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  • essiac tea?   #183821   23h  C
    Does anyone have any experience with essiac tea for the reduction of depressive negative thoughts in Bipolar 1? If so, is it safe to drink while taking prescribed medicines? ... I have heard about the medicinal value of the tea as a cancer cure.   [End]
  • Major Demodex infestation. I worry I'm killing my skin when...   lemarog   17d  C
    Hello ... This is my first post. I am here because I have some questions, concerns and fears ... ... ... Long story short, I self Dx’d Demodex just over a month ago. My Dermatologist didn’t disagree, but found only 1 in the (10 am) scrape. Still, she Rx’d Avar (a Sulfa antibiotic.) ... ... In retrospect I know I’ve had a minor infestation for quite a long time. It surely got worse when I started the anti-psychotic drug Lamictal a few years ago, as my sebum output skyrocketed. I’ve tried coming off that, but I get way too depressed (suicidal). Decreasing dosage did not decrease the sebum. Then a yea ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hey girl I’m in the same boat as you. I have been on anti d...   Burnitdown   12d
      Hey girl I’m in the same boat as you. I have been on anti depressants for a long time now but I don’t believe they caused it. I too pick my face (or used to) but I think what started my infestation was pulling my hair out on my head. Last summer I went through a breakup and started pulling and haven’t stopped. I believe they were there before but I cross contaminated my pillow while pulling, as I usually did this in bed at night and soon after my eyes would start to itch. Before I found out about demodex I really thought I was allergic to my own dander! I take adderall which doesn’t help k ...   [retrieve this message]
  • herbal remedies for depression   Ed71   84d  C
    Hey guys, Ive had moderate deppression most of my life but only became aware of it when doctor prescribed ”Paxil”. It worked but as I was of very little money and no health insurance. The meds are too expensive and....I did not like the side effects. ... Years later, after finding ”Ginseng” seemed to work I had to stop using it since the markets Potency of the item was becoming weak. (already know the whys about this) Plus after reading some Chinese medicine pages..ginseng..was never meant to be taken for long periods of times..and only for older people.(since longterm use of it can cause g ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Schizophrenia symptoms gone with supplements!   kim elizabeth   3mo  C
    I posted a while back about my son. He has now been off medications for almost 6 weeks and is doing great. He has had schizophrenia for 10 years, since he was 16 years old. I would like to post the supplements that we have found essential for him, although perhaps other people can get along without some of these supplements, I think it is best to use them all at first if you want to try them, and then try lowering the amounts after you are feeling well. ... ... There are 3 forms of niacin that you can take: regular niacin, which causes a flush, but if you build up to 2 or more grams 3 times a d ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Trying to cure Chronic Fatigue   trickthefox   4mo  C
    Hello everyone! ... ... My name is Ren, i’ve been trying to cure my problems with M.E. , depression, brain fog, chronic fatigue, and various other problems for the past 5 years ... ... over the years ive thought i had things like candida, parasites, adrenal fatigue, defficiency’s... loads of stuff basically, that i’ve tried countless protocalls to try and combat. ... ... I’m not trying to sell anything but just made a little video documenting the next 60 days of my life trying to get well :) ... ... at the moment im following the GAPS diet and doing loads of yoga. ... ... I made this mini compilation video today, ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I’m so sorry you have this disease. I have lupus, which inc...   kasima   4mo
      I’m so sorry you have this disease. I have lupus, which includes chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, so I do understand what it’s like to have an invisible disease. Don’t give up. One day, something will help. Have you tried iodine supplementation? There is a great forum here for that.   [End]
    • Hi Ren, ... ... High five on your project...Sorry (meaning...   Deesmiles   4mo
      Hi Ren, ... ... High five on your project...Sorry (meaningless in the scheme of things) about your illness/symptoms. ... ... I think it’s worth your while reading through these posts/dialogue. Would explain more but I think this covers this possible concern/catalist to so much illness: ... ... Update 1,2 & 3 with links to protocol options provided. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Healing Regards & to a healthy New Year...   [End]
    • An in depth forum on ME and CFS is at Phoenix Rising   North   4mo
      An in depth forum on ME and CFS is at Phoenix Rising (link below). The people posting there tend to be very scientific in their approach, and there are detailed ideas on methylation, gut pathogens, genetic issues, mercury, etc. ... ...   [End]
    • Re: Trying to cure Chronic Fatigue   webb5   4mo
      I understand how you feel. You may find this very simple and cheap option that helped me. Take at least 10 glasses of water (filted if possible) and unrefined salt (Celtic salt or other natural unrefined salt such as Hymalian salt. ... ... Read book or Google info ’Your body’s many cries for water’ by F Batmangelidj. ... ... I mentioned to another guy on this forum, that has symptoms worse than you, that he may have a leaky gut caused by wheat. A leaky gut will allow undigested food and bad things like candida to enter your blood supply. ... Restricting grains especially wheat may also help. ... ... you wi ...   [retrieve this message]
    • it’s a beautiful video, ren, thankyou for letting us know a...   lavenderfields   73d
      it’s a beautiful video, ren, thankyou for letting us know about it. was it you singing/playing and/or your own song (don’t laugh if it’s some really well-known recording - i’m still back in the 1960’s)...   [End]
  • Rock Bottom to Top Of The World   BSA 100% CURE! h2olover   4mo  C
    This is a short story of what I went through battling some kind of heavy mental disorder and how I cured myself completely. I hope this will empower somebody in that rock bottom state in life and reveal to you that you can feel better than you have ever felt, no matter how miserable you are feeling now. I’m not making any of this up; I genuinely care for you and want to see you healthy and strong. Not 1 person was able to help me in my greatest time of need, so I’m going to try to reach as many people as I can with this message, to give you the tools to empower you with. I BELIEVE IN YOU! ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Glad to hear about your improvements. Finding a good diet ...   joegrane   3mo
      Glad to hear about your improvements. Finding a good diet and appropriate supplements can have a nice impact on health. ... ... If you have a history of bipolar, be alert for the possible involvement of a swing towards a manic phase. ... ... People with a history of MCS have to be very careful with ”cleanses” as do some people with a heavy metal problem. Those people may not get rid of the resulting chemicals as robustly as otherwise healthy people do. ... ... Do you have a special interest in Padre Pio (avatar)?! What an amazing person. ... ... Joe   [End]
  • Understanding why fish oils make me anxious   japhyryder   6mo  C
    Hi there, new to the forum. I have searched the web high and low and found no convincing explanation why fish oils should worsen my anxiety. But I am keen to know so if anyone understands brain chemistry, please share! ... ... I took EPA fish oil, felt good for about 6 hours, then very anxious indeed. I know that EPA is affecting neurotransmitters such as serotonin, norepinephrine, acetylcholine, glutamate, and dopamine. ... ... I’ve been wrestling with this anxiety for 15 years now - it began after a major car accident. If I can understand this, I hope I might zero in on what neurotransmitter is o ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Eat fresh fish, dont take supplements   White Shark   6mo
      Eat fresh fish, don’t take fish oli supplements. ... ... All fish oil is polluted during the production process. ... ... ... ... ... Enormous variations in the level of potentially cancer-causing pollutants have been found in fish oil capsules. ... ... The study was carried out in advance of new EU safety limits for dioxins in foodstuffs that come into force in July. ... ... It found that the dioxin level in 10 brands of fish oil and fish liver oil capsules exceeded the new European maximum limits. ... ... In one case the dioxin level was five times the maximum limit. ... ... Th ...   [retrieve this message]
      • What is wrong with fish oil supplements? Pollution? Rancidi...   White Shark   6mo
        Imagine you purchase a fish to make a meal, something you can eat. Fish is, after all, healthy to eat. ... ... Imagine you store it for several days or weeks until it really becomes very smelly. You heat it up repeated several time at 90-95°C and even up to 180°C. ... You store it again for days. ... You treat it with alkali/acid treatments, you add antioxidants and then again you store it for months. ... ... Would you really eat that fish in the end? ... ... ... Well, that is what people consume when they swallow fish oil capsules. ... ... I wouldn’t give it to my worst enemy. ... ... White Shark ... ... ... ... ... from: http ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Re: Eat fresh fish, dont take supplements   japhyryder   6mo
        I got the same info from Jack Kruse on his slightly odd but nevertheless highly informed Paleo site. Am going to eat a lot of fresh fish, keep off the grains, and supplement ox bile due to missing gallbladder. Worth a try!   [End]
    • Re: Understanding why fish oils make me anxious   #85605   6mo
      I don’t know why fish oils would make you anxious. Seems like it could be parasites or you might need specific brain nutrients. There are protocols for eliminating parasites and cleaning out the body. ... ... Dr. B. J. Sahley of the Pain and Stress Center in TX is an expert at brain chemistry. You could google that place and see if she can do something for you. They have CNC’s on duty. ... ... Brian Peskin has done research on fish oils. He recommends plant oils and has a supplement out with the plant oils in it. It’s a YES product. Hope this helps.   [End]
    • Is it good if you up the dose?   Terry.Dawson   5mo
      Is it good if you up the dose?   [End]
  • My Own Article about SUICIDE and HOW to stop ON ...   greenmme   9mo  C
    Hello Forum... ... ... Ok, being an Admin on one of the FaceBook pages.. a few days ago I posted my own article about SUICIDE. One guy some time back contacted that FB page in order to find Help from Doctors to die quick... He tried to make it happen by drinking couple of Hundreds Sleeping pills but Doctors Saved him and he turned to that page. I am Extremely HAPPY that I saw that post of his even Not being an admin of that page by then. So I answred him and tried to talk Sense to him.. ... ... I will copy that article of Mine for you to read and also give a link redarding that one. ... ... I Kindly woul ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Although I admire your desire to help, suicide is the side ...   knowledge seeker   6mo
      Although I admire your desire to help, suicide is the side effect of an illness of the organ called the brain not a weakness. ... ... I must take exception with your belief that suicide leads one to hell. Would any parent condemn to eternal suffering their dearly loved child who was so distraught that they feel killing themselves was the only thing that would help. No they would seek help for their child and love them all the more,. ... ... Surely God as our father is much kinder and merciful than us,m mere humans. if we would not condemn neither will God. ... ... If someone is saved and accepted g ...   [retrieve this message]
  • CD (Chlorine Dioxide) protocol for recovery from ASD   #169422   9mo  C
    I think CD is a game changer for ASD recovery and takes ... care of so many co-morbid isseus. Even older kids/adults recover. CD costs very little so anyone can afford it. ... It has worked for Lyme recovery too. ... ... There are more than 93 cases of recovery which were in the presentation at Autism One 2013 in Chicago and a much larger number of people who have made very dramatic and rapid progress. ... ... More info at ... ... ... Here are 10 video testimonials using the CD protocol recorded at the recent ... AutismOne 2013 conference in Chicago. ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I think my husband is bipolar   #172884   10mo
    Ever since I got to know him, he was extremely up and down in mood. It took nothing to make him fly into a rage, and also he would have periods where he was just idle, sitting curled up by his computer not wanting to do anything at all. ... ... 7 years later I am noticing a distinct pattern. He seeks stimuli from wherever it can be provided, whether its sex, friends, business opportunities, drinking etc. and keep saying that his life is best when his head is full of thoughts, racing all of the time. ... ... He is very dependent upon other people providing him with this stimuli. His friend and busin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Emotional Swings and Parasite Cleansing   prestonsmomma   13mo  C
    ... Hi ... ... I am almost 1 week into doing a parasite/bowel cleanse. I need to mention I am also bipolar, depressed, have anxiety already. ... ... I am doing the Clarkia drops, P and B shakes, ACV, garlic, cayenne, some probiotics. I also did a 3 day pineapple fast a few days ago. I also added some raw pumpkin seeds at night. ... ... I am not seeing a whole lot of results lately in the toilet but I am noticing what I think may be die off symptoms. It has been a long time over 3 years since I did a a cleanse so I cant remember what happens. ... ... The symptoms I have experienced expecially in last few days ar ...   [retrieve this message]
    • moma ... ... my opinion is your adrenals are taxed. many o...   dave505   13mo
      moma ... ... my opinion is your adrenals are taxed. many of your symptoms do look like an ”adrenals crash” due to the toxins probably. all emotional including anxiety and panick attacks and all the stuff ring a bell for me. its like in a book really. ... ... ”Crying spells, anxiety, more urination at night with sweats, constant fatigue, no motivation. Wired but tired kinda feeling. Some of these I had before but they seem to be worse. I had to give myself a break today as I just couldnt take it. I woke up so tired..then I had a panic attack which led to crying spell.” ... ... when too much toxins in the ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Oh I agree with ya on the adrenals just not sure what to do...   prestonsmomma   13mo
        Oh I agree with ya on the adrenals just not sure what to do. I am sure just with all the stress for the past 12 years. ... ... The lady at the health food store suggested adrenal glandulars. They are just so darn expensive. ... ... Why do I need to take out the ACV? I thought it was an energizing tonic. I know it has potassium but I thought it was good for alkalizing the system. Part of my problem is I can read this stuff over and over and it does not sink in. I feel like my brain is fried. ... ... I am not seeing any parasites or worms with just the clarkia. I guess when my Diatomaceous earth sh ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Wow, ... You’re dealing with a lot. However, I see that yo...   Kadima   13mo
          Wow, ... You’re dealing with a lot. However, I see that you are a fighter. ... ... I would drink a lot of juices instead of supplements to support the body and mind. Himalayan salt with water might be an easy drink for you to make to get the minerals into your body. ... ... A nice walk outside might help you a lot to get the needed fresh air and get a break. ... ... Think positive - you’re going to get thru this. It will only get better from now on. ... ... I can help you even more, if you like. I would need more information. ... ... ...   [End]
    • I replied to you on the drug forum, it didn’t cross post......   sd2345   13mo
