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  • Image Embedded Candida, and weird black looking parasite Picture Graphic   sirjj9050   83d  Ü C Ü
    Iím on the scd diet, taking anti fungals like olive leaf, coconut oil, etc and have been having a lot of die off since starting to focus on killing candida. ... ... I know the pure white stuff is probably Candida which Iím excited about, but today I decided to look at the picture on my computer 1080p HD computer monitor, and wow what the heck is that black like worm kind of on the bottom right below the stool that has the white stuff on it. ... ... Is that a parasite or something? Also what are the yellow specs/corn like stuff in there? I read around and people are saying it is tapeworm segments? ...   [retrieve this message]
  • A PLAN of How to eat Healther for a BETTER HEALTH (!)..   1234567   5mo  Ü C Ü
    Hello Forum :)... ... ... Here is something to Share with all of you.. ... ... A PLAN of How to eat Healther for a BETTER HEALTH (!) ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... ... A few Important Links to look at before the Main Information.. ... ... ... - For Those who are Already in a (Quite) Bad state of Health ... ... ... Ė Do Not Use your Stomach as a Trash ...   [retrieve this message]
  • [Message Subject Hidden by a Forum Moderator]   lisaedward   13mo  Ü C Ü
    [Message Body Hidden by a Forum Moderator]   [End]
  • 10 Elements Of A Healthy Mindset   jvcnit20131   14mo  Ü C Ü
    This is an example of what you want your mindset to look like. ... 1. Have an increased awareness and appreciation of yourself and your body. ... 2. Set aside time each day to perform rituals, or to relax and meditate. Do yoga, or tai chi (amazing for stress reduction), read the bible, pray and be thankful ... 3. Keep in touch with close relationships ... 4. The ability to adapt to ever changing conditions. ... 5. Always craving physical activity, and healthy food for that matter-exercise, eat right, and take good nutritional supplements. ... 6. Laughs a lot.- A great comedy can really make you feel bette ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Hungry for Change - The FREE movie promotion!!   1234567   18mo  Ü C Ü
    I am sending this link to all of u here what I think is very important and Not worth missing. This is a FREE movie promotion and it will be ended at midnight coming Saturday (by the US times).. I already watched that free movie promotion and I was about to order that DVD coz it is sooooo inspirational!! But I will get to order the book uptill 6th of October and get the free download of that moview and many other bonuses! :))).. ... ... Anyway, I HOPE u will have a minute (one and a half hour actually :)) to watch this movie with all ur family and may be friends coz it is just great to share and ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Food, exercise & the fasting state?   RDA   18mo
    Hi there, iíve been practicing the warrior diet for 2 months now & im thinking about incorporating light snacks during the íundereatingí period as my energy levels can get low meaning i canít exercise as well (i exercise towards the end of the undereating period) ... ... I do also find at certain times that exercising in the fasted state is much much better than having a pre workout meal ... ... So what im trying to find is a balance of fasting/light snacking that doesnít take me out of the fasted state but allows me enough energy to exercise efficiently ... ... I just got myself a juicer so im thinking ...   [retrieve this message]
    • You might have to go in the archive for an answer. Rygar .....   hanna   18mo
      You might have to go in the archive for an answer. Rygar ... started this forum and when you find one of his posts and go to the bottom of it just click on All Rygarís messages. ... You can find one of his post at the top under the R ratings. Usually the best information is in the beginning when forums are new, so also check there.   [End]
  • How do you Intermittent Fast?   Wheatgrass Yogi   24mo  Ü C Ü
    Iím strongly considering going on a program of eating and fasting, but Iím not sure if itís Intermittent Fasting. Perhaps one of you could offer advise? ... My plan is to have an íEight-hour windowí for eating and drinking, followed by a í16-hour windowí for Dry Fasting. ... I feel this could be a natural way to live....nothing after 4pm or before 8am. This would be a daily schedule, Without Compromise, until good or bad results are experienced. ... Is anyone doing anything similar?......WY   [End]
    • ... ... I did an alternate day diet for several months and...   #136970   24mo
      ... ... I did an alternate day diet for several months and lost about 20 pounds, then ... went off of it because of surgery and a hospital stay and have never gotten ... back.  I intend to. ... ... There are two books with primarily the same plan and that is - all you want ... to eat one day, then 500 calories the next.  That is also called the ... "up day down day" diet.  I think that the down day calories are ... based on your height, donít remember - but within a couple of weeks it was easy ... to follow.  Also on the up day I didnít splurge, I kept it to no more than ... 2,500 calories ...   [retrieve this message]
      • ... ... There have been a number of studies that indicate ...   #136970   24mo
        ... ... There have been a number of studies that indicate that fasting for one or ... more days at a time is a life extension.  This diet is close to that. ... ... From the Amazon site for the Alternate Day Diet (one of the authors is an ... MD): ... ... ... ... Diet only half the time with this revolutionary, easy-to-follow, safe, and ... science-based program. ... ... ... ... The Alternate-Day Diet is based on scientific and clinical studies that ... show how restricting calories only every oth ...   [retrieve this message]
      • The Alternate-Day-Calorie-Restriction Diet might be a good ...   Wheatgrass Yogi   24mo
        The Alternate-Day-Calorie-Restriction Diet might be a good way to lose weight, but Iím skinny enough as it is. I need a Healing. Iím feeling the ADD and CR diet wouldnít serve me at this time....looking forward to one big meal each day, day-in and day-out, might establish Regularity (something Iíve never had), and keep me going. Eating healthy foods is a ímustí. ... Thanks for your input......WY   [End]
    • Healthy lifestyle   arn   24mo
      I recommend, eat breakfast early in the morning, donít have snacks or drinks other than water between meals, and only have 2 or 3 meals a day. Only eat healthy food. ... ... This is a part of a healthy lifestyle, along with all of the other things which make you healthy. ... ... Some differences to your ideas: ... ... I recommend drinking water during the entire 24 hour period. ... ... The times may be different for different people, depending on work or study hours. I have breakfast earlier than 8 am.   [End]
      • am....Your eating habits are commendable. You didnít mentio...   Wheatgrass Yogi   24mo
        am....Your eating habits are commendable. You didnít mention your íwindow of timeí for eating. ... I understand the Warrior Diet requires a 4-hour window for eating, and 20-hours of non-eating. I assume Water is allowed during the 20-hour period. Gotta look into that......WY   [End]
        • The ideal approach is to eat breakfast early in the morning...   arn   24mo
