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Natural and Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle
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  • global peaceful march chemtrails and geo- engineering janu...   chirontherainbowbridge   3mo  C
    please share this wherever it might spread the word to increase the numbers/locations participating ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • corporate genocide machine   RONBN49   14mo
  • Announcing: New Ebook on Urban Permaculture $1.99USD Downlo...   ladylove   15mo  C
    Hello Forumfolk :-), ... ... What is IMHO an important new ebook on urban permaculture is now available, and **extremely** cost-effective at $1.99USD for the PDF download- ... ... The Title is: ... ”iPermie: How to permaculture your urban lifestyle” ... ... Below is the Author’s announcing message: ... ... Quote: ... ... This book is now available, complete with 14 sections, 248 chapters, and 399,000 words. ... (For reference, War and Peace is 565,000 words.) ... ... iPermie will empower you by giving you the strategies, tools, and techniques ... you need to navigate the cardinal threats of peak oil, climate instability, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Landscaping revolution   chirontherainbowbridge   16mo
    ... ... ... scroll down for two videos ... ... ... ... ... ... chiron   [End]
  • Video Embedded Gravity Light   RRR ChaztheMeatHead   16mo  C
    Great idea! A light powered by gravity. Lift the weight up and your light works for 1/2hr. Nothing else needed. Hopefully they’ll get the funding to bring this forward to the whole world! Can’t find where you can buy these yet, but they will be $10 staring out, and will be $5 and work twice as long if they get funding. ... ... ... ... If that embed doesn’t work, here’s the link: ... ... ...   [End]
  • Don't forget to take your pine needles!!!   chirontherainbowbridge   17mo  C
    new moon is the perfect time to make some pine needle ”balsamic”, to get your vitamin C the natural way. ... good on salads and wilted greens... ... ... ... One caveat. The post says the apple cider vinegar is boiled--but why you would do that, after going to the trouble to get unpasteurized, I can’t imagine. Never mind--the info. is still good. ... ... ... ... ... Chiron   [End]
  • Video Embedded The Man Who Planted Trees   R Webmaster   17mo  C
    The Man Who Planted Trees ... ... ... ... Winner of the Acadamy Award for Best Animated Short Film and Short Film Palme d’Or in 1987, this is a charming animated masterpiece about a man who devotes his life to planting trees. ... Directed by Frederick Back and edited by Norbert Pickering, this is the full English language version translated by Jean Roberts and narrated by Christopher Plummer (the orginal version is in French language narrated by Philippe Noiret). ... ... Jean Giono, the author of the short story upon which the movie is based, wrote the story after American editors in 1953 asked him to wri ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Video Embedded "Thrive"--recommended veiwing   chirontherainbowbridge   21mo
    Thrive ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • You're Standing On Your Food And Starving   ChaztheMeatHead   21mo  C
    I knew a few years back that if I had a hand crank juicer I would survive no matter what. I just didn’t know exactly what all to juice. Well this video is about a guy who has lived by eating all the weeds within one mile from his house for over 10 years now. And in the process cured his ”incurable” diseases. He shows you what all to eat in your ”garden”. If you have dandelions, plantain, clover and other common ”weeds”, you’ll survive. He doesn’t even mention juicing grass. When the grid goes down, he’s not going to even notice it. He doesn’t even know some of the things he eats. He shows ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Would you like to read books in the public domain, so other...   chirontherainbowbridge   24mo  C
    This is a grand idea. Like books? Maybe you’d like to read some of the wonderful old books that are available on the Soil and Health library, for example. Please share this link, and/or add it to your own site/blog... ... ... I have the feeling curezone is full of the kind of people who make good readers. And of course, listeners! Or, as CZ’ers become more healthy, they can give their still-ill relatives the chance to hear good works. ... ... And, while it might be a stretch, insofar as the old definitions of Permaculture go, this IS permaculture,in my view. ... ... ... ... ... ... Chiron   [retrieve this message]
  • 8th Annual Northeast Permaculture Convergence   permaculturemike   25mo
    Hello everyone, ... ... ... ... I would like to let everyone know about the upcoming Northeast Permaculture Convergence! ... ... ... ... It’s the 8th Annual and this year it will be held in Middleborough, MA at Soule Homestead on the weekend of July 13-15th. It’s a weekend long event and will be a great place for permaculturists in the area to come together and get to know eachother. There will be food, speakers, workshops, keynotes, fun for kids, camping, music, field trips, and best of all networking! ... ... ... ... If you or anyone you know in the area would be interested in volunteering, speaking, doing a wo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Hello!   desertrosesz   3y
    Hi... I was just checking in with the renewable and sustainable forum, when your forum caught my eye... ... ... I was away from CZ because I just spent the last month lasagna mulching my yard. It was such a fun treasure hunt to find the cardboard, pine needles, rabbit pellets, alfalfa, straw, etc. Hauling the mulch around wasn’t as fun... ... ... But I trust it will be worth it. ... ... Hope to meet others of like mind... ... ... Cheers, ... DesertRosesz ... ...   [End]
  • favorite permaculture videos, from Permaculture Now   chirontherainbowbridge   4y  C
 ... ... greening the desert is a personal fave. We NEED this. ... The whole earth needs this.   [End]
  • Congress Bill S 510 extends control over all food in the US   ladylove   4y  C
    Note: This is one of the things that Dr. Rima Laibow warned us about, some time ago.. ... ... Ladylove ... ... -------------------------------------------- ... ... From Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D.: ... ... The Most Dangerous Bill in the History of the U.S.? ... ... A most dire bill is up before the U.S. Senate currently. ... ... We are calling you to respond to this with the force of your intentions and actions. S 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010, may be the most dangerous bill in the history of the US. ... ... According to Dr. Shiv Chopra, “If accepted [S 510] would preclude the public’s right to grow, ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Senate Bill S 510 extends control over all food in the ...   ladylove   4y
      From: ... ... ... Senate Bill S510 Makes it Illegal to Grow, Share, Trade or Sell Homegrown Food ... By Steve Green ... ... ... S 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010, may be the most dangerous bill in the history of the US. ... ... It is to our food what the bailout was to our economy, only we can live without money. ... ... “If accepted [S 510] would preclude the public’s right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes. It will become the most offensive authority against the cul ...   [retrieve this message]
  • some good introductory videos: Inspiring!!!!!   chirontherainbowbridge   4y
 ... ... ... ”greening the desert” is my favorite. and such an antidote to witnessing the devastation in the Gulf.   [End]
  • Permaculture Classes on Pine Ridge Lakota Rez!!!   ladylove   4y  C
    rcvd 6/22/10 from the Permaculture Mailing List: ... ... [permaculture] Please pass this on, help this project! ... From: Cory Brennan Add to Contacts ... To: ... ... ... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... ... Pine Ridge Lakota reservation, home of Wounded Knee and Crazy Horse, has a long history of fighting back in the face of oppression. The poorest county in the US, with 90+% unemployment and a host of other harsh statistics, the people yet have a warrior spirit, that is pulling the culture together again. ... ... http://www.permacul ...   [retrieve this message]
  • sign this petition--get this happening!!!   chirontherainbowbridge   4y  C
    ... ... It IS possible. ... ... ...   [End]
  • Ecological design resources: list of links   chirontherainbowbridge   4y  C
 ...   [End]
  • Grow a living fence, or plant an outdoor room   chirontherainbowbridge   4y  C
    TIME TO GROW a LIVING FENCE ... ... ... I’ve been so wanting to try my hand at willow fedges and other structures for a few years now, but don’t yet have the place to do it. (For myself, that is). Wouldn’t it be fun to get a group of people together locally, wherever you are, and do a fence-raising, much as the old Amish would do a barn-raising? ... ... I just found these links tonight. Am getting a déjà vu that I’ve already posted this before, but, oh well—it probably bears repeating. WATCH AS Martha learns how it’s done. ... and gets “the secret”. ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Monarch Butterflies in Peril-- How All of Us Can Help!   Boldyloxx   4y  C
