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  • Meet the Doctor - at the push of a button!   #176138   6mo
    To keep the body in good health is a duty. There’s nothing more important than our good health - that’s our principal capital asset. Otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. ... ... Living in the world of modern day technologies, it is extremely advised or as the new age lingo says ’incredibly cool’ to pick your phone up, fire up an application to monitor one’s heart rate and rhythm, and then beam it to a cardiologist or to any hospital and take up an appointment. ... Finding a doctor made easy, checking their calendar and schedule an appointment with them at the push of a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Achieve Healthy Skin with Chemical Peels   #172183   9mo
    ... Achieving healthy skin doesn’t need to be difficult! With Chemical Peels, your skin can look younger, fresher, and clearer. Chemical Peels are known to reduce signs wrinkles, skin spots, uneven coloring or acne scars on your skin. You get the same effect as you would if you went to a dermatologist - but without the cost!  ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Glycolic Peels are light Chemical Peels that are perfect for beginners trying out Peels for the first time. It is suitable for all skin types; whether young, mature, dry, or sensitive. Benefits of Glycolic Peels include: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Heated Handheld Massager Relieves Stress   zyllioninc   9mo
    Hot Pod (heated) Ergonomic Mini Handheld Massager by Zyllion ... ... ... ...   ... ... This compact egg-shaped handheld massager is perfect for on-the-go stress relief. With a simple touch of a button, the Hot Pod provides a relaxing massage with a unique heating function. The Hot Pod is ergonomically designed to glide through the curves of your body for an experience similar to a hot stone massage at a spa.  ... ...   ... ...   ... ... ... ...   ... ...   ... ... See the Hot Pod Ergonomic Mini Handheld Massager and our other gre ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Anti-Aging Organic Argan Oil   #172183   10mo
    Certified Organic Argan Oil by CALI BABE ... ... ... ... ... ... Nobody wants dry,  unhealthy skin - not to mention those stretch marks! Here’s a natural solution to those everyday skin problems: with a high concentration of vitamins A & E, Organic Argan Oil provides many anti-aging benefits. Organic Argan Oil has the ability to repair skin and provides all day protection against moisture loss. It is quick absorbing and is often used in skin to deliver deep hydration and prevent/reduce stretch marks. With its many healing, conditioning, and anti-aging pr ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Versatile and Effective Massager with Heat   zyllioninc   10mo
      ... ... ... ... ... Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat ... ... ... ...   ... ... ... ...   ... ... This heated massager is suitable for all types of people and especially popular with office workers, housewives, athletes, and the elderly.  It can be used to address the neck, shoulder, or back pain due to excessive use of arms. It can also be used to alleviate pain caused by muscle fatigue,  common in athletes. The deep and rolling massages at the neck, upper back and lower back help relieve muscle tension and ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded 5 Simple Tips for Healthy Skin   #172183   10mo
    Your skin is the human body’s first line of defense. The skin plays a very important role in protecting your body and should be regularly maintained to promote health. This will help prevent you from getting sick or having damage to your bones, muscles, and internal organs. Here are some simple ways to keep your skin healthy. ... ...   ... ... 1. Manage Stress ... ... ... ... Don’t sweat the small stuff.  It’s so important not to overreact in your day to day situations that come up.  Uncontrolled stress can make your skin more sensitive and trigger acne breakouts and other skin problems. To encourage healt ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Therapeutic Solutions to Everyday Stress and Aches   zyllioninc   10mo
    Stressed out? Do you have frequent neck, shoulder, back, or foot aches?  ... ...   ... ... At Zyllion, we specialize in providing every customer with the most relaxing and therapeutic health care products. Also, most of our products are portable, so you can enjoy a relaxing massage at home or even at the office. ... ...   ... ... Here’s a list of some of the innovating products we offer: ... ...   ... ... Back Massagers / Lumbar Massagers ... ... Neck and Shoulder Massagers ... ... Foot Massagers ... ... Handheld Body Massagers ... ... Scalp Massager ... ... Heated Massagers ... ... Shiatsu Massager ... ...   ... ...   ... ... www.z ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Restore Energy with QuWave Energizer   stellamandy   10mo
    QuWave Energizer is a revolutionary new technology that utilizes our exclusive Scalar Wave Quantum Zero Point Energy Generator which generates Chi/Orgone Scalar Waves and transfers this energy into objects placed on the unit. ... ... When normal water is energized with scalar energy, the process of water memory transfer allows the beneficial Chi energy to be transferred. The result is a highly potentialized Living Water. ... ... You might notice small things begin to change; you get a higher clarity in your life as your body begins to detoxify. This is all due to you consuming water with higher life ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Working of QuWave Energizer   stellamandy   10mo
    QU Wave Energizer 21st century technology develops a long lasting natural scalar resonance which has the ability to be transferred to any liquid/solid thus renewing their natural molecular chains. ... ... The QuWave Energizer promotes positive flow of energy and helps to maintain energy balance in the cells of exposed products. It helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body. Restoring the energy balance in the body helps one to maintain health and well-being. ... ... When you consume Energized Water (or foods/vitamins), the water molecules in your body will automatically take on the res ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Making of Energized Water   stellamandy   10mo
    Water is the most essential element next to air for our survival. The human body is a water machine being 72% water. Every healing and life giving process happens in our body through water. Water is the best defence against toxicity in the body because it flushes out waste. ... ... But, it has to be healthy water, otherwise it only adds to the problem. Only recently have researchers discovered that natural, healthy living water has several vital properties which are on the molecular level and are in addition to any chemical properties. These include a certain molecular shape which is necessary ...   [retrieve this message]
