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  • Help with Fibromyalgia   aking3028   28d  C
    I have FINALLY found some relief from my fibromyalgia. I am so thankful for it and I just want to be able to share with all of those out there suffering with it. I tried many different medications that didn’t really help much and the side effects were so horrible that after a few years and much research I decided to try natural methods and/or suffer I went on some pretty good but expensive vitamins in the mid-90’s and they helped some but not completely. I found this company and I honestly didn’t have my hopes up. However much to my surprise and delight within 6 weeks I was feeling bet ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Muscle weakness, Fatigue, last cry for help.   SkylerWhitaker   6mo  C
    I’m 15. ... Male. ... Running was, and still is my life. ... I’m kind of going on here as my last hope. I used to be a great runner. I ran high school Cross Country. As a freshman, I ran the 5k in 17:30. After Cross Country season ended last year, I was training hard for the upcoming track season, then it all happened. In January I was still running everyday. Not over training. Just a light brisk pace. I started noticing my legs were feeling weak, and that they weren’t recovering very well, such as I was sore all the time. I took miles off, still no change, took more off, still no change.. I sta ...   [retrieve this message]
    • extreme exercise can cause Adrenal Fatigue no matter what y...   nikki022   6mo
      extreme exercise can cause Adrenal Fatigue no matter what your age. so it may be worth your money to get a cortisol saliva test. also, potassium and/or vitamin D deficiency might be an issue; that’s just a guess. since the drs aren’t finding anything you might want to research AF. Good luck!   [End]
    • If it makes you feel better, I’m a bodybuilder, er, was any...   SuperWoman29   5mo
      If it makes you feel better, I’m a bodybuilder, er, was anyway, with Mold Illness. It has completely destroyed my immune system and metabolism. ... ... Toxins can have devestating effects on the body - this is something doctors won’t tell you. Just take it into consideration.   [End]
  • messed up metabolism from fasting   forgood123   8mo  C
    Hi, ... ... Last year I did lots of on and off fasting. a few days then eat, few days then eat. I think my metabolism is really messed up now. I’m stuck at a certain weight, not matter what I do it just doesn’t go down. From all the fasting on and off I did. Want to rebuild my metabolism. ... Any experience or suggestions about this? ... ... I still need to lose weight, but it’s not moving down, no matter what. Decided to leave fasting alone and take up jogging 5 days a week. Start off walking/jogging and build up to jogging. I never exercise. But thinking 6 days a week walk/jog around the park build ...   [retrieve this message]
  • TIPs to PREVENT CHRONIC BACK PAIN !!   1234567   8mo  C
    Hello Forum! ... ... So here are some Tips for it Plus.. the information about the BEST Sleeping Positions for CHRONIC Pains, ACHES, and Common Ailments ... ... ... ... :) ... ... Nadia   [End]
  • Shrinking With Age   JoeS2   9mo  C
    I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older(42 now),I feel like I’m losing height but still holding onto weight. I’ve noticed my pants size get shorter but waist creeping up. I don’t want this to happen. What could it be?   [End]
    • Do you exercise, have a good diet, sleep well, or practice ...   uchihaMadara   9mo
      Do you exercise, have a good diet, sleep well, or practice good posture? There’s always the inversion table; I know a guy that has good height in his 40s using it a few times per week. ... ... What, if any, medical/health anomalies have you noticed about yourself in the past few years?   [End]
      • I exercise minimally,but do some resistance daily. Not sure...   JoeS2   9mo
        I exercise minimally,but do some resistance daily. Not sure about the posture thing. ... ... The health things I’ve noticed recently are that I seemed to really have blown up,I take enzymes etc and don’t have digestive issues that I know of. Perhaps it’s food allergy,candida...   [End]
    • Your height is determined by both your genetics as well as ...   musclepain   7mo
      Your height is determined by both your genetics as well as environmental effects. Although several factors that determine your height are out of your control. ... Understand that most of your height will be determined by genetics ... Avoid growth-stunting factors ... Get plenty of sleep. ... Eat right. ...   [End]
  • How to achieve a good fitness level?   Angelica85   9mo
    well guys currently i am doing job plus i am a student so at the end of the day i don’t have much time for physical exercise or anything else. ... out of stamina and out of strength....... ... what should i do??   [End]
    • Even with a busy and hectic lifestyle, most people should b...   JoeYoung   5mo
      Even with a busy and hectic lifestyle, most people should be able to find 20-30 minutes a day to exercise. If not everyday, at least 3-4 times a week. The best way to increase your stamina and strength in the shortest amount of time is probably doing some type of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with weights and bodyweight. The great thing about strength training with intensity and short rest periods between intervals is that it promotes fat loss, even long after you’re done working out. You achieve a lot more in a very short amount of time, it requires very little equipment and you ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Cure to high blood pressure/diabetes?   #129278   10mo  C
    My mother is at the hospital. When they first tested her, her BP was 230 on something. They told us that was extremely high. They’ve put her on more meds for it. She should get out of hospital in a few days. ... ... For the most part she’s fine, but her diabetes and HBP are a problem. We don’t want to go down the allopathic route as much as possible. ... ... What kind of diet/exercise plan should she follow? At this point she needs something with strong results. I would love if we could lower her diabetes and HBP enough to get her off the meds. I don’t know if this is possible, but we have to try. R ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I would recommend a high-carb/low-fat/low-sodium diet such ...   natway   10mo
      I would recommend a high-carb/low-fat/low-sodium diet such as 80-10-10, Starch Solution, or Engine 2 diet. I eat a combination of them called Raw Till 4 program, lots of raw fruit morning through afternoon, then starch-based cooked meals in the evening. ... ... I’m pretty sure high-sodium is contributing to her HBP and high-fat is actually the real culprit in diabetes, not sugar. Watch this diabetes video that explains why: ... ... ... ... Just make sure she eats enough on those above diets because since they are low-fat, they are easier to accidentally under ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Cure to high blood pressure/diabetes?   Dquixote1217   10mo
      You may find useful information in these articles: ... ... ... ... ... Reduce and Avoid Dangerous High Blood Pressure Naturally ... ... ... ... ... Natural Help for Diabetes ... ... ... ... ... I hope that helps! ...   [End]
    • Per Ray Peat. ... ... Throw out all the seed oils like cor...   Johny Apple Bomb   10mo
      Per Ray Peat. ... ... Throw out all the seed oils like corn oil, vegetable oils, canola oil etc. The only good oils are saturated fats from red meat, butter, Dairy products and coconut oil. ... ... Sounds crazy but true. PUFA oils are a major cause of Diabetes and other chronic diseases. Blocks the cells from metabolizing sugar. Makes you fat by slowing the thyroid. ... ...   [End]
      • Good advice. Let me know what you guys think of a website c...   DrRocamboli   10mo