 ... ... This year may be one of the worst for the monarch butterfly, experts are reporting. Severe hailstorms in Mexico (one of the monarch’s major Winter home) followed by fifteen inches of rain has left the population decimated by up to 50 percent this year. Add to that the ongoing issue of habitat destruction, and the future of the monarch begins to look a little shaky. ... ... The monarch population is typically measured by the number of acres of pine trees the butterflies fill in their Mexican wintering habitat. This year, scientists found the smallest area of monarchs ov ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Image Embedded This is sad to hear about these beautiful creatures. At the...   spudlydoo   4y
      This is sad to hear about these beautiful creatures. At the moment I have hundreds of these butterflies around my house and garden, they are a delight to watch. ... ... ... ... ... I have planted many shrubs that they like such as buddlias, flowering herbs and native flowering plants. There is a lot of milkweed around this area, and they breed well. ... ... This is one of several, that are in my garden this afternoon, feeding on a white buddlia. ... ... ... ... ... spud   [retrieve this message]
      • Spudlydoo, What a beautiful photo! ... ... I’m glad that s...   Boldyloxx   4y
        Spudlydoo, What a beautiful photo! ... ... I’m glad that somewhere on this Earth, the monarchs have a fighting chance of survival! ... ... It’s good that you still have plenty of milkweed over there- that is what is helping the monarch larvea survive. ... ... Some places in the U.S. still have it but unfortunately it is being lost to land development or farmers too quick to cut it down because they consider it a noxious weed. ... ... I’ve ordered 20 cuttings of milkweed to plant in our back yard-- the type of milkweed I’ve ordered is native to my area. After it gets established , I want to order some m ...   [retrieve this message]
        • I hope you are successfull in getting some monarchs to bree...   spudlydoo   4y
          I hope you are successfull in getting some monarchs to breed, supplying them with their preferred food is a great start. It would be so sad to lose such a beautiful creature from your country. ... ... Do you have any photos of the Painted Lady Butterfly, I have never seen one of these? ... ... regards spud   [End]
    • Re: Asclepias   bewnyfur   4y
      It’s a shame that people don’t realize and utilize the herbs they consider to be weeds. ... ... Asclepias(milkweed) ...   [End]
      • Re: another valuable use for milkweed   bewnyfur   4y
        I’m sure there are lots of other varieties of milkweed which have similar uses. ... ... ”One final note on the photos above: You will notice an unusual plant in between the carrots in the middle photo. This plant, Euphorbia Lathyrus L. - a.k.a. ’Gopher Purge’, which is in the milkweed family, exudes a sap that is distasteful to voles. We have occasional challenges with voles eating our crops. It seems they have a sweet tooth preferential to carrots, sweet potatoes, and strawberries. Including this milkweed plant in our garden has significantly reduced crop loss due to voles. Interestingly, we ...   [retrieve this message]
        • spudlydoo ... ... Anyone with my favourite bird as their a...   trimnut2   4y
          spudlydoo ... ... Anyone with my favourite bird as their advatar deserves a prompt reply. ... ... Painted lady butterfly: a popular and common fellow in these parts in summer along with much of the lower half of the Eastern Seaboard of Australia. Not a dissimilar range to a Gang Gang I suspect. ... ... here is a google link for a phota or ten. ... ...   [End]
          • Thank you very much, I’m in the process of noting all the b...   spudlydoo   4y
            Thank you very much, I’m in the process of noting all the butterflies in my area, and have found an amazing variety of these beautiful creatures. I’m going to check out whether we have any painted ladies in Western Australia. ... ... The little fellow in my avatar is a baby GangGang rescued from bushfires in NSW. He has been successfully released back into the area he was rescued from, (the area is fully regenerated). I love all parrots, and am very lucky to live in an area where we have wild budgerigars, western rosellas, red cap parrots, twenty-eight parrots, green rock parrots, black cockato ...   [retrieve this message]
  • wild rice dancing -with video   chirontherainbowbridge   4y
    This forum probably comes closest to embracing the principles of right stewardship, wellness; and foraging, which includes our part in the whole mandala of eco-balance. ... I agree with Daniel Vitalis, that people have adopted too much of a ’look but don’t touch’ attitude to ”nature” and wild-crafting (assuming of course they have not been greedy). Yet this is almost a form of extreme reaction to the environmental damage humans have wreaked... ... ... ... We do have a part to play -- spreading the seed... ... take a look. ... ... ... ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • why you should plant black currant bushes   chirontherainbowbridge   5y  C
    ... and drink infusions of the leaves (and branches? this needs more research) ... ... ... Anyone remember the black currant syrup you dilute with water? ... ... ...   [End]
  • "Soil and Health (online) library" a generous and phenomena...   chirontherainbowbridge   5y  C
    ... Covers the full range of human concerns ( and potential) ... Much that has been written in times past is far more forward-thinking than what currently appears. ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • A "Space of Love"   chirontherainbowbridge   5y  C
    part five of a youtube series ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Only One Doctor! Grow your own pharmacopia of healing foods   RR chirontherainbowbridge   5y  C
    ”There is only one main doctor and it is your own organism” ... ... read on... ... ... Anastasia on planting seeds ... ... “Every seed planted by someone contains within itself a great amount of cosmic information. Its volume is incomparable to anything manmade. Thanks to this information the seed knows exactly, up to milliseconds, the time when it is supposed to return to life. It knows when to sprout, what kinds of juices to extract from the ground, how to use the energy generated by cosmic bodies like the sun, moon and stars. It also knows what specific type of plant to become and what kind of fruit t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • land for everyone (and enough GOOD healing food for all)   chirontherainbowbridge   5y  C
  • Anastasia and The Ringing Cedars: for those with open hearts   R chirontherainbowbridge   5y  C
    Anastasia and The Ringing Cedars ... ... Selected excerpts, posted with the wish that some others will feel called to read them and be inspired to then read the series, or even just one book of The Ringing Cedars—as I was, when I first came across Anastasia’s advice about how to sow seeds so that the plants resulting will be able to assist “Man”: to heal himself of disease, disorder and even of incorrect habits, and errors in thinking. ... ... ... ... ”Everything – but everything – on Earth, every blade of grass, every insect, has been created for Man, and everything has its individual appointed task ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Edited   #120719   5y
      I never thought of those possi   [End]
      • Re: Anastasia and The Ringing Cedars: for those with open h...   chirontherainbowbridge   5y
        you’re very welcome! I’m happy you read them. ... ... Chiron   [End]
        • I read these books in the last couple of years. I planted ...   Rainbow Girl   5y
          I read these books in the last couple of years. I planted the seeds in the spring but I didn’t go back and read exactly how to do it. I remembered that you needed to hold them in your mouth for 9 minutes which I did but I didn’t follow the rest. Oh well, next year:) I am now harvesting and eating the foods.   [End]
          • I adore the Anastasia books. There are 9 books in the serie...   R Invincible   5y
            I adore the Anastasia books. There are 9 books in the series and I am on book 5. I find the books completely inspiring, beautiful, joyfull ...... especially for the future of our planet. ... ... I took up some of her advice with my raspberry bushes. It is almost impossible to explain how or what happened, but I followed her advice this year and slept next to my raspberry bushes for 1 night and I also licked a few of the leaves every now and again, walked barefoot around them and spoke to them everytime I watered them. (Dr Masaru Emoto I’m sure would love these books.)  ... ... ... and wh ...   [retrieve this message]
  • this forum needs to be loved and rejuvenated!   chirontherainbowbridge   5y  C
 ... ... here’s a good site, with databases for the UK and the US, and lots of other information ... ... ... Also, look at Valdamir Megre and the ringing cedars series ... of books that have inspired many....   [End]
  • Edited   #100720   6y
    Hey! We would love to connect   [End]
  • Some Heirloom Vegetable Seed Sources and video link..   Ladylove   6y  C
    ..Have better flavor and nutrition than hybridized varieties. ... ... Heirloom Vegetable seeds are available from several suppliers, plus heirlooms breed true and you can save seed from them, which may not be possible with hybrids. ... ... Maybe it’s time to turn your yard into an edible landscape- ... ... Gurney’s: ... ... ... ... ... Baker Creek: ... ... ... ... ... and Heirloom Seeds: ... ... ... ... ... For folks who want smaller and *very* cost-effective packets, there is Pinetree Garden Seeds: ... ... ... ... ... How Much Food Can You Grow Around ...   [retrieve this message]
  • kombucha scoby fertilizer?   chirontherainbowbridge   6y  C
