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  • Extensive Whole Body Psoriasis Video   utamk   22d  C
    Hello Friends, I have extensive psoriasis and you can see the video here at youtube dot com /watch?v=1ieb5Ro0nhg I have tried so many medications in last 40 years but limited success,now I have more than 10 immune issues.   [End]
  • Has anyone here cured your skin psoriasisdermatitis etc by ...   mikefranks   37d  C
    Just wondering, how did you go about it? How long did it take? Any other info you can share? ... ... ... Not here for a debate with people claiming it’s not real, just those who’ve done it. ... ... ... Thanks   [End]
  • RA and Psoriatic Arthritis HELP!!!   SoulfulSurvivor   49d  C
    ..., I've been diagnosed with RA and psoriatic arthritis.  After a course of methatrexate, the chemo was stopped as it appeared to have caused a remission in joint-pain symptoms.'s been about 6 weeks since the chemo stopped, and my feet and hands are on fire.  ... ... ... ... Does anyone have any suggestions for managing the joint-pain?  It's not the osteo, because it's in different joints.  ... ... ... ... Thanks! ... ...   [End]
  • Calcification of the Renal Pyramids in Ultrasound   tea.drinker   50d  C
    Just got my ultrasound results. Calcification of the renal pyramids is shown. Radiologist suggests bilateral nephrocalcinosis. ... ... My liver is coarse in echotexture and my gallbladder is thin walled. ... ... I feel like my gallbladder, liver and kidneys are the last step to having my health back. I have had to work through many layers to get here, from leaky gut, IBS, multiple allergies, a completely congested lymphatic system, multiple skin conditions including psoriasis, vitamin d, b12, iron, potassium and many other deficiencies, my body is finally somehow functioning to a point where blood t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • The Spiritual approach is working!   TonyOrlando   59d  C
    Hey Folks. I’ve posted a few times now in this forum regarding my decision to seek a cure through Faith. It has been wild, wooly, confusing, terrifying, but wonderful, and is now, almost a year since I embarked, I’m having success. ... ... When I started, I thought maybe I could just get a miracle if I prayed hard enough. And in a sense I did, but the changes have been so many and profound. I know I’m putting some friends and family off a bit, but others are embracing it. I love it though. It’s so different and more beautiful than I had perceived this realm before. And cooler. And so satisfyin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • CNN News Acnhor Zain Vergee Cured OF Skin Problem (proriasi...   frankblack   3mo  C
    Hi all recently i came across a story of a cnn news anchor zain vergee who has battled with psoriasis for the longest time. you can see her story here www . healthandbeautypress. com / zainvergee Her story is amazing, it shows that with the right diet and natural healing one can have incredible results. to your best you, that you can be. enjoy. ...   [End]
    • I read about it too. Amazing. She said that she went to a c...   rsk12   3mo
      I read about it too. Amazing. She said that she went to a clinic in a town called Geroge in South Africa, but did not mention the name of the clinic. It would really helped if she had shared specific of her treatment and how it helped her. ... ... cheers ... rsk   [End]
  • Merry christmas,and great news about Demodex mites, not a s...   michellekansas   4mo  C
    which will cause all kinds of disease, like candida,acne, anything that is related to skin! ... I’m going to Europe in a few days, for half year, and I’d see how their creams work. chinese has too many medicines, each doctor use his own prescription, and it’s very hard to bring medicine out of china. I think Europe medicines might be easier for use to buy and use. ... Wait for my good new. ... demodex mites are not secret kept by doctors out of US. I got attacked for talking about demodex mites, for I could not get cured here, but can get cured in china, so i believe the doctors there are right, th ...   [retrieve this message]
    • reminder: ... do not focus on kill mites on your body, w...   michellekansas   4mo
      reminder: ... do not focus on kill mites on your body, which will damage your skin, and have drug resistance. ... focus on get rid of mite population. 15 years ago, a German doctor introduced allergy shield to me:it’s cloth that has small holes that mite can not get through, you can get it online. ... I recommend smoke bomb to get rid of home mite population, suggested by a US doctor. ... avoid carpet and polyesters, which harbor mites. ... I doubt that mite carried with other things like fungus and mycoplasma, or bacteria, will get human seriously called mixed infection. ... p ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Wondering if mineral imbalance is linked to skin disease   michellekansas   4mo
        I eat salt direct from ocean sun dried when I was young, with all kinds of minerals. ... I use himalaya salt and Celtic salt before summer. After summer, I just make do with refined salt. Don,t know if this link to my body skin eczema. ... Chinese doctors will prescribe calcium to patients who have hives, or acute eczema, as addition , also licorice to clean the liver, vitamin c. ... Also anti itch creams with nature ingredients. Also antihistamine for severe cases. Topical creams will might have minimal antihistamine and steroid. ... I have tons of steroids before, I real ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Today saw an article, that us has a trend of taking vitamin...   michellekansas   4mo
          Today saw an article, that us has a trend of taking vitamins and minerals for 40years,but the general health is going down sharply these 40 years. ... There,re always debate if milk is good for the bone or not, if vitamins is good or not for human. ... I can see that my parents,s generation, their general health is worse than my grand parent,s generation, more people have high blood sugar, coolestoral,blood pressure, etc.i,m not attacking any one here. But I see what I see. ... I will keep on taking unrefined salt. My mother never took any vitamin, minerals, she has never had bad ...   [retrieve this message]
  • TWO Ways of How to Cure PSORIASIS !!   1234567   4mo
    Coconut Oil and Turmeric - PSORIASIS Treatments That Works !! ... ... .. two Separate remedies. ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... ... The extractions from two articles.. ... ... If you have Psoriasis, you’ve probably tried many different things to make it go away, from prescription creams to natural remedies. Some treatments may temporarily make the condition a bit better but all too often the psoriasis comes back. ... ... COCONUT Oil.. ... ... However, in my recent research into the health benefits of coconut oil, I’ve learned that it may be the best treatment that exists for psoriasis. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • thought this might be of help to you   knowledge seeker   5mo  C
    It seems to help with a lot of things like arthritis osteoporosis, getting rid of systemic candida, pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and removes fluoride and systemic candida from the body in the higher doses. It is food for the parathyroid gland and helps get the calcium to the bone and teeth. ... ... ... ... ... ... this may also be of help both in the section linked below and the disease section of that website ... ... ... ...   ... ...   ... ... By Walter Last ... ... ... http://educate-you ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Thank you for posting all of this!! ... I soaked for years ...   Grace2Marayger   4mo
      Thank you for posting all of this!! ... I soaked for years in a warm therapy pool of water with chlorine, fluoride and pool chemicals (even though it was promoted as a safe salt purified club pool). I was trying to rehab my knees. I developed hypothyroidism, intense sugar cravings, food allergies, cancer and now four years later I’m still trying to improve my health by cleaning up my dental work and dealing with a mild case of candida. ... All of this is relative to me and many others should consider Borax as well. ... Again, thank you, bless you, knowledge seeker, for posting this.   [End]
      •   ... Hi Grace I am glad you told me as a couple peopl...   knowledge seeker   4mo
          ... Hi Grace I am glad you told me as a couple people in other forums posted mean things but also got some who really liked it. ... ... I have been on it 6 days (take on 5 days and off 2). at first it had no taste at double standard dose (added more due to my weight) but now has a mild soapy taste last few days not sure why as no taste at all first 4 days.  I can do it though with a lot of ice and some thirst in on sitting so do not let that deter you. ... ... I went to eye doctor due to a eye injury and she told me the pressure in my eye was down.  I had ocular hypertension a ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Again, Thanks for more info. I trust that God leads me as w...   Grace2Marayger   4mo