        Good advice. Let me know what you guys think of a website called CureCrowd, too. It can help us all.   [End]
        • Curecrowd website - "developed by medical doctors"   Dquixote1217   10mo
          A website "developed by medical doctors" which gives statistics on which medicines and remedies (mainstream drugs as well as herbal and other items) are most used and most popular based on reader feedback? ... ... I’m not sure that I can be very positive about any site which recommends mainstream drugs, especially not to the members of this anti-mainstream drug website. ... ... YOU apparently like it a lot, or at least promote it a lot - as you include references to it in almost all of the posts you have made since appearing five days ago. ...   [End]
          • CureCrowd does not recommend any medications, herbs or any ...   rocamboli   61d
            CureCrowd does not recommend any medications, herbs or any treatments for that matter. It simply shows statistical feedback given from its users. The purpose of the website is not to be judgmental or ”anti” anything. CureCrowd is simply creating an even playing field for all treatments to be measured to figure out what works and how well. I urge you to be careful not to be dismissive of any treatment that gives patients relief.   [End]
    • Re: Cure to high blood pressure/diabetes?   nekoboy   10mo
      I’m concerned because for the last few years she’s been eating pretty well. The big obvious culprits are out of the picture. ... ... She doesn’t eat much salt, and when she does it’s pink salt, not table salt. She doesn’t eat much fat either. We haven’t used vegetable oils for years. We use coconut oil mostly, butter and avocado oil. She doesn’t eat junk food, she doesn’t eat sugar, she doesn’t eat much grain, etc. ... ... I’m worried because despite all this her blood sugar and blood pressure are too high. Could it be systemic at this point? If so, what is to be done about it? ... ... In the past, eg. ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi, ... ... Walking is the best exercise for her. She is n...   stallion12   10mo
      Hi, ... ... Walking is the best exercise for her. She is not allowed for too much activities due to heart problems. She needs proper diet and healthy lifestyle. She have to take her maintenance/medicines on time. ... ... ... Friends check this link and share your happy life:   [End]
    • I’m sorry to hear that. There’s lots of different ways that...   DrRocamboli   10mo
      I’m sorry to hear that. There’s lots of different ways that could help her out. Let me know how I can be of assistance.   [End]
    • Hi #129, ... ... Are you aware of the almost miraculous re...   shotsee   9mo
      Hi #129, ... ... Are you aware of the almost miraculous results many tens of THOUSANDS of people have experienced, with most of the diseases known to mankind [including HBP and diabetes], from ingesting ascorbic acid? ... ... If you are still interested in finding a solution to your mother’s health problem(s), and her gaining greater health in virtually all areas of her body, I STRONGLY encourage you [and/or her] to read this article written by Dr. Robert Cathcart, M.D. ... ... She has only better health and well-being to gain by applying its re ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Recommendations to decrease elevated blood sugar: Blood sug...   #175089   8mo
      Recommendations to decrease elevated blood sugar: Blood sugar level is determined in the fasting state. In a healthy person a normal blood glucose level is 6.1 mmol / l. By measuring values of blood sugar we can say that there are 3 options: normal blood sugar level (the blood glucose level is normal on an empty stomach), disruption of glycemia (blood glucose in the blood on an empty stomach is increased to a maximum value between 6.1 and 6.9 mmol / l), diabetes (elevated blood sugar levels to 7.0 mmol / l or more). People with high blood sugar levels can lower their blood sugar levels by ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded You Should Squat   R krosser   10mo  C
    You Should Squat ! ... ... ... ... By Paul Chek, Holistic Health Practitioner The squat is one of the seven Primal Pattern® movements that I wrote about in the last issue. These are the seven most important movements that are the keys to optimal human function. The squat is an interesting movement, since many people are told by their doctors, physical therapists and even trainers that squatting is dangerous and should be avoided! Yet there are some real physiological consequences that must be faced when following such short-sighted advice. First and foremost, when it come ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Oddly enough I was planning to do squat tonight! ... ... I...   Cautious Guinea Pig   10mo
      Oddly enough I was planning to do squat tonight! ... ... I used to squat with up to 400 Lbs. in high school. But I injured my knee in the bathroom after over a decade of inactivity (that began with an ankle injury). Then I injured the other knee while limping around favoring the injured knee. Anyhow after thinking my knee joints were both shot for good and not having the money or bravery to have a doctor check them out, a guy turned me onto Glucosamine Sulphate and they stopped popping all the time and felt better. I quit the glucosamine after my knees got better, and they have since gotten ...   [retrieve this message]
    • until recent times, all toilets in China were squatters... ...   johng   10mo
      until recent times, all toilets in China were squatters... much healthier for you, though takes a bit of practice... i suspect that the overweight might have some trouble... which all but eliminates the concept of squatter toilets from North America.   [End]
  • Image Embedded Nude Yoga for Men is More Psychologically Fulfilling   DelennChat   11mo  C
    I once saw a flier at a vegan restaurant for a nude yoga for men class. Strangely, there was no nude yoga for women. Seemed a little unfair to me, but I wasn’t about to petition to join the men’s naked yoga class in the name of fairness :) Perhaps men should get their nude yoga classes. According to the Shanti Yoga Studio in Canada, naked yoga is more ”psychologically fulfilling.” Read more and see a video ! ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded In-Home Workout: Alternating Chest Exercises to Pump Up the...   DelennChat   11mo  C
     The chest may be one area of the body, but it consists of different muscles that all need specific targeting for a truly impressive pecs. Only doing chest exercises that emphasize the middle part of the chest, like push-ups, won’t give you the chest definition you’ll get from doing upper chest exercises and lower chest exercises. Use this in-home workout to alternatively hit the upper chest and lower chest. Read more here and see the exercises... ...   [End]
    • When I started exercises I do crunches after six days unde...   wavesurfer   11mo
      When I started exercises I do crunches after six days under surf trainer more than she told me but on next day I got pain in stomach as she guide me to do only a little amount then wait for one two days then it will be OK. ... So I mean that exercises will be done from simple to hard. Our body takes time to become perfect. ...   ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded Three Unique Exercises for Amazing Arms   DelennChat   11mo  C
     ( NaturalNews ) Bored of the same old bicep curls and dips? Sick of shoulder presses? You can sculpt your arms and shoulders with unique exercises. Exercise variety is beneficial, not just so that you don’t get bored in your workouts, but also because it keeps your muscles from adapting to a routine. Mix it up with lesser known arm exercises and shoulder exercises, and you’ll see killer arms in no time. These exercises are not only unique, they are also easy to do at home with minimal equipment for added convenience. Read more here ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded HIIT Me Baby, One More Time: Use High-Intensity Interval Tr...   DelennChat   12mo  C