      I replied to you on the drug forum, it didn’t cross post...... ... ...   [End]
    • Are you taking L-Ornithine with your parasite cleanse? ... ...   JrDavis   13mo
      Are you taking L-Ornithine with your parasite cleanse? ... ... Emotional swings are related to Ammonia. ... ... Can you get a blood ammonia test done? ... ... If not start on LOLA asap ... ... I take ... ... 500mg TwinLabs L-Ornithine (Free form amino acid, No side effects) ... ... Along with L-Aspartate ... ... The Vitamin Shoppe ... ... Magnesium Potassium Aspartate ... ... 100/99mg ... ... The LOLA removes ammonia from your body.. ... ... Drink plenty of water and do a low protein diet. Protein creates ammonia. ... ...   [End]
      • I have ornithine on my list but I am broke right now till n...   prestonsmomma   13mo
        I have ornithine on my list but I am broke right now till next month. It’s that or food and gas. ... ... I ate a normal diet yesterday trying to get in enough calories. Eggs..veggies..fruit..and nuts. ... ... I don’t have enough non protein food to fill me up. Are you talking just veggies and fruits because I don’t eat a lot of bread if any. ... ... Yesterday I ate normal eggs..cheese..fruit..veggies. had some energy. ... ... I think I still feel these things I assume they are big roundworms as that is what I got out with pineapple fast. ... ... I did 6 grams co q 10 yesterday. So far I am not passing any ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Hi moma ... ... My opinion is you should reduce a bit of a...   dave505   13mo
          Hi moma ... ... My opinion is you should reduce a bit of antiparasitic supplements and try to detox more to allow the body to process toxins. ... ... I would reduce ACV a bit cause very high potassium. You already use garlic which is potent enough. For some of us too much isn’t always better unless your body is in a good shape to detox properly. Don’t push too hard even I know how frustrating it is. See if taking out banana and ACV helps. You definitively need potassium but maybe it’s too much. Or keep them but ... Try drinking pinch of baking soda in water one hour before food or one hour after. Vit ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Thanks u guys for the help. ... ... I do have great news. ...   prestonsmomma   13mo
            Thanks u guys for the help. ... ... I do have great news. After yesterday I was not too fatigued but today was awful. Now I know why I just passed a ton of stuff. I did up the aresonal. I know..I went against advice some. I did cut down on the ACV just seemed like I needed it. ... ... ... Not sure what I passed I am sure it is ascarias but it is all degraded...smelly...and for some reason green??? I have no idea why some of it would have a shade of green. A slimy green. Could have been the pumpkin seeds but the days before it was not that color. Maybe the two charcoal tabs earlier yesterday. ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Forgot to ask how low in protein should you keep your diet ...   prestonsmomma   13mo
        Forgot to ask how low in protein should you keep your diet while cleansing? ... ... I normally have eggs in morning...small portion of meat at night (chicken) ... ... Also I do take close to a gram of magnesium citrate a day in divided doses. ... ... ... What is L=Aspartate I have heard of L ornithine and arginine but what is the aspartate for? ... ... Thanks again. Have a good one!   [End]
        • I gotta say I can’t stress how important a flush is. ... ....   JrDavis   13mo
          I gotta say I can’t stress how important a flush is. ... ... You can get Magnesium Potassium Aspartate - In the form of Aspartic Acid. ... ... It removes ammonia from the brain. ... ... ... I feel a lot better after doing a flush. ... ... You don’t have to do the epsom salt. ... ... What I did was just a few castor oil packs here and there. ... ... Then a couple Water enemas and coffee enemas for a few days. ... ... Then I went strict on diet. Didn’t eat any meats or anything I knew would be hard to digest. ... ... I then fasted. For a day (Wish I did 2-3 days NO FAT and just veggies and fruits) ... ... Doing no Fats (Oils meats, etc) ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Is there anything else to lower the amomnia without the .....   prestonsmomma   13mo
            Is there anything else to lower the amomnia without the ... ... ornithine ... aspartic acid (can it be d-aspartic acid) ... ... ... I just dont have any more money for a few weeks. Seriously. ... Something I may already have around the house? ... ... Also I woke up and still am tired as a dog today. I took some extra magnesium last night to try and clear my system so I have a little bit of the runs. I am considering breaking for a day on this parasite cleanse I am not sure. ... ... I am so tired..I finally broke and had a cup of coffee with sugar. Because food right now does not sound appealing. ... ... I am not real ...   [retrieve this message]
            • In addition to the ammonia, there are other toxins circulat...   sd2345   13mo
              In addition to the ammonia, there are other toxins circulating in your body from the parasites. ... ... I can recommend something tha works very well for me when cleansing and dragging with that brain fog feeling. I do a garlic enema at night. It works to help remove the metals and toxins that are making you sick, will help to get the garlic in the blood to help with parasites, and I wake up feeling like a new person. A CE in the morning to further purge out the toxins and parasites effected by the garlic enema makes a big difference. ... ... I know some people try to scare others away from garli ...   [retrieve this message]
              • Thanks I have done a couple of the garlic enema’s I also di...   prestonsmomma   13mo
                Thanks I have done a couple of the garlic enema’s I also did a coffee one today. I have the solution in my fridge. ... ... One thing I am really frustrated about is what the heck to eat. The more I think about it the more I stress. I need to go grocery shopping and I only have about 50 bucks to spend for a week right now. I worry I am doing things wrong. I think I have metals, and possibly adrenal fatigue..not sure I am just always tired. I thought it was just my meds I took at night but now being off of them with just melatonin and klonopin I am still dragging out of bed and hardly awake ...   [retrieve this message]
                • I only have a minute, but one thing I highly suggest is the...   sd2345   13mo
                  I only have a minute, but one thing I highly suggest is the high fiber, high protein whole grain wraps from La Tortilla Factory. They have 14 grams of fiber, 8 grams of protein, and keep my bowels moving. You can be creative on how to use them, sometimes I just use a little organic PB or nut butter on them. My grocery stopped carrying them, so I have to travel to another store, but when I run out, I really notice a difference. Sometimes i will eat 2 per day, getting pleanty of healthy fiber. You could call around and see who carries them. ... ... I however do not have the gluten problems o ...   [retrieve this message]
                  • Thanks for the ideas. I will look for those Tortilla’s. .....   prestonsmomma   13mo
                    Thanks for the ideas. I will look for those Tortilla’s. ... ... As far as I know I am not ”gluten intollerant” I had the GI scope done and my cilia is fine. Plus allergy scratch testing and last year came back I was allergic to nothing. So go figure. ... ... Yes I cannot afford organic stuff. I wish. I am on SSDI only so very limited plus a 6 year old boy who loves to eat junk...but I limit him too. ... ... I think I may add in some steel cut oats, just add some cinnamin in morning with boiled eggs. ... ... ... I do it more because I worry about weight gain. I know if I can balance protein with carbs I w ...   [retrieve this message]
                    • Although at the beginning of my infection I had subtle symp...   sd2345   13mo
                      Although at the beginning of my infection I had subtle symptoms, slight rash I never had before, dry hair, Extreme fatigue, brain fog.....the dark circles were a definate puzzle to me. I might get them in the past when I lacked sleep, but they would generally clear up by 10am. Then suddenly they were prominate all day, even after sleeping more than usual (since I was so tired). ... ... Several months later I found the worms. I thought mine were inherited, but they are totally gone now.   [End]
                      • I am hoping it is just the worms. I am sure I have candida,...   prestonsmomma   13mo
                        I am hoping it is just the worms. I am sure I have candida, and heavy metals as well. So far I have not had any Bm’s today besides this morning. And the coffee enema? ... ... Yes my dark circles have been around a long time...full circle shadow even on my eyelids. I always thought it was just blood vessels or something? I look like a racoon and I am fair skinned so it is very visable even with concealer and makeup. ... ... I cant blame it on my 9 fillings I had over the last year...yes the silver ones because I had it before them. I also had composite ones on the front...something like 24 tee ...   [retrieve this message]
                        • If you are that tired I would stopped coffee enemas and do ...   dave505   13mo
                          If you are that tired I would stopped coffee enemas and do jus plain water enemas. They ideed help the liver but put a lot of stress on your body. ... ... You could benefit looking on adrenAl fatigue diet until you will balanced yourself a bit and can continue the cleanse after. Try meditation hot shower skin brush plain enema instead of sauna. See if that suits you better than sauna and coffee enema for now then you could try them again. ... ... I stop any reading about health problem after 6-7 pm and just try to do relaxing stuff even cooking and stuff. ... ... Calm yourself down about amalgams - just ...   [retrieve this message]
                          • Thanks just crying bad today because I am so tired of feeli...   prestonsmomma   13mo
                            Thanks just crying bad today because I am so tired of feeling sick. I am ready just to go back on all my RX meds so I can just have some energy. ... ... I dont want to rob my son off enjoyment. ... ... I did do a coffee enema this morning once I finally drug myself out of bed (missing church which upset me). I could not even hold the thing. ... ... My period is starting and all this stuff overwhelms me. I was tired before cleansing and tired still. To a doctor they would just say well add some more depression meds but if those were going to help they would have helped 12 years worth. ... ... I deep down b ...   [retrieve this message]
                            • Hi moma ... I’m really sorry for you and all my good though...   dave505   13mo
                              Hi moma ... I’m really sorry for you and all my good thoughts for you. My advice is put your message on Adrenal fatigue forum and ask for help. Tell also you don’t have so much money now. There are many people with many different problems having AF symptoms in common which help each other. Even if you don’t believe AF it’s ok if the general approach will help you. Look for Marie64 and Onwards users - maybe they could help more they are also women could understand better. ... ... If adrenal fatigue is not the root cause I don’t know you may be right. What I know is you could help yourself with some ...   [retrieve this message]
                              • Thanks Dave ... ... Its not that I dont believe it exist.....   prestonsmomma   13mo
                                Thanks Dave ... ... Its not that I dont believe it exist..I just cant figure out how to cure it. The more I read the more I get confused. I have been told it is candida or heavy metals. I have heard it all and not sure which route to take. The stress of all this adds up. I do take Vitamin C 2-4gms a day and a ton of supplements including Krill oil. ... ... I will post some symptoms over on that forum and candida. I can only wonder if I have it all. Sounding like a hypodchondriac here. 8 hrs of sleep a night and still fatigue all day. Today is especially bad the only thing I can think of is ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Doctor that work with Magnetic Pulse Therapy   philguy2012   13mo  C
    Does any body know that work with Magnetic Pulse Therapy? Do you have some contact info?   [End]
    • You may want to try biomag science bio-north healing magnet...   Steve888   13mo
      You may want to try biomag science bio-north healing magnets. You can buy a complete therapy kit for $179 that will last you forever and do your own treatments.   [End]
    • Image Embedded ... ... You can use magnets, crystals, any of a number of ...   #136970   13mo
      ... ... You can use magnets, crystals, any of a number of things and they all ... "work" on some level.  I’ve used many of them.  However, ... those are things outside of yourself and it is you the spirit who ultimately ... does the healing.  I have found that both magnets and crystals actually ... interfere with all healing processes after a while.  Find yourself a ... meditation technique - one that does not cross your legs, and practice ... meditation daily.  Start out first at about 20 minutes a day and work your ... way up to an hour a day if you can.  Here’s just one w ...   [retrieve this message]
  • am i crazy or do i have an ability?   Tortured01   14mo  C
    This may be long but i hope people take time to read it. i want to start out by saying that my family is of native American decent and i know that we have always attracted spirits to us. until recently i have never been lucky enough to see one. I’ve had an invisible guest in every single home I’ve lived in. leading me to believe that its one that follows ME. this Im ok with because Im used to it. I’ve also experienced other things which i can deal with like smelling cologn of a deceased person I’ve never met or someone who Im missing. there is also the curse of feeling emotions of o ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Tortured, human beings are born with instincts that are soo...   SoulfulSurvivor   14mo
      Tortured, human beings are born with instincts that are soon extinguished as they age.  Empathy - the ability to "feel" the emotions of others and imagine those feelings is not a "bad thing," though it can really get out of control if we’re particularly vulnerable due to childhood traumas, etc. ... ... You’ve been properly diagnosed BiPolar?  And, you’ve been prescribed medication that is closely monitored?  Sometimes, this is helpful, but medications are not the sole answer to any chemical imbalance.  I would strongly urge you to engage in counseling the ...   [retrieve this message]
      • my bi polar diagnosis was retracked by another health care ...   Tortured01   14mo
        my bi polar diagnosis was retracked by another health care provider. He did not feel that i was bi polar in any sense of the word. i have also had doctors say borderline personality, low frustration tolerance, adjustment disorder. I have no idea what is wrong with me...medications do not work for me. I am currently on depression meds and anxiety meds. which help me from not sleeping all the time. i know im depressed right now. i have so much going on in my life. ... ... I just want to stop feeling either sad or angry all the time. i cant seem to find happy and motivated in my list of emotions! ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Just because many human behaviours and emotional talents ar...   #46136   14mo
          Just because many human behaviours and emotional talents are a challenge to understand does not warrant a psychologically-challenged label! ... ... You sound extremely sensitive tortured1 - and indeed must feel at times a torture. You are not harming others with your perceptions - indeed, at times you are possibly a huge help with having such razor sharp intuition and inner knowing. ... ... Because the majority of people have not experienced this, they seek to find labels for those considered ’emotionally abnormal’; as already suggested - these innate parts of self tend to become diluted into adulth ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Sensitivity & Emotional Well-Being   SoulfulSurvivor   14mo