  • What is Dead Water?   stellamandy   10mo
    In some locations water is full of energy, sometimes it is sluggish and exhausted and in some conditions it dies. Most of our water is dead. Almost everything we have done to water has polluted and destroyed it.  ... ... Water treatment plants make water safe to drink, but they destroy water’s life giving properties. Chlorine is not good for water because it distorts water’s healthful crystalline structure. ... ... Keeping water in stagnant storage tanks and forcing it to travel through miles of pipes strip water of its natural energy and oxygen, disrupting the hexagonal clusters. By the time water ...   [retrieve this message]
  • How Energizer would help us with extend shelf life?   stellamandy   10mo
    This is a revolutionary new technology that utilizes our exclusive Scalar Wave Quantum Zero Point Energy Generator which generates Chi/Orgone Scalar Waves and transfers this energy into objects placed on the unit. ... ... When objects placed on the Energizer they turn into Scalar Chi Energized products. The energy created specifically rejuvenates molecular structures in all liquids and foods. This causes any liquid/food to become more hydrated, healthier, taste better, with extend shelf life. ... ... This QuWave Chi Generator creates Energized Water out of ordinary water. It is capable of restructur ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Is QU Wave Energizer Harm To Health?   stellamandy   10mo
    QU Energizer is not at all harmful to the health. Even it is Energizes the cells in the body at molecular level, Energizes our body to lower fatigue, Help to reduce the effects of aging down to the cellular level and we can gain many more benefits by QU Energizer. ... Simply place your food, water, medicine, etc. on top of the QuWave Energizer. The change happens within a few minutes, however, the longer you keep it on, the more intense and deeper the change is. We recommend 5-10 minutes for optimum results. ... ... Most people notice amazing results in less than one week, 2-5 days on the average ...   [retrieve this message]
  • How QU Wave Energizer Equipment Work   stellamandy   11mo
    QU Wave Energizer 21st century technology develops a long lasting natural scalar resonance which has the ability to be transferred to any liquid/solid thus renewing their natural molecular chains. ... ... The Scalar Energy spins into the liquid, where the liquid ”picks up” the Chi resonance. The resonance generated is similar to that which is found in the earth surrounding many healing spring waters of the world and in the rain forest. ... ... The QU Wave Energizer Equipment sends out a special energy signal to whatever items are place on top of it, essentially delivering Scalar energy with a Schuma ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Importance of QU Wave Energizer   stellamandy   11mo
    QU Wave Energizer is a revolutionary new technology that utilizes our exclusive Scalar Wave Quantum Zero Point Energy Generator which generates Chi/Orgone Scalar Waves and transfers this energy into objects placed on the unit. ... ... Now you can quantum energize your Water, Food, Vitamins, even jewellery into Scalar Chi Energized products. ... ... The energy created specifically rejuvenates molecular structures in all liquids and foods. This causes any liquid/food to become more hydrated, healthier, taste better, with extend shelf life. ... ... The unit sends out a special energy signal to whatever item ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded At-home therapeutic Products   zyllioninc   11mo
    Most of our products are completely portable so you can use at home or at the office - but the main idea is that they are therapeutic products that help improve circulation and relax you! ... ... Back Massagers / Lumbar Massagers ... Neck and Shoulder Massagers ... Foot Massagers ... Handheld Body Massagers ... Scalp Massager ... Heated Massagers ... Shiatsu Massager ... ... ... ... ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Tools for Freedom   North Star   28mo
    Please check out Tools for Freedom: Tons of wonderful products, for the most part reliable. I love this company! Totally innovative, and if you are short on money, many ways to make money and get rich. You probably don’t believe me, but this company advertised on The Alex Jones Show, and that’s how I knew they were legit. They haven’t disappointed me much in that department either.   [End]
  • Chlorella Variance:Are the Darker or lighter shades better?   surfsteve   31mo
    I’ve been taking chlorella for many years now. I’ve been sticking with the same brand and I noticed that the last few years it has gotten darker. Due to price increase I ordered my chlorella from a different company and this time it’s light in color. Without mentioning any brand names can anyone tell me. Which is better the darker or the lighter shades of chlorella? ... ... Is there any difference in benefits at all between them? It seems like maybe the darker might be stronger but then perhaps it’s due to chemical fertilizers. Can anybody set me straight on this? ... ... surfsteve ...   [End]
  • WARP Light System   lilpolock   3y
    A man from the church I frequent became a distributer ... for this company after leaving his chiropractic profession ... where he used this device daily. ... ... Check it out: ... ... Marj   [End]
  • Looking for Herbal Vaporizer and smoking accessories?????   ondeck240   4y
    Herbal Vaporizer saves the user from inhaling toxic or carcinogenic elements and also reduces irritation commonly associated with smoking the products.A vaporizer is a great way for these patients to get the benefits from the herbs without the concerns about smoking. We are an authorized dealer of the following manufacturers: ... ... Herbal Vaporizer ... Hookahs ... Rolling papers ... Herb grinders ... Zippo lighters ... Zig zag papers ... Blunt Wraps ... Detox Drinks ... Cigarette Cases ... Ashtrays ... Incense Sticks ... smoking accessories ... and more! ... ... If you are looking for vaporizers and smoking accessories,so you can vi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Stretch marks   Shezkashendy   5y
    There is a natural cure for stretch marks that involves an all natural cream that miraculously makes your stretch marks disappear. ... ... Acai Berry Juice ... ... Acne Scars Treatment ... ... stretch marks cure ... ... Acai Berry Fruit ... Teeth Whitening ... stretch mark cream ... Acne scar Treatment ... Acne Treatment ... Acne Treatment skin care Treatments For Acne ... Acne Treatment   [End]
    • I DONT THINK I CAN EVEN WORK NOW I HAVE THEM!!!! ... i hav...   MrHorace33   31mo
