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Computer Games Addiction
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  • Some Causes Of Violence In Teens And Young Children   nonviolentfood   39d  C
    In Connecticut, in one of the nation’s wealthiest counties, Adam Lanza killed his mother,26 people at Sandy Hook ... school and himself. His father Peter was interviewed in the New Yorker and gave the opinion that ... the chief cause of Adam’s violence was a mother who did not hold him accountable and was in denial ... about his problem. When Adam was 8 years ... old he wrote a story and tried to sell it at school. In it his character enjoys hurting people. ... * ... ... Lanza’s father did not hold video games, medications or guns responsible, but others do. ... Below are some causes of violence in children and ...   [retrieve this message]
  • gaming addiction research   gameresearcher   10mo  C
    Hi there everyone ... ... I am a 4th yr bachelor of psychology honours student from James Cook University in Cairns, Australia doing my research thesis on gaming addiction. ... ... I am looking for volunteers to do my survey which takes about 5 to 10 minutes. I need gamers and non gamers and would really appreciate help with this!! ... ... I became interested in this research because my teenage son was addicted to gaming. He has had help from these forums and from a psychologist and is ok now, but we went through a really bad time!!!! ... If anyone want to post a message to me or talk - I am happy to offer ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Use Of Ibogaine(Tabernanthe)For Breaking Addictions   CLEW   11mo  C
    Drug addiction has been the plague of modern America. But that could now change forever. ... ... It doesn’t come from a modern laboratory, but from an ancient South African plant. Tabernanthe iboga. ... ... ”But decades would pass with little scientific investigation. There were decades during which the cost of addiction in terms of medical care, lost productivity, crime and incarceration rose to $160 billion a year. The human toll was impossible to calculate.” ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Full movie/documentary - Making a Killing: The Untold story...   1234567   20mo  C
    Hello guys :)... ... ... This topic is not really related to the forum it about to be posted to but I do think it is related to every one of us and could be really helpful in some cases coz we do live in this crazy world.. ... ... Here I have for u a few links to look at and the documentary about Psyhotropic drugging.. hope it will help some of u. :) ... ... ... ... ... ... Psychiatry: Can it cure? Science or scam? ... ... ... Psychiatry the fraud ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • pumps on sale,   cheapghd   24mo
    There are so many different types of hair removal but what may work for one body part may not work   high pumps for another, some require more gentle methods while others need something harsher. From shaving and waxing to plucking and epilating   pumps on sale, here??s a guide to what type of hair removal works best for each body part. LegsThere are so many   boutique louboutin possible methods of hair removal for the legs so why not test out a few and choose your favourite one   pumps on sale. Wet shaving is typically the most popular because it??s ...   [retrieve this message]
  • internet addiction survey   Alexya   3y  C
    Hi everyone, ... ... I am currently conducting research into the risk factors associated with pathological internet use. I need participants to complete a survey at the following link: ... ... ... (more information on the study may be found here) ... ... Anybody over the age of 18 may participate. ... ... Thanks :)   [End]
  • I need your help to help other game addicts   nolanlewer   3y
    My name is Nolan and I’m a former game addict who was addicted to some of the most powerful games for nearly 6 years. Which included the online game World of Warcraft and some of the system games like Halo and Final Fantasies. I turned away from all forms of social interaction except the friends I had on WoW and Halo online. I was a straight A student and flunked out of med school believe when my game addiction became overwhelming. ... ... After flunking out, losing my friends, and almost losing the one I love, I decided enough was enough. I decided to get help and turned to my mom and fiance f ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Beating heroin, crack cocaine and other addictions   BSA SUCCESS Tony Isaacs   5y  C
    Beating heroin, crack cocaine and other addictions ... ... by Tony Isaacs ... ... Recently, I fielded two questions from members of my Yahoo group about helping with drug addiction.  The first was about heroin addicition and the second was about crack cocaine addiction, both of which are two of the more difficult addictions to overcome, though I know from my two years as a volunteer at a drug and alcohol recovery program for young men and my own research that both can definitely be overcome. ... ... Based on what I have learned and experienced, I gave the following two answers, and I am sharing t ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Very good advice from Tony (as always) but this might shed ...   R chrisb1   5y
      Very good advice from Tony (as always) but this might shed some light for you on the addiction to illicit as well as prescribed medication.............. ... ... ”The opium and morphine habits are often the result of the use of these drugs by the physician in the treatment of some disease that can be more readily, and certainly more rationally cared for by Hygienic measures. The medical profession stands convicted of the crime of producing thousands of drug-addicts. As it pleads guilty to the charge, there seems to be no reason to labor the point. Cocaine using often becomes habitual as a resul ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Reduce health impact of harmful alcohol and drugs use:- ......   J. Lo   8mo
