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Near Death Experiences Support Forum (NDE)

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  • Recommendations while taking drugs against parasites   Ivann   5mo  C
    What do I must to eat? ... Can i take a laxative while taking the drugs? I have a chronic constipation. ...   [End]
    • Chronic constipation is the body telling us we need Vitamin...   beatty57   5mo
      Chronic constipation is the body telling us we need Vitamin C. Five to twenty grams depending on age and health. Non toxic, anti infection, anti virus, anti colds, anti inflammation. Took 10 grams last night to kill the inflammation and pain. Another reason why the Drug Co. lie about vitamin C. …dez...   [End]
  • Why nde accounts are so lack of details which make me incli...   #178530   5mo
    I follow ”The God of Infinite Complexity”, which means reality is actually infinite complex beyond anyone’s ponder and fathom. The meanings included in our thoughts and talking, the way we think and talk, would be considered too simple and maybe stupid in the long future. ... So based on my humble faith, I would like to say the explanation to nde, and the truth behind this phenomenon could have three kinds of possibilities: ... First possibility, so many documented nde cases suggest and lead to such possibility that human mind and the thingy which is often refered to as ”self” or ”ego”, could re ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Internally Decapitated NDE Experiencer   rudenski   8mo
    Joe has been through a lot... but surviving a NDE... he wants to move on... Call in and talk to Joe... at (347) 202-0222 to listen over your phone. ... He is live, on NDE Radio- @ Carribean Radio or CRS ... ... ... ... Raise your hand if you want to talk to him. ... ... August 12, 2013 from 7PM-10PM CST ...   [End]
  • Have you had a Near Death Experience?   rudenski   9mo  C
    I had a NDE, many years ago. I am going to be interviewed Monday @ 7PM,CST about it. I hope you will check it out or when it is over,,, listen to the archive... Then post a reply here. ... ... ... ... Below is my NDE, I posted here many years ago: ... ... Part I - Going to the Light ... ... Part II - Journey to the Light ... ... Part III - The Ultimate Expression of Love ... ... Part IV - Return to Earth ... ... Part V - Returning to my Body ... ... I interviewed dozens of people, on a radio show, for two years. ...   [retrieve this message]
    • The Cold War was over. We had no money for training. We wou...   rudenski   9mo
      The Cold War was over. We had no money for training. We would drive around base, in jeeps, picking up cigarette butts... Driving by the front of the base was a sign, ’For God & Country. I had the thought, ”Yes, that is why I am here.” ... ... Fast forward a few months; We have a very important meeting where we have to sign a paper saying we will not speak about the meeting for 20 years... I did sign the paper but what was I signing. ”You get a clue... when an officer says, ”We need a new mission.” And our new mission haunts me to this day... These Think Tank men are telling us how it is going ...   [retrieve this message]
      • ... ... I’m an ex Marine who was standing in the trench in...   #174156   9mo
        ... ... I’m an ex Marine who was standing in the trench in Korea not far from Panmunjom ... 60 years ago yesterday at 9 pm when the mortars fired their white phosphorus ... shells signaling the end of the war.  The truce that has held to this very ... day.  Prior to that signal we had been pummeled with mortars and artillery ... fire for most of the afternoon and evening as we had on the many prior nights of ... battle.  With that signal I personally experienced a new inner calm and ... peace that I’d never felt before.   ... ... I didn’t know it but that spark of light that night ebbed and ...   [retrieve this message]
        • I feel so let down, knowing that the wars we are in are .....   rudenski   9mo
          I feel so let down, knowing that the wars we are in are ... nothing more than a new mission that kept us from having to pick up cigarette butts but yes... moving on is what I did too. I give back... I help now where I plotted and schemed before... I too meditate... But each day I get that nagging feeling that I could ... have done more... to stop the endless wars... and still... I still get moments of self loathing, every day, for what I could have done or what I did not stop... and more... for being me... ... but I remember how much the Light loved me... even though... I had and have so many cha ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Rudy...............Even though I posted reminders everywher...   Southern Belle   9mo
            Rudy...............Even though I posted reminders everywhere to listen to your program last night, I came home to a water leak in my yard that was supposed to be fixed and it was not.....and my mind was on that and I totally forgot your program. The beauty is that I can listen later!   [End]
            • It was a kind of chaotic first show but it was fun... I und...   rudenski   8mo
              It was a kind of chaotic first show but it was fun... I understand how all the seeming things that were put off or seeming coincidences are not that at all... It is all very well coordinated in our script... but either way... I am so delighted to be back... ...   [End]