      I DONT THINK I CAN EVEN WORK NOW I HAVE THEM!!!! ... i have never had stretch marks till 21 and went on the impland to stop me gettin less than 2 weeks i put on a stone and now have disgusting bright RED strech marks all over my thighs and breasts(one here even bleeds!!!!) ... im a hostess and am ment to wear really skimpy clothing but now i cant! ... is there any stretch marks surgery???if they can move tattoos surely they remove these disgusting things??? ... HELP   [End]
  • maxam lab products   #57844   5y
    has anyone tried any of the products from maxam labs? ... ... There products look good,though maybe a little expensive ... ... Here’s the web site.. ... ... ...   [End]
    • The site is at ... ... They are a...   mommynd   5y
      The site is at ... ... They are absolutely EXCELLENT. We have recommended them to others who have recovered their children from autism due to vaccine injury, we use them with our daughter, my grandmother with alzheimers has had good results with cognitive function restoration (although my mother was unable to keep up with it, she has not lost what she gained). We also used it after several failed attempts with Diflucan, Fluconazole, Nzymes, CandidaClear and many other products for systemic yeast for our dog. ... ... As far as price, really, you do not take these forever. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Organic Grown Food No Better   sheldon   6y
    ... ... ... New research in the latest issue of the Society of Chemical Industry’s (SCI) Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture shows there is no evidence to support the argument that organic food is better than food grown with the use of pesticides and chemicals ... ... Many people pay more than a third more for organic food in the belief that it has more nutritional content than food grown with pesticides and chemicals. ... ... But the research by Dr Susanne Bügel and colleagues from the Department of Human Nutrition, University of Copenhagen, shows there is no clear evidence to back this up. ... ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Does anyone believe this CRAP? Look at who funded the stud...   Vernal   6y
      Does anyone believe this CRAP? Look at who funded the study--the Chemical Industry. The taste is much better for organic foods than those grown with pesticides or CHEMICALS(from the chemical industry). That alone makes them worthwhile, but I know they are much healthier as well. They aren’t perfect,course, depending on the farm and the sources involved, but a much better choice than the food grown with Chemicals.   [End]
      • I’m with you on this Vernal! There have been plenty of stu...   ndul   5y
        I’m with you on this Vernal! There have been plenty of studies in the past (not done by Chemical Industry) that have proven how many more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals you get from organic fruits and veggies because your body doesn’t have to use them to fight off the pesticides and toxins sprayed on the fruits and veggies. What a load of B.S. It’s just like those studies that ”prove” that taking vitamins don’t do anything for you, but they are put out by pharmaceutical companies using deranged man made synthetic poisonous vitamins in their studies. Conflict of interest? I shoul ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Detox: The secret to vibrant health & weight loss   Health_Researcher   7y
    Very simple and effective detox and weight loss: ... ... ... ... ... ... Cleanse lungs (from 1st and 2nd hand smoke) ... Cleanse built up waste matter from colon, promote regularity and nutrient assimilation. ... Perfect daily detox regimen, easy and refreshing. ... ... Detoxing and cleasning the digestive track is the key to vibrant health. ... 2/3 of our immune system is in our colon. Give your immune system a cleanse from toxic build up and experience a transforming health experience.   [End]
  • best products   hisboo911   7y
    yeah. i am about to get married, so i am dropping all this organic stuff i been splurging on with my parents’ hard-earned money (and some of mine). and i am trying to buy the cheapest, yet closest to healthy/least damaging things possible (toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, apple juice, shampoo/conditioner, soap (Ivory!), etc.) sooooo, here is what i have found after a bit of reasearch: ... ... toothpaste--although i have been using tom’s of maine, i am switching to aim and pepsodent. and i will continue to use my beloved baking soda! ... ... lotion--i have been using kiss my face. what now? ... ... soap- ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Is there any way you can use less of the ... good products?...   Zoebess   7y
      Is there any way you can use less of the ... good products?? and buy those products ... less frequently, or substitute good ... alternatives... ... ... Toothpaste, sea salt and baking soda. ... or use 1/4th the amount of a natural ... toothpaste without fluoride. ... You can find many economical choices ... at this site~~ ... ... ... ... Lotion~I would use~do use coconut oil. ... About 9 bucks for a pint which will last ... a long time, for hands, face, hand, feet, ... and excellent for the body. ... ... ... ... Soap, I can r ...   [retrieve this message]
    • my ideas of best products   warthog   7y
      Toothpaste - you can make a tooth powder for very little money. I make mine out of some clay I got on sale from a health food store, baking soda, sea salt, and a few drops of peppermint oil. I keep this in a jar I saved from food I bought. Some people use plain baking soda all the time. ... ... Mouthwash - forget this entirely, or swish with water-diluted vodka flavored with peppermint oil ... ... Oil pulling - essential to oral hygiene & detox. I feel this replaces mouthwash. Get the highest-quality cold-pressed organic oil, like sunflower oil, you can afford. Do it first thing in the morning ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Why type 2 diabetes should scare the hell out of you.   7y
    Type 2 diabetes is reversable. Kevin Trudeau blew the whistle on the U.S healthcare system and exposed the controversy surrounding the type 2 diabetes epidemic. Kevin mentioned Eleotin as an all natural herbal combination that reverses type 2 diabetes. Made in Canada, Eleotin works by restoring the basic health of the pancreas and creating healthy new beta cells, the ones responsible for insulin resistance. Chemical drugs that can only CONTROL blood sugars are not the answer for everyone. Many people are given harsh chemical drugs right from the start without any thought to a natural cure. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Where to buy Quality CHLORELLA???   washera   7y  C
    Please tell me where to buy quality Chlorella from?   [End]
    • Best, cleanest, purest, ”most organic” available: ... ... ...   unyquity   7y
      Best, cleanest, purest, ”most organic” available: ... ... Mountain Rose Herbs: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... OR ... ... ... Pacific Botanicals ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Be sure and check out their blurbs on herb quality/pureness. These two companies ARE the standard by which all the other companies WISH they could meet :) ... ... Unyquity   [End]