    a kombucha ’mushroom’ blended in water: can anyone tell me which plants might benefit from this? ... ... I have citrus, avocado, ficus, strawberry guava (or dwarf pomegranate ;-)) ... and some non-tropicals... ... ... should I just add it to my compost and let it work on that? ... ... btw--the kombucha tea itself is absolutely delicious! first time making it. I’d always got the impression it was sort of funky. Mine tastes like a slightly fizzy mix of acv, smoky yunan and green tea. I mean, it’s *really* good.   [End]
  • Metta food production   plufur   6y  C
    For the last couple of years I have been promoting the idea of Metta (from the ... Buddhist - ’loving kindness’) production, the next step beyond organic (or at ... least industrial organic which seems to have seperated itself from the ”healthy ... food from healthy soil” approach of the founders). ... ... The contention being that virtually all production today is (Yeomans) extraction ... fertility farming, this leads to a depletion in the micronutrients available in ... food, we mine the superficial layers of the soil/import compost etc. Some ... contend that obesity is caused by the body quest for said micron ...   [retrieve this message]
    • sounds wonderful. I fully support all these ideas as well a...   chirontherainbowbridge   6y
      sounds wonderful. I fully support all these ideas as well as the (perfect) name. ... I must look into what you’ve said, further. It fits my visions, though it’s clear I have lots to learn... ... ... What do you think of pyramidal greenhouses? I live in the North and have always wanted to grow lemon trees, etc. Is that possible or desirable, do you think--and not moving too much in the direction of ’forced’ growing? I have read that a three story greenhouse is a viable design for this. aesthetically, it’s really appealing too. ... ... ... all good wishes for your visions! ... ... Anything you could recommend o ...   [retrieve this message]
    • ... Residues, and ideally humanure and eventually bodies, a...   Bythc   6y
      ... Residues, and ideally humanure and eventually bodies, are returned to the grower so ”only sunlight is harvested”. ... ... Does this mean you are going to use humane fece and dead bodies?   [End]
    • This is the concept behind the BioDynamic Farming coined by...   Schlüggell   6y
      This is the concept behind the BioDynamic Farming coined by Rudolf Steiner...not the Double-Dig bit of modern Bio-Dynamics though. ... ... Which upon listening to Steiner’s lectures J.I.Rodale brought back to america in its simplified form - ultimately to be labeled organics, as he believed that the Bio-Dynamics would be dismissed. ... ... You can actually see this for yourself: USDA Mineral Content Reports from the late 30s gave mineral analysis for the common vegetables. Then again USDA released a mineral content report in the mid-90s which shows virtually notta in the same food crops.   [End]
    • Good thinking about hazels...they grow by the roadside, her...   fledgling   6y
      Good thinking about hazels...they grow by the roadside, here. ... ... Gravenstein apples are wonderful. We ate from a very old tree which hadn’t been tended in years. Divine! And, great keepers, in the fridge. ... ... And, Sea Buckthorn? Every part is useful, and tasty fruit! In China they fly seeds over barren hills, to control soil erosion. ...   [End]
  • New Seedsavers Email List   Ladylove   6y  C
    Hi Forumfolk :), ... ... This was posted on a Permaculture Mailing List, and I am posting it here for the List Originator: ... ... -------------------------------------------------- ... ... The seedsavers mailing list at ibiblio is now available to those who want to ... subscribe. ... ... SEEDSAVERS ... ... ... ... This list will help those interested in developing and using a seed saving and ... seed exchange network. ... ... The message archives are open for public viewing. ... ... I will develop web, wiki, blog and webforum resources around this list. ... Anyone who wants to help d ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Chinese village modernizes farming with "Garden of Eden"   Naturalist   7y  C
    ... ...   [End]
  • Vertical farming: Video   Naturalist   7y  C
    ... ...   [End]
  • What I am working toward :)   ladylove   7y  C
    Got rid of all the debt. ... ... Looking for land now upon which to live self-sufficiently. ... ... Particularly upon which I can grow most if not all my own food, and trade for the rest.. ... ... And build my own dwelling structure, etc. ... ... I’d be researching medicinal uses for the natural wildflowers on your land :). ... ... Good Health to All of Us, ... ... Ladylove :) ...   [End]
    • Congratulations and GOD BLESS! n/m   mu-shen   7y
      Congratulations and GOD BLESS! n/m   [End]
    • Re: What I am working toward :)   Naturalist   7y
      Good luck to you! ... ... My husband and I live on and run a self-sustaining ranch. ... We raise or grow most of our food. It is my passion. ... I am not very good at bartering yet. ... ... This life style is not for those afraid of work. ... ... Enjoy the journey! ...   [End]
      • Hi Naturalist :), ... ... ” ... This life style is not for...   ladylove   7y
        Hi Naturalist :), ... ... ” ... This life style is not for those afraid of work. ... ” ... ... I know . I think I will do just fine, though. I plan to stay away from livestock at first. Except I may wind up with a few chix or guineas for eggs etc. ... ... A ranch, how cool :). You’re brave :). What kind of ranch is it, if you don’t mind my asking? ... ... Meat/eggs/dairy I’ll probably have to buy/barter, until I’ve got the veg/herb part working.. ... ... I’m pretty much of a food artisan and love to make wine, pasta, breads, cheese, sausage, etc.- All that stuff. ... ... I’ve been putting things in place (Skills, tools, ide ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Hello Ladylove, ... ... I would love it if you lived in my...   Naturalist   7y
          Hello Ladylove, ... ... I would love it if you lived in my town or nearby! I would trade with you! ... ... My husband raises Texas Longhorns, but we keep Watusis ... around for eating. I also have dairy goats, sheep, and ... chickens. I use to have ducks, turkeys, and rabbits, but no more. ... ... I have a large vegetable garden, an herb garden, and a fruit ... orchard.I am into edible landscaping. It is a work in progress. ... I am redoing my raised beds and milking room this fall. I am ... constantly adding plants of all kinds. ... ... A few months ago, I attempted to have a pond dug close to my ... garden. I intended to use ...   [retrieve this message]
    • That's wonderful that you are going to have your dreams com...   Ynaig   7y
      That’s wonderful that you are going to have your dreams come true (n/m)   [End]
    • Re: What I am working toward :)   archus   7y
      Lady after my own heart. ... ... I have the same dream. I also want to have a green house so that I can grow some things in winter as well. I like to have my own water well and solar powered house. ... ... Hope you find such a place. ... ... Lets dream it together, it will happen faster. ... Archus   [End]
  • NEW: Urban Agriculture Distance Learning Courses   ladylove   7y  C
    I received this from RUAF (Resource Centres on Urban Agriculture), and ... thought maybe some people here would be interested. ... ... Note that ”From next year onwards, the materials developed for the ... university courses will also be offered for free on the RUAF website ... ( and as a CD-Rom.” (I don’t know exactly what they mean by ... ’from next year onwards.’ My *guess* is that they mean after January 1, ... but that’s only my guess. ) ... ... I cannot send the attachments referred to in the letter to most email ... lists. For details and enrollment information, please write to the RUAF ... email a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Growing front-yard food can rile neighbors   Naturalist   7y  C
    ... ... ... ... NEW YORK (AP) -- A dedicated group of vegetable gardeners is ripping out their front lawns and planting dinner. ... ... Their front-yard kitchen gardens, with everything from vegetables to herbs and salad greens, are a source of food, a topic of conversation with the neighbors and a political statement. ... ... Leigh Anders, who tore up about half her front lawn four years ago and planted vegetables, said her garden sends a message that anyone can grow at least some of their food. That task should shift from agribusine ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Cool! Thanks for posting this, I forwarded it :) n/m   Ladylove   7y
      • The way I see it though...   Schlüggell   7y
        If THEY are against us planting food crops in the Front Yard - Then we should have every right to yank up poisonous ornamentals out of their Front Yards. Not that I would, but why does the nursery/florist trades tend to market poisonous plants?? ... There many edible plants (food crops AND ”ornamentals”) that have even better attributes aesthetically...What a wonderful world if even just the Clematis(es(?)) & Daffodils were replaced by Passiflora sp, Daylillies, and Tulips.   [End]
  • Natural Building Colloquium Invitation   Ladylove   7y
    Natural Building Colloquium Invitation ... ... ... ... ... In the spirit of strengthening and expanding our community of those ... interested in sustainable building, central Texas invites you to attend a ... Natural Building Colloquium, October 19-28. Colloquia are gatherings of ... people, ranging from experienced to simply curious, who come to learn from ... each other, to synergize their experience and to remind themselves of their ... larger vision. ... ... Oct 19-28... come one weekend, two weekends or all ten days ... Quiet Valley Ranch, Kerrville, TX ... ... In our case, the vision ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Its good to hear that...   Schlüggell   7y
