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  • Can jaw cavitations cause TMJ?   AngelofEventide   34d  C
    I’ve had TMJ for years, but it was always manageable. This last year, it has become severe. Right now my jaw is so swollen, it looks like I have a lump below my ear. Eating is excruciating. Pain is horrendous. I have been icing my jaw, which helps a tiny bit. I have long suspected that I have a jaw cavitation, due to other health issues I have. I have an appt., with a cav specialist, but not for another month. Just wondering if anyone here has had a cav and TMJ and if so, did the TMJ improve after cav treatment? Thanks.   [End]
  • Endless root-canal treatments and neuralgia   #153282   39d  C
    Hi, ... I had a root canal on two of my front bottom teeth (teeth were death after fixed braces treatment). Because the root canals failed on both teeth an oral surgeon did a root end surgery. This was three years ago and since then I have had a whole lot of health issues. The root end surgery failed and they re-did the root canals and re-did the surgery. I was in an excrutiating pain since then begging my new dentist to pull the teeth. She refused and so did a surgeon I went to; MRI and x-rays showed no infection. Then a different surgeon took his own x-rays and performed another surgery bas ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Well, I had pain and a throbbing up in an empty socket in m...   Illys   39d
      Well, I had pain and a throbbing up in an empty socket in my upper jaw (where a tooth with an amalgam filling cracked, and it had to be extracted). I think a cavitation up in the bone can linger quite a while. I noticed reactions in that section and a bit of swelling around the eye-socket for about a month, but after using vit k2, the infection symptoms slowly ebbed and then went away. ... I thought I’d mention it in case that could help you, it’s a nutrient indicated in tooth and bone health.   [End]
      • I would get a new doctor and dds-they sound like stupid. d...   phelp   39d
        I would get a new doctor and dds-they sound like stupid. do your own google search and come up with your own opinion-mine is root canals kill people. Youtube is a great source of info. ... ... this chart may b e of interest to you   [End]
        • Dr Huggins on root canal ...   phelp   39d
          Dr Huggins on root canal ... ... Dr Mercola on root canal ... ... Dr. Rau on root canal ... ... ... Dr Rehme articles ... ... A very short list of serious minded docs that think root canals are bad. ... Call huggins group and find a biological dds near you and get treated   [End]
  • tmj with vertigo and tinnitus   cdmie   3mo
    has anyone ever experienced tmj with vertigo and tinnitus (ringing in ears)? ... i have had vertigo and tinnitus for nearly 2 months now. after exloring a lot of causes and visiting a few doctors im still not close to a solution. ive read that tmj can cause this. i was diagnosed with grinding teeth by my dentist a few years ago and had a custom mouth guard made up to wear at night. i dont have much pain in my jaw but get a slight tenderness in my right jaw every now and again. the tinnitus is mostly present in my right ear also. but other than this i have no other pain. if i grind my teeth du ...   [retrieve this message]
  • alternatives to cavitation surgery   britee   4mo  C
    Hello, I was wondering if there was less invasive cavitation treatments. I have terrible tmj ear plugging, gum sensitivity, chronic fatigue and had a root canal extraction a year ago when this occured. Every conventional dentist said it was just tmj. Went to biological and they said i have a cavatation. Anything i can do that is not so invasive to get out of this pain. I am too nervous to have it done. I already feel awful. Any help would be appreciated. I hear about ozone therapy etc. but wanted to know of any success stories. Thanks.   [End]
    • Surgery plus ozone is the best way I think.I have had many ...   phelp   4mo
      Surgery plus ozone is the best way I think.I have had many jaw issues and doing both surgery and ozne gave me the best results. I have tried both alone with mixed results. ... Its an infection-waiting does not make it better-my opinion   [End]
    • I had cavitation surgey, but it was a dozen years or so ago...   InCharge   4mo
      I had cavitation surgey, but it was a dozen years or so ago. In the mean time the company that devised the cavitat machine filed for bankruptcy after legal battles with Aetna insurance. My dentist was involved and ended up losing his state licence to practice. ... ... More to the point about whether surgery is necessary, i found this link that should explain the reason surgery is needed. The bone needs cleaned, and oxygen is needed to kill the type of bacteria involved. ... ... ...   [End]
  • Scab from busted lip peeled to reveal several white bumps? ...   #139029   5mo  C
    hi... i have no diagnosis and have tried for years to get one to no avail. i have a wide array of symptoms but this recent mouth injury i had is making me worry. ... ... i busted my lip after being in a fight and smashing into a curbside. part of my front tooth is now gone while the other is severely disjolted. sometimes it causes my entire jaw to cramp up and im worried about tmj and am also experiencing slight ringing tinnitus symptoms. ... ... my main current concern is about my lip, however. i had a scab on my lip from the impact of my teeth hitting it. tonight i noticed the scab was loo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Voltage induced TMJ   simplynatural   8mo  C
    I daily have aching jaw muscles and then headache...the problem. One of the suspected culprits is a voltage in my mouth..sounds weird..first let me give you the background. Except for this problem I am in very good health & 65 years old. I had a titanium tooth implant done for #19 (bottom left molar). The implant was placed with no problem and 6 months later a porcelain over gold crown was installed. The day after the crown installation, when I started to eat, I noticed jaw ache, both sides of my mouth. That was the first time I noticed such an ache. That was more than 4 months ago and hav ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Tmj Causing other health problems?   Timberhill   14mo
    I have been having Tmj for a while now and I have seen numbers of different natural doctors, dentists and so on. I now kinda got the feeling that my Tmj is actually causing a big disharmony not only in my neck but all over my body. I think it has something with the nerves at the temple and in the neck. ... ... Could it be that Tmj is disturbing theese nerves so much that it creates healthproblems other places? ... ... I really feel that if my neck and jaw totaly release almost all the tention I get back to feeling good in my whole body. ... Unfortenetly this only happens breifly for me and the tention ...   [retrieve this message]
  • TMJ, adrenals and other symptoms   stefb   18mo  C
    I have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue/ burn out. I believe I’ve got all kinds of issues going on, but thats just one for sure thing happening. I have been seeing a chiropractor who adjusts me weekly. When I leave him my energy is incredible. I almost don’t know what to do with myself. Then I go to bed wake up and back to same old thing... zero energy. He said its my jaw that is not allowing my adjustment to hold. He suggested I see a Holistic dentist who is also a TMJ specialist. He agreed with the chiro that my TMJ is knocking my whole body off, and thats why his adjustments w ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I have suffered from an inflamed TMJ in the past and to som...   candisufferer   18mo
      I have suffered from an inflamed TMJ in the past and to some extent it crops up frequently of late while I’m dealing with my candida battles. I suspect I have adrenal/thyroid issues and got blood testing this very day to see where those stand. I don’t think adrenals/thyroid play into a TMJ issue but, who knows... ... ... Not sure if a chiro can really help with TMJ, perhaps yes perhaps no. Years ago when I first sought help through an ENT he treated the condition with putting me on a liquid diet for 14 days to allow the nerve running through the TMJ to calm down, then when introducing chewing a ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Ya , I dont know. My chiro said the structure of the body ...   stefb   18mo
        Ya , I dont know. My chiro said the structure of the body plays a big part in digestion too. I also have chronic sinus probs. I read this post on the Adrenal Fatigue forum about the jaw and adrenals... ... ... ... ... ... ... Its been awhile since the person signed on so maybe thats a good sign it helped the adrenal probs he/she was experiencing. ... ... I’m going to go in for another consult with the TMJ specialist on the 17th. He said the jaw muscles are being pulled and since my skull and jaw are both shifted off to the right, it cuts the bloodflow to t ...   [retrieve this message]
        • do a search and read about: ... Dr of Osteopathy Robert Boy...   vairagi   18mo
