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  • Magnesium oil stopped working!   Atrium   39m  C
    I am another person that has benefitted from Magnesium Oil (Chloride) to the point were I found out it was my missing key for EVERYTHING! ... ... My mood is great, memory is finally sticking in my head, axienty and panic attacks gone, restless leg tamed but not cured, insomnia gone (sleeping 6 hours fully rested) and have zero trouble falling asleep (pass out in 5 minutes max), speech improved (used to speak really fast) better attitude, craving for bad foods completely GONE, drink tons of water, the thought of soda made me puke and so many more benefits I’ll list if I remember. This has been ...   [retrieve this message]
  • the man of god who cured my son's cancer and many   smith1900   14d  C
    my name is smith russell, i want to give thanks to God almighty for using this man of God named pastor tb joshua to cure my son of his cancer after several medications failed, he was introduced to me by a work mate,he i well known all over the world and it was unbelievable that after 2 weeks of prayers the miracle was done when we went for his check up at various hospitals we were all told he is fine now..and the lord be praised cos my son is fine now and has resumed school, i give glory to the now a born again christian and have decided to worship the lord until i breath no more ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Video Embedded I would be careful with that if I were you. The same thing ...   RRR Educational Megabite   12d
      I would be careful with that if I were you. The same thing happened to my Dad. ... ... He had Colon Cancer, and my brother convinced my Dad to become a born-again Christian and so he believed he would be healed of his Cancer. Same thing, a very well-known ”man of God” helped him. The doctors all said his Cancer was completely gone. My Dad was convinced that he was completely healed as was everyone else. ... ... About a year later he had some bad pains in his body. It turned out that the Cancer had spread everywhere to his liver and other organs. The doctors gave him 2 weeks to live, and that was it ...   [retrieve this message]
    • God works in many strange ways and he offers us many ways f...   JesichasHope   8d
      God works in many strange ways and he offers us many ways for us to heal. You need to have a great faith in your survival and see your future as cured; such faith will give you the energy to get through your cancer. ... This does not mean we do not need to have our cancer treated. We have good food on our planet to feed our bodies well, the eating of organic foods is essential and the ridding of contaminates in our life is essential, no more chemical products to poison us or processed products to harm our bodies. ... God’s universe is harmony, it exists because of the harmony, we are part of t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Video Embedded This Could Be Your Last Chance!   CLEW   89d  C
    This old ’Shooting Star’ song is awesome by itself, but coupled with these images it’s the most inspiring thing I’ve seen for awhile! I feel kinda charged! ... ...   [End]
  • It was a miracle   gerbil   4mo
    Trapper and co continually ridiculed me, banned me, censored me, and generally treated me like a piece of garbage, all the while clamoring against those who infringe on human equality. ... ... Finally they got a taste of their own medicine as the webmaster stepped in and censored some of their hate speech. ... ... A minor miracle on curezone. ... ... The lower order racist drones do not know what do think. Trapper is in damage control mode and is already spinning the narrative like he is still the captain. ... ... Something tells me that eventually the hate will seep out of their mouths again.   [retrieve this message]
  • blood from ears   sunnydd   4mo  C
    About a month ago, had blood soaking qtips from left ear. Today, right ear is bleeding. having brown, white, some blood from nose, twitches in neck nodules, in eyes. feels like when I drink stuff it goes into sinuses? Help. cannot go to doc and afraid my brain is hemmoraging.   [End]
  • I know it's parasites. Someone help me.   sunnydd   4mo  C
    Is anyone available to pm me about parasites, my symptoms are worsening blood tests show elevated eosinophils and basophils. Crackling all over, congestion, discharge from eyes that has gotten awful. feels like someone is pinching my nose. Base of skull made crackling noise and then huge spot of head got fuzzy,throbbing and tingly for about 5 hours. Black things out of nose. pain from rectum to vagina thru groin, muscle twitches and thumps head to toe that are worse when laying down. Even eyes, nose and chin twitch. Cannot get into infectious disease doc for a while. Slowly dying. Crawling ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Have you thought or looked into Humaworm? The...   BrandyS   4mo
      Have you thought or looked into Humaworm? They are very helpful in removing parasites. I am new to parasite removal so I don’t have much else to say. Best of luck!!   [End]
    • [Message Subject Hidden by a Forum Moderator]   scabdraggr   4mo
      [Message Body Hidden by a Forum Moderator]   [End]
    • Since you are at a crisis time....I would click the link Sc...   Deesmiles   4mo
      Since you are at a crisis time....I would click the link Scabdraggr provided. There are lots of cleansing steps you could try when you get things more under control. The protocol Scabdraggr provided works on a broad spectrum of parasites and unknown organisms. After endless parasite drugs, herbals and protocols...the Fenbenzadole Scab mentions on his site...was the only thing that calmed the storm (for so many sufferers). You may feel sick from parasite dye-off....BUT you need to lighten the burden. Make sure your bowels are clean first so you can move this stuff out continuously to suppor ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Another note: ... ... I had many fibroids/cysts that are n...   Deesmiles   4mo
        Another note: ... ... I had many fibroids/cysts that are no longer... ... ... If you do decide to try Scab’s protocol..Or whatever you decide, make sure you take pictures of whatever exits, not a fun process at all but you can post to Curezone for help identifying if need be. It also wouldn’t hurt to add a drop or 2 of Lugols Iodine to your daily routine (you can research higher dosage) when you feel more stable...I think this deficiency is universal.   [End]
    • Papaya seeds, epazote, turmeric, ginger and other herbals, ...   beatty57   4mo
      Papaya seeds, epazote, turmeric, ginger and other herbals, cloves make a toxic environment for parasites, also vitamins and minerals. Parasites, fungus, yeasts, and bad bacteria all love sugar. Refined sugars and sugar substitutes are all toxic. ... ... Massive doses of vitamin C was used by Dr Klenner many years ago in emergencies ... to destroy many organisms..Two to three grams vitamin C every waking hour till things cleared up . Non toxic. I took 35 grams recently in 16 hours to end the pain and inflammation, DE is also a parasite fighter among other things. ... Weather you have parasit ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Where are people saying vitamin c cured their parasite infe...   Xelaetaks   4mo
        Where are people saying vitamin c cured their parasite infections? ... ... I agree vitamin c is great but as a cure for on going parasite infections I don’t know about that. Taking medication that targets them is a way they can be beat though it seems that proper diagnosis can help figure out the best protocol to go after, or at least some can be tried based on a persons symptoms anyway.   [End]
      • DE cannot reach further than the gut, what about the brain,...   scabdraggr   4mo
        DE cannot reach further than the gut, what about the brain, kidneys, thyroid, gall bladder and reproductive organs, they all are full of this mess. IT’s FENBENDAZOLE THAT WORKS E cannot reach further than the gut, what about the brain, kidneys, thyroid, gall bladder and reproductive organs, they all are full of this mess. IT’s FENBENDAZOLE THAT WORKS cheap, easy to find, no harm and one can regain their life, after that happens other steps can be taken. Enemas, blood cleansing, Essential oil therapy, first don’t die a horrible death, get the massive mess out of your gut and organs. Fenben ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, I agree with you 100%. The u...   Julie5510   4mo
        Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, I agree with you 100%. The uses are endless,I take it. I’ve had dogs for 20+ years I give it to my dogs with just a little peanut butter and they have NEVER had a flea. And I’m sure it’s working inside them.. I also apply it in my garden after the plants flower. I don’t have diseased plants nor do I have problems with insects.   [End]
    • I, too, believe that a parasite has inflicted not only myse...   shayyadoo   4mo
      I, too, believe that a parasite has inflicted not only myself, but my entire family including my spouse, 16 yr old son, 7 yr old son and 5 yr old daughter. Whatever this is has absolutely consumed me! I have been to 3 mds at my health ctr, kids have seen 3 mds at their peds office, and jusy earlier this week I brought us all up to the er. The er doc checked us all out, seemed to b confused and concerned, she sent us to outpatient derm office in diff floor of the hospital. I believe the male md that saw us poss agreed to an extent of my claim of a parasitic infestation or he could have just ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Weather you have parasites or not, Human/Animal grade diato...   beatty57   4mo
      Weather you have parasites or not, Human/Animal grade diatomaceous earth will kill parasites in the gut and much more, do the research! Eighty to 89% silica and lesser amounts other minerals. Silica is the skeletal remains of fresh water hard-shelled algae. ... ... All natural mineral, not toxic. I have used it 6 months now and love what it has done for me. Many call it a miracle for what its done for them. Helps Celiac disease, colon and fibromyalgia, ‘pain’, arthritic, ’Parasites’, colon, eczema, blood pressure, cholesterol, candida, age spots, adrenal, stomach, ’energy’, heart, diarrhea, dr ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I do not know how to PM but I can help going through same t...   AutumnBreeze   4mo
      I do not know how to PM but I can help going through same thing.   [End]
    • I do not know how to PM but I can help going through same t...   AutumnBreeze   4mo
      I do not know how to PM but I can help going through same thing. I contact scabdraggr on here the link at steve’s images in this thread and am listening to him and its working.   [End]
      • We did a round of Humaworm, and got very good results, and ...   BrandyS   4mo
        We did a round of Humaworm, and got very good results, and are now taking DE until we can take Humaworm again. You do feel die off symptoms when on DE, but I have seen TONS of worms in my poo and I seem to have more energy then usual. I know i have worms in my head, however the Humaworm really helped get some of them out (I blew some out of my nose, and continue to blow them out every now and then and the pressure in my head is less) and am hoping to get the rest out with our next round. You can contact them and ask questions, I know finances are limited but for a whole month that included ...   [retrieve this message]
  • A PLAN of How to eat Healther for a BETTER HEALTH (!)..   1234567   5mo  C
    Hello Forum :)... ... ... Here is something to Share with all of you.. ... ... A PLAN of How to eat Healther for a BETTER HEALTH (!) ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... ... A few Important Links to look at before the Main Information.. ... ... ... - For Those who are Already in a (Quite) Bad state of Health ... ... ... – Do Not Use your Stomach as a Trash ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 66 Reasons To Stop Or Reduce Mowing Lawns And Fields   R frugivorous   9mo  C
    Unprecedented record breaking heat and tornadoes around the world in 2013... with temperature changes which varied 70 degrees or more show the increasing ... weather instability created by record breaking destruction of greenery for cattle ranches, roads, buildings and illegal war bombings. ... ... This has been the hottest decade in 130 years since temperatures were recorded. ... ... How to cool the earth: ... 1. save trees in many ways ... 2. avoid deforesting products: wood, newspapers, buy recycled, cotton, or rice paper ... 3 .... fruit is best for the planet, animal flesh is worst ... 4 Every blade of grass ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Video Embedded The Miracle of Magnesium- Carolyn Dean   RRR Educational Onwards   9mo  C
    Hi Everyone- I have been studying magnesium for the last few weeks. The more I read the more I am convinced that we are all magnesium deficient. Carolyn Dean feels over 70% of the population is mag deficient. ... ... Dean talks about how taking high doses of calcium can really push down magnesium levels in the body. I think this is why many of us never did well with the high doses of calcium. I myself had depression, increased anxiety, heart palps, migraines, headaches, fatigue and constipation. I thought these symptoms were detox. These are all mag deficiency symptoms. ... ... http://www.calmnatur ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Chiropractor did spinal work now my neck creaks and my spin...   mykneehurts2   11mo  C
    I went to see a specialist for a hip issue which started after I injured my knee. I explained that I had no issues with my spine, I really tried to stress that I wanted the work done on my hip and tried to explain what I thought happened when I wore a straight leg brace for two months straight which injured my hip. He seemed very irritated when I tried to explain this to him. ... ... I’ve never had back pain. This Chiropractor is suppose to be a specialist in the extremities. I told him that I didn’t want to do the adustments to my spine and that they hurt but he was very aggressive. He ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi there! Sorry you had a bad experience with a chiropracto...   Shen   10mo
      Hi there! Sorry you had a bad experience with a chiropractor. And as you don’t sound like you want to go back to him, I wouldn’t. There are no-force chiropractors, which in my experience are more effective in adjusting; definitely more gentle, which makes a difference for a more delicate body type. And big plus, it comes with absolutely no ”bone cracking”! ... ... There is also something called ”muscle energy technique”, which involves movement to re-adjust and re-align the body. You could do some reading on the internet (there are youtube videos) and see if that’s something that resonates wit ...   [retrieve this message]
    • My experience with a chiropractor is not bad. I was 15 year...   Davidsmith009   5mo
      My experience with a chiropractor is not bad. I was 15 years old when I was going to the chiropractor clinic. Dr. Willie Norred (4701 county road 87, Roanoke, AL 36274) is so experienced. I was suffering from muscle pain. In a few days, I was feeling better. You can take help of any professional chiropractor. ...   [End]
  • Vitamin B3: Niacine. CURE.   1234567   16mo  C
    Hello :)... ... ... Just would like to post one interesting article which will be of help for a few health issues - schizophrenia, alcoholism, it was therapeutic for arthritis, for some cases of senility and it lowered cholesterol levels, anxiety, tension and depression, Children with Learning and/or Behavioral Disorders, tention, cardiovascular, arthritis, Juvenile Diabetes, Cancer and some others.... Doses are explained also.. ... ... I have a friend of mine and she wrote the following today - ”I would like to add that 3000mg a day of Niacin is a popular dose, that some people take up to 11,000mg ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Vit C Miracle CURE! Swine flue.   1234567   16mo  C
    Hello :) ... ... Here is one video of how one man was cured of it naturally and surely. :) ... ... ... ... Nadia ...   [End]
  • Excema & Hair Loss Shampoo!   Kabaraz   19mo  C