            Tortured, I would like to see you change your CZ ID because you are placing a negative connotation on yourself.  I agree with many of the points in the response, above.  Human "sensitivity" and instincts are there for "A Reason."  That your own sensitivity has survived childhood reconditioning is, indeed, a "gift" of sorts.  There is nothing "wrong" with being A Sensitive!  It can be a challenge, but it’s not an indication that you’re "crazy." ... ... The emotional issues that you’re experiencing ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: am i crazy or do i have an ability?   TurningStones   14mo
      You are an empath. You are not crazy. You have a gift. ... ...   [End]
    • Re: am i crazy or do i have an ability? (Edited by Forum Mo...   cloudia432   14mo
      yes astrology is a science and i am also believe in astrology ...   [End]
  • HEART Palpitations...need some advice please   #120302   15mo  C
    I have been having some really bad racing heart/heart palpitations that mostly occur at night..early morning. I just went to ER the other day and they did an ECG and sent me home with 24hr monitor. I see my doctor tomorrow. ... ... My blood results showed some odd things: ... ... High Creatinine Kinase 444 but the doctor said that could be from exercising last week at the gym. ... ... I could really use some advice with supplements. I also take meds for bipolar and just recently quit wellbutrin xl after 3 weeks feeling like maybe that was contributing to it. SO I have been off the wellbutrin for 2 da ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Try a healing with a psychic surgeon. Try John of God in B...   North Star   15mo
      Try a healing with a psychic surgeon. Try John of God in Brazil or Father Joshua in Sedona, Arizona. If you can’t go there in person, they do distance healings.   [End]
    •  It seems your meds may be the cause: ... ... For th...   Steve888   15mo
       It seems your meds may be the cause: ... ... For the Consumer ... ... Applies to quetiapine: oral tablet, oral tablet extended release ... ... Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction while taking quetiapine (the active ingredient contained in Seroquel) hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat. ... ... Call your doctor at once if you have any new or worsening symptoms such as: mood or behavior changes, anxiety, panic attacks, trouble sleeping, or if you feel impulsive, irritable, agitated, hostile, aggressive, restless, hype ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Did anyone recommend magnesium? Exercise diminishes magnes...   linenup   15mo
      Did anyone recommend magnesium? Exercise diminishes magnesium and other electolytes such as sodium and potassium. Test with either Trace Elements Inc or Exatest. ... ... UltraMag from Source Naturals has a bioavailable blend, many mag supplements are not effective based on the formulation (magnesium oxide), many people respond to different forms, the UltraMag product contains a blend. ... ... ... ... ... ... Potassium and sodium are vital for heart function - if potassium levels decline so ...   [retrieve this message]
    • 100-200mg of seroquel at night ... ... ... ... very ...   Johny Apple Bomb   15mo
      100-200mg of seroquel at night ... ... ... ... very stiff (rigid) muscles, high fever, sweating, confusion, fast or uneven heartbeats, tremors; ... ... feeling like you might pass out; ... ... jerky muscle movements you cannot control, trouble swallowing, problems with speech; ... ... tremors, or restless muscle movements in your eyes, tongue, jaw, neck, arms, or legs; ... ... mask-like appearance of the face, trouble swallowing, problems with speech; ... ... blurred vision, eye pain, or seeing halos around lights; ... ... increased thirst and urination, excessive hunger, fruity breath odor, weakness ...   [retrieve this message]
      • JAB, we all got to do what we got to do but youre playing w...   trapper/kcmo   15mo
        JAB, we all got to do what we got to do but youre playing with fire, my friend. ... ... i like this supplement i have been taking with magnesium, potassium and bromelein in it. seems to really do the job. ... ...   [End]
        • JAB, we all got to do what we got to do but youre playing w...   Johny Apple Bomb   15mo
          JAB, we all got to do what we got to do but youre playing with fire, my friend. ... ... i like this supplement i have been taking with magnesium, potassium and bromelein in it. seems to really do the job. ... ... ... ... JAB ... ... My post was about the side effects of the prescription drugs. ... ... Magnesium is much needed and most are not getting enough of it.   [End]
          • THanks everyone for the replies. ... ... I cannot at this ...   #120302   15mo
            THanks everyone for the replies. ... ... I cannot at this time get off of Seroquel. I have tried in the past and was in a bad place. I have no one to care for my 5 year old son in the meantime. Yes I have a feeling that is the culprit. 12 years on this med cannot be dropped overnight and right now I need sanity. Last time I attempted a withdrawal I had support of my dad and brother to care for my son as I could not! ... ... Now I am on my own..single mom..(widowed) and I need to keep on it...It sucks. ... ... I found magnesium citrate to help but I have to be careful. I took to much yesterday and ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I sometimes have the racing heart early in the AM. After ha...   RONBN49   14mo
      I sometimes have the racing heart early in the AM. After having this condition for several years and doing much investigating I have determined that the vegus nerve that regulates the heart is connected to the colon and that the origin of the problem is in the digestion with the colon being the source of the condition. Candida,parasites,constipation, diarreha ect should be dealt with. Probiotics along with bentonite and psyllium should be used for a period of at least one year. This condition can not and will not be corrected by medical doctor quacks. Anything that cleans and improves dige ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Thanks everyone for the advice. Sorry it has been so long ...   prestonsmomma   13mo
        Thanks everyone for the advice. Sorry it has been so long since I have been on. I am not getting my email notifications. ... ... I did go inpatient and got off of seroquel and ambien. They put me on abilify and remeron which I had to take myself off of because of high blood sugars and serious weight gain in a 3 month period. ... ... So I am on minimal drugs right now. Wellbutrin 100mg, 25mg of lamictal (weaning) and 1mg of Klonopin. ... ... I know it is easy to say drop all meds but that is not the case. It is not so easy when Your body has been on this so long. I am on disability and I cannot af ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Germs and mental disorders   linenup   15mo  C
 ... ... :::Article about personality changes following infection by the infectious organism Bartonella ... ... ... ... :::Article about germs and their effect on the neurological ... ... ...   [End]
  • did not know that catherine zeta jones is bi-polar   John McCain 2008   16mo
    she just told the world that fact today. she looks the part, i could see that.   [End]
  • LF dangerous to do while on anti-depressants?   ElevenElevenTwoTen   16mo  C
    I am afraid that the flush will result in immediate anxiety because of all the medications that will be shocked out of my liver. Please advise. Thank you!   [End]
    • I can’t answer your question, but I think it would be wise ...   hopinso   16mo
      I can’t answer your question, but I think it would be wise not to risk flushing. You can safely detox you liver by eating dark leafy greens, citrus fruits and healthy fats. I took zoloft for a while and hated the way it made me feel. I was off the drug years befoe I learned about flushing; but it takes a toll on the body. Follow you own instincts, but don’ take chances.   [End]
  • I got sicker after getting fillings removed   #152618   16mo  C
    About two years ago I had about 6 fillings taken out at a holistic dentist that seemed to be fairly good and followed proper procedures. My reason for wanting to do it was various health issues but mainly concern about mental health. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I was hospitalized for it about 5 times from 1997 to 2010. Then after getting the fillings out I was hospitalized 4 times in 2 years. Also my symptoms seem to occur with increased frequency as well as intensity. I have an apparent increase in frequency of candida and serious issues with sulfur intolerence. Having said t ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Not a specialist but did he follow the exact procedure? ......   dave505   16mo
      Not a specialist but did he follow the exact procedure? ... dr.Huggins said something about the first tooth to be replaced should be positive (or negative) as electrical charge. ... ... did you have a chelation after? ... check dr.Huggins site for interviews and maybe you’ll find some ideas. ... ... good luck ... dave   [End]
    • It happens due to medicine used.   Histopathlab   16mo
      It happens due to medicine used.   [End]
    • What supporting nutrients and minerals did you take followi...   befurther   16mo
      What supporting nutrients and minerals did you take following removal? Do you take a selenium supplement? Use cilantro regularly? Chlorella? ... ... How about EFA’s? Be sure and get some organic Hemp seed oil or High quality fish oil. ... ... Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, vitamin D...etc. Large  Doses regularly. ... ... What were you Hospitalized for? Acting Bipolar? ... ... Be sure and take some serious Probiotics if you can afford it. ...   [End]
      • Hi befurther, ... ... Could you tell some serious probioti...   dave505   16mo
        Hi befurther, ... ... Could you tell some serious probiotics you were talking about? I’d be really interested as i’m in searching for new enzymes and new probiotics. ... ... thanks, ... dave   [End]
      • ... hello friend, ... i suggest you should go for a better ...   emawtsn4002   16mo
        ... hello friend, ... i suggest you should go for a better treatment which will help you a lot for your problem. There are lots of videos on net which also help you...and you can also do meditation......... ... ..... ... [url=] WATER FILTER REVIEWS AND INFORMATION [/url] ...   [End]
        • Yes I do Emotional Clearing it really helps. ... I also wa...   florasol   16mo
          Yes I do Emotional Clearing it really helps. ... I also want to answer the previous questions. Yes as far as I know he followed all procedures including going by the electrical charge. Thanks I will check out Huggins’ site. ... Yes medicine ( pharmacuticals) is not always helpful. But there are many things to consider. I am headed in the direction of holistic healing. ... I don’t remember what supplements I took after. I did not have anyone advising me that was not a service my dentist provided. Prior to having the fillings removed I was mega dosing on c (that was rough). I was leaning twords inf ...   [retrieve this message]
          • ”What causes unhappiness and illness? Toxins? I don’t buy i...   befurther   7mo
            ”What causes unhappiness and illness? Toxins? I don’t buy it.” ... ... Well you shouldn’t by it either. Utilizing the precautionary principle, one would steer clear of toxins(talk-sins). ... ... I went to a IAOMT dentist and had my fillings finally removed, and my temperament has improved. I get don’t get angry to the same degree, or have the same level of anxiety, and my concentration is ever improving. While this has taken years to cleanse and rebuild the cells of my body, I know the result is mostly due to detox and a healthy lifestyle. ... ... Getting fillings out is not spinning wheels, our body is ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I was told to pre-detox first before you get the fillings r...   born2bwise   10mo
      I was told to pre-detox first before you get the fillings removed because if not, the symptoms can get worse. ... did you have a integrative medicine doctor recommend the filling removal and refer you to a dentist he works with? that makes a huge difference. Keep in touch! I can share more about what I learned. This is scary stuff!   [End]
  • Video Embedded How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child   befurther   16mo  C
    ... What can I say? ... ... The election was rigged, the press did not present the whole truth, and the Republican candidate was not a true leader... ... ... I wish we could vote the same way that Lincoln got ...   [End]
  • Psychiatry: Can it cure? Science or scam?   1234567   16mo  C
    Hello :) ... ... Just decided to share it - ... ... Psychiatry: Can it cure? Science or scam? ... ... Psychiatry the fraud ... ... I do not think medications will help to cure it but worsen the condition for sure! As I belive and know, u can cure almost any illness if u eat healthy plant based diet! U are what u eat, right? ... ... Nadia ... ... :) ...   [End]
  • I know this question is wrong and horrible! But could you p...   IRegretStuff   17mo  C
    What I am about to tell you is a true story and ”not a troll question”. I think, I molested someone? :*/ You could call it incest or whatever you want to call it, but I think it was molest not rape... It was a mistake, that I do regret and wish never (should nevered) happened ”I really do mean it!” I just need some help and advice please without someone being mean, ”even know, I prob deserve it!” I will give you some information, I was between 20-21 and she was a child. We are (was) very close, I am her favorite family member, before this happened; she was always in my room playing around ...   [retrieve this message]
    • ... ... This is my take on your situation. ... ... If you...   #136970   17mo
      ... ... This is my take on your situation. ... ... If you do nothing it is apparent that you will either end up permanently in a ... psychiatric hospital or you will kill yourself.  You are on fire on the ... inside and you currently have no way to let go/forgive yourself for what has ... happened.  Yes, what you did was wrong but your current approach will kill ... you for sure. ... ... What I would do if I were in your position would be first, see a lawyer and ... ask for advice.  Let him/her know that you want to end what you’ve been ... doing and that you want psychological help and want to settle this ...   [retrieve this message]
    • [Message Subject Hidden by a Forum Moderator]   #152007   17mo
      [Message Body Hidden by a Forum Moderator]   [End]
    • Hello Iregret, ... ... Based on what you said, I BELIEVE y...   #150988   16mo
      Hello Iregret, ... ... Based on what you said, I BELIEVE you did nothing wrong. ... ... No, you didn’t ”m@lest” anyone. ... And no, you didn’t ”have $ex” with anyone. ... ... WHAT YOU HAVE IS AN EXCESSIVE guilt-CONSCIOUSNESS. ... ... Look up the definition of the words ”$ex” and ”m@lest”, and you will see that neither of them applies to you. ... ... WHAT YOU do HAVE IS AN EXCESSIVE guilt-CONSCIOUSNESS. ... ... My advice to you is, ... ... 1) You’re a fool, when you talk foolishly. ... ... 2) There are MANY WAYS you can harm yourself and your future. ... ... Currently you’re making an effort to harm yourself and your ... future -- by talkin ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Get help: Edited   SoulfulSurvivor   15mo
      RegretStuff, I just saw your post and I haven’t read all of the responses, but I’m going to make a suggestion that you consider getting some help for yourself before you do this, again - and, it is inevitable that you will, and I’ll tell you why. ... ... You stated that you had porn on your cell phone and this is an indication that you may have a very unhealthy understanding of sex, love, and sexuality.  Only in the past 15 years has pornography become easily accessible for individuals to entertain this in their own homes, at work, or on a city bus.  Hard-core pornographic imagery used to be av ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Multiple Sclerosis CURE and other health issues to be sorte...   1234567   17mo  C
    Hi Guys! ... ... Here is a video which could change some People’s life - if u care, of course... This is a very powerful testimony. Everyone should watch this. It is 17 minutes long, but will be the best time investment you ever made in your life. Take notes! ... ... ... ... I just want to add from myself, eat meat in moderations and if u eat it then eat only organic coz I do not think u need antibiotics and hormones in ur system, right?.. And I also think that lady could have been cures without eating meat.. the main thing here is to make an accent of RAW sala ...   [retrieve this message]
