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  • why do I have a potbelly and how to remove it?   #177228   7d  Ü C Ü
    Hi ... Basically background story. I have a pot belly for aslong as i can remember (goes back til my youth). When i was a teenager, i ate ALOt of junk food/convenience food. But for the past 7 or so years iíve become quite the health nut. Iíve never been fat. I had a bit of puppy fat, at one point but that goes back a very long time ago. Iím pretty slim. There have been times when iíve been overly stressed or had a bad break-up and lost quite a bit of weight. Iím about 4í9 and at one point, weighed 42-43 kiloís. ... Iím normally around the 45 kilo mark. (99.208 pounds/ 7.08629 stones) ... ... My po ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Spring cleaning   kernel   57d  Ü C Ü
    With Spring just around the corner here in the Algarve I would welcome anyone who wishes to spend some time away from their peer pressure or home responsibilities who wants to try juice fasting at my farm/forest. I have a log cabin for you to stay in, a good garden for intro and fast breaking organic food, the glorious weather associated with southern Portugal and as a personal trainer for many years I can get you fit too. ... For some basic info check out ... Much love peeps, Mitch. x   [End]
  • I am starting a water fast on June 11th!   Wendy8810   9mo  Ü C Ü
     I am looking to start a water fast on June 11th 2013 and am looking for someone to do it with me. I am a single mother and after work and taking care of my son I have no time for the gym and just dieting doesnít seem to be helping! Motivation is the key to success right? I am currently at 217 lbs and just looking to lose weight and cleanse my body of all the toxins I have been eating for thebpast 3 years and I am in need of someone to do it with me for just a little extra support. Any takers?? ...   [End]
  • Desperate for Answers...Alone...Embarrassed, Scarred   diddymeow   11mo  Ü C Ü
    Hi! Iím a 38 year old, single mother of two boys who are 20 & 6...(oldest is married)... ... For about 3 years now I have been battling an acne that comes and goes, but when itís here it stays for months. ... My health problems gave been many as I had a gastric bypass in í03, (pushing 400 lbs)...Within about 10 months I was almost 115 lbs. weak, and 17% body fat. ... I didnít have a nutritionist until I was already extremely Iíll... Huge hernias made it hurt to bad to way so I chewed food and spit it out. If I are it I usually ended up throwing up. :( ... ... Anyway, I went through 10months of having t ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Sounds like youíve had a miserable time of it. A few peopl...   UserX   10mo
      Sounds like youíve had a miserable time of it. A few people I know have used Barefootís Sprays like 1 11 and 111 being the hottest. That will kill skin parasites very well. Itís good for everything. Go to http://www, and order some if you wish. I like the Spray 111 with red pepper in it that kills parasites. To me itís not hot and tastes good. Nothing in it will hurt you. Heís the herbalist with the best home-made stuff on earth, in many of our opinions who have used his stuff. Lots of products on teh market now are exoensive and thereís a lot of advertising ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I need a Master Cleanse buddy   amy71213   11mo  Ü C Ü
    I want to start Master Cleanse on 27.05 for 10 days an Iíd be very happy to have a detox buddy. :) Anybody?   [End]
  • My water fasting journey   malaik8   13mo  Ü C Ü
    I recently started my water fasting journey and lost close to ten kills in 1 week. I went to the shops and got me some chocolate and i was so dissapointed i ate close to 200 grams if the thing and my detox was all for nothing. I joined the forum to find fasting buddies till the need of the month i do not have ppl to talk to about my weights all my friends here are less than a size. I hope u read this and know the water fasting journey is rewarding but it needs alto of self control and dedication .   [End]
  • the real reason the body gets fat   RONBN49   15mo
    You have been lied to your entire lives about fat and how to rid yourselves of it. The body creates fat for a reason and that reason needs to be addressed before the fat will go away. Certain foods create acids in the body. Those acids will harm the body and the vital organs in the body so the body keeps those acids away by creating a storage place for them and that place is in fat. In other words the body creates fat to store acids to keep those acids from doing damage to that body. When those acids are creATED FASTER THAN THEY CAN STORED AND THE ACIDS GET TO THE ORGANS DISEASE OCCURS AND ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Should we really diet??...   1234567   19mo  Ü C Ü
    Hi guys :) ... ... So here are a few links which will make a difference in ur life style change and helps u not only to loose extra weight but also improve ur health dramatically! ... ... Here is a link (one hour interview with a guy who was 400 pounds initially b4 he found the way to get back to his normal shape again... Just plz make sure u will watch it shortly coz it is free promotional now!)... ... ... ... ... ... Food Matters movie trailer (I have this DVD home) ... ... ... Hungry for Change movie trailer - VERY Insp ...   [retrieve this message]
  • a different kind of fast, day three   Quagga   21mo  Ü C Ü
