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Mobile Phones / Cell Phones Debate

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Challenge the message and not the messenger!
The first person to resort to name calling and personal attacks automatically loses the debate!
Personal attack is often the best indication that the writer knows his logic is flawed and therefore tries to deflect attention by attacking the opponent, instead of attacking the arguments of the opponent.
  • How Can I receive MMS as SMS   #138719   3y
    Hi, I would like to know about how to receive an MMS as SMS if the SIM is not enabled for MMS. I have an MMS enabled SIM(phone also supports) and I send MMS to a mobile in which MMS(Phone supports MMS) is not enabled. To receive that MMS as SMS is there any settings required. ... ... Can any one help me regarding this.   [End]
  • Some batteries explode, now will phones catch fire?   been there done that   3y  C
    Solar flares and magnetic pole shift will cause something similar to SAD but not be SEASONAL. The changes we will experience in ourselves might be reduced or prevented with an extra supply of electrolytes, but the changes in PETS might require more severe responses. ... ... ... ... ... Could pacemakers or heartbeat be a problem?...likely VERY much so. ... ... ... In 1859, the Carrington solar flare caused some telegraph offices to catch fire. What will it do to cell phones, radios, etc. and those holding them?   [End]
  • Cell phone radiation and dreams   ashes51   3y  C
    Hi, thought I would share something interesting I noticed. ... ... For many years now, I have used my cell phone as my alarm. It sits on my bedside table and is positioned quite close to my head when I sleep through the night. ... ... Yes, I did this even though I was worried abt cell phone radiation because other alarms just didn’t work me (I tried!). However, last week a solution hit me, I could just turn my phone to ”flight mode” before I go to bed. I was bit embarassed that this solution didn’t occur to me sooner, but a part of me resisted because I was worried there might be an emergency at nig ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Do mobile phones use earphones as aerials?   hoppimike   3y  C
    I just wondered this, as I’m always listening to music on Grooveshark on my phone which is of course a streaming music service, plus I’ll be net surfing which of course is a fair amount of 3G data. I was concerned as to whether my phone might be using the earphones as an aerial/antenna, and therefore chucking out waves right next to my ears! ... ... I could be totally off, I just heard that at least some phones did this with hands-frees? ... ... Anyway, be good to have a discussion on this as mobile phone music services are of course becoming more and more popular. ... ... In my case my phone is a Samsun ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Industry funded cell phone study ignores evidence, whitewas...   Dquixote1217   4y
    Industry funded WHO cell phone study ignores evidence and whitewashes results ... ... by Tony Isaacs ... ... A funny thing happened on the way to publication of a WHO sponsored study on cell phones and cancer risks. First the study was delayed for four years. Then a news embargo was placed on study participants. And finally, instead of reporting proof of cell phone dangers as had been reported all the way up until just days before the study was finally released, the study instead reported that it found no evidence of cell phone dangers, contradicting the study’s evidence as well as the opinions of ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Video Embedded Does the cell phone magnetize and coagullate the blood?   been there done that   4y  C
    This video shows the effect of cell calls on the blood of a motionless person (of course, exertion increases blood circulation). ... ... The video text is in German, but close the advertisement at the bottom of the video screen to see the english narration. ... ... ... ... It would seem likely that recovery from toxic overload, parasites, MSG, aspertame could be slowed down by such effects in the blood because they would not flush out of the body so fast.   [End]
    • Informative video. Thank you. I believe this. ... ... Bloo...   #131174   4y
      Informative video. Thank you. I believe this. ... ... Blood clots are dangerous and can cause strokes, heart attacks, tumors, blockages, paralysis, etc., in people of all ages, blood clots cause all kinds of serious congestion problems.   [End]
      • Looks like it does!   illysmanx   16mo
        That’s a rather interesting video! No small wonder that businessmen often get slammed hard in the heart-health department these days! ... ... 1) little to no sunlight (vit D3) ... Which gives poor intestinal absorbtion of vital nutrients ... 2) poor magnesium and boron status ... Which means difficulty with water balance in intracellular tissues ... 3) High carbohydrate and saturated fat intake ... Which raises blood pressure due to carbohydrate cholesterols (nanocholesterols) blocking the arterial wall’s ins and outs to surrounding tissues- and the saturated fats have to be dumped somehow too. ... ... Throw in ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Audio Embedded EMF morality manipulation   bewnyfur   4y