    • I purchase my chlorella at good prices along with...   grassman   7y
      I purchase my chlorella at good prices along with good selection!I like the powder form from now as well as jarrow formulas yaeyama chlorella subspecies.The yaeyama is milder in taste and easier to take strait with purified water.I also purchase my spirulina at as well I have yet to find better prices on quality brand name products.Happy shopping!   [End]
    • sun chlorella?   AustinM   7y
      ... I been reading a bit around the web and found this one: according to their website apparently it is raw - processed without heating and has the highest bio-availabilty than any other chlorella. Being raw it claims it has more of the beneficial enzymes and health giving properties. Its more expensive than the others I’ve seen but you get 5 free books included with a special offer they now have. ... ... ... ... ... ... I just ordered some, so I hope I didn’t make a mistake. Does anyone have an opinion on this one? ... ... P.S. I actually got this in the mail many weeks ago ...   [retrieve this message]
  • The Best Stone Fact Books I found so far   boldyloxx   7y  C
    Last week I was scouting around to search for ”Love is In the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals” by Melody handbook . ... ... The woman at the Health fair reccomended this book for all facts (physical, spiritual, etc) on every and every stone in existance. I noticed that other folks in other stone booths at the fair also had the same book-- pages all worn and bookmarked, so you can tell this book is a popular handbook with rock specialist folks. ... ... ... I found it at a great deal at Amazon, so I ended up ordering it. I’m not dissapointed-- it has every practical fact about ever ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I cross posted above message into the Orgone forum , becaus...   boldyloxx   7y
      I cross posted above message into the Orgone forum , because anyone creative with Orgone may want to look into these books as references. ... ... All one needs to make effective Orgone is quartz crystal, but some people may be interested in other stones they can use when creating Orgone that will have an influence in any area you place this Orgone once it is hardened. ... ... The Resin and metal shavings-- along with the copper added in the resin will enhance any stones positive properties. ... ... Quartz Crystal is the best stone by far- and simplest to use when making Orgone-- especially if you are mak ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Check this out..   R Alikat   7y
      The ancient Hebrew priests wore breastplates with 12 gemstones. You may find this article interesting: ... ... ... ...   [End]
      • Awesome.... thanks for that link! I just KNOW that th...   boldyloxx   7y
        Awesome.... thanks for that link! I just KNOW that those stones weren’t placed in those breastplates to merely look pretty. ... ... Later I am going to do some research also on this stuff- if you find any more articles like that, Alikat, keep post’n them! ... ... ... If there is radioactive and electrical energy in existance, It only makes sense that other things in Nature also have thier own energy properties. Honest science should really take the time to explore this.   [End]
        • Image Embedded Honest science.  You mean like the discoveries of Rife...   Alikat   7y
          Honest science.  You mean like the discoveries of Rife and others? I ’spect there are many great discoveries out there by brilliant minds, but they may never live to spread the knowledge.  We do get useful trickles though, you can’t supress everything, light always exposes darkness. ha ha ... ... I just had a new kitchen countertop installed - all Quartz!!!!  I  don’t get tired of looking into all the little luminous pieces within, it even has sparkles and it’s light blue.  Hopefully it will create an orgonite effect of sorts to counter the awful huge tower 1/4 of a mi ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Nice Chatt’n with you too Alikat! :-) ... ... That quartz ...   boldyloxx   7y
            Nice Chatt’n with you too Alikat! :-) ... ... That quartz Kitchen Countertop sounds georgous! Wouldn’t doubt that it will deflect some bad EMF’s -- Someone posted at an Orgone forum a few months back on how they purchased a kitchen countertop that they swore actually was Orgone- (resin, metal shavings, etc) Of course the manufacturer didn’t advertise it as such. ... ... You will have to place a nice Orgone pyramid on your countertop to enhance the quartz effects. ... ... I spoke with one rock specialist who told me that pyramid structures actually direct energy right to where they are placed ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Kidney tea?   nesika   7y  C
    What is kidney tea and where I can get it? ... ... I need it for Breuss therapy, but I am not sure what it is ... ... Thanks   [End]
    • [Message Body Hidden by a Forum Moderator]   Invincible   7y
      [Message Body Hidden by a Forum Moderator]   [End]
    • I used celery seeds and dried parsley. Dried parsely was, b...   optimum   7y
      I used celery seeds and dried parsley. Dried parsely was, by far, the most effective for me. Have you ever seen the Seinfeld epsiode when Kramer passes a stone? My issue wasn’t that bad, but when I went to urinate it became painful as the day progressed. Also, my urine was thick. By the end of the day, the pain went a way and everything was normal. All of that from one cup in the morning. I should add that I was eating lots of watermelon leading up to that day, so that may have played a role too. ... ... You can grind up celery seeds or watermelon seeds.   [End]
  • Used/Refurbished Hydrotherapy Equipment Needed Now!   estell1970   7y  C
    ... ... I’m starting up my business and need equipment. I’m looking for used / refurbished Libbee, Toxygen, Hyrdosan etc for colon hydrotherapy. Please contact me if you have equipment for sale, willing to buy supplies as well if price is right. I’m in the Los Angeles, California area. ... ... Call or e-mail ... or (626) 399-6777   [End]
  • Help! Is my kefir starter dead or just lazy???   Kefnewbie   7y  C
    ... I just prepped some coconut water kefir and cheese about 12 hours ago. I am concerned that my starter might be dead or is it just lazy? The recipe said it was o.k. to use regular dairy kefir starter. This starter came in a powder form if that makes any difference. ... ... I put 5g of starter into a mason jar with 1.5 quarts of coconut water from young coconuts, just like the recipe said. The concoction fizzed for a few minutes and then turned cloudy which I suppose is good, but currently it is not producing any gases in the jar and the liquid has seperated. I have the jar in a warm dark place ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I wouldn;t mess around with starter I’d get the real thing....   Bacteria Pimp   7y