          Again, Thanks for more info. I trust that God leads me as well but sometimes there are so many theories and ideas to sort through I get confused. ... ... I have been vegetarian, vegan and Paleo but think that intuitive eating of local, some raw, quality, seasonal whole food is ideal. By intuitive I mean to really listen for what your body is asking for -- I had been craving egg yokes for a bit, salads in the summer, soups and meats in the winter meats and lately anti-fungal foods. I think we need to pray for wisdom and claim the details proclaimed in Psalm 139... ... ”...For You formed my inward ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Could someone give me some advice please   knackers323   5mo  C
    Hello ... ... I am trying to work out if candida is causing my overwhelming fatigue and was wondering if any of this sounds familiar to anyone or if it is a sign of candida. Thanks ... ... When I eat only meat and vegetables I feel a bit better for a while but the improvement doesn’t seem to progress. However after a few weeks I eat some fruit it seems to give me a noticeable energy lift. ... ... If I then eat sugar, dairy or grains I occasionally get slight stabbing pains in the stomach and a creamy sensation/texture in the mouth. ... ... If I continue to eat these things the pain and mouth symptom either se ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I Cured My Psoriasis Using Revised Info from Dr. Hulda Clark   ClarkFollower   5mo  C
    I have been a user of Dr. Clark’s protocols and cleanses for many years. Unfortunately, her information did not allow me to cure the psoriasis I had experienced for 37 years. It may have been because I had not thoroughly removed all of the toxins (including amalgam tooth fillings) from my body as she had recommended, I don’t know. ... ... Then, adapting information I discovered in Dr. Clark’s final cancer-curing book, I was able to easily, quickly, and inexpensively cure my psoriasis in only a few days! ... ... Since (according to Dr. Clark) both eczema and psoriasis are caused by the same type of p ...   [retrieve this message]
  • now wearing black shirts   justgetdancy   5mo
    i never had a black shirt in my wardrobe until i was 50... ... ... now i mostly wear black shirts to hide wetness while dancing. i don’t think about my scalp. ... ... my situation is this: ... been on gluten free diet since ’88. lactose free since ’90. fructose free since 2008. ... ... my chelated mineral supplements are from albion labs. methylation assistance: about equal parts (2 mg) 5-HTMF (Thorne) and methylB12 (Jamieson) and about 1/8 tsp (350 mg) ... N,N-Dimethyl Glycine HCL (DMG) from ... ... boron: sprinkle 1/16 of a teaspoon of sodium tetraborate in my green tea. (cured my arthritis). ... ... iod ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Parasites what are these ? It looks like it has fangs   Gillies   5mo  C
    Hi , I’ve had psoriasis for 20 years and have recently read that this may be caused by parasites specifically roundworm so I decided to investigate . I did a 3 day course of Vermox during which I got a lot if tape eggs ? Looked a lot like seeds and rice also some very thin almost looking like cotton threads ( worms ? ) which were also the texture of cotton and a few flukes , every bowel movement has been full of eggs and also flat looking parts of worms ( everything has been broken up ) . I then started eating garlic, pumpkin seeds and pineapple and also extra enzymes between meals the nex ...   [retrieve this message]
  • first message: ...   Gillies   5mo  C
    Hi , I’ve had psoriasis for 20 years and have recently read that this may be caused by parasites specifically roundworm so I decided to investigate . I did a 3 day course of Vermox during which I got a lot if tape eggs ? Looked a lot like seeds and rice also some very thin almost looking like cotton threads ( worms ? ) which were also the texture of cotton and a few flukes , every bowel movement has been full of eggs and also flat looking parts of worms ( everything has been broken up ) . I then started eating garlic, pumpkin seeds and pineapple and also extra enzymes between meals the nex ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Hi , I’ve had psoriasis for 20 years and have recently read...   Gillies   5mo  C
    Hi , I’ve had psoriasis for 20 years and have recently read that this may be caused by parasites specifically roundworm so I decided to investigate . I did a 3 day course of Vermox during which I got a lot if tape eggs ? Looked a lot like seeds and rice also some very thin almost looking like cotton threads ( worms ? ) which were also the texture of cotton and a few flukes , every bowel movement has been full of eggs and also flat looking parts of worms ( everything has been broken up ) . I then started eating garlic, pumpkin seeds and pineapple and also extra enzymes between meals the nex ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Human Immune System Shapes Skin Microbiome   RN EDUCATIONAL Dr.Jeff   6mo  C
    ”...patients with reduced immune function...shared an eczema-like skin condition...had types of bacteria and fungi on their skin not found on healthy imbalance in microbial diversity at a given site may contribute to disease...correcting the diversity of microbes on the skin, not just targeting pathogenic ones, may aid in the treatment of disease.” ... ... Human Immune System Shapes Skin Microbiome - ... ... Given what we’ve seen in treating fungal candida from past antibiotic use, this makes perfect sense. Antibiotics al ...   [retrieve this message]
    • My patient histories reveal that Steroids, particularly ora...   FootDoctor   5mo
      My patient histories reveal that Steroids, particularly oral, are worse culprits for causing Candida to morph to pathogenic mycelial Candida. ... Here in Australia, there is a lot of faecal transfer going on. ... Dr Borody has past form for innovative cures, so he gets listened to.... ... Apparently, the first thing to heal is Eczema, then IBS... ...   [End]
  • Psoriasis treatments that work?   R Educational this0is0me   6mo
    There are a couple of ways to clear psoriasis without using expesive creams that the doctor wants to sell you! Like flintrock mentioned a gluten free diet helps out alot of people. Problem with this offcourse is the time it takes for the diet to take effect and start clearing up your skin, it takes a month or 3 to see results with this treatment. ... ... So this is not a option for people that are looking for something that will work in a couple of hours/days. ... ... I would reccomend you to use a natural option or proven cream for immediate relief and start with a gluten free diet to help clear yo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Bactrim Cannot Cure Prostate Problem While Herbal Medicine ...   zhangyolo   6mo
    The most common prostatitis treatment method nowadays is based on antibiotics, all of which regrettably can’t cure the problem and cause adverse side effects, such as nausea, vomit, affect the liver, kidney and hematopoietic function. On the contrary, Dr. Li Xiaoping’s herbal medicine ”Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill” provides effective relief and cure without side effects, reveals Wuhan Dr. Li’s TCM Clinic. ... Wuhan Dr.Li’s TCM Clinic is pleased to share one of many positive customer comments, a testimonial from Andrew P, from USA: ”I have a prostate problem. The doctors did no find any ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Psoriasis Treatment   SFSALTCO   6mo  C
    Psoriasis is a common skin condition. All of us have to face it as well as contend with rashes, sores, hives, itching, and other skin problems. ... ... Don’t worry there’s a way to get rid of this. One of the treatment that I recommend is using dead sea salts. Dead sea salts from San Francisco Salt Company are effective in treating psoriasis and other skin issues. Find out how it works at and save 5% off your first order of Dead Sea Salt with coupon code: skincare5 at checkout.   [End]
  • Please help with skin condition.   #175162   8mo  C
    Hello, nice people. ... ... 10 years ago I was put on Accutane. I was on Accutane for about 6 to 7 months. A couple of months after I stopped taking Accutane, my skin was getting very dry. A couple years went by and my face was now over producing oil. I started to notice my hair was thinning on my scalp. My entire scalp, face(including my eyebrows and beard) was covered in this yellow/white waxy residue looking stuff, which I presume is hardened sebum from the overproduction of oil. I then found out that I had seborrheic dermatitis, according to a dermatologist I went to see. About 3 years ago ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Accutane damages the liver among other things, including ca...   #89866   8mo
      Accutane damages the liver among other things, including causing mental issues (depression, etc) that are linked to the liver. ... ... Do a series of liver (gallbladder) flushes. Some of the benefits of liver flushing just happen to be skin improvement, softer skin, release of emotions, feelings of well being, etc. ... ... Milk thistle is also good for the liver. ... ... You might be malnourished from poor uptake of nutrients (from accutane and lack of bile from a damaged / clogged liver and gallbladder) or you are not getting proper nutrients in your diet. Make sure you are getting lots of B vitamins ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi 175, ... ... As ”grist for your mill,” are you aware of...   shotsee   8mo
