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Economy, Freedom, Obama, Recession, War, Lies, Terrorism, Manipulation, Mistakes, Mind Controll, Globalization, International Politics, Conflicts, Weapon, Manipulation, Deception
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Challenge the message and not the messenger!
The first person to resort to name calling and personal attacks automatically loses the debate!
Personal attack is often the best indication that the writer knows his logic is flawed and therefore tries to deflect attention by attacking the opponent, instead of attacking the arguments of the opponent.
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  • How The US Government Can Save Trillions   nonviolentfood   9d
    I IMPERIAL VIOLENCE ... 1. End all current wars and violent operations immediately ... 2. Shut down the CIA black ops division ... 2. Shut down many of the over 1000 foreign bases ... 4. End the privatization of the military which hemorrhages money to ... XE and other contractors ... II OIL PETROPLUTOCRACY ... 1 Put price caps on oil, gas, ... 2.Nationalize oil, gas ... III BANKSTERS OF FEDERAL RESERVE ... 1. Close the ’Federal’ Reserve which allows banksters to ... control our economy, allows them to buy worthless subprime ... mortgages at the rate of 65 billion a month, allows them to ... counterfeit trillions of dollars of ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Does the NSA Spy On Confessionals, AA Groups, Shrink Visits...   nonviolentfood   11d
    ... Does the National Security Agency, one of the secret police agencies in the US with 30,000 or more employees, bug church confessionals, AA and other 12 step and support groups, visits to shrinks, lawyer conferences in class action lawsuits, medical records, brokerage houses, and other. ... ... Is anything exempted from their invasive tactics which are designed for everything from imperialist military actions and assassination squads to blackmail, industrial espionage and insider trading? The NSA’s virtually unlimited snooping powers were initiated by an executive order. ... ... Edward Snowdon re ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Get the facts   InCharge   17d
  • incharge   Lonefeather   30d
    Incharge, where the heck are you? I hope you are ok. I miss your daily posts.   [End]
  • Image Embedded ObamaCare in peril? Questionable sign-ups, delays mar launc...   InCharge   39d
    ... ... ... ...   ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Three weeks out from the ObamaCare enrollment deadline, the president’s signature health care law is facing ever-increasing challenges which go far beyond the program’s troubled exchange websites.  ... ... ... Raising questions whether it’s a crippled law that’s near impossible to implement along its mandated timetable, key elements of the act continue to unilaterally be pushed off by the administration. Lawmakers are raising concerns about the security of the ObamaCare websites, even as the many "glitches" that blocked would-be enrollees are ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Bitcoin Founder Did Classified Work For U.S. Military .   InCharge   39d
    ...   [End]
    • Your words to newport-- ... ... You posted a rumor. If you...   #182276   38d
      Your words to newport-- ... ... You posted a rumor. If you ever find any truth to the rumor, post it. ... ... Anything is possible, but anything short of actual proof doesn’t change anything, it’s still hearsay, or speculation. ... ... A bit cheeky wouldnt you say to commit the same thing by pointing to youtube? ... ... Leave Newport alone. He has more worth in his little finger than copying this constant dribble that no one reads. A staggering 26 hits.   [End]
  • Image Embedded U.S. Farmers Report Widespread GMO Contamination of Organic...   InCharge   39d
    ...   ... ... ... The claim by the biotech industry that GMO crops can be contained and kept away from organic farmers who have chosen not to use genetically modified ‘suicide’ seeds is being proven grossly fallacious. A third of organic growers are now reporting problems with cross contamination, according to a new survey. More than 80% of farmers who participated in the survey are ‘concerned’ about the impact of genetic seeds, and 60% are ‘very concerned.’ ... ... ... One farmer pointed out that the biotech industry has excessive influence in political circle ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Palin: "I Do Not Like This Uncle Sam, I Do Not Like His Hea...   InCharge   39d
    ... ... ... ... ... ... Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio may be among the top contenders for the GOP’s next presidential ticket, but today conservatives got a new Dream Team in Sarah Palin and Dr. Seuss. ... ... ... Taking a page out of Sen. Ted Cruz’s play book, former Governor Palin used a beloved children’s author to take President Obama to task on his failed policies during her keynote speech for this years Conservative Political Action Conference. Here was the line that first had the crowd roaring: ... ... ... “I do not like this Uncle Sam, I do not like his health care plan.&rd ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Revenge   InCharge   39d