          do a search and read about: ... Dr of Osteopathy Robert Boyd /The Bowling Ball syndrome ... ... When we consider how the spinal structure is fit together almost like a simple but intricate puzzle w the head ballanced on top. How our spine has tendons and muscle intricatly interlacing each of the vertabra, thus interweaving a sophisticated seris of connections, enabling wide ranging smooth movement. We start to get the idea of how one contracted muscle, refusing to relax and thus not in snyc, can cause the breakdown of perfect alignment, which starts a compounding affect, resulting in a miriad of p ...   [retrieve this message]
    • ..sounds like leaky gut. It was weird, the relationship be...   Anthony87   18mo
      ..sounds like leaky gut. It was weird, the relationship between tmj and my gastro symptoms. Treat the leaky gut and go on a diet healthy for the liver and it should go away.   [End]
  • Dorn method for dislocated jaw?   Oli8   24mo  C
    Hi, I’ve had dislocated jaw for about 2 months now. I’m booked in to see a specialist in a months’s time, but thought it worthwile trying some of the alternative methods before that. I was wondering if anyone on here has experience with using Dorn for jaw joints corrections? I heard it works miracles on the spine so maybe it could be helpful here too. Thanks for your feedback or other recommendations!   [End]
    • hello, its been a few months, how did you make out with you...   mightyoak   20mo
      hello, its been a few months, how did you make out with your jaw? Are you ok now? i just stumbled on this post, andI know alot about this, because it happened to me. I have never heard of the dorn method, but my chiropracter fixed my jaw after it was severely dislocated for two years. If you need any help, just ask. I may know. Then again i may not.   [End]
  • TMJ, severe pain in throat/salivary gland?? Help!   ragalee   24mo
    I have TMJ and wear a splint/guard at night as that is the only time I clench my teeth. ... ... I haven’t been clenching my teeth as bad lately, and the other night i didn’t wear it. All day yesterday I had a pretty sore throat and it was uncomfortable to swallow and felt like I was being gently choked just below the Adams Apple. ... ... After dinner, by about an hour or so, the pain began to increase quite rapidly, to the point where I thought the gland under the jaw (salivary gland? lymph node?) was going to explode, or something was trying to get out of it. I tried gargling with water and perox ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Brain movement.   gwilhelm   27mo  C
    For the past few months I have developed a new symptom on top of my pre-existing health issues. ... ... Right now every time i press down on my teeth or start chewing I feel various parts of my head move. I don’t know if it’s my veins or parts of the brain itself... ... ... Apart from that , for the past few years I’ve had... ... - On set of sinusitis (had a surgery to correct) ... - Candida overgrowth from anti-biotic usage ... - Progressive memory/concentration loss. ... - The possibility of a major sleep issue involving lack of REM sleep. ... - Discovered on an MRI that I have large white-matter brain lesions ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I did a search for ’brain scan white matter’ and you can re...   MENDOMAID   27mo
      I did a search for ’brain scan white matter’ and you can read those websites. It does not seem to cause problems except in certain conditions. ... ... It is possible that your jaw is slightly displaced, a problem called TMJ ... Tmj Syndrome | LIVESTRONG.COM ... Tmj Syndrome. Overview It is estimated that 10 million Americans suffer from TMJ syndrome, a condition in which the temporomandibular joint does not function … ... ... · Cached page ... ... A dentist could adjust the bite - the way your teeth fit together for this might displace the jaw joints. A dentist co ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I have the cure for TMJ   ironsky   28mo
    I used to have sever TMJ, it was miserable, but now I am completely cured, it is possible. It takes time and work but I can cure you 100%, please believe me, i will tell you how if interested.   [End]
  • scuba dive messed me up and I can't heal, help please   justaguy394   28mo  C
    At the urging of a friend, I am posting my health history here in hopes that someone may have some insight to help me out... ... ... My life changed in an instant in 2002. I was a brand new scuba diver on my first dive trip when I was a very healthy 25 year-old man. First dive went fine, but on the second, I surfaced and when I took the regulator out of my mouth, it felt like I got hit by a ton of bricks. I was immediately dizzy and felt drunk / confused / out-of-it. I had a weird pressure sensation like someone was pressing on the top of my head. I discussed this with my dive partner, but we a ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Just a thought, chiropractic?   North   28mo
      Just a thought, chiropractic? Although you mention treatments that involve moving the head bones (sort of), like TMJ treatments, have you ever tried an actual chiropractor, to see about the alignment of the rest of your spine? ... ... I’ve been to many chiropractors over the years, and some did not do much for me, but a few did a lot for some odd things I had going on in my neck. Not the same as what you describe, but maybe an idea for you?   [End]
      • Thanks for the idea... I have actually seen several chiros ...   justaguy394   28mo
        Thanks for the idea... I have actually seen several chiros (at least 5 or 6). I never saw and benefit from them, unfortunately, and one guy actually made me feel worse. He was an upper cervical chiro, and after seeing him my sleep got all messed up again. ... ... I have seen a post about a guy who sounded similar to me and he got a ton of relief from a chiro who was very good at working the SCM muscles... I suspect it could help me. But it’s hard to just bounce from one chiro to another hoping that they have just the right expertise. Not sure how to find the right one.   [End]
      • never use chiropractic - ever. n/m   motif   27mo
    • Re: scuba dive messed me up and I can't heal, help please   MENDOMAID   28mo
      So you were just a 25 year old guy in good health who went scuba diving and suddenly, on your second dive, you developed some alarming problems and still have them 10 years later. Were you poisoned? You and your friend were probably using the same air and similar equipment but still it’s possible you reacted and he didn’t. Perhaps for some reason you have an intolerance to whatever was in the air or in the equipment. When I am exposed to some chemicals my muscles become weak. Often one of my neck vertabrae goes slightly out of joint and sometimes my jaw joint slips out too. My balance is p ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Your first sentence is correct, that is exactly what happen...   justaguy394   28mo
        Your first sentence is correct, that is exactly what happened. You have some good ideas there... one of my first thoughts when it happened was ”was I poisoned?”. You can sometimes get a bad air fill in the tank, but usually you can taste this and it would affect you more at depth than at the surface. So it seems very odd that I was fine the entire dive, then had problems just as I removed my regulator. That is why I tend to focus more on physical issues, but of course I have seen little progress from that. ... ... I plan on doing some big diet changes once the holidays are over... gluten free, ...   [retrieve this message]
    • hi and sorry for ur condition. at the age of 8 my daughter ...   shesalady1   28mo
      hi and sorry for ur condition. at the age of 8 my daughter had a little cold and then began to complain that her ”eyes are rolling”. doctors thought she was having seizures. fortunately, i was told about Cranial Sacral Therapy, which drains fluids that may be putting pressure on the brain. the pressure from ur scuba diving may have done that. they place their fingers lightly over certain spots on the head that help the lymphatic or other fluids drain to relieve the pressure. very gentle and hardly seems to make an impression, but can do a lot of good. ... ... best of luck   [End]
    •   carl29111   27mo
     I just watched a show the other nite about scuba divers that got messed up. The Doctor was curing them in a hyperbaric chamber. I don’t know if this will help you or not but i would try and talk to this doctor.   [End]
      • Thanks for replying... that article is about divers sufferi...   justaguy394   27mo
        Thanks for replying... that article is about divers suffering from decompression illness (the Bends). The first I did was get checked out by a scuba doctor and he was certain that what happened to me had nothing to do with decompression issues. Other scuba docs since then have agreed. I also underwent hyperbaric treatments last year as an experiement (mainly to see if a concussion I had a few months before the dive could be playing a role in all this) and it did nothing for me.   [End]
