what ever you are close too! Stand back a little! Sure there a some good people in any industry but that doesnt absolve the industry! ... The law is set up to protect the wealthy in any industry and most certainly the banking industry! Look at the top of the ladder the main banking and loan industry in the world the Federal Reserve! They are probably the most corrupt and evil people on this planet! Did you know that all tax dollars dont even go to the government but to the federal reserve just to pay the off ...   [retrieve this message]
                                        • Mnay people I know think that greenbacks were a great idea....   danq   7y
                                          Mnay people I know think that greenbacks were a great idea. I’ll let you decide after you learn a couple of facts. The currency was till a debt currency. They were IOU’s created because of the war. The structure (very important) was still one of centralization , under government. ... ... The benefit was that interest was payable to the country, yes, but under such a system, there was no assurance that the government wouldn’t inflate the supply. Inflation is the hidden tax and we all know that politicains love to spend money, especially when it’s someone else’s sweat that will pay it back. ... ... I ...   [retrieve this message]
                                      • That’s not how banks create credit. They don’t lend deposit...   danq   7y
                                        That’s not how banks create credit. They don’t lend depositor’s money. They used to but under current bank pratices, they are forbidden. They create the credit as new currency. They actually increase the currency supply this way. ... ... When you get a mortgage, the money is created in the account. This is why you may notice that you never get bank loans in cash, meaning actual bank notes. They will be in the form a created check or draft or as an account entry (most common). ... ... There was no money before the entry or check creation took place. The currency supply goes from x to (x plus the nom ...   [retrieve this message]
                                    • You’re on the right track and to be more accurate, when the...   danq   7y
                                      You’re on the right track and to be more accurate, when they ask you for collateral (real wealth), they aren’t lending anything. They are simply monetising your assets, meaning that they are creating a conversion of assets to currency. The assets represents the real money. ... ... Wanna be sick ? Based on the above, banks apply pen & ink to your assets and charge you interest. Here’s another ”kicker”. The more you ”borrow”, the more you put up based on your labor of hard work ...... and the more you pay in interest. ... ... Banks don’t lend money. They are not in the buusiness of lending money. They ...   [retrieve this message]
                                • You shouldn’t be insulted. You were a professional in an un...   danq   7y
                                  You shouldn’t be insulted. You were a professional in an unprofessional business model is all. Not your fault, but in common fashion, as is often the case, you might take it personally. You shouldn’t. You should just be more careful of the business models that you choose to work in.   [End]
                            • More importantly, it is an over creation of currency (IOU’s...   danq   7y
                              More importantly, it is an over creation of currency (IOU’s actually) that is the primary issue. Interest is a secondary issue to creation. Money from nothing is the first issue. Interest, although important, is secondary. ... ... Politicains and banks hated the gold standard because it limited their interests. ... Gold and gold backed money was a protector of free markets. Look up Greenspan’s own paper on the bubject , written in 1966, titled ”Gold and Eoonomic Freedom”. ... ... The gold standard is a supply standard which ties the supply of money to the ground and the law of weights and measures, cos ...   [retrieve this message]
                          • Hey you know what? About 4 years ago I bought a duplex. I...   MISSKITTY   8y
                            Hey you know what? About 4 years ago I bought a duplex. It was a fluke and I am so glad I did. Then I bought another house using the equity from the duplex. (I rented that to my folks for 3 years at $500 a month and lost $500 a month) I now have 3 houses and a duplex and I rent them out. I don’t make much profit but they are what is going to fuel my retirement. I had to do something because what I have in my 401K isn’t going to come any where near helping me to retire. And I’ve worked at the same place for 28 years. I got lucky and all my purchases were great deals. Now I could se ...   [retrieve this message]
                        • Money from nothing is nothing new and one does not have to ...   danq   7y