      Hi 175, ... ... As ”grist for your mill,” are you aware of the almost miraculous results many tens (hundreds?) of THOUSANDS of people have experienced, dealing with most of the health issues known to humankind, from ingesting ascorbic acid? ... ... If you are seriously interested in finding a solution to your health problem, and gaining greater health in ALL areas of your body, I STRONGLY encourage you to read this article written by Dr. Robert Cathcart, M.D. ... ... It may just solve some or all of your problem. You have only better health and ...   [retrieve this message]
    • i came across a really good site a few months ago where i b...   paulspad2002   7mo
      i came across a really good site a few months ago where i bought a product from ,it was a digital product that i downloaded and it had guidelines in how to cure certain aspects of my psoriasis. i must say it was the best ebook ive had and whenever i fall off the bandwagon as far as things like diet and alcohol or even just normal food intake i re check the book and what it says about certain products an things like that and i apply the methods and wham my psoriasis seems to dissipate...heres the link to the site where the product is related they have other things on there too so its not a ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Please look at above post 9/16 -- I would think the seleniu...   SuzyCue   7mo
      Please look at above post 9/16 -- I would think the selenium sulfide shampoo 2.5 % would work well as well as some dietary advise (no sugars, lower carb intake).   [End]
    • 23yr old female I have had severe and horrible acne since I...   musclepain   7mo
      23yr old female I have had severe and horrible acne since I was in 4th grade! My 4th grade teacher even sent me to the nurses office for chicken pox. How emberassing! Iam almost 24 now. I just started accutane 4 months ago. I read on here that a lot of people were really bothered by the side effects. The first month was the worst, super dry skin & super dry lips. But for me having acne my whole life, I really didnt care about any of the side effects. All you need is a good moisturizer and a gentle face wash (I use redness relief from Eucerin). Ohh yeah and blistex or carmex. None of that f ...   [retrieve this message]
    • use olive oil.visit for better solution http://www.idollash...   ahshan719   6mo
      use olive oil.visit for better solution   [End]
    • visit   ahshan719   6mo
      visit   [End]
  • read this very interesting thought you might find it too!   jsl123   9mo
    ... ... ... ... best of luck   [End]
  • Topical steroid headaches?   Health12345   10mo  C
    So a year and a half ago I started getting dandruff on my scalp & behind my ears. After taking fish oil supplements, the outbreaks behind my ears went away..yet the scalp outbreak stayed. The dermatologist put me on a regime of clobetasol topical steroid application & a sacilyic acid shampoo. After a while I saw little improvement & disliked taking the steroid so I stopped. Now I recently went back to the dermatologist because I needed something that could ease the constant itching, peeling and flaking on my scalp. This time she told me she believed that instead of seborrehic dermatitis..w ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Coffee enemas - My psoriasis is fading away!! :)   RN SUCCESS #172884   10mo  C
    This is amazing! A totally unexpected benefit of enemas and coffee enemas, that I had never even imagined would happen, especially since I have had psoriasis since I was 10 years old and nothing has ever worked! I’m 40 now and I have had only 4 coffee enemas. ... ... I had psoriasis on my elbows, hands, knees, legs and feet. The patches on the hands are gone, and the patches on the rest of the body parts mentioned is very thin now, fading with no excess cell development. ... ... Has anyone else had this happen? Or have you heard of someone getting rid of psoriasis this way? Is psoriasis really para ...   [retrieve this message]
  • iodine has improved my (once severe) psoriasis considerably   RN SUCCESS lazza   11mo  C
    Hi. I’ve already mentioned this in my introductory post. But again in brief: ... ... - iodine has improved my (once severe) psoriasis considerably. The effect was noticed within 3 days, and I was only on Promaline (3 mg iodine). A strict low carb Paleo diet cleared my psoriasis 95% over a 2-3 year period. Iodine seems to be killing off the remaining 5% in a few months. ... ... - my libido was zilch. Within a few weeks on iodine my libido returned to normal. I am also taking vitamin K2 mk4 which might also have an impact. ... ... - my IBS, which was largely resolved through diet, seems to have been ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re:   UserX   11mo
      awesome!! I like it when you can see positive benefits in a short time. Kinda makes me wonder if all psoriasis isn’t just a symptom of iodine deficiency..... kinda like arthritis is a symptom of boron deficiency....   [End]
  • Sad and desperate! 7 years of psoriasis, 1 year of alternat...   azulgrana   12mo  C
    I’m not a needy person. I just want to be a normal 18 year old who doesn’t have to worry about scales on her skin. I’ve had psoriasis on my scalp since I was 11 and when it spread to my face and body a year ago I decided to try alternatives to medication. ... ... I gave up sugar, dairy, gluten, red meat, and processed food. I tried cleanses (juice cleanse, master cleanse, candida cleanse) which never lasted for more than a few days, aside from the candida diet which I did for 3 weeks. I’ve spent most of the money I have on supplements--including multivitamins, super potent vitamin d, probiotics ...   [retrieve this message]
    • ...   InCharge   12mo
     ...   [End]
    • Azulgrana, ... What areas of your body do you have psoriasi...   ychi   12mo
      Azulgrana, ... What areas of your body do you have psoriasis? ... Have you ever tried putting on natural moisturizers and occluding (covering) your skin? I make my own lotion that is similar to the consistency of vaseline, using beeswax and some type of oil(like coconut oil or olive oil.) I shower and apply lotion, and cover my skin with trash bags to wrap the affected areas on the body(cut trash bags to size needed) and use packaging tape to wrap around area to keep the trash bags in place, and sleep with this on. The next morning, the skin is soft and I am able to gently scrub off all of the f ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Have you tried bentonite and psyllium, or Swedish bitters, ...   RONBN49   12mo
      Have you tried bentonite and psyllium, or Swedish bitters, or heal all herbs? I certainly hope you get better. I also suggest a raw foods diet until better. There is something you are missing and I hope you find the missing nutrient.   [End]
    • I have the same issues as you do and I am a 58 year old wom...   ARTSYWOMAN   8mo
      I have the same issues as you do and I am a 58 year old woman. I am a pharmacist (32 years) and our immune system is being triggered by stress and the organic molecules in our food. I am in the process of really truly following the Eat Right For Your Blood Type Diet.... eating ONLY the beneficial foods for Type O blood. The head of our allergy clinic here in town (large metro city), said there IS truth to the program. The Avoid list MATCHED my official allergy skin test. I am allergic to all of the avoid foods. There must be some truth. So after SUFFERING with unsightly psoriasis for 2 yea ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Coffee and psoriasis   #32509   12mo
    When I drink 2-3 cups of coffee every day my psoriasis gets really bad. When I stop drinking coffee, my skin condition improves. ... ... What could be coffee doing to my body? It’ll be great if you could give me some insight to this... ... ... Thanks, ... Y   [End]
    • I have severe psoriasis and I have the same results the sam...   rogeroh33   50d
      I have severe psoriasis and I have the same results the same also goes with milk. I am trying apple cider vinegar now. I noticed in the hospital my psoriasis completely disappeared where I had it on every part of my body before entering. After returning home it had come back I am trying to achieve the same results only time will tell. I feel the difference as I am making the changes now that I’m aware :-)   [End]
  • Image Embedded Psoriasis Treatment Improvement with Raw Garlic Everyday   goodsamaritan55   12mo  C
    Psoriasis Treatment Improvement with Raw Garlic Everyday ... ... ... ...In 2 short months Mr. B was so very happy with his single psoriasis treatment with just 2 bulbs of raw garlic each day. He was so happy he said his feet and skin all over never looked this good before he even started dating his wife. Shows how much his wife loved him even during worse skin. And he even shows off that look, my lunch meal is the common fare of cooked tilapia fish and white rice plus chopped raw garlic… he does not need to go raw or paleo diet like I do. And look he says… he can even consume ...   [retrieve this message]