  • Yet another NDE from a very credible source   #136970   18mo  C
    ... ... So many people believe that they are only their body.  Not true.  ... We are each an eternal spirit residing in our individual bodies, our temples for ... our current lifetime. ... ... ... ... Neurosurgeon has headache that leads to trip to heaven, ... sees millions of butterflies: book ... ... Sunday, October 14, 2012 8:34 EDT ... ... Eban Alexander’s quick trip to heaven started with a headache. ... ... It was November 2008 and a rare bacterial meningitis was fas ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Need Fasting Support   lauray   19mo  C
    Hi, I just need support to really stay with a fast, of at least ten days. Is anyone available to be with me through this? ... ... I need to really be serious and say no to the food. ... and say no EVERY TIME, until the fast is fully complete... The food should not be something I think of as an option for emotional self-management. it does so , so , so much harm to me to think ”oh it doesn’t matter. I’ll just eat this or that, to ’feel better.’” It DOES matter, it NEVER makes me feel anything but 100 times as bad, and emotional eating is ever more quickly destroying my health! ... ... Please em ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Lauray, ... you have quite a long history of fasting on thi...   ~BSA chrisb1   19mo
      Lauray, ... you have quite a long history of fasting on this forum, and it has been mentioned in the past by other members that you have an emotional involvement with food, and as you freely admit in your post here. ... I don’t believe for one moment, that the answers you seek lie in fasting, but in some other avenue of support as in counselling, or other specialists that can deal with your relationship with food on an emotional/mental level. ... Sorry to be so blunt as it were, but that is what I think is your best option by far. ... ... Chrisb1.   [End]
  • There was nothing for me. It was just empty.   Heffa   24mo
    This is my near death experience. I would like to get some responses from people who had the same experience. It wasn’t pleasant, if wasn’t terrifying or life changing. It was just nothing. ... ... A year back I attempted to commit suicide by slicing open my forearms. I laid in a bathtub, made the cuts and watched the blood jet out underwater. It was very melancholy, and frightening at first. But I was very relaxed after I let go. ... ... Everything went black. It was nothingness in the purest sense. I ceased to be, the world ceased to be. It was just all over, transaction complete. ... ... The ne ...   [retrieve this message]
    • ... ... There are many "bad" NDEs but the predom...   #136970   24mo
      ... ... There are many "bad" NDEs but the predominance seem to be the ... "good" ones.  Also, you may not have been close enough to death ... to really leave your body.  Here’s a bit about some of the distressing NDEs. ... ... ... ...   ... ... ...   [End]
    • People, in my opinion have NDE’s as type of product re-call...   rudenski   23mo
      People, in my opinion have NDE’s as type of product re-call. ... Perhaps, you didn’t need an NDE to accomplish your objectives for this lifetime? Your interest in finding out about the blackness or emptiness may be exactly what will move you in the direction you need to be going down... ... ... As far as love that many find on the other side... I am ... still working on loving myself and responding to the negative voice that puts me down... ... ... Love is a dance we should not miss out on... ... ... rudi   [End]
    • Hi, I haven’t had an NDE but have a great fear of death and...   cOunTryPuNkvEgaN   22mo
      Hi, I haven’t had an NDE but have a great fear of death and have, thus, studied them extensively. Sounds to me like you didn’t go far enough to have had a bonafide NDE? Maybe it’s presumptuous for me to say that. The fact that it was attempted suicide may have something to do with it. I have read accounts of those with distressing NDE’s as a result of suicide. ... ... Guess yours wouldn’t be classified as distressing, even tho you seem ”distressed” by it. Many great spiritual beings have temporarily experienced the throes of torment from the ”other side.” That doesn’t mean they are eter ...   [retrieve this message]
  • All we take with us is our joy   rudenski   25mo
    My daytime job is mostly to help those who are new to blindness grow their lives after they lose their sight. For many it is very challenging... It is much like learning to crawl before we can walk or going to school for the first time... Learning to be blind is a challenge. To see the world through sound, taste, smell, touch but also intuition is difficult in a sighted world but those who have the audacity to live a full and complete life of work, school, family and friends, most every day, show me new ways to appreciate the world around me. Perhaps we are just a dream of a dream ... and cre ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Life is beautiful. Live it to the fullest.   R #136970   27mo  C