    Yesterday: ... 50 oz AcaŪ Mango Zinger Herbal Tea ... 6 oz Milk Thistle Tea ... 6oz Bengal Spice Tea ... 50 oz SmartWater w/splash of lemon ... ... Today (so far): ... 50 oz Moroccan Pomegranate Rooibos Tea w/splash of lemon ... 6 oz Milk Thistle ... 50 oz Green Tea w/splash of lemon ... ... Whenever I say I am consuming 50oz of tea I am only using 1-3 tea bags depending on the flavor. Green tea I only use two tea bags for 50 oz versus the Zinger teas I tend to use 2-3 bags. ... ... Recently I donít really like the Ďfruití teas. I might forgo them and stick to green tea and milk thistle. I love the mellow taste of mil ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea   InCharge   28mo  Ü C Ü
    For most of us, our belly is our number one trouble spot. Forget six-pack, how do you get rid of the spare tire? While you may think starving yourself and hitting the gym 2 hours a day will get you that six-pack, you’re in for a surprise. It’s not quantity of food or gym time, it’s quality. Exercise the right way for less time and just cut out certain foods and you can earn a slim and sexy stomach in no time! ~ Health Freedoms ... ... Burning calories is not easy—it takes a lot of energy and effort to remove huge amounts of fat, but with the help of green tea extracts ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Water fast need your help guys:)   Wardahaq   28mo  Ü C Ü
    I am planning to lose some 10 kg so going on a water fast from tomorrow. I am all ears to your advice and suggestions I badly need them. I will appreciate it plus help me through my journey :)   [End]
  • Master Cleanse - Searching for Fasting Buddy   #16193   31mo  Ü C Ü
    Hi, ... ... Iím searching for a fasting buddy. I plan to do the Master Cleanse for a minimum of 14 days and go on for as long as possible until my body tells me itís time to break the fast. ... ... Iíve done the Lemonade Fast twice, previously, with good results and I know itís time to take charge of my body and system and do this. Iím ready to make some lifelong changes. ... ... I would like to partner with someone who can be responsive and helpful and kind. Iím interested in someone who wants to improve their overall health for good and has an understanding of life. ... ... If you are starting a fast now or ...   [retrieve this message]
  • [Message Subject Hidden by a Forum Moderator]   mdc45122   3y  Ü C Ü
    [Message Body Hidden by a Forum Moderator]   [End]
  • Do pale stools mean I need a liver flush?   Hidden Username   3y  Ü C Ü
    Have had pale stools for the past week or 2 since adding more fats to my diet. Olive oil, etc. ... ... Yellow/LightTannish and crumbly looking. Iíve been using Oxypowder for a few days and still no change. Iím not constipated.   [End]
    • That could be one common reason for light colored stools. ...   MENDOMAID   3y
      That could be one common reason for light colored stools. ... ... The only time I have seen light crumbly stools was when the person had taken barium, a white mineral, for gut X rays. OXy powder contains both diatomateous earth and magnesium, both white minerals, so that may have resulted in light stools.   [End]
  • Lipoma Board   mattscarrock   3y  Ü C Ü
    Hi, there are new treatments available but the knowlidge is not commonly shared. I would like to deliver and receive the most up-to-date information with you guys. Help me to create the number one resource of the latest news from the lipoma field. I have created a lipoma board you can Google, just type lipomaboard. I hope to start conversations of alternative treatments and also cures. ... ... Iím sure there are cures available that we just donít know about. One possible cure might be the oxone infusion therapy. ... ... Cheers, ... Matt   [End]
    • hi ... lipomaís are a capsule made from fibrin,which are e...   woody7   3y
      hi ... lipomaís are a capsule made from fibrin,which are easily dissolved with enzymes, such as bromelain,nattokinasse and serrapeptase.The body stops producing enzymes when we reach our twenties,so we need to supplement.   [End]
      • Hi,I was interested in your comment on Lipomas. I also lear...   greenman   3y
        Hi,I was interested in your comment on Lipomas. I also learnt about the use of enzymes in this regard I found there is a MD in USA has a Lipoma clinic,using enzyme injections also I think radiofrequency or resonance on the lipomas his succesws rate is around 80%. .Sorry dont know his name though Are you a doctor or are you a Lipoma sufferer? ... I have a very large lipoma on my rhs of neck has grown over th last twelve years,I am scared to death of having excision on it as believe there must be a safer approach. I am trying to get alternative treatment on the NHS but is extremely hard ...   [retrieve this message]
        • here is a good article on serrapeptase, this should help yo...   woody7   3y
          here is a good article on serrapeptase, this should help your situation ... ...   [End]
          • Re: Lipoma Board update   woody7   3y
            Treatment ... ... Usually, treatment of a lipoma is not necessary, unless the tumor becomes painful or restricts movement. They are usually removed for cosmetic reasons, if they grow very large, or for histopathology to check that they are not a more dangerous type of tumor such as a liposarcoma.[3] ... Lipomas are normally removed by simple excision.[10] The removal can often be done under local anaesthetic, and take less than 30 minutes.[18] This cures the majority of cases, with about 1-2% of lipomas recurring after excision.[19] Liposuction is another option if the lipoma is soft and has a sma ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Re: Lipoma Board   doviad   70d