      I wouldn;t mess around with starter I’d get the real thing. Milk kefir starter or real won’t ferment coconut water right away, it should be introduced but what ever you got there you can drink. If you left coconut water out for 24 hours with or without the kefir it would not kill you if you drank it. Use water kefir with young coconut water. You got any other questions? i am a bacteria pimp I sell the stuff, I ferment and sell the result here in Miami Florida and I sell the grains at a website called   [End]
  • GTA Forte II   kleister   7y  C
    Good morning! ... Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about something called GTA-Forte II® manufactured by Biotics Research - is it effective, harmful, etc. Please respond ASAP - I’ve purchased it but have not yet received it, so I’m just extremely curious about it - just began reading about Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome and am convinced it is what ails me - my average temperature is 97.5 - I am also excited that I may be on my way to leading a healthy life - trying to stay as healthy and positive as possible for my husband and kids - thank you!   [End]
    • The doctor is now famous as an inventor.   been there done that   7y
      I don’t always have confidence that the establishment is capable of telling the truth anymore, but this time I’ll make an exception because of a disease that has a person’s name. Most websites that talk about this syndrome are not generic (meaning the doctor’s logo is ”in your face”, as you’ll see from the first site). In the second site, you can see how the skillful packaging of bodily functions can make anything seem legitimate enough to be classified as an issue that needs to be addressed with money. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... http://www.t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Atomidine   R boldyloxx   7y  C
    ... ... ... ... Above is a really good link from the author comparing two types of Atomidine (one made with trichloride and the other version in an alcohol base. The latter proved superior. I am also posting this over at the Depleted Uranium website, because I feel that Iodine- especially this type, may help towards healing those servicemen and women who have been exposed to Depleted Uranium. ... ... ... ... ”Review Of Atomidine ... ... I was at a meeting last fall attended by friends, among whom was a naturopath. We took a break and went outside to toss ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Neoair Air Purifier works great   iuri   7y  C
    So far the Neoair air purifier I purchased is working great and making a nice difference in the way I sleep. The dust level in my home has been significantly reduces. Very pleased with the purchase. ...   [End]
  • applied ozone systems   didge333   7y  C
    Has anyone here had experience with the products from applied ozone systems? ... I will be buying an ozone generator and an O2 accumulator and their web site is a comperhensive read. I just wonder if their products are good. ... Regards   [End]
    • Hi didge333 ... I have no experience with their products b...   ozoneman   7y
      Hi didge333 ... I have no experience with their products but having looked at their ozonators I will comment that they look well-made and are very well specified and documented. The site reminds me of the kind of quality documentation you get from Ozone Services. The website certainly has the right information. I will comment that their concentrator, in the opinion of a friend of mine who deals exclusively with concentrators that the Integra is not all it’s cracked up to be and extremely overpriced. I don’t know. I’m just passing that on. I do think the features on the ozonator make it a fai ...   [retrieve this message]
      • ... An open mind is a wondrous thing, capable of creating w...   didge333   7y
        I’d be delighted to see what your friend has to offer. ... Also I’m not yet familiar with dual dielectric, will I find info on your site? And do you have something comparable   [End]
        • Hi didge333 ... My friend is Tom Solak from Just Concentra...   ozoneman   7y
          Hi didge333 ... My friend is Tom Solak from Just Concentrators in Chicago. He says that Airsep and Invacare are the most reliable concentrators over the long haul. His number is 773-685-6966. He regularly sells fully reconditioned units for $475.00. ... ... Dual dialectric ozone generators have absolutely no metals in the gas stream, making the ozone ultra pure and free of ion contamination from metals. This is not an issue for most ozone protocols, but becomes an issue when using ozone for blood protocols like AHT and injection. It has been a hot debate in the inner circles of those in the know ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Life Coaching   #41310   7y
    Has it’s 2007, many will be making their New Year’s Resolution. ... ... Only 10% out of 100 will see it till the end of the year, 40 % will last for a few months, and the other 50% won’t last for a week! ... ... I seriously want to be in the 10% bracket, so I’m taking one step at a time, a advice I heard someone give a few days ago. While others are taking extreme measures by using Affirmations, Hypnosis, or  Stella Life Coaching Course /Coaching Sessions; I know lots of people say this but I’m going to do it! How can I fail will all the above options I mention.  ... ... I want to succeed ...   [retrieve this message]
  • pcos   jetagal   8y  C
    I went to my dr abt one yr ago complaining of heavy periods. So heavy such that I can’t go out for abt 2 days. He did an ultrasound and said I hv a fibroid. Then prescribed Avien (some low dose birth control pill) which I’ve been taking for the last 6 months. It has helped alot with the bleeding. But then I also noticed that I am much hairy’er on my chin and neck. I guess this is a symptom of PCOS? Anyway, the excessive facial hair was making me embarrassed to go out. Someone on another forum recommended that I use a facial hair remover product called Epicare which I bought from http://ww ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Epicare!!   kirahhh   8y
      Hey Thank you for posting this!! Im gonna order one too! If there one pain in my ass in my life is my facial hair and I constantly have to be Tweezing; My upper lip isnt that takes some time before I either have to wax or put some Facial hair removing creme. BUT this Epicare is really interesting and not to expensive. I bet it hurts thou?but you can andust to the pain just as w/Waxing when you havent in some time or ever! Well Thanks again!! ... ... Happy Holidays to all my PCOS SISTERS!! I need to get on here more often. Please visit me on my myspace page ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Detox Pads   Ernie54   8y