          The ideal approach is to eat breakfast early in the morning, and eat your last meal early enough so that the food is digested before going to bed. There is no need to restrict this to a short time. ... ... By the way, I live in the real world, and deal with all of the realities everyone else deals with. For example, if I finish work late, I may eat later than ideal, etc. etc. The idea is to do your best, in all aspects of diet and lifestyle. ... ... People who are health conscious, on average, live longer, and have better quality of life when they are older.   [End]
    • Re: How do you Intermittent Fast?   Wheatgrass Yogi   24mo
      I guess eating and fasting during a 24-hour period is not considered Intermittent Fasting if itís done daily as a regular and day-out. ... If the week of eating is broken-up with a couple of Fasting Days, then that would be IF. ... Probably the healthiest way to eat and fast is to do the same thing everyday for an extended period of it eating and/or fasting. ... This also depends on your Body Image. I like the world-class Marathon Runners. Theyíre small men....averaging 5í6Ē and 117 pounds. But they can run all day at 5 min/mi pace......WY   [End]
      • What is Intermittent Fasting? There are many variations ...   GeoFan   11mo
        What is Intermittent Fasting? There are many variations on the intermittent fasting (IF) theme. Some recommend fasting two days per week, say Monday and Thursday. Others suggest fasting for 16-20 hours per day, four to six days per week. The plan I have been following is a feeding period of 4-6 hours per day and fasting for 18-20 hours each day. I am allowing one Ēcheat-dayĒ every week or two, for both social and metabolic benefits. Some variations on the Intermittent Fasting theme: * The Warrior Diet (20/4 hrs fast/feed.) * The Fast-5 Diet (19/5 hrs fast/feed.) * LeanGain ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Female starting warrior diet:I have questions!   jkjh84   30mo
    Hi I am new to this forum and the WD. I have a few questions. I am a 27 yr. old female 5í6Ē and 151lbs. My goal is to be 125-130. I have been reading about the WD and I was wanting to know exactly what this is and how it works. I also would like to know your success stories using it (females only...since men loose weight a lot easier than women anyway). How much weight can I expect to loose and how long should it take. One more question...If there is a special occasion (these come not often at all) what do you do about the eating (christmas, thanksgiving) or if the Ēspecial occasion ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I workout a lot with females, both in and out of the gym an...   R modelfitness   27mo
      I workout a lot with females, both in and out of the gym and have often given my story of how to maintain consistent weight loss with a modified warrior diet. ... ... Firstly, itís more of a way of eating than a diet. If you reduce calorie intake you will lose weight, however it is fat weight you want to lose. You want to retain your muscle and loss the fat, so I would look less at the scales and more at your body fat percentage. I use the accumeasure for this, simple and quick and precise! ... ... So to maintain muscle you have to use it! In the past, everyone was more active. So walk to work, eve ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Warrior Diet - Day 9   KathyCanDo   30mo
    Hi everyone, I have been juicing(organic), hot tea, water during the morning/afternoon while at work, and then I eat one meal in the evening. I have had great results with this and find I have so much energy. I am down 6.8 lbs. and my body is starting to reshape itself. So I am very pleased with this way of eating. I donít see this as a diet but a way that I am going to be eating. My evening meals consist of meat, vegetable, glass of red wine, water. I ary the meats from baked chicken, salmon cakes, black angus burger, black angus hot dogs (even a small brownie if I want. I eat till ...   [retrieve this message]
  • New to Paleo: Where to start & what about Weston Price & Wa...   being   4y  Ü C Ü
    Iím new to Paleo. ... ... While researching for a better more natural diet I came across 3 things, the raw diet (which is mostly vegan, and i dont like much), the paleo diet and the weston price diet. ... ... I am not looking for a fad popular lame diet, I am lookinh for a diet guide or a philosophy. ... ... The Price diet is all about the uncivilized natives and what they ate andhow that resulted in better teeth, better formed faces and even better morals/psychological effects. ... ... I read a lot about the weston price diet and it makes sense: grass-fed beef, animal fat, fermented cod liver oil, raw mi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • ten-day fast   powerray   4y  Ü C Ü
    HI, I am desperate to fast to rout my candida/other bacterial intestinal overgrowth. I have needed to do this for about 30 years -- since I was 10. I have had a horrible life because of this disease. I have adhered to an all-raw diet 2 years straight now and have fasted weekly for a couple of years as well -- which has just barely kept me functioning. Hell, I canít even claim to function. Depression, lethargy, the entire list of symptoms. Brain fog. Anxiety. I know a good fast of several days would do something powerful to clear me up. In the future, for my life, I need to be a pe ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Good news! ... ... Instead of fasting for only 10 days man...   lemonista   4y
      Good news! ... ... Instead of fasting for only 10 days many times a year - why not half that for your first fast and then take it from there? ... ... It is easier to make small plans instead of one daunting mammoth commitment. ... ... Little is achieved in small fasts and much more is achieved in longer (21+ day) cleanses. ... ... You can do it - we are there for you. And so is your intelligent body.   [End]
    • Bless you for taking a few minutes to publish this. I under...   lolaa00   27mo
      Bless you for taking a few minutes to publish this. I understand where you are coming from on this article however , I do believe that there are more desirable solutions. ... ...   [End]
  • Weight loss pills   link7881   4y
    My weight is 258lbs now and would love to get rid of it. I am 31 years old and my height is 5í5. My doctor said that I am overweight. My friend introduced Acomplia to me just last night, which she bought online from Honestly, my friend Teddy just lost a lot of weight and he told me that heís been taking that pill and going to the gym regularly. Does anybody know the side effects of this pill? Thank you.   [End]
  • I need help with the warrior diet!!!!!   adidas128   5y
    I am gonna start this diet and is this a good way to start from 10.00-19.00 just have a few appels and 20 min cardio.Then before my ĒbigĒ meal just lifting weights and some ab exercises.Then as for the big meal, have a bowl of salad and then some fish and a appel before much do you think i would lose if i do this for a week?   [End]
  • Looking for some advice on the WD   Leo2883   5y
    Hey all! Been on the WD since May of í09, and loving it. Exercising everyday, and eating my big meal at night etc. ... ... Now my question stems from confusion of what i can/cant eat during the day portion. I typically wake up late (around 12:00 pm), and have a banana and trail mix bar then depending if i have work or not i exercise at least an hour or two after, and have a protein shake right after. Im wondering if i should just not eat my early snacks like i have been or does it matter? also is drinking the protein shake after my workout a good idea or should i hold off till later? other tha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Why excersizing is better on the warrior diet?   Arsonist941   5y