    • something tells me you got panic attack on that day ... and...   motif   27mo
      something tells me you got panic attack on that day ... and believe me anxiety can bring you down.... ... Don’t blame scuba, I scuba dive a lot and it’s pretty safe ... when you follow common sense rules. Tackle with anxiety ... takes long time BTW. ...   [End]
      • Years ago I had a (horrible) psychiatrist say almost the sa...   justaguy394   27mo
        Years ago I had a (horrible) psychiatrist say almost the same thing to me... ”I think you surfaced from the dive and had a panic attack”. I stared at him and said ”that lasted for years?”, and he shrugged. I had a strong desire to hit him... that dive was one of the most peaceful things I had ever done. It was a ton of fun in very safe conditions. I knew what he was saying was flat out wrong. ... ... Since then I have learned a ton about what anxiety can do, mainly from other life experiences and reading a lot, so I can sort of see why he would say that. But I know I did not have a panic attack ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Have you tried low level laser therapy/cold laser. There ar...   Steve888   27mo
      Have you tried low level laser therapy/cold laser. There are several inexpensive healing laser pens available on the net for self treatment if you don’t want to pay a doctor for it. It works very well for TMJ issues. My offer of a free sample energy healing session is also available to you if you would like to try it. PM me for that. ... ... Peace ... Steve   [End]
    • Audio Embedded Hello, ... ... I suffered from what I thought was chronic ...   LordUgh   20mo
      Hello, ... ... I suffered from what I thought was chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia (FM) for 9.5 years. Below is a list of things that have helped me. I wanted to pass them along in hopes that they may help someone else. I am not a medical practitioner. Always consult a physician before starting/stopping any medication, etc. ... ... How It Started: ... On Thursday, Sept. 27th, 2001, I went to bed feeling fine. The next morning, Friday, I woke up feeling like I hadn’t slept. No matter how I tried, I could not get going. I went to bed very early that night and slept for 14-ish hours. ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: scuba dive messed me up and I cant heal, help please   #181982   51d
      Yes - I had a first time Scuba dive which left me in a similar condition. ... I also surfaced (aborted the dive). I have had the gloomiest outlook since it happened 3 years ago. ... ... The scuba companies don’t want to acknowledge this as PADI and others make too much money from 1st time (’open water’ dives). If you haven’t trained in a swimming pool for a few moths you can give yourself: ... - barotrauma ... - Nitrosis ... - Damage to your CNS (see Swiss research). ... ... Open water dives are criminal and have even resulted in deaths. I know a novice who was taken to 40 meters on HIS FIRST DIVE. ... ... You can ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Gastro Clinic Chennai   coshchennai   29mo
    Cosh vision established a multi specially hospital in India to serve the local community by providing scientific perfection ... ... and health care in a locality where the need is most. Cosh aim is to establish a comprehensive system which would provide health ... ... care in suburban areas. Multi speciality clinic india, Orthopaedic Speciality Hospitals india, Master health check up. ... ... Cosh have all the recent advancements like arthroscopy, Pallitative care minimally invasive spine surgery and joint ... ... replacements which enable patients to recoup fast postperatively. We also believe on heal ...   [retrieve this message]
  • tmj   judy-c   29mo
    Has anyone ever tried prolotherapy for their tmj disorder?   [End]
  • tmj disorder treatment   twald   32mo
    hi ... i am seeking treatment for tmd. i was curious if anyone has undergone any type of non-invasive treatment procedures and the outcome. ... ... i live in south florida and have been referred to ... ... Dr. Harold f Menchel ... ... ... ... Dr. Leana Thanos ... ... ... ... The treatment procedures are quite costly, and I’m willing to make this investment, however i would prefer to hear some testimonials before i continue. ... ... If anyone has been treated for tmd by either of these dr’s please share in this post, or feel free to send me a private message and i w ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi.. I’ve been wearing this jaw splint on my lower teeth. ...   judy-c   29mo
      Hi.. I’ve been wearing this jaw splint on my lower teeth. ... I take it out to eat, then brush my teeth, and back in it goes. It’s been 9 months now. My jaw would be out by 5-7 days and my chirop. would put it back in. I can now go up to 12 days. I had braces at an older age (51??) and wonder if this partly contributed to the problem.   [End]
    • hi twald, ... ... I have had TMD for years, and done a lot...   gizmogrl   29mo
      hi twald, ... ... I have had TMD for years, and done a lot of damage to my TMJoints and had disabling related pains. If I wasn’t writhing with blinding headaches, I was concussed, and the muscle spasms alone were out of control. I did know to use a mouthguard, which helped me protect my teeth and dental work. My TMJoint topos, scans, 360’s, deviation studies, wrecked dislocated discs and structures are super ugly, but I can eat (carefully) without dislocating and locking, so I’ve skipped the titanium joint replacement therapy, since the Mayo Clinic is honest enough to say it often doesn’t help ...   [retrieve this message]
  • TMJ Care and Treatment Short Hills, New Jersey   HealthCareMarketingGroup   3y
    ... According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research of the National Institutes of Health, almost 11 million people in the United States suffer from TMJ problems at any given time. Both men and women experience TMJ problems; however, 90% of those seeking TMJ care and treatment are women. ... ... Many patients report the onset of TMJ symptoms after experiencing a traumatic injury to the jaw, having a complex dental work, following the insertion of a breathing tube used for having a surgical procedure, or from clenching and grinding of one’s teeth. ... ... Sometime ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Improper Jaw Alignment   HealthCareMarketingGroup   3y
    ... ... ... Improper Jaw Alignment ... ... Many people suffer from daily pain due to a jaw that is misaligned. Most people usually overlook these symptoms as stress from their everyday lives. Some of the most common symptoms of a misaligned jaw are: ... ...  •  Headaches ...  •  Migraines ...  •  Dizziness ...  •  Pain in the face or jaw ...  •  Neck and shoulder pain ...  •  Sensitive teeth ...  •  Fatigue ...  •  Irritability ...  •  Locking or clicking jaw ...  •  ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Questions about Probiotic symptoms   alahadances   3y  C
    Can someone assist me in understanding a very odd symptom I seem to have when I start a new course of probiotics -- my jaw becomes tighter and I find myself clenching my mouth and teeth during waking and sleeping hours. I have this sense that I am holding my jaw, as opposed to it being relaxed in my mouth. ... ... I have mercury poisoning and I am currently chelating with DMSA 3 days on 11 days off. I am feeling well enough to start probiotics, but I am deeply puzzled by this symptom and wonder if it is a sign to stop or keep moving through it. ... ... I can imagine the gut has a great deal to do ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I started a new strong probiotic a few days ago and I am al...   irenap   3y
      I started a new strong probiotic a few days ago and I am also having this happen to me. Jaw tension like TMJ I also feel like I have arthritis. I think for me, this is detox and die off. I just read an interesting post on the candida forum. That related to toxins and candida. It was in response to someone with a query about being tiered after meals. The issue is similar in that it is related to toxins associated with candida. Look at that post and research molybedum. I hope this is useful.   [End]
    • I have that same problem and take magnesium for it, otherwi...   hayley3   3y
      I have that same problem and take magnesium for it, otherwise I get a migraine soon after. I also startle easily from sounds. Have you noticed if you do that as well? ... ... Cheryl   [End]
  • Can adrenal fatigue cause TMJ?   Vegeta   3y  C
    I got TMJ around the same time I developed symptoms of hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue about 2 1/2 years ago. I’ve experienced some catabolism which has caused stretch marks on my biceps and slightly drooping forehead skin. Is this due to collagen loss? Can it be replenished? ... ... I also had my wisdom tooth removed 3 months before having any symptoms of hypo and adrenal fatigue so I don’t know what the cause is. ... ... Also, either the TMJ is causing the bad neck and shoulder pain+stiffness or its the adrenals. ... ... Can anyone provide some insight? ... ... Thanks.   [End]