                          Money from nothing is nothing new and one does not have to buy into any conspoiracy theory in order to see it. All they need to do is look at currency supply figures. If money from nothing (debt currenncy, actually ....IOU’s) were not created from thin air, then how could one possible explain the increase in a currency supply. It has to come from somewhere. Money has a genesis. It is not eternal, but 99.999999% of the time that we talk about moeny, we talk about money in the contaxt that it has already been created and is already in circulation. We tend to overlook the creation. ... ... Another ...   [retrieve this message]
                      • Re: Inflated housing markets   #19236   8y
                        Andy Messick, owner of over 800 rental units in trixie and yuppieville, Linclon Park, Chicago Illinois DOUBLED AND TRIPLED all his rents and TRIPLE plus JACKED all his bad housing prices to the stupid, the loser snakes and the pimps, when he saw leechen parasite weak yuppie males try to get scam and get ahead by pimping thier ”stupid” wives out on the streets at jobs, to bring in a second paycheck. SO ANDY DOUBLED AND TRIPLED RENTS to get the pimps money. Messick Construction, call them, thier in the book, and ask Andy why he DOUBLED and TRIPLED his rents and tripled RE prices when he saw ...   [retrieve this message]
                    • Re: Inflated housing markets   danq   7y
                      It’s not higher gas prices. It’s a deteriating dollar. You can do something. Only hold dollar as you need them. Keep your store of value in gold for protection. ... ... Inflation is not rising prices. Rising prices are the EFFECT of loose moneatry policy.   [End]
                      • Do you really think the sheet will be hitting the ... fan i...   Zoebess   7y
                        Do you really think the sheet will be hitting the ... fan in 24 months or less?? ... ... My concern is that my dollars are losing value faster ... than I can make them. Fortunately, I do not have debt ... but would spend my savings if it is a healthier thing ... to do than hang onto dollars. ... ... I am making some investments in real goods since the ... prices of goods are going up and so assuming, I can ... live where I do, it would be better to get some items ... like a solar cooker which can help with sustainability. ... ... Still, its difficult to know what to do. I am one of ... those people who were brought to their kne ...   [retrieve this message]
              • you really don't know what you're talking about.   MtnnnDewww   7y
                There is so much wrong with this...I don’t know where to start! You’ve got bits and pieces that start on the right track but then vere off into stupidville. I’m in the mortgage business, could write a bestseller on the topic of sub-prime mortgages, how if you buy a home you’re getting duped, the whole deal. If anyone is interested, ask me. I’ll be glad to offer the truth up on a silver platter.   [End]
            • Here is the health insurance answer   superhero   8y  C
              The reason health insurance is so high is because of all the $10 dedcutibles that people feel they have to have so they can run to the doctor every time they have a runny nose. ... ... If you cut the co-pays and the $10 deductibles out, it’s amazing how cost-effective health insurance can be. ... ... If you are self employed or are not happy with your company’s plan, please check into Health Savings Accounts. For real. Open one of those puppies up, pick a high-deductible plan and start saving money. ... ... My deductible is $5000 per person per year. It sounds like a lot but after we meet the deductib ...   [retrieve this message]
              • without even reading your post i can tell you what the prob...   Thorn   8y
                without even reading your post i can tell you what the problem is ! the health care system the medical and pharmaeutical industries in this country are raping the american public! Your ass draggin blame the patient or people caveman attitude is so out of wack, if you think you can convince any thinkng person that the fraudulent healthcare system in this country is anybodies fault beside these corporate scum you are, as has been said many times soup ”dumber than we thought” ! Your pointy finger crapola gets old after a while! ...   [End]
                • ... Thorn you might want to read stuff before you blindly m...   superhero   8y
                  ... Thorn you might want to read stuff before you blindly make opinions. ... ... By the way if anyone’s interested in cost-effective health insurance plan, here’s the one I use. It’s called Unicare and I pay less than $175 a month for 5 people. PLUS I have a health savings account, which acts like an IRA...which means I save money on my taxes every time I fund it. (Thus, every dollar I spend on health insurance is tax deductible) ... ...   [End]
              • Some websites are offering ged test for health insurance. ...   jefgh42   5y
                Some websites are offering ged test for health insurance. Health insurance online courses will teach you the basics of medical billing. They’ll also introduce you to health insurance regulations that affect a medical practice. These certification tests are ideal for medical billing professionals seeking a better understanding of how to work with health insurance companies.   [End]