  • The Gluten Free Fad Diet just might kill me before the Glut...   calliopesue   18mo  C
    First, let me say thank god for the new gluten free fad diet craze.  Because of it and it’s new popularity, I found out a gluten allergy was the cause of my Bipolar 1 diagnosis of over 25 years.  The Bipolar 1 was a misdiagnosis by multiple doctors and mental health professionals. However, now I’m finding some of my doctors aren’t taking my severe gluten allergy seriously, because they are assuming I’m ”jumping on the new gluten free bandwagon”.  If I show them my test results, they’re response is along the lines of, ”these tests are notorious for being inaccurate.” ... ... In the past month, I ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I know you posted this a long time ago, but wanted to see h...   rubyblue   14mo
      I know you posted this a long time ago, but wanted to see how your appointment went? Did your doctor believe you and take you seriously? It took me 30 years to diagnose myself with celiac and I then ran into the same problems... NO doctor believed me. I had the blood test done for proof. Eventually, I started going to holistic doctors as they take celiac very seriously. ... ... I have three family members who have been diagnosed as bipolar, yet they do not believe that they have celiac (they do) because their doctors tell them that they do not. ... ... Hope you have found some support. Try ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Can this vitamin Help Psychosis   Marie64   19mo  C
    ... ... Could a Vitamin Actually Help Psychosis? ... ... I will be interviewing Dr. Andrew Saul later this year about his new book, Niacin: The Real Story: Learn about the Wonderful Healing Properties of Niacinviii . He co-wrote the book with Abram Hoffer M.D., Ph.D., who published over 600 reports and articles as well as 30 books. His early work led to the use of niacin for schizophrenia and as an cholesterol treatment. Dr. Hoffer died in 2009 at the age of 91, but he successfully treated many thousands of patients with high dose niacin for psychotic disorders. ... ... He presented some very compelli ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Blazing away mental illness   Matrix101   19mo  C
    For over twenty years, I had read Paul Brunton’s books over and over again. I enjoyed contemplating his works and achieved many insights through his syntheses of the nature of Reality. With respect to PB’s achievements in the spiritual world, I regularly used him as a guide to assist me along the quest until I met my own teacher. Therefore, with reluctance I write this article. Some people may misconstrue this criticism and claim it stems from hatred or jealousy. But nothing could be farther than the truth. ... ... A few things need to be pointed out, so that fellow questers can see throug ...   [retrieve this message]
    • patterns of wrong behavior   Matrix101   18mo
      Gandhi said it right: “Be the change you seek in the world.” But most get it backwards and begin a political agenda that is at odds with the powers that be. When their ethics aren’t upheld properly, obstacles arise. Then paranoia sets in and they defeat themselves. These types of people see an evil or corrupt world and become very impatient. Without the dharma-eye they cannot see the help going on “behind the scenes” and so they take it upon themselves to change the world. And they do this in an unskillful way that ends up in a disaster. ... ... It has been said that your opinion of the world i ...   [retrieve this message]
      • ... ... When someone tells me what is "wrong" be...   #136970   18mo
        ... ... When someone tells me what is "wrong" behavior, I treat them like ... the plague.   ... ... There is but one "law" on the Planet and that is to respect the ... space/information of others.  (Also called the Golden Rule.)  When ... someone tells me how to run my life I know that they haven’t got the foggiest ... idea of how to run their own life. ... ... There are many out there who - if elected, want to incarcerate others for ... their belief system because they think that person or persons are mentally ... ill.  It’s been that way throughout history.  Gandhi was ...   [retrieve this message]
        • I have gone through my trials and tribulations while being ...   Matrix101   18mo
          I have gone through my trials and tribulations while being labeled as Bipolar in my quest for health and wholeness. It doesn’t seem to me that you understand what I posted. It was mainly in relation to those that have a predisposition for following their intuition and acting on deceptive voices that derive from our split-mind or demonic sources. ... ... The post was sincere and meant ONLY to prevent harm that is possible to deep spiritual seekers. ... ... The respect goes should go both ways - don’t you think? As the Golden Rule you mentioned should include my post and opinions or facts as well. ...   [retrieve this message]
      • ... ... I was responding to statements like this: ... ......   #136970   18mo
        ... ... I was responding to statements like this: ... ... "Please, if you hear a voice in your head it is a psychic phenomena ... and on a lower (astral) plane than proper meditation. For your own good, you ... should stop all meditation or breathing exercise or whatever you are doing and ... seek qualified help." ... ... I’ve meditated for an hour or more each day for more than thirty years.  ... I’ve learned that "voices in my head" are my own as long as they are ... in my own voice.  If they are not - I kick them out.  I also hear ... voices outside of my head and that can be someone ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Seeking qualified help can come from a lama, a reiki-healer...   Matrix101   18mo
          Seeking qualified help can come from a lama, a reiki-healer or some other health-care practitioner that understands the nature of the problem and wasn’t meant to refer only to a psychiatrist. Sometimes a psychiatrist is needed but I think both you and I know they have their limitations. ... ... I have also been meditating for more than thirty years on average of three or four hours a day. I would NOT tell you or anyone to stop doing what you are doing in regards to meditation or breath-work. If it is certainly helps then more power to you. I am not here to step on anyone’s toes or make them ...   [retrieve this message]
          • ... ... "But, how many more individuals are practicin...   #136970   18mo
            ... ... "But, how many more individuals are practicing wrong breathing that ... stimulates the kundalini energies in a harmful way? How many more practitioners ... are entering the astral realms and don’t know how to defend themselves from ... psychic attack? How many don’t know grounding exercises as a safe antidote to ... racing thoughts?" ... ... I’ve practiced many different types of breathing exercises and have not found ... any of them that activate my Kundalini.  I run my Kundi by activating it ... from within myself and control it with grounding.  I also turn it off at ... bedtime the same w ...   [retrieve this message]
            • Jane's website   Matrix101   18mo
              I liked Jane Alexander’s website. She went through her transformation and is now giving some useful information such as the ”Tibetan Book of the Dead” and ”Spiritual Emergency” to have others read and gain the benefits from it. ... ... It’s good to have this type of information to learn and understand our complex experiences AND that mental illness doesn’t have to be a permanent condition. It is my belief, that we also need SPECIFIC advice on how to heal and stabilize these unique spiritual transformations. I have posted about many healing modalities that I found useful throughout my path - ...   [retrieve this message]
            • Test   Matrix101   18mo
              testing ... ... for some reason my last post disappeared from the single view but only shows up on the multiple thread.   [End]
        • Re: patterns of wrong behavior   Matrix101   18mo
          If you are willing to share this about yourself: How did you come to know not to listen to those voices that were not your own? But I have to put you on the spot. Having whatever information you gathered (to be more discerning) presumes that you did STOP a certain pattern of behavior. ... ... That behavior could be within the realm of meditation, breathwork, or even acting oddly enough that makes others apprehensive. Whatever it was, you appear to have learned something and stabilized yourself. And this tribulation may have been a good thing in order to evolve and grow. Of course, it is to ...   [retrieve this message]
  • i would like some insight   thekeeperofreapers   19mo  C
    ’m an 18 year old male with bipolar disorder and tourettes syndrome. Ever since I was young I have seen these tall jet black humanoid figures with red eyes everywhere. As I grew older, they grew taller. Once I became 15 or 16 and I became more stable their numbers decreased but never disappeared. Since the medication I’m on is a mood stabilizer and therefore a brain altering chemical. I believe these humanoids are spirits of some sort and not a figment of my disabilities. If they were the meds would erase them completely. ... ... This explanation is necessary for the story so moderators please ...   [retrieve this message]
  • NLD: Super immune BOOSTER and immune dysfunction stabiliz...   Wildbiz   21mo  C
    Hi everyone. I found this and it is an immune booster that everyone needs to know about. A super immune booster. If anyone is interested here is the link. People with AIDS and other horrible diseases staying well!!!!!!! ... Also, inexpensive!!! ... Or just google ... Low dose Ldn or low dose naltrexone. ... ... Did you know that many neurological problems like bipolar , anxiety , shizophrenia, can be caused in some people by toxoplasma ghondii ... A brain Protozoa? If you have ever had a cat or eaten undercooked meat, ... And have depression, anxiety, bipolar, or worse c ...   [retrieve this message]
  • self-harming   manonelise   21mo  C
    Hi everyone, ... ... I’d like to invite you to be involved in some interesting and important psychological research!! I’m looking for individuals aged 18 and above to complete a 15-20 minute anonymous online questionnaire about self-injury. ... ... As you may know, self-injury is a poorly understood phenomenon. I am hoping that findings from this research study will contribute to the current knowledge base, to guide clinical practice and assist those suffering from mental illness. ... ... This questionnaire is part of a large research study aiming to understand associations between self-harm and particu ...   [retrieve this message]
  • toxoplasma gondii   #144216   21mo  C
    Yesterday I had a live blood cell analysis that detected a parasite. Today I read in the newspaper on the same organism that this causes the behavioral symptoms I have been plagued with and sure enough it is the toxoplasma gondii. I AM SO UPSET! ... ... Has anyone used Helga Clarke’s zapper successfully to rid these organisms? Does it matter which zapper? ... Is there a better way of eliminating these critters? ...   [End]
    • the zapper is good. rife is best. eat lots of garlic...I ha...   tygmusic   21mo
      the zapper is good. rife is best. eat lots of garlic...I have read that diatomaeceous earth is good. ... Listen to that still small voice...God will guide you...listen to your body. each one of us has a unique challenge from parasites and also a unique blessing. ... ... I have noticed that I have to have better boundaries with the ’parasites’ in life and that has helped my immune system. ... ... all the best! x0x0xo.   [End]
  • Bipolar disorder, Su-jok medicine approach   explorer2009   21mo  C
 ... ... Also: ... ... ... ... ... schemes are pretty easy for self-treatment.   [End]
  • omega three fats helps various mental illnesses   knowledge seeker   22mo  C
    I wrote of this here for ocd ... ... and elsewhere for schizophrenia ... ... but it is said to help nearly all mental illnesses ... ... might want to check out what I wrote here ... ...   [End]
  • Affected by Equinoxes & Solstices   redheadkelly   22mo  C
    I’m curious if anyone else finds themselves sensitive to the seasons, especially around the Equinoxes & Solstices. ... ... I was diagnosed Bipoar II about 6 years ago &, at that time, would tend to be very manic around the Equinoxes. Not so much the Solstices. ... ... But there was definitely a switch that would happen at both the Equinoxes & the Solstices. ... ... I would clearly sense the expansion that would begin at the Spring Equinox, then Summer Solstice would begin a period of heightened extroversion & resiliency. ... ... After another manic episode at the Fall Equinox, I could sense again the contract ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi there, Kelly, ... ... I have just found out today that ...   susieq7777   21mo
      Hi there, Kelly, ... ... I have just found out today that I have tested positive for pyroluria. This forum doesn’t seem very active though, unfortunately. ... ... I can totally relate to what you say here. Just totally. That energy you talk about feels as if it’s something that gets sucked up through my feet. I actually really love it ... if I can have a handle on it. I feel like I have been getting a bit more of a handle on it over the past few years. I am wondering if that is anything to do with being that little bit closer to menopause. Perhaps. ... ... I think it’s wonderful to be so closely ...   [retrieve this message]
      • So sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I didn’t get an email from ...   redheadkelly   20mo
        So sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I didn’t get an email from CureZone saying you had posted. ... ... I’m so happy to hear about your experience. Well, not that you have it, but that you shared it. Ha. ... ... And you are SO right. I think it’s magical to be sensitive to the Earth’s rhythms, but it is all about balance. When your only experience is to be so high & so low that it’s just debilitating, then it seems that there is something more to be addressed. ... ... I sent away for a test kit for Pyroluria, but never sent in the sample. Soon after a friend filled me in about Methylation issues & it seems re ...   [retrieve this message]
        • The problem that you are having seems like a problematic pl...   saywhatagain   20mo
          The problem that you are having seems like a problematic planet in your birth chart. If you can find a good astrologer they may be able to help you, but they are probably hard to come by. I have met two very good astrologers in India, but only one that can provide a remedy for problematic planets. If they cannot provide you with a solution then they are useless.   [End]
        • Hi Kelly, ... ... Sorry I haven’t responded to your messag...   susieq777   20mo
          Hi Kelly, ... ... Sorry I haven’t responded to your message more quickly but I didn’t get an email from Curezone either!! :) ... ... Ahhh, methylation. I’m *still* trying to get my head around that whole thing. For some reason I find it very complex. But yes, absolutely, I think the whole thing is tied in together. I think that’s why I do really well taking SAM-e. ... ... For me (and you as well most likely) if pyroluria is an issue high copper can be an issue as well. In fact, since I’ve started treating myself for the pyroluria I have noticed more ”copper dumps” happening. They are totally linke ...   [retrieve this message]
  • mirena has officialy ruined my life!!! *****class action l...   #126889   23mo  C
    I am a male and i have posted here before in 2010...i am sorry to the people that sent me messages in the past and i did not respond.... ... ... My daughters and i have been living a absolute nitemare for the past 6 wife had the mirena iud inserted in 2005 and one year later i could see a change.....she threw me out of the house on a restraining in 2007 and also in 2010 when i was arrested on false charges... thats when i started to do some investigating and found this site.....she has gotten progressivly worse over the years......she had the iud removed 2 years ago and i have been wa ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Brian, Hi. Welcome to the site again. I’m so sorry you ar...   Godismyrefuge   23mo