    A reader of my website got rid of a 15-year long full body excema problem and regrew his hair using my shampoo recipe. ... ... My dad, brother, friend, and other people have all regrown their hair and darkened their hair (back to youthful appearance) using this recipe. Give it a try, it’s free. More info at ... ... Step 1 ... ... Pick fresh nettles (wear gloves), rosemary, and comfrey (optional) from your area or buy rosemary, nettle and comfrey (optional) powder. Rosemary is extremely easy to grow and most people have it outside their homes. Nettles can be harder to find. If you get s ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Dear Kabaraz ... ... Thank you for that shampoo recipe. I ...   eczemanomore   18mo
      Dear Kabaraz ... ... Thank you for that shampoo recipe. I sometime get eczema on my scalp, and will try it next time. ... I noticed that you said that the use of the coconut oil was optional. I will tell you my experience with coconut oil and hair growth. ... ... My daughter, too a scissors to her hair when she was three years old, cutting some of the hair down close to the roots, so she had a lot of patches. I treid a number of things and the hair growth was very slow. ... ... One day I came across extra virgin cold press coconut oil, and I started using this on her hair. The regrowth was so rapid that I o ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Kudos to you for your post and your website   Dquixote1217   18mo
      Thanks much for sharing this information with us - including the link to your website. ... ... I am always a bit leary of posts that appear in the Hair forums which have website links - too often the links and offers for "free" this or that are just ploys and the main purpose of the site and/or "freebie" is to try to sell something.  So, I checked out your website and found that I like it quite a bit.  Good for you for putting that site together - lots of good info, freely shared.  ...   [End]
    • Moderator take another look - there was NOTHING wrong with ...   Dquixote1217   18mo
      Why in the world would you remove this post?  I gave it a "Good Message" alert (or thought I did). It contained a very good recipe for a shampoo to help with excema and baldness and a link to a site with a lot of good, freely posted information with nothing to sell - unlike the first response, which goes to a website which attempts to sell and/or get your to sign up for a "free" ebook and newsletter which will result in repeated sales emails. ...   [End]
  • [Message Subject Hidden by a Forum Moderator]   temour123   21mo  C
    [Message Body Hidden by a Forum Moderator]   [End]
  • frequenct lists for zappers, frequency generators   fred33m   22mo  C
    ... Here are a few frequency lists I dug up. Use them all! ... Just program your frequency generator all that pertain to your needs. diseases,astology, fun frequency’s, spirituality, psychic,telephathy, planets ect. ... at the bottom of this list: ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • LIFE ON MARS / Proof to those who doubt!   patientadvocate   3y  C
    For anybody familiar with high zoom photography, those that understand Face-in-clouds logarythms, these enhancements coming from single NASA photo should make you really wonder about life in the galaxy. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Video Embedded Your Powers Of Thought   #139464   3y  C
    ... ... ... ... ... ...   ... ... Youtube Channel Link ...   [End]
  • eft change my life   eftsam   3y  C
 ... ... this link has a lots of free audio and ebook that you can download for free.. it kind of funny at first time, tap here and there.. but, IT WORKS...   [End]
    • Re: eft change my life (edit)   chirontherainbowbridge   3y
      It’s always wonderful to hear from people that they’ve tried it and it works. I remember that strange feeling when first using it. (edit:)*The biggest obstacle to getting comfortable with it might even be a sense of ’worthiness’. (which might be a great way for someone to start tapping: on all those weird feelings/thoughts/certianties about why ”it won’t work”, etc.) So often, we cover up an inner sense of lack with resistence. It can be a big brainstorm to tap on everything that blocks one from receiving the benefits of -say- EFT. :-)* ... ... ... I’m very happy for you it’s changed your life. ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Absolutely!   fledgling   3y
        Find a site online where someone shows you how to do it...and copy them. ... ... Then, tap on everything. ... ... It’s a real eye-opener! ... ... There are many ways to use our ’powers’.   [End]
  • [Message Subject Hidden by a Forum Moderator]   skysail   4y  C
    [Message Body Hidden by a Forum Moderator]   [End]
    • stop spamming these forums, the only two posts you have mad...   Bgone   4y
      stop spamming these forums, the only two posts you have made are about this product. there are people here who are really suffering and can’t afford to spend money on your BS.   [End]
    • There are all sorts of things that work great for nail fung...   Hveragerthi   4y
      There are all sorts of things that work great for nail fungus including a $2 bottle of Vick’s Vapor rub, which you can get most anywhere or Tiger Balm or my favorite White Flower Oil, available in health food stores or China Town.  A small bottle of White Flower Oil is only a few bucks as well. ... ... Remember to cut the nail back and file the surface a little before application.  And be patient, it takes time for the new healthy nail to grow in. ...   [End]
      • Hydrogen peroxide 3% works really well for nail fungus, muc...   quan.yin   3y
        Hydrogen peroxide 3% works really well for nail fungus, much better than expensive products, just clean under the nail with a toothpic twice per day until cleared, or apply on top also if fungus is there. Then use about once a week for super strong healthy nails.   [End]
  • Image Embedded Prayer from the leader of the Sioux Nation   R Zoebess   4y  C
    Prayer from the leader of the Sioux Nation ... concerning Gulf Oil spill ... ... ... ... SIOUX PRAYER REQUEST ... ... A letter from Chief Arvol Looking Horse ... (Present Chief and Keeper of the Sacred ... White Buffalo Calf Pipe of the Lakota, ... Dakota, Dakota Nation of the Sioux) ... ... Gulf Coast Oil Spill - Sioux Prayer Request ... ... ****** A Great Urgency ****** ... ... To All World Religious and Spiritual Leaders ... ... My Relatives, ... ... Time has come to speak to the hearts ... of our Nations and their Leaders. I ask ... you this from the bottom of my heart, ... to come together from the Spirit of your ... Nations in prayer. ... ... We, fr ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Dr. Masaru Emoto's Healing Prayer for the Gulf   Zoebess   4y  C
    Date: Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 10:46 AM ... ... Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Healing Prayer for the Gulf ... ... Focusing our energies in response to the Gulf tragedy ... and for healing the waters and its inhabitants - ... ... Yesterday at our spiritual center we read a letter ... from Dr. Masaru Emoto who many of you will recognize ... as the scientist from Japan who has done all the ... research and publications about the characteristics ... of water. Among other things, his research reveals ... that water physically responds to emotions. ... ... Right now, most of us have the predominantly angry ... emotion when we consider what is ...   [retrieve this message]
    • ... I am not a praying man so much any more as I mostly rej...   rudenski   4y
      ... I am not a praying man so much any more as I mostly reject using prayer as a type of begging but there are moments when I am humbled to my knees, begging for mercy. Instead, I call what I do between me and the light and even the lesser God of this world a conversation. ... ... ... ... I fell ill from a wicked breeze that blew in my window from the bay. I am far from the tragedy unfolding in the more eastern and northern areas of the Gulf of Mexico but a strong wind blew in from the East, I awoke with my eyes burning and I noticed I had sore throat... I could later smell a faint odor that reminded ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Image Embedded ... ... Thank you Rudi, for joining myself ... and million...   Zoebess   4y
