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  • I have MC in my pubic region but did not get it from sexua|...   thaze87   18mo
    I’ve recently been diagnosed as having Molluscum in my pubic area. I know that it is common in adults and considered an STD when you have it there. But, I have had the same partner for the last year and she doesn’t have it. I have read so many different things on the subject and I don’t know what to believe. My Dr. told me that it is common to get it without having to be passed sexually. But, every website says if you have it on your genitals it is an STD. Is this true? Because if so I must have been misdiagnosed. ... ... Is it common for adults to develop MC on their pubic region through othe ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Trying to determine bumps   valleyvegan   18mo  C
    Thank you in advance for reading this. I will initially keep it condensed, because I hate reading deep to pull out facts. ... ... I found it unlikely to be herpes since there was no stages its gone through, I thought for the majority of the time it was prob some type of hpv, till today I came across molluscum and it seemed to match appearance and symptoms the most (or lack there of.) ... ... Have had these bumps for about 3-5 months. First showed up after my last sexua| relationship, was brief   [End]
    • Hi VV, ... ... As ”grist for your mill,” are you aware of ...   shotsee   8mo
      Hi VV, ... ... As ”grist for your mill,” are you aware of the almost miraculous results many tens (hundreds?) of THOUSANDS of people have experienced, dealing with most of the health issues known to humankind, from ingesting ascorbic acid? My experience and study have convinced me that IF you ingest enough for a long enough period of time, you will in fact kill off any and all foreign viruses in your body. ... ... If you are still interested in finding a solution to your health problem, and gaining greater health in ALL areas of your body, I STRONGLY encourage you to read this article written by Dr. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Zyma derm sold at Walgreens our CURE for molluscum   Dmtorres   21mo
    Our 3 year old has been fighting this for almost 10 months all over her arms. It began as a half dozen bumbs that we noticed and questioned her pediatrician who was knowledgable with diagnosis but no solutions to offer except for referring us to a dermatologist ...and now its spread to more than 50 over her two inner arms ( huge pus filled nasty looking bumps). We had been to numerous doctors and dermatologist that said they would eventually go away, prescribed ALDARA (imoquid), painfully froze one bump, so on and so on... Sucking more and more money out of us .... And worst of all for my ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Apple cider vinegar burn!(scarring?)   zack101   29mo  C
    Long story short I used apple cidar vinegar and the skin of the area I used it on turnt black and I’m afraid its scarred. Is this normal? What can I do about it?   [End]
  • Image Embedded Plz help! Molluscum or not?   zack101   30mo  C
    These spots showed up a few weeks ago and I’ve been worried since. I went to the sex clinic and the physician told me it was just sebaceous glands. My gf is coming into town and I don’t know what to think or do. I don’t want to alert her if its just sebaceous glands but I dont want to spread it to her if it’s molluscum. ... If anyone’s had anything that looked like this can they please shed some light on it? And what can I do about it? (besides having them surgically removed) I’m going crazy and thinking about popping them! Wouldn’t want it to get worse though :( ... ... pics: large-http://curezon ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Bentonite Clay cured my Molloscum Contagium   limoges21   31mo
    Bentonite clay masks (1 part clay to 2 parts yogurt) have cured my molloscum contagium. ... ... Aztec Secret clay powder (bentonite clay is actually a volcanic ash) may be found online or in health food stores. Yerba Buena liquid bentonite detox helped also because after using the masks on my face (I am still clearing up after 3 nights of clay) I would smear the thick sludgy liquid all over my face and body. ... ... My face was hit hardest and I was devastated when I read that MC might last for years. Each new day the spots would grow larger or smaller, start in new places and I had to basically c ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Radical Environmentalists Claim Antimicrobial Silver Usage ...   spencerjones   4y  C
    It’s unbelievable, my friends. But it’s absolutely true. ... ... ...   ... ... I warned in an article back in October of 2009 that the radical environmentalists were so mindlessly dead-set against the use of silver as an antimicrobial agent in commercial products, that they’d probably soon claim it’s a major cause of global warming. Steve Barwick, author ... ... ... Of course, I made that prediction with just a little bit of tongue in cheek, not realizing the green lunatics who have hijacked the cause of environmentalism would actually be so brazen as to make such a ridicul ...   [retrieve this message]
    • And of course it is just coincidental that Friends of the E...   Dquixote1217   4y
      And of course it is just coincidental that Friends of the Earth has received funding from the John Merck Fund.  Or that they lied to their members about not being opposed to colloidal silver . . . ... ... See: ... ... Merck, other Pharma Companies helped fund activist groups who petitioned the EPA to regulate nano-silver as a pesticide ...   [End]
  • Great molluscum treatment experience   #135399   4y
    Hi there. Just wanted to describe my recent molluscum treatment because when i got a case of this recently, i went on the web and couldn’t really find any good advice. ... ... So I first went to my dermatologist because I noticed some pearl colored bumps around my groin area and also on the head of my penis. Not pleasant. She diagnosed them as molluscum and said they were benign and would go away by themselves over time. I asked if they were contagious and if i could practice sex while i had them. She said that they would spread and I should tell any sexua| partners. ... ... I got home and I thoug ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded looks like guttate psoriasis?   tukidid   4y  C
    about 2 months ago mainly front trunk papular rash started slowly showing up ... (- please see the situation now: ... ... that spread further and to forearms last month, maybe due to autoinoculation with ... palms(which stayed clean) ... However as I remember it did not start at waist area but with a kind of a burning ... sensation and a ring made of papulas(bumps) above armpit ... (please see ... Dermatologist said Lichen planus but neglected ... almost no itch, clean legs&mouth and ... the fact I had a be ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Look for a good doctor!   lch1   4y
      Sudden onset of Guttae for me was due to a mycoplasm (walking pneumonia) which I thought was a flu. That was 2 years ago and it was not diagnosed, nor treated. Look for the sudden onset--that’s the key. If this is a case, you must find a physician who will treat you with antibiotics right away. I did not do that, and had psoriasis for 2 years, consistently getting worse. Now, after 10 days of antibiotics, the psoriasis is quickly going away. Don’t worry about the candida problem, probiotics will help that. The mycoplasma (or whatever microbe is harboring in your system) will do WAY more ha ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Image Embedded thank you very much ... I do not have any of other symptoms...   tukidid   4y
        thank you very much ... I do not have any of other symptoms* but I had in mind oral antibiotic yanyway because prescribed gentamycin(in addition to glucocorticoid pills) was already tried before going to doctor that diagnosed lichen planus though mine looks nothing like ... ... ... Please have a look at ... ... does that resemble what you had? ... ... *(Mycoplasmal pneumonia is a disease of gradual and insidious onset of several days to weeks. The patient’s history may include the following: ... ... * Fever ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Desperate! Don't know what to do! Please help!   fent88   4y  C
    Please help me! I contracted moluscum in December last year, treated it with bye wart! Topical cream. It worked to slow so I searched the internet and stumbled apon apple cidder vinegar. I used it 2 or 3 nights in a row. The bumps turned white and scabbed, while the surounding area turned red. I stopped because it was to painful. After a day or to the area was very itchy and sensitive. Then the skin looked like bad sunburn, turned brown and pealed. I know I shouldn’t have but I scratched the area once or twice so I put some sun burn lotion on the area for the itching and dryness. After all ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Watch out with scratching because those Molloscum bumps can...   Megabite   4y
      Watch out with scratching because those Molloscum bumps can spread anywhere on your body. ... ... I’m not sure about the oozing liquid, it sounds like you got a Fungal Infection like Jock Itch. Do a search on that it’s a similar description. Probably the trick is to keep it dry and get it to dry up. ... ... When you wash the area use Tea Tree Oil Soap or Neem Oil Soap. ... ... I would keep away from anything like sunburn cream. ... ... Here’s a Body Powder that works for Molloscum and might work for the Fungus. You can usually just go buy it at your Health Food Store: ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Since it is related to pox type viruses this may help. ......   Johny Apple Bomb   4y
      Since it is related to pox type viruses this may help. ... ... ... ... I would use virgin coconut oil if you are going to apply anything topically. Coconut oil kills viruses, fungus etc. Maybe Lugols Iodine topically and internally. ... ...   [End]
    • ” the crease between my scrotum and pubic area a large...   #105329   4y