            • Calling all geniuses!   superhero   8y  C
              I desperately need your help ... ... So if Wal-Mart (and every other company) should be forced to pay employees’ health insurance then please answer the following questions: ... ... 1.) What does Health insurance have to do with your job? ... ... 2.) If you can make Wal-Mart pay for health insurance, why not make them pay for your car insurance as well? ... ... 3.) How about if Wal-Mart also pays your homeowners insurance too? ... ... 4.) Heck how about making them pay for your electric bill while you’re at it! ... ... 5.) If you hire a maid to clean your house do you have to pay her insurance and electric bill? ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
              • Wow you’re dense. ... ... Um isn’t there a difference betw...   Atalanta   8y
                Wow you’re dense. ... ... Um isn’t there a difference between life and a materialistic object like a car? ... ... Lets say your wife or kid get into an car accident, are you gonna think of the person first or the car? ... ... Think about it. ... ...   [End]
                • No, I don’t have faith in individual businesses to do the r...   superhero   8y
                  No, I don’t have faith in individual businesses to do the right thing...just like I don’t generally have faith in individual people to always to the right thing. Sad, huh ... ... I do however have faith in the free market, capatilist system. It’s probably not perfect but it beats any other alternative.   [End]
                  • I completely understand that is what you believe, that has ...   Thorn   8y
                    I completely understand that is what you believe, that has been the conservative philosophy for quite a while ”the market will work that out” but the problem is that the market does not work these issues out with competition alone. What’s the point of government if it doesn’t get involved in some issues such as this? Businesses left unchecked will always exploited their workers for as much as they can get away with and someone has to step in and represent the rights of the people....ohh yeah we elected a government to represent us. That is partially what they are for...the people want them ...   [retrieve this message]
                    • soup yah know Im not sure you know what you are talking abo...   Thorn   8y
                      soup yah know Im not sure you know what you are talking about at all, do you have a reference for an article that says walmart has to completely pay for employee health insurance or our you just knuckle draggin again?   [End]
                      • ... er...well what do you get from this. Maybe I’m reading...   superhero   8y
                        ... er...well what do you get from this. Maybe I’m reading it wrong. ... ... By the way I’ve always been self-employed except for a 6-month stint as a bank teller. ... ... --------------------------------- ... ... ... ”The bill requires companies with more than 10,000 Maryland employees to spend at least 8 percent of their payroll on employee health care or pay the difference into the state’s Medicaid fund.” ...   [End]
                        • well out of context of course, but I beleive this is a empl...   Thorn   8y
                          well out of context of course, but I beleive this is a employee pay program that is denied part time employees one who work the maximum 32hrs which is a manipulation of the corporate world so they can deny them group rate employee paid insurance! ... Th complaint seems to be that those part time employees tax the government health care institutes and that walmart is negligable in their responsibilties by screwing these 32hr workers! ...   [End]
                          • without even reading your post i can tell you what the prob...   superhero   8y
                            you need to re-read the first 5 or 6 paragraphs of the story. ... ... ... But even so, if these employees don’t like working 32 hours (with no insurance)...then they should look elsewhere....   [End]
                            • ”lots of people don’t have a sea of choices when looking fo...   Thorn   8y
                              ”lots of people don’t have a sea of choices when looking for employment, and take what they can get”. ... ... Agreed. ... ... By the same token, lots of people, low wager earners and not, also need to recognize this situation - life without medical insurance, for the potential gift horse that it is. As far as disease and illness goes, situations that drive people away from the fraud and hazards of the present allopathic health care industry, their sanctioned serial killer MDs, and their brethern parasitic health insurance providers, are all good things in my opinion, if people would only stop to ga ...   [retrieve this message]
                              • why? ... ... If you don’t like working for ...   superhero   8y
                                why? ... ... If you don’t like working for elsewhere ... ... If you don’t like shopping at Sears, shop elsewhere ... ... If you don’t like dating a girl who bitches all the time, date someone else ... ... If you don’t like short hair, grow it long ... ... ... It’s the American Way, Thorn. We live in a free society and are able to make basic decisions.   [End]