    ... ... So many people stumble through life without ever giving a thought to their ... own demise.  The people below all had time to "think" about their ... lives yet many others never get that opportunity because life is often taken ... away quickly.   ... ... As the last line in the story says - happiness is a choice.  If you’re ... not happy - that’s your own personal choice.  Another biggie is trying to ... live your life to please others.  It doesn’t work.  Nobody can please ... others.  All of us can only please ourselves. ... ... Lastly, each of us is an bright ete ...   [retrieve this message]
    • If you are evolved while living, you will die evolved. ...   goodmojo   26mo
      If you are evolved while living, you will die evolved.  If you ”suffer” while alive, you may well suffer through dying. ...   [End]
      • I have some little energy back..Thank you and I wanted to l...   rudenski   26mo
        I have some little energy back..Thank you and I wanted to let you know that you inspired me to write the following: ... ... Contrary to the saying that says we can not make others happy, we can indeed make people happy... and sometimes by just being in another’s life with our loving intention... but combined with our actions we may create a seed that once planted may be the genesis of another world... In this world there may soon be a great culling of this human herd.. Send loving protection over those you love... Your loving intentions are a critical part of your own growth but may also contri ...   [retrieve this message]
        • ... ... "You didn’t come here to make your father hap...   #136970   26mo
          ... ... "You didn’t come here to make your father happy.  You didn’t come ... here to make your mother happy.  You came here to make YOU happy" are ... just some of the words I heard in a three day seminar titled "New ... Beginnings" at Esalen/Big Sur about twenty years ago presented by an ... Auschwitz survivor.  One of the most beautiful spirits that I have ever ... encountered on this visit to the planet was during that small seminar presented ... by Edith Eva Egar ( ... who was found at age sixteen by an American G. I. in a pile of dead bodies i ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Thank you so much... I know we are here to make ourselves h...   rudenski   26mo
            Thank you so much... I know we are here to make ourselves happy but it is a fine day when making others happy also makes us happy as well.... lol... I woke up full of the voices of angels... What a good fine day is coming our way... if we can just see beyond the tears and pain...   [End]
  • Past Lives and NDE stories   sacredintuition   28mo  C
    Hi, I am a Clairvoyant medium who is setting up an informative page on NDE and past lives. I am looking for anyone willing to submit their stories to be put on my website.   [End]
  • My Religion is Kindness   rudenski   29mo
    Fear   [End]
    • Interesting coincidence   saywhatagain   29mo
      Recently, I found the link you posted a while back to the radio show where you discussed your NDE and since I very much enjoy your posts, I thought I would give it a listen. I have to say, very, very amazing and you are such an articulate and joyful speaker. Are you doing any speaking events? If not I really think you should look into this so that people can share a little bit of the light that you have. ... ... At any rate, part-way through listening to your account, you said something regarding the light told you not to look up or else you would die and I thought ”I have heard this somewhe ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: I Changed After My NDE   ItalianBelle   29mo
      can you give details about what is different about you now how are you being loving now to you freind and family you wife and kids   [End]
      • ItalianBelle, ... ... Hi, ... ... I was not married at th...   rudenski   29mo
        ItalianBelle, ... ... Hi, ... ... I was not married at the time when I died and I did not have any children. My strategy for raising children is to direct them to be kind to others and to never participate in or send their children to war. ... ... I have failed at three marriages. Meeting The Light did not make me a good husband. I am always helping other people and I am often accused of helping others before taking care of my own. My exes might say I am a hypocrite. I am not a saint. ... ... Most people, other than my exes would probably see me as a good intentioned person, a bit over the top and a bit stran ...   [retrieve this message]
        • thank you very much for such a complete and thorough answer...   ItalianBelle   29mo
          thank you very much for such a complete and thorough answer to my question you are a brave person who seems to have been through very much and it seems you are trying to be as honest and candid about yourself as you can be ... i wish for you happiness and health in this life and rest and peace in the next   [End]
  • Heaven   R Steve888   29mo
 this audio book and video series from Kat Kerr is an eyewitness account of Heaven. It is awe-inspiring and uplifting especially if you have lost loved ones and wonder what it might be like for them. Check it out. ... ... Blessings ... Steve   [End]
  • How to Guide Have an OBE Free E-Book   R ChaztheMeatHead   29mo
    Just thought you guys might like this book even though it’s about teaching yourself how to have Out Of Body Experiences. I know it’s not the same, but kind of close. I’ve had OBE’s that are the same a what people experience in here. You’re supposed to be able to learn how to have OBE’s within three days and it’s FREE. ... ... ... ...   [End]
