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Maggot Debridement Therapy (MDT) Support Forum

Fly Larvae Therapy
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  • Worm adventures with Coke and Pork   Blistering Fate   23mo  Ü C Ü
    I am in a raw veggie, raw fruit diet with cooked meat. I was thinking about switching to raw meat too and stumbled across this... ... ... ... ... ... I dont eat pork anyway but I was wondering if beef or lamb meat has the same little nasty bastards on it that pork and how much would a raw meat diet make you get parasited and therefore with a worse health. ... ... Later on I found a even more frightening footage about this matter... ... ... Hmmm for now I will get my protein from raw milk and r ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I agree   Pamela Viktoria   17mo
      Itís always made me wonder when people say, Ēcook your food well so you donít get parasites.Ē But youíre still eating them, only cooked. ... Plants also have parasites, but they wash away, or they are supposed to anyway. ... Animals that eat raw meat usually donít get parasites because their stomach acid is so high. Humans often get parasites from under cooked meat because of our low stomach acid, better for eating plants.   [End]
  • Image Embedded White Worms in sinuses need help identify them Please!   deepimpact   32mo  Ü C Ü
    Hello..I am a person who has multiple parasite issues.  I have white worms in my sinus cavaties, they are always the same when they start to die off.  I read on the internet other people who has had this issue.  ... ... But I really would like to identify exactly what they are, so I can find a remedy to get them expelled.  ... ... I canít find a post that states exactly what the beasties are.  :( ... ... Any help is great appreciated. ... ... Thank You! ... ... ... ...   ...   [End]
    • I have the same issue....Try posting in Parasites support, ...   agt19751   32mo
      I have the same issue....Try posting in Parasites support, Ask Barefoot, Natural Healing and Herbal Solutions , Ask Dr Sutter forums and even Ask Trapper forum.....   [End]
    • It is impossible to tell the exact species from such a smal...   Starstruck   32mo
      It is impossible to tell the exact species from such a small grainy picture, but itís definitely some sort of roundworm. Most likely Ascaris. They travel everywhere, even the brain. ... ... What I recommend strongly for you is hydrogen peroxide, swabbed into your nostrils every 2 hours. You will see immediate relief and improvement. Doing this for your ears is a good idea as well. ... ... You can use the hydrogen peroxide from the pharmacy for this, but if you can get the pure food-grade stuff online, that would be best as it does not contain toxins like the pharmacy variety does.   [End]
    • these are not clear pictures. why did you take a photo and...   popeJohn3rd   32mo
      these are not clear pictures. why did you take a photo and the floor is more clear than the actual substance? I think itís just mucous anyway, and you are leading us on.   [End]
      • I think this is a worm. ... ... Since my parasite scatte...   Bluerabbit   31mo
        I think this is a worm. ... ... Since my parasite scattering (because I didnít do an adequate bowel cleanse before doing major herbal bombardment for parasite killing) I have had many different ones appear in my sinus (never had sinus problems in my life before the scattering). I do twice daily hydrogen peroxide washes (as stated above) and also use a netipot or nasal cleansing bulb to squirt variety of diluted para meds or grapefruit seed extract, etc. into the sinus to kill them. Get your ears too. I also go to the chiro for magnetic pulse therapy (I donít own a zapper but this does powe ...   [retrieve this message]
      • thanks for all the replies. I am taking advice..thank You....   deepimpact   31mo
        thanks for all the replies. I am taking advice..thank You... ... firstly, no I am not putting You on, and I do think they are some form of a round worm. when I first figured out what they were, I did a search and others have had this issue. My camera is not the best, and they are always the same size, they are not mucous. ... since I posted this I have been taking collodl silver, took a wormer from New zealand and am taking an herbal blend of de -parasiting herbs. I could feel the worms in my muscles, thoughout my body move, and I have a video on one moving. they really hurt.... Not muscles ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I just got one of those literally an hour ago... My boyfrie...   Scarielle   30mo
      I just got one of those literally an hour ago... My boyfriend thinks Iím crazy for saying they are worms. I had one come out yesterday too... I started taking myrrh about 2 weeks ago... I was told it was good for blood, sinus, and brain parasites. Maybe itís working a little? ... ... I have almost no sense of smell what so ever... I got it back after 2 weeks of wormwood blackwalnut, and clove cleanse... But it went away again, Iím still cleansing. ... I think itís because of parasites. I need to get rid of them... Itís extremely depressing. ... Iím trying to get rid of candida too. But itís hard to ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Something really weird just happened so I googled and found...   Wormwood user   3mo