        I need to know more about this ASAP! I emailed you!   [End]
  • day 1&2 of water fast   ladiblu   4y  Ü C Ü
    right now its like 11;30 itíll b tommorrow in 30 minís so the way i see it its been two days of me fasting already lol i know im way ahead of myself but.......lets see hello im new but this is not my first time to fasting i fasted for up to 7 days b4 and as soon as my family found out they basically threw food at this time im fasting again and im not telling anyone the main reason im fasting this time is because im starting to feel more depressed then ever and i hope fasting can stop me from being sad all the time and get my mind off of it and on 2 other things and mostly i want ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi... I am just completing my second day.... whoops... its ...   Ashlyn   4y
      Hi... I am just completing my second day.... whoops... its now 12:18 am... so I am officially on day 3.... I would love to keep in touch. My weight is more than yours but just about the same. I am very hungry right now and it sucks. I am not certain how this website forum works, but, I sure would love to talk to you OR anyone who is also going through this... its not that fun right now.. but, I am desparate.   [End]
    • Best of luck to you. One of my main reasons, besides losing...   mstoriva   4y
      Best of luck to you. One of my main reasons, besides losing weight (Iím like 100 lbs over what they say I should be) is because I have been severely depressed lately. I mean everybody experiences some minor depression throughout life, especially in these hard times, but I havenít been this bad since I was a teenager. ... ... I am also hoping fasting will help me feel happier and I know the weight loss is a big part of it. Seeing the numbers go down so rapidly will increase my mood, and keeping it off or continuing to lose weight on my own after will be an absolute joy. I canít wait to buy smal ...   [retrieve this message]
      • hi ... ... I just recently found out that we have our own ...   Ashlyn   4y
        hi ... ... I just recently found out that we have our own ĒINBOXĒ... it only took me a week to find that out!! It was awesome to see a letter from you. I hope that you are still here so that I can personally express to you how thankful I am to you for reaching out to me. ... ... I am on day 6 today and I am down 11 pounds. I was binging up so much up to the fast that I knew the first pounds would come off quickly. THANK GOD.... now the last 15 pounds will most likely come off slowly. I am so sick of being a ĒYO YOĒ and having my weight go up and up at the end of each episode. ... ... Thank you for y ...   [retrieve this message]
  • gaining weight on gluten free diet   #128070   4y  Ü C Ü
    I have a gluten free allergy, and Im hypoglycemic. I wanted to do a cleanse and fast but everyone says its dangerous because Im Hypoglycemic. I have never had a weight problem until recently , I dont have a thyroid issue. I eat Guten Free and a pretty healty diet and I am consistantly gaining weight. Any ideas???? Im exhasted all the time and miserable.   [End]
  • wanna do liver flush in 2 days, at full moon (please read) ...   weirdo3   4y  Ü C Ü
    havent really prepared for it much, I just plan to do some enemas, two hot baths and thats it and then on third day a flush and all the instructions with it(olive oil & lemon not the salt thing), would it be ok? ... ... Iíve done 2 lfís before, but nothing really came out, even on next day, the second time I prepared kinda ok (I think) and this time Iíve been on better diet and Iím being on relatively good diet for about year now actually ... ... Iím really unpatient for results, I dont really have time and opportunities to fully and thoroughly recover in long time, I have to be in excelent shape ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I have to be in excelent shape (on surface, thats the most ...   socalgrl   4y
      I have to be in excelent shape (on surface, thats the most important, I dont give a damn about organs right now) ... ... Everything in your body is connected so when you say being in excellent shape is the most important and you donít give damn about organs you wonít achieve losing fat and acne if you donít cleanse ALL organs and do it in the proper order. First you need to do a colon and kidney cleanse. Without cleansing your colon all the toxins from a liver cleanse will get stuck and reintroduce itself back into your body. After your colon is clenased THEN you can do a liver flush or othe ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi Weirdo3, ... ... Sorry to be blunt, I am just trying to...   PhilosophicalCat   4y
      Hi Weirdo3, ... ... Sorry to be blunt, I am just trying to help. Your message shows clear signs of a need to clean out your liver. Impatience, irritation and a forceful attitude often go along with multiple impaired organ systems, especially the liver and kidneys. ... ... You have the right idea - liver flushing will definitely help you. ... ... The first reply was good. However, I`m sure that`s not what you want to hear. ... ... Regarding fat loss and metabolism, you should look into the iodine forum. It is possible that your thyroid is sluggish due to a lack of iodine in your system. I don`t know where ...   [retrieve this message]