    ...   [End]
  • Bobby Jindal: No Longer Fair to Call Carter the Worst Presi...   InCharge   40d
    ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded With Numbers Like These, No Wonder Harry Reid’s Lying   InCharge   40d
    ... ... Unemployment claims came out, and WOW! ... ... ... So even though our economy is down, it’s still up. Or we’re up, but still down. Whatever… it’s all good, because your neighbor pays. ... ... ... And it’s another example of the stupid math liberals use to mask reality. ... ... ... The unexciting nature of the newest unemployment claims is papering over all of the downward revisions that we are seeing in other areas of the economy. ... ... ... For new readers the sentence above is an example of a device I employ now and again called “sarcasm.” ... ... ... “Initial claims f ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Checkmate__ http:www.weeklystandard.comarticlescheckmate_7...   InCharge   41d
    ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded Nebraska__When It Comes to Repeal, Ben Sasse Is the Real De...   InCharge   41d
    ... There are a lot of Republican politicians who ostensibly favor the repeal of Obamacare.  But there are a lot fewer who give the impression of having the ability and determination to lead the way in bringing about that nation-defining result. ... ...  Ben Sasse of Nebraska has made his opposition to Obamacare the clear centerpiece of his Senate campaign.  He has made plain that he opposes not just Obamacare but also the entire “Obamacare worldview.”   He has been endorsed by the Senate Conservatives Fund , Club for Growth , Paul Ryan , and Red State ; has ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Bill to Make the Fine $0 for Violating the Individual Manda...   InCharge   41d
    ... The House of Representatives passed legislation Wednesday afternoon to make the fine/“tax” for violating Obamacare’s individual mandate $0 for this year, and it did so by the wide margin of 90 votes (250 to 160).  That’s 83 more than the 7-vote margin (219 to 212) by which Obamacare passed the House four Marches ago.  Moreover, 27 Democrats voted for today’s legislation—27 more than the number of Republicans who voted for Obamacare when it passed.  In all, 223 Republicans voted for today’s bill, while only one—Paul Broun of ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Historic: 1st state adopts plan to rein in feds Georgia le...   InCharge   42d
    ... ... ... ... The plan to put the brakes on Washington’s expansion of the federal government is under way ... ... ... Convention of States confirmed that the Georgia legislature on Thursday passed the organization’s application “to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.” ... ... ... State Sen. Cecil Staton, R-Macon, told the organization he is “pleased that the Georgia legislature has given voice to the frustrations of millions of Georgians.” ... ... ... “Enough is enough. It is time to impose fiscal and other restraints on our runaway federal gove ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Funny remake of an old video   InCharge   42d
    ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded Cop-killer case sinks Obama Justice nominee   InCharge   42d
    ... ... ... ... Senators blocked President Obama’s nominee to lead the Justice Department ’s civil rights division Wednesday in a bipartisan filibuster, with opponents saying his history defending a convicted cop-killer in the Supreme Court made him a poor choice. ... ... ... The defeat of Debo P. Adegbile , who as an attorney for the NAACP backed appeals by former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal, is a major blow to Mr. Obama. Democrats changed the rules last year to overcome filibusters with just 50 votes, but Majority Leader Harry Reid couldn’t even muster all of his own troops W ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Ted Cruz: Liberty is under assault Calls for abolition of ...   InCharge   42d
    ... ... ... ... NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. – Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was introduced to an enthusiastic crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference today as “born in Canada to a Cuban father,” bringing to mind the issue of whether or not he is constitutionally eligible to be president as a “natural born citizen.” ... ... ... Cruz, nevertheless, has made it clear he believes he is eligible for the Oval Office, and he kicked off CPAC 2014 with a set of policy objectives. ... ... ... “We are at the edge of a cliff,” Cruz told the crowd. “Liberty is under assau ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Liz Wahls on-air resignation from RT brings up the question...   InCharge   42d