    This new finding, from MIT, should cause scientists to more closely examine the risks to human health posed by mobile phones and other wireless, personal technologies. — M.B. ... ... EM field, behind right ear, suspends morality ... ... ... Moral judgments can be altered ... ... ... Study Narrows Gap Between Mind And Brain ... ... ... AUDIO ... ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Tip of the iceberg. It cause major disruption at many leve...   InnerCalm   4y
      Tip of the iceberg. It cause major disruption at many levels. ... ... Here’s the thing though, and I suspect you will agree with me. I believe that negative frequencies are being embedded over various carrier frequencies on both cell masts and other transmission masts. I now that disharmonic frequencies have been imbedded in mass produced music on albums and cd’s for years from mainstream recording labels. This was occurring from the time of the Beatles forward. Also similar technology has been used on television programming with the same in I have studied the powers that be long enough to ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Biological effects of electromagnetic fields (interesting d...   unleashhealth   4y
    In case anyone was interested, I’ve found an interesting paper on the effects of these things. ... ... What the power and telecoms companies would prefer us not to know ... ... Here’s a link: ... ... ...   [End]
  • Non-Thermal Electromagnetic Radiation Damage to Lens Epithe...   bewnyfur   4y
    Abstract ... ... High frequency microwave electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and other modern devices has the potential to damage eye tissues, but its effect on the lens epithelium is unknown at present. The objective of this study was to investigate the non-thermal effects of high frequency microwave electromagnetic radiation (1.1GHz, 2.22 mW) on the eye lens epithelium in situ. Bovine lenses were incubated in organ culture at 35°C for 10-15 days. A novel computer-controlled microwave source was used to investigate the effects of microwave radiation on the lenses. 58 lenses were used ...   [retrieve this message]
  • court dismisses cell phone cancer claim   chris10   6y  C
    According to Bill O’reily ,the court dismissed a suit which alleged that cell phones caused brain cancer . The grounds for dismissal were that the level of radiation emittted by cell phones is below the maximum allowed by law and therefore the plaintiff had no case. In other words it was irrelevant whether or not the plaintiff could show that these phones cause cancer (and bore everyone in the vicinity).   [End]
    • Where are all the hundreds of millions of bodies to go with...   Jesoph   5y
      Where are all the hundreds of millions of bodies to go with the claims? Despite evidence that sufficient amounts of microwave radiation can cause DNA damage and cancer, there is still a lack of proof that cell phones produce those amounts, or cause harm to anyone except for pedestrians and other drivers who get in the way. As a matter of fact, Denmark, where they’ve had cell phones longer than any country, has reported zero increase in brain cancer occurences since their introduction. ...   [End]
      • Wrong!   Dquixote1217   5y
        That explains why Motorola cell phones come with warning about radiation levels and tell you to not hold the phones too close to the head and wear them in protective holders.. ... ... BTW. you must have missed the joint European study by researchers in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom which found that people who had used cellphones for more than 10 years had a significantly increased risk of developing glioma, a usually malignant brain tumor, on the side of the head they had favored for cellphone conversations. ... ... Or the study of  420,095 Danish adults, where& ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Again, I ask: where are the bodies to validate any of these...   Jesoph   5y
          Again, I ask: where are the bodies to validate any of these studies? It HAS been proven that average baseline exposure to EMF radiation has multiplied many thousands or millions of times, but the occurance of gliomas have not multiplied accordingly.   [End]
          • The human body is quite the magnificent creation isn’t it.&...   Dquixote1217   5y
            The human body is quite the magnificent creation isn’t it.  There may be no exact correlation between the multipliers for such radiation and incidence of glioma, but there has been an increased incidence among cell phone users.  I don’t have a map of the world cemetaries to point to all the bodies, but they are there and their numbers are increasing.  The same as is true for Aspartame, the artificial sweetener that used payoffs and false studies (they used MSG as the placebo!) whose proven harm you have also questioned. ... ... Best regards, ... ... DQ ...   [End]
            • DQ, I’m glad you mentioned my stand on Aspartame. It is ano...   Jesoph   5y
              DQ, I’m glad you mentioned my stand on Aspartame. It is another ”evil” that I’ve been warned against through unfulfilled ”studies”. I grew up with most of the ”93 symptoms” as a result of childhood cancer, epilepsy, scoliosis, and diabetes. It was after this last diagnosis, around age 30, that I replaced most of the sugar in my diet with alternatives, including Aspartame. Ever since that time I have only seen a reduction in my symptoms. I went from 3-day long episodes of multiple gran mal seizures per day to about one seizure a month, that usually doesn’t even bother my sleep. I wouldn’t e ...   [retrieve this message]