        ... ... Thank you Rudi, for joining myself ... and millions of others in prayer. ... ... I am saddened to read that you are ... already feeling the effects of this ... event on your health. I pray for your ... efforts to regain your balance and ... your health. I posted about using ... Charcoal to help with the toxins and ... hope perhaps you might find it helpful ... to you~~ ... ... ... ... I believe in the power of Prayer, ... and I believe in the power of Love. ... Like you, I have had Near Death ... Experiences and feel as if I am here ... doing ”Post-Graduate” work. This well ... could be the t ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Welcome to the ”god” of loosh. ... ... ”suffer onto me lit...   InnerCalm   4y
        Welcome to the ”god” of loosh. ... ... ”suffer onto me little children” (feed me).   [End]
        • Hi Inner Calm, ... Please explain how Emoto is part of the ...   itsmeagain   4y
          Hi Inner Calm, ... Please explain how Emoto is part of the Loosh. ... I thought it was science. ... Thank you.   [End]
          • Read Rudy’s post then my reply will make sense to you. ;-)   InnerCalm   4y
            Read Rudy’s post then my reply will make sense to you. ;-)   [End]
            • Another pov   infinitelove   4y
              If, we all create our realities, would it not be safe to presume, the ocean and its living beings in it, also create their own? So, IF, they have created their own reality, which has included this oil spill, why would WE say we are sorry? ... Not to say, that WE ought not clean up the mess that has occurred...just...EVERYone & EVERYthing & EVERYbeing, animate or not, has a consciousness...which means they create their realities as well. ... NOW, I am also going to state, that I do think that the ocean & its living beings MAY have created this to bring AWARENESS TO THE HUMAN species that we have ...   [retrieve this message]
              • Interesting POV infinitelove. This disaster certainly has m...   spudlydoo   4y
                Interesting POV infinitelove. This disaster certainly has made people more aware of what is happening on the planet, and what can happen when corporations are given a free ride by people and governments. ”Its all good fun until someone loses an eye”, or in this case, ”its all good profit until something goes very wrong”. ... ... My hope is that people actually learn something from this, and look at how we all use fossil fuels, and our consumption of products that are manufactured using fossil fuels. Every person on this planet is responsible for this oil spill, and the destruction of the enviro ...   [retrieve this message]
                • Interesting thoughts, spuds, although I think that there ar...   wombat   4y
                  Interesting thoughts, spuds, although I think that there are those that are WAY more responsible than us commoners. ... ... After all, I was not the one that killed the railroads. ... ... I was not the one that invented plastic. ... ... I was not the one that created suburbs. ... ... For starters...   [End]
                  • The cheese is laid out. Human nature is geared towards hab...   InnerCalm   4y
                    The cheese is laid out. Human nature is geared towards habit. Avoid pain and move to pleasure. Higher awareness can use this to negatively influence. ... ... Prodders to maximize suffering. ;-) ... ... So then to steer away from the collective madness trap, open up beyond the lesser ... ... Most people have been systematically conditioned to ”live” from reactive mind. Just look around. Easily verified   [End]
                • Wobble Wheel   InnerCalm   4y
                  ”reining in the power of these corporations ... ... A thousand fanning the leaves.. ... ... One snipping at the root. ... ... That statement is closer to the root. ... ... We have to give up on separation syndrome which religions have instilled into us, educational systems have fed and our entire current human model continued to feed. ... ... We are a collective and interdependent. When we ignore this we pay the price of disharmony, like a wheel that is out of balance and begins to wobble.   [End]
              • Re: Another pov   InnerCalm   4y
                It is collective and influences are involved. We are co-creating not creating in a vacuum. ;-) That is one of the sexy new age lies floating around that preys off of egoic mind (separation syndrome). ... ... When we defile our home it affects us.   [End]
            • Re: It did. Thanks :) n/m   itsmeagain   4y
    • Re: Dr. Masaru Emoto's Healing Prayer for the Gulf   chirontherainbowbridge   4y
      I think that’s the quality that the prayer is so good at expanding. Appreciation is in short supply these days if it’s all wasted by being turned toward non-appreciation (of BP, of ourselves, or whomever.) ... ... Chiron   [End]
  • ten-day fast   powerray   4y  C
    HI, I am desperate to fast to rout my candida/other bacterial intestinal overgrowth. I have needed to do this for about 30 years -- since I was 10. I have had a horrible life because of this disease. I have adhered to an all-raw diet 2 years straight now and have fasted weekly for a couple of years as well -- which has just barely kept me functioning. Hell, I can’t even claim to function. Depression, lethargy, the entire list of symptoms. Brain fog. Anxiety. I know a good fast of several days would do something powerful to clear me up. In the future, for my life, I need to be a pe ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Good news! ... ... Instead of fasting for only 10 days man...   lemonista   4y
      Good news! ... ... Instead of fasting for only 10 days many times a year - why not half that for your first fast and then take it from there? ... ... It is easier to make small plans instead of one daunting mammoth commitment. ... ... Little is achieved in small fasts and much more is achieved in longer (21+ day) cleanses. ... ... You can do it - we are there for you. And so is your intelligent body.   [End]
    • Bless you for taking a few minutes to publish this. I under...   lolaa00   27mo
      Bless you for taking a few minutes to publish this. I understand where you are coming from on this article however , I do believe that there are more desirable solutions. ... ...   [End]
  • NUTRITION and criminal behaviour   1234567   4y  C
    Hi :) ... ... Here a few other links to share - ... ... ... 1/4. Nutrition and Criminal Behavior ... ... ... 2/4. Nutrition and Criminal Behavior ... ... ... 3/4. Nutrition and Criminal Behavior ... ... ... 4/4. Nutrition and Criminal Behavior ... ... ... Movie Exposes Drug Industry, Promotes Natural Healing (!) ... ... Nadia ... ... :)   [End]
    • Nadia: ... ... That’s good information. I’m a professiona...   Herbalationist   4y
      Nadia: ... ... That’s good information. I’m a professional herbal practitioner and your information follows the Chinese herbology principles. I can often determine the degree of liver/gallbladder congestion in someone by asking about ”anger/impatience/frustration” that wells up inside a person with no apparent provocation. I ask them to measure on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the worst). Then, I blend a tonic that will relax and cleanse the congestion that causes these emotions. Within 2-3 days, they’ll release these emotions and they go away. (The symptoms, not the patient. ha,ha) ... ... An ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Thank for the information.Its really extensive research fac...   dalemurray87   4y
      Thank for the information.Its really extensive research facts.I agree with the fact.   [End]
  • Video Embedded Understanding The Law of Attraction & Manifestation-Quantum...   mrmanifestation   5y  C
    This video is an excerpt from ”What The Bleep Do We Know?: Down The Rabbit Hole”. It opens up to the viewer the realization that matter is manipulated by thought. It connects scientific observance of particle physics with the metaphysical abilities of our minds and the fact that the mind affects matter. This should be an eye-opener for those who question the power of the mind concerning the Law of Attraction, and gives evidence as to why Mastering The Law Of Attraction is important. ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • The dark sun prophecy - 3 days of darkness   schlecht   5y  C