      Brian, Hi. Welcome to the site again. I’m so sorry you are going through this. We totally understand your pain and your wife’s pain. There is already a petition that most of us have signed. We’ve all filed complaints to the FDA, and most of us have complained on Bayer’s website too. Lots of us have contacted lawyers. I don’t mean to be negative at ALL, because if you had luck, we would all cheer you on. But, I have tried so many things and feel like I hit brick walls on all of them. Let us know if you find anything out!   [End]
    • I’m curious as to why you think the Mirena is causing these...   #157558   20mo
      I’m curious as to why you think the Mirena is causing these issues? Has your wife had any psychological evaluations? Forgive me, but I’m hard pressed to agree that a device removed 2 years ago is causing your wife to abuse your kids now.   [End]
    • My wife went through major issues with the mirana also even...   curtisc89   19mo
      My wife went through major issues with the mirana also even the mood swings health issues. The hospital finally took it out of her when it was causing her to have such a bad infection down there that she couldnt even move and it smelled horrible. The doctors are now not even allowed to use it from some things i have read and it has even caused many people to no longer be able to have kids. I would support you in any way with this if you did end up going through with this so keep me updated please as I to have had similar problems because of this product.   [End]
  • Mercury Video   Marie64   24mo  C
    Good Video from Dr Mercola. about Mercury. ... ... ... Marie   [End]
    • Marie thanks for posting this. I really want to watch it bu...   Onwards   24mo
      Marie thanks for posting this. I really want to watch it but I can’t seem to get it to play without constantly stopping and then starting. Anyone else having this problem?   [End]
      • I had this same problem. Let the whole thing spool (takes ...   Sunny in San Francisco   24mo
        I had this same problem. Let the whole thing spool (takes 30 - 60 minutes). Run the whole video (go do something for 45 minutes or so) then click on the bar (that shows the minutes) at the beginning of the video to start YOUR viewing of the video.   [End]
        • Thanks Sunny- I did let it load right to the end and it wor...   Onwards   24mo
          Thanks Sunny- I did let it load right to the end and it worked. ... ... So sad how many of us have had the mercury fillings. Such insanity to have been told that in the mouth these fillings are not toxic. Yet mercury is one of the most toxic metals on the planet. When I first began my healing journey 4 years ago my ND told me that getting the mercury out was the first step. I also went to a dentist that used all of the precautions to reduce mercury vapour.   [End]
  • Bipolar Disorder Causes   healthy66   24mo
    Though it is not totally understood why some people get Alzeimer’s and others do not there is research that suggest certain reasons. Here is a good discussion on bipolar disorder causes that you might want to review. ...   [End]
  • schizophrenia bipolar   ashishewq   26mo  C
    I have had this problem since i was young but i was always talking to myself in my head and now since 4 years I talk out only in head, unstoppably all the times , I am saying and its embarrassing and annoying to others neighbors, especially when I’m in home. ... ... i was sexually abused in childhood. ... ... i am also experiencing manic episodes since childhood that may be symptoms of bipolar. because of which i get severe diseases like insomnia, jaundice, weight loss ... ... can i seek any advice on medication? ... ... i am now 24.   [End]
    • ... ... Remarkable story here of Jane Alexander who was in...   #136970   25mo
      ... ... Remarkable story here of Jane Alexander who was institutionalized for ... schizophrenia bipolar and cured it all with meditation alone. ... ... ... ... Jane in the process of her healing journey Jane got rid of all of her ... medications.  ... ... You have identified a number of your issues which means that you are in touch ... with what your body is telling you.  So many people these days are ... not.  You are also young enough so that you can heal yourself and ... experience a life of fulfillment that is available to everyone on the planet - ... including those ...   [retrieve this message]
    • ashishewq, ... ... While no one can give you advice whethe...   Matrix101   23mo
      ashishewq, ... ... While no one can give you advice whether to take medication or not, sometimes it is needed until you can calm down enough to give you the space to work on a healing plan for yourself. ... ... One thing that helped me the MOST when I went through the toughest time of my life, was this Barbara Brennan School of Healing. ... ... The Barbara Brennan School of Healing is a formal reiki healing-session that goes beyond traditional reiki for the fact that it often lasts for 1.5 hours which is forty-five minutes longer than other forms of reiki. There are three things that make this therapy s ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Treatment in Su-jok medicine   explorer2009   27mo
    General ideas to treat bipolar disorder by Su-jok medicine ... and samples of treatment for Linda Hamilton and Katrin Zeta-Jones cases: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Alternative Mental Health Treatment Centers/Programs   North Star   28mo  C
    Windhorse Associates ... ... Freedom Center ... ... Earth House ... ... Soteria Alaska (don’t know if this one ever got off the ground or not, but here’s a link) ... ... Iboga House ... ... ... Great programs... although I don’t believe in orthomolecular medicine anymore, which Earth House does. Good luck all you pioneers of mental health and recovery! ...   [End]
    • Thanks for sharing these treatment centers. ... ... I’ve ...   Raederle   20mo
      Thanks for sharing these treatment centers. ... ... I’ve got multiple relatives with schizophrenia -- or at least, did. Only one still on the medication, the rest have discovered that all they needed was more b-vitamins in their diet! ... ... Can you imagine? Years, and years, and all they needed was more b-vitamins... There are a lot of drinkers in my family, and it turns out that drinking depletes your supply of b-vitamins and thereby they end up needing more than is usual. ... ... I’ve written an article on the topic of b-vitamins if you’re interested: ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Loose bm and epilepsy/severe memory lapses?   sam7777   28mo  C
    I kinda knew I had a problem in July when I was waking up at 2 in the afternoon with a head like an anvil, but it was not until the first day of school in September that everything went downhill for me. ... ... I woke up that day and made an especially potent brew of tea containing cordyceps, reishi, cocao, ginsing, yerba mate, coffee, green tea, and a few other herbs, downed it, and had a very, very, bad IBS attack. My health crashed extremely bad that day. By the end of the week I knew something was terribly wrong. ... ... It is has been ever since then, and especially severely since November wh ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Have you had any blood work done? You very well may be hyp...   Iolite   28mo
      Have you had any blood work done? You very well may be hypothyroid with hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Janie Bowethorp’s site is a good place to start. Look at her link on lab work and get all the labs she recommends. Have you done a 24 hr saliva cortisol test?   [End]
    • You chelated before? What did you do and for how long? Di...   Eric11   28mo
      You chelated before? What did you do and for how long? Did you have any kind of reaction to it (a worsening of symptoms, for example)?   [End]
    • Have you read THE MOOD CURE or THE DIET CURE by Julia Ross?...   SeattleTom   28mo
      Have you read THE MOOD CURE or THE DIET CURE by Julia Ross? I think both books would help you a lot. Have you checked out the possibility that you might have copper overload? If not, you might want to read WHY AM I ALWAYS SO TIRED? by Anne Louise Gittleman. Also, definitely check out and for several good articles on copper overload and your various overlapping conditions. Who you working with on your health issues? ... ... Tom   [End]
      • Slight detour   #130264   28mo
        Tom, were you able to bring your copper levels down, and did that improve your fatigue? ... ... I was surprised to see how much of this protocol I was already doing. ... Just recently developed an aversion to both grains and nightshades. The one time I took copper w/out zinc I couldn’t sleep all night and had sort of a pounding heart beat. I take zinc w/ no copper now, though I still get it in foods, esp. nuts and also in my Chloroxygen.   [End]
    • Re: Loose bm and epilepsy/severe memory lapses?   LymegirlPA   28mo
      Not to add to your burden, but have you ruled out Lyme Disease? Please check out: for more info. All of what you’ve mentioned can be attributed to lyme or some other vector-borne disease. The ”usual” Western Blot or ELISA blood test is useless, so don’t go by that if your doc tells you you’ve been tested & are negative. ... ... I highly recommend you check out the site....all the best to you....   [End]
    • Actually sounds somewhat similar to me, if not a little mor...   alibaba199   28mo
      Actually sounds somewhat similar to me, if not a little more on the extreme side. ... ... Things that have helped me: ... paleo diet -- cut out most grains and dairy. I originally started with the SCD of Elaine Gottschall, but through much trial and error I found my diet is best w/ a little whole wheat and minuscule amounts of dairy here and there. Cutting out dairy was the biggest change for me. I’m not lactose intolerant, but I think I have an allergy to it. Since I cut it out, I’ve added it back in here and there and I don’t seem to have any more problems with it, but I don’t go crazy with it ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Never give up   #107689   30mo  C
    ... ... An amazing story.  Some talk.  It’s a healing when the do.  ... The bottom line is - never give up. ... ... ... ... ’SNL’s’ Darrell Hammond reveals dark past of abuse ... ... updated 8:33 PM EST, Mon October 24, 2011 ... ... (CNN) -- "Saturday Night Live" alum Darrell ... Hammond was stabbed, beaten and subjected to electrical shocks by his mother ... during his childhood, which led to self-mutilation and hospitalizations during ... his later life and while he was performing on the hit TV ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Man, that is a heartwrenching read. I saw it on the headlin...   Karlin   30mo
      Man, that is a heartwrenching read. I saw it on the headlines but didn’t read it until you posted this. It may not be "health news", but thanks anyways. I will never look at his comedy the same again. ... ... As for "never give up", I didn’t feel inspired though. I understand that Darrell went through, and is still in, hell, and that he is successfull.... but if we was not successfull he might have "given up" long ago. Thats why celebrety sorrows don’t have much pull - there are 1000s an 1000s of people who endured what Darrell did, and are now homeless and cold an ...   [retrieve this message]
      • ... ... "Sorry to be so negative, I have been ready t...   #107689   30mo
        ... ... "Sorry to be so negative, I have been ready to "give up" ... for awhile now. Several of us around here are. Life is getting harder for us ... every day. We mostly are disabled chronic illness and pain people, and yes some ... of us are addicted to painkillers - why should that make us targets for abuse? ... Personally, I was prescribed morphine, and that is all I am addicted to, it is ... all I take other than some pot now and then." ... ... There have been times in my life that I have seriously considered ... suicide.  First time I ever saw life differently was in Korea while under ...   [retrieve this message]
  • oxcarbazepine (Trileptal), carbamazepine (Tegretol)   greenheron   30mo  C
    Has anyone with pyrroluria tried either of these two medications, and what were your results and side-effects? ... They are anti-convulsives used to treat Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, but also used for other conditions.   [End]
  • Got nothin good to talk about   kukuklock   32mo  C
    Maybe when my life kick starts, ill have some stories to tell. ... ... Do people with assburgers tend to have better social skills online with anonymous people, as opposed to people in real life, and even friends they met and talk to online? ... ... Totally projecting, not even gonna deny it. ... ... Thoughts?   [End]
  • Important supporter on cells against cancer   godshealth   32mo  C
    Glutathione most important supporter against inflammation that can lead to cancer. There are many products that you can buy in stores that sell glutathione but those a limited because they are broken down in the acids in the stormach and very little at all gets into the cell. ... ... It is most needed in the cell than the blood stream because you cells needs this to survive, if glutahtione decreases than eventually your cell dies! which in turn allows the last step which is inflammation to take over and finally be in position in developing cancer. ... ... Today there is a better approach than the pa ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Be the change you seek in the world   Matrix101   3y
    Gandhi said it right: “Be the change you seek in the world.“ But most get it backwards and begin a political agenda that is at odds with the powers that be. When their ethics aren’t upheld properly then they defeat themselves and paranoia sets in. These types of people see an evil or corrupt world and become very impatient. Without the dharma-eye they cannot see the help going on “behind the scenes” and so they take it upon themselves to change the world. And they do this in an unskillful way that ends up in a disaster. ... ... It has been said that your opinion of the world is a reflectio ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Starting Again Fasting as a Way of Life... Mutual Support n...   #77446   3y  C
    hi, ... I have had a bad year that I ultimately can’t really explain... I ate processed food out of an uncontrollable compulsion to do so that followed all the known stages of addiction. ... ... I’m back on raw food only now for some time. I was able to decide not to let my relapse last for a full year. Still -- as every addict is ambivalent -- I am ambivalent about my decision to end the food addiction and clean up my diet all the way (getting off sugary fruits, ultimately, and anything raw but starchy: though these items are raw, they actually are not OK with me)... I need to talk about my cra ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hello, ... ... I just read your post and it was like rea...   Acujim   3y
      Hello, ... ... I just read your post and it was like reading something that I had written myself. ... ... I have fasted before successfully, though it has been about 4 years ago now. I also have been eating horribly and use food to fill other voids in my life. I know that I have an addiction to food and hope that fasting will help break that. ... ... I will be starting my fast today and would be happy to help support you in your journey as well. ... ... Best to you, ... Tara   [End]
      • Hi, Tara, ... It is truly great to hear from you. I really...   #77446   3y
        Hi, Tara, ... It is truly great to hear from you. I really appreciate what you took the time to say and that you identify with me in what I am going through because i so often can feel alone. Listen, i don’t have time right this second to really write, but please know I will write tonight or tomorrow. And please email me through this system tonight or whatever and just tell me more of your story if you want . I DEFINITELY want to be in touch and work on this stuff! I am running my own in-person support for fasting group starting this sunday. So i’m very committed... Lots of love!   [End]
      • hey, Tara, ... sorry I didn’t get back sooner. I have been...   #77446   3y