            • There is an increasing number of ALL diseases among cell ph...   Jesoph   5y
              There is an increasing number of ALL diseases among cell phone users, simply because the number of people using cell phones is increasing. This number will continue rising until the majority of the population have them, if it’s not already the case. Then, it’s a safe bet that any given case of any given disease will involve someone who owns a cell phone. That doesn’t make them the cause. ... On the other hand and other sites track true stats from hospital records from many years back. Major risk factors to public health show up as increased occurances of reported diseases, in direct p ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Cancer doctor warns about cell phones   gunnerrat   6y
    ... ... ... ... July 24, 2008, 11:20 am ... Prominent Cancer Doctor Warns About Cellphones ... ... The head of a prominent cancer research institute has warned his faculty and staff to limit cellphone use because of a possible cancer risk, The Associated Press reports. ... ... Dr. Ronald B. Herberman, the director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, notes that while the evidence about a cellphone-cancer link remains unclear, people should take precautions, particularly for children. ... ... “Really at the heart o ...   [retrieve this message]
  • brain-surgery and bluetooth   adamson77   6y
    ... ... ... ... ... Wired ear-pieces are NOT safe unless they are specifically shielded against ... electromagnetic radiation. Wearing an ear-piece connected by a wire to a mobile ... phone in essence converts the user’s head into an antenna for the base-station. ... • Home-based cordless phones do not emit as much electromagnetic radiation as ... conventional mobile phones, however they are NOT to be regarded as being ... safe owing to the longer usage time (typically cheaper calling rates) associated ... with home-based calling plans. Using such phones for less time and on ”spe ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Will GPS equipped cell phones have Homeland Security in the...   been there done that   6y
    ... ... Cell phones are hazardous to the body, but in the future, if you’re in the vicinity of a terrorist, they could cause more harm. Solar flares are expected to get stronger and interfere with cell phone communication possibly crossing the signals. ... ... Homeland Security is trying to get manufacturers to install sensors in GPS cell phones (NSA eavesdropping is not enough for gov’t. snoops). ... ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded Cancer rate soared (seven residents got cancer) close to mo...   RN LCD   6y  C
    Just a coincidence, or is there a real reason to get worried? ... ... What are the chances that 7 people inside the same building get cancer withing a few years ... and that it has nothing to do with the rediation (mast)? ... ... ... What are the chances that many people in the same building are complaining of headaches .... and it has nothing to do with microwaves emitted? ... ... ... LCD ... ... ... ... Orange to remove mobile mast from ’tower of doom’, wh ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Mamas don't let your babies grow up to use cell phones   Dquixote1217   6y
      Doctor Mercola believes, and I concur, that cellular phones and microwave transmission represent a huge health crisis for us and our children.  According to Dr. Mercola, by the end of this year it’s expected that 4 billion cell phones will have been sold. This is a massive explosion in cell phone use, and one that Mercola feels is undoubtedly linked to health problems, including autism. The information-carrying radio waves from cell phones may: ... ... ... Damage your cell membranes. ... ... Decrease your intracellular communication by disrupting micro-tubular connections that all ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Cell phone Cameras   diva27   7y
    Hi I was looking at my moto raza phone and i noticed on the inside panel where the numbers are located in the upper right hand corner that there is a little tiny piece of glass or plastic that appears to be some kind of lens. It resembles the lens on the outside panel that is used for the phone’s camera. Has anyone else seen this? What is it exactly and what is it for ?   [End]
  • Image Embedded Cell phone cooker   Dodge   7y
    ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...   ... ... See what a cell (mobile) can do ... ...   1 Egg ... ... 2 Mobiles ... ... 65 minutes of connection between mobiles. ... ... We assembled something as per image: ... ... ... ... Initiated the call between the two mobiles and allowed 65 minutes approximately… ... ... During the first 15 minutes nothing happened; ... ... 25 minutes later the egg started getting hot; ... ... 45 minutes later the egg is hot; ... ... 65 minutes later the egg is cooked. ... ... ... ... Conclusion: The immediate radiation of the mobiles has the potential t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • GPS in shoes and cell phones causing harmful effects????   been there done that   7y
    The link below shows a map of antennas and cell towers in the US. ... ... ... ... ... ... Cell phones have harmful effects on adults, but young children are using cells today also and more vulnerable because they are still growing. Could that be a contributing factor to ADHD? (or is it the ONLY one?). Now, Isaac Daniels will put GPS in shoes in order for parents to keep track of the kids. Will their bones form properly? ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Taake your battery out?   been there done that   8y