                                • So much for free market America. Forcing a business to pro...   lovetobehealthy   8y
                                  It’s not just the ’American’ way, it’s the way of all western countries with ’freedom’ so to speak, which all their fallen soldiers fought for in previous wars, and now is being eroded. ... ltbh   [End]
                                  • Oh lovetobehealthy...would you please stick around here? W...   superhero   8y
                                    Oh lovetobehealthy...would you please stick around here? We need more of your common sense in this forum. Besides, I’ve dug up more snakes than I can kill.   [End]
                                  • This no doubt will be interpeted as enflamatory and unpatri...   ohfor07   8y
                                    This no doubt will be interpeted as enflamatory and unpatriotic commentary. Neither is it intended to be a personal attack on LTBH and those who share the same belief, but the popular belief, despite all the sentiment and sense of patriotism it has been wrapped up in and designed around for decades, as to why loved ones - soldiers, have been and and continue to be sent to foreign lands to die in wars, is not one and the same with the actual and true reason why. ... ... Like many people, I too have had family members die in wars, and the family ties and memories of those loved ones makes it esp ...   [retrieve this message]
              • I thought I heard you calling me :)   UserX   8y
                You asked ”What does Health insurance have to do with your job?” ... ... Well, everything, maybe you should ask the miner who was dragged out of the mine in West Virginia. People often engage in hazardous and dangerous jobs, which they couldn’t otherwise do if not for health insurance. Health and job related injuries are very intimately connected as people are very often injured on the job. ... ... you said ”If you can make Wal-Mart pay for health insurance, why not make them pay for your car insurance as well?” ... ... Well if you were using a company car they would have be responsible or if you were on ...   [retrieve this message]
                • no dark your examples are out of whack. I’m talking about....   superhero   8y
                  no dark your examples are out of whack. I’m talking about...lets say you work at IBM and you drive to and from work every day in your own car. Should they pay your health insurance? Car insurance? Homeowners insurance? Flood insurance? Life insurance? ... ... You cherry picked your examples to where it might indeed make sense for a company to pay, for example, car insurance if their employees drive a company car. ... ... But if you are hiring a maid to clean your house...say just some girl off the street. And you file a tax form on want to pay all her different insurances...or other ...   [retrieve this message]
                  • I certainly didn’t cherry pick, I was attempting to give yo...   UserX   8y
                    I certainly didn’t cherry pick, I was attempting to give you specific examples that throw your absolutes into disarray...I can give you many examples in the same vain but let me answer you comments first. ... ... you said ”Should they pay your health insurance? Car insurance? Homeowners insurance? Flood insurance? Life insurance?” ... ... In the instance you gave I would say that yes they should pay your health insurance as your health is essential to your employment as well as to ensure your safety on the job. The history of how companies began to pay health insurance is due to their recognition of ...   [retrieve this message]
                    • dark, your side of the arguement is so silly and so brainle...   superhero   8y
                      dark, your side of the arguement is so silly and so brainlessly overcome....what you are talking about in regards to miners is not a matter of health insuramce. It’s a matter of Worker’s Compansation Insurance. Trust me, I know it well. That company who employed those miners has insurance to cover on-the-job accidents. Health insurance is a completely different issue. It’s a personal insurance taken out on behalf of the individual. ... ... At your job at IBM, where you’re required to wear a suit and tie, should IBM be required to purchase your clothes too? It’s a uniform of such! You h ...   [retrieve this message]
                      • Supie, you are sadly mistaken. When I was discussing minors...   UserX   8y
                        Supie, you are sadly mistaken. When I was discussing minors I wasn’t referring to worker’s comp., I was speaking about regular health insurance to cover the normal everyday health hazards associated with the job. People with those sorts of jobs don’t just get crushed in cave-ins but they have regular health issues that relate to working in that environment. For instance, long term health effects from breathing the harmful gases that they do…so I was not taking about worker’s comp but regular heath insurance. ... ... You said “At your job at IBM, where you’re required to wear a suit and tie, sh ...   [retrieve this message]