      Texas has this going on.... ... ... Like to be updated whom the instructors/facilitators will be? ... ... Look into Ianto Evans and the ... ... Co. ... ... And/or the Earthship concept - Or Nadir Kahlili and the ... ... Institute. ... ... Then there was some guy years ago in Fresno California with a unique hand dug ”Troglodyte” home similar to those in Cappadocia, Turkey.....   [End]
  • Reams High Brix Gardening   R Celcius   7y  C
    Departments Farm & Ranch High-Brix Farming ... ... ... ... ... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... ... ... Read this article in Dutch ... ... ... The Quest for Nutrient-Dense Food--High-Brix Farming and Gardening ... An Interview with Rex Harrill by Suze Fisher ... ... Rex Harrill of Keedysville, Maryland has been farming and gardening for the better part of thirty years. Seventeen years ago he moved to a 16-acre farm and started a new garden. ... ... In the first few years his crops were tasteless and ridden with spittle bugs, caterpillars and several other garden pests. Yet hi ...   [retrieve this message]
    • biodynamics and brix levels   equilibrium   7y
      I have just returned from working a season on a biodynamic farm. Most of the food I tested with my refractometer was good but not excellent. One of my collegues did an experiment with the biodynamic preperations using them intensively [once a week] on a small area in one of the greenhouses. In the rest of the greenhouse the preperations were used about once a month. Otherwise the areas were treated the same. We planted lettuce, radish and beetroot for leaves. When it came time to harvest, the crops from the heavily treated patch were generally double the size, more vibrant in colour, tasti ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Very interesting   Quinta_Essentia   7y
        Thanks for sharing this. I am wondering if you know which preparations she used? 500, 501 I assume, any others? whats interesting about this is that Steiner specifically recommended that the preps be used sparingly, only a few times a year. but you are reporting that using them more often and more intensely did a lot of good. perhaps Steiner was wrong, and the preps could be used more often. ... ... I posted something in the news forum about Steiner predicting the current bee crisis in 1923, perhaps that might interest you.   [End]
      • Re: biodynamics and brix levels   Celcius   7y
        Yes this is interesting! I wonder did you pH test the different media, the pre biodynamic soil the low biodynamic soil and the high biodynamic soil! ... Most organic fertilzers are acidic by thier nature and most rock mineral type fertilizers are alkaline and these rock minerals are what microbes or beneficial bacteria supposedly feed off of according to brix gardening theory, ,but I have’nt a clue the pH of biodynamic fertilizer ! It would be interesting to know this and what exactly is the biodynamic blend consist of! ... Is this the fermented fertilizer that uses black strap molasses as an ac ...   [retrieve this message]
        • this gives a rundown of what the BD preparations consist of...   Quinta_Essentia   7y
          this gives a rundown of what the BD preparations consist of. 500 and 501 are the most commonly used preps. ... ... ... ... ... ... Steiner always suggested applying the preps in very low amounts, almost in homeopathic doses. thats why i am interested in what this person is talking about, since it sort of conflicts with Steiners theory. but then agian maybe todays soils are so depleted they NEED more of the preps and Steiner just couldn’t have predicted that.   [End]
          • Thanks Quinta Essential! High Brix gardening and Biodynamic...   Celcius   7y
            Thanks Quinta Essential! High Brix gardening and Biodynamics is not unsimilar at all with the exception of the homeopathic concepts! They both help create beneficial microbes which are what actually feed the plant itself!~ ... The goals are obviuoslyt the same high brix produce which is high nutrients,high glucose, high in minerals and grows fast and quick with great resistence to all types of pests! ... The link below I hope will not be misconstrued as spam and I am not a promoter of these products ,however information on brix gardening is hard to come by! This website is informative and gives ...   [retrieve this message]
            • ***I am wondering if you know which preparations she used? ...   equilibrium   7y
              ***I am wondering if you know which preparations she used? 500, 501 I assume, any others?*** Quinta Essentia ... ... This was the basic pattern of events. The whole greenhouse was cleared of its winter crops and rotovated. Well rotted cow manure was dug in all over. The manure had been preped with the 6 preperations [yarrow, oak bark, cammomile, dandilion, nettle and valerian]. It was standard proceedure at that farm to prep the manure heaps twice [I think] over the year they rot down so I assume that was the same. The 500 preperation was then used whilst the beds were being prepared and during ...   [retrieve this message]
              • great, thanks for your thorough response, it was very inter...   Quinta_Essentia   7y
                great, thanks for your thorough response, it was very interesting. please feel free to post more about biodynamics in the future.   [End]
              • Hmm , well thanks anyway ,but I am curious why the high dos...   Celcius   7y
                Hmm , well thanks anyway ,but I am curious why the high dose biodynamic dosage out performs Steiners homeopathic recommendations! After all it is the microzomes that are responsible for bringing nutrients to the plant and this is what Steiner must be trying to accomplish wih the homeopathic blend! But the fact that the brix reading where higher on the higher dose mixture is what makes me curious about this concept!   [End]
  • Biological Farming   Celcius   7y  C
    ... ...   [End]
  • Want to Heal the Planet? (17th July)   R Invincible   7y  C
    PLEASE read and watch the video links - incredibly important. ... ... ... ... ... ... All this requires is 1 hour on the 17th of July   [End]
    • I got this link in my email today. I was going to do a tele...   b2reflect   7y
      I got this link in my email today. I was going to do a teleconference with this group. It is long, so you may feel overwhelmed...just read it in parts. ... ... ... ... ... ... Let your intuition be your guide and do what is best for you. When I asked after reading this, I was told it was not right for me. ... ... Blessings to all and remember we can do this daily on our own!...sending love and light! ... ... Love, Light and Peace, ... Beth   [End]
      • I sent the ”Fire the Grid” info to my friends. One of them ...   R Zoebess   7y
        I sent the ”Fire the Grid” info to my friends. One of them asked ... me to distill the info to a shorter version of what people were ... expected to do. So, I did, and the info I sent to her is below. ... ... I have done global prayer circles many times before and they ... are always rewarding. I do agree that each needs to choose for ... themselves if they want to be a part of a healing energy wave. ... What I read in the info you are sharing is a lot of fear. I happen ... to believe that intent is everything, and that releasing fear is ... more important than feeding it. My intent is nothing more than to ... be a pa ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Zoe?   b2reflect   7y
          I understand what you are saying. When I checked it, it was not for My Highest and Best Good, yet I think part of that could be as you say here: ”I do not believe my intent or energy can be circumvented without my permission.”. I am not sure how to ’block’ any ’bad intentions’. ... ... Could you assist in explaining how to do that? I have asked God’s light surround me before I go to work (or somewhere where I know there to be negativeness) and it seems More darkness comes to me, when I do that. I have gone to a place where there are (seemingly) lightworkers, who attempt to get into one’s space, ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Hi Beth, ... ... Spiritual certainty is a subtle and simpl...   Zoebess   7y
            Hi Beth, ... ... Spiritual certainty is a subtle and simple thing although ... it can easily be made hard by thinking it so. As a healer, ... I was asked to help facilitate healing in others that I ... found challenging and yet, it was the simple act of laying ... my hands on someone and I learned I did not have to *know* ... how it worked, but that trusting it would work was all I ... needed. I do not intellectualize prayer or being a piece ... of a bigger picture too much. I understand that I will ... resonate with the intent of those who are reaching out ... for the same values I am and the rest will fall away. ... ... It ...   [retrieve this message]
            • Hi Zoe, ... ... Thank you so much for your knowledge and w...   b2reflect   7y