      Reduce health impact of harmful alcohol and drugs use:- ... Every one of us recognize the serious public health problem caused by alcohol and drugs consumption and have taken steps to prevent the health and social burdens and treat for those in need of care. But just question to yourself, are the prevent that had been taken in the past really enough for placing a full stop on the health and social burden and evils treat of alcohol and drugs. Every year many surveys are conducted and reports are tabled featuring the consequence caused due to the consumption of alcohol and drugs. ... Before we dis ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I would like some help and or insight on being married, new...   silentsnowandwater   6y  C
    I’m a female, and happily married to a man i’ve know since were were 14. we’ve been married for roughly one year and 7 months, and he is in the army branch of the military, active duty. i understand it is a difficult profession and causes unwanted grief for both parties, the wife/husband and the soldier. when he is home, i barely see him and often he retreats into video games, though we are both lovers of pc and video games, so this is understandable. I’m confused and often put off, however, by the fact that he barely says anything to me, or often gets lost in video games and i’m too afra ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Bless your heart, this is a very difficult situation. ...   LuellaMay   6y
      Bless your heart, this is a very difficult situation.  ... ... First of all, no, you are not wrong for seeking intimacy with the one you love in any way, shape, or form. ... ... My question is:  Was he always like this, or is this withdrawal pattern recent, maybe since he came home from deployment?  Has he been to Iraq? ... ... Actually, your situation is not as uncommon as you may think.  I have seen this same type of behavior in soldiers that return home from deployment.  They are not the same, they are different and withdrawn.  I noticed this in my own son-in-law ...   [retrieve this message]
      • ”My question is: Was he always like this, or is this withd...   silentsnowandwater   6y
        ”My question is: Was he always like this, or is this withdrawal pattern recent, maybe since he came home from deployment? Has he been to Iraq?” ... ... Well it’s gotten more noticeable since he came back from Afghanistan. I mean he’s not overly aggressive or anything, just withdrawn a bit more. yea he’s got a bit of a temper but he’s always had that, and it’s never physically violent. he doesn’t yell with ill intent nor does he purposely get angry, especially at me. ... ... ”If this withdrawal is something new in your relationship, I would wonder how the service and deployment has affected him. D ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Vendetta Guild   Journey11   6y
    Vendetta is a currently active guild who will be rolling on an undecided server at the release of Warhammer Online. ... ... The Vendetta Creed, ... Creed, the word derives from the Latin: credo for I believe and credimus for we believe. ... ... I believe, that if I am to be excellent in what I do, and how I act, then we must be excellent in what we do, and how we act. Together we can overcome any odds, face any foe, and be the best at what we do, because we shall play at the best level. Negativity is not an option for us because it moves us further from our goals, separates us from one another and stal ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Feline Hyperthyroidism   #97829   6y
    Anyone treated feline hyperthyroidism w/o radiation therapy or drugs, successfully?   [End]
  • World Of Warcraft Killing my Mariage!   kjcmjc88   6y  C
    My husband sits in front of this game for hours and hours on end, he has played since december a total of over 31 days. Its killing our relationship i find myself pulling away from his kisses, and not wanting to much to do with him when he gets off now, i just feel like I love him but there is just nothing there, no romance, he always trys to ”make love” now in between breaks or right before we go to sleep after hes been on the game all night or right before he leaves in the morning to go to work. I just dont know what to do anymore, I am so tired of this, We have 3 beautiful kids 3,1, and ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re:   UserX   6y
      everybody has their idiosyncracies. My wife comes into my office and says: ”Wow, you have a lot of papers in here”. While on one hand I should be grateful for such valuable info, on the other hand I ponder the change in output were I to quit feeding her.   [End]
    • Re: World Of Warcraft Killing my Mariage!   vgamer   6y
      Dear kjcmjc88, ... ... I was just looking for ideas for my college essay when I happened onto your post. I saw that you dropped this post just a few days ago, and being a recovering wow-junkie, I felt obligated to share my experience in the hopes that it might help your marriage. I will be explaining from the male’s point of view so you will have a little insight about what your husband is going through. I will in no way attempt to excuse his behavior, I believe he is wrong (for God’s sakes, you’ve got kids man!) but I do understand what he is dealing with and I can sympathise.. boy can I sympa ...   [retrieve this message]