    HIIT Me Baby, One More Time: Use High-Intensity Interval Training for Fast Weight Loss ... ... ... Extra weight, especially around the waist, is hazardous for your health. Belly fat, also known as visceral fat, elevates risk of heart disease, stroke, and an unsightly muffin top. Fortunately, there’s a better way to drop weight than spending hours sweating over a treadmill or exercise bike. Tabata workouts are a type of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that are quick, effective, and you can perform them in your living room. These four-minute workouts... continue reading here ...   [End]
  • Firm your buttocks with these top butt exercises!   DelennChat   12mo  C
      ( NaturalNews) Although everyone likes to walk out of a room knowing anyone watching them will see a tight derriere, strong buttock muscles are actually important to your health. Toning exercises for the glutes give you a nice butt, but they also help to improve your balance, ease of movement, and endurance. The glutes work together with the core muscles to support your spine; strong glutes may even help prevent or reduce back pain. ... ... Learn more: ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded Easy Thigh Exercises You Can Do in Your Living Room   DelennChat   12mo  C
      ... ... Very few people have time to hit the gym today, or the gas to spare driving there. Ask any gym manager what percentage of paying members actually show up and you will know it’s true. The good news is that you don’t have to fork over your hard earned money to a gym if you want slim, sexy thighs. There are several easy thigh exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home. Read more. ... ...   [End]
  • online exercise videos   adamz   12mo
    Exercise is so essential for our health cause it fits our body and make our mind relax. All prefer to do exercise to solve to maintain fitness as a result, training videos help a lot. The free exercise videos online can be so effective in this aspect to be guided.   [End]
  • Image Embedded Top 3 Stability Ball Exercises for a Flat Stomach   DelennChat   14mo  C
    Top 3 Stability Ball Exercises for a Flat Stomach ... ... by Sarka-Jonae ... ... The stability ball is an excellent tool for enhancing abdominal exercises. Balancing on a stability ball recruits more ab muscles than lying on the floor. You can get a stability ball online or at a sporting goods store for around $20. Stability ball exercises can get you on your way to a flat stomach, but doing some regular cardio exercise along with the abdominal exercises gets you six pack abs even faster. Learn more ...   [End]
  • 10 Elements Of A Healthy Mindset   jvcnit20131   14mo  C
    This is an example of what you want your mindset to look like. ... 1. Have an increased awareness and appreciation of yourself and your body. ... 2. Set aside time each day to perform rituals, or to relax and meditate. Do yoga, or tai chi (amazing for stress reduction), read the bible, pray and be thankful ... 3. Keep in touch with close relationships ... 4. The ability to adapt to ever changing conditions. ... 5. Always craving physical activity, and healthy food for that matter-exercise, eat right, and take good nutritional supplements. ... 6. Laughs a lot.- A great comedy can really make you feel bette ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Slim Your Thunder Thighs with These Top Thigh Exercises   DelennChat   14mo
    Slim Your Thunder Thighs with These Top Thigh Exercises ... ... by Sarka-Jonae ... ... If you feel that your thighs are beginning to rub together, don’t worry, there are thighs exercises perfect for slimming thunder thighs. The inner thighs perform an action called adduction, which means to bring your legs toward the midline of your body in a sideways direction. Now before you go try inner leg lifts or using your gym’s adductor machine you might want to read this: spot reduction is a myth. Doing strength training exercises for your thighs is no more going to affect thigh fat than situps are going t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Tabata cardio workouts: The shortest way to burn belly fat ...   DelennChat   14mo  C
      (NaturalNews) Excess weight, especially around the midsection, is dangerous for your health. Belly fat increases your risk of stroke, heart attack and a muffin top. Thankfully, there is a better way to shed pounds than spending hours sweating over cardio equipment. Tabata cardio workouts are short, effective and can be done in the privacy of your own home. These four minute workouts won’t specifically burn belly fat but then no form of exercise can target a body part for weight loss. Tabata cardio workouts do give benefits equal to that of longer cardio sessions in only four to eigh ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Use Yoga to Improve Posture and Prevent Back Pain   DelennChat   14mo  C
    Avoid Back Aches and Pain With Yoga Poses for Posture ... by Sarka-Jonae (personal trainer and novelist) ... ... ... Yoga is an excellent form of exercise to improve posture. Every pose in yoga is ideally done with perfect body alignment. Overtime, you learn how to best do each pose and improve your posture during yoga class. However, there are some yoga poses that you can try on your own to help you sit and stand up straighter. These yoga poses for posture may relieve back aches and pains and prevent postural distortions. See the  poses here ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded Best Recumbent Bikes for Obesity and Weight Loss   DelennChat   15mo  C
    Best Recumbent Bikes for Obesity and Weight Loss by Sarka-Jonae ... ...   ... ... Recumbent exercise bikes are more comfortable for obese individuals because of the larger seats and lower back support. Recumbents also place less stress on joints than most other forms of exercise. Consumer Reports and other unbiased organizations have rated the best recumbent bikes. Accounting for larger seats and higher weight limits, these are the best bikes for heavier people. Read more ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded Build Even Muscles With Isolateral Dumbbell Exercises   DelennChat   15mo  C
    Build Even Muscles With Isolateral Dumbbell Exercises ... ... by Sarka-Jonae (personal trainer, chick lit author) ... ... Isolateral dumbbell exercises are performed on one side of the body, such as using only one arm or one leg. A dumbbell is the easiest piece of equipment to use for isolateral exercises, but kettlebells, resistance bands and even weight machines work too. Performing isolateral dumbbell exercises exposes imbalances in the strength of each side of your body because if one side of your body is stronger you will not be able to lift an equal amount of weight on both sides. When you do ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Regular exercise synergistically improves physical and ment...   DelennChat   15mo
    Regular exercise synergistically improves physical and mental health ... ... by  John Phillip ... ... (NaturalNews) There is little doubt that we have evolved from a past carved from consumption of nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables and free-range animal meats, all necessary components in shaping our present genome, muscular strength and intelligence. Similarly, we are products of regular exercise, as our ancestors required short bursts of intense physical energy to secure food and avoid predators. Remove either of these critical elements and we would look and feel much different today, or would ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Worst Foods for a Bodybuilders and Athletes   DelennChat   15mo  C