    • Re: Free E-Book   rudenski   29mo
      Thanks for the note. I will check it out and see if it is the same. If it is true that the technique you describe actually simulates a NDE, then it would certainly be worth the effort to find out... cuz you don’t have to die to have an OBE. ... ... Did you try the techniques from the book? ... ... Thanks ahead of time.   [End]
    • But why is having an out of body experience beneficial? I ...   saywhatagain   29mo
      But why is having an out of body experience beneficial? I have had them and while it is certainly interesting, my real spiritual growth and understanding has come from deep meditation in which I explore and merge with deeper and deeper parts of my core being.   [End]
      • If there was a spiritual transformation, after an OBE, the ...   rudenski   29mo
        If there was a spiritual transformation, after an OBE, the I believe it might be valuable... but just leaving your body... with no trans formative experience... does not seem to be that important to me. What meditations do you do? ... ... Maybe combining the information from the free-ebook and meditation might be beneficial? I still have not downloaded the e book but it is on my list.   [End]
        • Yes I agree, any meditation technique should create some tr...   saywhatagain   29mo
          Yes I agree, any meditation technique should create some transformation for the better. I have tried quite a few different techniques of meditation with some benefit. Some of these techniques like OBE, remote viewing, distance healing, and things of this nature are very cool and they are a good tool to open up our mind and make us realize that there is a lot more going on than we realize. But I don’t feel like I started making real spiritual progress until I started practicing Kriya Yoga Meditation. If you have never heard of Kriya Yoga before then I highly recommend that you read the ...   [retrieve this message]
          • I am with you on new age practices that do not change the h...   rudenski   29mo
            I am with you on new age practices that do not change the heart into a kinder version of its former self. My NDE changed me from a sociopath to a compassionate human being but even in my changed state of consciousness, I still have days when I fail to live up to the highest hope for myself. ... I do my own version of meditation but I appreciate sacred other practices. Is there anything from your meditation that stands out as different from most other practices? ... ... I combine Hu’ing, smudging sage, astral projection, prayer, peaceful countenance... singing ha-leigh-lu-y-h... and a type of tria ...   [retrieve this message]
            • To me, Kriya Yoga just feels good when I do it (and during ...   saywhatagain   29mo
              To me, Kriya Yoga just feels good when I do it (and during the day it stays with me). Previously, I would do various meditation techniques but it seemed like sometimes I was in a proper state of awareness and consciousness and other times I was not. Even if I was meditating regularly it seemed like I could not maintain a high state of awareness. Now it seems more stable and balanced. ... ... The main way that Kriya Yoga works is by working with the body energy (prana) using the breath to balance the prana. The breath is intimately connected to the prana. We can even say that the breath is ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Differences Between NDE's and OBE's   rudenski   29mo
      It is apparent from reading the e-book that the author/authors have never had a NDE. A NDE is almost always a trans-formative experience that literally changes the disposition or outlook on life of the Experiencer. NDE Experiencers feel loved in a way that defies the human understanding of that word. OBE’s can do that(not typical) but they also generally do not involve the Classic NDE Process: ... ... * I am not saying people who claim to have NDE’s have to go through all of the following processes ... ... ... 1) Life Review ... 2) Leaving one’s body ... 3) Entering a tunnel ... 5) Seeing a light ... 6) Feeling L ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Do Near Death Experiences Support Reincarnation?   R Amateur Philosopher   30mo  C
    ... So my question is do near death experiences support the possibility hat reincarnation exist? NDE implies the existence of a soul, would it be wise to assume that this soul is reincarnated atleast sometimes. ... ... This article kinda supports the possibility: ... ... ...   [End]
    • ... ... You are an eternal spirit.  You have a body.&...   #107689   30mo
      ... ... You are an eternal spirit.  You have a body.  When this one wears ... out you get another one and come back. ... ... There have been studies where children (who haven’t forgotten) report past ... lives which can be documented. ... ... ... ... ... ... By turning within and learning about your spiritual energy system and ... experiencing it, you can remember your past lives as well. ... ... Not only are there many near death experiences, everyone has out of body ... exper ...   [retrieve this message]
      • ”You are an eternal spirit. You have a body. When this on...   UserX   30mo
        ”You are an eternal spirit. You have a body. When this one wears out you get another one and come back” ... ... You don’t have to come back. How about this 4th dimensional stuff. Read up. ... ...   [End]