              Hi Zoe, ... ... Thank you so much for your knowledge and wisdom. Thank you for taking the time to answer me. I appreciate you. ... ... I had planned on sending that link to the people I emailed when I first heard about Fire the Grid. I waited. Now, I know why. After reading Trysten’s and Invincible’s post to the link, I decided to just wait. Now, after reading your post, I found the rest of the answer. ... ... I took my son to Ohio on Tuesday. We were going to go cave sighting. They were closed. There was a young man at the front gate though and I asked about the caves. After we talked for some minutes, ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Agreed! I feel just like you do.   Trysten3000   7y
          ”I do not believe my intent or energy can be circumvented without ... my permission. I intend only the highest good come from this ... effort.” ... ... I absolutely agree. The fire the grid message is resonating through me. I feel I have been waiting for this. Ive dreamed about this before. Ive recieved many similar messages as Shelley. I posted more about this in the Spirituality forum, but I hope the message continued to spread. ... ... Apparantly this thing has been planned for years? Crazy I just hear about it a week before. Im glad my attention was directed to it, and I know I was drawn to it for a r ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Me too!   Invincible   7y
            I feel just the same way about this as you and Zoe. ... ... The minute I heard about this (2-3 weeks ago), a shiver ran through me and I knew I had to get the message out there to as many people as I could. ... ... I love the way this all connects with the Law of Attraction. This is a global launching of manifestation through cooperative intention. This is the oneness that speaks to the soul. ... ... I love being part of this. ... ... Have you downloaded the free music on the ... ... web site? They are so powerful. The minute I heard the songs and felt them vibrating within me, I had a ...   [retrieve this message]
            • If only it wasnt gonna be at 4am here lol   Trysten3000   7y
              Ill be sleepy. But there. :)   [End]
              • There are options!   Invincible   7y
                Did you watch the video links on Youtube? ... ... I can’t remember, I think it was part 5 or 6, where Shelley says that for those who may not be able to make it, you can write down your full intentions for the planet, what you want for it’s healing ... then you can ask your higher self to be there for you at the right time to send out the energy. ... ... I’m fortunate, it’ll be 12.11 noon in the UK ... however, I do wake around 4am most mornings anyway ... and I would LOVE it to have been 4am my time, because that’s often the clearest time to meditate as it’s so quiet and peaceful. It’s also the tim ...   [retrieve this message]
                • Yeah I watched all the videos, and I know that is an option...   Trysten3000   7y
                  Yeah I watched all the videos, and I know that is an option. Id still rather just wake up and be concious for it though. Its very peaceful, usually I have my windows open and especially if the moon is out, the birds are usually going crazy singing during that time. I have been waking up around that time anyways for almost a month now to take my anti parasite herbs {taking them 12 hours apart away from meals so its easier to just take them at weird hours}.   [End]
                  • Yes, I can totally understand you wanting to be awake and c...   Invincible   7y
                    Yes, I can totally understand you wanting to be awake and conscious of the experience. ... ... I have a feeling that the joint effort is going to be felt very powerfully within each of us. I know when I went on a 10 Vipassana meditation retreat, the power of the group was extremely wonderful ... and that was only 200 people or so. ... ... I wonder how many are involved .. thousands, possibly millions. ... ... Got to sleep now!   [End]
            • Music   Trysten3000   7y
              I just went and downloaded most of my uplifting songs {including the ones from that site} into my mp3 player so I can just put my headphones on that morning and bliss out. ...   [End]
              • I bought the CD ”Light and Love” .. you can read about it h...   Invincible   7y
                I bought the CD ”Light and Love” .. you can read about it here: ... ... ... ... It’s so beautiful!!!!!!!! It’s like being in a permanent dream. ... ... The first 2 times I heard it all the way through, I felt some emotional detox. It’s very powerful, I’m glad I bought it ... I’m not into spiritual type music, but this is different. It lasts 75 minutes, so i’ll be playing this through the meditation. ... ... 16 hours to go!! ... ... There’s so much support for this. I received the Marianne Williamsom and Carrie Hart newsletters, and they’re promoting it too. Cool!   [retrieve this message]
  • Tordon 101 R...Would like your opinion on this chemical.   Naturalist   7y  C
    I live on a 90 acre ”organic” ranch. This ranch is located in the sticks. The electrical company informed me that they needed to clear brush and trees from the electrical lines on my propery. We had an agreement that they could notch some trees, but no spraying. They sprayed!!! Several large trees have been killed. They used Tordon 101 R. This contains 2, 4-D and Picloram. I have researched this; some websites say it is not that toxic (government sites) and some sites, pertaining to the Vietnam war, say it is. I had cattle, sheep, and chickens in the area that was sprayed. I also had pile ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Here you go....   Schlüggell   7y
      I have no experience with Picloram...but 2,4-D on its own was banned in the early 70s. ... ... However, it is still used due to a technical issue with Chemical testing... ... When you mix 2 banned substances together, the ’new’ soup is considered a different substance in the eyes of the law that needs to be tested on its own...In theory the 2,4-D is a salt of the ’true’ chemical {but try to prove it...} thus further considered ’safe’. ... ... Soopo, when banned in 70s; 2,4-D & 2,4,5-T were banned for use by themselves - but later in the 80s when mixed together it was considered ’safe’. ... ... ’Picloram’ - ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Tordon 101 R...Would like your opinion on this chemical.   Celcius   7y
      Keep your livestock well mineralized Naturalist and you can ward off any problems that accur from these toxins,especially copper which is partially responsible for wasting diseases or mad cow, a copper deficiency combined with organophosphates is resonsible for the spongifrom encepheletic diseases!   [End]
  • Straw Jet - the future of green housing   finallyfaith   7y
    this technology takes straw bale to the next level. its cheap, economical, clean, environmentally friendly, insulating, strong. what else do you want? it is actually much better than straw bale in my opinoin, as it does not mold, burn or rot, as straw bale will if not done perfectly. in fact all straw bale does mold and rot just a bit if you are in a wet climate. not so with this. its also way more versatile and easier to build with, easier to store, and all around a fantastic idea. ... ... david ward won history channel’s inventor of the year for this. he has spent over a decade developing thi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Wildcrafting Nettles Video - How to   finallyfaith   7y
    i love wild nettles. very yummy, just have to be careful is all. have you ever wildcrafted nettles? ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Wildcrafting video - the many uses of Cattails   finallyfaith   7y
    its a vegetable, sweet pollen source, fire kindling, basket weaving material - wildcrafted cattails serve many purposes. this video shows exactly how to do it. ... ... ... ...   [End]
    • More on Typha sp.   Schlüggell   7y
      And depending on your bioregion - It can be used as the drill for a Fire Drill & but as always for this you must carefully choose the wood for the base. ... ... Native Americans actually had special cultivars for an edible tuber and polen for the starch. ... ... It also used by the Ainu of NorthEastern Asia for part of the wall construction for their homes. They use 2 panels of Great Reedmace mats infilled with 3-4” of down for insulation akin to a ”Wall Sandwich”....   [End]
  • Stonyfield Farms Blog--   boldyloxx   7y  C
    I thought you guys here may also want to book mark this nice little blog-- The Bovine Bugle . It’s on the Organic StonyField Farms website. They update it all the time with the daily life on thier organic family farm. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... It is so nice getting a glimpse of rural small farming-- as though you were right there-- especially if you are stuck in the City and need a little Country refreshment ;-) ... ... ... Boldyloxx   [End]
    • Thanks Boldyloxx, what a great link :)!   Ladylove   7y
      I spent 2 hours over there, it was like a small vacation. I spent some time in Burlington/Rutledge Vt several years ago, and it brought me right back there :).. ... ... Good Health, ... ... Ladylove :)   [End]
    • Re: Stonyfield Farms Blog--   Lovely.Ishtar   7y
      ... ... Mercola talked about stonyfield on one of his videos recently. ... He said they were developing some bad manufacturing habits.   [End]
  • I Got Garden Space!!! Advice on Small Garden Plot??   finallyfaith   7y  C