    Worst Foods for a Bodybuilding Diet ... ... by Sarka-Jonae (personal trainer, author) ... ... Eating the wrong foods can sabotage the progress of bodybuilders and athletes. What people crave most are usually the worst things for them. People who exercise heavily sometimes feel like they can get away with eating junk, and some foods they can get away with, but other things should be avoided completely. Please read more ... ...   ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded The Anabolic Diet vs. Carb Cycling for Healthy Weight Loss ...   DelennChat   15mo  C
     The Anabolic Diet vs. Carb Cycling for Healthy Weight Loss and Muscle Gain ... ... by Sarka-Jonae (personal trainer, women’s fiction author) ... ... Most diets come with a price. You cut calories to lose weight, but watch your muscle disappear along with the fat. This is because your body needs calories to build and maintain muscle. Two eating plans that can help you burn fat and spare muscle are carb cycling and the anabolic diet. Both of these may contribute to weight loss but without severe calorie restriction and sacrificing muscle. When compared side by side, the eating plans have some s ...   [retrieve this message]
  • DEXA scanning to monitor muscle mass and bone density   DelennChat   15mo  C
    DEXA scanning to monitor muscle mass by Jarrod Meerkin, PhD ... ... DEXA scan (also called DXA) reveals important information about the health of your muscular and skeletal systems. A scan tells you if your  bones  are strong, if you have enough lean muscle mass and identifies areas for improvement. A DEXA scan can let you know if you are at risk for  osteoporosis  or osteopenia due to thinning  bones ; it can also reveal signs of muscle atrophy in certain areas of your  body . Finally, a DEXA scan can tell you if your body fat percentage is too high. Read m ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Of course, DEXA can check out and shows important info abou...   #167947   15mo
      Of course, DEXA can check out and shows important info about the health of your muscle and skeletal systems. A check out informs you if your bone fragments are strong, if you have enough muscle and recognizes places for enhancement. A DEXA check out can let you know if you are at risk for brittle bones or osteopenia due to loss bones; it can also expose symptoms and symptoms of muscle wither up in certain places of your body. ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded Walking to Lose Weight   DelennChat   15mo  C
    Walking to Lose Weight ... ... by Sarka-Jonae (personal trainer,  Between Boyfriends author) ... ... Walking to lose weight may not burn as many calories as higher intensity exercise, but there are tricks to maximize the effectiveness of this simple activity. You could spend hours a day walking in order to burn enough calories to achieve weight loss or you can modify your walking workouts to burn more calories. Walking for weight loss is easy once you know what to do, plus it is low-impact exercise that is easy on the joints. Walking even staves off cravings for unhealthy snacks that sabot ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded How to Burn Fat With Exercise   DelennChat   15mo  C
    How to Burn Fat With Exercise ... ... by Sarka-Jonae Miller (personal trainer, Between Boyfriends author) ... ... Burning fat to lose weight, improve health and lower body fat percentage is a common goal for exercisers, but many people do not know how to burn fat with exercise. Myths about spot reduction and a "fat-burning zone" prevent people from working out effectively. The frustration of working out only to see little to no results sends people to running to unnatural methods for losing weight, such as starvation diets and surgery. All of this can be avoided by following some simple ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Chair Exercises for Home Workouts   DelennChat   15mo  C
    ... ... Chair Exercises for Home Workouts  ... ... by Sarka-Jonae (personal trainer, Between Boyfriends author) ... ... People who do not like lifting weights can get full-body home workouts using only a chair or bench. Strength training serves an important role in preventing health problems, such as osteoporosis and muscle atrophy. Working out with bodyweight builds functional strength, which develops lean muscle and prevents muscle loss associated with aging.  ... ... Chair exercises are convenient and effective exercises for home workouts. Space and money are saved by using a chair instead of ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Exercises for Back Pain   DelennChat   15mo  C
    Exercises for Back Pain ... ... Many people experience back pain during the course of their lives; the cause is typically not too much exercise but not enough. Strong and flexible back muscles are less likely to suffer when under stress. The back muscles work along with muscles in the hips and abdomen. Exercises for back pain can help strengthen all of the muscles of the core to both relieve back pain and prevent injuries. Read more ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded Combat high blood pressure with yoga exercises   DelennChat   15mo  C
    ... ... ... ... ... Combat high blood pressure with yoga exercises ... ... by Sarka-Jonae (personal trainer, massage therapist, Between Boyfriends author) ... ... (NaturalNews) When you think of yoga flexibility, relaxation and maybe meditation come to mind. The application of yoga as a system of healing rarely enters the Western mind. Despite today’s widespread reliance on Western medicine (drugs), yoga has been used for thousands of years for concerns like high blood pressure (HBP), a condition the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded For the Ladies living in the Dominican Republic   LimitLessPilates   15mo  C
    If you’re interested in doing Pilates come by for a fre try-out class: ... ... LimitLess Pilates en Santo Domingo! ... Es hora de Superar tus limites! ... ... ... 829-983-0439 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Watch Video: ... ... ...   [End]
  • Walking reduces brain atrophy in seniors (everyone else too)   #136970   18mo  C
    ... ... Just one more highly beneficial thing that doesn’t come in the form of a ... pill.  You have to pull yourself together and move your body.  Walking ... is one of the healthiest activities we have and also one of the most natural ... things that we can do.    ... ... Like so many body beneficial things is that - you have to make a commitment ... to it, and do it. ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded An easy exercise said to relieve lower back/sciatica pain i...   Dquixote1217   18mo  C
    ... ... ... Relax in this position for 30 minutes a day with 15 minutes cool down. Start with 1 inch of padding below the knees - adding 1 inch thickness every couple of days till you can handle 8 inches of full padding under the knees. ... ... This will alleviate both the lower back and sciatic issues within 2 weeks. ... ...   ... ... ...   ... ... To see a short documentary about Ian, titled "The Jackal": ... ... ... ... Note: This was contributed by my friend Ian Jacklin, who has the website and was a guest on our radio show a few wee ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Extreme inflammation after cardio   Scarielle   20mo  C
    Hi, so I’ve been doing this whole health kick for about a year. Don’t get me wrong, I love it... I am currently doing my routine parasite cleanse. I’ve done a whole body cleanse. On my second parasite cleanse I even took extra things just to kill blood parasites. I’ve done a candida cleanse. And half assed a heavy metal cleanse. (got lazy on that one...) ... ... But an issue that seems to be getting worse and worse is exercise. ... ... I’m a 20 year old girl, on a healthy vegan diet (the elimination of dairy, meat, and eggs has helped me A LOT strangely... Could it have to do with Lactic acid?) who ...   [retrieve this message]