              • Re: Calling all geniuses!   tcarter1981   5y
                Those just seem like selfish and ignorant questions to begin with. Walmart starts people at $8 an hour and makes soo much more than that. They don’t want people taking off because they’re sick. Traditional Insurance costs hundreds of dollars every month! So, if you’re buying gas, daycare, uniforms, lunches, taxes, and paying for your own insurance at $8 an hour, what is there left? Healthcare is a nessecity (Don’t care if it’s spelled wrong) We need healthcare if you don’t want to go back to the dark ages. And I believe EVERY BUSINESS SHOULD PROVIDE EMPLOYEES WITH HEALTH COVERAGE! Eve ...   [retrieve this message]
            • U.S. Dollar heads for the toilet   vtool   8y  C
              The real news is Iran is switching to Euros for oil sales, dumping the U.S. Dollar March 20, 2006. That’s why we will probably STRIKE SYRIA (diversion, as Iran has HUNDREDS of Russian techs working on that Nuke Plant, and we can’t directly strike it without a direct war attack/crime on Russia) as a DIVERSION (per Bible Prophecy). ... That’s why RUSSIA herself will soon OCCUPY Iran and Turkey (in the future). ... ... In any case, it’s over for America, economically, at the VERY least: ... ... Gates, Buffett, China ’run from dollar’ ... Expert sees development as sharp warning to Americans ... ... WorldNetDaily ...   [retrieve this message]
            • Japan Threatens Huge Dollar Sell-Off   anunnaki   10y  C
              Japan Threatens Huge Dollar Sell-Off ... ... By Heather Stewart in Tokyo ... The Observer - UK ... 12-6-4 ... ... ... Japan is warning the White House that there will be ’enormous capital flight’ from the dollar if the Bush administration maintains its laissez-faire approach to the mounting currency crisis. ... ... Tokyo fears that Japan’s strongest economic recovery in a decade could be derailed by the sudden appreciation in the yen against the greenback. ... ... The criticism of President Bush’s inaction, by a senior member of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, will be taken as a veiled threat that Japan c ...   [retrieve this message]
              • OPEC Nations Seen Cutting Worldwide Deposits in Dollars   anunnaki   10y
                OPEC Nations Seen Cutting Worldwide Deposits in Dollars ... ... By REUTERS ... ... Published: December 6, 2004 ... ... ... ONDON, Dec. 5 - Member nations of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries have cut the proportion of their deposits denominated in dollars by more than 13 percentage points in the past three years, mainly to the advantage of the euro, the Bank for International Settlements said Sunday. ... ... In its latest quarterly report, the Bank for International Settlements - a forum for world central banks - attributed the trend partly to United States interest rates having fallen bel ...   [retrieve this message]
            • India, China And Others Dumping US Dollar To Buy Euro   anunnaki   10y  C
              India, China And Others Dumping US Dollar To Buy Euro ... ... By Bala Vaddi Special ... Correspondent ... ... 11-26-4 ... ... ... The India, China and other countries have started dumping the US Dollar quietly and buying the Euro. That has put a very serious pressure on the US Dollar. Chinese and Indian central bank officials denied such reports. But Foreign exchange traders say they are quite convinced of Indian and Chinese moves. According to some traders, there are many other countries, especially oil rich Middle Eastern countries, running away from dollar. ... ... Reserve Bank of India (RB ...   [retrieve this message]
              • What The Dollar's Collapse Will Mean To The World   anunnaki   10y
                What The Dollar’s Collapse Will Mean To The World ... ... By Bruce Porteous ... ... 11-26-4 ... ... ... Over the last few days, there has been a number of articles in the media about the steady decline of the $US against the Euro. While many economists have forecasted the possiblity of the dollar declining against the Euro for sometime, most do not comprehend the significance of this. Some believe that the decline of the dollar against the currencies of American’s trading partners will help correct the USA’s trade deficit, and the dollar will stop falling when the trade imbalance is co ...   [retrieve this message]
                • WTO Lets EU, Others Hit U.S. with Trade Sanctions   anunnaki   10y
                  WTO Lets EU, Others Hit U.S. with Trade Sanctions ... ... Fri Nov 26, 4:59 PM ET ... ... ... GENEVA (Reuters) - The World Trade Organization (news - web sites) gave final approval on Friday to the European Union (news - web sites), Japan and others to hit the United States with an initial $150 million in trade sanctions in a dispute over an illegal anti-dumping law. ... ... ”They’ve got the go-ahead,” said Kenyan ambassador Amina Mohamed, chairwoman of the WTO’s Dispute Settlement Body. ... ... When asked about the step, President Bush (news - web sites) pledged to work with Congress to ensure the United St ...   [retrieve this message]