    yeahhhhhhhhhh!!! i got a garden!! i just moved and the only thing i was dissapointed with was the fact that there is very little space here to garden. i was eyeing the next door neighbors nice little garden plot, its nicely laid out with wire fencing to keep out the critters, but if figured if someone had put that much time into bulidng a plot, they would certainly be using it themselves. well, turns out the gardening tenant moved out and the owner said i could have that space for gardening!! yippie! i have been wanting a garden plot for a while, but being an urban apartment dweller i figu ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi FF ,this should give you a few ideas for your biggest ba...   Celcius   7y
      Hi FF ,this should give you a few ideas for your biggest bang for the buck! It is also amazing how many tomatoes you can grow on one or two plants if you mineralize your soil ala Moreless! ... ... ... ...   [End]
    • ... YAY!!! That’s AWESOME! I would check out French Intensi...   wombat   7y
      ... YAY!!! That’s AWESOME! I would check out French Intensive Gardening: ... ... ... ... ... ... can try growing tomatoes upside-down: ... ... ... ... ... ... Now’s the time to plan! If I were you, I would think about what I wanted to eat and find the cultivars that are most suited to a small space, also varieties with a short growing season(upper Midwest..?):) ... ... A seed company I recommend, without reservation, is ... ... Excellent germination rate! ... ... IF you try to do tomatoes, plant ”Black Prince”. ...   [retrieve this message]
      • great, thanks both of you. ... ... i found these tomatoes,...   finallyfaith   7y
        great, thanks both of you. ... ... i found these tomatoes, and they look pretty good. you can buy the transplants and they mature in under 60 days. they say they have bountiful harvest all season long. we are having a VERY mild winter here, i bet i could plant these early May, which means i could have tomatoes by early july! course i’d be risking a frost kill all May long, but it may be worth it. ... ... ... ... ... ... the black prince look very good, i bet the flavor is quite rich, i may give that a try. thanks for the suggestion. ... ... i have gardened befor ...   [retrieve this message]
        • ... purslane has a sweet/tart flavor, it’s VERY   wombat   7y
          ... purslane has a sweet/tart flavor, it’s VERY the seeds as a freebie from Thompson& Morgan, along with some poisonous flowers(monkshood), whoever was packing orders had a strange sense of humor(HMMM...weeds & poison). The purslane was an unexpected treat, the monkshood never germinated:) ... ... ... ... ... ... We’ve planted a greens mix from Johnny’s, don’t remember what it’s peruse their website... ... ... *plant some dandelions* ... ... BTW, most herbs are easy growers..I’ve grown mostly culinary... ... ... & yeah, squash DO take up a lot of space, but ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Omega 3's?!?!   finallyfaith   7y
            that link says purslane has more omega 3’s than any other green they know of! very cool! i will definitely have to look into that. thanks again. ... ... what about cucumbers, do they take up lots of space?   [End]
            • ... I knew you’d like that:) I’m gonna plant more purslane ...   wombat   7y
              ... I knew you’d like that:) I’m gonna plant more purslane this year, too. It’s a great garden snack, we’d always munch it in the garden... ... ... Cucumbers climb!   [End]
              • also...   wombat   7y
                ... Now you’ve got me thinking garden, too. One thing that we are definitely gonna try this year is Mache, a.k.a. ”Lamb’s Lettuce”. Have you had it? It’s wonderful! ... ... ... ...   [End]
                • looks interesting. i think i may get some kind of green ble...   finallyfaith   7y
                  looks interesting. i think i may get some kind of green blend and plant a whole vairety of greens, that way i always have a wide choice. most of the seed sources i have checked out have a blend of different greens. ... ... so, when do you start planting? since wheatgrass is such a fast growing plant, i will start with that sometime in early Apirl i think. heck, if this weather holds up i may get to plant some in March! have you ever juiced wheatgrass you grew yourself in good soil? its the most powerful thing i have ever put in my body. honestly.   [End]
                  • ... When you start planting depends on where you live and w...   wombat   7y
                    ... When you start planting depends on where you live and whether or not what you’re planting is frost tolerant. You usually plant accordsing to the last expected frost date, or there are usually local signs. When the snow melts off one of the mountains here(I forget what it’s called) is when the people here usually plant. We live in a difficult, unpredictable climate. One year I started 6 kinds of tomatoes and 12 kinds of melons from seed and it frosted on June 6! It was heartbreaking!(that’s when the black prince pulled through) We haven’t experimented with cold hardy plants(yet) except ca ...   [retrieve this message]
                    • Hi Wombat, ... ... Here is a post from the wheatgrass foru...   Zoebess   7y
                      Hi Wombat, ... ... Here is a post from the wheatgrass forum~~ ... For price and ease of use, I like a Samson ... wheatgrass juicer~~ ... ... ... ... ... ... blessings, ... Zoe ... ... -_-   [End]
                    • wheatgrass   finallyfaith   7y
                      this is so easy to grow, its so full of nutrients, and grows so fast, you will be shocked you never did it before. it will survive a light freeze, but not a hard one. but it grows so fast that losing a crop is no big deal. this means that if you get a spell of warm weather in the spring you can plant a quick crop and not worry that it may still freeze. ... ... growing indoors is tough due to major mold problems, but outside this is a non-issue. i sprout mine inside using energized water. i soak in e-water with a few squirts of lemon juice and a bit of molasses overnight, then allow them to spro ...   [retrieve this message]
                      • ... Thanks you two! I will definitely look into it... :) .....   wombat   7y
                        ... Thanks you two! I will definitely look into it... :) ... ... What variety of wheatgrass do you grow? Is it just called ”wheatgrass”? Or is there some extra special super duper variety out there? :)   [End]
                        • you can get bulk seed at your local health food store. look...   finallyfaith   7y
                          you can get bulk seed at your local health food store. look for ”red winter wheat” or it may be labeled as ”wheat berries” ... ... or you can get seed here ... ... ... ... ... ... you can also grow balrey grass which looks identical and has similar nutrient content. but barley is much less sweet, it has a little more bitter taste to it. for some people the wheatgrass is just too intensely sweat and the taste turns them off, so they might do better with the barley grass. some say the barley grass is actually superior in nutrient quantity. ... ... you can try both and see whi ...   [retrieve this message]
            • I've noticed...   schlüggell   7y
              That the varieties of Squash/Melon Family {Cucurbitaceae} grown here in UK tend to bush varieties rather climbers/sprawlers. The Cukes are different. And remember that Zucchini is called Courgette {small} or Marrow {LARGE}. ... ... Try or some other British seed firm that ships or has outlets in US.   [End]
        • Re: I Got Garden Space!!! Advice on Small Garden Plot??   Zoebess   7y
          Hi FF, ... ... I have used *water teepees* for years to keep my ... early tomato plants safe and warm. They last for ... years too and are very easy to use and maintain. ... ... ... ... ... ... Also, if you save old water or even milk plastic jugs ... and fill them with water and allow them to soak up the ... rays from the sun all day, at night, they slowly ... release their heat and also add a layer of protection ... for your garden. Its passive solar energy~~! ... ... I am very happy for you that you have a garden spot. ... Look into Jerry Baker’s natural bug repellent ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Schluggell, Komet oil press...?   wombat   8y
    ... I saw your post in the ”news” forum & googled the Komet...$$$$$! ... ... any low-tech inexpensive suggestions...?   [End]
    • well, you could certainly try the cayenne oil and see how t...   finallyfaith   8y
      haha! i just now posted the same comment on the same subject in the news forum. it does sound like a wonderful machine to own, doesn’t it?   [End]
      • Was in car accident and have 2 herinated discs in neck (c4-...   wombat   8y
        ... Yeah! & I’m wondering if there wouldn’t be some ”shop” tool that wouldn’t do the same thing...? Hubby’s hydraulic press...? hehehe...that could lead to trouble... ... ... mortar & pestle...? ... ...   [End]
        • I am at a loss...   schlüggell   8y
          Not sure what any of you actually Googled - But the Komet Press is not that expensive. ... ... Certainly there are Expensive Oil Presses with Nitrogen Gas inlets {like the commercial varieties just smaller} - But that is another matter.   [End]
          • ... Weeelll...this is what I came up with: ... ... http:/...   wombat   8y
            ... Weeelll...this is what I came up with: ... ... ... ... However, my husband said that his hydraulic press would certainly do the job(50 tons pressure)...with a few attachments, which, of course he could machine....(he’s a mechanical genius)... ... ... And then of course I started thinking...would the amount of oil we’re talking about pressing here justify either the expense of a Komet OR the work of designing/fabricating attachments...? ... ... the answer to that! Just a whim! ... ... Better to just chew those sunflower seeds... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • "Bug Juice" Homemade Liquid Fertilizer Recipe   Ladylove   8y  C