  • low fat raw and building muscle   365alive   20mo  C
    Was going to fast to lose weight, but think I really need to build muscle. ... Trying a low fat mostly raw vegan diet to do so. I plan on eating as much as I want as long as I feel satisfied and walking 3- 6 miles everyday possible, and working up to jogging. ... I did recently lose like 70 lbs in the past few months crash dieting, but notice some saggy skin developing, so I would like to conserve and build as much muscle mass as I can, while I continue to lose weight. Have like 60 more lbs to go. ... Anyone with experience doing this or losing weight this way? Tips?   [End]
    • If you’re building the muscle through exercise then a raw v...   Raederle   20mo
      If you’re building the muscle through exercise then a raw vegan diet (low fat) will simply make everything happen the way it should (unless you have a chronic condition which needs specific attention). ... ... I’ve a collection of before & after raw food photos: ... ... You’ll notice that some of those people, such as Joseph Hill, don’t have any sagging skin despite having been overweight. ... ... When you get active, make sure you get your whole body active so that blood flow moves to the surface of the skin all over the body. Using a skin br ...   [retrieve this message]
      • you can see my before & afters   Pamela Viktoria   17mo
        You can also see my pictures at ... ... ... I won’t put my pictures on pintrest because anyone can copy them. (I am an author, so I need to protect my content.) ... ... I have better muscle now than I ever have (and I used to be a gymnast as a youth). But just looking at closeups of the skin on my face should tell you, every organ is so much healthier, including my muscles.   [End]
    • raw should help   Pamela Viktoria   17mo
      your sagging skin. There are lots of raw body builders to be inspired by:)   [End]
  • Personal Trainer gives away book   beanobee   20mo
    Watch it here   [End]
  • Training & Nutrition Secrets   beanobee   21mo  C
    Just read this and loved it! ... ... ... - The auther is allowing anyone to read this vital read for those into exercise and those starting out. ... ... ... Nutrition &Training Insider Secrets for a Lean-Body.pdf   [End]
  • any advise on strained, swollen thigh muscle?   zyzik   21mo  C
    Hi, ... I slipped on grass and while falling down I have strained badly the big thigh muscle. It hurts like a hell. Next day it got swollen and it’s hard to bend the leg. I use some ice pack ... but wonder what can be other possible methods to speed up healing and reduce inflammation. Any sportsmen here? :) ... thanks   [End]
  • An observation on longevity   R #136970   22mo  C
    ... ... This afternoon I had the privilege of attending a social function for seniors ... at a high end retirement home.  There were about one hundred seniors in ... attendance and while I can’t eyeball statistics what I saw was obvious.  ... Just a few of these seniors were in their seventies and the vast majority were ... in the eighties and nineties.  The ratio of females to males was about ... three or four to one in favor of the women.  I saw one obese person - a ... male, but by far and away the majority of those there were slim and trim with ... just a few who were perhaps a little overw ...   [retrieve this message]
  • This Exercise Can Cause a 7-Fold Surge of Heart Problems   InCharge   22mo  C
    Story at-a-glance ... ... ... Long cardio workout sessions can cause more harm than good, leading to the release of the stress hormone cortisol, which when produced excessively may contribute to a catabolic state, in which your tissues break down, as well as chronic disease ... ... Too much cardio, such as marathon running, raises cardiac risk by seven-fold, and can lead to heart muscle scarring, and increased blood levels of cardiac enzymes, which are markers for heart injury ... ... To get the most benefits of exercise you need to push your body hard enough for a challenge while allowin ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Exercise Obsession ... ... Individuals obsessed with exerc...   mackwhite   22mo
      Exercise Obsession ... ... Individuals obsessed with exercise set themselves up for failure that can undermine their efforts to improve their cardiovascular fitness. ... ... Incorrect Technique ... Another risk exists with over-training and its effects on blood pressure. Activity increases your heart rate and blood pressure. ... ... Aortic Aneurysm ... Over-exercising can increase your risk of complications from an aortic aneurysm. ... ... Over-exercising can harm   [End]
  • Spondylolisthesis   #153793   23mo  C
    Spondylolisthesis is the medical condition wherein one of the vertebras of the patient’s spine ... ... shifts forward or backward in regards with the adjoining vertebras. This displacement can be of a ... ... single vertebra or the whole vertebral column. For further details and treatment visit ... ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded High-intensity workout to diabetes-proof your body   #136970   23mo  C
    ... ... New research flows in almost daily that exercise is truly the best medicine - ... not only for a healthy heart, but for diabetes and other ills as well. ... ... ... ... High-intensity workout to diabetes-proof your body ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... updated 1 ... hour 41 minutes ago 2012-05-13T15:54:11 ... ... ... To ward off diabetes, the solution is simple, according to a new study: Move ... more. The more you exercise, the better your body handles blood sugar and ... insulin, scientists found ... ... It may sound obvious, but up until now research h ...   [retrieve this message]
  • The Worst Habits for Your Heart   #136970   23mo  C
    ... ... I have sleep apnea as does 18 million other Americans.  I complained to ... my general practitioner who wouldn’t listen to me because I’m not heavy.  ... That’s not required but being overweight adds to your risk for it and other ... illnesses as well.  I now control my apnea with a CPAP device.  But ... the top risk for heart disease is sitting on your butt for four or more hours a ... day, whether it’s watching the boob tube or sitting at your computer. ... ... Enjoy ... ... ... ... The Worst Habits for Your Heart ... ... ... By ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Jogging Weekly Increases Lifespan   Dr.Jeff   23mo  C
    Jogging has also been shown to benefit an important part of the brain known as the Hippocampus. This study shows a life-extension benefit which matches previous data - ... ... Undertaking regular jogging increases the life expectancy of men by 6.2 years and women by 5.6 years, reveals the latest data from the Copenhagen City Heart study presented at the EuroPRevent2012 meeting. Reviewing the evidence of whether jogging is healthy or hazardous, Peter Schnohr told delegates that the study’s most recent analysis (unpublished) shows that ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Weight loss and exercise reduce cancer markers in women   #136970   23mo  C
    ... ... This study by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle ... discovered that by losing at least 5 percent of their body weight and exercising ... while doing it, women significantly reduced markers for cancer.  Then below ... that story is the one that was posted yesterday that joggers (light jogging) ... increased their life span by six years.  These are both studies that show ... that getting off one’s butt and becoming active is more beneficial than ... "taking a pill" or otherwise self medicating is much more beneficial ... than satisfying our oral demands. ... ... http://new ...   [retrieve this message]
    • The  benefits of exercise and leading an active lifest...   Dquixote1217   23mo