      ” the crease between my scrotum and pubic area a large amount (like in if I leave it too long it soaks my pants) of liquid was coming out. Allmost like a stinky clear sweaty puss and it doesn’t want to stop. There is no pain. But it is sensitive when rubbing on underwear...” ... ... I had this condition for quite a long while -- years. The crease area at the top of my legs was always damp, as if sweaty. Then one day, maybe 6 months ago, after reading about the many health benefits of apple cider vinegar, used inside the body and on the skin, and after I’d successfully used ACV to remove my ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Molluscum treatment   dez13   5y  C
    My son, at about 6 mos., got the Molluscum virus from hand-me-down clothing given to him from his cousin’s mother, who did not bother tell me or didn’t know that her son had molluscum. At first, when I noticed the strange bumps, I mistakened them for baby acne or allergic reactions to new foods he was eating. But sure enough, his doctor diagnosed it as Molluscum, claiming that there wasn’t much I could do about it, since my son was so young. As a mother, I was traumatized by the research I had done on the virus, seeing as to how contagious it can be, and how easily it spreads and most o ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Stop guessing what works and what doesnt ,i had molluscum a...   molluscumsucks   5y
      Stop guessing what works and what doesnt ,i had molluscum and battled it for more that 3 years, if its out there on the market you bet, i tried it, stop the hit and miss with molluscum, ill tell you exactly what works and what doesnt,please note that this is a booklet i offer, no brand or product is ever mentioned, rather i focus on individual ingredients that get rid of the virus. ... you can go about on your own,or you can put my years of knowledge to get rid of molluscum in a few days ... stop wasting your time and money on medicines that dont work ... i tell you, its not a good thing to be runn ...   [retrieve this message]
  • arghghg what have i done?????   holavender   6y  C
    Thought id try ACV on my molluscms so soaked a cut up cotton wool pad and taped on over night, some stung a little and in the morning the first one i had (others seemed to spread from scratching) has a triangle of REALLY DARK BROWN PIGMENTATION all the others are fine and the surrounding skin is unaffected?? it isnt like other stories ive read where the skin is pink or burnt this is like really dark brown patchy pigments like dark freckles in a triangle of the shape of the cotton wool...i cant seem to add a photo i have tried ... WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MY SKIN??? SHOULD I CONTINUE ... IS IT ONLY ON ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Molluscum help!!!!!   crowsnest5   6y
    Is there anything to help molluscum? Iodine? Tea Tree Oil? Anything? I have 4 children, and two have this right now. My oldest son’s seems to be fading and going away, but my middle son probably has 100 or so all over his body! I am VERY SCARD my 2 year old girl will get them as she has bad eczema. Please help! Any advice?   [End]
  • molluscum   shanninder   6y  C
    Hi Dr Hardy ... ... My daughter is 4 and she had eczema that she has mostly outgrown. Her pediatrician diagnosed her with Mollescum about 2 months ago and I wasn’t too worried about it because her older brother had a very mild case that cleared up on it’s own. In the past few weeks however she has developed b/w 30-40 new bumps so I am getting extremely worried. My uncle has quite a bit of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and suggested that I try Resveratol topically on the spots. He gave me a bottle of 98% resveratol caspsules and suggested that I mix the powder with cream and apply ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Sorry but I am a ND not a MD I do not use drugs or recommen...   dennishardyND   6y
      Sorry but I am a ND not a MD I do not use drugs or recommend them ... ... I would try rice bran syrup ˝ teaspoon 2 times a day ... ... And homeopathic Calcrea Carbonica 12c 1 pellet 1 time a day   [End]
      • ... Thank you for your advice. I will give them a try. Re...   shanninder   6y
        ... Thank you for your advice. I will give them a try. Regarding the reseveratol question though, i thought that resveratrol was a natural compound found in grapes and peanuts? Also, do you think that Molluscum is a parasite or a virus? ... Thanks again for your time. ... ... Shannon   [End]
        • resveratrol is an isolate ... isolates never work as effcie...   plzchuckle   6y
          resveratrol is an isolate ... isolates never work as effciently as a whole food ... you’re not going to try to get rid of it with grapes and peanuts are you?  not enough in them for you to accomplish this. ... ... ... ... Wikipedia gives a good discription of molluscum, stating it’s a dna type virus. ... ... ... ... Who has the molluscum problem? ... ... ... ...   ...   [End]
        • use the whole food that reseveratol is found in becouse the...   dennishardyND   6y
          use the whole food that reseveratol is found in becouse the other nutrients in those foods make the reseveratol work as natuer intened. using reseveratol out of the whole food is just a crude drung   [End]
          • I have the same problem with my 6 year old son and these bu...   CatDay   6y
            I have the same problem with my 6 year old son and these bumps just developed out of nowhere and doctors have adviced that they will go away on their own up to 2 years. He had some mild eczema and they seem to be increasing. Some people suggested burning them but I hear it is very painful for him. ... ... I have bought some ”heal molluscum” oil from healing natural oils. It has some tea tree oil smell to it and I am to apply it to the bumps religioulsy 3 times a day with the promise of seeing results within 6 weeks. ... ... Is there anything else I can do to help him? I was told he might have go ...   [retrieve this message]
            • I posted the question regarding my daughter about 4 months ...   shanninder   6y
              I posted the question regarding my daughter about 4 months ago. Almost immediately after posting we went on a tropical vacation. She developed a mild rash from the heat and the sunscreen and she couldn’t stop scratching her skin. Her bumps were all over her tummy, back and thighs at this point. I was so worried that she would be causing the molluscum to spread. As soon as we got back from our trip I booked an appointment with a dermatologist. The earliest appointment i could get was two weeks away. By the time her appointment rolled around she went from having 50+ bumps to one smal ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I need to get some stuff off my chest and maybe some advice...   #86223   7y  C
    Oh man this could be long. I meet a female a few years ago and we hit it off. I was just getting out of long relationship and was ready for something new. We started dating and we both fell for each other pretty quickly. Things were really good for the first year. There was only one instance were it was kinda weird. She was staying the night at my place and she said something condesending to me and I asked her what she meant by that. She said she did want to talk about it, I probably should have just dropped it but she eventually blew up and started yelling at me and it kinda freake ...   [retrieve this message]
    • ”I think that our relationship is very unhealthy and I kind...   molly bloom   7y
      ”I think that our relationship is very unhealthy and I kinda want her out of my life.” think? ... ... You sound like a reasonable person. She sounds like a rather unstable individual (and I’m being kind). You are waaaayyyy too nice. Do you have a problem saying No to people? That may be your weakness. Even people that abuse you? Perhaps it’s something you need to be aware of and work on. ... ... You owe this woman nothing at all. There are no bridges, they are all burned down. She is using your place as a crash pad. Are you Motel 6? If not, then tell her NO. Practice it with m ...   [retrieve this message]
      • LOL, Terrific Molly   Alikat   7y
        I saw this post early this morning but I didn’t have time to answer it.   Now I came back to the computer specifically for it, but I see I don’t need to say anything, it has all been said already with a dash of good humor to boot. ... ... Yeah what a nice guy, wow!!  Tell you one thing Miss Molly, the kid’s lucky we’re too old for him, or his next problem might be women fighting over him!  All kidding aside, the world is full of good women hoping and praying for an equally good man.   The odds are totally in his favor :- ) ... ... Say #86223, what a great thing ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: I need to get some stuff off my chest and maybe some ad...   #87794   7y
      She is caught in her own emotional turmoil and she desires to pull you into it for her own comfort/amusement or whatever. Dont let her. In fact dont let her talk to you in a demeaning fashion, and if she does then dotn talk to her at all. I see nothing healthy or beneficial for you in this situation. Let it go and move on, and I mean let it go completely. Blessings to you.   [End]
    • This sounds like the kind of woman other women ... warn you...   Zoebess   7y
      This sounds like the kind of woman other women ... warn you about~! Oh, and drop the guilt about ... the abortion...she made HER choice, AND, with ... hindsight, it might be very questionable that ... you fathered her child. ... ... Take care of yourself and put as much distance ... between her and you as possible. When the caller ... ID says it is her, just say Noooooo.....and step ... outside if you need to. ... ... Burn the bridge, it leads to despair and NOwhere. ... ... best wishes, ... Zoe ... ... -_- ... ...   [End]
      • Ahh you guys are so kind. I agree just need to cut all tie...   #86223   7y