    Iíve noticed that someone said you should excersize on the warrior diet to take advantage of extra hormones?? Does anyone know what that means or why excersizing is better with the warrior diet? I mean other than the fact that itís easier, what else is different about excersizing when on the diet? ... ... -Ryan   [End]
    • Ryan, ... ... When you fast for a significant period of ti...   WarVader   5y
      Ryan, ... ... When you fast for a significant period of time, there are hormones that are more prevalent/available, i.e. Growth Hormone, etc. I will not bore you with a list of metabolites, hormones or other compounds you body manufactures in the fasting state. Suffice to say that when you adjust to fasting for 20 hours a day, you get much more efficient at using the resources available physiologically. Protein and nutrient utilization and your overall metabolism will benefit greatly. ... Typically, when working out and following the warrior diet, I lose about pound a week. Thatís not much on the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Ori Hofmekler on Warrior Diet, Muscle Retention, Protein   AntNel   5y  Ü C Ü
    Ori Hofmekler shares tons of info on his books, diets, exercise, muscle retention, and protein:   [End]
  • Warrior Diet Experience   Arsonist941   5y
    Iíve been eating only organic raw veggies + fruit from waking to 6-7pm which is when I have dinner. When I tried having even a LITTLE protein during the day such as raw seeds or raw chashews, it wasnt as good. Itís painful at first, but i move like a wild animal and my ability to compete in sports or video games is greatly enhanced. ... ... I also do this extra things such as avoiding meat and living off of garbanzo beans, quinoa, lentils, peas, nuts, seeds, other legumes. Meat doesnt seem to help, but I have it once in a while. I also eat mostly all organic. During the undereating phase, ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Iíve been finding that over the years, I have gone to not e...   WarVader   5y
      Iíve been finding that over the years, I have gone to not eating anything during the day (maybe some green tea occasionally). It seems to do a better job of lowering my blood pressure when I adhere to this regimen instead of eating vegetables, etc. during the day. Itís not for everybody, but running and weight training are so much easier, and I make sure to eat immediately after training, no matter when. Post-workout meals are usually smoothies with a decent amount of protein (30 grams), flax seeds, fruits, oatmeal, and whatever else I can throw in. The nice part is that if I train in the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • New to the forum   meganfullofgrace   5y
    Hey everyone, ... In my job on occation we are up for 18 hours or more thur the day or night (or both) with no breaks to eat. I had two days in a row like this and really felt great! So I decided to do a little experiment and keep doing it. I didnít eat thru the day but had whatever I wanted at night. I couldnít believe how amazing I felt. So I did a little research and came across info online about the Ēwarrior dietĒ iíve yet to read the book due to what I know would be serious conflict with my boyfriend who believes in traditional Ēhealthy dietsĒ and nothing else. Iíve been on the warrior ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Ya, I had a huge difference in energy after i sta I eat jus...   Arsonist941   5y
      Ya, I had a huge difference in energy after i sta I eat just raw organic fruits/veggies. My body doesnt have that fatigue and Im soo hyper at work. I bring a bag of Green apples(lower sugar than regular) to work and just snack on those during the day. My co workers are always talking about food. They probably think im anarexic because im thin and am only eating fruit. When I just say ĒI get really tired when I eat so I have to eat later on in the dayĒ, people are usually understanding. ... ... -Ryan   [End]
    • meganfullofgrace, ... ... You never need to explain yourse...   WarVader   5y
      meganfullofgrace, ... ... You never need to explain yourself, but if you feel the need to, get what documentation you can. It will enforce what you feel already. Itís okay to cheat on weekends too...remember itís more like a lifestyle, so overall a couple of days is not going to hurt, especially if youíre keeping up with exercise commitments. ... ... Good Luck, ... ... WarVader ... (On the Warrior Diet since 1999)   [End]
    • I donít even know what this warrior diet is, I just was loo...   #35289   5y
      I donít even know what this warrior diet is, I just was looking here, but I stopped eating lunch a couple years ago. I never had breakfast, not even growing up. Mother didnít think I needed it apparently. But now when I do eat something for lunch I feel terrible. Unless itís a piece of fruit. No, nobody understands! Also I work out after work, on an empty stomach. It feels much better. I donít do it for weight loss, mostly for stamina. Tell your friends the Roman army was not allowed to eat until after battle, at night. I canít remember where I read that...   [End]
  • WARRIOR DIET - I'm new, please help!   meldoor   5y  Ü C Ü
    Hi guys ... ... Will keep it short - Iím female and have decided to try the WD - purely for fat loss! ... ... Iím eating: ... ... Brekkie: 5 almonds; milk; yogurt ... ... Lunch: 10 almonds; piece of fruit; and either yogurt/milk/another piece of fruit ... ... Dinner: Big salad with tuna and a boiled egg; bread roll with lettuce, low fat fetta, chicken; and something else - not sure yet ... ... ... Im sticking to 1200 calories a day total and get about 20 minutes of cardio each day ... ... Is this okay?! Will it work? ... ... Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! THanks heaps ... ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Iíd suggest looking into the Paleo Diet. You can eat all yo...   Rick67   5y
      Iíd suggest looking into the Paleo Diet. You can eat all you want and the fat will just melt away. ... ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
    • I would seriously consider eating more whole foods as natur...   ozgur   5y
      I would seriously consider eating more whole foods as nature intended. The low-fat diet, especially done this way will hurt much more than it will help. There is so much Ēpolitically correct nutritionĒ that is really way off. The makerís diet would be a good book to start with to help out.   [End]
  • Anyone still doing the Warrior diet? If so where are you a...   fatherof4   5y
    n/m   [End]
    • Alright I am going to respond to my own posting for those t...   fatherof4   5y
      Alright I am going to respond to my own posting for those that might read this. In an earlier post I said I was using this 3 week period of fasting to also kick start my warrior diet. ... I actually started on the 2nd of January doing a 5 day high fat, low calorie fat loss deal that is short term and produced incredible results in November when I did it for the 1st time. I did 2 cycles of it then and went from 199 to 193 in 2 weeks. It was almost entirely fat loss. Usually since I only eat 1,000 calories from fat per day on that íprogramí (it is definitley for short term use only) I tend ...   [retrieve this message]