    Hi Forumfolk :-), ... ... This came in on an email Brixlist and I thought it would be of interest, and so am posting it here: ... ... ”Bug Juice” is what the originator calls it- Enjoy! ... ... Good Health to All of Us, ... ... Ladylove :-) ... --------------------------------------------------------- ... ... Bug Juice is a copyrighted name for a process that many scientists conduct every day of their professional lives. They grow bacteria in their laboratories. They may need the bacteria for genetic engineering or for a product the bacteria makes and secretes into their growth media. When scientists grow bacteria, t ...   [retrieve this message]
    • This is essentailly...   schlüggell   8y
      the EM or SBO process. However, Molasses is the key for the Sugar. ... ... A little Boric Acid {just a pinch per large bucket} is also helpful and changes the solution to a Foliar Feed as well. Boric Acid is the ”DMSO of the plant world” - and gets the nutrient solution right into the plant directly.   [End]
      • If the Strontium is only ingested (along with Cal/Mag taken...   finallyfaith   7y
        so fermenting some food scraps with EM would be about the same thing as bug juice? ... ... also, adding some boric acid to the above would be a good idea?   [End]
        • In this case..   schlüggell   7y
          Yes. Remember to dilute it though upon application. ... ... Real ’Bug Juice’ from an Organic Gardening perspective is very different. ... This is collecting a a jarful of the particular critter that is attacking fill with water and age in the sun several days & dilute. ... This works by ”scaring the enemy”.   [End]
  • Permaculture Activist Website and Seed Sources..   Ladylove   8y  C
    Hi Forumfolk :-), ... ... Here is a great site and collection of info I found: ... ... ... ... Enjoy! ... ... Good Health to all of Us, ... ... Ladylove :-)   [End]
  • *The* Gardener's list to end all lists   #59694   8y  C
 ... ... ... ... ... ... and, what looks like an amazing indepth master herbalist study course. Even if you have no interest in that kind of certification, check out what’s included! ... ... ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Mother Nature is Detoxing...falling leaves...   wombat   8y  C
    ...unfortunately, these days we’re REtoxing at too fast a pace for her to keep up... ... ... This is from a book entitled ”The Secret Language of Life”, by Brian J. Ford. I found this to be fascinating.. :) ... ... ”In Autumn, deciduous trees shed their leaves in a blaze of yellow, red and russet. The phenomenon is seen as a way of ridding the tree of it’s unwanted, dying leaves. We are taught that the reasons behind the phenomenon of leaf-fall are to help the tree survive winter. The main functions of the fall are said to be: ... ... the removal of dying leaves ... shedding diseased, damaged or old leaves ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Not quite sure if that is the point...   schlüggell   8y
      The falling leaves is the annual method for nature to lay down Carbon over all the nutrients to keep them in place in the soil, rather than leaching away or evaporating. ... ... What you are referring to more is sometimes called ”Phenomenology”. In terms of how events in nature are inter-related, a little different from the standard use of Phenomenology and Ecohenomenology...   [End]
  • Deleted   #54027   8y
    ’STONE AGE FARMING- ... ... Eco-Agriculture for the 21st Century’ ... ... In this book are described numerous natural and simple techniques which help to ... - Counteract soil sterility and salinity ... - Restore chemically poisoned land and waterways ... - Improve farm profitability ... - Help counteract the effects of radiation and radioactivity ... - Improve plant, animal and human health ... - Even improve your sex life! ... ... CONTENTS: ... ... In Stone Age Farming there are chapters on: ... ... Part One: SOIL & SOUL ... 1.1 The Eco-Farming Imperative ... 1.2 Rock Dusts can Save our Soils ... 1.3 Natural Resonance ... ... Part Two: DOWSING ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Hello folks, ... ... There’s also another ancient way to r...   #54027   8y
    Hello folks, ... ... There’s also another ancient way to revitalize a depleted soil. ... ... ... ... ... ... Agnihotra- ... The Fire of Life © Alanna Moore ... ... ... ... Homa (fire) therapy is based on ancient Indian Vedic knowledge that has been revived, in India during the 1940’s, in order to nourish and vitalise nature, neutralise pollution and disease. Homa farms are vibrant with enhanced life energies and often have been transformed from abused and degraded land by this spiritual service to nature. They attract happy birds and bees and prov ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Why NPK is killing our soil & our bodies (more Phil)   R finallyfaith   8y  C
    i am reading philip callahan’s brilliant book about healing the soil called ”paramagnetism...” ... ... i am posting my own paraphrased version of bits and pieces of it for my benefit and the benefit of others.... ... ... most modern day farmers use fertlizer that is NPK based, n for nitrogen, p for phosphorous, and k for potassium. the first person to suggest this would be a good idea was a german chemist named justus von liebig. he arrived at this conclusion when he analyzed the ash of grain kernels and found them to be mostly comprised of those three elements. he concluded that those were the thre ...   [retrieve this message]
    • This is the exact scenario I’d like to avoid by adding in w...   wombat   8y
      Hey, FF, that book sounds excellent, I’m going to order it! One quick question...what are the round towers of Ireland? I have a visual...I’m sure it has nothing to do with the reality...? :)   [End]
      • Image Embedded they are towers filled with paramagnetic rock that stimulat...   finallyfaith   8y
        they are towers filled with paramagnetic rock that stimulates plant growth. i will post more on it when i get to that chapter. ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
        • wow!   wombat   8y
          My visual wasn’t THAT far off altough I was imagining more vegetation around...more of a Druid/Stonehenge type thing...VERY cool! Love it! Thanks for posting that... :)   [End]
        • The tower also resonates at the Schliemann Freq...   schlüggell   8y
          This is the same freq that stimulates our brain, that animals use for navigation as it is the freq of the Earth itself. ... ... Northwest American indians used to make drums from whole Whale hide that also would make a freq. close to this. ... ... Also, the large didgeridoos for ceremony generate this frequency - and as they are made by termites {not carved by hand} this is what helps stimulates the airflow in their mounds. ... ... The frequency of resonation ”generates” the charge - and from simple chemistry of the galvanic cell, the paramagnetic rock is the second-half of the battery {the electron flow ...   [retrieve this message]
    • MORE importantly...NPK is water soulble...   schlüggell   8y
      So it washes away to pollute the groundwater. ... ... Besides adding in the Carbon and other minerals from Compost - the carbon locks up the minerals in the soil to keep them from leeching away so fast {this is how charcoal works as a water filter}. ... ... In fact plants don’t take in all their nutrients from the roots alone - the fallacy of ”acid-loving” plants. But from a soil chemists POV if the plant received ALL its nutrients thru roots the mineral balance it wants is an acidic pH, however these very plants get most nutrients thru their leaves {Usually ovoid and large} by gaseous transpiration ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Weeds, weeds, wonderful weeds - Wisdom from Philip   finallyfaith   8y
    according to philip callahan in the book ”paramagnetism...” weeds are critical for soil health. they perform three key functions - ... ... 1. they ”fiberize” the soil. by this he means they break down hardened soil and create nutrient roadways. the crops roots then follow along those roadways. ... ... 2. their root systems penetrate deep into the soil, bringing up minerals and nutrients that the top soil if depleted of. if you then pull up the weed, and compost it, and add that compost back to your soil, you have completed the cycle of regenerating the soil. ... ... 3. the water from deep underground act ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Weeds, weeds, wonderful weeds   SqueakyClean   8y
      I searched google photographs for ”fire weed” and it had some lovely photos - fire weed is BEAUTIFUL!!!! (apparently) ...   [End]
      • the reason its called fireweed is that its often the first ...   finallyfaith   8y
        the reason its called fireweed is that its often the first plant to spring up after a forest has burned to the ground, its a perrenial, and its very deep rooted. its natures way of bringing up nutrients deep in the soil back to the surface to renew and replenish it after a disaster like a fire. ... ... its also known as wild asparagus, and you can eat the tender shoots in the springtime.   [End]
    • You would also like to read...   schlüggell   8y
      ”Designing and Maintaining You Edible Landscape, Naturally.” by Robert Kourik ... ... It goes into detail about weeds as the Indicators and Accumulators of Soil Health and Nutrients as well. ... ...   [End]
      • ancient mysteries?   finallyfaith   8y