    • I got TMJ in the beginning of my illness as well. My mouth ...   anonalon   3y
      I got TMJ in the beginning of my illness as well. My mouth would only open so far and if i wanted to open it further it would make a loud pop in my jaw and be uncomfortable. ... ... I haven’t had it in a long time now. As for the collagen I was informed this would reverse itself when your adrenals recover. ... ... In the mean time you could try 6,000 mgs of Vitamin C divided up in 4 doses and 6,000 mgs of L-lysine divided up in 4 doses as well as 500 mgs of L-proline. This is suppose to help the collagen. It also cleans the arteries really well, which people need if they have hypothyroidism.   [retrieve this message]
      • I got TMJ prior to adrenal fatigue (i think about a year or...   ERM   3y
        I got TMJ prior to adrenal fatigue (i think about a year or two). After some research, I thought somehow it’s related to mercury poisoning &/ cavitation, which also lead to the fatigue. I never thought the adrenal fatigue cause TMJ. I thought the mercury poisoning somehow contribute to the TMJ and the fatigue. Any other thoughts? ... ... Btw, my TMJ is no longer painful (due the physiotherapy). However, it become a problem for my dentist to remove my aching root canal teeth. My dentist refuse to remove it for fear it will cause further damage to my jaw (and trigger TMJ pain again). ... ... I wonder ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Oh yeah, I forgot to add. There is a possibility of cavitat...   ERM   3y
          Oh yeah, I forgot to add. There is a possibility of cavitation due to the removal of wisdom teeth (I had 4 wisdom teeth removed before the TMJ). My suspicion is the TMJ is somehow caused by the wisdom toothe removal, but I have yet to find dentist who can check cavitation for me. ... ... Vegeta, have you checked with any holistic dentist who know the cavitation issue? There is a possibility since you removed your wisdom teeth. ... ... Besides mercury poisoning, cavitation is one of the thing which can trigger fatigue. ... ... ERM   [End]
    • The TMJ cause the bad neck and shoulder pain.   ERM   3y
      The TMJ cause the bad neck and shoulder pain.   [End]
      • Yeah, that is what I feel too as my cortisol isn’t too low,...   Vegeta   3y
        Yeah, that is what I feel too as my cortisol isn’t too low, I have early stage adrenal fatigue with slightly high blood pressure. ... ... So, if collagen gets better as the adrenals recover, will the stretch marks disappear or would I need to use stuff like MSM, coconut oil etc to fade them?   [End]
        • Spoke to my maxilofacial consultant today and he has no ide...   Vegeta   3y
          Spoke to my maxilofacial consultant today and he has no idea why I have jaw pain and jaw and neck muscle pain. ... ... My jaw x-rays show the jaw discs and joints show no damage or wear and tear. I mentioned if it could be muscular i.e neuromuscular and he said it most likely is and has referred me to a neurologist. ... ... I also asked if the cracking and popping sounds from the jaw can be due to muscle tension and also the transient deviation and he said yes. ... ... I can open my mouth fully, its just my jaw muscles can be very soar and also my masseter and temporalis are tender.   [End]
    • I had 4 cavitations after having my wisdom teeth extracted ...   worked4me   24mo
      I had 4 cavitations after having my wisdom teeth extracted . I finally discovered them after ten years of shoulder , lymph node , body illness. chronic illness daily . all of my symptoms disappeared after cavitation cleaning and ozone injections. ... Your recent wisdom tooth extraction could be a focal infection / cavitation. ... I still deal with some adrenal exhaustion issues . I live in BC Canada , the oral surgeon I went to works in Vancouver.he has a cavitat machine. ...   [End]
  • is this tmj ???   cazuale88   4y  C
    Hello all. ... ... Primary concern is my tinnitus which is bilaterial and really quite loud. Stops me from sleeping a lot of the time. Any other symptoms I can take on the chin but this really gets to me. Along with this i sufffer from the inability to ’pop’ my ears(constant, can not equalise the pressure), head aches/pressure, bruxism and a tense jaw. I also suffer from anxiety and notice when i am particiularly anxious my jaw tension worsens, coherently with the tinnitus, ear fullness etc ... ... i also find it difficult to concentrate and get visual disturbances. (hard to describe - blotchy, ’s ...   [retrieve this message]
    •  It could be tmj, but you mentioned that you suffer fr...   LuellaMay   4y
       It could be tmj, but you mentioned that you suffer from anxiety.  In my own personal experience, my anxiety results in tmj and related symptoms, actually, the ones you describe.  When I am anxiety-free there are absolutely no symptoms.  It’s something about anxiety giving muscles a life of their own causing them to tense, sometimes with resulting pain and other symptoms.  Other common muscles affected are the shoulder and back muscles. ... ... The symptoms you describe below all result from anxiety.  They could be caused by tmj, but then again, you said the magic ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi, ... I have very similar tinnitus, bruxism, blurry sight...   #148083   28mo
      Hi, ... I have very similar tinnitus, bruxism, blurry sight symptoms, and jaw/TMJ maneuvers that affect the level of the tinnitus. However, my tinnitus is pulsatile high-frequency, at the rate of heart-beat. As though I am hearing a blood vessel. I suspect some TMJ-related pressure is a cause of the tinnitus... ... I generally have low pulse and BP. ... ... Did you progress with diagnosis? IS it pulsatile for you as well? ... ... Hope all is well, ... Omri.   [End]
  • tmj   dnewsome2   4y
    Im not sure if i have tmj my symtoms are pain in my left ear and behind the left eye kinda makes your hole head/neck hurt. my ear feels like it needs to pop and sinus on left side only feels pluged a little but i know i dont have a sinus infection no drainage nothing. and i have never been so tired sleeping alot. i went to the doc and did not have an ear infection. i do hear a little clicking if i open wide enough. it also sound like i have fluid in my ears can any one help thanks.   [End]
  • I am having stomach pain daily, blurred vison and fatigue, ...   joshpett2003   4y
  • I can't find the mouthpiece I saw before   Minnie90   4y  C
    A couple of months ago I searched for snoring/sleep apnea mouthpieces and bought one that brings my jaw forward a little and it helps. I feel if it brought my jaw forward even more then it would be better. I saw a few that bring my jaw more forward, but I can’t find the one that I wanted. It is much like the SnoreMender (which what I’ll get if I can’t find the one I’m looking for), but it had 3 different sizes sold together and they were blue. Can anyone help me find that again or tell the brand name to find it please? Also what do you guys think about the snoremender ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Try Amazon.. They have several and they have good user revi...   Genmata   4y
      Try Amazon.. They have several and they have good user reviews. I’ve considered getting one since I hate the CPAP. ... curious if it would help me. ... I have severe Apnea   [End]
    • Hello, ... ...   ... ... I am not sure if you found...   rxforlife   3y
      Hello, ... ...   ... ... I am not sure if you found what you were looking for, but I came across something when I was looking for help with snoring, and found a blog page that directed me to a product to help with snoring.  I will put a link here in case you want to take a look :)  Good Luck!  (Incidentally, I did get this product and it worked for me) :) ...   [End]
  • cavitation specialist in new York   dianz873   4y  C
    I am looking for a cavitation specialist in New York area. I need infected root canal tooth extracted.I have several teeth like this but this one seems to give me most symptoms. ... I had 4 wisdom teeth extracted before as well for no apparent reason - wrong advice by the doctor.And cavitat did show a problem so I might need help with those too. ... I have been sick with disabling chronic fatigue for many years, have not being able to work despite all those years of an education and strenuous training. ... I would appreciate referral or the information. ... Dian   [End]
  • TMJ - anything can help when locked up?   mytwo   4y  C
    My friend is asking me to help her figure out if there is anything natural that will help unlock her TMJ. She is in really bad pain and the doc gave her a muscle relaxant. ... ... Any suggestions? ... ... Blessings.   [End]
  • Anyone had TMJ replacement surgery?   tlovesb   4y  C