  • psoriatic arthritis,neck/herniated disc,sesamoid swelling   cedarkey   12mo  C
    please help. Someone close to me has been going through hell for years. Now things have come to an all time low. First, he has herniated discs in his neck. Constant back pain and scapula pain. I believe he has full body inflammation. His whole spine hurts, rib cage, scapula, constant neck pain, arm pain. Now pain is in his hands. ... ... His hearing has become very sensitive and he has become sensitive to smells and a few years ago he feel like he angers easily. He is about 45 years of age. He also has stomach issues--have tried probiotics, etc. ... ... Three years ago he broke his right s ...   [retrieve this message]
  • My Psoriasis Story; Planning to Liver Flush   xheatherlynn   13mo  C
    In early March 2012 I had a laparoscopic gallbladder removal due to a couple years of gallstone attacks. The end of March or early April as my body was recovering from from surgery I started to realize that I’m coming along with a bad case of dandruff. I would scratch and peel sheds of dead scalp flakes off my head. Soon after the so called “dandruff” flare, I began getting itchy and redness on my genital areas and belly button area. I had no idea what it was, but it was getting worse and I knew I had to see a doctor. One of the incision sites from the surgery also did no ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I don’t have psoriasis, but have read enough stories to thi...   sd2345   13mo
      I don’t have psoriasis, but have read enough stories to think you are right, it’s digestive, toxin elimination issues. In addition to liver flushing, a parasite cleanse would also be a good idea. My opinion. Good Luck.   [End]
    • It’s ALL tied in with the liver. Which is tied in to the g...   chirontherainbowbridge   13mo
      It’s ALL tied in with the liver. Which is tied in to the gallbladder. Taking out the gallbladder has just solved the gallstone crisis, now you have the chronic (liver stone) blocked/congested bile scenario. And that causes digestive/constipation issues. btw, constipation includes the kind of BMs you are talking about. The skin issues is simply the boy’s way of dealing with the clogging and its effects. That you had the gallbladder out is proof the liver needs help. ... ... Doctors don’t know about all this. You would not need a dermatologist if the liver was clean and clear and producing bile ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Thanks for the advice Chiron. Btw, do you think you can lin...   xheatherlynn   13mo
        Thanks for the advice Chiron. Btw, do you think you can link me up to that RRR post you mentioned about the parasites? I’m fairly new to the site and I’m not familiar with curezone’s forums. It’s quite confusing finding your way around the site compared to others.   [End]
        • Dandruff and psoriasis are typical symptoms of candida over...   Kcirla   13mo
          Dandruff and psoriasis are typical symptoms of candida overgrowth. Unbalanced gut flora and liver congestion go hand in hand. Restore healthy bile flow with liver flushing and cleansing, and rebalance your flora through diet, probiotic foods and herbs.   [End]
    • Ahhh! You came to the right place. I had groin fungal infec...   fectoid2   13mo
      Ahhh! You came to the right place. I had groin fungal infections, navel fungal infections, nail infections with a smelly discharge from under the cuticles, and psoriasis among other things. Please read my story below, but in summary, Clark Liver Flushes even without a gallbladder were a significant key to my cure. ... ... I’ll just share my own experience with you to see if it seems familiar. I will also provide references to the NIH and what they say about cholestasis. ... Following my own Candida die-off after a course of Nystatin powder several years ago, I went from an incredible level of ener ...   [retrieve this message]
    • try out Merit VCO extra virgin coconut oil its excellent fo...   sunitarao   13mo
      try out Merit VCO extra virgin coconut oil its excellent for skin care   [End]
    • For me my psoriasis is directly linked digestive system. B...   seersee   7mo
      For me my psoriasis is directly linked digestive system. Back story. I’ve had P since 11 now 35. Not terrible as in very visible like some but in really awkward places below the belt. In recent years it has started getting worse and spreading to different areas, predominatly thighs and legs. ... ... In thinking about it now it sort of makes sense. At least maybe for some P suffers. I’ve had terrible bowl movements from when I was a little kid. Very irregular and I could go 4 or 5 days with out having a movement. Basically I was 1. harboring and encouraging bad microflora 2. holding putr ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Scientists officially link processed foods to autoimmune di...   mu-shen   13mo  C
    Scientists Officially Link Processed Foods To Autoimmune Disease ... ... April McCarthy, Prevent Disease ... Waking Times ... ... ... The modern diet of processed foods, takeaways and microwave meals could be to blame for a sharp increase in autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, including alopecia, asthma and eczema. ... ... A team of scientists from Yale University in the U.S and the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, in Germany, say junk food diets could be partly to blame. ... ... ‘This study is the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Chronic scalp psoriasis was starting to totally FADE AWAY--...   azulgrana   14mo  C
    I’ve had psoriasis on my scalp for 7 years now and on some spots on my body for the past year. I’m 18 and I’ve just started college. When I broke out in spots of psoriasis on my torso and face after my first semester, it was absolutely the last straw. I was offered to shoot for a local magazine. I had to cancel last minute because of this disease. It ruined my self confidence completely. That’s when I decided to trash the pharmaceuticals and heal my body the natural way. ... ... I gave up red meat, sugar, dairy, and foods with additives and preservatives completely. I eat a lot of raw and gree ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Could be detox symptoms, the famous ”healing crisis”. When ...   Kcirla   13mo
      Could be detox symptoms, the famous ”healing crisis”. When you start killing the pathogens that cause your condition, probably candida in your case (psoriasis), they release even more toxins, temporarily aggravating your condition. Garlic, turmeric, milk thistle, enzymes, even some probiotics can all cause this. The best way to get through this fast is to make sure you eliminate properly, at least twice a day. If it is really problematic, consider taking activated charcoal, 1 Tbsp in 8oz water at a time. ... ... Other possibility, you eradicated enough candida to get rid of the psoriasis, but b ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I don’t believe in ”die off”, from personal experience, if ...   sblla33   9mo
      I don’t believe in ”die off”, from personal experience, if you start doing the right things, your skin will improve immediately. ... ... I think it was the pancakes. Read the book ”Wheat Belly” it educate you an the super-carb that wheat is. I also got Psoriasis while in college, but luckily it was my last semester. I feel your pain but you’re doing great. Keep it going and good luck.   [End]
  • Will doing the Master Cleanse help with chronic sinusitis a...   50lbstogo   14mo  C
    I have experienced chronic sinusitis since I was a child. I rarely have the ability to breathe through my nose and my senses of taste and smell are very weak. I get frequent runny nose and also suffer from asthma. The runny noses can sometimes give me viral infections of the throat. In addition, I have suffered from flares of scalp psoriasis over the last few years although I don’t have the condition anywhere else. I have never been medicated by a physician for any of these conditions (except asthma which is not severe). Do you think that 10 days on the Master Cleanse can help with my sinu ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I'm doing great, thank you all:probiotic alone is not enoug...   michellekansas   14mo  C
    I have figured out that skin problem is a window of body health, might, or might not mite related. I have talked to many online doctors, and they told me that mite allergy is secondary infection, that means, if your skin is not in good condition, then your skin is easy to get sick, or attacked by mites more easily. ... probiotic is good in restore your gut bacteria, but it is not enough to restore the damadges of your body. I’m going back to my home town this summer, I do not get to go very often, and I’ll discuss this issue with my country doctor again, hopefully he’ll tall me more, but ...   [retrieve this message]
    • ”focusing on a balanced diet, raw veggies and raw fruits da...   Pokermaniac   14mo