      • I started the Warrior Diet on Monday after flushing my live...   newandlean   5y
        I started the Warrior Diet on Monday after flushing my liver Sunday night. I knew I had to do something when I hit 151lbs (and was extremely unhealthy). I weighed myself this morning and I am 145.6lbs. I absolutely love this diet and so does my body. I have to state that I am not eating fruits and veggies throughout the day. I am drinking water, lots of herbal tea, and lemon water during my wake hours of the 16-18hr fast. I break my fast at 4pm with raw veggies, have a small appetizer of olives, nuts, cheese and more veggies, then my meal. I eat between 4pm - 7pm. I have heavier meals the ...   [retrieve this message]
        • That is awesome. I also feel so much better on this ídietí...   fatherof4   5y
          That is awesome. I also feel so much better on this ídietí. I am going to start tweaking things like sizes of meals and heavy protein days and heavy carb days once I am done with my fast. That will also give me the oppotunity to experiment with eating protein a couple hours before my workout or no-gi class in which we spar pretty hard. Itís a journey for sure and I am really enjoying it. ... One other thing I have experienced is that I am able to concentrate during the day so much better. My mind usually goes 100 miles an hour and even though I have a ton of energy during the day and I d ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Father of 4, ... ... Yes, there are those of us still on t...   WarVader   5y
      Father of 4, ... ... Yes, there are those of us still on the Warrior Diet. Iíve been on it now since late 1999, when I first read about it on T-nation. Although I donít post as much as I used to, I still offer advice for some questions when I get the opportunity. Looking in on this forum about once a week had fallen by the wayside as of late. ... If you have questions, Iíd be glad to answer them as best I can. ... ... Good Luck, ... ... WarVader   [End]
  • Questions on the warrior diet   fatherof4   5y
    Hey all, ... I got the warrior diet years ago and experimented a few times with it. Never for very long and never with any success. I really believe in the principles and Iím sure if I tweak a few things it will work for me. It just seems to make sense. ... I have always felt that eating during the day drug me down. ... ... I recently decided to do a 21 day fast (during the day only) with my wife. We are doing this as a time of prayer and fasting and I also see this as a great oppurtunity to adjust to the warrior diet. ... I am on day 7 and a couple things have come up. One is we are both a little ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I was just browsing and not deeply knowledgeable about the ...   Roooth   5y
      I was just browsing and not deeply knowledgeable about the warrior diet but even if you donít eat during the day I think you do not have to worry about not getting enough calories. Over the years Iíve come to a deep conviction that we eat far more food than our bodies need, especially in America. ... ... If you read up on Calorie Restriction ... you will see some support for this, however due to the loss of nutrition in food, getting enough nutrients is more difficult. Part of the CR plan is to eat foods that are low in calories and high in nutrients. We do ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Thanks for the feedback. I couldnít agree more about the q...   fatherof4   5y
        Thanks for the feedback. I couldnít agree more about the quantity vs. quality. As a society we consuming far to many calories and yet starving for nutrients. ... ... I have discovered the same thing in regards to grains and fiber, they tend to have the opposite effect then what they are ísupposedí to have. ... ... I think I will try to focus on fat/protein or at least flip flop between that and higher carb intake (fruits and veggies primarily) and see what results that gives me. ... ... F-4   [End]
  • Any Female Warriors Out There???   Kiki1687   5y
    Hi! I am not new to the Warrior life style, my husband and his best friend have been doing it for years. I would just like to talk to another woman who is a Warrior since men react so differently to diet and exercise - fat & muscle.   [End]
  • just stared becmoing a warrior   solid905   6y
    I just started the warrior diet and im gunna be fasting evryday from 8 pm to 4pm every day when i have the final meal what should i eat what i usualy did when i did it now and then was eat like whole grain bread with chease and my protien shake with some eggs shuould i add something else the problem is idk what to eat diring the main meal should i add nooodles or something?   [End]
    • Re: becoming a warrior different for men and women   R #109467   5y
      Hi - it is different for men and women. For instance if you are a woman, the first week is the detox week. There is a special book just for this purpose, it can be downloaded from the Warrior site. But no, you can not just eat whatever you want at dinner and fast all day. First week - (as with all overeating meals if you follow Warrior going forward) have to begin with a salad with a small bit of healthy oil and a bit of balsamic vinegar or lemon. Then wait 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes you can eat any veggie and then a non-wheat based card (brown rice, quino, etc) and a choice of beans ...   [retrieve this message]
  • question regarding the undereating/overeating cycle   jc525   6y
    Hey guys, Iíve been on the warrior diet for the past 2 weeks or so and so far its been great but there are some things I am still not too sure about. Iíve read the book and researched on websites and i still canít really figure out WHEN i should be eating with my type of schedule. I generally have an awkward schedule. I usually donít goto bed till 2-4AM in the morning, wake up around noon and then have a set time to have dinner at 7pm with the family. Now I donít eat at all when I wake up till around 7pm, I give myself a 4 hour window to eat from 7pm-11pm and my big meal is always at 7pm, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Diet question due to change in training   spcase   6y
    Hi Folks ... ... Itís my first time on here so I thought Iíd hit you with a question right away. Iíve been on the WD for about 6 months and have been training in the evenings, then overeating. However, Iíve just changed to training in the morning and am a little confused about how much I should be eating the day and when. Can anyone give me any advice? ... ... Many thanks ... ... Steve   [End]
    • I eat a serving of protein right after wards.I used to drin...   rygar.   6y
      I eat a serving of protein right after wards.I used to drink high calorie weighted gainers myself right after then I tried protein shakes but I read that protein canít really get digested fully without the presence of the right kinds of I am not talking about omega 3s or mct oil but the fat long with the animal it was naturally off of. I thought it wasnít good to eat after wards but it works for me so far.I usually have a steak or chicken thighs,salad and some sticky rice.I donít think you have to eat a large meal,just anything with enough protein to encourage growth and rebuilding ...   [retrieve this message]
  • gonna go back on..   rygar.   6y