        Something really weird just happened so I googled and found this posting in my research. ... ... I am doing my first parasite cleanse with Paraclear off amazon. Itís day 15 of 30 and I have a crazy itchy rash with little bloody scabs popping up on my legs, arms, chest and back. I have been tired, nauseated and itchy!! The last couple days Iíve heard a ĒcrunchyĒ sound coming from my sinuses. My lungs and sinuses feel like they are clearing up. Iíve been able to sleep with my mouth closed for the first time ever. Well, is it all in my head? Is it snake oil? *Try not to vomit...Just a minute ag ...   [retrieve this message]
  • My Morgellons (whatever it is) is Different   #143085   3y  Ü C Ü
    I just got my parasitic cleanse, I do not think i am going to take it...I rather build up my system. In the meantime, I hope I can get some insight on what is going on with me. It seems I have clear transparent fibers coming from my skin...some with heads some without...the ones with heads are the ones that have lots of static friction and hair seems wild and out of control...everything on my head is pretty out of whack ie. nose, eyes, throat...etc. Something just has to give...I do not feel pain...which is weird...but i see these fibers...they actually come out mainly after i ...   [retrieve this message]
    • You werenít exposed to fiberglass or something, were you? ...   BaDnOn   3y
      You werenít exposed to fiberglass or something, were you? Thatís what it sounds like, but Iím supposing not if you havenít put that together. ... ... -Badnon ...   [End]
    • Hi there ... ... Havenít posted here in a while, but just ...   #33452   33mo
      Hi there ... ... Havenít posted here in a while, but just wanted to comment on your symptoms. Morgellons is unfortunately progressive and in stages and while I didnít want to scare you, felt you should know this. I had the fibers in the beginning too--clear but also blue, pink ones. ... ... I also think some of the clear fibers are actually some sort of parasitic worm--perhaps coming in on clothing and and/ or perhaps a result of an insect colonization [mite/fungal gnat?] within you. Some are very very fine--I had my daughter take a picture of all of these coming off of my fingertips..really weird. ...   [retrieve this message]
      • There is a doctor who helps with Morg patients in Texas but...   #143085   33mo
        There is a doctor who helps with Morg patients in Texas but he is a naturopath and canít prescribe meds. What is the detox diet and how can I get the antifungal and antibiotic with no prescription. Btw how do you think you acquired this...I suspect an insect vector in my case.   [End]
  • Larval therapy isn't alternative but mainstream   resurrectionist   9y
    Larval therapy eg LarvE are a well accepted therapy (like leeches) in scientific medicine   [End]
  • Maggots and leeches: Good medicine   4health   10y
    Maggots and leeches: Good medicine ... By Rita Rubin, USA TODAY ... Two medical devices recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration seem more likely to appear on Fear Factor than ER. ... ... Your prescription is ready: Ohio pharmacist Greg Wellman shows off a container of medicinal leeches. ... By Tim Revell, Columbus Dispatch via AP ... ... Calling them ĒdevicesĒ is a stretch. But just like stimulators and stents, prostheses and pacemakers, leeches and maggots are now classified as FDA-approved medical devices ó the first live animals to earn that distinction. ... ... No question, the thought of ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Wow..Okay, I might have a hard time knowing there were 2,00...   chefinblue   10y
      Wow..Okay, I might have a hard time knowing there were 2,000 worms in my intestine.. especially after reading everything on the Parasite board.. ... ... And if my foot depended on it, maggots would be the first option.. still icks me out, but if it works and ití   [End]
  • Curiosity has me posting.   chefinblue   10y
    My husband and I were *just* talking about this yesterday as a returning practice in modern, Western hospitols. ... ... What have been the experiences of others here? I for one would have to be heavily sedated to have this treatment used on me since it gives me the heebie-geebies..*L*.. ... ... Thanks for your input. ... ... -Chef   [End]
    • Pam Mitchell talks about maggot therapy   RN Pamelanoah   10y
      Hi I just happened to come across this site. My name is Pam Mitchell and I am in the article from the USA Today that is posted. In response to your posting--Yes, maggot therapy is kinda gross but what would you do to save your feet from amputation? The doctors wanted to amputate within 2 days, when I heard about maggot therapy and how widely it is used in Europe and other countries. I had to ask, ask and ask again to have my docs use this therapy on my feet. At first I was grossed out but after the first 2 times I was thrilled. I could see my feet improving with each treatment. Just for th ...   [retrieve this message]
      • brown recluse spider bites?   Autumn   9y
        Dear Pam and everybody, ... ... Well my goodness, donít I learn something every day at curezone, and here only 5 minutes ago it would never occur to me to click M for Maggot and see whatís new in the larvae world. I was looking for Macrobiotics but this is fine too. ... ... I was thinking, a brown recluse spider bite apparently causes necrosis, or tissue death, which can persist at the site for months. I wonder whether this would help. ... ... Pam, thank you for dropping in here and sharing your experience! If there is a receptive audience anywhere, I think youíve found it! ... ... Congratulations on your rec ...   [retrieve this message]

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