      • its funny how both of you refer my impatience and a bit ang...   weirdo3   4y
        its funny how both of you refer my impatience and a bit angsty attitude to liver, in fact it itself pisses me off a bit lol :P but I want to tell you noway its liver or any other organ, I by no means am saying your facts are wrong, but this is not my case deffinatelly, itís just that Iím pissed by life, have been through hell alot of shit, from completely peacfull and positive being turned to quit pissy one, but Im telling you 100% not due liver, itís just life like that, if you live in total peace and have sudden anger attack then maybe its your liver rioting, its not this case though ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • To all vegetarian FFP!   #15088   4y
    Hi =) ... ... ... Is there anyone here who is vegetarian who is following this plan right now? and if so, could you tell me what your meals are like. I really love this plan but Iím a vegetarian. I do still get results, but I would love to have someone who has been doing this longer or with more experience following this plan as a vegetarian, provide me some insight. I would appriciate it so much. Also, Iím taking not only the flax oil 2tbl but Iím also takin it in pill form, is that too much? ... ... In the mornings, one day Iíd have a shake, the next Iíd make a 4oz tofu scramble with veggies. Iíd ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Water distiller - explanation of EM5   RRR chette   5y  Ü C Ü
    I would like to try and explain the effect that the John Ellis Water machines have on water. I went to the US patent site and read all patents associated to the John Ellis machine it does not take a rocket scientist to understand the associated patents written by scientist who discovered how to purify water. John Ellis simply made a small machine that does what the scientist discovered. ... ... the UV will kill and sterilize any water that is exposed to it. But that is not the sole purpose in the Machine. the purpose is to create a pure distilled water without the normal memory markers in water ...   [retrieve this message]
  • [Message Subject Hidden by a Forum Moderator]   mrmanifestation   5y  Ü C Ü
    [Message Body Hidden by a Forum Moderator]   [End]
  • It's Saturday Night....   #110833   5y  Ü C Ü
    And here I am sitting at home another weekend reading how others are out having fun...I canít believe I allowed myself to get to this size and I totally feel like not going anywhere...Everyone is out having fun, while most of my clothes do not fit except for the normal jogging/sweat pants and big/long T-shirts. Ask me how hot it is to be wearing that during the summer? ... ... I attended my family reunion a huge cow, first one ever and havenít seen family in 6 years and I return fat. Usually the norm is to eat myself into a stupor because I am so down, but that doesnít help, it only cause des ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi, ... ... You have taken a step in the right direction. ...   msvic   5y
      Hi, ... ... You have taken a step in the right direction. Be happy for that. No matter what our size, we should all practice self-love. ... ... Go out and buy that nice outfit and wear it the size you are now. ... ... ... Look in the mirror before you go and say ĒI look great today.Ē ... And keep saying it until it is in your spirit and you believe it. ... ... If you do this, your outlook (and your weight) will change. ... ... ... Be blessed   [End]
    • I donít offer any particular method, what to do. ... Inside...   stoneface   5y
      I donít offer any particular method, what to do. ... Inside your body, is a beautiful person looking for the way out and enjoy the life. ... So YOU need to make a decision to change your ways and start the ball rolling. ... Itís very easy to gain weight. Not so easy to loose, unless you really want. ... We can all do it, so can you! ... ... I have been trough absolute hell in past 3 years, worse than many could imagine. ... My weight was one of the lesser things to bring under control and I wish every other issue could have been equally easy! ... ... If you were living in my neighborhood, I would personally guide ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Thank You Both   #110833   5y
        For your replies.....I really didnít expect any for I was just using last night and this board to vent. But I am on day 7 to better health and I am making a lifestyle change. ... ... I believe what was in my mind/heart was the fact I should have came to this realization months/years ago and should have already been where I am SUPPOSE to be. But I can not change yesterday:-) I can only do what I can for today. ... ... So, I am hanging in there and doing much better today actually. Thanks again and Godís blessings!   [End]
  • Given up Smoking cold turkey and joined the gym. Should I c...   bluesteel   5y  Ü C Ü
    I was in the high street today and I noticed there was 50% on gym membership for 6 months and no joining fee. This offer was going to end in two days. I signed up immediately. Not only that but I gave up smoking cold turkey. I just got bored of Smoking for the first time in my life. ... ... Now normally. When I fast after two weeks I enter the energy zone. I have so much energy I need to do something to burn it off. But I havenít entered that stage yet. ... ... I got three choices. ... ... 1: Use the Gym now. ... 2: Wait until I have a lot of excess energy. ... 3: Stop fasting now and just eat a healthy diet w ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Back to my Model Body   ModelBehavior   5y  Ü C Ü