    First a little history - I have had TMJ issues for over 20 years. I had my first surgery in 1987 after splint therapy failed to help me. My jaw was repositioned as part of the surgery, so I then had to wear braces for five years to reposition my teeth. I was very pleased with the results of that surgery, but after 10 years or so I started having problems again. In 1999 I had a second surgery to remove scar tissue and also replace the destroyed disk in my left side with dermis? from my hip area. This surgery took much longer to recuperate from, but still was an improvement over pre surgery ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Edited   #119945   4y
    i have tmj, but no pain. it i   [End]
  • anterior open bite after splints   cmo123   4y
    Hello all and thank you for sharing your experiences. I have been working with a cranio mandibular specialist for a year and he has cured my TMJ with splints. However, after wearing them full time for 12 months I now realize that he has ruined my bite and I have an anterior open bite. Luckily I can still eat but this has to be addressed! I know this has happened to others: if anyone could tell me how they fixed this I would be most appreciative. ... Thanks!   [End]
    • I’m in the same boat. I had some TMJ issues a year ago, whi...   ajm07   4y
      I’m in the same boat. I had some TMJ issues a year ago, which seemed to resolve themselves within a week. But the dentist told me to wear a splint, and after 9 months I have an anterior open bite. It seems to me that only my wisdom teeth are touching. ... ... I’m going to a TMJ specialist, who I am guessing will suggest removal of wisdom teeth. But I don’t know if that will be enough to fix the open bite.   [End]
  • is this tmj need help   kenny198905   4y
    I need advice im i have real bad anxity problams and im freaking out it started 3 montehs ago with my right ear ringing went to ent and he told me i had otoscrosis never eraly did any test then i started to have presure on the right side of my head i clench my teeth ear pain eye pain stiffness of the cheek bone sore throt and i get nuaseated a lot is this tmj????   [End]
  • Need information please   Hope2055   5y
    I hope this shows up, I am new to this site. I have severe pain from TMJ (discs dislocated) from a dental procedure. I lost my mouth guard in a house fire, my INS. will NOT replace. Has anyone had any minor procedures to help them with the pain and muscle spasms? I am in physical therapy and it helps, but I cannot go forever? ... Thanks ... Hope   [End]
  • Antidepressants and TMJ   #87379   5y
    Many dentists and doctors recommend antidepressants for TMJ but you should not take them because you will eventually get worse and in my case I believe my TMJ was caused by my antidepressant use.Antidepressnts damage the brain and nervous system but paradoxically they supress the symptoms they cause which is why people get infinitely worse when they stop taking the drugs. In school and work place shootings we always hear that the shooter was off his medication .This only means that the withdrawal is worse than the drug but do not infer that the person would not have been better if he never ...   [retrieve this message]
  • TMJ and Sea Kelp   #117907   5y  C
    Hi was reading and agree certain food does enhance the problem - I had to avoid many food, even drinks, brushing my teeth scared me and going to sleep sometimes I would wake not able to swallow or breath! Finally I’ve managed to resolve the situation quite a bit. I found my answer, born out of vanity for longer hair and nails..... I started taking ’Sea Kelp’ thinking it was doing very little, I stopped for three weeks, and then the pain came back - silent tears (too painful to scream) and agony where I honestly thought my end was near!!! So I’m back on the Sea Kelp, and guess what... min ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Very interesting. How much Kelp are you taking per day?   solmare   5y
      Very interesting. How much Kelp are you taking per day?   [End]
    • You might be hypothyroid. TMJ can be one of the symptoms, ...   Iolite   5y
      You might be hypothyroid. TMJ can be one of the symptoms, I believe. is a good place to start to read up on hypothyroidism. Kelp is high in iodine - good, but is also known to be contaminated with arsenic -- not good. Lugols iodine and iodoral are also high in iodine but don’t have the asenic. You might want to think about switching to one of these. Swanson Vitamins sells 2oz of 2% lugols iodine for $10. Google for best prices of iodoral. is a good resource for iodine. ... ... Be advised that as you continue to take iodine, yo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • TMJ - Botox relief   pinkjackal   5y
    Hi there, I have suffered from TMJ for approx 7 years & also have arthritis on the left side of my jaw due to this. I take 4 tramadol & 3 Diclofenac each day to try and help the pain. I went to see a surgeon 2 weeks ago as they were going to try & ’wash’ out the joint to see if that would help. When I got to the hospital they explained that, as a last ditch attempt before the surgery they wanted to try botox. So I went back 4 days later & got 8 injections of botox on both sides of my face (so 18 in all) into my jaw muscles. It wasn’t too sore on the right side, but the left side was f ...   [retrieve this message]
  • TMJ pain relief. Thank you so much!   nonofollow   5y
    Hey everyone, ... ... About 3 months ago, someone asked in this forum about the TMJ Help Program. At the time, I was just getting started with it and I gave my opinion on it saying it was the best thing that had happened to me, but I was not 100% back to normal yet. ... ... The TMJ Help Program ( ) is full of jaw exercises and massages for the jaw, mouth, shoulders, neck and the rest of the body. What I found interesting in this program is that Katherine Page takes a different approach from every one else. To her, TMJ can be caused by a bad general body posture, meaning that ...   [retrieve this message]
    • well im asking for my money back cause i tried it and it ma...   #54682   5y
      well im asking for my money back cause i tried it and it made me worse!!!! so the fact that they say that its a cure is wrong cause its not for glad you are better thou.........   [End]
      • An Aid, But Not a Permanent Solution   godmadeusperfect   5y
        The ”Thank You So Much” post sounds like an advertisement to me. Nonofollows has only done a couple posts on TMJ support and none anywhere else. A true CZer answers the question ”what is in the book” honestly with specific instructions to the excercises, not by just saying ”read the book to find out how”. I am sure this person wants to help people which I appreciate, but we have to be realistic. ... ... Excercises cannot fix a severe TMJ disorder. You need structural realignment to correct a bad bite, you need bite reconstruction by a chiropractic dentist. ... ... Do not buy this thinking it wi ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: TMJ pain relief. Thank you so much!   crusinnj   3y
      nonofollow: ... ... First i tried your link to the and it didn’t work so maybe you can send me it after you check it out so I can post this there as well. ... ... Dentists don’t seem to respond to me when I provide them with my solution to the fix on TMJ so here’s a slight story and the solution I found. I also have suggested this to some 27 people who also had TMJ and it helped all as well. ... ... Condition: Severe pain in jaws like pressure of a vice closing your jaw, clicking in the ear, grinding of teeth adds to the condition and once you have it you can’t even eat a banana from the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • tmj??   seeking77   5y
    I have had severe ear pain upon waking in the morning for about 10 years now, maybe even more. I used to think it was always whatever ear I woke up NOT sleeping on, the one exposed to the environment (side sleeper). Now I am realizing it is always my right ear and I must just sleep on my left side most often. It is the most intense pain I have ever had and it is so debilitating in the morning that I can’t move my head even a fraction of an inch without the most horrid stabbing pains shooting throughout my entire head, but mostly centered around the ear. Once I finally make myself jerk ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Go to a good chiropractor and hopefully they can recommend ...   godmadeusperfect   5y
      Go to a good chiropractor and hopefully they can recommend a good chiropractic dentist where you could work as a team. ... ... Do a good parasite cleanse as well, it helps with all sorts of inexplicable aches and pains. ... ... Do a good biological dental cleanup. ... ... I hope you are feeling better.   [End]
  • TMJ- no pain   KattyKimK   5y  C
    I have TMJ but it doesn’t hurt me and never had. My jaw clicks when I chew but that’s the only problem I have with it. Should I have it looked at even though it causes me no pain? I’m kind of afraid of what they may tell me!   [End]
  • Has any of you tried the TMJ Help Program?   #73300   5y