        hey, Tara, ... sorry I didn’t get back sooner. I have been soing fasting things -- had my group yesterday and also joined a fast on the water fasting forum. I started just now. Totally unprepared emotionally but I will see how it goes. email me at On water fasting forum I am with Vilang et al on their fast. text me at or call at 424 644 4919. Much love. Want to say so much more but am in a support meeting now.   [End]
    • Yes, I kind of get what you are saying. If you are not eati...   imnos482   32mo
      Yes, I kind of get what you are saying. If you are not eating, what will replace that activity? Isn’t that way everyone is working? If they were not, they don’t know what they would be doing. ... ... Replace one thing at at time. ... ... I just wrote and article on that subject of to much detoxification. Once you have completed a cleanse, it is time to STOP. Try to add a superfood, such as Goji Berries or Raw Cacao into your diet ever week. They are both great snack foods and will likely make you eat less. Pretty soon you will be eating only great foods and will no longer need to cleanse. Adding a l ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Well i really admire your post which contains the informat...   henryolonga   32mo
      Well i really admire your post which contains the information that i was also needed . I think That Your post is like an asset for me.   [End]
  • Mercury, vitamin D, Magnesium - possible worsening symptoms?   illysmanx   3y  C
    The past 6 months have been ups and downs. The short of it: I have had severe insomnia seasonally since getting my first dental fillings and the type 1 diabetes that followed. The fillings are dental amalgam/mercury, and my symptoms besides seasonal insomnia has been lingering depression/anxiety in varying strengths. ... ... (30 yr. old female, 14 fillings, blood type O) ... ... In January I did vitamin D megadosing (50,000 iu with subsequent 10,000 iu/day dosing) and discovered (together with my mother and sister) that seasonal bipolar disorder and the like can be attributed to vitamin D levels goi ...   [retrieve this message]
    • About magnesium and depression: http://george-eby-researc...   HarmonicCharge   3y
      About magnesium and depression: ... ... ... My ex took the amount they used in this abstract ... ... ... he was one to complain about everything, but even he admitted he did feel batter from the magnesium. ... ... After about a month he felt great, wasn’t back to taking the pills prescribed for depression. ... ... His was a family trait, depression ran in the family big time. It made sense when I read that this could be attributed to inheriting the lack of ability to absorb magnesium properly. ... ... Do a google ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi Hope you don’t mind but here is some good info on vitmi...   Marie64   25mo
      Hi Hope you don’t mind but here is some good info on vitmin D3...I came across your post when I was researching for my brother who has been recently diagnosed with possibly bi-polar. Watch all 5 parts. Amazing. ... ... ... ... I myself suffer AF and had some sleep problems and found this very helpful..I felt the need to pass this on for others, it may help. ... ... Best to all.. ... Marie   [End]
      • Re: Fascinating Video Series ... Thanks!   dar7726   25mo
        I watched this entire presentation. Wow! Wow! Wow! And Thank you for posting. For anyone who has sleep issues, pain issues or any health issues this is a must watch. ... ... To highlight. ... ... We heal during sleep paralysis. We are not suppose to move, shake our legs, pee several times a night. This is NOT normal. ... ... The study done by this incredible woman shows a link between the enormous amount of sleep issues and other health problems directly connected to lack of sleep paralysis...But the cool thing is that she found by getting your Vit D3 (not Vit D2 it had the opposite effect) up to 60-80 ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Hi! Just an update about me sleeping better since seeing t...   Marie64   25mo
          Hi! Just an update about me sleeping better since seeing this video and taking part of my dose 2000mg vitamin D3. I am sleeping so much better, a deeper sleep. I fall asleep about 10:30 pm and wake around 6 am and feel well rested. I can’t believe how this is working for me. ... ... Marie ... Ps. ... ... Let me know if this is working for others...very interesting!   [End]
          • Marie, ... Thanks for sharing those videos! I just got arou...   marialb   25mo
            Marie, ... Thanks for sharing those videos! I just got around to watching them yesterday. Took 1/2 my dose of D before bed, (via cod liver oil), and i deep sleep really well. Now I need to get my levels tested!   [End]
            • Yes, D and sleep is good!   illysmanx   25mo
              I’m so happy to hear that, Marie and Maria! I have had pretty much the same experience all the way through with D3 5000 iu/day + magnesium. Getting to sleep can sometimes take a little while, but my sleep is deep, and I’m nice and awake during the day. ... ... Started taking selenium with my hypothyroid medicine too, and the energy levels have gone up nicely. ... ... Blessings, -Jen/illys   [End]
  • bi-polar in schizophrenic- my book on schizophrenic forum   ronalddishinger   3y  C
    People in the West seem always to want to classify disease states by certain labels and fail to see so many cross-overs of various disease states. Such is the case for schizohprenia-bi-polar. Schizohprenia has four parts and really should be called schizophrenias (plural). They are mood, logic or cogitve ability,paranoia, and hallucinations. The only one a person does not normaly have for bi-polar is hallucinations(either visual or auditory). All three of the others exist for the person with bi-polar. On the schizophrenic forum of this message board I have put my entire book on schizophren ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Intracelluar Master Cleanse   #134141   3y  C
    The only one that works from within the celluar walls. It is so powerful, because it is necessary in every single cell for the integrity of the cell to survive. ... ... This antioxidant Glutathione out of all the rest is the only one that supports the immune system and does not become a free radical like vitamin C or A etc... ... ... It is so beneficial in protecting all the other antioxidants in doing their job completly. The said thing is our environment is become worse with our soil, foods, water, & the air! Now they are able to find ways to increase our glutathione, which is the main defense aga ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded virus' cause schizophrenia   ginab4u   3y  C
    ARLINGTON - A recent study on the 8 percent of human DNA that is derived from viruses may show a cause of cell mutation and psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia and mood disorders, according to an article by The University of Texas at Arlington biology professor Cédric Feschotte published in the Jan. 7, 2010, issue of Nature magazine. ... ... The study -- led by Professor Keizo Tomonaga at Osaka University in Japan -- revealed that the genomes of humans and other mammals contain DNA derived from the insertion of bornaviruses, RNA viruses whose replication&nbs ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Lithium appears more effective than valproate for relapse p...   thall72315   3y
    While use of lithium (alone or with valproate) was statistically superior to valproate alone, this study did not find that combination therapy was significantly better than lithium alone. ... ... ...   [End]
  • Serious changes will happen.   been there done that   3y  C
    Solar flares and magnetic pole shift will cause something similar to SAD but not be SEASONAL. The changes we will experience in ourselves might be reduced or prevented with an extra supply of electrolytes, but the changes in PETS might require more severe responses. ... ... ... ... ... Could pacemakers or heartbeat be a problem?...likely VERY much so.   [End]
  • Dangerous changes are coming.   been there done that   3y  C
    Poster LD Di brought up a good point 4 months ago. Severe weather changes cause something similar to SAD but aren’t necessarily seasonal changes. It may also affect pets and farm animals. It’s important for us to realize so we don’t blame ourselves for any newfound nastiness, but also so we can make an extra effort to remain civil towards friends and family. Behavioral changes will happen because of solar flares and magnetic pole shifts, but maybe they can be prevented/reduced with an extra supply of electrolytes. ... ... ... This was my reply to his post.... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Your Help With Psychology Research   A.L   3y  C
    Hi Everyone, ... I cant find contact for moderator, so I hope this ok, if it gets deleted I understand! ... I am carrying out research for my Masters in Applied Psychology for University College Cork, Ireland and would really appreciate your input as members of a support group for mental health. I am interested in understanding how online support groups help people particularly in relation to stigma. ... ... Two main Criteria! ... 1) Your over 18 ... 2) You are personally experiencing a mental health issue (as opposed to being a family memebr or friend of someone experiencing mental health issue) ... ... I ha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • The benefits of Reiki Tummo   Matrix101   3y
    As I look back at the things that worked for me, I discovered that nervous system damage was the root cause of most illness; likewise the repaired nervous system was the basis for obtaining long-term health. You can obtain this sort of physical, mental and emotional healing through many modalities such as Reiki, Chi-Kung, Feldenkrais Movement Therapy and even Juice Fasting. ... ... Getting attuned to Reiki is my first choice for getting back to health. Why? Because, it safely opens up and repairs the central channel which is closely aligned to what western-science calls the autonomic nervous ...   [retrieve this message]
  • has anyone tried ganoderma DXN for bipolar, I am trying it....   ganotherapy   3y  C
    I am suffering from bipolar for 9 years. Intially with resperidone.. abilify..Now currently taking trifluoperazine 2.5mg. I want to get ride of allopathy medicine due to its sideeffects I tried homeopathy(2 times), yoga but nothing helped. If I stop medication I will get relapse within 5 to 6 months. ... ... due to weight gain which led to yeast infection and pre-diabetic stage. then one of my friend introduce me to Ganotherapy/reishi/lingzhi which is a mushroom powder used by chinese 2000 years ago for physical, mental and spiritual health. ... ... I started taking from july 2010 within a month ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Treating Bipolar Disorder with medical marijuana   oso   3y  C
    Hey everyone, ... I was wondering if anyone has heard of any studies about marijuana being used to treat Bipolar Disorder. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder about thirteen years ago and have found that smoking pot has helped me with my symptoms. Unfortunately I live in Raleigh NC currently and smoking pot legally is not an option. ... ... Has anyone out there heard of any studies done regarding using marijuana as a treatment for Bipolar Disorder? ... ... Thanks! ... Oso   [End]
    • Please be very careful of the combination. Marijuana can in...   CazS   3y
      Please be very careful of the combination. Marijuana can induce a psychotic break. My husband had the exact same ’positive’ effect. Or so we thought. It almost ended tragically. There is a whole lot more to the dangers of smoking it and therefore the so-called conspiracy theories of why it is so hard to have it legalized etc is trollip. ... In Bipolar people +90% of cases turn to a substance of choice because it makes them ’feel’ better. It is in actual fact doing a tremendous amount of harm. And masks what is actually going on in their temporal lobe of their brains. Whether it is for a shor ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Going Med-Free   crafty20   4y  C
    I was started on prescriptions for the treatment of Depression and Bipolar Disorder in late 2003. Sometimes it helped, sometimes it didn’t seem to do much of anything. ... ... With my doctor’s supervision and approval, I went off my medications around August this year. Other than a few bumps here and there, I’ve been doing pretty well. I do have a prescription for Clonazepam in case of a bad day, but it’s rarely necessary. The majority of my emotional issues seem to have been caused by the insanity of my family, which is less of a problem now that I no longer live with them. ... ... My question is i ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I also had bipolar disorder. I was on meds for 14 yrs. I qu...   Onwards   4y
      I also had bipolar disorder. I was on meds for 14 yrs. I quit ALL drugs and changed my diet. I eat mainly fruit, veg, meat, fish, nuts and olive oil. ... ... No sugar, processed foods, alcohol or food additives. ... ... Just eat a clean diet with lots of filtered water. ... ... I also cleansed my bowel and did an extensive parasite cleanse. ... ... It has been worth all of the hard work. ... ... Best Always! ... Onwards   [End]
  • What worked for bipolar from my experience   almondlover   4y
    i have a best friend with bipolar, and SO FAR the only thing that made a difference is this product: ATTEND from company VAXA, i dont know what it is, but it really works its a bunch of things in it, and another thing that was working pretty well was Lithium Orotate, u can find both on, and dont forget to post your results on curezone!;) ... ... btw: prescription meds for that will just make u a zombie don’t take them!   [End]
  • LD Di: Status Update 9 30 2010   LD Di   4y  C
    Hi, all! ... ... dfams asked how I am doing, so thought it was time for a status update. ... ... Am still the using the tools and ideas I picked up from Ask Moreless forum. Have gotten steadily better over the time I have used these. ... ... Still taking some Armour thyroid. However, my body temperature is now stable as it has ever been, usual temp about 99.1 F. Can run around barefoot and in shorts, short sleeves like a kid or teen when many others around my age are bundled up and complaining of the cold. Hoping to be able to cut down on my thy med dose at my soon coming blood tests. ... ... Still takin ...   [retrieve this message]
    • On your statement: ”The l orotate messes with thyroid func...   #68716   4y
      On your statement: ”The l orotate messes with thyroid function.” ... ... I’m not challenging you, but would appreciate it if you have a source handy for that, I’d like to learn more about orotate and thyroid function. ... ... Thanks. :)   [End]
      • Re: Source of info regarding lithium orotate   LD Di   4y
        Hi, Sylvette! ... ... I got that info about a year ago from a website by a guy with bipolar who has used both forms extensively. ... ... ... ... What really convinced me was what has happened to me in the year since I switched. ... ... Looking back, by far the worst of my episode of extreme cold sensitivity and need for taking Armour thyroid happened a few years after I started taking lithium orotate daily. Even that was far preferable to the expense and ”side effects” of the more conventional prescription treatments, though. ... ... Low dose lith ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Thank you. I trust your experience and appreciate the lin...   #68716   4y
          Thank you. I trust your experience and appreciate the links you’ve provided. ... ... Very few realize, as I’d written years ago, that just as most people’s bodies suffer from an imbalance in halogens, most people’s bodies also suffer alkalai metal imbalance. ... ... Adequate lithium is on par in importance as adequate iodine. ... ... Most folks ingest far too much sodium relative to K and Li, just as they ingest far too much fluoride and bromide relative to iodine. ... ... However, unlike iodine, it is possible to do irrepairable harm with lithium supplementation owing to its low atomic weight and si ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Re: Relative saftey of low dose lithium   LD Di   4y
            Hi, S! ... ... Yes, ideally it would be best always to be under the supervision of a qualified medical professional who understands the protocol/s we are doing. ... ... In the real [read profoundly imperfect] world in which we live, this is rarely possible for many reasons. Among them: ... ... Lack of access to care if low income. Can be a matter of no access at all, or insurance that limits one to very conventional practitioners. This is the case of many of the most desperately in need of medical assistance. ... ... Lack of qualified professionals. An ignorant one who will not learn with U is WORSE THAN ...   [retrieve this message]