    well,after trying to go back to the standard way of eating- ... I noticed that my moods have been all over the place as well as feeling alot more ... tired then before.I have also noticed that I generally feel weaker and tired more ... often then not when my protein and fats go down while my carbs went up. ... ... I tried drinking weight gainers again but only to get bloated and ill even. ... I will continue to drink a protein shake after my workouts but thatís it. ... ... I will still have a small protein meal for lunch,then fast til dinner where I will ... eat a large one like before.Mostly meats/fats,some raw v ...   [retrieve this message]
  • After 2 weeks...   mattino24   6y
    Hey all, so I have been on the diet for two weeks now. The first week I dropped about 8-10 lbs. The second week my weight stayed the same. However, my strength has increased, and I have been able to bench much more weight and have more stamina in the weight room than I did too weeks ago.   [End]
    • Mattino24, ... ... Iím glad thus far the WD has been worki...   WarVader   6y
      Mattino24, ... ... Iím glad thus far the WD has been working out for you. As you will see with time, the timing of the exercise is just as important as the timing of the meal. If you can work out before your main meal (and within 30 minutes of exercise), you would probably see your best results; however, itís more important to get the exercise in than not being able to. Itís a hokey example, but when a lion or cheetah chases down prey, when do they eat...immediately. With the WD, recovery meals are allowed after exercise, so I suppose you could think of supper as that large recovery meal ;-). ... ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Re: After 3 weeks...   mattino24   6y
        After 3 weeks: ... ... Im actually down 17 pounds, but I feel great. I had to eat lunch yesterday for a business function and honestly felt terrible and tired the rest of the day.   [End]
        • Hi, ... ... Thatís great. You mean that you lost 8-10 in t...   samira   6y
          Hi, ... ... Thatís great. You mean that you lost 8-10 in the first week, nothing in the second, and then again around 7 pounds in the third week? ... ... I have tried warrior diet two or three times before. Every time I lost so much in the first week, usually nothing in the second (1 pound up or down). So I thought that my body just gets used to this type of eating. And since I am not actually reducing my calorie intake, then I will not lose anymore. And I gave up after second week. ... ... Did you do anything special that you started losing again? Did you amp up your exercise? Or it just happened? Any s ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Yep thats what happened... Ill be honest during the second ...   mattino24   6y
            Yep thats what happened... Ill be honest during the second week I didnt exactly follow the right plan for the overeating stage because we were constantly going out to eat. I usually lift every other night and run for 10-15 minutes 4-5 nights a week. Also, I eat nothing during the day really, just 2 cups of coffee..   [End]
            • Hi - I am on week one of the three week female detox plan. ...   #109467   5y
              Hi - I am on week one of the three week female detox plan. My husband has been doing warrior for a long time and we have a friend who works with Ori so I am pretty educated on how it works but since men and women are so different Iíd like a female point of view. I am following to the word the plan, eating as prescribed and feel great, lots of mental energy but my physical energy is a little low. I worked out twice this week, kind of low key. I am not going to start a true warrior work out plan until after the detox phase. Long story short - did anyone else feel this way the first couple of ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Just started   mattino24   6y
    Hey all, Im new to the board. Just started the warrior diet about 2 weeks ago. Usually I have 2-3 cups of black coffee throughout the day and then eat around 7. One of the questions I have is whether or not it is ok to work out (usually a solid weight workout followed by 10 minutes of running) about 3 hours after the feast, or whether or not it should be done before the feast? I am doing this diet to feel lean, healthy and more energetic, but Ill be honest dropping about 20 pounds would be nice too. Im already a naturally big guy, and pretty strong, it would just be nice to lose a lot of t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Raw Vegan + WD?   cycalone   6y
    Hey, ... I just discovered this ĒWarrior DietĒ. Iím not too knowledgable of it, however i got a basic overview from their website. It seems like more of a lifestyle of ĒwhenĒ rather than ĒwhatĒ to eat. I was just curious if someone more knowledgable of it could let me know if itís possible for a Raw Vegan to effectivly follow this. Can the 2 lifestyles coexist or are there contradictions between the 2 that prevent one from following both? ... Thx much ... Cycalone   [End]
    • you might have problems with indigestion or getting enough ...   rygar.   6y
      you might have problems with indigestion or getting enough calories being that raw veggies are low in calories as it is.I know that Iíd get horribly bloated and gassy with them lol.   [End]
      • I actually used to, lol. I kinda jumped into it without ve...   cycalone   6y
        I actually used to, lol. I kinda jumped into it without very much knowledge or resources. I was actually at a point where i was about 121lbs (iím 5í10) and thatís where i kinda drew the line. I mean i felt amazingly energetic but the weight loss was a bit extreme. ... So i stopped it for a bit, gained some knowledge (and a decent juicer) and no longer how any such probs. The raw veggies i usually use for juice so i fit quite a bit in there which can help the calories as can all of the nuts and oils and fatty fruits (avacodos and cocnuts). ... I was just wondering what the restrictions were and ...   [retrieve this message]
        • I donít see a problem with eating only raw veggies on the W...   rygar.   6y
          I donít see a problem with eating only raw veggies on the WD just as long as one gets all the proper nutrients and calories. ... ... Heck,I used to eat ONLY a 12 oz.Bloody rare steak and some eggs a night after fasting and working in a garage for 10-12 hours a night a few summers ago lol.Worked out great for me and I became lean ans shiet. ... ... (-: ... ... I donít really think you have to literally gorge yourself but eat enough and youíll be fine.   [End]
  • The reasons I stick with the WD...since 1999.   R WarVader   6y
    Right off the bat, sorry for not posting for a while...working for a living can be frustrating. Anyway, if anybody is interested why I stick to the Warrior Diet, I can sum it up in 3 reasons: ... 1) After 2 months on the WD, you will heal faster. Why? Simply because youíre allowing the body to perform all itís functions without digestion getting in the way. By timing your meals properly, it also helps to shuttle all your food to the right places...microtrauma, enzymatic functions, protein synthesis. ... 2) Detoxification and prioritization: At the risk of sounding the same as reason #1, the body ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I can comment on the quality muscle thing..I have put on MO...   rygar.   6y