      The  benefits of exercise and leading an active lifestyle are pretty much indisputable.  When it comes to losing weight, that too is generally a very healthy thing to do - but it should be pointed out that the foods one consumed which lead to being overweight were likely more important than the excess weight itself and that the food one consumes to lose weight and maintain a health weight are also important. ... ... As people in the mediterranean have amply demonstrated, one can have excess weight and still be be very healthy and lead long lives - provided that the excess w ...   [retrieve this message]
      • ... ... While your response "seems" logical, it ...   #136970   23mo
        ... ... While your response "seems" logical, it really isn’t.  In ... another "news" post I’ve made about a very recent study in Denmark ... that covered a 30 year period of time, light jogging for anywhere from 1 to 2 ... 1/2 hours a week increased the lifespan in males by 6.2 years and in females by ... 5.8 years.  There was no correlation with food ingestion at all.  ... None! ... ... Americans in particular have an oral fixation - for a couple of ... reasons.  #1 is that the vast majority of us (myself included) were never ... allowed to do such a "horrible" thing a ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Huh?   Dquixote1217   23mo
          I am wondering where you got the idea that anything I posted suggested that exercise did anything but extend lifespans or that I have ever not hugely supported healthy lifestyles and diets?  Quite the opposite, and I would further say that all the supplementation in the world is not likely to do you very much good without a healthy diet and lifestyle.  In fact, here is the article I wrote about building a healthy foundation for better health and longevity - and one I very often refer people to: ... ... ... ... Perhap some people here ...   [retrieve this message]
          • ... ... I’ll stand by the post that I was responding too.&...   #136970   23mo
            ... ... I’ll stand by the post that I was responding too.  EVERY post of yours ... that I’ve read always recommends "taking" something and more often ... than not - something that you happen to sell.  It’s like combining the AMA ... with the FDA - the one’s that you constantly complain about. ... ... I’ll also stand by the inference I made in that post that it isn’t nearly so ... much about what you eat, it’s about your weight, and your activity level. ... ... I remember about a year or so ago that a guy in the Bay area was at 114 the ... oldest living person on the Planet (he has since died) who a ...   [retrieve this message]
            • Something I sell? The only think I sell is two e-books...   Dquixote1217   23mo
              Something I sell? The only think I sell is two e-books.  My website and web efforts are supported by affiliate and sales advertising, the same as this site and most sites on the web.  One difference is that I am quite picky about what products and companies are advertised in connection with my site and efforts.  One thing you will almost never see here in any of the public forums is a link to a product which I am connected with in any way. ... ... I do think that supplements can be very useful in correcting existing problems and in addressing deficiencies, but overall ...   [retrieve this message]
              • ... ... " Something ... I sell? The only think I sell...   #136970   23mo
                ... ... " Something ... I sell? The only think I sell is two e-books." ... ... In your "Huh?" post you posted a link to your sales site which is ... filled with "remedies" that you sell.  Here’s but one small ... example and I don’t have time to browse the rest of the links at that site. ... ... ... ... " Perhap ... some people here just have a hard time when anybody responds to something they ... post which does not completely echo what was posted?" ... ... You’re actually the one who becomes verbally violent when things are posted ... by others.  ...   [retrieve this message]
                • 136970, ... your comment.......... ... ... ”The one thing ...   chrisb1   23mo
                  136970, ... your comment.......... ... ... ”The one thing I’m pushing in my recent posts is to get down to your better weight - your BMI of 25 or less, and zillions of your real and supposed ills will disappear”. ... ... Is a sweeping generalization and only partially true. Obesity is a risk factor in many diseases, not least of which are cancer and Diabetes, but I have known of many people throughout my 59 years who were lost to me when of an ideal weight or BMI: my father for one, and my best friend for another. I also had Leukemia when well within my ideal BMI. ... ... The actual correlation between dise ...   [retrieve this message]
                • Nope!   mo123   23mo
                  You are way off base and first he is the moderator here and he can post whatever he wants and second he lets me post my links all the time to my cancer books, reviews on Bollinger and my links to selling nigella sativa. ... ... He bans people who come here with one link or thread only to sell their miracle cures. As usual Tony receives a bad rap for things people do not know what the hell they are talking about. ... ... Sara   [End]
                  • I am the local moderator of the Cancer Alternatives support...   Dquixote1217   23mo
                    I am the local moderator of the Cancer Alternatives support forum, not the news forum this thread originated in.  I don’t generally allow sales links in posts in the cancer support forum - maybe I missed yours and you lucked out?  As far as I know, your posts which originated in the Cancer forum were primarily informational and contributed to the purpose of the forum and were not posts whose purpose was to promote selling anything.  When links appear in posts which I consider to be primarily sales links, then usually I simply edit out the links. ...   [End]
                • Re: Huh?   Dquixote1217   23mo
                  My website is primarily an informational website which supports itself with sponsor/affiliate links and advertising - the same as is true with this website and with numerous other websites which are considered first and foremost to be informational websites.  The primary thrust of my website by far is information and not pushing any particular product.  ... ... There is a very great difference between an informational website which supports itself with advertising and a site which was created to sell one or more products - just as there is a very big difference between a link to ...   [retrieve this message]
            • 136970, ... ... I agree with DQ here. ... ... Exercise is...   chrisb1   23mo
              136970, ... ... I agree with DQ here. ... ... Exercise is vital for health/longevity, as is the fuel/nutrition you place into your body, along with fresh air, ample rest and sleep, freedom from stress, and pure water. Hygiene, both personal and environmental are also of vital importance in longevity markers. ... ... It is only in recent years that Mainstream has twigged onto the idea that all the elements for health provided by Nature are of equal importance, and what was endorsed by alternatives many decades ago, is now catching on. The body is after all a holistic organism and if treated as such, reaps ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Weight loss and exercise reduce cancer markers in women   explorer2009   23mo
      This doesn’t seem a revelation as cancer has basic energy of Cold = Yin. ... Physical exercises are Yang. ... Excess body weight is Yin syndrome, so losing weight ... is shifting to more Yang.   [End]
    • overweight post-menopausal women who exercised for 45 minut...   jameseclark   22mo