    ... ... ... ... ... ... ... How sensitive can a cell phone microphone be? Who pays the bill?   [End]
  • predictive texting...   kiwimel   8y
    Is predictive texting useful to you? I use multi-tap before but I think predictive texting is much better for me.   [End]
  • Men who use mobile phones face increased risk of infertility   LCD   8y  C
    Find this story at ... ... ... Men who use mobile phones face increased risk of infertility ... by JENNY HOPE ... ... Men who use mobile phones could be risking their fertility, warn researchers. ... ... A new study shows a worrying link between poor sperm and the number of hours a day that a man uses his mobile phone. ... ... Those who made calls on a mobile phone for more than four hours a day had the worst sperm counts and the poorest quality sperm, according to results released yest at the American Society for Reproductive Medici ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Reader comments   LCD   8y
      Reader comments (30) ... ... 30 people have commented on this story so far. Tell us what you think below. ... ... ... ... ... ... Good god; where do they hold the phone. ... ... - James, stevenage england ... ... I want to know the effect of having in your pocket all day long. I can’t imagine this is good either. ... ... - Question, N/A ... ... As Dr. Pacey points out, there is no method suggested to cause the damage. Until you have that, all you can say about this study is that it is interesting. ... ... - Sam, Dallas, USA ... ... Has it occurred to anybody that it’s possible that the drop in sperm count isn’t due to the heat or electr ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Cellphone gave me piercing headaches in left ear   boldyloxx   8y
    I had the Cingular cellphone plan but dropped it because I can’t afford to spend $40.00 a month right now . Especially since the Fed is ever increasing interest rates, and I am trying to climb out of debt. ... ... One thing I noticed after no longer using a cellphone is that I no longer get piercing pains in my left ear-- the ear that I used my cellphone on. ... ... Even the headset that came with the phone didnt really stop that. ... ... ... I feel that the signal the phone picks up from the cellphone towers shouldnt be permitted to be that close to one’s head in the first place.-- Just as much as a pe ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Wireless Radiation   joeshsmoe   8y
    Recently I bought a EMF meter and tested my cell phones and wireless phones.WOW! some of the readings are off the charts. The transmission modes were the highest. The motorola cell phones are very high and my panasonic hand held phones were pretty high too! Get a meter and watch out the microwave emits radiation for up to six feet!   [End]
  • Cell phone used as a cooker   Corey   8y
    ... I wonder if this is on the level. Sounds far fetched, but does anyone out there know? ... ...   [End]
  • Lightning zeros in on teenager's tunes   Corey   8y
    I saw this in CNN newss and they mentioned the danger of using cell phones during a storm. Some think it is an urban legend. BUT this incident does make me wonder. I will definitely forego mine during a thunder storm. ... ... ... ... ... Lightning zeros in on teenager’s tunes ... Castle Rock boy burned via iPod wires ... By Felisa Cardona ... Denver Post Staff Writer ... ... ... ... ... Jason Bunch, 17, rests at home in Castle Rock on Wednesday after being released from the hospital. He was struck by lightning Sunday while mowing the lawn. The current may have traveled through ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Cell phone radiation - Top ten highest and lowest   aclays   8y
    On the right there are lists of the different cell phone manufacturers, you can look at all the different cell phones and find out how much radiation yours puts out.  ...   ...   ... Top Ten Highest Radiation ... Manufacturer and model ... SAR level (digital) ...  1.     Motorola Slvr L6 ... 1.58 ...  2a.    Motorola V120c ... 1.55 ...  2b.     Motorola V265 ... 1.55 ...  4.     Motorola V70 ... 1.54 ...  5a.    Motorola C290 ... 1.53 ...  5b.   Motorola P8767 ... 1.53 ... & ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Dangers of Cell phone and other electro frequencies. How t...   CharuKrsnaDasa   8y
    ... ... has the best stuff I ve found on the market, when you order, please tell where you found out from. ... ... classes, and music to counteract the harmful effects of kali yuga. ... ... for windows to the spiritual world....   [End]
  • Archived Democracy Now Feature   Lapis   8y
    ... Thursday, December 9th, 1999 ... ... ... ... Special On Cell Phones: Are They Harmful to Your Health? ... ... ... ... Listen to Segment || Download ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Help       Printer-friendly version       Email to a friend      ... ... ... ... Purchase Video/CD ... ... ... ... Today we are having a special program about the safety of cell ... phones, and the possible health consequences of regular exposure to the ... microwaves that they emit. A study released last week by the University of Washington shows ... that rats exposed to the same kinds of radiation given out by cel ...   [retrieve this message]
  • The cell phone industry: Big Tobacco 2.0?   Lapis   8y