    Prophecy about the dark sun or the 3 days of darkness ... ... In the beginning of the 20th century there lived a priest in Northeast of Brazil called Cícero. He is well-known today in Brazil as Padre Cícero (Priest Cícero). In the beginning of the 20th century, he did some prophecies. Later this priest was excomungated from the Catholic Church but continued to preach for the poorest people. I found this prophecy in a book today and I think it is very interesting because it is only prophecy mentioning the 3 days of darkness that I found so far that explains that the darkness comes from below and ...   [retrieve this message]
    • mary, mother of jesus, talks about three days of darkness a...   bluestar   5y
      mary, mother of jesus, talks about three days of darkness at times she has appeared at Fatima and/or Lourdes. ... ... At one or both of the events people saw the sun zigzagging in the sky. Mary has said there will three days of darkness which will strike terror into men’s souls. It is like the all hallows eve of all time when walls between time/space break down and chaos has its day. We will be in the mother of all storms and then nothing. Only you and your faith will be able to protect you. ... ... She instructs people to stay inside. You will need candles, blankets, water, food (?) -- no elec ...   [retrieve this message]
    • The prophet Joel claimed the sun will turn to darkness, and...   teeyex   4y
      The prophet Joel claimed the sun will turn to darkness, and the moon will become like blood, before the arrival of the day of the Lord. Perhaps he observed an eclipse of the sun, that had turned day into night, and at another time, the moon had become blood-red during a lunar eclipse. He perceived a great significance in these signs, as both the sun and the moon were appointed for signs, seasons, days, and years in Genesis 1:14. ... ... And God said, Let there be lights in the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years. ... ... Solar ...   [retrieve this message]
  • My progress with MMS and biofilms   silverfreak   5y
    Thought I’d drop a line on my progress. I’m trying to get rid of a chronic biofilm infection. While the MMS did some amazing stuff and helped with my toxicity it didn’t cure me. The last 2 months or so I’ve been on an antibiotics and nutrisilver protocol in addition to MMS. The remarkable thing is that I’m still feeling good like I usually do on abx. Normally after a couple of weeks the biofilm fights back and I feel even worse on the abx and eventually stop taking them. A couple of question is 1)Is this typical in that MMS makes a good compliment to traditional therapy and 2) is there any ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Free world wide energy session from China   #49420   5y  C
    ... Please read the following for detail: ... ... ...   [End]
    • THANK you for the information! Is Meister Liao Kong sendin...   mu-shen   5y
      THANK you for the information! Is Meister Liao Kong sending from Beijing? or which part of China?? I imagine depending on where he is located the time zone will vary?   [End]
      • China is in one time zone only!   #49420   5y
        I donot know which part of china he is located. But the entire china is in the same time zone as Beijing. So just adjust your timezone difference to Beijing time is good enough! ... ... I am going to only update info at the energy medicine forum from now on. And try to answer any question that I understand. But I am not his student, never talk to him. I did read all his url pages though, been pracice qigong for twenty years, has background in TCM and Buddism, been validiate his sending for more than 2 weeks.   [End]
    • LiaoKong Recites Amitabha   #49420   5y
      I uploaded an audio file to the qigong forum liaokong folder. It is the master recites Amitabha. You may feel the energy. You can use it for your reference.   [End]
  • Uncle with stage 3 Melanoma   atsguy   5y  C
    My uncle who was diagnosed just recently with stage 3 melanoma...more info here ... ... ... ... ... he lives in Europe and i am in America, all i know is he has it in his lymph area ... ... I really want to help, right now he is in a really bad situation. He didnt take any medication or chemo when he first had it, and now it has progressed. He is not really taking anything or eating. ... ... I really want to get something, but i dont no what will help. I mean i would like to give him MMS, but i dont think it would be beneficial in this situation. ... ... Also i really want to g ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Please go to my site for cancer info: http://healingplan.s...   mertletertle   5y
      Please go to my site for cancer info: ... ... Others on curezone will have even more info than that, also. ... It would help to know what country he is in, and what might be available there. ... You might go to the Bill Henderson site, can work with your uncle on his healing. He has a protocol to follow that has worked for many people ... The diet/herbs I used worked for many, some with worse cancer than mine. ... So, you’re doing the right thing, getting on it and getting going. Cancer doesn’t wait, it keeps multiplying. ... Blessings to you, ...   [retrieve this message]
    • ...   Johny Apple Bomb   5y
     ...   [End]
      • Although his information is very useful, it amazing how con...   slider25   5y
        Although his information is very useful, it amazing how confusing he makes everything. Surely there must be an easier way to express the protocol. I can imagine a cancer patient reading it and thinking ”f*** it”, I’ll take the chemo! ... ... Slider ...   [End]
    • It was when my cousin and lifelong running buddy was diagno...   Dquixote1217   5y
      It was when my cousin and lifelong running buddy was diagnosed suddenly with stage 3 melanoma that I first began researching cancer and ended up discovering oleander and, a long journey later developed my anti-cancer protocol. ... ... It is posted a few messages down in this thread, or else go to: ... ... ... ... Melanoma can be a difficult cancer.  I suggest following the entire protocol as closely as possible. ... ... My cousin is alive and well and cancer free today.  Note that you can make your own oleander extract at home and condense it down further to m ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Melanoma is very aggressive. I would not waste my time with...   ren   5y
      Melanoma is very aggressive. I would not waste my time with methods that have not really been proven. Try the oleander. Also, tell me what the doctor has said and what is been doing medically for him at this time. Thanks.   [End]
      • I talked to my parents, apperently he did NOTHING, didnt ta...   atsguy   5y
        I talked to my parents, apperently he did NOTHING, didnt take any medication or chemo. And apperently he new way before but didnt tell anyone, and didnt want to do anything. ... ... My mother checked out some suppliments i will try to find which ones but i am more interested in stuff you guys are posting...the protocals look good, but i am stuck on which on would bennifit him more. ... ... I would get the bob beck protocal with mag pulser,zapper, and stuff but i dont have 700 bucks right now. So i am looking for more beneficial ones to use right now...   [End]
        • OH MY... I’m very sorry. Denial is terrible with melanoma b...   ren   5y
          OH MY... I’m very sorry. Denial is terrible with melanoma because it is so aggressive. Okay well I will tell you that he needs to get juicing the green juices. Perhaps smoothies may be best since he really isn’t eating. That is what he needs to do...he’s probably scared now. I will pray for him. Please keep me posted.   [End]
        • Hi atsguy, ... ... ... ... The fact that your uncle did ...   LuellaMay   5y