        Ahh you guys are so kind. I agree just need to cut all ties. It will be hard, we were really in love and great friends at one point. I wish we could have just stayed friends, but sometime things don’t work out that way. ... I guess I should call her up and tell not to stay at my place and that we should talk to each other anymore. ... ... ughhh this gonna suckkkkk. This will be a great exercise in standing up for myself.. ha   [End]
        • When one of those telemarketers calls to offer you a magazi...   #77203   7y
          When one of those telemarketers calls to offer you a magazine subscription, do you: ... ... 1. Buy everything they offer, because you want to be nice ... 2. You politely thank them and ask them not to call you, and then end the conversation asap ... 3. just hang up without saying anything. You don’t even say ”I am not interested”. ... ... I bet, you are somewhere between 1 and 2 :-) ... And you should be in the 3. category. ... ... People like you are very rare, especially men. Others would’ve cheated on her, wouldn’t even blink about the abortion-pill thing, and would never humbly ask for advice here. ... ... What’s ...   [retrieve this message]
    • 86223~~~~   alittlelost   7y
      I ran across this message and wanted to give some advice, but wasn’t sure if you were still around...seeing as it’s been 8 days and people here seem to come and go....reply to me if you’re still around and give me an update. I understand totally where you are and think I have some great advice for you. In the meantime, I hope you’re doing better and your chin is up high and the phone is on the hook... ... ... ...   [End]
    • [Message Subject Hidden by a Forum Moderator]   arvmike10   6y
      [Message Body Hidden by a Forum Moderator]   [End]
    • 86223, a tool for self-protection...   fledgling   6y
      When anyone blows up at you, you could give them a warning that, if it happens again, the relationship is over...period. ... ... I say ’could’ because there may be circumstances where the other doesn’t get a second is over NOW. ... ... Believe me, any adult who behaves like that already knows they may have gone too far. They chronically go too far with everyone, just to see if they can get away with it...if anyone likes them in spite of the way they behave. ... ... If they are accepted as is, they figure they can dump on that person, as they have always done, at any time and place they feel ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Fledgling, ... ... Thanks for the advice! I really do app...   #86223   6y
        Fledgling, ... ... Thanks for the advice! I really do appreciate your and everyone else’s advice on her a lot. It actually helped me! I no longer talk to this person any more and have absolutely no desire to. I really took a long hard look at myself and the situations I was putting myself in and the way I was letting people treat me and made a change. ... ... I actually started dating someone recently and she is so incredibly different from past girlfriends I had. I meet her from a movie we were working on together. We have only been dating a month but I have not been this excited about dating ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I'm new here, could use your help! Long story...   Cheeseman   7y  C
    Hi there, ... ... My name is actually Matt, but I used the nick Cheeseman because I’ve loved my cheese over the years and it’s probably contributed to what could be the root cause of a whole lot of health problems for me - Candida. I know a lot of things probably have contributed BUT anyways... ... ... To make a long story short... I was 17 when my health went down the toilet. Started with mono and never got better. It was around this time I developed severe acne on my back and shoulders. My diet was never good growing up or into my teens - hot dogs, cheese, fats, anything but good things and most t ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I too suffered the ill effects of Candida. I was to the po...   misskimber   7y
      I too suffered the ill effects of Candida. I was to the point of being bed ridden before anyone could give me answers. The product that I found most effective and gave me less ”die off” was made by Pure Essence Labs. It is called Candex. It has natural enzymes that break down to wall of the yeast and allow your body to slough it off with out the die off. Be stong against the cravings. They will subside. Good luck!   [End]
    • Story very similar to mine except my Candida wasn’t diagnos...   imaxfli   7y
      Story very similar to mine except my Candida wasn’t diagnosed until my tongue went white at age you have any brothers...did they have acne???   [End]
    • The cravings WILL go away...I had a bowl of plain Cheerios ...   imaxfli   7y
      The cravings WILL go away...I had a bowl of plain Cheerios this morning and they tasted sweet.....have you considered Moreless’ recipes’ for Alkalizing drink and soaks/showers...   [End]
    • first you need to get off of ALL sugar, every last drop. An...   remi96   7y
      first you need to get off of ALL sugar, every last drop. And get off ALL carbs except buckwheat , millet or quinoa. Learn how to cook up some basic things like pancakes to tie you over. And bowel cleasne with psyllium and enemas in between. Your symptoms are classic die off but you need to flush out the toxins accumulating. I highlyrecommend enemas. Not fun , but they work fast and are very efficient at flushing our candida. If you need some motiviation check out the candida image board.   [End]
      • Wow remi, I checked out the image board. That is scary stuf...   Cheeseman   7y
        Wow remi, I checked out the image board. That is scary stuff... ... ... I have been looking at my stools since starting the diet. But not enough to notice these things. I think I need to do some enemas - you are right. ... ... I’m going to try epsom/BS baths with enemas to try and help get rid of this stuff. Just to be certain, I should be seeing these strands in my stools though? Should I see more in an enema? ... ... THANKS!   [End]
        • If you have candida, you should definately see it. Keep in ...   remi96   7y
          If you have candida, you should definately see it. Keep in mind you want to do a cleansing enema NOT a retention enema. If you picture a dirty pipe you would want to keep rinsing it out to get out all the junk. A cleasing enema you take in water then release, take in more then release, take in more then release etc. After you clear out stool or even as you clear out stool, you will likely hit pockets of candida. You can do as many repetitions with an enema as you can withstand. Use warm water NOT hot. Make sure to test it first. You do not need to add anyhting to the water. I got out alot ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Remi...   imaxfli   7y
            When a person has a colonoscopy done...wouldn’t the Dr see the Candida and wouldn’t he tell the patient about it????   [End]
            • no. Conventional doctors do not believe that candidiasis e...   remi96   7y
              no. Conventional doctors do not believe that candidiasis exists in otherwise healthy people. They are not looking for candida, they do not know what it looks like and you owuld not be able to see it. If you have ever passed any candida yousefl you will see it is translucent. When attached to the wall of the intestine you are likely not to see it at all, or the doctor might say it is mucous etc. ... ... I have had colonscopies in my life, take a look at the image gallery, no body saw all that stuff. And even though my colonoscopies were years ago, I am sure i was full of it then too. ... ...   [retrieve this message]
              • Remi, it seems you know the most about this so i am asking ...   dwc928s4   7y
                Remi, it seems you know the most about this so i am asking you. ... When i did a colonoscopy recently, they made me drink all this tuff that cleared me totally out. With my colon totally clean before the test, there would not be anything in there to see anyway right ? ... ... I have having wierd symptoms for over a year now and doctors say i have fibromialgia. ( crock of crap ). i have done my first round of Humaworm, but didnt seem to help much. I did the spit test this morning after reading it here, and i had nothing but strings. at lunch i am going to attempt to find the PH test. ... When i have a ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Re: I'm new here, could use your help! Long story...   remi96   7y
          Oh and yes, you shoul dsee ALOT more in an enema. Doing an enema is like speeding the process up 10 fold. Not only does it dislodge candida but it also rinses out the toxins. I routinely see a milky white substance when doing an enema. It is scary and bizarre. But once you relaize that all that was inside you , you will understadn why you are so sick. It all begins in the intestine, so it makes commom sense to go after it there. ... ... Also, in addtiona to enemas, do p&b shakes ( psyllium and benotnite)Thye help to drag out the candida. ... ... The shakes can be constipating so I sometimes only do ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Let me guess, the powerful acne drug you took was Accutane....   xcvq1   7y
      Let me guess, the powerful acne drug you took was Accutane. That stuff messed up my intestine.   [End]
    • Hey Matt, ... ... Thanks for telling us your story. I love...   margot2   7y
      Hey Matt, ... ... Thanks for telling us your story. I loved reading it. It’s amazing what people have to go through and still no (or very few) doctors understand. Someday they will. I am reading the responses to your post because I’m sort of new too. It’s been helpful. ... ... Good luck with everything!   [End]
  • Question for RG which you probably have answered before   mamahuhu   7y  C
    Sorry RG if this is a repeat question. ... ... I thought I had read somewhere here deep into the forum about some people having some neck/shoulder pain. Is that right? ... ... Last night I suddenly had what felt like a minor neck/shoulder muscle strain. It went away in minutes though. All I had been doing was sitting at this computer so I thought maybe I had overdone it or something. Well, this happened 3 times last night. Lasts very briefly and then goes away. ... ... It’s happened several times today again. It’s not really all that painful or annoying, but I’m wondering if this is a die-off sympt ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi ya ... ... Yep I often get neck shoulder pain, definite...   poppycane   7y