      ”focusing on a balanced diet, raw veggies and raw fruits daily will help the body tremendously” - yes, Cu/Zn ratio 1:5 up to 1:8 for women, 1:8 up to 1:15 for men Cu max 2,5mg , Zn max 35mg. Ca/Mg(400mg minimum) ratio 1:2 - 2,5, Na/K 2:3 (4000mg K minimum) it the key to longevity. ... ... Do not listen Doctors, they do know shit. Here in Pol average doctor life 4 years shorter then average human :LOL ... ... Steroids and all those shit throw out the window instanly.   [End]
      • thank you for agreeing with me   michellekansas   14mo
        I do go to doctors to have check up, but now I’m very careful to take care of myself MYSELF more. I’d rather try a method from more willingly, than take doc’s medicien. Last fall, i got sick again, the 7 thday, i went to doc’s, the 10th day, the doc gave me 3 days antibiotic, I looked at side effects online: ... after around 2 months, there’re 2 side effects: ... possible kydney failure due to 2 reasons: drug resistence, or the antibiotic did not kill enough. Recall how much I suffered in 2011 fall, after taken a month of steroid, i throw the antibiotics away.and luckily, i ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: probiotic alone is not enough   Karlin   14mo
      Quite right, Probiotic alone is not enough to restore colon health, which means, for one thing, getting the populations of microflora established after ANY antibiotic treatments or whatever else might have killed the good ones off. ... ... Candida survives in the colon [it’s primary home] only because it takes over the colon; if good bugs take over then Candida gets crowded out [same with C Difficile, and other bad bacteria]. ... ... In fact, probiotic supplements might not make it past the stomach much at all, depending on the person. Getting all the way to the large intestine is even less certain ...   [retrieve this message]
      • how to make easy home made sauercraut   michellekansas   14mo
        cool down cooked water, add salt until it’s a little bit more saltier than soup, put cabbage in, (try to wipe out the water). add garlic, ginger(skin off), add one table sppon whisky---this is critical. ... wait until the color of cabbage all turn yellow.done.yummy, no preserves! ... add new things in, but with some salt just like you’d cook it, add whisky a little. ... I wish you all good health. after sufferd for 15 years, i’m so healthy, and I thank the Lord. ... I’ll share with you more, as I go nearer and nearer to the truth.   [End]
    • I do not get on curezone all the time, so please email me.   michellekansas   14mo
    • We have done all like the doctors:focus on disease,not on b...   michellekansas   14mo
      I have posted many post, trying to figure out what disease I had, and you all see it. But now i realized that: what disease, what bacteria, what microbes, what parasites, are all not important, important is:your body immune system, your body balance!!! ... Doctors try to figure out what things they need to kill on your body, at the same time, they weakened your immune system. ... these years, by re-buiding my immune system, with more balanced food, and exercise daily, i’m getting better and better. I look younger, my skin start to become smoother, no more itchy head. I did a lot of t ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Tomorrow is first day of Lunar new year: Human body has...   michellekansas   14mo
      I’ll give you all who suffer with this . ... At the end of lunar Year 2012, my whole family recovered from flu attack, associated with acute exzema, and I got rid of them right away. uncomfortable for 3 days, almost clear in about 7 days, I’m on my 10th day, and has only a little bit buggar in my nose, that needs to clean up. ... no medicine! ... I use salt water to clean the nose, if the nose is too dry, or stuffed, use raw honey, and lie down for 10 minutes, it’sll hurt if your nose is infected, but the hurt will go away. sneezing and running nose is expected. ... eat raw honey for t ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Reminder:I gave lots of tips against flu above   michellekansas   14mo
        • take multimitamin when you're sick, if you do not eat a bal...   michellekansas   14mo
          a balanced diet: ... ... eat all kinds of nuts, eat all colors of foods, especially black ones that re-enforce kidney power, eat raw fruits and veggies, if you eat cooked veggies like asian, have to eat raw fuits daily, since coooking will destroy some mitamins. ... avoid animal fat, butter also is animal fat. ... ... That’s all I have to say this time. ... Every time I got sick, I’ll think of people here, but then I’ll have to go back to my normal life, can not come here too often. But I’ll be back when i have new discoveries.   [End]
          • Have hope, with the right method,body has recovery power   michellekansas   14mo
            the whole family have recovered from flu long ago, but still have some harms not really recovered for a while:I have canker sore on the corner of my lips, now, finally gone, a little bit scar left. Son had nose bleed, i use salt water to wash, and use honey to heal, and he recovered, today has a little bit uneasy with throat in the morning, maybe yesterday he walked in the snow with no jacket, and caught a little cold, put some multivitamin and honey together, and fed him, and he’s well. ... I treat him at the first sign of sickness, especially when he was sick a while ago, the old wound i ...   [retrieve this message]
  • psoriasis and fasting   davidjohnson254   14mo  C
    Hi All, ... ... I am a 43-year old male with Psoriasis for over 20 years. I am considering fasting as a possible alternative course to pursue. ... I am wondering if any one of you out there has had any experience of the disease and how it reacted to fasting and in particular if any of you have heard of, or dealt with these guys at ... ... I am flying to Budapest next week to start a two-week fasting program. ... Thanks, ... David   [End]
    • Yes i have fasted as a means to rid my body that is 60 to 7...   bradshad   13mo
      Yes i have fasted as a means to rid my body that is 60 to 70% covered. I did the master cleanse. My skin was just about cleared in 4 days. I resumed eating on the 5th day and the psoriasis came back very quick and very bad. I believe you should get allergy food tested and a stool sample done and start with that baseline. I did to much guessing and am starting from scratch with these two tests before i proceed further. I wasted two years, but it was a learning experience.   [End]
    • I’ve tried juice fasting for 5 days. I was on Humira at the...   xheatherlynn   13mo
      I’ve tried juice fasting for 5 days. I was on Humira at the time but I believe that the fasting did help me. I plan to fast again sometime soon as the Humira stopped working for me after 3 months of use. I have no alternative methods to control and maintain my psor, so I plan on doing as natural as I can.   [End]
  • Image Embedded 2 Secrets To Clear Skin from new Television Star and Model   goodsamaritan55   14mo  C
    2 Secrets To Clear Skin from new Television Star and Model ... ... Ms. A is a new and upcoming television star and model. She was first a sexy dancer in those game shows, then on to extras in television tele-novelas and then modeling and endorsing products. What was noticeable about Ms A is her mestiza clear skin. She hails from a far off province in Mindanao and brought with her a few quirks urban people might like to know. She has 2 secrets to clear skin she shared with me so that you can benefit too. ... ... ... ... Click to read the full story: ... ... 2 Secrets To Clear Skin from new Television ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Child Eczema Cure: The Case Against Rice Addiction and thei...   goodsamaritan55   15mo  C
    Child Eczema Cure: The Case Against Rice Addiction and their Last Stand with Heirloom Rice ... ... January 23, 2013 By Eczema Cured Leave a Comment ... ... At the beginning of 2013, my 2 boys, aged 11 and 9 both still have eczema. Itches in their arms, itches in their legs. My 11 year old’s history is a case of intestinal injuries probably due to the wrong food for him, bad childhood development, drugs and vaccines and maybe mercury in eutero. My 9 year old was vaccinated only until 6 months, no heart drugs while in eutero as his mother had discovered chiropractors in 2003. ... ... This battle with their ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I so feel for you. My son's ezxema is all under control.I'l...   michellekansas   14mo
      I need to talk to my contry doctor. ... my son had ezxema since 4 month old. he’s now 7, and he’s health and happy. last year he never get sick. this year, i catch flu first, sick for 3 days, and he caught on after me, on Wednesday, today he’s almost ok. he had croup. due to we have very low temperature these days. after over 70 last week. ... ... back to skin. I have to minitor him very closely. I still break out a little, but all under sontrol right away. we seldom have third stage ezcema. ... third stage ezxema is dangerous, since you might think they’re cured, as the skin look just dry ...   [retrieve this message]
      • he's ezxema free, but will have acute pimples, and I need t...   michellekansas   14mo