    Hello everyone, ... ... Like all of you here, I have bad TMJ and I have been suffering from it for well over 5 years. I keep bumping into the TMJ Help Program on this website: ... ... ... Has any of you tried the TMJ Help Program? I’ve read only good things about it. It’s basically a bunch of exercises and massages for the jaw, mouth, neck, shoulders and the rest of the body. ... ... My chiropractor only showed me 2-3 exercises for relaxing my jaw and I am hopeful that this program will show me more tricks to help me feel better. ... ... I just wanted to see if any of you were successfu ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Yes, I have tried the TMJ Help Program and I can say that t...   nonofollow   5y
      Yes, I have tried the TMJ Help Program and I can say that the results are pretty astounding! I was looking for jaw exercises to help relieve my TMJ pain and I ran into the same website ( ... ) several times. I was a little skeptical because of the way the site is formatted. You know, they sell the tmj help program as a ”miracle cure” and this made me think it was a scam. I did quite a bit of research and found only positive comments and reviews about the program. So I gave it a try. I didn’t have anything to lose anyways as there was a 100% money back guarantee. I do ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hello, ... ... Yes I am currently using the tmj help progr...   #110337   5y
      Hello, ... ... Yes I am currently using the tmj help program at present and yes it is working. After no help from doctors and dentists wanting to give me a splint (on a waiting list) and excruciating pain for a year i needed a fix to relieve pain and hope. i took a chance and its paying off. The program takes approx 1 hour to complete and i do this morning and night and headaches jaw ache etc all reduced significantly. my top and bottom front teeth do not meet now when i close my jaw they are becoming normal with the top set slightly in front of the bottom set. i started this program last week. ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Your testimonial sounds re-assuring. I will have to pursue...   ring5100   5y
        Your testimonial sounds re-assuring. I will have to pursue this program. ... Thanks. Paulette   [End]
        • ... No amount of excercise can help your bite to be in a he...   godmadeusperfect   5y
          ... No amount of excercise can help your bite to be in a healthy position without permanent structural change. The people who posted about the TMJ help program should have just been honest and said ”hey, I have a new book that might help” instead of planting questions and responses. ... ... Do the TMJ/Postural excersises available in the book or through any chiropractor for a while so you can get your jaw to a state of relaxation and then go to a dentist and have him build up teeth with bonding to make this bite a permanent bite and not just one you are able to achieve with relaxation technique ...   [retrieve this message]
  • TMJ Relief for High Strung Husband   #109396   5y
    Hi Everyone, ... ... I would greatly appreciate any feed back on this issue. ... ... My husband is the high strung type. He has been grinding his teeth for as long as he can remember, but in recent years, his jaw popping has become unbearable for the BOTH of us. His condition gets worse and worse. He works a computer all day, and clenches his wrist around his mouse for about 15 hours a day, in addition to the jaw grinding at night. ... ... No one in the house hold can stand to eat dinner while he is at the table. We;ve tried music, noise, anything to cover up the horrendous noise of grinding screws in on ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hello there, ... I am feeling really bad for you just readi...   nonofollow   5y
      Hello there, ... I am feeling really bad for you just reading your post. It is often overlooked that TMJ does not only affect the sufferer himself, but also the people around him. ... I wrote in this forum before about the TMJ Help Program, which is the exercises I used to considerably improve my TMJ. You may want to look into ... it is the website where you can find the tmj help program. Basically it’s an ebook with many exercises and massages to practice at home (or wherever you want). While it didn’t cure me 100% as it claimed to, I have to admit that I am maybe 95% bac ...   [retrieve this message]
      • I have helped a lot of folks on curezone with many differen...   Steve888   5y
        I have helped a lot of folks on curezone with many different issues using somethiing called EFT or emotional freedom techniques. I offer a free 10min session to all curezone members. You can PM me if he would like to try a session. ... ... Blessings ... Steve   [End]
  • TMJ on one side only   ring5100   6y
    Hi all. I’m new here. I’ve always had minor ”livable” TMJ, but recently, it is very severe. Pain and severe muscle tightness is from behing my ear, down the left neck, up in fron of the ear and up to the temple and across the entire left side of head and over eyes. I went to the chiropractor today and he could nto to to much. Suggested I see a massage pain clinic in town, that has a clinition that workrs by massaging the TMJ joint area from inside the month. Has anyone else had this done? In the meantime, he suggested I do ice applications for 24 hours, than do some heat over the ar ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Light headedness and pain can be symptoms of TMJ. I have he...   Steve888   5y
      Light headedness and pain can be symptoms of TMJ. I have helped a lot of folks on curezone using a therapy called EFT or emotional freedom techniques. I offer a free 10min session. If you would like to try it just PM your pain level and location. ... ... Blessings ... Steve   [End]
    • Hello, ... ... I am new on this site too and saw your mess...   #110337   5y
      Hello, ... ... I am new on this site too and saw your message, i hope you still check this site. If you still in pain or not found a suitable option for relieving tmj, have a serious look at ... its not a scam which i originally thought i am currently trying it out and seeing great results meaning pain relief and no clenching at night, change in jaw alignment after only a week. i can still see room for improvement but nothing changes to perfect overnight. because there is less pain i am aware of the triggers now so i can also proactively manage the tmj whilst i recover ... ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Thank you. ... I too saw this webpage and made a copy of it...   ring5100   5y
        Thank you. ... I too saw this webpage and made a copy of it for future purchase. Everything cost! ... How long have you tried this, again? How bad was your pain? ... Mine is in front of the ear, behine the ear, down from the temple to lower jawline and a bit in the cheek and even onto the forehead. ... Paulette   [End]
        • hi, ... ... you’re still around! I have had about 5 or mor...   worldrocks   5y
          hi, ... ... you’re still around! I have had about 5 or more falls on my neck over 10 years and treated for neck and back pain. clenching and ramdon migraines for 5 years bit my gum guard to shreds last week went for new one and was diagnosed tmj. headaches everyday for last year from base of skull up over left eye itchy and sore ears, throbbing head, dull head stabbing head with little needles, neck terrible in morning, boiling hot forehead, sore teeth, jaw, shoulders and behind ears. I couldnt sleep recently and had panic attacks, head was mental and enough was enough. i had been on pizotifen ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Thank you. Visiting this site, quite late, as my TMJ has f...   ring5100   5y
        Thank you. Visiting this site, quite late, as my TMJ has flared up again, very bad this time. With very sore neck and also left ear is plugged and in pain. ... ... I looked at the webpage of the book you suggested, author Katherine Page. Looks great, but very pricy. ... ... With the economy in a bad way, so has our budget been poor. ... I just can’t afford the $49 for this book ( a lot for just a book ) ... ... But, thanks anyway. Will have to wait till I can save up for this, but do want to get it. ... Thank you. Pauline   [End]
  • slurred speech   dillygirl   6y  C
    I am a 48 year mother of two. Since May I have been experiencing trouble with my speech and ability to chew food with ease. The symptoms have gotten much worse since October and I now sound as if I´m drunk. It is extremely difficult for me to speak clearly and I find that at the end of the day I am exhausted from just working on my pronunciation. I often gag when brushing my teeth and sometimes when I take a sip of water or anything liquid it comes back out. Recently the thumb on my left hand has become weak - I literally cannot zip up my coat with the left hand or undo buttons or buckles ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Yes, that is part of my story before I found out about nerv...   UserX   6y
      Yes, that is part of my story before I found out about nerve interference and chiropractic. I had the symptoms you mentioned, plus the feeling of water dropping in my eye at times, my right side was weak. Even my tongue, while I too had the difficulty with speaking it had the drop of water feeling too, and on my right foot. There were more symptoms, pain in my neck, all mainly on my right side. etc. It seemed like stroke symptoms but I knew it wasn’t that. I had heard a little about chiroptactic and so I asked at the local HFS for a recommendation. I went, I wound up with a wonderful chiro ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Slurred speech can be a precursor to stroke. ... ... When ...   peggyaus   6y