        thanks for that suggestion, i will look into it. have you read callahans book ”ancient mysteries, modern visions”? it looks fascinating, i think i will read that next. he read ancient sacred texts and used that knowledge to build certain devices to aid in soil regeneration. far out.   [End]
        • No, I read "A Walk in the Sun".   schlüggell   8y
          Look out for books by Patrick Flanagan as well.   [End]
          • yes, i keep meaning to try ”microhydrin” which is a hydroge...   finallyfaith   8y
            yes, i keep meaning to try ”microhydrin” which is a hydrogen supplement designed by flanagan. he uses organic silica to stabilize the hydrogen with a proprietary process. i believe flanagan studied v. schauberger, right? i’ll look into that, thanks.   [End]
            • Re: FF off topic   wombat   8y
              Microhydrin! ... ... Maybe you saw this post in the OP forum, I also asked Moreless for his opinion on it...Microbrite(w/ microhydrin) tooth powder is AWESOME stuff! I remember reading somewhere that people were breaking open the capsules to use the microhydrin for their teeth, so they formulated this tooth powder with it. This is the BEST powder I’ve ever’s a post listing the ingredients & a little detail on microhydrin... ... ...   [End]
  • "Paramagnetism..." - This book is fantastic!!   R finallyfaith   8y
    thanks to schluggell i got a copy of the book ”paramagnetism - rediscovering natures secret force” by Philip Callahan. ... ... this book is like a short summary of all of callahan’s work up to this point. it includes info about paramagnetism, why some crushed rock is fantastic for plants and other crushed rock is worthless, the critical role that weeds play in agriculture, why the NPK based fertilizers are destroying our soils, round towers of ireland (ie ”towers of power”), ELF forces, and his patented device he uses to measure the life force inside stones. its just amazing. ... ... i HIGHLY recomm ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Article: Flood Prevention with Permaculture   Ladylove   8y
    Here’s the link to the article: ... ... ... ... flood prevention with permaculture(or, what we might have done with hindsight) ... by cathy holt ... ... Are severe floods, mudslides, contamination of rivers, and loss of property such as we’ve just experienced in Western North Carolina unavoidable? ... ... With intelligent design, can we prevent the damage caused by flooding—both to ourselves, and to the life-giving streams and rivers that flow through our area? How can we come closer to replicating the natural hydrological cycle? ... ... Permaculture is “the practice of creati ...   [retrieve this message]
    • As for "Flooding"...   schlüggell   8y
      There are several main Permaculture Principles not mentioned thus far and they are ”Keyline”, coined by P.A. Yeomans, and ”Pattern”. ... ... Mind you I am not trying to discredit what you posted - but these are principles more for collecting/controlling the rainwater. The above principles are good if everyone does them, but even then will not deter flooding. Real flooding is much more serious in effect and consequences, and has more to do with understanding groundwater flow and working with true forces of nature. ... ... Basically ”Keyline”: ... 1 The ridges and hilltops down to upper 2/3 of the parti ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Schluggel Thank you for the additional points you brought u...   Ladylove   8y
        Hi :-), ... ... I appreciate you sharing your own knowledge and input :-). I posted that article in order to evoke additional discussion, and so that you folks who have been studying and following this concept for years might elaborate. ... ... I thought your post was great :-). ... ... I’m not having nearly the time to spend here in this forum that I would like, and am coming along as I can, but no learning source is better than the voice of experience which I have heard coming from you and others here, ... and I want to hear you (Plural) :-). ... ... Good Health to All of Us, ... ... Ladylove :-) ... ... ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Kinship Gardening...   schlüggell   8y
    Trying to find more info on Dr. Alan Kapuler’s Kinship Gardening using his Dogon Charts based on the early ideas of Rolf Dahlgren’s Coevolutionary Layout. ... ... Any links to images of the charts would be greatly appeciated.   [End]
    • Deleted   #54027   8y
      Well you can find in those articles, but they are not online. ... ... The articles are purchasable at ... ... it has 3 of the Alan Kapuler’s articles, but no charts. ... ... Ynaig   [End]
      • Thanks for the linx, but...   schlüggell   8y
        But, I’ve bought enough of that stuf before. ... ... I was hoping to see some of the new charts or images of what people have done with them the last 8 years since I’ve talked to Alan - no disrespect, I’ll buy info once,after that who knows...   [End]
  • Salats in olden times...   wombat   8y
    ... ... SALAT: Take parsel, sawge, garlec, chibollas(young onions), onyons, leek, borage, myntes, porrectes(kind of leek), fenel, and ton tressis(cresses), rew, rosemarye, purslarye(purslane); lave, and waisshe hem clene; pike hem, pluk hem small with thyn(thine) honde, and myng(mix) hem wel with raw oile. Lay on vynegar and salt, and serve it forth. ... ... From ”The Forme of Cury”, c. 1390 ... ... mmmm mmmm MMMMM!!! Sounds darn tasty! & not a lot has changed over the years, the same salt, vinegar & oil dressing, mixed greens...I’ve never thought about using Rosemary in a salad...sounds good....I think ...   [retrieve this message]
  • from the Book of Enoch   wombat   8y
    ...another item I posted elsewhere, wanted to repost here as it seems to fit... ... ... 10[Friday]. On the sixth day I commanded my wisdom to create man from seven consistencies: one, his flesh from the earth; two, his blood from the dew; three, his eyes from the sun; four, his bones from stone; five, his intelligence from the swiftness of the angels and from cloud; six, his veins and his hair from the grass of the earth; seven, his soul from my breath and from the wind. ... ... Ha! especially for alkalisers...”his bones from stone” :) ... ... Not that I’m equating you know who with the ”I” referenced ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Looks interesting...   Just D   8y
    ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... from: ... ... Lots of great books on this site! ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Build a Solar Wall Oven (Photo: Barbara with her solar oven cookies) ... ... ... ... Barbara Kerr didn’t begin solar cooking until she was 50, and now at 79 is an expert and ...   [retrieve this message]
    • In-Home Solar Wall Ovens :-)!   Ladylove   8y
      I think it’s cool :-)! ... ... And with the booklet only $4. I’d get one, just to make a statement about it :-).. ... ... Thanks for posting this, Just D :-). ... ... Good Health, ... ... Ladylove :-)   [End]
      • ... The lady who wrote this is not very far from me...I mig...   Just D   8y
        ... The lady who wrote this is not very far from me...I might just go look her up.  Probably be a fascinating interview! ... ... ... There was also a very cool kind of deathray thing on that site that can boil water in three mins made out of tin foil and cardboard.  Be great in a pinch when camping, etc. ...   [End]
    • Excellent link, D!   wombat   8y
      we LIKE ”dirt-cheap”...Lotsa good stuff there, thanks!   [End]
  • Deleted   #54027   8y
 ... ... Ynaig   [End]
    • Ynaig, thank you for these links. (n/m)   fledgling   8y
    • Also, Masanobu Fukuoka's books, and more...   fledgling   8y
      ... ... ... Now I’m going to track down the gardeners and organic growers in my town who are interested in these methods. ... ... We live on 1/3 acre that has not been ’treated’, we think, for at least thirty years. ... ... Maybe, just maybe, we can do something here. ... ... At the very least, we can form a discussion group. ... ... One very happy fledgling.   [End]
      • Re: Well, HELLO, Fledgling!   wombat   8y
        Welcome to the newest, coolest old forum on will LOVE Mr. Fukoaka...he does as little as I know where my Hubby got his weeding philosophy..... :)   [End]
      • Deleted   #54027   8y
        Hello Fledgling, ... ... Glad to hear that you like the concept presented by Fukuoka Masanobu. ... It is more in tune with nature. You also have to have a chicken pen or duck pen for their manure as you might need since I read that Fukuoka used them to let it roam on the field according from what I read in the book ”One Straw Revolution” written by him. ... ... Ynaig   [End]
    • Re: Interesting form of farming from Masanobu Fukuoka   fledgling   8y
      Hello, good people. ... ... Ever since I was six or seven I have homesteaded in my daydreams, and in putting myself to sleep at night. ... ... I can’t travel, or be set down anywhere, without I immediately start ’nesting’ in any place I see, no matter how poor or devastated. ... ... When I was very young I knew little of practical matters, or any ’how to’s’ I invented them...and had a heck of a time changing my mind when told my way wouldn’t work. ... ... Whenever I hear an idea I admire, I want to act upon it, or to join others who are doing it. ... ... I design. ... ... My designs are always inexpensive...made f ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Deleted   #54027   8y
    ”Optimal Green: Modern Earth Sheltering” ... ... ... Ynaig   [End]
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