        rashes are the lightest ezxema, and if a kid grow pimples, the skin is too dry, that they grow second stage ezxema, some pimples will get infected,and grow nasty, and pimples takes more time to treat than just rashes. ... third stage eaxema are those that you don’t see pimples any more, tons of pimples are hidden under damadged skin, while just one pimple hide under one rash.the body reacts so severe, that it grow a rash, instead of a pimple. ... I used to be heart broken when my son needs to scratch and scratch here and there, but now I’m set free. ... I’m still working on set him care ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Colloidal Silver Salve with Essentials   HolisticMinerals   15mo  C
    I recently used All natural ”Amazing Silver Balm” to treat my sons acne. He washed his face before rubbing the salve all over his face. We started seeing a noticeable difference in about 5 days and in 10 days it was looking really good. We tried proactive and a tetracycline prescribed by a physician that burned when he put it on. None of these worked for him. After about 3 weeks his face is cleared up about 90% with the silver balm. Will let you know when it is completely blemish free. The key ingredients are 10ppm colloidal silver, bees wax and other essentials including Vitamin E. Would ...   [retrieve this message]
  • New to forum/ starting Nutritional Balancing   albeth7   17mo  C
    Hi! I’m new to the forum and found this place when I was researching Nutritional Balancing. Here is my story and why I am seeking NB for help. ... ... I’m 30, in February after taking an anti-inflammatory RX (for 2 days) for inflammation in my toe I woke up and couldn’t move my wrists. I went to the dr. the next week and he said it was impossible for the medicine to cause that and to continue it for 2-3 more weeks. I took it for another week. At the end of the day when I needed to take another pill (24 hr dose) I was sore and stiff. I felt like it was getting worse so I stopped taking ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Make sure you use ARL for the hair analysis. ... ... It so...   SeattleK   17mo
      Make sure you use ARL for the hair analysis. ... ... It sounds to me like copper toxicity could be an issue for you - hopefully your hair test will shed some light on that. You may need to do some anti-yeast stuff, but just the NB should help because imbalances can weaken our immune system which is what opens the door for candida. Thats why diet alone doesn’t usually work. ... ... Good for you for choosing to go the natural route - I hope NB helps you.   [End]
      • Yes I talked to a few NB specialists before choosing this o...   albeth7   17mo
        Yes I talked to a few NB specialists before choosing this one and they all thought copper toxicity. My naturopath told me I had adrenal fatigue in August. I feel much better even since then though. The NB specialist I am going to uses ARL and works through dr. Wilson. I’m excited and scared for what is to come! ... ... Also, anyone else want to share how much their supplements usually run when doing this with the endomet supplements. I know every program is different. ... ...   [End]
    • Hi Albeth7- I have been doing NB along with several other t...   Onwards   16mo
      Hi Albeth7- I have been doing NB along with several other things for almost 1 year and have regained about 95% of my health. ... ... It is important to eliminate the stressors that are making you sick and increase nutrients. Once the body has everything it needs it will heal itself. In yours and my case that means healing the leaky gut. I just returned from working with an MD/ND in Mexico and he told me that he feels most if not all of his chronic patients have leaky gut. ... ... I would recommend that you research Dr. James Wilson(Read his book), Dr. Larry Wilson and Dr. Lam. These 3 seem to agree ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Peri Oral Dermatitus, rash around the chin   guelphhealer   17mo  C
    I thought I’d share my story with you about a rash I had for a year. I saw a doctor in emergency and she told me it was peri oral dermatitis. I bought the cream and went on tetracycline and it did nothing. A healer friend told me it was yeast so I started treating it for yeast. I even went to the Dominican to lie in the sun and swim in the ocean, hoping to cure it. Nothing. I have a couple of scars on my face which I’m hoping to remove with fraxel but the experience has left me scarred in more ways than on my face. My trust in doctors is severely depleted. I saw three different doct ...   [retrieve this message]
  • What is this rash? Bump to rash after scratching.   uchihaMadara   17mo  C
    A little background: ... ... ... ... 1. Started off as one bump. ... ... 2. Scratched, it was fluid filled. ... ... 3. It quickly became multiple bumps after fluid leak and spread. ... ... 4. It is itchy most of the time. ... ... 5. Located on leg (anterior) near inner thigh, smack in the middle, not close to anything else. ... ... 6. It’s been there a week. ... ... ... ... Any ideas what this thing could be? Treatment options? ... ...   ... ... ... ...   ... ...   ...   [End]
  • Child Eczema Cleared with Tung Shueh Pills Cow Head Brand   goodsamaritan55   17mo  C
    Seems that these Tung Shueh Pills are the latest missing link in the final healing of our son’s eczema. The last ones on his legs. We have been looking to Traditional Chinese Medicine and the spleen system improvement. I got into making soup stocks from beef and from various fish. We changed food to those with more Yang qualities, more spleen supportive, more digestive supportive. We also got into having fermented ginger every day, and changed the order of fruit consumption by not serving fruit in the morning, but instead having them as snacks and having papaya for desert as papaya ha ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Image Embedded Re: Child Eczema Cleared - Pic included!   goodsamaritan55   17mo
        ... ... ... ... Child Eczema legs 2012-11-10 almost clear. No new eruptions for 2 weeks. Click to see full size pic 1800 pixels wide. ... ... ... ... Tung Shueh Pills for my son, chew 2 balls 3x a day. Helps digest food more completely. Helps blood circulation. Cleans the blood. Even just on cooked paleo diet with soup stocks and sometimes organic rice, my son now has digesting power. ... ... ... ...   ...   [End]
  • Leaky Gut Root Cause: BT Toxin Being Created by Bacteria in...   goodsamaritan55   18mo  C
    Leaky Gut Root Cause: BT Toxin Being Created by Bacteria in our Gut Due to Previous BT Corn Ingestion? Rife Frequencies Needed! ... ... A very recent video by Jeffrey M. Smith, executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology caught my attention. BT Toxin in the blood of 90+ percent of pregnant women and 80+ percent of their unborn children… where there is no blood brain barrier yet, so he expects BT toxins in the brain of newborns. Then there is the study of BT toxins in the small intestines that have not been disintegrated in stomach digestion. And his hypothesis that human gut ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Leaky Gut Root Cause: BT Toxin Being Created by Bacteri...   chirontherainbowbridge   18mo
      yup...   [End]
    • You can try GMO Detox:   Newport   17mo
      You can try GMO Detox: ... ... ..add AMLA to that, the PH chnage in the bowels due to AMLA takes care of most toxins.. use Triphala if bowels aren’t working normally yet. ... ..and of course MSM. ...   [End]
      • Good info as usual. Newport, can we use MSM if we havent ch...   Blistering Fate   17mo
        Good info as usual. Newport, can we use MSM if we havent chelated mercury yet? What its your opinion on AC chelation nowadays, worth it, or IP6 and other things work better? ... ... I have read things like MSM should make metal toxic people feel bad or even awful but large doses of NAC havent made a difference in me. They were of a crappy brand though so who knows...   [End]
      • Need to resurrect an old thread... ... ... I have multiple...   manofmanytrades83   13mo
        Need to resurrect an old thread... ... ... I have multiple autoimmune issues triggered by leaky gut. Any time I eat anything I get muscle aches, rosacea, psoriasis etc. The muscle aches are instantaneous with eating and always reduce in intensity after several hours. This is on a GMO free, grain free, free range diet. I’ve tried rebuilding gut flora, eliminating infections, different types of chelation, etc, etc with some improvements, but my gut is still ultra-sensitive. ... ... After reading studies that BT toxin induces autoimmunity in animals and kills insects by destroying their stomachs, ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I wont use Rife, no need to, no possibility of such odditie...   Blistering Fate   17mo
      I wont use Rife, no need to, no possibility of such oddities in any case, for me. ... ... Leaky Gut can be caused by many things. One its this one you brought to the table. Other, any strong toxin that passes trough the intestinal walls, like aluminum in my case, absorbed trough armpits for two years of antiperspirant use. Eczema and other symptoms started then. But dysbiotic organisms do cause or maintain intestinal permeability and inflammation as well...   [End]
  • Spleen Health, Spleen Detox Experiments and Exploration   goodsamaritan55   18mo  C