      Hi ya ... ... Yep I often get neck shoulder pain, definitely die off. ... ... I had it quite bad most of last week. ... ... Last week was the start of my 2nd week on my 2nd round of Humaworm, the pain did get quite uncomfortable, but luckily it eased after using my zapper. ... ... Much better this week, but very bloated, this is also another symptom of die-off, reckon I can live with Just need elastic waistbands on everything I wear, which I dont have so have to make do with safety pins.... lol ... ... Bestest ... P.   [End]
      • Any idea what it is Poppycane?   mamahuhu   7y
        Any idea what it is Poppycane?   [End]
        • Do I know what it is? ... ... Not for sure. ... ... But.....   poppycane   7y
          Do I know what it is? ... ... Not for sure. ... ... But... after an enema one evening.... there was a whole bunch of weird looking things with like sortof tentacles growing from sort of creamy colored strips.. Gosh its hard to describe these things... ... ... I passed a rather big one about a yr and half ago I was gobsmacked!! Of course I had to poke it a bit... it was sort of creamy or light tan, it was cylindrical, and it looked like there was a whole load of ’upright’ small worms..... gosh ... I really dont know what it is/was, colonies of some sort I guess! Also there was a lot of very dark looking ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Wow Poppycane! Sounds like you had a whole country in ther...   mamahuhu   7y
            Wow Poppycane! Sounds like you had a whole country in there, let alone a colony! ... ... Good grief, you must be feeling better. ... ... The last couple of days I’ve unloaded a state or two worth of critters myself. The neck/shoulder pain (mild) is easing off also. ... ... I’m very curious to see what happens next, as every day is it’s own new adventure. ... ... How many times have you taken Humaworm? I plan to take it 3 times this year and then do twice a year after that. Is that about what you are doing? ... ... I am really enjoying the feeling in my tummy. I hadn’t really noticed that it felt too fullish a ...   [retrieve this message]
    • We do love your posts! The stiffness id from toxins coming...   humaworm   7y
      We do love your posts! The stiffness id from toxins coming out of the joints - they like to get in there and ”pool”. The stiffness will go away soon.   [End]
  • Starting Humaworm soon, have gratitude, got questions   mamahuhu   7y  C
    Hi R.G. and everyone. I’ve read most of this forum and have learned so much from all of you. I’ll be getting my order of Humaworm soon and am very grateful to all of you that I will be well prepared for whatever happens. God bless you all for sharing. ... ... About 4 months ago I started on an SP (Standard Process) supplementation program for various weak spots in my body. Then 3 months ago I started a mostly raw food diet and had some indications from switching to this diet that maybe I have some parasites. Then about a month ago I started Lugol’s Iodine and got the same impression from r ...   [retrieve this message]
    • You will be brave, Mamahuhu. ... ... You are already throu...   fledgling   7y
      You will be brave, Mamahuhu. ... ... You are already through the hard part...reading, and deciding for yourself. ... ... You are now ready for the adventure, and the future rhythmic repeats of your new routine. ... ... I’ll bet if you asked R.G., that he would be lost without his annual two cleanses. I don’t think it would feel right to miss even one. ... ... I remember clearly the day I felt my first ’die-off’...”Oh, this is what it feels like!” ... ... And, it was only half-hearted...the critters just didn’t have the strength to complain loudly. (Grin.) ... ... Enjoy your incredible journey. ... ... Fledgling   [retrieve this message]
      • Thanks Fledgling, I am quite eager to start and if I feel ...   mamahuhu   7y
        Thanks Fledgling, I am quite eager to start and if I feel sick, I know where to come to complain. ... ... Get this, I’m thinking of getting Humaworm for my kids for a Christmas present this year. lol, won’t they love that. But my daughter spent a year in China and certainly picked up some rather strange critters, this I know. And my son had a weird parasite when he was a child and I wonder if it’s still lingering since he wasn’t treated (the doctor said ”Ignore it”). ... ... I’m already planning to put the next cleanse on my calendar, this is how convincing you all are. ... ... Mamahuhu ... ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Hm-m-m... ... ... Maybe send your kids here, to complain, ...   fledgling   7y
          Hm-m-m... ... ... Maybe send your kids here, to complain, after Christmas? ...And to read? ...And tell them you are going to ask THEM questions! ... ... Oh, I really wish I had the nerve! ... ... Come to think of it, maybe I do...considering the alternative. ... ... Wouldn’t that be a Christmas to remember?!!! ... ... My best, Mamahuhu. ... ... You inspire me. ... ... Fledgling ...   [End]
          • Yes Fledgling, a very funny idea for a Christmas gift. ... ...   mamahuhu   7y
            Yes Fledgling, a very funny idea for a Christmas gift. ... ... But really, think about it, what better gift than good health? ... ... When my kids were young I got them toys, but it didn’t take long to realize that toys were pretty temporary and ultimately useless as far as quality of life goes. ... ... As we all have gotten older, we have tended to give each other gifts that had more meaning or else were just plain silly. My kids write me poems for gifts and I can tell you that these are the most precious gifts I have ever recieved. And now I give them gifts of poems or useful things that they need, p ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Mamahuhu, ... ... Hm-m-m... ... ... You are used to excha...   fledgling   7y
          Mamahuhu, ... ... Hm-m-m... ... ... You are used to exchanging thoughtful and meaningful gifts with your children. ... ... If they question the Humaworm you could casually offer... ... ... ”I know how busy you are, and I love you so much that I got the very best for you, without you having to read all about it.” ... ... ”Here is how to take it, and the websites if you want to know why I chose this for you.” ... ... ”I tested it myself. I wish I had given this to you when you were little, but now is better than five years from now. You’ll love it.” ... ... Include an order of Hu-Mana-Tea if you can. ... ... ... One of the biggest ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Talked to both my kids today   R mamahuhu   7y
            It didn’t take much explaining to them at all. They both agreed to take it! Piece of cake actually. ... ... I reminded my son he had molluscum contagiousum as a child and that we needed to take measures to be sure that is gone and not just lurking inside somewhere, plus he is a diver and has been to lots of exotic places to dive in. He’s game. ... ... I reminded my daughter that she got some kind of parsite in China and that we ought to make sure she get rid of it in case it is lurking around also. Plus she eats raw fish in sushi. Piece of cake. ... ... So now I’m going to order some for both of the ...   [retrieve this message]
            • Hooray! ... ... What a legacy! ... ... And, what a mamma!...   fledgling   7y
              Hooray! ... ... What a legacy! ... ... And, what a mamma! ... ... Fledgling   [End]
              • Thanks Fledgling, I am so happy about this. Also, I’m so h...   mamahuhu   7y
                Thanks Fledgling, I am so happy about this. Also, I’m so happy my Humaworm is about to arrive. ... ... I read your posts about pineapple and castor oil and am going to try this. ... ... You are such a wealth of information, and I appreciate this. ... ... Mamahuhu   [End]
                • Please note that the pineapple/castor oil thing worked with...   fledgling   7y
                  Please note that the pineapple/castor oil thing worked within five hours only once, Mamahuhu. I tried it again last night, and nothing happened. ... ... I am still waiting, 24 hours later...though I can sometimes feel a little ’weightiness’ in there. ... ... Formerly, about a week after each 30-day cleanse, I tried a combination of food probiotics...a dish of mixed fresh pineapple and papaya, daily, for about a week; Bio-K, daily, for the same period; and fresh home-grown mung bean sprouts. Living foods all, I believe. ... ... Again, the first time I tried the combination - Bingo! The second time was ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Starting Humaworm soon, have gratitude, got questions   humaworm   7y
      I am so happy that you have decided to give HUMAWORM a try! You will feel better - I promise. You can take your supplements and your iodine - although as the cleanse gets going - you migh want to cut down your idine a bit. Listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs. Your children also would benefit from a good parasite cleanse.   [End]
  • Going on a treasure hunt...The Forgotten Iodine   RN wombat   7y  C
    source: ... ... ... ... The Forgotten Iodine ... ... Trace Nutrient, Natural Antibiotic, Stimulant, Deobstruent, ... ... Expectorant, Disinfectant ... ... Only a little over two centuries ago, man struggled to discover the ... ... value of fresh fruit, vegetables, and vitamin C. The first attempt to ... ... give scientific basis for the cause of scurvy was by a ship’s surgeon ... ... in the British Royal Navy, James Lind. ... ... While at sea in May 1747, Lind provided some crew members with ... ... two oranges and one lemon per day, in addition to normal rations, ... ... while others continued on cide ...   [retrieve this message]
  • ACV burn??   a2244   8y  C