      I can comment on the quality muscle thing..I have put on MORE quality muscle and power while on the warrior diet then I have ever on my old bodybuilding diet.Not only that but I also felt better in general. ... ... The only thing I didnít like was that though I was alot more muscular,I was also my lightest I have ever been.I donít doubt it being very beneficial for detoxification and cleansing because of first hand experience but for me,I just didnít put on enough size for my taste on this diet.I remained amazingly lean and muscular (imagine mass,swelled muscles around defined and toned joints ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Rygar, ... ... Itís not for me to comment, but you will mi...   WarVader   6y
        Rygar, ... ... Itís not for me to comment, but you will miss that feeling when you hit your 40ís (thin, strong, flexible), take my word for it. If your looking to gain weight (ie. gain muscle faster), Iíd suggest eating twice a day...I donít know what time of day you work out, but eating in the AM, followed by a decent meal in the evening, will still give most of the benefits without feeling bloated from eating 3-4 times a day. It always comes down to planning. ... ... WarVader   [End]
        • lol I never got back into eating smaller meals throughout t...   rygar.   6y
          lol I never got back into eating smaller meals throughout the day,it turned out to be ... too troublesome and I was no longer hungry in the afternoon anymore.I tried force feeding myself with prevail,I am not sure but I might just eat a small protein meal for lunch just like I have been doing then a large meal,maybe two of them in the evening...   [End]
    • Hi, thanks for you message. Great advice. I am just start...   KathyCanDo   30mo
      Hi, thanks for you message. Great advice. I am just starting this on Day 9. I am feeling euphoric. So much energy. I can notice my body eliminating better and outside of the noises my stomach makes during the day. I plan on eating like this the rest of my life. I have noticed now that I do have free time at lunch to start some type of workout program. Can you give me an idea of what you do? They have a gym at my job and I know it is time for me to go down there and start using the equipment now that I have this vast amount of energy. Can you share your workout routine. They have ...   [retrieve this message]
  • no more for meh.. (-:   rygar.   6y
    well,after being on the warrior diet for the last 4 1/2 years I have decided to go off of it and pack on some weight again.It did serves itís purpose in terms of detoxing my body from years of over consumption of supplements and high blood sugar.I have learned and done soo much in terms of experimenting and trying out different things in terms of diet/nutrition and I have come to the conclusion that the standard 3xday meals are the best for me,breakfast lunch and dinner.Possibly shakes in between for now since I am trying to get my lean mass up.I have simply become so thin (though still m ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Good luck to you but remember when you go off the warrior y...   stevems   6y
      Good luck to you but remember when you go off the warrior you will no longer feel the warrior instinct which I think is just as important as detoxifying your body. You could potentially lose your energy and not want to work out. Then you will begin to put on fat instead of lean muscle mass. If you are trying to put on Muscle mass you could always follow the warrior diet and at night take a mass gainer with your main meal that will give you good calories. Just something to think about. I know I love having the warrior instinct from undereating during the day. It makes me much more adventuro ...   [retrieve this message]
      • well,I changed it up again after trying to snack on protein...   rygar.   6y
        well,I changed it up again after trying to snack on protein during the day- ... In theory it seemed like it was going to work but in reality,sneaking off to eat a little protein every few hours was not only annoying but it was also nausiating lol. ... ... I eat a banana for breakfast for a small fruit to take my vitamins with,then a small ... protein lunch.I wait til dinner to really pig out and then a high carb meal before bed. ... I canít seem to function right with too many carbs so I had to up my protein more.My blood sugar seems way more stable this way and I can function alot better. ... ... As for the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Does this thing work?   psychohott   6y
    Hi, I have been doing a little research on the warrior diet. Can I get some feedback from those whoíve done it before. Does it really work??? ... ... Thanks, ... Psychohott   [End]
    • Works great! It requires will power and the understanding t...   stevems   6y
      Works great! It requires will power and the understanding that its not just a diet but a way of life. If you are weak minded, give up easy, or are generally weak you will struggle. I have been on the warrior diet for 3 years now. When I started in 2005 I weighed 265 lbs. I now weigh 190 and I am solid muscle. I follow the warrior and I also follow CFT (Controlled Fatigue Training). I jog in the mornings when I get up for 30 minutes. Follow the diet throughout my day. Then I CFT train at night about 5pm-6pm including stretching. Then I Overeat. You will notice after a couple weeks that you ...   [retrieve this message]
      • I have done the warrior diet for quite some time,though I u...   rygar.   6y
        I have done the warrior diet for quite some time,though I used to fast for the entire day- I find it now that I feel better if I have many small servings of protein throughout the day,then eat a large dinner then a snack before bed. ... ... By SMALL meals,I mean really small- ... IE; ... ... 3 hard boiled eggs ... ... steak bar ... (basically a piece of steak thats been cooked and then cut into the size ... of an average candy bar lol,hows that for a protein bar?) ... ... 3 fried trouts ... ... pork chop ... ... beef or pork rib ... ... scrambled eggs ... ... ground beef with diced onions/tomato/chives ... ... baked chicken thighs cut into íb ...   [retrieve this message]
  • sup everyone?   rygar.   6y
 the warrior diet and I feel alot better lol. ... ... thatís all. ... ... putting on weight as we speak! ... nothing crazy,just two meals a day with two snacks to keep things up. ... ... mOstly protein and veggies for the meals and lite carbs for my snacks.   [End]
    • ..damn.. ... ... 7 views and no one gives a poop. ... ......   rygar.   6y
      ..damn.. ... ... 7 views and no one gives a poop. ... ... ... noice!~ ... ... ... ):   [End]
      • Hey Rygar. I am still basically eating fruit and nuts duri...   mojo_one   6y
        Hey Rygar. I am still basically eating fruit and nuts during the day and pretty much whatever I want in the evening... ... ... Many days, I eat nothing the entire day until 4pm and I have come to the conclusion the body stores more in that case and one gains weight... it seems we should get some protein in there during the day so the body doesnít store and hold onto everything thatís eaten, reacting to the feast famine as though one may have an extended famine... ... ... Thoughts... ... ... MOJO   [End]
  • mike nash aggressive   helenoftroy   6y
    hiya everyone, ... has anyone tried the aggressive diet by mike nash, my main concern is good health then weightloss, can anyone recommend any good diets as well as the warriar diet. trying to cut out tea and chocolate at the mo so how did you stop the red bulls rgar (spell name wrong i know) am still waiting for the warriar diet book. live in UK so it will most probably take six months. ... helen   [End]