    I know there is another topic about this further down on the page, but it is from two years ago and I would like the most up to date info! Just wondering if someone could advise me on the best detox pads to purchase?   [End]
  • Tints of Nature   Captain38   8y  C
    Have anyone tried this? I have brown hair with bleachy steaks now. (I don’t know if you can see my pic, I put it in the thing but I can’t see it.) ... I don’t want to go to the hairdressers anymore and be around that toxic poison. ... I hope this stuff works, i bought 10Xl Extra Light blonde. ... I bought it from my healthfood store. ... Thanks.   [End]
  • Aubrey's Organics Green Tea Skin Care Trio on special at Dr...   Boldyloxx   9y
 ... ... ... I used it in sample size and loved it! ... ... ... After reading Dr. Hulda Clarks articles on how to stay away from all chemical beauty products and choose alternatives with only NATURAL ingredients, I’ve been searching for commercial products like this. ... ... The only things I’ve found in the nearby healthfood store and Wegmans (noone else in my area sells them) were Aubrey Organics and Burt’s Bee’s toiletries and cosmetics. ... ... The only thing your going to find as a preservative in some of his products is Grapefruit Seed Extract (organi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Video Embedded Reverse The Process of Aging With Infrared Heat from LuxSau...   dfloyd55   9y
    Reversing the aging process requires allowing your body to clean and repair itself on a daily basis. This requires a toxin elimination program that is easy, fast and fun; LuxSauna infrared saunas are one of the best, most effective solutions. ... ... No one wants to get old! If nothing else, most of us want to age gracefully, maintaining a healthy body internally and externally as long as possible. While the creams and lotions, healthy eating, and exercise help, the problem is that our bodies are exposed to pollutants every day that undo much of what we have done. ... ... Interestingly, many peop ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Best source for GH3,GH7,GH8 and GH9 Vitacel-Vital Pet-Vital...   hopeheal   9y
 - Best priced Vitacel GH3, GH7 and now the advanced Dr Koch GH-9 formulas. These natural supplement remedies and Vitalize therapeutic skin care treatments have been helping people reverse and heal degenerative diseases and conditions for over 25 years. ... ... Why are people world wide switching from the original Gerovital H3 injectables and Ana Aslan’s Aslavital supplement formulas and now using Dr Koch’s patented advanced GH-7, GH-8 and GH-9 procaine HCL based formulas? ... ... Remarkable heartfelt personal healing Vitacel supplement testimonials and independent Doctor and Ve ...   [retrieve this message]
    • i had big issues with my joints and bone related affections...   acantuniari   6y
      i had big issues with my joints and bone related affections year after year until i discovered the genuine gerovital products from the original gerovital manufacturer from Roamania . i use it on regular basis for 14 years and i am more than happy with its amazing effects . i provide myself with gerovital from ... ... where i get free shipping and live support ! best regards from liverpool , ileana   [End]
    • The real one is the GH3   Gerovital   5y
      GeroVital the real Romanian one is still the #1 for obvious reasons. It is considered in Romania as a Medicine (not in Western Europe and USA) and is strictly controlled. The copies Gh8, 9 or Vita cell are dietary supplements, some illegal, which do not have the strict government regulations for medicine. ... ... The real site is at . ... ... Its like driving a real Ferrari for your body compared to a home made replica with a Ford Pinto engine..   [End]
    • GeroVital Injections   Gerovital   5y
      GH 5.7.8... the only serious and original one is the GeroVital GH3 from Dr. Ana Aslan made in Romania. It is the only one that have European Pharmacy grade quality control and production norms. The other are copies that are dietary supplements. ... ... GeroVital is the number 1 anti aging treatment in the world and is recognized by world Anti-aging Medical congresses. ... ... Because of its Pharmaceutical status GeroVital can be taken in injections, while the other are only in tablets. Injections act faster and are stronger as the molecules go directly in the blood and are not attacked and destroye ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Ceragem beds - massage / infrared heat   rog   9y
    It’s been awhile since I’ve posted at Curezone (I used to ... frequent the liver flush forum), but thought I’d mention ... the Ceragem massage bed, since nobody else here seems to ... know about it (at least nobody on curezone has posted ... anything about it). ... ... They are a massage bed with heated jade rollers that go up ... and down your back (with far infrared heat). It’s an ... awsome experience. The best part is that if you live near ... one of thier dealers, you can go and use them *FOR FREE* ... as much as you want. ... ... Their marketing approach is to prove to you they work ... and get you hooked to the point ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Ceragem beds helped me SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!   wittlewabbitte   9y
      hello rog... ... ... i’ve been SOOO helped by our ceragem massage bed during the onset of my current illness but i never even THOUGHT to mention it because we had the massage bed at home for YEARS (IT’S VERY DURABLE) because mom uses it frequently and LOVES IT.... AND i never thought of it as some special gadget... :p:p i JUST remembered this morning that i should mention it... and did a search for it to see if anyone used it and found your message! :) ! ... ... at the onset of my illness (severe mercury poisoning as it turns out, and my liver totally stopped working!!) i was having severe pains ...   [retrieve this message]
      • The other cornerstones of my health protocols   rog   9y
        Thought I’d also mention that, in addition to the Ceragem bed, ... probably the 2 most important other things I do is oxygen ... therapies (see Ed McCabe’s ”Flood Your Body With Oxygen” - the ... single most important book on health I’ve ever read), and ... pure MSM powder (see and ... Each of these things are very powerful detoxifiers in their ... own right. But together they work synergystically to pack ... an incredible detoxifying punch. ... The MSM helps make the cells in your body permeable so waste/ ... toxins can come out and nutrients can get in, including ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Ceragem beds - massage / infrared heat   prosperous   9y