                  • Image Embedded protecting yourself against dollar collapse *pic*   anunnaki   10y
                    PROTECTING YOURSELF AGAINST DOLLAR COLLAPSE *PIC* ... ... Friday, 26 November 2004, 4:49 p.m. ... ... There are a number of steps you can do to protect yourself now. This is what most bearish financial advisors are saying: ... ... 1) Get Debt Free Now ! Liquidate that which you can. Idle property sitting around--sell it now. Many are advising that real estate will fall by half or more of its 1990 value. ... ... 2) Destroy your credit cards now and and pay off those balances now. Your retirement may not be so safe--investigate it and see if it is backed by stocks, bonds, or annunities. ... ... However, those w ...   [retrieve this message]
                    • Economic 9/11 Coming?   anunnaki   10y
                      Economic 9/11 Coming? ... ... by Bill Burro Thursday, Nov. 25, 2004 at 11:32 PM ... ... ... Dollar crashing, national debt exploding, massive trade deficits...can another 9/11 be expected, this time of the economic variety? The cynically minded will imagine that the Bush Reich will welcome the opportunities provided by total economic chaos and destruction in Amerika. Why? Because they make the game rules and profit... ... ... If we see an economic crisis, say, beginning ... with a $US freefall and inability to refinance ... the national debt except at *much* higher ... interest rates (the Armageddon Option in ...   [retrieve this message]
            • russia on red alert for nuclear war   anunnaki   10y  C
              RUSSIA ON RED ALERT FOR NUCLEAR WAR? ... ... Posted By: Aladdin ...   [End]
              • 10.6.1990 dream: russia & china surprise attack usa...   anunnaki   10y
                10.6.1990 DREAM: RUSSIA & CHINA SURPRISE ATTACK USA... ... ... Posted By: Consular ... Date: Wednesday, 6 October 2004, 1:02 a.m. ... ... At about dawn Saturday October 6, 1990, I had a dream which said ”Russia and China will surprise attack the United seventy-nine!” This was the anniversary of two nations surprise-attacking U.S. ally Israel, Saturday October 6, 1973. ... ... I note that Chinese military departed China for active duty in the Americas (Haiti), for the first time in history, on Friday September 17, 2004. In European notation, that date is 17.9.04. ... ... For more explanation of th ...   [retrieve this message]
                • Russia and Georgia on verge of armed conflict   anunnaki   10y
                  What you must remember is that Georgia is under U.S control! ... ... -Anunnaki ... ... =============================================== ... ... Russia and Georgia on verge of armed conflict ... ... 10/16/2004 11:52 ... Georgia claims Russia had deployed military troops in Abkhazia ... ... ... The Foreign Affairs Ministry of Georgia issued a statement on Friday night, in which it was said that Russia had illegally deployed its military men and ”armed groups of the Confederation of Caucasian mountain nations” in Abkhazia. ... ... ”There is reliable information, which says that Russia has deployed several special military t ...   [retrieve this message]
                  • RUSSIA starts dumping U.S Dollars as are China!   anunnaki   10y
                    Now can you see why the CERT program and National Guards are being trained? Get ready AmeriKKKa your gonna feel some hard soon :-) Yes you need this wake up call because you’ve just let it happen for so long! Laughed at people like me and now you will witness the truth and repent for the sins to Conspiracy TRUTHsayers ... ... -Anunnaki ... ... ------------------------------------------------------- ... ... ... Central Bank Stops Supporting Dollar ... ... Oct. 22, 2004 ... News From Russia ... ... The weighted average dollar exchange rate was 29 RUR/USD in the first 90 minutes of trade at a special session today. ...   [retrieve this message]
                    • u.s next week: time to batten down the hatches?!   anunnaki   10y
                      NEXT WEEK: TIME TO BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES?! ... ... Posted By: Esclarmonde ... Date: Sunday, 24 October 2004, 10:42 a.m. ... ... Rachal Booth passed on this email she received regarding the precarious edge on which our economic system now sits. Is this coming week...’IT’? The writer of this email suggests it may indeed be time to Batten Down the Hatches... ... ... Hi Rachal, ... What we expected to happen last week did indeed occur as the Fed began including all British and Canadian Eurodollars (which is in essence using their reserves to increase our liquidity) in the M3. To put this in perspective rem ...   [retrieve this message]
                      • cuba to end circulation of us dollar nov. 8th   anunnaki   10y
                        CUBA TO END CIRCULATION OF US DOLLAR NOV. 8TH ... ... By: Never_Surrender Monday 25 Oct 2004 ... ... Reuters ... Monday, October 25, 2004; 9:37 PM ... ... By Anthony Boadle ... ... HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuban President Fidel Castro, seeking to rid his country of the currency of his arch-enemy, said on Monday Cuba was ending circulation of the U.S. dollar as of Nov. 8 in response to tightened American sanctions. ... ... Cubans, foreign residents and tourists will have to use locally printed convertible pesos, equal in value to the dollar, a Central Bank decree said. ... ... ”As of Nov. 8, the dollar will not be accepte ...   [retrieve this message]