            • I saw the kelp in the ML ”protocol” as supplying iodine, to...   #68716   4y
              I saw the kelp in the ML ”protocol” as supplying iodine, to people most of whom were deficient in it, and that had good effects in many. ... ... I also recognize the molasses as providing many minerals, it being the resinous crud that’s left in the bottom of the boilers in the sugar-making process. That resinous crud has all the minerals from the cane or beets or whatever’s being used as feedstock. ... ... So I wasn’t surprised that folks see benefits from putting essential minerals in their bodies that were lacking them. It makes perfect sense. ... ... I use molasses in my coffee a couple times a wee ...   [retrieve this message]
              • HUGE diff between iodine in foods   LD Di   4y
                and elemental iodine as a separate supplement!!!! It is the latter that has caused many grief. ... ... Again, check out the references I suggested for more info. ... ... EDIT ... ... As usual, someone here at CZ has added a link to my post without my approval or consent. Pretty tacky, disrespectful, perhaps dishonest, IMHO. ... ... If you check that link, be sure to also check the sources I mention. The you can decide for yourself what may be true and beneficial. ... ... END EDIT   [End]
          • Iodine more likely and common risk than lithium   LD Di   4y
            at least in my experience and observation. ... ... Check posts posts here at CZ. Experience of those supplimenting with it seems apalling!!!! ... ... Check posts by Grz and Moreless for info on why that is so. ... ... Must add all alk minerals in balanced easily absorbable forms to benefit long run. Very conservative, very low dose supplementation of individual ones best left for after that is accomplished for least problems and most benefit. ... ... ...   [End]
        • Re: Source of info regarding lithium orotate   #68716   4y
          I remember reading this dude’s website a couple years ago: ... ... ... ... ... It had a lot of good info on it, but as I recall it did contain about 20% inaccurate info, so always be sure to verify info before relying on it. ...   [End]
          • Re: Sources of info   LD Di   4y
            Hi, S! ... ... I have learned the hard way not to naively trust ANY source of info. ... ... General reliability/track record is important, and I agree was somewhat lacking in this source. ... ... However, even folks who are worng about most things can set us onward to productive courses if we listen to them with patience and respect instead of dismissing them outright. That is what happened here. ... ... There were many other sources on info that I looked at, what I listed were the first and most useful to most individuals of those. Your original question was regarding the source of the info, not how to e ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Sorta sad   LD Di   4y
      That there are no expressions of congratulations here. ... ... Sad for CZ, NOT for me. ... ... Gratitude and interest in, joy in other’s success was def a key to my healing. ... ... Are some of us loosing sight of the forest [abundant health and life] for the trees [specific treatments intended to achieve that goal]?????? ... ...   [End]
      • I know what you mean. I’ve had a lot of successes too and...   #68716   4y
        I know what you mean. I’ve had a lot of successes too and nobody seemed to much be interested. LOL. It’s just how folks are. ... ... One thing ya see alot on the forums, is where someone writes in with: ... ... ”My problem is xyz, and my history is pdq and I’m wondering ... abc” ... ... ... What ya see are half a dozen folks writing in with different ideas, but rarely when one writes ”the answer to your problem is fgh” do you ever see multiple others coming into agree that fgh works. ... ... I’m not saying its ”bad” that half a dozen folks share their ideas of what they think might work, but only that give ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Confusion and worse abounds at Curezone!   LD Di   4y
          Hi, Sylvette! ... ... I have had the same experiences that you report here at Curezone, and worse. ... ... Some of my best information is modified by some moderator/moderators after being posted and twisted to say the opposite of what it said originally. ... ... Links are added to information that I have repeatedly said that I disagree with and do NOT want such links added to my posts. ... ... Best thing to do with that situation is to PM the individual who needs help and direct them to another venue for discussion. There are many without the flame-outs, power trips, dishonestly, and utter lack of integrity ...   [retrieve this message]
          • A ”religious-type” person once told me that ”God saves thos...   #68716   4y
            A ”religious-type” person once told me that ”God saves those whom He chooses to save”. I don’t know how true that is, but it seems to make sense that one ought be selective with regards to whom they choose to help. The words of ”don’t put pearls before swine” come to mind. Not all are prepared to receive knowledge, and understanding who is prepared to receive it, is probably a necessary first step, so we avoid banging our heads against a wall. :)   [End]
            • Actually, God is not partial   #53126   3y
              And offers help to all of us, repeatedly. ... ... Most of us refuse it, though!!!! ... ... The fault/ failure is our own.   [End]
  • Need some help   rmw.mlj   4y
    I’m a 50 yr old woman and I’m bi-polar. I’m tryin to find a natural way to treat my symptoms. I rapid cycle and right now there seems to be very little time I’m ”normal”. I can go from cryin my eyes out to ready to bite someones head off in minuets. ... In April I had a car accident, I broke both wrists, my left femur in 2 places, my right ankle came out the side of my foot and broke 9 ribs. I then had a blood clot go thru my lungs. My memory feels like swiss cheese at times. ... I was on MS contin till the end of July and now am on oxycodone 7.5. I’m on warfarin for the blood clots and am back ...   [retrieve this message]
    • im personally am convinced that bipolar has alot do with ho...   herbalnutritionistcmt   4y
      im personally am convinced that bipolar has alot do with hormones. either there is a lack of production or overproduction much like the pancreas is involved with diabetes the gland is malfunctioning. i know mullen is a great herb to restore the normal functions of glands.I think some of the glands involved with this condition could be the pituatry, thyroid, and the adrenal gand.   [End]
    • Healing the nervous system   Matrix101   3y
      Rmw, ... ... You sure do have your plate full. I can sympathize. ... ... Consider going to this link and learning some alternative therapies such as becoming attuned to Reiki in order to heal your nervous system much faster: ... ... ... ... Good luck! ... Neo   [End]
  • Best sleeping postures   artour_rakhimov   4y  C
    Tens of medical studies have proven that sleeping on one’s back reduces body oxygeantion and worsens numerous health problems, including asthma, asthma and allergies in wheezing children, back pain in pregnancy, bruxism and swallowing, clenching episodes and gastroesophageal reflux, chronic respiratory insufficiency patients, coughing attacks, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), heart failure patients with central sleep apnea/Cheyne-Stokes (irregular) respiration, irregular or periodic breathing, sleep apnea, sleep paralysis and terrifying hallucinations, snoring, hypopneas an ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Bipolar: cure by eradicating spirochete.   nordskoven   4y  C
 ... ... I had a friend with a ”bipolar” brother. He went to a Wichita parasite specialist and she said his ”bipolar” symptoms turned off like a switch. There are physical reasons for mental disorders, and one of these vectors, spirochetes, is treated at the Rife Forum linked above. Blessings!   [End]
  • Insomnia????   prestonsmomma   4y  C
    Can someone please give me any suggestions. I dont see an insomnia forum. Here is the problem I was weaning off some medications I took one was seroquel and I had no problem sleeping even with the wean for 3 weeks. Now I seem to fall asleep right at 10pm but I wake up at 2-3am every morning and cant fall back asleep. I really dont want to go back up on my meds as I worked 10 years to get down off this med. Anyways here is what I take for bedtime. Any other suggestions? It is always middle night insomnia. ... ... Thanks so much I am desperate I need the energy as I have a very busy 3yr ol ...   [retrieve this message]
    • One of the symptoms of seroquel withdrwal is insomnia. ...   LuellaMay   4y
      One of the symptoms of seroquel withdrwal is insomnia.  How old is your son?  Does he take naps?  Is it possible for you to take a nap during the day, preferably while he’s taking his nap? ... ... Below you will find additional remedies that may help.  However, it is possible that the withdrawal symptoms may have to take their course. ... ... ... ... My Best, ... ... Luella ...   [End]
      • Thanks Luella no my son never naps in his diagnosed or kind...   prestonsmomma   4y
        Thanks Luella no my son never naps in his diagnosed or kinda ADHD I am lucky he sleeps through the night. ... ... Funny thing about the seroquel is when I went down I had no withdrawals and slept fine. Still falling asleep fine just cant stay asleep. Weird. I will check that link out. Seems I am doing it all by the book. ... ... I hate to but maybe I just need another melatonin in middle of the night. I hear it doesnt stay in system long. This sucks but I prayer tonight is better. Its so easy to just grab a pill (seroquel) and take some extra to sleep but I came to far for this to happen.   [retrieve this message]
      • checked the website i am doing all the above, even the musi...   prestonsmomma   4y
        checked the website i am doing all the above, even the music. I just cant figure it out I feel like my brain will never sleep on its own again after years of being drugged into oblivion. ... ... Week herbs dont do much at all. Well for me there weak. ... ... Off for another night. Prayer this one goes well.   [End]
        • Bless your heart.  This has to be really difficult for...   LuellaMay   4y
          Bless your heart.  This has to be really difficult for you.  Yet, your withdrawal symptoms could be so much worse.  Actually, you are lucky just to have insomnia.  How often are you reducing the dosage, and how long have you been withdrawing? ... ... I know it’s very disconcerting, but try and not to dwell on the insomnia, it may only get worse if you do.  Have you tried meditation and visualization?  Also, are you withdrawing under the supervision of a physician? ... ... Hang in there, withdrawing from these drugs is not always easy. ... ... My Best, ... ... Luella ...   [retrieve this message]
    • What has helped me to ”overcome” - for good, I hope! - the ...   #38782   4y
      What has helped me to ”overcome” - for good, I hope! - the early-morning insomnia was getting out of bed, visiting the toilet and drinking a large glass of water. Although it could be the ”alternative-nostril-breathing” exercise that I´ve started doing before going to sleep. This exercise is supposed to balance both halves of the brain and I´m sure you will be able to find a YouTube video showing how to do it... it´s quite simple. ... One more thing that comes to mind... since you said your mind starts racing early in the am when you cannot fall back to sleep, is maybe drinking a previous ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Thanks everyone..yes I am working with my doctor on the w/d...   prestonsmomma   4y
        Thanks everyone..yes I am working with my doctor on the w/d’s but no offense she is kinda an idiot. She always wants to go faster especially when I was withdrawing from lamictal that stuff killed me the w/d. For some reason seroquel seems to be cake??? Yes I thank God I dont have more w/d from it but I mostly took it for sleep anyways. Go figure. ... ... Just an update. I found upping my 5htp to 150-200mg is helping and even if I wake up which I normally do to pee I fall back asleep within 20 minutes or less. ... ... Chamomile does nothing for me nor valerian root but thanks for sharing. It di ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Bless your heart.  I am glad that you are feeling bett...   LuellaMay   4y
          Bless your heart.  I am glad that you are feeling better.  Thankfully, your withdrawal symptoms from seroquel are not worse.  But when withdrawing from these types of medications, one must do so at their own pace.  Remember this with the Klonopin.  You don’t want to drop down so fast that it becomes unbearable and have to go back on it.  Sometimes we just need to stand up to our doctors. ... ... Glad the 5-HTP is working. ... ... Best of luck to you. ... ... My Best, ... ... Luella ...   [End]
          • Hi OP, ... ... It sounds to me that your sleep disorder is...   powertool4   4y
            Hi OP, ... ... It sounds to me that your sleep disorder is a SYMPTOM, not a cause. I think that if you address the root cause the best you can, the sleep will solve itself. That being said, for dealing with sleep in the present moment, I’m not sure what else I can suggest other than time-released melatonin? ... ... Do you have any underlying health conditions? I know TCM is very good (depending on the practitioner) for treating this stuff and there may be something that is causing your body to not relax and go into sleep.. or constantly staying in overdrive mode. I have dealt with this with adrenal ...   [retrieve this message]
        • I was able to get rid of klonopin after 20+ years of heavy ...   montecristo5216   4y
          I was able to get rid of klonopin after 20+ years of heavy comsumption. I was in the middle of a long and bitter divorce mixed with unemployment issues, child custody battles, etc. My doctor prescribed 4 pills (2 g each) for a total of 8 g daily, so just I could function normally and face my life obligations during day time. ... ... I was taking a med for depression, and Restoril (30) to be able to sleep at night, since the Klonopin was for anxiety. ... ... As you say, it was hell. ... ... I noticed that all these drugs robbed all my energy and my zest for life. I knew I had to do something about them. ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Well that didnt last long. I may check into time released ...   prestonsmomma   4y
            Well that didnt last long. I may check into time released melatonin. I could not get back to sleep last night whatsoever. I go to sleep but 3 am again. I am so sick of this. Yes I know my adrenals are burnt out but I dont get a bunch of time to relax I have a 3.5yr old ADHD child and no relaxition and not much of a break. ... ... I may have to try the adrenal gladulars again...I was taking them. That if I can find a way to get a hair anlysis cause I am tired of this broke, etc...I am way to stressed for my age! ... ... Sorry..I gave in a took an extra seroquel last night. I dont want it to be ...   [retrieve this message]
            • Based on my experience, it sounds to me like the cortisol b...   powertool4   4y
              Based on my experience, it sounds to me like the cortisol being high is keeping your body from shutting down. High cortisol did that to me and nothing, i mean NOTHING put me to sleep. If i did sleep, i didnt feel well rested. ... How long as this sleep problem been an issue? Can u think of a trigger or something that may have caused the gradual increase in cortisol? ... ... Things that LOWER cortisol taken at nighttime can definitely help. Out of supplements PS (phophatidylserine) is one but i never have tried it. Chinese herbal medicine like i said is really good at insomnia cures over a few mon ...   [retrieve this message]
              • Actually I do have phosphatidyl serine. Maybe I will take ...   prestonsmomma   4y