    ... ... ... ... NaturalNews) RT news anchor Liz Wahl resigned on air yesterday, saying, "I cannot be part of a network that whitewashes the actions of Putin. I am proud to be an American and believe in disseminating the truth and that is why after this newscast I’m resigning." ( SOURCE ) ... ... RT is, of course, entirely funded by the Russian government. I have been a guest on the network a few times but stopped over six months ago for essentially the same reasons Liz Wahl cited in her own resignation: RT has an editorial slant designed to protect the interests of Russia, not the United ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Video Embedded British Intelligence Advisor: CIA Conducted DNA Test on Oba...   InCharge   43d
    ...     British Intelligence Advisor Barrister Michael Shrimpton presented a report in which he indicated that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya in 1960 , not 1961, as he has claimed. ... ... ... According to Shrimpton, Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya. Shrimpton says that sits on British Intelligence files, since at the time of Obama’s birth, Kenya was considered a part of the British Commonwealth . ... ... ... Mr. Shrimpton also indicated that Obama’s father was tied to a group known as the Mau Mau, and that he ran guns and money for them and the German Intelligence Network in East ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Georgia House Votes to Nullify Obamacare   InCharge   43d
    ... Late Monday evening, the Georgia State House of Representatives passed HB707 , which bans the state participating in significant portions of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. The vote was 115-59 . ... ... ... Representative Jason Spencer introduced HB707 , The Georgia Health Care Freedom and ACA Noncompliance Act. Spencer also had ... ... ... ... ... five co-sponsors to the bill. ... ... ... ... ... According to  Tenth Amendment Center   EX EC utive director Michael Boldin, "While Georgia can’t fully stop Obamacare on its own, it can serve as a pretty major roadblock to implementat ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Black Genocide in Former Slave State   InCharge   44d
    ... ... ... ... ... ... More than half of the abortions done in Georgia are of black babies . Not only that, there were 501 abortions nationally for every 1,000 births in the black community . If that is not black genocide, I don’t know what would qualify. If you think things were worse for black people when Georgia was a slave state, you aren’t paying attention. ... ... ... These statistics are just disturbing. Most of you are probably aware that the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a confirmed eugenicist and rabid racist, but, just to make sure, here’s a little qu ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Red Reign: Chinas horrific nonconsensual organ harvesting a...   InCharge   44d
    ... NaturalNews) Imagine being arrested, imprisoned and tortured simply for holding religious beliefs that run contrary to what the government considers acceptable. And every day having to worry that you might be murdered at a moment’s notice for your vital organs. This is what countless thousands of practitioners of the spiritual discipline Falun Gong have apparently been subjected to in China, a little-known reality covered in the new documentary film Red Reign: The Bloody Harvest of China’s Prisoners. ... ... The film, which is available for instant streaming at , ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Obamas Golf Balls   InCharge   44d
    ... ... ... ... ( Receptionist ) Hello, Welcome to ObamaGolf. My name is Trina. How can I help you? ... ... ( Customer ) Hello, I received an email from Golfsmith stating that my Pro V1 order has been canceled and I should go to your exchange to reorder it.  I tried your web site, but it seems like it is not working. So I am calling the 800 number. ... ... ( Receptionist ) Yes, I am sorry about the web site. It should be fixed by the end of 2014. But I can help you. ... ... ( Customer ) Thanks, I ordered some Pro V1 balls. ... ... ( Receptionist ) Sir, Pro V1’s do not meet our minimum standards ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Pay attention liberals__This is what America is all about__...   InCharge   45d
    ...   [End]
  • Sen. Graham: When Obama Threatens Putin, ‘Everybody’s Eye...   InCharge   45d
    ... ( - President Barack Obama should "stop going on television and trying to threaten thugs and dictators," because "it’s not his strong suit," Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told CNN’s "State of the Union" with Candy Crowley on Sunday. ... ... ... "Every time the president goes on national television and threatens Putin or anyone like Putin, everybody’s eyes roll, including mine. We have a weak and indecisive president that invites aggression. President Obama needs to do something. How about this: suspend Russian membership in the G-8, in the G-20, a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Cruz: Were Going to Repeal Every Single Word of Obamacare   InCharge   45d