      I just started going to the free ceragem massage sessions (been twice so far) and so I looked it up now to see if anybody uses it here on the forum and found your message. Sounds like you used it for a while. The center I’ve gone to is about half an hour away, not that far, but not convenient either. I started having some back problems and a friend raved about these beds so I tried. My experience is that it feels nice and I found some relief, but not sure if it’s worth taking so much time out of my day to do this regularly. My question is: how often should you do it to get some benefit (fo ...   [retrieve this message]
      • When we bought ours, the folks who run the store said that ...   rog   9y
        When we bought ours, the folks who run the store said that we ... should use it at minimum once a day and preferably twice (while ... drinking lots of water). Realistically I don’t use it every day ... because there are too many other things I’m doing as well. ... If the Ceragem is all I had, then perhaps I would use it every day. ... ... Interestingly, my 18-year-old daughter uses it more than any of us. ... It helps relax her in the evenings after a hard days work. ... ... Yes, I would say that it’s the infrared heat that is the key to these ... beds. This kind of heat penetrates deep into the tissue. I think al ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Ceragem bed,pain   gerald123   6y
      I have a Ceragem bed, I have been disabled for many years.This bed has not fixed my problem, but it sure helps with the pain if I use it daily.   [End]
  • Home Remedies..Be Natural..Be Healthy   #36463   10y
    Hello Everyone! ... ... Do you want to depend on Medicines at all times.. just try out some Home Remedies. Natural Healing is the Best Cure. I have listed many Home Remedies for various ailments. ... ... Check out ... ... If you know any home remedies which can help others...please let me know...I would like to include them in my website. ... ... I am a Herbalist and i sincerely want to help others by providing information on various ailments and their Natural Cure. ... ... ... ... Please do send suggestions to me.. ... ... Tak ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Best Infrared LuxSauna Portable Free to Try   #36371   10y
    HOW DOES A FAR INFRARED LUXSAUNA WORK FOR HEALING? ... Historically from before Roman times, humans have used both wet and dry saunas for heating the body. Now new technology has both increased the beneficial effects and reduced potential hazards with the development of the far infrared sauna. A far infrared sauna requires less heat, thus making it more comfortable and less likely to cause a reaction while improving its ability to liberate chemicals out of the body. ... ... FAR INFRARED SHAKES TOXINS LOOSE ... Far infrared is an invisible band of light that is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. T ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Is this this the Wonder Pill of the Century?   Cellheal   10y
    Arguably the best anti-aging and anti-disease resource of healing solutions for people and pets, suffering from signs and symptoms of aging and age related diseases... ... ... Dr. Koch D.Sc. proven, effective antiaging health supplement remedies and therapeutic anti-wrinkle skin care treatments. Reversing aging and degenerative diseases in people and pets...for over 25 years! ... ... ... ...Reversing aging and degenerative diseases in people and pets. Includes doctor” ... ... ...   [End]
    • For GeroVital for animals for Animals go to www.gerovetal.c...   #117791   5y
      For GeroVital for animals for Animals go to ... ... For GeroVital for Human Anti-Aging Tablets Injections and anti-wrinkles cream go to ... ... ... GeroVital Gh3 based on stabilized procaine is a discovery of the Romanian Prof./Doct. Ana Aslan.   [End]
  • Colonix/Oxy-powder   shelbyd   10y
    Hi all! ... I am completeing my 3rd month of the Colonox Cleanse. Its is an awesome product by the way. I want to try the oxy-powder. Would this be to much for my system to do them back to back?   [End]
  • Ayurvedic Cure   sahilmehta99   10y
    I would like to introduce all of you to an Ayurveda Web Portal: ... ..., the portal on ayurveda provides natural remedies to all your health-related ailments. The portal has exhaustive sections devoted to ayurveda, massage, herbs, diet, home remedies, books on ayurveda, online consultation, online shop for ayurvedic products and a lot more. ... ... I hope it provides you all with all the health information, articles, home remedies you may require. ... ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Great success with Oxy-powder   Angielynn   10y
    A few months ago I hit the curezone boards looking for the least painful and most effective way to do a colon cleanse and to be sure to get out the mucoid plaque. I found Oxy-powder but just about no one on the boards seemed to know much about it. ... ... I wanted to let everyone know that after 25 years of using a variety of products and doing all kinds of processes to heal from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic candida and a host of other problems, this is one of the most impactful things I’ve tried. It’s really helped in so many ways. I’ve written about my experience here because I ...   [retrieve this message]
  • detox pads   saiuki   10y
    Hi all, ... ... I’m new to the forum and just wanted to say how great I think it is. I’ve been reading the post and I know it’s been a while since you guys went through the whole detox pads thing. I recently bought a box of the PureBody ones from the Clarke website. I am getting ready preparing to get my mercury filling taken out and I thought that the pads along with some oral chelation would be the way to handle this process. I therefore need to purchase some pads at wholesale or very cheap price. ... ... I have been reading the forum and I know at one time that your guys did this, if anyone has ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: detox pads..need information   Corey   10y
      I, too, have become interested in testing the detox pads. I have tried researching here on curezone but all I can find is old posts and mostly people that are not here now. Is there anyone out there that has tried them? If so what was your experience? Who is the best? ... ... Please help. Any information will be appreciated. ... ... Corey   [End]
  • Ninzi is helping our family   elkhorn   10y
    Hello every one ... My wife and I have found a new health juice drink called ninzi. We have noticed a increase in our energy level and mental clarity. And I have not been feeling depressed, life is getting better now with this new found juice called ninzi that is helping my wife and I have a healthier body and life style. there is a hole lot more that ninzi can do The clinic concludes there are seven (7) significant health benefits to the Ninzi formula based on an evaluation of the clinical studies of the individual ingredients. The immune and anti-aging support provided by the NinZi formula ...   [retrieve this message]
  • What Natural Diet supplements do you use?   kcdaisy   10y