    • after many failed attempts I just stopped the habit,though ...   rygar.   6y
      after many failed attempts I just stopped the habit,though admitingly I still drink it once a week. ... (: ... ... I find that the hardest days are the first few,then itís a cake walk.Just make sure yo donít replace the old habit with a new one!!   [End]
  • Edited   UserX   6y  Ü C Ü
  • newbie to warrior diet   livingwaters   6y  Ü C Ü
    Hi Everyone, ... ... I am a regular on the UT forum and I recently started trying the Warrior diet as I need to lose a bit of weight (about 20 kg) and the UT is helping me with fasting. Something I have been hopeless at until just recently - since the UT. This Warrior diet seems very natural to me and the days I have tried it (for about 3-4 days now) I have benefited from increased energy and vitality. I have even taken up some sprints again - my energy was so flagged I couldnít exercise much but since this I have been on 2 long bike rides and now the sprints two days in a row. I did 5x 100 met ...   [retrieve this message]
  • what is it about eating during the day..   rygar.   7y
    that gets me soooo lazy and groggy? ... I have experimented again just to see it it would do any good and ..nope. ... I have been lazy,tired and zoned out so much more then before for the past two days at work,eating during the lunch time holiday potlucks.I thought it would boost my energy ... levels..surprisingy not even close lol.Not only that but I am feeling like I am holding water and bloating up some from all the sodium rich food I have been eating lol. ... ... I dropped my protein a little too low and have lost alot of strength and some size,though nothing too bad.I have been eating more carbs an ...   [retrieve this message]
    • 15 views and no other warrior dieters? ... must be fasting ...   rygar.   7y
      15 views and no other warrior dieters? ... must be fasting right now eh? lol.. ... ... I need more protein in my diet again,experimented with adding more sides and dropping the protein/fat some..I feel so drained and tired.I need meat,fats,oil and raw veggies! ... not canned crap,beans or soup...I need REAL food.I thought variety and a vary of foods was going to help me out but it did nothing but satisfy my taste buds..did nearly nothing for my health lol.Felt so much better with a large protein/fat dinner then these lil wanker meals throughout the day.. ... ... warrior diet! I am back! rofl. ... O:   [retrieve this message]
      • thing I havenít tried yet was smaller meals but o...   rygar.   7y
         thing I havenít tried yet was smaller meals but only at night,say three or 4 small protein/fats and veggie meals..more like a four course meal not really smaller meals per say..I am used to having one LARGE meal,then a small snack before bed.So far and for so long though that one big meal is very very convenient,though I tend to get full so easily..say only with a large steak and steamed veggies and no room for anything else,other then say..beef chili right before bed..   [End]
        • you know if you all read my responses to the WD might as we...   rygar.   7y
          you know if you all read my responses to the WD might as well add a little convo or something to the plate (pun?) kay? ... (: ... ... anyways,I did the unexpected and the unspeakable.. ... I drank red bull! yes,for the past two days..after work..I drank red bull! ... I didnít feel as badly but after a few yours later,my stomach and my lower back was in pain! I think all that sugar and caffine is flamming up my lower back,giving me headaches and making me feel like crap altogether.I donít like this feeling.. ... physical pain reminds me of only my emotional pain,so the cycle begins.That plus working out har ...   [retrieve this message]
          • adding "convo" as requested   #62845   7y
            Only since youíre all alone here and asking. :-) I donít have terribly much to say, I was just reading through the forum ícause Iím considering trying it. I am generally cool and feel good if Iím not eating, but once I start eating it seems hard to stop. So to me it makes sense that maybe I should go with my eating pattern, donít eat until night, then I can eat a lot. I wonder if this works well for females. Looking back, it doesnít appear that this forum is too active, and the name has probably attracted more men than women... but who knows. Iím going back to read some of the ĒRĒ m ...   [retrieve this message]
            • Edited   UserX   7y
              • perfect eating pattern   rygar.   7y
                so far so good,with so much experimenting I have found the best pattern so far for eating..after the fast,I will have something little like a small salad. ... then wait a little bit longer,then have my hearts content of meats,fats and some veggies..just complement the meal,not overtly like I used to before..I find that too much of a good thing and it backed me up some,but just enough and itís just right. ... Also,later on in the night..I have a can of kidney bean beef chili,supplys about 500 calories,60 grams of complex carbs,30 grams of protein and a whopping 20 grams of fiber..the kind that ma ...   [retrieve this message]
                • Edited   UserX   7y
                  • oh hai..didn't know you were a warrior as welll. (:   rygar.   7y
                    what do you have during your nightly meal? ... it may be more difficult if someone doesnít eat much meat or fats.When trying to eat more carbs I would be pretty hungry the next day.Something about the protein/fats/complex carbs (later on) and itís slow process of digestion is what I think that keeps me energized and not so hungry during the day.Plus the daily intake of fiber really helps things moving along.A little goes a long way,I used to try and double it but I became more backed up then anything..then again,I have the ísecret weaponí for quick natural relief..pineapple smoothies lol. ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: what is it about eating during the day..   helenoftroy   6y
      hello, I have just ordered the warior diet book, I am female, I have tried lots of different diets. not for weight loss but to improve my health. the no grain diet, dr mercola diet, zone ect ect. I would like to be mega fit and healthy hence the book. a few questions. Can females use it? will I be hungary like i was on the other diets? if yes will it last or how long will it take for my body to adjust. ... thankyou helen ... I am posting from the UK so incase your wandering if I ever sleep   [End]
  • Image Embedded Warrior diet for weight loss   R daoist   7y  Ü C Ü
    Iíve watched my weight steadily increase since college and decided to get serious about losing it. Iíd toyed with the Warrior Diet in the past, but never got very strict about it. My job built a kitchen and hired a chef to prepare healthy lunches for us, so I decided to take full advantage of it by eating only from 1-2 in the afternoon. I know that ideally the feast phase would be at night, but Ori assured me in an e-mail that this would also work. ... ... As you can see from the chart of my progress, the Warrior Diet is working perfectly for me: ... ... ...   [End]
    • thatís awesome! I have been on the WD again for about a mon...   rygar.   7y