    ... ... ... ... In a witty, optimistic, and passionate speech that showed why he is the politician in D.C. that most resonates with the Tea Party and conservative grassroots, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Thursday said he believed Obamacare will be completely repealed. ... ... ... "I am absolutely convinced that we are going to repeal every single word of Obamacare," Cruz, a potential presidential contender who is leading among Tea Party voters in nearly every 2016 presidential poll , said to a standing ovation.  ... ... ... Speaking at an event honoring the five-year anniversary of the Tea Party ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Tax Reform for Growth Dave Camps plan would yield $700 bil...   InCharge   45d
    The smarter Republicans are trying to reclaim the mantle of economic opportunity, and on Wednesday Dave Camp climbed into this phone booth by proposing a detailed tax reform. The Chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee wants to lower tax rates and create a fairer, more efficient code, and his plan ought to shift the debate over taxes to growth from redistribution. ... ... The American tax system has changed for the worse since the last reform in 1986, and Mr. Camp has spent three years learning about the dispiriting specifics, including more than 30 hearings. The Michigan Republic ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Walter E. Williams Column: Socialisms Evil Lies in Its Pret...   InCharge   45d
    ... ... ... ... Evil acts are given an aura of moral legitimacy by noble-sounding socialistic expressions, such as spreading the wealth, income redistribution, caring for the less fortunate, and the will of the majority. Let’s have a thought experiment to consider just how much Americans sanction evil. ... ... ... Imagine there are several elderly widows in your neighborhood. They have neither the strength to mow their lawns, clean their windows and perform other household tasks nor the financial means to hire someone to help them. Here’s a question that I’m almost afraid to ask: Would you support a g ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Australian TV Star Commits Suicide After Depression Trigger...   InCharge   45d
    ... Abortion proponents push for easy access to abortion, deemphasizing its after-affects to the point they absolutely refuse to acknowledge post-abortion depression, which further incapacitates those actually living through it. ... ... This is such a tragedy. Charlotte Dawson, RIP, was born in New Zealand but achieved fame in Australia as a model and a judge on Australia’s Next Top Model. ... ... ... From The Telegraph, February 23: ... ...      In the end it seemed like the final, inevitable episode of a tragic soap opera: Charlotte Dawson -- the model, TV star and social crusad ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Joe Biden: “I Was Given Every S*** Job In The World By Obam...   InCharge   45d
    ... It appears as if no one is spared from the wrath of Obama, including his own Vice President. According to new claims by Joe Biden himself, he was, “given every s*** job,” simply for supporting the gay community before Obama did. ... ... ... The two allegedly used to have a close relationship where they would work together using eachothers strengths to accomplish the same goal. When Obama first took office, he reportedly asked Biden what role he wanted to play as Vice President. ... ... ... During a recent interview Biden explained that he responded to the Chief-of-Staff by saying, &ldqu ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Black Pastors Call For Eric Holder’s Impeachment   InCharge   45d
    ... A group of prominent black pastors called for the impeachment of Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday after he “attempted to impose same-sex ‘marriage’ throughout the nation.” ... ... ... The group, called the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) will launch a “grassroots effort” in order to get one million signatures in support of Holder’s impeachment. ... ... ... President Of CAAP, Rev. Bill Owens, said, “The Attorney General of the United States should be impeached over his repeated lawlessness in attempting to impose same-sex marriage t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded John Kerry Wishes He Was Al Roker   InCharge   45d
    ... John Kerry built his reputation on verbally attacking our country during the Vietnam War.  He turned a blind eye to the atrocities of the Viet Cong and zeroed in on the evils of our own soldiers. ... ... ... Now, instead of focusing on the immediate dangers of the world—nuclear weapons in Iran, the danger of EMP’s, the cruelty of Arab misogyny and the murderous intentions of Moslem jihad, John Kerry in a speech in Indonesia accuses climate change of being “another weapon of mass destruction.” ... ... ... Isn’t that just ducky?  Our Secretary of Stat ...   [retrieve this message]
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Challenge the message and not the messenger!
The first person to resort to name calling and personal attacks automatically loses the debate!
Personal attack is often the best indication that the writer knows his logic is flawed and therefore tries to deflect attention by attacking the opponent, instead of attacking the arguments of the opponent.


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