        Slurred speech can be a precursor to stroke. ... ... When my dear mother had a stroke last year she had classic signs of stroke for months, but noone picked it up. Wish I had known of the classic signs of stroke before it happened. Now she is on Warfarin. She has lost sight in one eye. ... ... I would be asking the doc about this, and research ways of preventing stroke if you think this may be a sign.   [End]
        • Warfarin (Coumadin) is a nasty drug. It not only interacts ...   Hveragerthi   6y
          Warfarin (Coumadin) is a nasty drug. It not only interacts with numerous foods (greens, ginger, vanilla, cayenne, etc.) and drugs, it also greatly increases the risk of death from hemorrhage and hemorrhagic stroke. Something the doctors fail to mention to their patients.   [End]
          • Yes Hv. ... ... My mother is 80 and listens to conventiona...   peggyaus   6y
            Yes Hv. ... ... My mother is 80 and listens to conventional docs and docs only. I too worry about her diet now which has no greens in it at all with her commencement of Warfarin; not to mention the risk of falls and wounds scares me to death. She already has had a couple of falls.   [End]
    • First thing that comes to mind is a stroke. ... ... Bell’s...   Hveragerthi   6y
      First thing that comes to mind is a stroke. ... ... Bell’s palsy or some other viral infection is also a possibility. ... ... How soon before you have results on the second MRI?   [End]
      • Yes, like some other posters here, I too thought of the pos...   #38782   6y
        Yes, like some other posters here, I too thought of the possibility of a stroke in the making.... Here´s some info I have from a previous poster, re identifying a stroke and immediately being able to react appropriately - hoping you wont need it.... Getting a good chiropracter to do a check up with also sounds like very good advice! ... ... RECOGNIZING A STROKE ... ... Thank God for the sense to remember the ”3” steps, STR . Read and Learn! ... ... Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells disaster. The stroke victim may suffer severe brain dam ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I’m no expert in these matters, but the first thing that co...   Insight   6y
      I’m no expert in these matters, but the first thing that comes to mind is cayenne pepper. It increases blood flow, and apparently people have stopped heart attacks and strokes cold with this pepper. If it has the strength to do that in the midst of an attack, it definitely has preventative powers against these and other deteriorations. ... ... Also look into vasodilation therapy. I’ve heard some good things about it.   [End]
      • Not a good idea in this case. She is on Coumadin (Warfarin)...   Hveragerthi   6y
        Not a good idea in this case. She is on Coumadin (Warfarin) and cayenne pepper will potentiate the blood thinning effects. ... ... Also to prevent stroke damage the stroke must be caught and dealt with within a 3 hour period. For example, ozone therapy given within this time frame has been shown to reverse any damage from strokes. After the window though the enzymes released lead to permanent damage.   [End]
  • TMJ exercises   seb481   6y
    Does anyone know of god TMJ exercises?   [End]
    • Hi Seb481. I do know about ”god exercises”. hihi, I guess y...   nonofollow   5y
      Hi Seb481. I do know about ”god exercises”. hihi, I guess you meant ”good exercises”. ... A few months ago I came across, ... which is one of these websites that looks like the ”god-sent miracle cure”... Although skeptical, I did buy the ebook for about $30 I think, mostly because it was offering exactly what I was looking for: exercises for your TMJ. ... ... It’s incredible that there aren’t many websites that offer that type of information. It took me forever to find out about the TMJ Help Program, but let me tell you that I’m glad I found it! ... ... The author of the ebook tak ...   [retrieve this message]
      • I was looking for the same thing as you a while back. Found...   floob   5y
        I was looking for the same thing as you a while back. Found some good videos, but the previous poster is right, alot of your problems can be solved by correcting your posture. everything is connected after all! ... ... Here are the vids: tmj exercises   [End]
  • TMJ pain   timmybear   6y
    I totally empathise with you all going through this dreadful condition. ... I myself have had TMJ for about 10yrs, and I feel as though I’m going round in circles. Firstly I started with locking and terrible cracking, with pain in the joint. I have since had arthrocentisis twice, and although my jaw no longer locks, and the cracking is much improved, I still have constant earache, neck pain, eye socket pain, tooth pain and now a sore tongue !!!!! ... I have tried the splint and soft diet bit, which didn’t help at all. Infact it made things worse as I work in a secondary school, and the kids c ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Wow, I am sooooo glad I did not go the route you took. I do...   pheobebreeze   6y
      Wow, I am sooooo glad I did not go the route you took. I do not know if your interested or not in what I did. But here goes. I had severe TMJ, I clenched at night it was horrible the pain. I ended up finding a really good doctor that checked all my deficiencies like magnesium and he also checked my hormone levels. Did you know that a lot of women are deficient in progesterone at a very young age. I didn’t, anyway got all that stuff straightened out and that stopped the clenching. Still had bad jaw pain and felt horrible ended up reading a book called TMJ eliminated, about an alternative tr ...   [retrieve this message]
      • I appreciate any words of help as I’m at my wits end today,...   timmybear   6y
        I appreciate any words of help as I’m at my wits end today, ear stabbing and not sleeping at night either. ... Unfortunately I don’t think I can take anything containing hormones, without risking panic attacks, which I found triggered them after taking hormone tablets for another health issue which I won’t bore you with. ... However when my consultant finally gets around to inviting me into his clinic, I shall indeed mention what you have said, as nothing ventured nothing gained. ... Thanks for taking the time to write, it helps enormously to know their are kindred spirit out there!!!!   [End]
  • TMJ Surgery   periopnurse   6y
    Hi I am new here - I live in NJ . I have bad TMJ .I wear the hard nightguard 24 hrsa day. I am on Petcocet & Soma for the pain . I am on a special diet - everything is the consistency of mashed potatoes. Nothing to chew . ... I have severe pain in my ear also- it’s to the point where everything is muffled:( ... ... I am scheduled for bilateral TMJ arthroscopy in early sept. The surgeon said he will inject ” lubricating fluid ” onto the joint and inject long acting pain medicines. ... ... ... I just want the pain to go away:( ... ... OMG the surgical fees each side $7500 !!! So my surgery is gonna cost $15,0 ...   [retrieve this message]
  • What about false teeth?   #69336   6y  C
    I don’t remember reading discussion of what happens if your mouth is a mess (as mine is) and you choose to have teeth pulled instead of keeping them...even if you elect to get ”partials” (I can imagine what they might be, but have never seen them). What percentage of people talk with a lisp of sorts... can people talk normally. What if you need support for a TMD jaw problem bilaterally? Will this worsen the problem. Can someone direct me to a website that deals with this, with full knowledge of the consequences of putting other forms of plastic or metal in your mouth? ... ... Thanks for any ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Search False Teeth ...  Dentures ... Partials ... Brid...   Logger   6y
      Search False Teeth ...  Dentures ... Partials ... Bridges ... Implants ...  Jaw Bone Loss Dentures ... Implants keep jaw bones from atrophy. ... Dentures will allow less stress on the jaw, and the jaw bone has been reported to gradually get smaller, with disuse.  ...   ...   ...   ...   ... .. ...   [End]
  • tmj   North Star   6y  C
    Can someone recommend an electromedicine device that could be used for TMJ? I would like to do electro-acupuncture, but there isn’t really anyone in my area who is going to work for me for now. I’m thinking of something I could use at home. In addition, I want to start doing some research on electromedicine, and if anyone can give me an overview of it (in particular, devices that can be used at home), I would really appreciate it.   [End]
    • Photo therapy with LED lights would be effective in looseni...   Steve888   6y