    Hi everybody. I’m hoping someone here can clarify something for me. Two days ago I used ACV for some molluscum lesions. What I did was soak cotton balls in ACV and taped them over the areas where the warts were. ... ... One of the warts was in my genital area, right at the base of my penis. I taped the cotton ball with ACV there and after 24 hours, took it off. Sure enough the main aprt of the wart fell off. The other thing I noticed was that the area of skin under the cotton, was very pale and discolored. I had read elsewhere that this was normal, but now I have seen that the area that was whi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Mysterious Horrible RASH on 19 month old baby   cuemommy   8y  C
    I really need help. ... Took her to drs twice and dr says its impetigo. I refuse to believe that because its not ALL over in addition to it not being contagious. I have 3 other children plus me and my husband. We are fine. ... ... My thoughts: ... Pityriasis Rosea (with Herald Patch) ... Scabies ... Eczematous Eruption ... Keratosis Pilaris ... ... I know all rashes originate from parasites. I do NOT know what to do!!! It feels HARD underneath. She’s got two small ones forming on her left top foot area and another one on her right ankle. So far there seems to be only 5. (4 small and 1 huge) ... ... Please advice. Ant ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Bless ya’lls hearts! She is too little to do a parasite cl...   humaworm   8y
      Bless ya’lls hearts! She is too little to do a parasite cleanse, BUT you can feed her some anti-parasitic herbs and spices in her food that will really help. Onions, garlic, sage, thyme, ginger, cloves and cinnamon ALL will help. Spiced oatmeal and herbed chicken and/or potatoes are a good way to get them in her. Also - cut out any and all processed foods - give her all natural foods with NO chemical additives. This will help her little body process the toxins that are causing this rash - it will be concentrating on processing THESE toxins, not food additive chemical toxins. A lot of ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Hi Humaworm---Thanks for your great advice. I will definite...   cuemommy   8y
        Hi Humaworm---Thanks for your great advice. I will definitely do the spiced oatmeal and I don’t know if potatos are a good idea. They convert to sugar in your body right? I definitely will do the spiced chicken with herbs. That’s a great idea. We all love garlic and onions as a family! So that works. I have no idea where she is getting the toxins from. I wrote a response to someone else in this thread. ... ... When I give her baths, I use bronners lavender liquid soap or a natural seaweed bar soap. I don’t use the commercialized baby soaps, shampoos, etc. etc. We don’t use ANY commercial shamp ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Just my 2 cents worth. I hope you and your 19month old get ...   Ohfor07   8y
      Just my 2 cents worth. I hope you and your 19month old get through this period of rash in good health. I don’t have a whole lot to add as far as advice as to what to do, except one thing. ... ... Upon reading your post, a question occured to me, actually, two questions, as I read your description of a mysterious horrible rash. #1 - it made me think back (at least try) and wonder about not only to the time of my own infancy, but to the infancy of people in general - all of us here, in wondering, at one point or another, didn’t we all experience one or more various kinds of mysterious and horribl ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Hi Ohfor07 ... ... No.. not offended at all. I think on th...   cuemommy   8y
        Hi Ohfor07 ... ... No.. not offended at all. I think on the same wavelength as you. A lot of parents do not take care of their children like they should. We eat very healthy. I don’t allow cereals, sugar, or ice cream in the house. I don’t even allow snack bars, etc. etc. We eat mostly organic fruits and vegetables from our local Whole Food store. I do laundry and clean the fruits and vegs according to Hulda Clark protocol. ... ... I cook eggs, whole grain foods, oatmeal or barley for breakfast. Sometimes I make muffins out of raisins, buckwheat, and such. I try to bake my own bread most of the ti ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I have been scanning the internet trying to find photos sim...   onthejourney   8y
      I have been scanning the internet trying to find photos similar to these. I do not think scabies because that is supposed to itch like crazy and it is contagious. Ever seen a dog with mange? They cannot stop scratching. In any case, I just saw a Dr. Mercola video and he had gotten scabies says the Neem Oil will get rid of it. If it were some other parasite, I bet neem would kill it too. ... ... Is there anything else you can link to the appearence of this rash? Is this a breastfed child? Are there food allergies or other allergies in the family? Does the child consume milk? Were vaccin ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: " all rashes originate from parasites"...really?!   joylovepeace   8y
      is this true?   [End]
    • Image Embedded Re: Mysterious Horrible RASH on 19 month old baby   Konfetti Bomber   8y
      You know, it looks like it might have started out as one thing but that larger one looks like impetigo to me.  It can form from a smaller skin irritation if they are scratched or get dirty.  Here is what I thought the smaller stuff resembled. ... ... Molluscum contagiosum ... ... What is molluscum contagiosum? ... ... Molluscum contagiosum is a common viral skin infection. It most often affects infants and young children but adults may also be infected. ... ... Molluscum contagiosum presents as clusters of small round bumps (papules) especially in the warm moist places such as the armpit, groi ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Re: Mysterious Horrible RASH on 19 month old respo...   cuemommy   8y
        Hi Everybody who emailed me privately along with some messages here on the post. To this day, nobody knows what it is. I would consider molluscum but my child is the only one who has it in the family and it is not contagious. She doesn’t develop internal scars from it. However it leaves very flat white scars and the BIG wound you saw in the picture, there is a big white scar from it. It now looks like a big white birthmark. Unfortunately. She has very pale flat white scars all over her body which are tiny in number and you can’t notice until you look closely. She has outbursts every now an ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Mysterious Horrible RASH on 19 month old baby   gypsy1979   19mo
      I would take the child to an Immunologist to test for any genetic Immunodeficiency, and also: ... ... If you purchase liquid Grapefruit Seed Extract & put about 10 drops to a cup of water, then put it on the infected area of the skin, it will kill the infection. ... For internal infections for a young baby, 5 drops can be put into a cup of juice for a dose, repeating this 3-4 x Daily. ... For adults for a superficial skin infection, can be treated the same as above with the liquid Grapefruit Seed Extract. ... ... For adults internal infection: Purchase capsules of Grapefruit Seed Extract, 575mg, take 2 ca ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Molluscum Warts   Pugs   8y  C
    Dear Barefoot Herbalist, ... We are at wits end with molluscum warts on my 4yr old son that are spreading like wild fire. ... We’ve used numerous remedies and the worst and most disastrous thing we think we did was getting sucked into this site w/ various ionic silver products, which included an electrical current machine that has these silver probs . The co. also advised us to squeeze mature warts-- I was extremely hesitant to do so , but my husband did a couple (probably improperly) and I suspect that is what has caused the spread. We have used banana , tea tree oil as well. T ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Echinacea and fresh garlic would provide immune system supp...   #58095   8y
      Echinacea and fresh garlic would provide immune system support and antiviral activity. Fruit and vegetables should be emphasized in the diet, and sugar should be avoided, as it depletes the immune system. ... ... Mix a generous amount of salt with vaseline, cover each wart with the mixture. ... Then cover each wart loosely with a bandaide so as not to hold pressure against the wart. Repeat as needed. The warts will fall off and will not grow back. ... If you have irritated the warts, wait until they return to normal before you apply this. ... ... Molluscum Warts are viral and are contagious. ... ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Edited   #25274   8y
        ...   [End]
      • Re: Molluscum Warts   SqueakyClean   8y
        I heard something similar about fresh garlic. Keeping fresh garlic on the wart, covered in duct tape. ... I think part of it is you need to deprive the warts of oxygen.   [End]
    • To me, warts are a parasite or better desrcibed as the brea...   mh   8y
      To me, warts are a parasite or better desrcibed as the breathing hole of a parasite. I have read this and some what seen this, but your own education will have to be your guide to what you believe the problem really is. I treat it as a tape worm in the pancreas and I have no idea if there are other places envolved and really do not care, you always treat the body as a whole and never just the symptoms, this way we do not care about all the medical information which is an endless highway that only the very intellagent can study all their lives. ... ... I have nothing good to say about the use of ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Re: oregano oil   joylovepeace   8y
        so if one has a wart then just treating the wart from the outside can kill the mother tapeworm? How long does this usually take? I have some of your pure oregano oil and a new wart to try this on! ... ... And can you say what are the other symptoms that a person has tapeworm? Is a wart a sure sign of tapeworm (as opposed to other worms)? ... ... THANK YOU!   [End]
        • We have tapeworms from the time we are born to the time we ...   mh   8y