        • ... ... Nothing to read.  I experience myself as spir...   #107689   30mo
          ... ... Nothing to read.  I experience myself as spirit - it is my spiritual ... experiences that lead me.  Reading is is body stuff.  Experience is ... spiritual. ... ... ... ...   [End]
          • bless you then, just I do both.   UserX   30mo
            bless you then, just I do both.   [End]
            • I don’t have first-hand experience with this. But I have s...   saywhatagain   30mo
              I don’t have first-hand experience with this. But I have studied the writings of many Indian yoga meditation masters in the lineage of Kriya Yoga. I also have currently been studying under an Indian Kriya Yoga master for the past two years. All the teachings that I have encountered put it this way: Because of your attachments to the physical body, mainly due to sensory attachments and karma from our past actions, we reincarnate into a physical body over and over until we work out all our past and present karma. Once we are free from karma and we realize our eternal nature as spirit, th ...   [retrieve this message]
              • The best way to avoid coming back is to hold no grudges goi...   rudenski   30mo
                The best way to avoid coming back is to hold no grudges going to the light... ”Judge not lest you be judged” comes to mind... But we are our own judges. There are better playgrounds to play on than 3D Earth. We just have to play well with others in 3D or we will not want to go to other realms where souls all play well with one another.   [End]
        • I will only come back again if there are no wars, no childr...   rudenski   30mo
          I will only come back again if there are no wars, no children being abused, no sickness and no disease. Enough is enough...   [End]
    • Near death experiences are a little different. People that ...   uchihaMadara   30mo
      Near death experiences are a little different. People that are able to recall their past lives and experiences certainly have a better argument for reincarnation. ... ... Near death is unique in the sense that you’re not really dead, but things can become grave if the body fails to stay alive. ... ... My own experience relayed that there is something behind the scenes and that our physical bodies are part of an interwoven fabric in space/time. There are also near-death experiences that may not relay the whole story of at-death. Mine specifically revealed that there would be things forgotten from the ...   [retrieve this message]
      • I know it takes away our choices if we remember too much. I...   rudenski   29mo
        I know it takes away our choices if we remember too much. If we knew how much it was really going to hurt, I doubt most of us would even make the soul trip. If you knew you were going to walking into a fire that no one survives from, would you do it? ... ... I would love to know more about your experiences.   [End]
    • When I was leaving heaven, getting back in line with all th...   rudenski   30mo
      When I was leaving heaven, getting back in line with all the other souls waiting to leave heaven, I had a clear thought; I thought, ” I have done this many times before.” The Near Seath Experience is at least one example of re-incarnation... ... ... but the many times I had done that before were other lives in other bodies... ... ... I know it.   [End]
    • Hi there, Speaking of death prediction, I find it really od...   blackhawk11   29mo
      Hi there, Speaking of death prediction, I find it really odd that one of the on-line ... death prediction services showed me the same death date that I was foretold in my dream about ... a year ago. - I can’t explain this coincidence ... in any other way except that there must be some kind of magic involved here.   [End]
  • Tenderness is..   rudenski   3y
    Tenderness ... ... I just wanted to say that I died too. ... And while I didn’t die for every soul and spirit in the world, I did die to me. And what I was wanting to say.. what I really meant to say was I do have a message and it may only be for me but I truly don’t think so.. The main number one thing I realized from dying and meeting The Light was: Only our tenderness survives in timelessness, so just do your best to do what is timeless while you are down here in your passions in the flames. Do your best and that will be good enough. Show some tenderness; bring what survives time to timelessne ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Fasting; Posting because of NDE Interest   #77446   3y  C
    hi, ... ... First - why I am posting on this forum -- I have attended NDE support groups in the past and been somehow really helped due to complex reasons.. something about my needing to be healed of a neurotic fear of death... I am just drawn to people who have had these experiences, value them very very much, and wanted to have some contact with them (you). ... I’m just in need of as much contact with as many people as possible in this, a crucial/transition/challenging juncture in my life. Here’s my story/update. I’ve posted on this forum once before and received lovely responses. ... ... ... I ha ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Greetings, ... ... I found this information very helpful. ...   #142270   3y