      • thanks so much for taking the time to tell me your side. I ...   kjcmjc88   6y
        thanks so much for taking the time to tell me your side. I understand what you are saying because he always trys to stop then goes right back to where we were, hes been playing for about 3 years now 5 altogehter in gaming but first started with final fantasy. I have tried to play and he just wants to sit right next to me tell me what to do and not watch the kids, it been a little better although when i ask for help sometimes it come 10 min to late. I am trying to deal hoping soon it will pass hes 25 he cant play much longer i hope, we’ll see.   [End]
    • Hi there, ... I totally feel your pain. WoW is so addictive...   #97747   6y
      Hi there, ... I totally feel your pain. WoW is so addictive and easily takes over marriages, or in my case my entire life. I’ve looked everywhere for some help with managing my gaming addiction but yesterday I found this article.... ... I’m trying to follow the guide and it seems to be at least making me more honest about stuff. I hope it helps your marriage. Maybe you could suggest your husband reads it and then talk it through with him. my girlfriend is helping me to write my eco-list. ... well i hope th ...   [retrieve this message]
    • My husband has played Warcraft on and off for about 3 years...   #97963   6y
      My husband has played Warcraft on and off for about 3 years. The two significant times when he quit the longest were 1. when he had to work in another state (he didn’t have a choice) and 2. when I started being a better wife. I know that may sound crazy, and it’s not my job to keep my husband off warcraft, but I do know from experience that when I started working at our marriage, without saying anything to my husband about it, he stopped playing Warcraft. ... ... These are the things I did: ... I started trying to appreciate him and telling him so everyday. ... I didn’t mention anything that would be ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Tell him exactly how you feel, about the lonely nights, abo...   J29Davis   10mo
      Tell him exactly how you feel, about the lonely nights, about how his ignoring you and neglect is effecting you.   [End]
  • video games addiction   deepakk   7y
    video games are making the kids addict of television. They don’t go outside for playing they just sits in front of T.V and having some fun. But these video games are making children helpless they don’t make friends because they think that T.V. is their best friends. they don’t go outside with their friends they don’t make social life.   [End]
    • ”In the 19th century, if you asked a thirteen year-old boys...   Mr Wrigth   9mo
      ”In the 19th century, if you asked a thirteen year-old boys what they did in their spare time, they’d probably talk about helping their parents on the farm. You ask the same question to a teen in the 20th century, and you’ll get an earful about baseball, double-dutch, and pick-up sticks. ... But now we are living in a new millennium, a millennium where 97% of children ages 12-17 would reply ’videogames’ to that question.” ... Sad information :( ...   [End]
  • Psychiatric industry now trying to classify video game play...   RR LuellaMay   7y  C
    Do you think that some people may have too much time on their hands? ... ... Psychiatric industry now trying to classify video game playing as a "mental disorder" requiring treatment ... ... (NewsTarget) A proposal was recently brought before the annual meeting of the American Medical Association to designate video game addiction as a psychological disorder. However, the committee of doctors that introduced the motion backed away from it during the debate, recommending instead that the American Psychiatric Association study the issue carefully and consider making the change for the nex ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Well...those I have met that spend their entire weekend wit...   Newport   7y
      Well...those I have met that spend their entire weekend without a shower playing video games in their underwear may require professional treatment... ... ... Of course a bit of iodine may help a lot more than talking to some drug pushing quack.   [End]
      • I have an idea...   Raynbo   7y
        Lets classify the need to do all of these stilly, wasteful studies as a mental disordrer, and get all these puesdo scientists on ”medication”!   [End]
      • Re: Psychiatric industry now trying to classify video game ...   LuellaMay   7y
        I see your point.  But it’s not just video games.  There are those that do the very same thing on the computer.  Something is going on there.  Maybe they need a life. ... ... Hugs, ... ... Luella ...   [End]
        • Image Embedded "Maybe they need a life." ... ... ... ... Yes...   dquixote1217   7y
          "Maybe they need a life." ... ... ... ... Yes I do! ... ... ... ...   [End]
          • My name is Detour and I'm a vidiot...   detour   7y
            It started with the airforce dogfight training games...then Pong came out... ... ... Asteroids was a Godsend, but not as much as Pole Position, at the pizza parlor, ... the the only place I could legally drink and drive. ... ... Then I bought a Nintendo...donkey kong just wasn’t enough, I moved on to ... Galaga, buying a black market version in an alley. I didn’t like duck hunt ... too much...I hate hunting. One day, I realized I was a Vidiot...I looked at ... my life as wasted and going nowhere. ... ... I have weaned off of video games , going cold turkey over 15 years ago. ... I still sweat when I see or hear about ...   [retrieve this message]