    I used to have a beautiful model body until food became my enemy. I was anorexic during my first two years of college, which resulted to me admission into a hospital ( At 5í9, I weight 107 lbs). Now, 3 years later, I weight a startling 170 pounds. I am determined to get back to a healthy 125 pounds before my brotherís wedding in May. I will be coming home for Spring Break and I donít want my family to see that Iíve put on weight as a result of binge eating, which has become uncontrollable. I rummage through my roommatesí food nearly every night. I may have consumed about 5,000 last night. ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I think you can definitely lost 10 pounds the first week! ....   #111665   5y
      I think you can definitely lost 10 pounds the first week! ... ... Good luck! ... ... I am also kind of on a 14 day fast, I am on day 4 now. ...   [End]
      • Good luck! Iím in a similar situatiion as you - lately, col...   the360   5y
        Good luck! Iím in a similar situatiion as you - lately, college stress has led to binging and I am just not happy with my after being inspired by all the recent successes posted on here, I am going to begin a fast of my own tomorrow! ... ... Iíve tried to get myself to fast in the past, but I honestly just wasnít ready...Iíd make it through a day and a half or so and then lose control and binge. Iíve spent the last 2 weeks working on (better, still not great!) portion control and cutting out processed and junk food, so I feel that I am ready this time :) ... ... SkinnyStick - I was just won ...   [retrieve this message]
    • oh i know exactly how you feel - i used to weigh in at 110 ...   rivagauche   5y
      oh i know exactly how you feel - i used to weigh in at 110 when i was a freshman (iím 5í6) and now im somewhere around 160 - I feel like crap, look like crap and etc. im starting a fast tmrw to regain control of my life and my body and i wish you the best of luck :D ... ... ...   [End]
      • That sounds just like me too - Iím 5í6 and used to weigh 12...   redjuniper   5y
        That sounds just like me too - Iím 5í6 and used to weigh 120. Now Iím just over 160. It definitely feels like Iíve lost control over that aspect of my life. ... ... Itís tough to stay at a healthy weight with my sedentary job and studying all the time. This thread has really increased my motivation to take some action. Iím going to do a fresh veggie juice fast (fruit juice has way too much sugar). ... ... This link on fat loss has some good information. ... ... ... Iím a bit worried about losing and then gaining it all back again, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • saltwater flush   thinklink   5y  Ü C Ü
    i would like to know how often one can do a saltwater flush? ... Could it be done every day on a water-juice fast or is consuming that much salt dangerous?   [End]
    • First understand what the salt water flush is. ... ... If ...   msteve666   5y
      First understand what the salt water flush is. ... ... If done properly, itís a neutral solution which neither adds or takes from you. It just goes through you. ... ... If you follow the master cleanse program, it is done every morning. ... ... It is not a laxative and should only be done when there is no food in your system. ... ... I, personally, use it once a week, 2 qts at a time. Thatís just me. I donít know anyone else who does. I always precede it with 2 glasses of filtered water an hour before and after I take the salt water.   [End]
      • what do you mean it is done everyday.It is min 10 days and ...   #93536   5y
        what do you mean it is done everyday.It is min 10 days and but what is the frequency of drinks meaninf how many drinks per day?   [End]
        • Go to the MC forum and you can and click on and download th...   msteve666   5y
          Go to the MC forum and you can and click on and download the instructions for the Master Cleanse (which I have never done). The MC calls for doing a one qt Salt Water Flush EVERY morning of the cleanse. ... ... I try to do one, independent of all that, once a week ... I just did an intense cleanse the past 2 days. Yesterday, 2 sessions of 2qt SWF bookending ES, plain water/coffee/plain water enema. This morning, plain water, then ACV enema, then SWF. Amazing, never seen before results. ...   [End]
  • I'll be starting the Fat Flush Diet in Two weeks!   peacelovinggirl   5y
    Hi all....glad I found this forum! Im planning on attempting my second Fat Flush plan diet and will be starting in about two weeks. Im mainly doing it to help rid my body of some accumulated cellulite on my thighs. Itís not that bad but when im on this seems to clear it up. Not sure if itís the cranberry water or what. The only thing I donít like is having to eat all that meat and im not kean on using whey protein. Does anyone have any ideas to what I can use instead of the whey protein? I will probally buy her kit to make it easy and conveneint as well! ANyone starting about th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • How much is too much flax seeds?   Ange147g   6y  Ü C Ü