      overweight post-menopausal women who exercised for 45 minutes 7 days a week. Moderate weight loss reduces levels of breast cancer. specifically look at the effects increased physical activity and weight loss have on reducing the chance of getting cancer.   [End]
  • Joggers live six years longer than those who don't jog   #136970   23mo  C
    ... ... This is moderate jogging, not high intensity.  And if you can’t jog - ... you can always walk with similar benefits. ... ... ... ... Joggers Live Longer, Study Says ... ... THURSDAY, May 3 (HealthDay News) -- Jogging regularly could add about six ... years to your life, a new Danish study suggests. ... ... "The results of our research allow us to definitively answer the ... question of whether jogging is good for your health," Peter Schnohr, chief ... cardiologist of the long-term Copenhagen City Heart Study, said in a news ... release fro ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Best Jogging Shoes and Gear   healthy66   24mo
    Your running shoes are the most important piece of equipment you will need for a good serious workout. If you shoes do not fit correctly they could cause pain and blisters which could easily discourage you from continuing over the long term. Here is a good article on how to choose your jogging shoes. ...   [End]
  • Raw food diet   Paul077   26mo  C
    The raw food diet is one of the healthy crash diets to lose weight fast. In this diet plan, you are expected to eat only raw, fresh uncooked food and avoid all processed ones. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, milk, buttermilk, yogurt, organic foods, beans, etc. are some of the foods that you can include in the raw food diet. As beverages, you can have tea, coffee, herbal tea, green tea and plain drinking water. ... ...   [End]
  • Is Yoga Best Exercise for Stress ?   Federer   30mo
    Hi all.... ... ... I hope that you will be good in health . I have to ask from you people that Is yoga helpful in stress . I had heard that about it but not sure. That is why i have come here to know about it . Thanks   [End]
  • MMS Heals Contusion   #94428   30mo  C
    Just another benefit of using MMS and DMSO. ... ... Last February I was in an auto accident, a roll over off the interstate. As my car landed on it’s roof, I’m most fortunate to be here, it landed in 3 feet of snow, thank god. ... ... My only injury was a contusion to my right hand, near the wrist, between my thumb and index finger. I had no pain while I was in the Emergency room being checked out. The next day, the pain was harsh and left me feeling like I had a broken bone. I had too much to do and did not at that time seek help. It was extremely slow to heal and eventually with the help of a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • What are subtle exercises I can do?   Healthparanoid14   30mo
    My doctor says that I should be exercising up t four hours a day- but not overworking all at once at the gym, small subtle exercises. With proper breathing too. I dont understand, I am very weak and exercise is definitely the mort important thing for me right now, but it is so hard that it gets discouraging. And strengthening and stretching arent the same as cardio... I just hate walking because it is so hard and tiring. Any suggestions of small exercises to get me going and build strength without getting so discouraged?? I think he just wants my muscles to keep moving while I am in the he ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Here is what I have seen on the Web, note that I couldn’t k...   #146138   30mo
      Here is what I have seen on the Web, note that I couldn’t know your capabilities: ... ... For completely bedridden - breathing exercises, lifting arm or leg, rest, turn, then repeat. Make fist, relax, point toes, relax. Isometric exercises: contract muscle, keep it contracted until can no more, relax. ... ... Very weak, problem with energy production: walk until hint of tiredness, even 15 m, sit for 10-15 min, walk next same distance, rest, and so on. ... ... Stationary bike, without load: bike as long as you can without raising pulse too much, rest, repeat. ... ... Lifting weight, maximum you can without dam ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 40 push-ups a day/half hour of walking per day   John McCain 2008   32mo
    This is how it’s done...simple...effective for men over 40. Keep the calories at 1600 per day to desired weight, then maintain. In 6 months of push-ups daily, you will develop a nice firm pec structure, lean waist, and legs that never tire. Also the arms develop nicely during this regiment. Results in 3 months, eye-opening success in half a year’s time.   [End]
    • ...and for us women (nearly) over 40? ...   infinitelove   32mo
      ...and for us women (nearly) over 40? ...   [End]
      • this may sound strange...but i'd do the same.   John McCain 2008   32mo
        You think about it, women want a firmer chest and arms as men. The walking works the legs, of course, butt, sides, abs, etc. When you do a pushup, notice how much your shoulders and chest work, as well as a little stomach action. A simple pushup does wonders. You’re pressing your weight 40 times a day, sets of 10 is what I do. Doesn’t sound like much but it works... ... ... The caloric intake as well needs to be around 1600 per day. I like counting calories. No problem with it at all. I have pizza on Fridays, that’s the day, and no others. Lunches are tuna salad subs, quarter size, chi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Hot Yoga Teacher and MC? . . . .Could this work?   Diseal   32mo  C
    Hello, ... ... I’m planning on doing my first cleanse at the end of the month. I have read The Complete MC by Tom Woloshyn. I feel confident i can do this, but I’m worried i will not be able to function well for work. I teach Hot Yoga 2 times a week and regular temperature Yoga 6 times per week. On top of that i also do Personal Training, im not too concerned about that though. ... ... I was wondering if it is safe for me, and if there is something more i can do/ eat on the days when I’m teaching in a room that reaches 50 degrees celcus with humidity.   [End]
    • Well, eating would mean you’re not doing the MC, since the ...   mysterioustravellerX   32mo
      Well, eating would mean you’re not doing the MC, since the whole point of fasting is to induce a state of cleansing, which is only done when the body isn’t digesting solid food. ... ... However, I think that experiencing very hot temperatures while on the MC could actually be beneficial, because sweating would help you to rid yourself of some extra wastes. Just make sure you drink a lot of water, and you’ll be alright for sure! ... ... The only downside is that your sweat might smell like cayenne pepper! (at least mine did).   [End]
      • Hola mysterioustraveler!   Somer   32mo
        I wanted to drop you a quick note--I MC in Mexico, and it can be hard to get maple here too. I have used molasses, and fresh cane juice. ... ... Another excellent option if I can’t get the stuff is to drink fresh juices. Just follow the MC protocol, but drink FRESH fruit juices in the am, veggies in the pm. Great for people who work and need extra energy, too. ... ... AND I wanted to mention that I also cured my ”adult acne” and ”rosacea” through cleansing. I did a whole bunch of juice fasting, pro colonics... but what really did the trick was persistent liver flushing. It only took me about fi ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Hey there! Thanks for the message! ... ... Actually, I am ...   mysterioustravellerX   32mo