            • Image Embedded Sounds like you are doing what I plan to do someday, and ki...   Dquixote1217   7y
              Sounds like you are doing what I plan to do someday, and kind of already do - work from wherever my laptop is on internet businesses and forums along with writing. Being a natural obsessive-compulsive type, I can SO relate to the video thing.  I remember when Nintendo came out and my son got Super Mario brothers and Kid Icarus.  I stayed up all hours until I could no longer focus or  had any feeling in my thumb and fingers, then fell asleep only to wake up and go back to the games until I won.  Then Doom came out, and Command and Conquer - and all the great hacks.  ...   [retrieve this message]
            • LOL! ... ... Bless your heart detour, even though your po...   LuellaMay   7y
              LOL! ... ... Bless your heart detour, even though your post is quite humorous, I see the truth in it.  My son is one of those who can play video games for hours on end.  Actually, when he was a little boy I used to play Mario Brothers with him.  Then more adept players came his way and mom just stayed in the background. ... ... I can see the pull it has for many.  But I’m proud of you!  You have overcome it! ... ... Hugs, ... ... Luella ...   [End]
          • Re: Psychiatric industry now trying to classify video game ...   LuellaMay   7y
            LOL! ... ... Come to think of it..... I do too! ... ... Hugs, ... ... Luella ...   [End]
        • Diablo 3 Guide   Nauthiz   25mo
          Игри ... Diablo 3 Items ... Diablo 3 RMAH   [End]
    • Re: Psychiatric industry now trying to classify video game ...   Ohfor07   7y
      Talk about a mixed messages from the mainstream. Here is a trend recently observed. ... ... It was Sunday about 3 weeks ago that I visited with family. A sad comment in this is that these visits have slowly become less frequent, this mainly out of a desire to increasingly avoid the effects & influences of TV. There is only one way to avoid the direct effects. However, one thing learned the past 2-plus years of being unplugged is that the indirect channels are more prevalent than I had planned for prior to that day 2-plus years ago. When they occur, my visit with family sort of goes like this. W ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Ohfor07, thank you for this marvelous post.  You have ...   LuellaMay   7y
        Ohfor07, thank you for this marvelous post.  You have it all figured out.  I rarely go see family.  First of all because they are all mainstream in every way and I am the strange one, the black sheep if you will.  Sometimes I wonder if they mixed up the babies in the hospital and I was delivered to the wrong family.  LOL ... ... I know what you mean about the TV set.  I stopped watching the television set many years ago.  Until about two years ago all I watched was the news now and then and then realized that even that wasn’t worth it.  Actually, li ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I don’t think game addiction is definitely a mental disorde...   #97747   6y
      I don’t think game addiction is definitely a mental disorder. it makes you feel like you can’t do anything about it when it’s a ”disorder”... i think it’s going to go into the DSM-4 next issue though   [End]
    • Well maybe if people are taught to develop their natural in...   unleashhealth   3y
      Well maybe if people are taught to develop their natural instincts instead of frying our brains in school and infront of screens we wouldn’t be using them to get the same adrenaline rush of killing in nature (for food, survival, etc.) All that is important today is how much cash you have left after paying your rent, good luck.   [End]
  • Adam Sandler knows what's really important   John Cullison   8y  C
    Sandler donates Playstations to Israel ... ... By NATHAN BURSTEIN ... ... Adam Sandler is doing his part to help Israel following its 34-day war with Lebanon. The 50 First Dates star announced earlier this week he would donate 400 Sony Playstations to Israelis whose homes were damaged in the fighting. The 39-year-old made the pledge during a meeting in Hollywood with Ehud Danoch, Israel’s consul general in Los Angeles. ... ... It’s a good thing I didn’t have any respect for Adam Sandler before, because this would have clinched it. While he’s at it, why not include copies of Grand Theft Auto? I can’t sp ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Married life has become borring.. Help!!   casmilla   9y  C
    Hi, ... I have been married for almost 5 years now. When i met my husband he was so full of life, always on the go, which contributed to him being in great shape!! He was also amazingly wonderful to me!!(of course i fell madly in love with him!) We were so happy.. After we got married it slowly went down hill. He spent every waking hour on the computer (and still does.. Ever Quest) We had a child 2years after we got married.. Now we are at the point where we don’t do anything.. He doesnt ever want to be active.. He just sits and plays EQ. He barely speeks to me, i usually have to ask hi ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi, ... I have been married for almost 5 years now. When i...   #1409   9y
      It sounds like he is depressed. ... ... Maybe he even does not know that. ... ...   [End]
    • I think he’s addicted. I’ve heard that games like everquest...   aclays   9y