    I read somewhere that if one used too much Flax seeds, it could be harmful. Something about the thyroid, that it could cause an enlargement of the thyroid . ... I am asking this for my son who has been following the Fat Flush diet where you use flax oil and flax seeds. He is having very good results with the diet but has noticed some discomfort in the neck area and a little lump, maybe the size of a marble so naturally weíve become concerned after reading that useing too much flax seed can be harmful. We would like to know how much would be too much and for how long before it would cause pro ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I use 3 T. of fresh seeds and then ground them for over one...   mo123   6y
      I use 3 T. of fresh seeds and then ground them for over one year with no problems. A large amount of flax seeds can be toxic but at 3 T. you should be ok, but as with anything if you see an abnormality suggest you visit your doctor. Be careful in the oils that you are using as not mixing flax seed oil with olive oil. Also if you are following a strick flushing and maybe one day you binged on sweets this could be a problem. So suggest you check with your doctor. If you want to tell me exactly what you are eating in a complete plan I can try to assist you more.   [End]
  • i want 2 b anorexic...........   thorough   6y  Ü C Ü
    I want to start by saying that I dont want to make light of eating disorders by far. I know that they are serious conditions. I know that if I dont eat and exercise Ill lose weight. Im 315 lbs and very attractive but I have decided I want to be smaller. ... I just wanted someone to tell me how to stay motivated as far as not eating? Because I have an addition of food out of this world. What do I do when my stomach growls? I just want to know how to get myself in a mindframe for the goal I want to acheive. And about how many days will it be before I see results? I hope I didnt offend anyone I ...   [retrieve this message]
    • If you post this on the Ask Curezone forum here on curezone...   #69242   6y
      If you post this on the Ask Curezone forum here on curezone more people might see it and respond. Good luck.   [End]
    • The best way is to eat small meals a day several times a da...   wenzdaze   6y
      The best way is to eat small meals a day several times a day or eat whenever you are hungry, small meals at a time. lots of fluids. BALANCE IS THE KEY and I heard donít eat 3 hours before bedtime. Hope this helps. If you want to be anorexic, thatís your bad choice.   [End]
    • I would seriously recommend that you donít see anorexia as ...   #68716   6y
      I would seriously recommend that you donít see anorexia as your goal, but good health. Can you maybe concentrate on cutting back on the junk that is addictive and actually makes you hungrier? Simple carbs, sugars and processed crap will just make you crave more, but good quality proteins, nuts seeds and veg, fruit and complex carbs with some good EFAís will make you more able to stick to healthy eating. Itís not always easy, and you might have bad days, but its a good place to start and it gets easier. Good luck.   [End]
    • Let me applaud you because you are being proactive by reach...   parisamarie   6y
      Let me applaud you because you are being proactive by reaching out. But, take it from an ex-anorexic, I WOULD NEVER WISH ANOREXIA ON ANYONE. JUST LIKE, I WOULD NEVER WISH A METH-ADDICTION TO ANYONE (even if they wanted to lose weight). If you can sincerely say that you tried to lose weight by doing healthy exercise and practicing healthy nutritional habits WITHOUT weight loss, then you probably have OTHER MEDICAL ISSUES THAT NEED TO BE ACKNOWLEDGED - FOR YOUR OWN SAKE! Perhaps, you began to diet in a conventional way when it was too late - when proper medical attention (by people who REALL ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi there; ... Iím not sure if you really are saying that yo...   healthful reader   5y
      Hi there; ... Iím not sure if you really are saying that you want to truly be anorexic, which can be fatal, or just be really thin. Regardless, I think Weight Watchers is an excellent program. I have done it for years with much success. They teach you how to get at the reasons you eat when youíre not hungry as well as how to make healthier choices. Most people have emotional ties to food that started in childhood. Itís also nice, because you see that you are not alone nor that this is a quick fix. Usually people, like you and me have weight issues for life. Itís o.k., because you learn ...   [retrieve this message]
  • What inner body cleanses are there that cleanse all parts o...   rlmiswhoiam   7y
  • Image Embedded Detox diet   Dodge   7y  Ü C Ü
    ... ... Detox Diet ... ... Hollywood heavyweights have rediscovered the master cleanse – but is it for everyone? ... ... BY NIKKI ANDERSON ... ... ... ... On a late 2006 episode of Oprah , actress and singer Beyoncé Knowles mentioned that she’d recently lost 20 pounds in 10 days. When an astounded Oprah asked how she’d achieved this feat, Knowles confessed that she’d done a “master cleanse.” ... ... ... ... It sounds like a housecleaning ritual foisted on us by Martha Stewart, but the “master cleanse” is actually a fasting technique that has been around for 30 ye ...   [retrieve this message]
  • New user - Want to start a juice fast to lose weight   aimeesell   7y  Ü C Ü
    me and my partner had a juice extractor for christmas, hust a cheap £15 one but we want to do a jucie fast. We got lots of diffrent recipes from online and have practiced a few to see what nice ones are out there. Upon reading diffrent things on web sites i has came to my attention you are ment to dilut your juices and do enema things. Please can someone help me as im about to start a jucie fast but not sure how to do one correctly.   [End]