          Hi atsguy, ... ... ... ... The fact that your uncle did not take chemo or medication is probably to his advantage.  Chemo does nothing but destroy cells and organs while further compromising an already weakened immune system.  Unfortunately, it does not sound like he took any positive alternative steps in fighting his cancer. ... ... ... ... I would strongly urge you to take another look at dquixote’s post and follow his advice.  He has a private forum with over 1,000 members, some of which have come to him in the late stages of cancer and after five years they are still alive with positive r ...   [retrieve this message]
    • he needs iodine badly, on top of whatever else you do for i...   trapper/kcmo   5y
      he needs iodine badly, on top of whatever else you do for it.   [End]
      • Agreed - and both inside and outside if there is any melano...   Dquixote1217   5y
        Agreed - and both inside and outside if there is any melanoma on the skin methinks. ... ... DQ ...   [End]
        • I want to thank you all for your help and for your prayers....   atsguy   5y
          I want to thank you all for your help and for your prayers... ... ... im sad to say but my uncle passed away last night. And we were about to send him some special tea and other information about the protocols. I learned that he knew he had the skin cancer way back in 2005, and didn’t do anything about it. I honestly didnt now how serous it was untill these last few days, i didnt no how long he waited... ... ... thank you all for your generous help and are in mine! ... ...   [End]
    • I am sorry to hear about your uncle’s condition..There are ...   jeanclare   3y
      I am sorry to hear about your uncle’s condition..There are results from an informal study of Protocel and Cantron (very similar) at: That study has case histories of the successes as well as the failures. Hope this helps.. ... ... Jeannie ...   [End]
  • How is this possible, my dreams ALWAYS predict the future!!...   HelpMe0   5y  C
    3 Days ago I had a nightmare where my mom got shot in the face with a sniper during the dream I was somehow in the sniper’s point of view I could see her face zoomed in the scope of the rifle with the crosshairs and everything her face had fear in it then I woke up right before the sniper pulled the trigger, I wasn’t the sniper I was somewhere else but somehow I could see inside his scope during the last few seconds of my dream. ... ... Yesterday my mom got fired from her job. ... ... I think I have some sort of power where my dreams predict the future and I don’t like it at all. This is just one dr ...   [retrieve this message]
    • It can be both a curse and a blessing but you should thank ...   mo123   5y
      It can be both a curse and a blessing but you should thank God for the blessing. Having insight and using it for the good of humanity is good. Having insight and using it against humanity is bad. So if you know the future from a blessing from God, then warn the people and try to prevent a tragedy. ... ... The problem is like me trying to deciphre the dreams as to their exact meanings. I suggest you study a good site on dreams and familiarize yourself with meanings such as a wedding could mean a death. ... ... Don’t be afraid, you give victory to the devil that way. ... ...   [End]
    • There is much ignorance going about pertaining to dreams an...   Blue Eyes   5y
      There is much ignorance going about pertaining to dreams and their predictive ability. The real fact is that all dreams predict the future. The only question is whether you will perceive the dream as a physical event in future or as an emotionally experienced one. This is like the difference between being beaten with a stick or simply feeling that one has been beaten or abused. The difference can depend upon how well one has understood the dreams message. ... ... Dream that come true in a day or two would be emphasizing the reality of the message being conveyed by the dream. Of course, everythi ...   [retrieve this message]
    • This is a gift you have got because of past karma. In the b...   galaxie   5y
      This is a gift you have got because of past karma. In the bible joseph had this ability, which he used guided by god and earned name, fame and fortune. Before sleeping pray something like this. ” Lord your servant listens; speak through my dreams so that it may bless, heal and inspire millions of people in millions of ways.” ... ... Galaxie   [End]
    • ... Wow, that’s spooky. It’s great that you get that stron...   NWRain   5y
      ... Wow, that’s spooky. It’s great that you get that strong of a preminition of future events. I’ve never been able to interpret my dreams, even though they’re very vivid. I use a psychic firm, MostGifted Psychics ( to help me make sense of my dreams. ... ... The last time I called them, I talked through a dream where I was cooking in the kitchen, and no matter what I did, my meal always turned out bad, despite my best efforts. When we got into it, she discovered how the rest of my family is putting pressure on my to come up with dinner times, when some days ...   [retrieve this message]
    • This has happened to me too, and it’s been too often and to...   Frigg   3y
      This has happened to me too, and it’s been too often and too detailed to be coincidences. I don’t just dream symbolic like you, where one thing symbolize another thing, but detailed, graphic and true to life. ... ... I keep questioning the validity of my experiences, my own sanity and memory- and basically watch everything from the sideline, analysing and theorizing without allowing myself to get sucked in and succumb to the magic, at best thinking of it as ”normal”, at worst doubting it ever happened. I guess it’s a healthy reaction that serves to protect me from madness - yet sometimes I thin ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Your not blessed, you play to much video games. Sorry bro.   ABX   30d
      Your not blessed, you play to much video games. Sorry bro.   [End]
  • Breaking News: A Christmas Miracle   miken277   6y
    News Release No. 87, 11 December 2008 ... ... For years the world has been filled with miracles of all kinds. In April 1995 Time magazine devoted an eight-page spread to its cover story on miracles, and concluded:“People are hungry for signs.” ... ... Look now for the biggest miracle of all. In the very near future a large, bright star will appear in the sky visible to all throughout the world – night and day. ... ... Unbelievable? Fantasy? No, a simple fact. Around a week later Maitreya, the World Teacher for all humanity, will begin His open emergence and – though not yet using the name Maitreya – will ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Lourdes doctors leave ruling on 'miracles' up to the church   LCD   6y  C
    Lourdes doctors leave ruling on ’miracles’ up to the church ... ... Doctors leave it to church to decide on Lourdes events ... By Jamey Keaten ... ... Associated Press December 4, 2008 ... ... ... PARIS — An international panel of doctors appointed by the Roman Catholic Church says it’s getting out of the ”miracle” business at Lourdes. ... ... The panel will no longer judge whether pilgrims to the French shrine could have benefited from ”miracle” healing—a huge shift from the centuries-old way of deciding what makes the cut as a divine cure. ... ... ”It seems ’miracle’ may not be the right word to use anymore,” Bisho ...   [retrieve this message]
    • A Divine Case of Stomach Flu   LCD   6y
      A Divine Case of Stomach Flu ... ... A recent outbreak of a gastrointestinal norovirus (a severe stomach flu causing virus) claimed the lives of four elderly psychiatric patients in The Netherlands. Outbreaks like these are not uncommon, but the source of this particular outbreak might come as a surprise: the Roman Catholic pilgrimage town of Lourdes. ... ... ... Negative-stain Transmission Electron Microscopy of a stool sample from an individual with gastroenteritis. The little rounded particles are noroviruses. The white bar equals 50 nanometers, which is 20,000 times smaller than a millimeter. (Ima ...   [retrieve this message]
  • CANCELED: Miracle Transformation Event in Hamilton, ON, Can...   Anne H.   6y  C