      Photo therapy with LED lights would be effective in loosening up the muscles that affect TMJ. Sota Instruments makes a good one. ... ... I am still offering 10 minutes of free energy healing to CZ forum members here if you are interested: ... ... ... ... ... ... Steve ...   [End]
      • I can’t afford that unit, but are you familiar with the bio...   North Star   6y
        I can’t afford that unit, but are you familiar with the bio tuner? That is less expensive, and I wonder if it would help. ... Thanks.   [End]
        • I have the bio-tuner and it is relaxing but hard to say if ...   Steve888   6y
          I have the bio-tuner and it is relaxing but hard to say if it will work for sure on TMJ. Check out ... ... look for the 660/880 combo unit. Affordable at $125 and works well on lots of different pain issues, I have one and it’s a good affordable LED unit.   [End]
          • You seem very knowledgeable about this type of stuff. What’...   North Star   6y
            You seem very knowledgeable about this type of stuff. What’s a good way to begin to familiarize myself with electro-medicine? When trying to familiarize myself with a new area of alternative medicine, I sometimes read through the CureZone forum(s) or search the net and sometimes find that reading a book or two is a better approach. In particular, with electro-medicine, I want to get an understanding of the various home units out there that are good.   [End]
            • I learned by researching about each type of modality on it’...   Steve888   6y
              I learned by researching about each type of modality on it’s own. Like you can research LEDs or phototherapy on Google. NASA has done a lot with this technology. It’s become quite comonplace to see LEDs and low level laser therapy or LLLT used in medical settings and with chiropractors and physical therapists etc. There are TENS units for pain reduction, zappers/blood electrification devices for getting rid of infections/parasites. Magpulsers are use for pulsing lymph, pain reduction, and rejuvenation. There are water ozonators and colloidal silver makers as well for getting rid of pathoge ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Is this the same technology as a far infrared sauna?   North Star   6y
            Is this the same technology as a far infrared sauna?   [End]
          • Can this be used to heal the eyes? ... Also, are there any ...   North Star   6y
            Can this be used to heal the eyes? ... Also, are there any contraindications to using this? ... Thanks.   [End]
            • Re: Research on LED Eye Rejuvenation   Steve888   6y
              Yes the 660nm red can be used to help sharpen eyesight. I have used my red LEDs to help my eyesight and I notice an improvement in visual accuity/sharpness after a few min/day on each eye. They are very bright so use at your own discretion. Try a few seconds eyes open and then close eyes a few seconds. You will see blue for a few moments afterward because the rods and cones in the eyes get overstimulated by the red. Just so you know what to expect. The difference after a week of use is noticeable. ... ... Some research ... ...   [End]
    • edit   #67299   6y
      You might also try some magnesium. I have TMJ but magnesium seems to be needed since too much muscle contraction seems to be the case with TMJ, as well ... ... Personally i use magnesium sulphate (epsom salts). Works fine for me, and its cheap. In too high amounts it could give you the runs, but i have not encountered that yet. ... ... Edit ... What you also want to be doing is put your tongue behind your upper front teeth. Not forced, just loose. ... Keep the jaw loose. Dont bite down during normal daytime. Make sure your teeth dont make contact during the day (except, ofcourse when eating ;D). ... ... Some s ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Transdermal Question   naturaladvocate   6y  C
    I have been using transdermal Magnesium Oil with good results and am wondering if other minerals can be applied this way? For example would using ”Inland Sea Water” from ancient sea beds transdermally allow for the absorption of other minerals in addition to Magnesium?   [End]
  • Do I have TMJ   ellamacy123   6y
    Hi. ... A few months ago my mouth got stuck shut, it eventually opened after about 24 hours. ... I have been getting terrible headaches, jaw pain, and ear pain. Especially when I eat something hard or chewy. ... What can I do?   [End]
    • Looks like TMJ to me.... Sorry to have to tell you the bad ...   seb481   6y
      Looks like TMJ to me.... Sorry to have to tell you the bad news. ... You should practice some exercices. That’s what I do to sooth the pain and relax my jaw. Go to ..., ... they have a bunch of jaw exercises that you can practice.   [End]
  • Bad TMJ Pain   Glenda C.   6y
    I am a new member to the board and I suffer from SEVERE TMJ pain. ... ... I can’t wear a mouth guard , they bruise my gums and gag me. ... ... I have seen my dentist , an ENT , and my regular primary care doctor. ... ... None of them can help me. ... ... I have tried over the counter med’s and nothing helps the pain. ... ... What can I do ? HELP !   [End]
    • Try Massage therapy. Find a good neuromuscular therapist i...   TCMstudent   6y
      Try Massage therapy. Find a good neuromuscular therapist in your area who does anterior neck and TMJ work. First develop some trust with them for a few sessions, focusing on your neck area( this alone will help TMJ) and then let them work on your jaw. There is an external and internal part of the therapy. The therapist will of course wear gloves for that part. This really works. I’ve had it done many times and I’m a neuromuscular therapist myself. If you live in GA I can recommend several people. ... ... Matt   [End]
    • Hi. ... I am new here too. I just saw a chiropracor this mo...   ellamacy123   6y
      Hi. ... I am new here too. I just saw a chiropracor this morning and he seems very confident that he can help me. Whatever he did, it seemed to help for now. And OH did it feel GOOD! ... Good luck. ... Shelly   [End]
      • I have never seen a chiropracture (sp?) for my TMJ Pain. .....   Glenda C.   6y
        I have never seen a chiropracture (sp?) for my TMJ Pain. ... ... I was just issued a Tens Unit on 6/9/08 though. ... I have been using it on my jaws and sadly it doesn’t seem to help much. ... ... I will call my local Chiro. doctor and ask if their treatments can help TMJ Pain. ... ... I am in sooooooo much agony/pain that I will try anything to eliminate it.   [End]
    • You need to get an orthodontist who specializes in TMJ. Als...   tmjpain   6y
      You need to get an orthodontist who specializes in TMJ. Also start seeing a chiro and get massages regularly. Check in your city to see if there is a Head, Neck and jaw clinc. They specialize in this field. I am getting botox injections in Aug. to help my pain. I have daily constant headaches. i have had tmj for 8 years.   [End]
  • Silicon for TMJ   North Star   6y
    I have been taking the mineral silicon in the form of orthosilicic acid (better absorption) for TMJ at the recommendation of Dennis Hardy, who has a forum here on CureZone. I haven’t even taken it a month, and I have noticed a considerable difference. The pain of TMJ was getting to where it bothered me, and now I don’t have that problem. The pain and grinding of teeth at night are much improved.   [End]
  • Dr. Smith   pomegrante   6y  C
    Hello everyone, ... ... I have just joined this forum and this is new to me. I have a bad case of TMJ with displaced discs for about 15 years now. Prior orthodontics have left me with more problems than before I started. ... ... I am searching for a good specialist who can help not only with the joint but also with balancing my occlusion properly. ... ... Has anyone heard of or been to a dentist - Dr. Gerald Smith in Pennsylvania? ... ... Thank you. ... ... from Pomegrante   [End]
  • mercury and TMJ   alleycat   6y
    My holistic dentist told me I have TMJ. I don’t have any pain or headaches, just the popping noise on the left side of my jaw when I open my mouth wide. He says it’s from amalgam fillings, and I think I believe him, because it didn’t take much to dislocate it - I was eating candy 13 years ago when my jaw slid to the side, and hasn’t been the same since. I haven’t yet replaced all the amalgams. But I’ve been taking supplements, like iodine, to rid the body of mercury. Perhaps it works because for a few hours after taking iodine, the popping stops. I can open my jaw wide and nothing happens. ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Unfortunately, Mercury will never go away until you have th...   angelofeventide   6y
      Unfortunately, Mercury will never go away until you have the amalgam fillings removed. I had mine out years ago and I’m still dealing with horrible TMJ. Like you, I only have the popping. Mine’s on both sides, but primarily on my right. It’s so bad at times that I’m worried it’s going to lock. I’ve also been told that candida and heavy metal toxicity (the mercury in this case) will cause this. Good luck. ... ... Kir   [End]
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