    • Donít mix fruits with vegetables - with the exception of Ap...   Charly   7y
      Donít mix fruits with vegetables - with the exception of Apple which mixes fine with vegetables. A good basic recipe for juice is an apple, 4 or 5 carrots, 1 or 2 stalks of celery. Beets are a good addition and the whole beet, including leaves can be juiced. For variety I add tomato or cucumber or a bell pepper. Cilantro leaves are a good blood cleanser and can also be added. And a clove of Garlic is good too. There are dozens of combinations of vegetables. Avacados or bananas will not juice. ... ... Yes, everything I have read says to dilute the juice... I dilute about half with pure water. If ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded ha! ha!   trapper/kcmo   8y  Ü C Ü
    Hi...yes it has been awhile... ... ... That was a strange experience for you and I guess the ever so famous quote, ... ĒThis soon will pass...Ē still holds always passes ,doesnít it? ... Makes me a ...   [End]
  • horrors!   #38151   8y  Ü C Ü
    I got out of the shower and noticed - dang my stomach looks bigger than ever (along with the rest of me)! I had been planning on MC, but never gotten around to it. In October I know when I was on the scale it read 308, Iím like great Iíll be under 300 in no time, but you know how time flies...Anyway, I get on the scale after getting out of the shower and OH MY CRUNCH ní MUNCH, my ass has gotten up to 325.5. People, I gotta lose this and fast. I want to be at least 299 by December 8th! I got Pilates tapes still in the package that I am breaking out and I plan to run not walk everyday. ...   [retrieve this message]
    • The Biggest Loser on NBC   catawba   8y
      There is a show built around weight loss on NBC called ĒThe Biggest Loser.Ē One person last week had managed to lose a hundred pounds since he began the competion. There are several websites built around the show and the club of former contestants-   [End]
    • Re: horrors!   clair1331   8y
      How much you want to loose is up to you. Iíve lost 10 lbs in 7 days on a water fast. You could loose much more, but it all depends on what you choose to do. Stuff yourself on Thanksgiving? Youíre going to gain weight. It is much easier to control what you eat than to try to exercise it off. If you are going celebrate Thanksgiving, eat a lot of vegetables at the beginning of dinner and go easy on the meats and desserts. Until Thanksgiving, start eating primarily fruits and vegetables, count every calories (1800 cals/per day for men, 1500 cals for women) drink water instead of eating, ...   [retrieve this message]
    • #38151, ... You can do it! ... I know for me the holiday mu...   Hollytree   8y
      #38151, ... You can do it! ... I know for me the holiday munching has already started around the office, where i work. People are bringing in different pies and sweets and just stuffing themselves. ... Personally i have opted to eat only in moderation, and only healthy foods, this holiday. I know it wonít be easy. ... Iím having post Thanksgiving, pre- Xmas dinner, probobly kung pao chicken & rice for the entre and raw veggies w/ artichoke dip for appetizers. Iím not giving in to commercialized pressure. Keep us updated on your progress! ... hollytree   [End]
    • add classical homeopathy to your regimine... but get profes...   #71655   8y
      water fast. You should love between 1-3 pounds a day on a plain water fast.   [End]
  • INFO Regarding Fat Flush   consfood   8y
    Well I just read her book on Fat Flush Plan. I am starting this Monday...3 days from now. If you want tons of information on this plan just go to her website ... . Go to the forum section...and scroll down to the ... ĒFat Flush Plan LivingroomĒ . You wont believe the success stories as well as the ... support given there. Dont waste your time in this forum concerning the Fat Flush ... Plan....there is so much more at the above website. ... ... Good luck all and good luck to me in 3 days....I will be posting my pictures and results there. ... ... Linda   [End]
  • Can anyone tell what the basics are please?   MiracleFaith   8y
    I would like the basics of the FF plan please.   [End]
  • Fat Flush Plan   #17045   9y
    Hello! This plan takes a bit of work but I enjoyed the results. ... ... Basically it has 3 levels to it like so many different diets have today. ... ... Phase one: eliminate dairy and grains. You use a lot of broth for sauting your veggies, which you can have unlimited. Protein portion size is somewhat regulated (different then the Atkins diet). Fruits are limited but you do get some. Of course you do cut out other things like coffee, etc. ... ... To be honest, I didnít totally eliminate some dairy (mainly butter)in my cooking. I also added equal parts of flax oil, coconut oil, cod liver oil and wheat ge ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Thanks, 17045! This may be it!!!   fledgling   9y
      Thanks so much for the thumbnail sketch of phase one. ... ... Iíll look for the book, and Iíll compare it to the description of foods for the various body types I found at ... ... Gee, flat stomach in two weeks, what Iíd give for that! ... ... I know, I step at a time, right? ... ... Iím going to gather a few interested people for a discussion group. Six heads really are better than one. ( ) ... ... All my best, ... fledgling   [End]
    • Re: Fat Flush Plan   happydog   9y