                Actually I do have phosphatidyl serine. Maybe I will take one tonight. The issues got worse well ummm....with the drug withdrawal but I was doing good. I fall asleep fine it is always a middle of the night thing then my mind wants to jump into overdrive kinda like a ”rush” of thoughts and stuff and I cant relax again. So I am going to bed by 10pm like it is suggested for adrenals. ... ... My gut still tells me its something to do with copper now I just need to find that that has the hair test. I can get one done around here for 150 bucks but that is too much. I am stretching to ...   [retrieve this message]
                • that must be very hard. Obviously stress management is one ...   powertool4   4y
                  that must be very hard. Obviously stress management is one key aspect of cortisol but i also know that if the body is in a metabolic state of imbalance, no amount of stress reduction can put a permanent dent in it. However, the mind is very powerful thing. ... ... IDK if you do any meditiation but taking even 10-20minutes a day TWICE a day DAILY to just focus your mind on one thing (breathing for example) and sitting still and not doing anything brings about balance to your body. The book ”The relaxation response” was written by a Harvard MD and PHD and showed variuos studies in the changes of ...   [retrieve this message]
                  • Thanks Powertool sorry I would but I am soooo broke plus tr...   prestonsmomma   4y
                    Thanks Powertool sorry I would but I am soooo broke plus trying to help my son with nutrients and living on a real strict budget. I did take the PS last night and slept better but I am thinking of adding Asghawanda for adrenals mainly cause it is buy one get one free at swansons and a ton cheaper. Maybe I can take the PS here and there I have enough for a few months. ... ... I notice I sleep better on nights I drink Kefir. Maybe the tryptophan in milk products as I dont drink milk itself. That and a bananana. ... ... Sorry my spelling is   [End]
                    • High cortisol will cause waking in the middle of the night....   Iolite   4y
                      High cortisol will cause waking in the middle of the night. That’s exactly what I had to deal with. I was taking LOTS of melatonin, at one point 30mg. I also took phosphidtyl serine. Seriphos by Interplexus is the best form of PS that I’ve found. It was recommended on Janie’s dessicated thyroid group on yahoo []. ... ... If I woke up, I took another seriphos. I also took hawthorne to help with the pounding of the heart which can make it very difficult to fall asleep. Tryptophan is good too. I still take that if I wake up in th ...   [retrieve this message]
                      • Thanks Iolite...yep that what I am pretty sure it is so wor...   prestonsmomma   4y
                        Thanks Iolite...yep that what I am pretty sure it is so working on adrenal during the day and doing the above. I noticed the phoshadyl serine does help just wish it was cheaper some. I have no idea if my corisol levels are still high but I think just having some relaxation since I am a single mom with adhd child or very hyper I dont get a whole lot lf ”me time” to breath. ... ... Oh well..catch breaks when i can. School will be starting hopefully soon. ... ... I have been drinking Kefir in evenings, turkey, and banana for evening snack supposed to be good for tryptophan as I already take 5htp. ... ...   [retrieve this message]
                        • Nope another bad night last night. I will look into that s...   prestonsmomma   4y
                          Nope another bad night last night. I will look into that sophios? I um bought some adrenal glandular and the health store lady said to take 9 of them a day?? Okey maybe I am that stressed lol but that seems like a lot. Hopefully get some shut eye all night tonight. Check in later. ... ... can u get that sophios locally or internet? Thanks a bunch. I just dont want to get to the point of desperation like last night and gave in and took another seroquel which of course just made me drag all day. ... ... Thanks good night to all...   [End]
    • I was on antidepressants for years (off 7 years) and what I...   dar7726   4y
      I was on antidepressants for years (off 7 years) and what I’ve learned about them and most likely seroquel and similar drugs is that they are endocrine disruptors. I’ve been dealing with insomnia (due to taking these types of drugs/never had insomnia before) for many years...even after being off of them for years. ... ... Not until I had my hormones check using a 24 hour urine test and adding natural hormones (PLUS and this is a big PLUS) and adding IODINE did I begin to start to see a normalizing of my sleep. ... ... These types of drugs also contain fluoride which calcifies the pineal gland...thi ...   [retrieve this message]
    • My suggestion of a solution is not the use of medications b...   jessdavis   4y
      My suggestion of a solution is not the use of medications but it is the use if the Yuen method of Chinese energetics wherein This method aims to help a person self heal and regenerate one’s self from diseases and conditions. This makes use of deleting issues as rapid as possible this can be an emotional, physical or any other issues that cause disturbance in the body or even sickness. In order to balance the energy and correct the issues, you must first identify the issue you want to delete, then rate the intensity form 0-10, locate the energy or discomfort in your body, put all your thoug ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Milk thistle always makes me more hyper and awake; try taki...   Juliemouse   30mo
      Milk thistle always makes me more hyper and awake; try taking that one in the morning instead.   [End]
  • Psychosis Induced By Neuroleptic Withdrawal   #131018   4y  C
    I’d like to preface these remarks by first stating that I am neither a doctor, nor do I have any medical expertise. Second, I do not subscribe to any conspiracy theories regarding pharmaceutical companies or the psychiatric field. ... ... That said, I’d like to pose two open questions: ... ... 1) How many people have been diagnosed Bipolar following their experience of a manic or mixed state subsequent to the introduction of an anti-depressant with no prior history of mania? ... ... 2) How many people have experienced a first incidence of psychosis while attempting to take themselves off anti-psychotics ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Alternative to Jomar Amino Acids for Willy Baggy   #75777   4y  C
    Hi, ... ... Is there any alternative to Jomar Amino Acids (Pure Form 21 and WAC) that are used in Willy Baggy’s aproach?   [End]
  • Is my girlfriend bipolar ?   #95369   4y  C
    I believe my girlfriend is possibly bipolar but she doesn’t think so so I need someone’s advice. ... ... I recently met this stunning single mom and she came across as someone who is to good to be true. She’s absolutely gorgeous, caring and makes a lot of effort for me. ... ... However I quickly realised not everything is what it seems. It turns out she has dated many men and they all either left her or cheated on her. She has been rather promiscuous and had a very very troubled childhood and been in abusive relationships where she has been assaulted. Behaviour wise she would say things like I am pe ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Let’s take a look at what you’ve written. First up: ... ....   BlueRose   4y
      Let’s take a look at what you’ve written. First up: ... ... I realise she has a difficult job in raising a small baby by herself but what makes me worried is that she is frequently extremely argumentative, always angry, judgmental, rude, irritable, has emotions which can chop and change in seconds, always stressed out and all her ex boyfriends and many of her very few friends, get slated by her ... ... For starters---where is the father of her child? Is he at all involved, for example, paying child support, having visitation? If so, unless he’s really irresponsible, he should be petitioning for f ...   [retrieve this message]
      • I do like her a lot, and the situation with the father is s...   FungiPete   4y
        I do like her a lot, and the situation with the father is she fell pregnant after dating him for only 6 weeks. He stood by her for a short time when she found out he got another girl pregnant as well. Rather seedy, I know. ... ... He then stopped seeing his child and refused to pay his way with his child so she barred him from seeing the baby as he couldn’t be asked to visit or support her. ... ... Why I haven’t left her is a good question. If I am completely honest, we have a great sex life, she is highly sexed. Very shallow reason I know. I’m divorced for almost 3 years now and haven’t really got ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Buddy, I think it is very obvious that you have yourself a ...   Dquixote1217   4y
          Buddy, I think it is very obvious that you have yourself a handful of trouble that you want to hang onto because you have great sex and you appear to view her as some kind of trophy that would ordinarily be beyond your reach (in your mind anyway). ... ... From what you describe there is a whole lot going on beyond any possible issues of her being bipolar or not - such as past history that probably needs to be addressed by someone much more qualified than yourself. ... ... Beyond the physical and ego desires, you seem to be a caring guy - though it is hard to say how much is caring and how much is ...   [retrieve this message]
        • I’m glad you came back into this thread to fill in the deta...   BlueRose   4y
          I’m glad you came back into this thread to fill in the details. ... ... As for the boy’s father, you said: ... He then stopped seeing his child and refused to pay his way with his child so she barred him from seeing the baby as he couldn’t be asked to visit or support her. ... ... Did she go to court to bar him from seeing the child? Even if she got a legal document barring him from visiting, he still is obliged to pay child support. So why isn’t he doing that? Or did he legally renounce the child? If the child still has his father’s name, she needs to go after him for child support. ... ... As for he ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Thanks for everyone’s opinions. I do appreciate it. ... ....   #95369   4y
            Thanks for everyone’s opinions. I do appreciate it. ... ... The reason she doesn’t want him in the child’s life is because he is a dead beat dad who is not willing to support his boy. She says she would rather go without the child support than have him around. ... ... You are right, and I have told her before looks aren’t everything as she has told me when we started to date that is all she has. She realises she is a very dificult person to be with but in her messed up brain she always find’s a reason not to find help. ... ... I have now stepped back and the ball is in her court so it’s out of my hands ...   [retrieve this message]
    • You describe someone who’s attractiveness is only skin deep...   #89866   4y
      You describe someone who’s attractiveness is only skin deep. If she was not ”absolutely gorgeous” would this even be a question? ... ... ”I do have feelings for her and love her son” ... ... Doesn’t sound like you love her and are staying in the relationship for her looks and her son, both reasons which will lead to disaster for all three of you. ... ... Being physically beautiful can be a curse. Your girlfriend has probably based her identity on sex and looks because that is how people have identified her her whole life - great for attracting mates but not for keeping them. Sex naturally gets ”stale” ...   [retrieve this message]
      • I’ll admit that her looks does have a big reason I haven’t ...   #95369   4y
        I’ll admit that her looks does have a big reason I haven’t left her. Also I connect with her boy and it is nice to be in a family environment. ... ... I should add we have been dating just short of 7 months, which honestly feels like 7 years. She is my first serious relationship since I got divorced and yes, another ” perk ” if you will, is she is 14 years younger than me. I realise that is very shallow to think I have a young woman on my arm, but it does appeal to me. ... ... I do believe she is bipolar. She is extremely highly sexed, which is a symptom of the condition, and she has been promiscuo ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Would she be open to getting hair analysis done to see if s...   Iolite   4y
          Would she be open to getting hair analysis done to see if she’s deficient in lithium? Lithium Orotate is OTC and has gotten favorable reviews on bipolar boards. I was looking into it a while back for insomnia related to hypothyroidism/adrenal fatigue. ... ... Also, low thyroid functioning has been linked to bipolar and schizophrenia. Iodine supplementation might help too (check out the iodine supplementation board here on curezone). It’s clear this woman needs help and should get help for her sake and her child’s. ... ... But I agree with Blue Rose, if she won’t get help, then the child’s fat ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi, there.  I haven’t read all of the responses to you...   SoulfulSurvivor   4y
      Hi, there.  I haven’t read all of the responses to your post, but I would offer this suggestion:  be very, very cautious about making a "diagnosis" as a layman, or asking others who are not professional clinicians to make a diagnosis for you. ... ... There are many "red flags" that you’re describing and you haven’t mentioned how long this relationship has been going on or any circumstances as to how you met, etc., so there’s only these red flags to go on. ... ... Anyone who starts throwing the word, "perfect," around as a form of praise or chastisment is usi ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Holy cow...   SoulfulSurvivor   4y
        Omigod, I just read all of the responses and your responses to the responses.  ... ... She is a trophy and that’s the bottom line.  What do you honestly know about her dealings in Family Court other than what she’s told you?  Have you seen Court Orders and evidence to back up her claims about a deadbeat father?  ... ... It would be a very, very smart and wise move if you chose to step back, leave the superficial to the superficial, and begin seeing yourself down the road with this gal after 5 years.  TOO many people put up with behaviors just so they can carry an "attra ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Is my girlfriend bipolar ?   HarmonicCharge   4y
      the stunning and superficial appearance of this person seems so important to you. ... ... She sounds like a horrible person inside, why even bother? ... Because our society and the media trains us to value certain physical characteristics? ... ... If her word is worth nothing, then why speak to her? She sounds like she treats you terribly. How can you still think she is gorgeous? What, she has a nice hair do or large breasts or something? So what? ... ... ... Why not look for an honorable and respectable person who has a kind heart and a truthful tongue, somebody who appreciates you for YOU and brings yo ...   [retrieve this message]
      •  I have also read through the posts and honestly I can...   jurplesman   4y
         I have also read through the posts and honestly I cannot advise to either look elsewhere for your happiness or not. I am concerned about the woman! You obviously care for the person for whatever reason and that is refreshing to hear. ... ... ... It seems to me that the woman has emotional problems and being interested in nutritional psychotherapy I cannot advise, that conventional doctors or psychologists are in a position to help her, except putting her on a long-term medication regime, which is not necessarily going to solve her problems. ... ... ... ... ... I also realize that if she does not ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I don’t know if she is bipolar, just sounds like she is tro...   popeJohn3rd   4y
      I don’t know if she is bipolar, just sounds like she is troubled. The circumstances surrounding her life, with no emotional support, probably contributes to her problems. If she lies about things, and contradicts herself means she has some personality issues not necessarily bipolar. I could never put up w/a person who lies constantly about things, they would be dropped like a bad habit. Everyone has problems but there is no room for that kind of lying. You need trust, and it’s difficult to have in a relationship like that. ... There are too many single women out there worth more of you ...   [retrieve this message]
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