    The cell phone industry: Big Tobacco 2.0? ... By Molly Wood, senior editor, ... Tuesday, March 8, 2005 ... Molly Wood So, there’s this incredibly popular product that has widespread consumer use and a massive marketing presence. Nearly everyone uses it, and it has very high social acceptance, even though some people find it annoying when it’s used in public. It’s highly habit-forming; people who use the product on a regular basis find it almost impossible to live without. ... ... Unfortunately, studies start to appear showing that the product might be harmful to its users--even cancer-causing. ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Drama   Molly Bloom   8y
      Now I know there are alot of ”conspiracy theory” out there, by well meaning people, who have at times, been a blessing. Here is another view from the Environmental Safety and Health Organization. It has oodles of info for people to make their own decision. I personally will not give up my cell phone, but will however wear a headset until more evidence is scientifically delivered. ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Dangers   #53449   8y
    • I worked for Sprint PCS for 3 years, and I can tell you tha...   Molly Bloom   8y
      I worked for Sprint PCS for 3 years, and I can tell you that cell phones do not hurt you. They have the same transmission as a transistor radio. I’m not enamored of the industry for other reasons, but I fell fairly confident in my defence of these so called RF frequency issues. ... ... I think this is just another one of those witch hunts that well meaning people, who are not very scientific, start. I had groups of parents at elementary schools yelling that the antennae on their rooftop was KILLING their children. This was in Colorado (I think you can still find the website ”Sprint out of s ...   [retrieve this message]
      • molly...   finallyfaith   8y
        do you celebrate bloom’s day? or is your name just a joycian coincidence? if you’ve no idea what i am talking about please ignore! ... ... he lost me at finnegan’s wake though - come on, no one actually reads that! ... ... ff   [End]
    • Re: Dangers   aclays   8y
      The older analog phones are known to have caused problems, but their signal / radio waves were 20x as strong as our newer phones, and the only people who had problems used them for hours and hours per day. Think about how many radio waves, cosmic radio waves etc our bodies are subjected to every day. I don’t think cell phones these days can be harmful unless you spend 5-10 hours per day on one.   [End]
      • Dangers   Lapis   8y
        Let’s check out what the world’s leading authority on cell phone emissions has to say. ... ... Cell Phone Dangers ... ... ~Lapis~ ... Curezone Team Member/Moderator ... Health Researcher ...   [End]
        • I am also really afraid. Cell Phone Radiation cann be dange...   Hollybirch   30mo
          I am also really afraid. Cell Phone Radiation cann be dangerous, but i am asking what is with UMTS, Wireless Lan. Is there also some Kind of Radiation? I am not auite sure but in the end i guess Cell-Phones are more critical. ... ___________________________________________________________ ... HSDPA Tarife   [End]
  • Cell phone=tracking device?   #68716   9y
    Over heard someone that works with On Star- (the device put into vehicles so the driver can call anytime and get directions while driving) and he said they can always hear you whether you turn in one and call them or not. ... Cell phones? Same thing, whether it is on or not I believe it is used to listen in on the user, it also has superior hearing. ... ... ... ??????   [End]
    • I am pretty open minded but please specify a little. There ...   zooii   9y
      I am pretty open minded but please specify a little. There are many they, are you referring to they cell phone producers, they government, they people in general, of course cell phones can be used as tracking devices and listened to. Can you specify how it listens to you when off?   [End]
      • Google links for cell phone eavesdropping   #13594   9y
        I wondered the same things myself. Did a quick search on Google and found lots of interesting things. Below is the links. ... ... Big Brother, sure enough? ...,GGLC:1969-53,GGLC:en&q=cell+phone... ...   [End]
    • Re: Cell phone=tracking device?   aclays   8y
      There are so many cell phone calls these days, I wouldn’t worry about your call being listened in on unless you’re a terrorist ;) then you should be very afraid. ... ... I think it was this last year, it’s no longer legal to sell a cell phone without a tracking device in. These are used for 911 calls so they can locate you faster.   [End]
      • Find out about what the US Secret Service claims are some o...   #58095   8y
        Find out about what the US Secret Service claims are some of the most dangerous eavesdropping devices. ... ... Page 1 of 2 ... ... Editor’s Note: This story was first published on August 25, 2000. ... ... Heard a strange click on your cell phone? It just might have been someone listening in. Ever seen an unknown number on your phone bill? Someone may have cloned your phone. ... ... The devices are out there. They’re contraband. It’s illegal to possess them, to use them, and illegal to use any of the information gained from using them. ... ... From pens used to eavesdrop on conversations to ”magic boxes” for clonin ...   [retrieve this message]

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