      Hi, I just got this book from the library. I also checked out her Fast Track One Day Detox Diet book. Iíve got a couple of her other books that I really like, sheís been around a long time and seems very credible. I also like her reliance on Real food rather than trying to replace junk foods with imitation junk foods. ... ... One thing that bothers me is her (and so many others) insistance on eating a lot of meat. The best and most comprehensive book dealing with health Iíve found is Andreas Moritzí and he makes a VERY convincing argument for a vegetarian diet. This especially interests m ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Sleuthing - Re: Fat Flush Plan   fledgling   9y
        I wonder how many here are doing the same...digging for good ideas. ... ... I just discovered the íbody typingí, as I mentioned above, and I found myself there, quickly followed by this. ... ... If I really am a Kapha (Water body type) then the term íFat Flushí is very appealing. ... ... Simple whole foods is the way to go, I think, and I need to please a husband who has been a meat and potatoes man all his life. (I havenít.) ... ... They say it takes 8 years to switch away from heavy meat-eating. Bless his heart, he has come very far. ... ... Thanks for all your good information, Happydog. You lift me. ... ... I ke ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Further Sleuthing - Re: Fat Flush Plan   fledgling   9y
          Sigh... ... ... No, my local bookstore doesnít have any Fat Flush books, and it would take at least two weeks to bring them in. ... ... And, they arenít particularly cheap...hardcover only. ... ... And, I just now got into her site. The detox kit (products) cost about $75 for one monthís supply. (I didnít look further, except at a few recipes. They included brand name ingredients.) ... ... Sigh... ... ... So, as with every ídietí Iíve ever tried, I guess Iíll have to redesign my own. ... ... I think the basic effective information is here in the Curezone. For example, I found the ĒComplete Protocol and Analysis of ...   [retrieve this message]
          • One last thought...   fledgling   9y
            ...One dear lady in my family made a comment today. ... ... I had sent her the URL of a really neat site for building virtual communities. ... ... She loves the program she has, where she can create houses and families, etc. ... ... Apparently she looked at the site I had heard of, and she rejected it as Ētoo complicated for meĒ. ... ... There seems to be a ílearning curveí to many things in our world, doesnít there? ... ... And many feel they donít want to try most anything we might suggest. ... ... Guess we had better try, ourselves. Then, maybe our loved ones will pick up on the idea.   [retrieve this message]
            • ...5 months later...   fledgling   8y
              ...Now I know what it feels like to meet yourself coming full circle! ... ... I posted the above posts last November, and now re-read my promises/plans 5 months later in April/06. ... ... Yes, Iíve done some fine protocols in the meantime, and learned much from the posters on the CureZone and elsewhere...but I havenít followed through with the plans I describe above. (Blush!) ... ... Yet they remain alive in my mind, motivating íresearchí...well, ísearchí, anyway. ... ... This a.m. I further promise to pick up here and continue the program. ... ... Hold me to it, will you? ... ... fledgling ... ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • What is the Fat Flush Plan?   #36859   9y
    I looked into the discription of this above and got nothing. No info coming from here either. Donít know about this....   [End]
  • Eileen 541 - Please tell us what this plan involves?   #33783   9y
    • I read about this 2 years ago and tried out for about a wee...   #35535   9y
      I looked into the discription of this above and got nothing. No info coming from here either. Donít know about this....   [End]
    • There is a book about it. I have not read but I got this ou...   princeoli   7y
      There is a book about it. I have not read but I got this out of First magazine. The ultra Detox. It is part of the fat flush plan. Drink diluted 100% organic cranberry juice for two weeks throughout the day with glass of hot lemon water in the morning. Dilute 8oz cranberry juice in a 64 oz bottle of water. In the morning and before bed add one teaspoon of flaxseed to the cran water drink. I noticed inches come off. There is a small diet with it but i did not follow it. It cleanses the lymph system.   [End]
  • huh !   Chaz   9y
    does anyone have a clue? who requested this forum ?   [End]
  • How to go about it   #37074   9y
    I actually read part of the fat flush book and was thinking about trying it. This was close to a year ago and I have since forgotten what exactly the fat flush is. Could you remind me the premise of the book and the Ēforbidden foodsĒ and such? I am thinking about starting this program. Also, what have been your results thus far? Thank you   [End]
  • Anyone else on this plan?   Eileen541   9y
    Iíve been on this plan for 3 days. Iím a bit tired but I didnít do the 1st week elimination preparation which probably would have helped. Iíve lost a lb a day and believe that I can reach my goal weight loss of 25 lbs on this diet in phase I & II. But maintenance will be a challenge Iím sure. ... Would like to hear from others in all phases. Would be great to hear from someone that has been on this plan for maintenance. ... ...   [End]

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