    CANCELED: Unfortunately this event has been canceled by Unity Minister Cynthia Vermillian-Foster of Unity Hamilton. Our next Miracle Transformation Event is from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Sunday, December 14 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada at Unity On The Mountain, 21 Rosedene Avenue, Hamilton, ON ... ... What is a Miracle Transformation Event? From the website: Thus began Douglas’s work as an intuitive healer. Within months, he had assembled a team of volunteers, and they began taking thes ...   [retrieve this message]
  • thanks   #94391   6y
    Big Thanks, 90 days ago I asked for a miracle or two. ...   [End]
  • Job Prayer   cdurante21   6y  C
    Greetings! I am writing to request prayers to help me receive a new teaching position that I desire. I am a dedicated and passionate teacher. I truly love educating young adults. I’m one of the top contenders for the job and I would do anything to be a new employee for the school system. This would also alleviate my poor financial status as well. Please help me. ... ... Sincerely, ... Carlo Durante   [End]
  • healing be sent my way please.   tomato   6y
    I am down right now and can use a miracle touch or two. ... ... I have worked hard in the physical healing last month. Getting a little low ... how to climb out of this hole I am in. ... ... Help. ... ... thnks for all touches.   [End]
    • I would like one also! ... ... Only miracles I have produc...   bayliss   6y
      I would like one also! ... ... Only miracles I have produced lately are those I have created with my sleeves rolled up ... ... So I roll them up and I create ... ... I move ahead if this is the only thing of substance or importance ... (my book) ... ... Housing, money, etc are just a mess-and it doesn’t matter ... ... Now that’s a miracle ... Funny how some of those miracles work ... ... Shall we pool our energetic resources and go for an attraction ... ... We both deserve, as God’s children, any joy happiness miracle ... A frame of mind ... ...   [End]
  • Extreme Psoriasis "Miracle" Story   BSA 100% CURE! ask vanja   6y  C
    This is a true story. It happened 1996 in Frankfurt, Germany. This is the first time I am publishing this story. ... ... Extreme Psoriasis ”Miracle” Story ... ... I gave lectures about diet and natural medicine in Frankfurt, 1996. ... ... After one lecture a woman C.J. come to me and asked me to help her husband. ... He was in a local hospital in Frankfurt, dying. ... He was extremely ill, doctors were not sure what it was, but called it ”Psoriasis”. ... ... Disease covered more than 80% of his skin. ... ... Doctors didn’t really know what to do with him, how to help him, so they treated him with IV chemotherapy, as n ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Extreme Psoriasis "Miracle" Story, posted on 08.08.2008...   Quinta_Essentia   6y
      wow! what a great story! thanks so much for sharing this. ... ... have you ever read the book ”love, miracles and medicine” by bernie siegel? its FANTASTIC and has many stories like this. he is a doctor who treated terminal cancer patients and learned what frames of mind and heart would lead to miraculous healings and what emotional states would ensure death. its just filled with amazing stories. i think yowould love it. ... ... the lesson here is so important - do what you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to do in life! if you dont you will suffer. ... ... thanks again for sharing this, it touched me.   [retrieve this message]
    • I have this exact condition. ... Thanks for posting this st...   123erica   6y
      I have this exact condition. ... Thanks for posting this story.   [End]
    • What an inspiring story! ... Thanks. ... Maria   #102088   6y
      What an inspiring story! ... Thanks. ... Maria   [End]
    • an excellant example of stress induced disease   boatman   6y
      your unconcious mind can induce any pain or diseaes possible to keep you from dealing with what is tearring you up. ... ... carpol tunnel,TMJ,sciatica,lower back pain,pinched nerves (kevin!),bone spurs,etc. all stress disorders! i have personnally been thru most of these. ... ... cancer,hep-c (yes even pathogen caused ailments have a emotional part to them.)   [End]
    • Re: Extreme Psoriasis "Miracle" Story   probin   5y
      wonderful, wonderful, vanya! all illness is an external demonstration of the internal mental/emotional state. what a beautiful story! i’m so glad you could have been there for this man. and i’m glad you shared the story. thank you. love, patricia   [End]
    • Hi, I just had to post this. ... ... This story changed my...   123erica   26mo
      Hi, I just had to post this. ... ... This story changed my life. If you look up my nickname on this forum, you will see that I have this exact condition. I posted pictures as well. Doctors were telling me I was going to die. I ain’t dying.  ... ... I realized a lot of what I was going through was brought on in my mind. I looked at my life. I was rejecting myself. ... ... So I am making changes. I have always wanted a home by the water.  I also have wanted to finish by degree and get a masters degree. ... ... So, I am in school, and I graduate in August with my bachelors degree. I am putting my ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Miracle healing   #49420   6y
    FYI, ... ... If you are a vegetarian and suffering from illnesses that are not under control, you may want to try this free online engergy healing: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... The full chinese version is at: ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • My fibro story   #99145   6y  C
    Hi everyone! Just wanted to share my story. I was diagnosed with Fibro 4 years ago, prior to I only had one issue which was migranes all the time. First 3 years I was on lyrica but I had too many side effects from it after a while. I was also on Topamax for a while. The migranes and fibro really were sucking the life out of me. Then one of my uncles came to me with some juice he was distributing to try from south east asia. I guess its some sort of natural remedy for lots of things over there. ... ... Anyways I started drinking the stuff(which has a unique but good taste to it, I guess if you c ...   [retrieve this message]
  • HEADS UP EVERYBODY O !!! - And Please... Don'...   UserX   6y  C
    I received the following email from a Native American man just this afternoon whom I have been corresponding with for the past several weeks. I have not yet taken the time to go through all the links, although I believe that there is vitally important information here that is relevant to everyone. I am not posting this email in order to illicit any debate. I am simply passing on information for you to do with as you wish. ... My thoughts and prayers are for the healing of each and every one of us, and that we may all find our way back to our true essence of peace, love and happiness!  ... ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: HI OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O !!! - A...   #93825   6y
      ... ... I didn’t get the miracle, and honestly I didn’t want to go through all the links to discover the Miracle ... ... Tell us what has happened...please ... ... Are Native Americans getting some equality?   [End]
      • This issue is far more complex than it appears on the surfa...   UserX   6y
        This issue is far more complex than it appears on the surface and there will be a tremendous resistance to the truth of what is really going on. Because of this I am not going to just tell you what I know. Rather I will do my best to guide you in discovering the answers for yourself so that you will be more accepting of the information. I am also needing to do this in a progression of steps so that no one is so overwhelmed by the details that they shut down and fail to comprehend the bigger picture and the far reaching scope of this. ... ... I am willing to begin this process and it will requi ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: HEADS UP EVERYBODY O !!! - And Please... ...   Boldyloxx   6y
      Hi O, thanks for the links. I’m coming back to this post later to read through them. ... ... People laugh at conspiracy theories, but one must realize that there is always a grain of truth involved. ... ... I always believe in ”In God we Trust” but I can never totally believe in ”In My Government I trust”   [End]