    My recent challenges with home air pollution and tooth decay and a major chicken pox outbreak shows I’m not superman… not there yet. Seems I may be missing something. I looked at the Hirata Zone diagram and saw a spot where the chicken pox outlet grew but not really healing… points to the spleen. ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • can msm cause psoriasis flare up?   blue.moon   18mo  C
    Good Morning, Ive had ’psoriasis’ and ’psoriatic’ nails and asthma since I was 5. I started taking ACV every day as well as done 2 liver flushes and parasite cleanses and that really seems to help with the inflamation part. However, I recently (within the past 3 months) added MSM. When I began taking this I was having strong herx reaction, but since my recent parasite cleanse I was able to double the MSM dose before noticing any herx reaction. So now taking 3/4 tsp 2 times per day for 7 days then break for 3 days. ... ... Since 1 month into the MSM have found that by day 2 or 3 back on the MSM ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Is Psoriasis A "Prediabetes" Last Line Of Defence ?   RuyLopez   20mo
    I’ve had psoriasis for a good 16 years. ... I’ve tried many things and will indeed read many of the posts under this thread having not logged on to curezone for a long time..... ... ... I’m exploring the possibility that P is caused by poor blood sugar regulation. I’ll copy an email I sent to a friend and as I was writing it, thought I would share with the good people here for comment. I started off with a quote and link from a website. We are both interested in a little weight loss but I’m interested insulin may be connected with P: ... ... ”Stress creates an increase in cortisol levels which causes t ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Is Psoriasis A   Craftylady   38d
      I believe Psoriasis and diabetes are connected. I have psoriasis, and now I’m diabetic.(Type 2) I’ve had psoriasis longer than the diabetes. My diabetes started out as gestational. During that time my psoriasis cleared (hormones?) after delivery psoriasis came back, diabetes went away. Now they are both here to stay it looks like. ... Years ago, I fasted for 10 days, my psoriasis completely cleared, when fast was over the psoriasis came back. ... Also I stayed off all grains, that helped with the diabetes, no improvement with psoriasis. ...   [End]
  • Update: 9wks post Mirena- Psoriasis almost GONE   BSA SUCCESS AlisinChanes   20mo  C
    This is my 2nd post here. I had my Mirena removed the 1st week of June. My entire story is in the 1st post, I’ve had too many side effects to count but Psoriasis was one that I felt for certain Mirena brought on. I was so anxious to see if my psoriasis would start to get better (go away) after having Mirena 5yrs. I never, ever had psoriasis it ANY skins issues pre-Mirena, it just popped up in 2009. Since 2009 psoriasis has basically, along with other strange health issues, ruled my life as I tried ”fixing” it. The very 1st patch of psoriasis appear on my left ankle & that patch has NEVER i ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Psoriasis Treatment With Mr. B: Paleo Diet Examples and Liv...   goodsamaritan55   20mo  C
    Psoriasis Treatment With Mr. B: Paleo Diet Examples and Liver Flushing ... ... Mr. B looked back hard and saw a mistake he was doing, he said that during times when he is ravenously hungry in the office in the early mornings he would resort to buying fast food french fries… a monstrosity with gmo potatoes deep fried in equally gmo vegetable oil… one of the most toxic foods popular in this big city. ... ... This post is about me teaching Mr. B by example by shopping and by taste and by food preparation and by getting him to do an Andreas Moritz / Hulda Clark type of liver flush. ... ... I lived a few days ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Home Remedies for Psoriasis   psoriasiscuredforever   20mo  C
    Home remedies are the cheapest treatments for dealing with any disease. In case of Psoriasis it is even more cheaper compared to any other treatments, They are too costly. Home remedies are all-natural cures and won’t harm you with harsh and painful side-effects. Not all home remedies work for all people, some might work as a magical treatment where as for other it might be a waste of time. You have to try out other different remedies to find one that works for you. ... ... Listed below are some of the most popular home remedies available out there for Psoriasis Treatment. ... ... ... Moistur ...   [retrieve this message]
  • seborrheic dermatitis   Doctor dad   20mo  C
    Does any one remember the old sebutone? I found a product just like it a few weeks ago PAZOL shampoo.. We have been treating our daughters seborrheic dermatitis with it and we are so excited because it seems to be working we are also using a generic coal tar ointment along with it seems to help!   [End]
  • Psoriasis Treatment with non-exotic means With Full Specifi...   goodsamaritan55   20mo  C
    Come observe one and all and let’s see this psoriasis treatment and eventual cure happen with this case of Mr. B. In 2006 and 2007 Mr. B had an extreme psoriasis crisis that almost killed him. At that time he learned about detox protocols: colon, kidney, liver, dental, skin and wheat grass juice. Since then Mr. B had concentrated on his career, get married and have children… he forgot everything about healing. Today, Mr. B has a promising career but his psoriasis is on the flare upswing again spreading all over his body and his face. ... ... Mr. B. and I were in a serious one on one meeting ...   [retrieve this message]
  • whole world know human mites cause skin problem, and fungus...   michellekansas   21mo  C
    many shampoo for dandruff control has pesticide, and many acne treatment has sulphur. But, they’re not in the right way, that you only felt better for short time, and get worse in long run. ... also, fungus is always mixed with mites infestation, since mites need fungus to break down the skin to digest----read from some medical articles. ... many animal farms experiemce fungus/mites mixed infestation. I don’t know why humans would not have this kind of disease? just antihistamine and steroid will hide the symptom, that many doctors go the short way, and drug companies earn easy money. ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Man Cures Psoriasis   RRR mo123   21mo  C
    Hello from Turkiye, I have had a psoriasis for 15 years. I used home treatment which i learned from botanic expert Phd. İbrahim Saracoglu on TV and it worked for me. It consists of two ingredients; Black Cumin Seeds and Yogurt. I think yogurt is used only for good taste. You make mixture with one little spoon of black cumin seeds with one cup of yogurt. You eat this mixture in morning. In afternoon same process and eating. After some weeks all psoriasis plagues are removed. It worked for me and i hope it will work for you. Please give it a try. Because of wrong translation i ed ...   [retrieve this message]
    • [Sorry for the inconvenience, the message you requested was...   RuyLopez   20mo
      I read this after making my post above: ”Is Psoriasis A Prediabetes Last Line Of Defence”. ... ... After reading I wondered. If this works and if the theory I had come to had any merit, then a web search on black cumin might reveal it lowers blood sugar. This is what I found: ... ... ” ... Studies have indicated that black seed oil has the potential to substitute the use of insulin in the treatment of diabetes. This is because the substances in black cumin have shown to lower blood sugar levels. The acids present in the seeds help the body produce hormones that speed up the metabolism of blood sugar. ” ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Diagnosing Eczema, Psoriasis, Lesions More Precisely with t...   goodsamaritan55   21mo  C
    Diagnosing Eczema, Psoriasis, Lesions More Precisely with the 12 Hirata Zones ... ... July 7, 2012 By Eczema Cured ... ... ... It is amazing to discover an old guide, a theory, a diagram made by the Japanese healer acupuncturist Kurakachi Hirata in the 1930s. This is a diagnostic technique evaluated by means of visual examination. In application to various eczema, psoriasis or other lesions, you may see which organs of the body are having problems by virtue of where the lesions in the body appear. So the lesion appearances are not so random after all. ... ... These are the 12 Hirata Zones: ... ... http://ecz ...   [retrieve this message]
    • GS, ... ... Do you still do the egg yolk liver flush? ... ...   wplush   21mo
      GS, ... ... Do you still do the egg yolk liver flush? ... ... Is that still your flush of choice? ... ... Do you recommend it to your friends and family before the other flushes? ... ... Also, is an enema needed afterwards? ... ... Thanks. ... ... I read an article of the power of egg yolk emptying the gallbladder even more rapid than olive oil....   [End]
      • Egg yolk liver flush or hulda clark or Andreas Moritz liver...   goodsamaritan55   21mo