    Hi Everyone. ... ... I think like all of you, i have tried to find the best product there is that’s natural with NO CHEMICALS, NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS, NO FlAVOURING, NO ADDED SUGAR. ... ... I’m 26, suffering from low energy, with mild short term memory loss, learning problems and of course a poor diet. I hate swallowing pills and therefore i have this inability to swallow it as i always end up puking it out. ... ... Recently i found this product from a friend who highly recommended it if you’re not for digusting tasting pills. Its a natural fruit juice drink made from 90% berries from the Mystical Himala ...   [retrieve this message]
  • What supplements are the best and that you use?   raider   10y
    Hello, ... As many of you many already know I sell Threelac,Oxygen Elements and a good Digestive Enzyme. ... I only started to sell these after they cured my candida overgrowth. ... ... I have been selling for over a year now and I have decided to possibly start selling a few other products that I can purchase sell for a better price then retail.I want to help people save money while I make a little. It is a win / win situation. ... ... So that being said I am looking for a FEW VERY GOOD products that are helping many people that I acn look at selling. ... If you have any ideas please email me. ... ... Knew2st ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: What is MLM? n/m   alkalizingkatie   10y
      • Re: Multilevel marking!! N/M   raider   10y
      • Re: What is MLM? n/m   jfslenes   10y
        MLM is Multi Level Marketing also known as Network Marketing is a means of selling products essentially by referrals from one person to another. It has been officially around for something over 65 years. Being much related to word of mouth advertising, it’s been around since day one. ... ... Some people love it and become almost evangelized into their company or ”system”. Some hate it with the same vengence. If done honestly and in an up front manner, it can be a good marketing system for company, distributor, and buyer. ... ... I market a liquid vitamin product via referral marketing as linked belo ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Image Embedded Re: What is MLM? An incredible marketing model!   Elliottd   10y
          I agree there have been a lot of companies out there that have given MLM a bad name. There are quite a few incredible companies out there with a lot of integrity and heart that are bring Network Marketing to a new light. Some people say pyramid scheme and other stuff but it’s truly an incredible business model, and for those people out there that don’t want to work for someone else the rest of their life it is a great opportunity. I know several people that have had very respectful professions and have fired their bosses and now have financial freedom to be there own boss. I’ve met and w ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Re: What is MLM? n/m   thunder d.u   10y
        To me M.L.M ,network marketing ,dual marketing, call it what you like, is the greatest ,& most rewarding business I have ever been involved in . ... If your product is health promoting & people really feel the benefits from it, & actually enjoy taking it you just cannot go wrong!! ... I have always enjoyed fishing & fly fishing in particular, M,L,M is kinda like that, but instead of knocking the trout on the head once they are hooked I transfer them into a healthier more prolific water where they can really thrive. ... My Company, in existance just 2 years this coming November is already vote ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Edited   #27515   10y
      Vitamineral green is the best greens product that I have run across. ... ... It can be found at ... ... This is a seriously good product, very alkalinzing, all organic or wildcrafted, and processed with very low heat. I’ve taken it for several years now and it definitely has a remarkable impact in keeping my skin beautiful and vibrant as well as other immune enhancing properties. ... ... Another great product is pure synergy. This can be found at ... ... This product is also amazing. I noticed how powerful it was right away. It is also a gree ...   [retrieve this message]
    If you want to learn the latest on: ... ... • The astounding cutting edge medical evidence of how synthetic chemicals make you fat ... ... • Why it is legal to put a prohibited ingredient in a product an how to identify these toxic substances ... ... • About the amazing World’s First breakthroughs in certified organic products and an indisputable case against biotechnology. ... ... • About workable solutions for a healthier society that are real and immediate. ... ... • How synthetic pesticides are as insidious as nuclear fallout when a human cell is exposed to them. ... ... • A revolutionary new and natural approac ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Colonix   _BOB   10y
    Well, I was looking to try a bowel cleanser that was all natural when I got a box of Colonix - ... ... The ingredients in all 3 products contained in the Colonix package are excellent - the Colonix itself has: ... Psyllium Husks ... Flax Seed ... Fennel Seed ... Licorice Root ... Aloe Vera ... Grapefruit Pectin ... Papaya Fruit ... Slippery Elm Bark ... Marshmallow Root ... Rhubarb Root ... Alfalfa ... Guar Gum ... Peppermint Leaf ... Uva Ursi Leaf ... ... The Paranil contains: ... Black Walnut Hulls ... Wormwood Powder ... Pau D’Arco Powder ... Pumpkin Seed ... Clove Bud Powder ... Male Fern Root Powder ... Grapefruit Seed Extract ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Bob, ... ... I just ordered some Colonix at your recommend...   norxgirl   10y
      Bob, ... ... I just ordered some Colonix at your recommendation and after reviewing the site. I have been thinking about doing another parasite cleanse, but did not want to do the Clarkia, since I had some really strange thoughts the last time I did it. I guess the wormwood got to me. ... ... I am expecting great things from the Colonix. ... ... B   [End]
      • Bob, ... ... I just ordered some Colonix at your recommend...   _BOB   10y
        Bob, ... ... I just ordered some Colonix at your recommendation and after reviewing the site. I have been thinking about doing another parasite cleanse, but did not want to do the Clarkia, since I had some really strange thoughts the last time I did it. I guess the wormwood got to me. ... ... I am expecting great things from the Colonix. ... ... B ...   [End]
      • Strange Dreams to say the least,,As far as side effects go,...   picapadrero   10y
        Strange Dreams to say the least,,As far as side effects go,,this is really a minor inconvenience,,,although,,there is no dicounting the level of strangeness of some of my dreams during my Colonix cleanse,,,Oh well,,,it’s worth it.   [End]
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