      thatís awesome! I have been on the WD again for about a month and now experimenting with having two smaller recovery meals during the daytime,protein/veggies no carbs then carbs and protein for dinner.Itís a hard time maintaining and gaining size with only one large meal a day..mainly because after the workday I am so tired that a steak and eggs with veggies fill me up real quick lol. ... If I just fast all day..I disappear weight drops so fast itís like I have like zero% bodyfat..   [End]
    • Sounds good. But remember that Ori Hofmekler says in his bo...   R utb_paladin   7y
      Sounds good. But remember that Ori Hofmekler says in his book that the ideal time to undereat is during the day because when you are undereating this is when you will have the most energy. So if you want to you can try and have your meal a bit later in the afternoon. ... ... Scientists have continually proven century after century that fasting is a natural miracle for radiant and youthful health. Just do a google search or check out some nutritional journals. ... ... In April of this year (2007) the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition conducted and completed studies and experiments on humans (not ...   [retrieve this message]
      • ditto..I had a large fat/protein feast for breakfast today ...   rygar.   7y
        ditto..I had a large fat/protein feast for breakfast today and by 1pm I was dizzy,nauseas and ill feeling lol. I felt better when I was just fasting to begin with,all that fat/protein made me feel real sick for a good hour or so.. ... ... Itís back to fasting for me lol...I just need to make sure I EAT alot at night because most of the time I just donít want to eat after a small meal or so but then again I am not really that active.I know that when I was working out hard and heavy the last few years,I ate alot more because my body was craving more and more that I havenít been working ...   [retrieve this message]
  • health nuts lol   rygar.   7y
    ...>1=10547 ... ... ... geez..if you are going to eat a burger,pile on the mayo,have a real burger!...if you are going to eat a pizza,eat a few slices of REAL pizza then a salad..if you are going to eat the bad foods might as well just eat it but in smaller servings.I should have followed this rule of thumb when deciding to eat that entire bucket of Popeyes last week lol!   [End]
    • omg..the experts are such morons lol. ... I just seen a bro...   rygar.   7y
      omg..the experts are such morons lol. ... I just seen a broadcast story on the news about how they think salt is bad for you and now they are tying to regulate it as how they are doing it with trans fat and such..I believe the next to be regulated will be high fructose corn syrup and preservatives ..maybe even msg and artificial flavoring.I have cut out alot of this shiet from my diet already and feel soo much better,I canít believe the so called experts are taking this long to reconize the bad effects of alot of the BS out there..itís just weird thats all.   [End]
    • I didnít watch the video, but I agree with you. Itís kinda ...   SqueakyClean   7y
      I didnít watch the video, but I agree with you. Itís kinda dumb to be making Ēhealthy versionsĒ and Ēfake versionsĒ of unhealthy foods. ĒMockĒ this, low-fat that, sugar-free version, etc. Sometimes it works well but most of the time you just feel cheated. If you really want the junk, Iíd say just eat it, ENJOY it, and then move on. Apparently a lot of fitness competitors eat their strict regimen, but they plan in a cheat meal or two a week. So normally they are counting out their portions of sweet potato, broccoli and chicken breast (for example), but on a cheat meal they might eat pizza o ...   [retrieve this message]
      • kinda off topic but I used to eat these protein bars that g...   rygar.   7y
        kinda off topic but I used to eat these protein bars that gave me the shitter buggers turned out to have all sorts of weird ingredients and so forth,not exactly healthy lol.. ... ... just bizarre what they label as healthy but itís pure JUNK! ... O:   [End]
  • whats up people?   rygar.   7y
    been about a month on the WD again full on and without redbulls for the first time in 3 something years! energy levels are pretty stable,no lows or highs,pretty consistent energy.Though I donít think I am eating as much as I should during my ífeastí anymore,I just donít feel hungry after a good sized meal and then maybe a smaller one before bed.   [End]
  • warrior diet full again..   rygar.   7y
    well,after about a week of eating a large breakfast I am switching up to a larger dinner once again after work.I have a little meat and veggies for breakfast but nothing crazy,just to keep the blood sugar stable.Then at night itís a free for all a few hours before bed.I have CRAZY MANIC energy lol..I have soo much energy itís insane! at work am sooooo jumpy and ready to go itís borderline obnoxious.My skin is really clear again and my bowels are regular as long as I keep my fiber up.Not working out yet but maybe 2x a week for starters because of new work. ... I love the warrior diet! about 5 ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Week One for me...   maui_butterfly   7y
      first week eating in a warrior diet style... felt pretty good overall, and was really easy during the work week. i kinda blew it this weekend #1 because i woke up on saturday morning for some reason ABSOLUTELY FAMISHED so i made myself a huge spinach salad with avocado and pumpkin seeds, etc and #2 because i was kinda trapped at home, and making meals for my daughter at regular mealtimes, etc. ... ... anyway, if i can eat WD style throughout the work week and mix it up a bit on the weekends, for now iím pretty happy with that. am interested to see if this will result in continued weight loss. c ...   [retrieve this message]
      • You can try eating complex carbs after your workout..I find...   rygar.   7y
        You can try eating complex carbs after your workout..I find that it helps out just as much as simple carbs (preferred choice) but from what I hear,complex carbs are actually better according to Ori. I like eating chili or bean burritos golden browned in butter..) ... ... You can try eating a medium breakfast or as big as you want it..I did that for like 4-5 days but in time (again) I naturally went back to only dinner,with some real small for breakfast.My favorite thing (new) to do now is get a rack of baby back ribs,portion it all out into 2-3 riblets then have a serving for breakfast,maybe a ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: warrior diet full again..   R utb_paladin   7y
      It looks like you are on the right track. You should also try and skip the breakfast and eat nothing all day and compare how you feel if you do not eat the breakfast. ... ... I would totally agree with arsmoriendi. Scientists have continually proven century after century that fasting is a natural miracle for radiant and youthful health. Just do a google search or check out some nutritional journals. ... ... In April of this year (2007) the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition conducted and completed studies and experiments on humans (not mice, which they did in 2004) for intermittent fasting. They ...   [retrieve this message]
  • WD for weight loss?..I'm new   danajade   7y
    Hi I was wondering if the warrior diet is useful for weight loss? I read many of the posts but it seems that most people are trying to gain weight. Also, is this diet ok for vegans??   [End]
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