          We have tapeworms from the time we are born to the time we die. There eggs are in the trillions, we breathe them in and if you have pets, don’t even dream of being tapeworm free. ... ... They don’t show symptoms unless the infection is very sever, the tape worm is eating you all of its life, your the host and it dies when you die, so it wants you to live along time. ... ... I have seen a Amish woman who stated she passed a 20 feet tapeworm after taking our dewormer, most people never see them or just white portions of them as they break up in chunks as they come out. Dr. Clark states we only have 1 ...   [retrieve this message]
  • need help!!!please!!please!!!please!!   TOMMYB   8y  C
    have had these things that start out with a pin prick sensation that drives me crazy!!until i scratch it and break the skin then it leaves a scab.after a few days if i remove the scab i can pull out with the tip of a nail clipper what appears to be little white pencil tip sized eggs or parasites.sometimes the little scabs don’t heal for months.i’ve had this for 15 years,and have been to many numerous dermatologist.of course they have told me it was in my head!!!(they do not know what it is,(but they want that paycheck)i just went to supposedly one of the best at ucla medical center(dr.lora ...   [retrieve this message]
    • My husband has the same thing, in the same spot reoccurring...   #61991   8y
      My husband has the same thing, in the same spot reoccurring on his arm. It sort of heals for a bit, then scabs up in a way and protrudes like a small callus. We’ve examined the little ”stones” he pulls out of it, which seem to be little hardened crystals. Sometimes 2 or 3 will be in there after it’s left alone a while. He was told it they were cholesterol deposits that grow in sort of a viral wart area. He’s had other types of warts on his hands and feet, supposedly related to the same virus that most of us carry. Hope that helps.   [End]
    • hey tommy ... ... wow, this is sad... should have been an ...   wrayc   8y
      hey tommy ... ... wow, this is sad... should have been an easy catch ESPECIALLY for a dermatologist. Sounds to me like molluscum contagiosum. The links enclosed are pretty informative. Couple things you should know is that it is a virus (pox) and very contagious to yourself and others. You may want to cover them with a bandage until it comes to a head then extract it like a pimple. The core should come out in one piece almost like a small pearl or callous and the site may then bleed more than a typical pimple. When you are done clean the area thoroughly with alcohol and your hands also. May wan ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Tommy, I’d apply compresses with coconut oil or aged urine ...   crystal28   8y
      Tommy, I’d apply compresses with coconut oil or aged urine to affected areas and see if I get any positive results, both have antiviral and antibacterial properties.   [End]
  • skin problems   joedunbarugh   8y  C
    hi ... i have had problems with my skin for most of my life ... as a kid i had very bad eczema and i would scratch myself until the skin was raw and often bleeding, i would always have scabs from where i had itched my eczema and was very self concious about it, for a while it was so bad that just rubbing the areas would make them go red and raw and i would always wear a jumper to cover it up, more recently my eczema has seemed to almost completely disappear, im not exactly sure why, i read somewhere that suppressed emotional stuff can be a factor so i have spent a lot of time doing meditation an ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re:Eczema my skin problems   FlyingSwan   8y
      Hi joedunbarugh ... ... Thank you for the lovely discretion of your eczema condition. You have described the solution to your condition really well and clearly in your question. Please re-read it again and see if you can spot the solutions. ... ... Just in case you cannot spot them, I will highlight them below: ... ... ”more recently my eczema has seemed to almost completely disappear, I’m not exactly sure why, i read somewhere that suppressed emotional stuff can be a factor so i have spent a lot of time doing meditation and really looking into myself, and the eczema seems to have responded” Yes Medit ...   [retrieve this message]
  • molluscum contagiosum   joedunbarugh   9y  C
    hi, i am 21 and have had this skin condition for about 5 or 6 years now, it first appeared around my genital area when i had really bad eczema around there and was spending a lot of time at the public pool, i tried all sorts of things to heal it but nothing seems to have much of an effect, it just spread around more from the eczema, a few of them came up on my right nipple and a few more around my eyes and there are still more than a hundred of them on the underside of my penis and on my scrotum. i try not to let it bother me too much, but sometimes it gets the better of me and makes me fe ...   [retrieve this message]
    • hello there, ... My son had a case of the same on his chest...   pmmezak   9y
      hello there, ... My son had a case of the same on his chest and stomach area. It seems it was from ... carpooling with another family that also had it, but not sure if it passes that easily. ... I remember that the derm was freezedrying them with this cold spray. Also he was to ... apply something like polysporin, but it may have been called bactrim. It’s been along ... time since he had it, and since then he’s developed tinea versicolor, then acne. Think ... our immune systems are sort of weak. Sorry not to be of more help. But you may just ... need to see an md to get rid of the condition, I don’t know ...   [retrieve this message]
    • you may want to read the book ”eat right 4 your typeby Dr. ...   tybrid   9y
      you may want to read the book ”eat right 4 your typeby Dr. Dadamo” I had extreme exzema for years and it wasn’t until I read the book and found out that it was caused by foods that I Should avoid. Namely Wheat and Dairy. By avoiding these foods, than I would not get the eczema. When I eat these things, right away it was evident. I am a blood type O and this book and diet has helped me tremendously. ... I used to not want to go swimming because after I get out, I would have large dry patches on my skin that lotion could not remedy. What also helps is to keep the areas affected hydrated with go ...   [retrieve this message]
  • What is Ozone   BSA EDUCATIONAL golfegg   9y  C
    I’ve been doing a story on ozone I’m trying to put on a few web sites for the last few months. Instead of posting little bits, I’m just going to throw it all out here. This is the rough draft, and I was wanting some opinions before I send it in. It’s about 24 pages long. Can you guys think of anything I’ve missed, or should include, or does it need some more refining, or anything else? ... Thanks for any input! ... ... Introduction: ... ... What is Ozone: ... Through the action of lightning, nature produces ozone for the purpose of purifying the air, and to destroy all organic decay which disease germs an ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: My Project   rog   9y
      Looks like lots of great information. I’ll read through it as I ... have time and give you some feedback. ...   [End]
    • This is an impressive amount of information you have collec...   rog   9y
      This is an impressive amount of information you have collected ... on ozone. Several times while reading over it, I was compelled to ... say out loud, ”I love ozone”. It’s great stuff, isn’t it? I wish ... I’d known about it 20 years ago. ... ... I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a long list of things that a single ... method treats as you have listed here. I hope you are able to publish ... this on as many websites as possible. There were a few things I hadn’t ... heard before. Great stuff. ... ... An aside: over the last few months I kept hearing about the effects ... of PH on the body and hadn’t been all that i ...   [retrieve this message]
  • molluscum   slcc_98   10y  C
    My 5 year old daughter has molluscum and it was treated with a solution that made them blister. This is very painful for her. Does anyone know how to treat it naturally, so that she wont have to hurt so bad? Thanks!   [End]
    • Re: molluscum answers   Jawg   10y
      There are a few things that people here have found helpful , or total cures a lot too! ... ... Least invasive is a piece of tape. {Choose something non-toxic if possible!]. This keeps it from growing , often makes it get smaller, and will soften it up for any future attack you may be planning! Start with this today. ... ... Under the tape, you could add some Coloidal Silver, or H202, thats what I’ve been doing. Someone said Castor Oil rioght on the wart, I would put tape over it, Castor Oil is good for many things it seems. And Tea tree oil... ... ... Look into herbs, for use as a poultice or past ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: molluscum   drvenugopal   10y
      Homeopathic Medicine has good remedies for molluscum contagiosum like Dulcamara, Thuja, Natrum mur etc. which help in healing of the warts and without any pain too. ... Dr.Venugopal Gouri. ...   [End]
    • 2 of our kids had this too, masses of warts all over their ...   eddie_macd   10y
      2 of our kids had this too, masses of warts all over their tummy and arms. We used Tea Tree oil which cleared them up within a few days and have had no recurrance. Make sure you get the best quality and apply droplet directly on each wart.   [End]
  • about molluscum   slcc_98   10y  C
    My daughter has molluscum. She was given a medicine to blister them so that they would go away. Is there something natural I can give her that wont cause her so much pain??   [End]
    • hi slcc_98, ... ... I’m sorry to hear about your daughters...   zappa   10y