      I think he’s addicted. I’ve heard that games like everquest are ’pure video game crack’ and believe it or not it is possible to become physically addicted to video games. Your brain releases that feel-good chemical when you play. My guess is his behavior will continue to act like any other addict unless he quits it. him getting mad when you talk about the relationship is a warning sign. ... ... Playing video games for a few hours a day is understandable. Taking up all your time with it and ignoring the things that are important in life is pure foolishness. I’m not sure he’ll change. if he is de ...   [retrieve this message]
    • everquest junkie.   BushCheney2007   9y
      You lost him somewhere along the way. He’s a lazy bum. Chances are this is the way he’ll end up, sorry to break the news. Question is: What are you going to do now that you know the future? Not a life I want to live, I’ll tell you that. Maybe, just maybe it’s time for a showdown. But you better be ready once he calls your bluff! Either way, it’s worth the risk. He can change for the better or you can find better. Life doesn’t wait for anybody...time’s wasting...   [End]
    • Re: Married life has become borring.. Help!!   #14575   9y
      Definitely he is depressed!!! Talking to men usually doesn’t work! They get very defensive. Simple small steps is a way to go. First you need to see why he is depressed. Sometimes we just don’t see reason to live, and we get depressed, don’t want to do anything good, but just kill time. TV, video games and food are best things to kill time, while we are depressed. ... Then addiction to games, that happens, and we always need to give our spouses some time they can spend by themselves, but... playing years EQ? That is too much. ... 1. Find out what are the dissapointments in your husbands life. ... 2 ...   [retrieve this message]
      • I do sit with him. And I have my own everquest account. An...   casmilla   9y
        I do sit with him. And I have my own everquest account. And i have tried to play with him. But it doesnt help.. Have you ever played? I don’t understand why but many ppl become addicted.. I know alot of relationships have been ruined because ppl won’t stop playing.. I try to get him to do other things with me but everquest is more important.. It’s always ”Let me see what is going on in game, if i can’t get a group then i will.” or how about ”We are raiding i can’t” I hear that one all the time. That is his excuse for everything.. I have tried plenty of things to be interested in wh ...   [retrieve this message]
        • This is definitely addiction!!! I can see you tried a lot t...   #14575   9y
          This is definitely addiction!!! I can see you tried a lot then. How about infesting his computer with a virus??? To get him away from it for few days. ... One day, when computers had keys, I took my BF key, and he would scream, throw things around, etc. That burts made him aware how ridiculus he was. At that point I’d say it’s either war or doing something tricky to get his off computer.   [End]
        • You know the saying ... Drastic times call for drastic meas...   SpeakerofTruth   7y
          You know the saying ... Drastic times call for drastic measures... in this instance, have you considered destroying the EQ cd/discs to help your husband break from this most obvious of addictions? ... You need to help him realize just the full extent of his actions and how it is impacting you and the family. ... Quitting can be tough, I know this cuz I used to be a Diablo II junkie, so I know the cycle of addiction and how it plays out, but it can be done.   [End]
    • I know exactly what you’re going through. Within less than ...   perfect_stain   9y
      I know exactly what you’re going through. Within less than a month of getting married, my husband started playing EverQuest religiously, 14 hours a day. This went on for a while. Eventually he had to go to bootcamp and he had to stop playing. He never started the game again, realized he was playing too much, and agreed to stop. He of course started playing another game some time after, by the same company, it’s called Star Wars Galaxies, and it’s just as addictive and time-consuming. He comes home from work, and that’s pretty much it until he crashes into bed and plays the next day after w ...   [retrieve this message]
      • My observation is that you need to provide him some better...   #37250   9y
        My observation is that you need to provide him some better entertainment and excitement than he is getting on the computer. I am sure you can come up with something; or, he is trying to shun some responsibilities or duties at home that he is either unable to fulfill or doesn’t want to put forth the effort to fulfill.   [End]
    • Casmilla: ... I don’t agree that this is a sign of depressi...   #83455   7y
      Casmilla: ... I don’t agree that this is a sign of depression or that you are in anyway to blame for this problem! This is classical addiction, the same type that we treat alcoholics, shoplifters and druggies for. It is not going to yield to amateur attempts to change it. ... I advise you to seek professional assistance. We often have to do an intervention for video games, just as we do for alcohol and drugs. Recovery is difficult, but it is possible. The first thing to go has to be the computer or, at least, the internet connection. I have even had to deal with cases where the internet was acce ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Ask your parents or his parents to come to your house and t...   ruby claire   22mo
      Ask your parents or his parents to come to your house and take care of your child and you both take a break and go for a trip even for one or two days and make him realize how important he is to you and you to him... it all in your hands   [End]

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