                        • putin: why not price oil in euros?   anunnaki   10y
                          PUTIN: WHY NOT PRICE OIL IN EUROS? ... ... By: Never_Surrender Monday 25 Oct 2004 ... ... ... President Vladimir Putin said Thursday Russia could switch its trade in oil from dollars to euros, a move that could have far-reaching repercussions for the global balance of power -- potentially hurting the U.S. dollar and economy and providing a massive boost to the euro zone. ”We do not rule out that it is possible. That would be interesting for our European partners,” Putin said at a joint news conference with German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder in the Urals town of Yekaterinburg, where the two leaders ...   [retrieve this message]
                          • us economic collapse looming in 2005   anunnaki   10y
                            US ECONOMIC COLLAPSE LOOMING IN 2005 ... ... By: LightEye Tuesday 26 Oct 2004 ... ... ... The bubble is just getting bigger and bigger and when it bursts, as it always does, out. ... ... ... ... U.S. economic collapse looming for 2005 ... ... by William Engdahl ... ... The U.S. Senate just reconfirmed 78-year-old Alan Greenspan to an unprecedented fifth term as chairman of the world’s most powerful central bank, the Federal Reserve, or the Fed as it is known. The fact that President Bush renominated Greenspan underscores how vulnerable the global financi ...   [retrieve this message]
                            • Dollar Fall Gathers Momentum   anunnaki   10y
                              Dollar Fall Gathers Momentum ... ... Thu Oct 21, 2004 06:31 AM ET ... By Justyna Pawlak ... ... ... LONDON (Reuters) - The dollar fell to an eight-month low against the euro on Thursday, also setting multi-month lows versus the yen, sterling and the Swiss franc amid worries the U.S. economy was not growing enough to support its currency. ... ... Recent data have shown a rise in the U.S. current account deficit on the back of high oil prices and a thinning of investment flows into the U.S. This exposed the dollar to the potentially damaging effect of the country’s external shortfall. ... ... Investors’ concerns th ...   [retrieve this message]
                              • Cuba Ends Affair With American Dollar   anunnaki   10y
                                Cuba Ends Affair With American Dollar ... ... Giles Tremlett and Agencies in Havana ... The Guardian - UK ... 10-27-4 ... ... ... Fidel Castro has ended Cuba’s decade-long, bitter-sweet romance with the dollar. ... ... The announcement that US currency notes will in a fortnight no longer be accepted as payment in the country marks a radical change. ... ... Cubans have become used to shopping for all but basic goods with the greenback. Now they, tourists and others on the island can longer pay for anything in dollars cash, though bank transfers will still be legal. ... ... Mr Castro, 78, with one arm in a sling, ...   [retrieve this message]
                  • Re: Russia and Georgia on verge of armed conflict   anarkeest   6y
                    Hi there, ... ... Yeah yeah... U must remember and shit... U r a joker Anunakie. Bet u bin readin 2 much of that russian emperial propoganda m8. Telling ya - u go on as a bloody russian tely- 1 way propoganda machine. ... ... Anyway, its obvious here for every1 that evil empire is tryin 2 punish little Georgia for ’wrong doin’ or to be strait forward here -4 not lickin beast’s ass and balls. Putin is HATER and all recent elections were rigged and a joke anyway. This new geeza Medved’ev is a a puppet. The policy of hate, shauvinism and opression is isolatin Russia anyway. I just can’t understand how ...   [retrieve this message]
            • Bush acts to reward companies who cut off seniors' coverage   RushLimbaugh Fat Pig   10y  C
              Late last year, President Bush promised retirees that ”if there’s a Medicare reform bill signed by me, corporations have no intention to dump retirees [from their existing drug coverage]...What we’re talking about is trust.” The White House and its congressional allies backed up Bush’s assertion by claiming the bill included a special tax subsidy to ”encourage employers’ to retain prescription-drug coverage” for their retirees’ and not to cut them off. ... ... But just three months after Bush’s pledge, the Wall Street Journal now reports that the White House quietly added ”a little-noticed prov ...   [retrieve this message]
              • The drugs the drug companies are pushing are killing folks....   rudenski   10y
                The drugs the drug companies are pushing are killing folks... so in my estimation... that gives more opportunities for seniors to wake up and find alternative health? What do you think? Seems to me that some alternative health providers could seize this opportunity?   [End]

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