      hi slcc_98, ... ... I’m sorry to hear about your daughters skin condition, although I haven’t treated moluscum in the past I do know that borage oil/cream has helped in a variety of serious skin complaints, so I am sure it is worth a try. ... ... if you are going to try it please use only 100% borage oil and a cream with a high percentage of the oil in it! ... ... I don’t know where you are based, but if it is usefull to you, you can take a look at my website and see if it is of any use. ... ... Good luck and best wishes, ... ... Rosie Laing.   [End]
      • My son had these when he younger. After doing loads of res...   #68716   10y
        My son had these when he younger. After doing loads of research, I treated them using homeopathic thuja tablets, and a vitamin E oil capsule a couple of times a day. You need to pin-prick the capsule, and rub the oil into the affected skin. You can do either one of these, I decided to do both, I was only weeks away from having my second child, and didn’t want a new born ’catching’ them. Anyway, it was all gone within the week, and has not come back since! My doctor said it can hang around for a long time, and get worse before it gets better, but with this treatment, they all dried up ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Shelly if you know what to do? Hi Shelley! If you know...   elenah   10y  C
    My little one is 6y.o. I don’t know how but a few months ago she got wart on her groin (Big one), now she has on her knees, arms. ... I give her once a day one cup ACV with 1tsp vinegar with 1 tsp honey. for a few days already. we rub regular vinegar on warts,,2 times per day, and at night we put wet piece cotton with vinegar on big one. Today after she got home from camp we saw a big one on her tummy looks like red blister of 3 or four of them. She was very upset and started to cry, and said its burning. ... Could it be parasites? she also grinding her teeth. we have tooth tray for it. Wha ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi there, ... ... I’m not sure if this is a correct diagno...   KarenMarie   10y
      Hi there, ... ... I’m not sure if this is a correct diagnosis, but Molluscum contagiosum is a common virus that kids pick up. BUT, i think the little warts stay pretty small. ... ... My friend’s little girl had them, and she was really concerned about scars. I believe she had them removed by a doctor (they wisk them off with a tiny knife). ... ... They are very contagious, and can spread around his or her body pretty quickly. ... ... Sounds like your little one is in the right age range. ... ... Here’s one website that has some pictures: ... ... Molluscum Contagiosum ... ... ... Molluscum Contagiosum ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Definitely follow up on KarenMarie’s advice, that sounds li...   shelleycat   10y
      Definitely follow up on KarenMarie’s advice, that sounds like way too many warts to be solely diet related. Still, just to be on the safe side, limit her dairy and sugar for 2 weeks to help out her immune system. ... ... Teeth grinding is usually parasites, and if she’s been to camp and all I wouldn’t be surprised if she had pinworms at the very least. Definitely give her some good probiotics or a bit of kefir/yogurt each day - but no other dairy. ... ... Hope that helps! :)   [End]
  • Collodial silver worked for me...   Pigman   10y  C
    I put a few drops on in the morning and a few at night(rub it in well), don’t wash hands after. Can’t remember but I think they were gone in a week or two. ...   [End]
    • Sorry spelled it wrong it’s colloidal silver.   Pigman   10y
      Sorry spelled it wrong it’s colloidal silver.   [End]
      • it did help some as long as I took it but when I ran out an...   Butterfly_Faith   10y
        Collodial silver worked for me... May I ask what kind of warts you had? I have Molluscum Contagiosum. I got them from my husband, he actually started breaking out on his back years ago and the doctor thought it was a fungus due to being in the sun all day, (he is a hot roofer) anyway, he always put that stuff you use for scabies because the doctor said that it would work and it alkways did. Only is, last year he waws in a car wreck and I took care of him for 8 weeks and I actually rubbed this medicine on his back and I had never done this before, anyway, a few weeks later I started breakin ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Re:   guploo   10y
          ... ...   [End]
          • Re:Indian herb   Jawg   10y
            I linked to the page about Indian Herb. It sure looks like a great one! Not many warn about being ”too powerfull” like that. ... ... Its use as a wart remover are not mentioned specifically. ... I copied that part of the Indian Herb article [below.] The rest of the article is worth saving for when you may need it... ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded What STD Do I Have?   #18884   10y  C
    I’ve had skin problems for the past month. My mother has eczema, so I didn’t think much of it. I had what appeared to be an eczema rash, and my skin was very dry and flaking in some places. Then 2 weeks ago, I started getting sores. They weren’t that troublesome at first, and I thought they were caused by me scratching excessively when I had ezcema. But then they started showing up in places where I didn’t have a rash, such as my SCALP and the back of my neck. ... ... ... Picture 1 ... ... Picture 2 ... ... Picture 3 ... ... ... ... Around that same time my chin area and some patches in my hair started getting ” ...   [retrieve this message]
    • It is probably molluscum on the link be...   UserX   10y
      It is probably molluscum on the link below for further information. ... ... Be very careful as this can be transmitted by skin-to-skin does not have to enter mucus membranes! You should also consider getting tested as soon as possible...the lesions can spread very rapidly! ...   [End]
      • ANOTHER POSSIBILITY...   UserX   10y
        It could also be lymphogranuloma venereum...related to chlamydia. The picture of the lesion on your scrotum and the development of symptoms that you have described are more consistent with LGV...although the other lesions could be either. It is possible that you have contracted both. ... ... Click on the link below for info about LGV. You can also go to their image gallery to see pictures of various STI lesions. ...   [End]
      • Re: What STD Do I Have?   #18884   10y
        Thanks for your reponse. molluscum contagiosum does appear to be what’s affecting my face/scalp. However, I think the lump on my scrotum is a seperate issue. Less than an hour ago it started bleeding and very dark blood (maroon) and a yellowish pus came out of it. I’m going to go to the hospital as soon as possible to find out what’s going on.   [End]
    • I have recently began having a strange thing happen after I...   #17975   10y
      Well, I will tell you that it looks really really bad and you should see a doctor right away! It looks as if you may have syphillis.   [End]
      • Why don't you start using condoms?   #17975   10y
        • Re: What STD   #18884   10y
          It was in fact NOT an STD - it was a skin infection caused by fungus. They kept me in the hospital for a week to monitor me and gave me antibiotics by IV, as well as oral antibiotics (Griseofulvin, Bactrim) and anti-fungal cream & shampoo (Ketoconazole, AmLactin, Nizoral) to treat it. They were trying to figure out where I got it, because they said infections like that are usually picked up in hospitals. ... ... In response to your statement of ”Why don’t I start using condoms”, I DO use condoms. But everyone knows (or at least they should know) that not every disease or infection is caused by ...   [retrieve this message]
          • I'm sorry   #17975   10y
            I was just going by the info. that I had and that you initially thought maybe it might be an Std and it looked really bad, far more severe than a skin infection. I apologize for jumping on your case.   [End]
    • Re: What STD Do I Have?   gue5t   5mo
      You can walk into a STD clinic without making an appointment. The service is confidential and results for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea can be read on the same day. It is important to get tested if you suspect you may have an STD because many STDs can be symptomless. ... ... ...   ... ... ...  If left untreated, STDs may lead to many health problems, including damage to reproductive organs and increased risk of acquiring HIV. ... ...   [End]
  • Molluscum Contagiosum   LynetteME   10y  C
    Help!! My 10year old was diagnosed with this and my 8 yr old is starting to show a few of the same skin legions. It is considered a viral infection in the top layers of the skin with no cure, simular to warts. Sometimes they get infectedand can cause scaring. I’m curios about yhings like Colloidal silver, Oil of oregano, Clarkia..ANYTHING!!The Dr. gave us no help or hope. any info or suggestions please Thankyou   [End]
  • Warts?   #166841   11y  C
    I’ve been with my girlfriend for almost a year now, completely faithful. About 4 months ago, i got a bump around my belt line, and it seems like they’ve slowly spread around my beltline area, down to my pubic hair. I’ve read up and come to the conclusion they’re most likely genital warts, but my girlfriend got checked when she went to get on birth control, which we had unprotected/condom sex many times before she went, and everything was fine. None of these bumps get very big, but there are some that are right next to each other/ almost on top of one another. I was thinking maybe my boxers ...   [retrieve this message]
    • could it be a rash or an irration to something. I know I g...   mitea   11y
      could it be a rash or an irration to something. I know I get fine bumps from the sun, or from certain might be allergic to a new lotion, colon, powder, a new fabric. ... ... Think about anything you tried different, sometimes not all you body skin reacts to same and that area may be irriated by something. ... ... Also try some parasite cleanses. maybe something is ventured into your body ( i know that sounds scary ) but try a cleanse.   [End]
    • Probably not genital warts if they are not on the genitals....   Kurt   11y