  • [Video] Miracle on MSNBC   LCD   6y  C
    ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded Dolphin answers whales' SOS call   Zoebess   6y
    This forum seemed as good a choice as any to post ... this heartwarming story about a dolphin helping a ... whale, and humans realizing whales and dolphins have ... a greater awareness than we had previously realized. ... ... ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` ... ... ... ... Dolphin answers whales’ SOS call ... ... By MARTYN McLAUGHLIN ... ... THEY famously attempted to warn mankind of the Earth’s impending destruction in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, only for their behaviour to be dismissed as playful acrobatics. ... But now, solid evidence has emerged of the dolp ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Raised From The Dead   R Zoebess   6y  C
    It thrilled me that this man was raised ... from the dead, but what especially thrilled me ... was that the physician would follow his spiritual ... inspiration and pray over him~~ ... ... ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` ... Raised From The Dead ... ... Is it a medical mystery or a miracle? A South Florida man pronounced dead from a massive heart attack and then brought back to life. His doctor says the man was raised from the dead by a simple prayer. ... ... ... WSVN -- Dr. Chauncey Crandall isn’t your usual doctor. The world-renowned cardiologist is a man of ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Video Embedded Edited   UserX   7y  C
    Video Embedded This is one of the most powerf   UserX   7y  C
    This is one of the most powerf   [End]
  • Matthew 6:10   UserX   7y  C
    ... ... ... ... Amen. ... ... lol ... ... O   [End]
  • Toronto Miracle Transformation Healing Event   anne h.   7y  C
    ... ... MIRACLE TRANSFORMATION HEALING EVENT ... ... ... ... Douglas returns to Toronto on Sunday, November 25, 2007 to conduct a Miracle Transformation Event downtown Toronto. Come and feel the powerful healing energy, and learn to develop your own abilities in an atmosphere of unconditional love. Receive a personal Laying On Of Hands from Douglas.   All welcome! ... ... ... ... Sun. Nov. 25, 2007. ... ... 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM, ... ... Days Hotel (Avenue Room), ... ... 30 Carlton Street, Toronto, ON. ... ... ... ... Click here to order tickets or call toll-free 1-877-268-8735.   [retrieve this message]
  • Natural cure for Lyme disease?   ecochuck   7y  C
    I saw on the internet that a Joe Barnett is selling a cure for Lyme disease that has 2 ingredients. Does aanyone know what those 2 ingredients are?   [End]
  • Image Embedded It's a Miracle!   AHarleyGyrl   7y  C
    yes i got it and the damn thing is messed up all i see is circles instead of letters!! i think i just have to download the new adobe reader! ne ways tell me about you! and tell me what u think abo ...   [End]
  • You CAN help heal the Planet   R Invincible   7y  C
    [Message Body Hidden by a Forum Moderator]   [End]
  • Miracles DO Happen - July 17th 2007   R Invincible   7y  C
    [Message Body Hidden by a Forum Moderator]   [End]
  • Jesus [warning religious] :)   lilpolock   7y  C
    Wrote this after asking for a song ... all I remember is it was right before Easter. ... ... JESUS ... ... There was something ... about His voice ... when He first called my name, ... and I knew I had no choice ... but to remain. ... ... He was gentle and yet strong ... and He filled my heart with songs ... that I never before knew how to sing. ... ... And although He won my heart ... right from the very start ... I feared He’d be like all the rest. ... ... So I used Him and I lied, ... I abused Him and tried to hide ... yet He always knew ... exactly where I hid. ... ... And He’d coax me with his charms ... and I’d fall into His arms ... weeping sorely for a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • prayer/meditation request   ren   7y  C
    My husband is suffering from depression/anxiety. He also has a mountain of debt and is very embarassed that he isn’t making more money b/c of the depression. Vicious cycle. Anyway, I’ve recently taken a vow of 21 days of no complaining so I’m taking steps to bring positivity into the house. Please pray for him that his therapy is successful and he gets more work.   [End]
  • Miracle Transformation Healing Event Toronto Sun Feb 11   anne h.   7y  C
    TORONTO, ONTARIO ... Miracle Transformation Event ... February 11, 2007, 1:00 PM EST ... Days Hotel and Conference Centre, ... 30 Carlton Street, Toronto ... Experience the powerful healing energy from Douglas at this exhilarating afternoon of meditation and prayer. Increase your spiritual ability in an atmosphere of unconditional love. Receive a personal Laying On Of Hands from Douglas. All welcome! Space is limited. Call toll-free 877-268-8735 to reserve tickets or order online at ... ... ...   [End]
  • Listen to this miracle on Audio!   #52333   7y  C
    ... ...   [End]
  • Amish girl beats odds; mystifies doctors   RN LCD   7y  C
    URL: ... ... ... ... Amish girl beats odds; mystifies doctors ... ... Kay Mc Farland ... Staff Reporter ... ... ... — Diversity, controversy, and integration; different words with different meanings to different people, but these words are linked. ... Diversity often leads to controversy, and when they are mixed together add up to integration. ... ... The world of medicine is often times involved in controversy. Why do some people get sick and others don’t? Why do some people die and others don’t die from the same disease? There are often m ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Loneliness- Howard Thurman~the inward journey   babsbiltmore   7y  C
    What do you do with your loneliness? ... ... One of the results of the massive invasion of privacy so character istic of these technological times is the increasing fear of being alone. ... ... Loneliness is of many kinds ... ... There is the loneliness of a great bitterness when the pain is so great that any contact with others threatens to open old wounds and awaken old frenzies ... ... There is the loneliness of the broken heart and the dead friendship, when what was full of promise and fulfillment lost it’s way in a fog of misunderstanding, anxiety and fear. ... ... There is a loneliness who have absorbed so m ...   [retrieve this message]
  • watermelon   htwinx   7y
    I just wanted to share my experience of eating watermelon. I have been looking for a food that would enhance my fertility, but for me this is awesome. Last Nov 2006, alone @ home, I decided not to eat supper and replace it by eating half of whole watermelon. What i did is, I blended it together with the seeds and scrape that white portion in the rind. And presto! I drink the stuff. After drinking almost two glasses I run across the cr to eliminate the bowel. And amazing thing happen because I find that urge in my body. A light mucous came from my vagina. I ignore it. Since, Philippines ha ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I was speaking to coworker of mine who was trying to concei...   skevi   7y
      I was speaking to coworker of mine who was trying to conceive. I told her that an herb Maca that comes from Peru could possibly rectify her situation. I gave her two of my capsules while we were having our morning tea break. She took the capsules same day and went home. She then told me the next day that she and her husband made love. Two weeks later she was pregnant. she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Jokingly she blames me for all her sleepness nights.   [End]
  • On the Berlin wall   guyin   8y
    Before I built a wall I’d ask to know ... What I was walling in or walling out ... ... Robert Frost ... ... Several Masters-seers, saw on the astral plane the wall gone 1 year to the day before it actually fell. This ssmall group opened a bottle of champagne and celebrated - 1 year before the wall actually fell on this plane, ... ...   [End]

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