          Hey there! Thanks for the message! ... ... Actually, I am writing this 2 weeks after finishing my 10 days MC, and my skin is now nearly perfect as well! ... ... I had a breakout last week end, the day after I went to Chinatown in Yokohama and ate tons of greasy food at a buffet (because I’m an idiot)... ... But, it’s already healing fast, and was nothing like what I had before. ... ... With the temperatures and humidity we have now, I should be breaking out like CRAZY, but actually, my left side is completely clear, and the right side only has a few red marks from the last breakout, and they’re flat, so it’ ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Hot Yoga Teacher and MC? . . . .Could this work?   sanemind   32mo
      You sound pretty busy. If you are new to cleansing, I would see how it goes. A few years ago, i experimented with going to the gym just to see how i would do while fasting. ... ... It went well. Now i work out 3-4 days per week while fasting. I sweat extensively, feel more relaxed and it really does assist with the cleansing by burning up more caloreis and fat. ... ... I have been fasting now 30 days per year for the past 5 or 6 years. ... ... That may work, the only way to really know is to try it. Just take plenty of lemonade. I would be extra carefull if you will doing alot of inversions and f ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Heres a few Home Ab Workouts   FitnessandExercise   32mo
    Try one to start, then two, then all of them. ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • How to do Squats correctly to workout your Butt and Legs   FitnessandExercise   33mo  C
    Heres a video I created to show you how to do squats correctly to workout your Butt and Legs: ...   [End]
  • Great Workout for Legs and Butt   FitnessandExercise   3y
    Hi Everyone, ... ... I’m a Fitness Trainer with 11 years experience and I’d like to share some exercises and workouts with you to help you achieve your fitness goals. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. ... ... Here’s a workout I created which features some of the best lower body and butt exercises: ... ...   [End]
  • Vega, Or Vega+Meat, SO CONFUSED   william55   3y  C
    There seems to be a huge debate within these forums. What is the healthiest way to eat? Is it all out Vega? Or vegetarian (Vega + Eggs/dairy), or high amounts of veggies, fruits, grains, nuts, and organic meats? ... ... What exacly am I supposed to eat every day to maximize my health? I am so confused....   [End]
    •   grassman   3y
    • Most people here have a bias against meat, but the answer t...   Insight   3y
      Most people here have a bias against meat, but the answer to that question depends on who you ask. ... ... Personally, I think a raw primal/paleo diet is the healthiest and makes the most sense. Raw meats, raw dairy, raw fat, raw vegetable juice, some fruits, some fermented foods, some herbs, etc. ... ... The main disagreement people have with that is the worms. I think worms are janitorial and not pathogenic; some worms even have POSITIVE benefits, like the hookworm, and yes, even the whipworm as hard to believe as that is. Herbs keep it in check either way, and they won’t flourish in a healthy cle ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Do what you believe is best for you. ... ... Just keep in ...   grzbear   3y
      Do what you believe is best for you. ... ... Just keep in mind that many people DO NOT convert plant based nutrients well enough to rebuild and repair tissue damage well and thrive over the long run on a vegan diet. ... ... grz- ... ...   [End]
      • Also consider that you may have alergies(food sensitivities...   irenap   3y
        Also consider that you may have alergies(food sensitivities). If you don’t know it might be best to rotate your diet. I notice some body builders have a daily routine(like eating eggs daily or the same protien powder every day) and that could be tricky for some people. Some of the most common alergens are dairy,soy, wheat (gluten),nuts, corn, eggs and shellfish. You can try rice protien or pea protien, generaly tolerated by most. Those might work for you. Be healthy.   [End]
    • Veg and dairy is best for all. and eggs are too good as a p...   stanleytapp   3y
      Veg and dairy is best for all. and eggs are too good as a protein resource.So have them some time in a month would be fine.But veg and dairy products are the must.   [End]
      • Im confused arn’t people saying that all dairy is bad? I Ha...   william55   3y
        Im confused arn’t people saying that all dairy is bad? I Have been drinking goats milk now. I read that its alkaline and actually good for you. I just don’t know anymore lol. I started Dr. Shulzes Vitality pack. And I can say I can definitely tell a difference. ... ... ... I guess I am going to try to go on a Highbrid type of vegetarian diet. Tons of fruits, and vegetables, Dr. Shulzes Suprefood and grains, and only the purest sources of protein. ... ... ... Such as dessicated liver, Organic and local grass fed beef. Buffalo meat, etc..... ... ... ... Any thoughts about that?   [End]
        • There are diets that are better for everyone like eating mo...   irenap   3y
          There are diets that are better for everyone like eating more fruits and vegetables and there are individual issues like tolerance of dairy or meat. If you keep rotating your fruits and vegetables and try to be moderate with animal protiens then this sounds like it could be good for you. ... I was wondering if you have any health related issues. Like digestion, energy level, mood issues, etc. For instance do you take any prescription or over the counter medicines? If you have any issues or take medicines then it might be good to research how to heal and/or stop taking medicines- if not liste ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Legs feel like Italian Sausages--painful to walk.   wisteriamama   3y  C
    Newby here. I need your advice: I am overweight and my legs feel really right, like sausages when they’re being cooked! I have a sedentary lifestyle b/c it hurts to walk. Did Coke/Olive oil gall bladder cleanse 2 weeks ago and feel worse. Was just tested and found to be sensitive to chlorine so I’m drinking RO water now with Willard’s Water added. Just bought Bentonite and psyllium. Please advise how I can get over this.   [End]
    • It sounds like your body is toxic and you have edema. Is t...   cantenucci04   3y
      It sounds like your body is toxic and you have edema. Is that why you’re taking the Bentonite and psyllium? I would definitely recommend probiotics since excess toxins make it hard for good bacteria to thrive in your gut.   [End]
    • Hi, ... ... There are virtually no syndromes and/or diseas...   shotsee   20mo
      Hi, ... ... There are virtually no syndromes and/or diseases that are not reversible. If you are interested in taking control of your own health [and I sincerely hope you are], the following will give you all the information you need: ... ... Any of the discourses by Luigi Cornaro (available free online); ... ... Any of the books by Horace Fletcher (available free online); ... ... Any of the writings of Arnold Ehret. ... ... Just like virtually everything else in life, it is all ultimately up to YOU. ... ... You have all my best wishes for a successful journey and resolution, ... ... David   [retrieve this message]
  • Protein for Bodybuilding   william55   3y  C
    After reading much of Dr. Shulzes material I have decided to change over to a Vegan diet. My only problem is I am a body-builder and need to put in 200-250 grams of protein a day. And yes I currently weigh 208 pounds (around there). ... ... I am fully convinced that Dr. Shulze knows what he is talking about and that I need to give up the meat. I did some research of my own and I found different supplements off of Some were brown rice protein, Soy protein, plant protein, vega complete whole foods, etc.... ... ... Would these be a good substitute to whey protein? I was doing (2) 50 g ...   [retrieve this message]
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"Sayings remain meaningless until they are embodied in habits."
~ Kahil Gibran

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