      Probably not genital warts if they are not on the genitals. Could be a rash as mitea suggested or could be shingles. Shingles tend to develop on the stomach area. Do a search on shingles, see if you can get some pics to determine if the rash is similar to yours.   [End]
      • wow, relief. these pictures are almost identical to mine. I...   #166841   11y
        wow, relief. these pictures are almost identical to mine. I’m almost positive i have shingles, now its time to get rid of them. I will have to goto the doctor now.   [End]
        • Diagnosis!   #166841   11y
          Well, I do not have shingles, I went to the doctor and she said its Molluscum Contagiosum, you can read about it here: ...   [End]
          • ... This is really some thing ! ... ... Sorry to hear that...   Blueduck   11y
            ... This is really some thing ! ... ... Sorry to hear that you have contracted this. What treatment did they do to you ? ... ... Please keep us posted. ... ... TIA ... ... Blueduck   [End]
            • I’m kind of relieved that its not genital warts, and it has...   #166841   11y
              I’m kind of relieved that its not genital warts, and it has no effect on the inner organs or muscle. Its only on the skin. I’ve also read its basically the new type of genital warts, except this one cures itself and eventually goes away. You can spread this throughout your body by simply touching one of the blisters and touching somewhere else, much like poison ivy, or something of the sort. They’re going to do something with some drops of acid since I have more than a few. Which as long as its not freezing them, i’m not worried. My appt. is in august, and I’ve been taking vitamins and eat ...   [retrieve this message]
              • I was quite shocked when you say how contagious it is, (the...   Blueduck   11y
                I was quite shocked when you say how contagious it is, (the ways it can be spread) and then state that you are going to the dermatologist in August ! I am assuming that is the soonest that you can get in ? ... ... Please do not think that I am jumping on your case, I am not. I do think that the dermatologist should be able to get you in sooner. I am not a nice person at all when it comes to any thing to do with doctors. I have no patience with them and their so called ”booked full” schedules. I know it is hard to deal with offices, getting appointments, and/or information. I wonder if they th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • any one in england?   jac   11y  C
    I am interested to know if there is anyone in England reading this site page??? Not many people know of the zapper in england. I am reading clarks book. I am interested to know where she is now, and what of her son. And surely there must be an up to date version of her seven year old book. I am kind of wary of telling other people about it because there is no back up from another source to support Dr clarks claims. I would not want to give false hope to someone with cancer, its a difficult one. Has anyone heard of or treated molluscum contagiosum. Its a virus in children which sho ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Yes, I have only just spotted this site. I have been using ...   #165142   11y
      Yes, I have only just spotted this site. I have been using a zapper for 3 years now to good effect. This has been in conjunction with dietary changes. I would thoroughly recommend the use of one. I have made some for friends and acquaintences, and I will shortly be making some more for sale over the web. I will respond more fully later. ... Nigel   [End]
      • Bob Beck's Blood Electrifier   Rahi   11y
        ... Hi Nigel, ... ... Are you assembling Bob Beck’s Blood Electrifier too? Looking for this gadget in Europe if you know where to purchase, please let me know. ... ... Thanks ... Rahi   [End]
        • Consider the magnetic pulser too. Awesome unit. Saved my ...   Lapis   11y
          Consider the magnetic pulser too. Awesome unit. Saved my freinds eye from being removed due to cancer . Stopped and reversed the damage. Know others too that had great results. Magnetic pulsing is used in the US in hospitals for healing broken bones/ accelerated healing. Also great for lymph purification.   [End]
          • ... Yes, I thought about the magnetic pulser too but where ...   Rahi   11y
            ... Yes, I thought about the magnetic pulser too but where do you get yours Lapis? One supplier I know is from Paraguay but not sure if there would be any problem with importing. ... ... Heard many great things about these two gadgets! If they are not that expensive I’d love to have them.   [End]
          • Lapis - mangetic unit for lymph purification?   DianePMT   11y
            Hi Lapis, I just ordered a zapper, which hasn’t arrived yet, but one of my biggest problems right now is congested lymph. I have tried a bunch of things, and still feel like it’s toxic and stagnant. What have you heard about this unit for working with lymph? Do you know where I can read more? It’s something I had not heard of before. I’m doing skin brushing, excercise, herbs (cleavers, right now),lemon-water, lymphatic massage, haven’t done the saunas yet, but at some point soon I’ll try that. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks! ... ... Diane   [End]
            • diane where did you order your zapper please let us know .....   frisbee   11y
              diane where did you order your zapper please let us know ... ... jim   [End]
              • Dr Clark is in Tiajuana at this time. Don’t know where Geof...   Maryellen   11y
                Dr Clark is in Tiajuana at this time. Don’t know where Geoff is, but Dr Clark’s crew members are in Indiana USA, Californa USA, Switzerland, UK, and Germany. They ship all over the world. ... You can learn more at or email ... I am using her newest zapper with the program drivers. Awesome. It does not take care of everything though. Herbs are still needed along with the zapper.   [End]
              • Jim/Frisbee- where I got my zapper   DianePMT   11y
                Jim - go to That’s where I ordered mine just a few days ago. It hasn’t yet arrived. ... Diane   [End]
                • By the way, it came today and I’ve been wearing it for abou...   DianePMT   11y
                  By the way, it came today and I’ve been wearing it for about 6 hours. Not much to tell yet, except that it burned 2 little holes in the skin of my abodmen - it seemed convenient to pop it in the waistband of my pants to hold the electrodes (2 pennies) against my skin. Maybe that was the wrong place to put it, I have to write to Don & ask him. It seems OK everywhere else I’ve tried it. Definitely feelign some electricity. Time will tell, I guess.   [End]
              • Jim/Frisbee- where I got my zapper   DianePMT   11y
                Jim - That’s where I ordered mine just a few days ago. It hasn’t yet arrived. ... Diane   [End]
  • Molluscum Contagiosum Help   smith2002   11y  C
    Help! ... ... I’ve had doctor diagnosed Molluscum Contagiosum on my lower abdomen for over 8 months now. I made the mistake of shaving the area (before I knew what I had) which I know has made the problem worse. ... ... The Dr. removed a few, but the consensus from him was to wait it out. I have since taken it upon myself to judiciously check daily and remove any new bumps and their cores with a tweezer (which I later sterilize) and cover the area with a medical tape for several days thereafter to help cover and clear the area-to prevent auto-innoculation. ... ... I am wondering if there is anything ...   [retrieve this message]
    • check ... ... www...   mystified   11y
      check ... ... ... ... ... maybe useful (500 websites)   [End]
    • The best way to prevent Virus caused diseases is to strengh...   Iris   11y
      The best way to prevent Virus caused diseases is to strenghen your immunity. ... ... Strong body don’t get infected or reinfected. ... Read abot health on this web site, it explains diet and cleansing. ... ... Also, try to get ”Swedish Bitters”. ... Soak cotton wool with Swedish Bitters and apply to those growths. Keep it on for hours. ... You can also consume Swedish Bitters, one tbsp/day. ... ... ... here are some ingredients used in Black Salve: Chaparral (Larrea tridentata), Zinc Chloride, Cayenne (Capsicum frutescens), Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis), Red Clover (Trifolium pratence), Birch Bark (Betula al ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Is this common in small children. I think my two year may h...   flurry1   10y
        Is this common in small children. I think my two year may have it. I believed that he has had it for 3 weeks now. I took him to his pediatrician and she had NO IDEA what it was. I was wondering what to do for it. They (bumps) are spreading really FAST all over his body. It started on his leg where the buttocks meets the leg and they just kept moving south, now it is all over his arms and I am starting to see it on his chest area and back. It doesn’t seem to bother him, harder for me. WHAT SHOULD I DO ABOUT THIS? I can not think of any place where he may have gotten this virus, other than t ...   [retrieve this message]
      • I have a question about this herb, I have been told by a fe...   LonghornFan29   10mo
        I have a question about this herb, I have been told by a few doctors from online that I have a few molluscum contagiosum spots on my genital region. Can molluscum contagiosum start out as clear spots on the skin before turning into bumps? Btw, my genital area does not itch or burn nor is there any weeping sores like herpes 2 would show, so can this herbal paste clear molluscum contagiosum virus? Please respond ASAP!   [End]
        • My son had molluscum when he was younger. It started out wi...   fran250   10mo
          My son had molluscum when he was younger. It started out with just a couple bumps and our doctor told us it would go away. It kept spreading so I did some research and found molluscumrx online. It really helped my son and was going within about 3 weeks. I hope this helps you. I didn’t have anyone when I was going through this.   [End]

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