        Egg yolk liver flush or hulda clark or Andreas Moritz liver flush? ... ... It all depends. Case to case basis. ... ... If there are major gall bladder stones, I would recommend the andreas moritz 1 liter a day for 5 days of apple juice first and then on the 6th day do a hulda clark liver flush. ... ... For the person who is not allergic to egg, egg yolk liver flush will do for some people who do not want to be bothered by the preparation of the hulda clark flush. ... ... Coffee enemas may be more useful for some people, but of course coffee enema will not evacuate stones in the gall bladder. ... ... So I would re ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Packed Lunch, Paleo Diet, Tree iodine, Child Eczema, Social...   goodsamaritan55   22mo  C
    School has started. Our child eczema hero is now 11 years old and sociable. I encourage him. He likes going over to friends’ houses and I take pains to have the driver drop him over even if it is several kilometers away. Socializing is important for our growing children. So playing over at friends is important. I have to support that. Necessarily those parents in the host homes will have to feed our children… but they may not be in the same mindset or have the same health awareness as we do. ... ... Let’s take the example of my boy yesterday Saturday. He said we wanted to be sent to hi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Best Cream For Psoriasis? Also, Best Body Wash? And Diet Ch...   MangoMangosteen   23mo
    Hello! ... I’ve had psoriasis since I was about 5 years old..and it has never gone away completely since then. I recently found out I am intolerant to a bunch of different foods..My acupuncturist was kind of shocked. I can’t afford to go to the acupuncturist anymore but I have found a cheaper alternative medicine doctor in the area that I plan on going to. ... ... I was taking Enbrel for a little while, but got off of it..Was going to get back on it but reconsidered since my doctor was straight up with me about the risks. Now I want to try to keep things more natural. ... ... I was wondering, what is ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Long Hair Experiment Successful, I Finally Got a Haircut   goodsamaritan55   23mo  C
      ... ... Long Hair Experiment Successful, I Finally Got a Haircut ... ... may 23, 2012 by  eczema cured  leave a comment ... ... ... share share share share ... ... ... ... ... Time to take a break blogging about my boy and time to talk about me.  As most of you know, I’m eczema cured and everything cured.  I finally got the idea of experimenting growing long hair.  Yes, my hair grew long enough to reach my collar and covered my ears.  No itches and no irritations.  Yeah!  I did it for the first time in my life… the longest it has been.  But i ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Oral Health, Acid Alkaline Balance, Essential Fatty Acids, ...   goodsamaritan55   23mo  C
    Oral Health, Acid Alkaline Balance, Essential Fatty Acids, Essential Oils for Pestilence, Orange Juice Fasting ... ... From my writings lately we have been busy with pollution avoidance and cleaning up our house roof with 8 sacks of 2.5 year old mud from a previous flood in 2009. We finished the roof with coffee and beeswax for that chemical free treatment to avoid the pollution of chemical varnish. Turned out beautiful. ... ... We then focused on pestilence, suspected tick, mite, flea and other insect removal by spraying the outside walls with insecticide then the indoor walls with eucalyptus oil ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Long Hair Experiment Successful, I Finally Got a Haircut   goodsamaritan55   23mo  C
      ... ... Long Hair Experiment Successful, I Finally Got a Haircut ... ... may 23, 2012 by  eczema cured  leave a comment ... ... ... share share share share ... ... ... ... Time to take a break blogging about my boy and time to talk about me.  As most of you know, I’m eczema cured and everything cured.  I finally got the idea of experimenting growing long hair.  Yes, my hair grew long enough to reach my collar and covered my ears.  No itches and no irritations.  Yeah!  I did it for the first time in my life… the longest it has been.  But it ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Don't know what you've got, 'till it's gone.   AlisinChanes   23mo  C
    I had a lump in my throat for several months back in 2009. Actually it was the 1st physical S.E. I can recall, very shortly after it went away I got psoriasis outta nowhere. I’ve had mirena for the entire 5 yr run come August. I pretty much have all the SEs everyone else has. Ive lost weight. After getting Mirena, I gained approx 40lbs (weighed 108-110lbs pre-Mirena). Im 5’4 tall so, at the time, I was happy to gain a bit. At 146lbs i wasnt happy tho, so i cut carbs & shed 5lbs in a month. Right after, i got a virus & was sick for a week, causing me to lose 10 more lbs. Since then i havent ...   [retrieve this message]
    • So sorry to hear of yet another Mirena victim :( So glad y...   nile   23mo
      So sorry to hear of yet another Mirena victim :( So glad you have a great guy in your life to support you. If you have trouble getting someone to take it out, others have lied and said they’d like to try for another baby. That might work. Also, if you haven’t already and can afford it, consider asking to get your thyroid levels tested. Mirena has screwed up the thyroids of me and many other women on this board, and sometimes it doesn’t show up for a few years. Good to get a baseline. ... ... Best of luck, keep us posted on your progress! ... -nile   [End]
  • Image Embedded Acne, large pores, wrinkles, sun damage, etc   toogabooga   23mo  C
     Take a look at these before and after images!  My son, daughter and granddaughter have battled acne for years.  They’ve tried all kinds of things with little to no results.  We found this new product and finally, they have absolutely beautiful skin!  Even old acne scars are either gone or going away!  Seriously, this is the best stuff ever!  You only use it one time per day, its just one product... easy and fast!  Go look at the results gallery on this website and see what all it is doing for people!  I use it for large pores, wrinkles and age ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I’m really worried .. My daughter is having these spots on ...   nimmi00001   23mo
      I’m really worried .. My daughter is having these spots on her face which have occurred after her acne problem. The pigmentation is all gone but the scars are there for so long and i haven’t found any reliable product which could make her scars disappear . Please help . I’ve heard of this product InviCible Scars Advanced Scar Treatment | For Scars & Dark Spots ... Is it worth buying ? I have also heard about Mederma Skin Care for Scars, Scarring & Stretch Marks | Please tell me what are your views regarding both these products ? ...   [End]
      • Taking powders such as vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid can ...   Ravi31   23mo
        Taking powders such as vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid can help with the scars. As can vitamin K from spinach. This is more of a lengthy process which I’m guessing is not what you’re daughter wants. ... ... Having looked at invicible, it contains vitamin c so no surprise there as vit c does help. I think it would be a good idea to try it as it does promise results within 30 days, but as always with these types of products, take caution. ... ... ... -- ... Hey, my name is Ravi. I finally got rid of my Acne after suffering for 7 years (tried and failed with many so called ’cures’). Want to know how I did i ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Multi Level marketing!!!   #116107   23mo
      Looked online.... this is a multi level muarketing company... so you will not get any ”real” reviews or photos... just websites selling this stuff.   [End]
  • Image Embedded Child Eczema: Mange? Mites? Ticks? Fleas? House Infestation...   goodsamaritan55   23mo  C
    Child Eczema: Mange? Mites? Ticks? Fleas? House Infestation Fight the Non-Toxic Way with Eucalyptus Oil, Clove Oil and Oregano Oil ... ... May 8, 2012 By Eczema Cured Leave a Comment ... ... Yesterday I sinned by using the chemical insecticide Malathion outside the home. Today is the day we spray the inside of the house… but this time this morning my sister in law and my wife called me to say we need something non-toxic. Good thing last night I blogged and made some research and saw the bit about Eucalyptus Oil, Clove oil and Oregano oil. The majority component I needed was eucalyp ...   [retrieve this message]
    • they're in the guts!!! I recommend baking soda cleanse foll...   michellekansas   23mo
      probiotics alone will not cure fast.baking soda or, borax cure fast.for adult, a tea spoon, kids, depending on the weight, less. ... might not be insects, just becasue the guts have too many bad microbes, too less good bacteria. ... I think i found out the truth, but we have to do it together! ... Baby, I have suffered, you will not. Let’s all do it together! For our children! ... the cleanse must mix with some kind of things that make you poop within 2~3 hours, anything otc, I have a post minutes ago about this. ... a 7 day cleanse. any adult can do it.please do the cleanse first, befor ...   [retrieve this message]
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