      Greetings, ... ... I found this information very helpful. The health protocol shared by The Wonders recommends extra vitamin C, rebounding exercise, sometimes Master Cleanses, etc. Their website and podcasts contain information that is very liberating and empowering for me. Even though this information comes from a channeled source, when I explored their messages for some reason it resonated deeply with me. There is fascinating information about choosing health, while exploring fears. I hope you feel better soon :D ... ... All that I am is love, ... All that you are is love. ... ... Happy Exploration ...   [retrieve this message]
      •   ... ... hi, ... ...  i don’t believe in any &...   #77446   3y
          ... ... hi, ... ...  i don’t believe in any "extra vitamins" approaches because this way of thinking participates damagingly in the toxic neurotic fear of scarcity/neurotic fear of fasting cultivated by the obese food-addicted society.... besides according to the Natural Hygienists being actually always superfluous and kind of toxic and dangerous - taking vitamins that is.  Besides participating in industries that manufacture/transport materials damaging the earth.  Creating plastic bottles full of vitamins we don’t need...  very radical I know but thes ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Author Christophor Coppes Talks About Near Death Experience   producer   3y
    Famed Author Christophor Coppes talks about his book on Near Death Experience on ”The Bright Side”, the popular, internet, radio talk show with host David Nathan. Listen or download the 90 minute interview at: ... ... ... ... Go to the ”On Demand Episodes” April 24th   [End]
  • Seeking NDErs for Biography Channel Program   nhnzcasting   3y  C
    Dear all, ... ... NHNZ, a documentary television production company, is currently seeking multiple candidates for the second season of its highly successful series: I Survived...Beyond and Back. This is a prime-time series that airs on A&E Networks’ ”The Biography Channel.” Season 1 premiered in December of 2010 with the highest ratings of any new show ever to premiere on the BIO channel and features intimate stories told by those people who have been pronounced clinically dead but came back to life and survived to tell the story of what they saw and experienced in the afterlife. The program is ...   [retrieve this message]
  • life after resuscitation   madnpr   3y
    its been a year one month and 14 days after resuscitation from cardiac arrest. i did not have NED. i feel lost. i lost something during the process. anybody else has this same feelli g or its just me? am i just being melodramatic? just wishing that i may be different when in reality everything is the same?   [End]
    • I think of NDE’s as a kind of reform school for those who a...   rudenski   3y
      I think of NDE’s as a kind of reform school for those who are not on the right track.... We just were not getting it and needed new instructions, to help us along on our path. Do you feel cheated? A NDE is a mixed blessing at best. It is hard to deal with all of the suffering in this world when you know without a doubt that there is a better place... This place may not be hell but it is certainly a much lesser heaven than the world where we will return.   [End]
  • Edited   #50953   3y
    Once while searching for a liv   [End]
    • Re: Rudy   ~RN rudenski   3y
      Hi, ... ... I have been on a radio show recently, talking about my NDE. ... ... ... ... ... The interview starts at 25 minutes ... ... The radio interview is the first time I ever recorded my NDE. I hope it gives those wondering about what happens when we die, comfort. ... ... May Cheerfulness be your constant companion this day, ... ... rudi ... ... ... PS: If you want to go the links where my original NDE was posted: ... ... Part I - Going to the Light ... ... Part II - Journey to the Light ... ... Part III - The Ultimate Expr ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Study on interpersonal relationships among people who have ...   Webmaster   4y  C
    The University of Amsterdam (Department of Clinical Psychology) is conducting an online study on interpersonal relationships among people who have experienced one or more traumatic events. ... ... If you would like to see the survey and to participate, please follow this link: ... ... ... The aim of this study is to examine how people experience social situations and interpersonal relationships and how these experiences are related to traumatic or distressing events people have encountered in their life. We expect the results of this study to help us improve treat ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I changed Gods after my NDE   rudenski   4y  C
    When I was a child, I would frequently go to the switch tree, to choose the weapon that would be used on my backside. I was only three and four years old but I learned quickly to choose a switch that was thicker, as the thinner switches stung and raised bloody whelps on your skin. I was always into something... My mother was gone to find work and my grandparents raised me during those first few years of my life... I never really knew my biological father very well. When I did visit with him, he almost always ignored me. I felt as if he wished he could just forget about that part of his lif ...   [retrieve this message]
    • ”when I think of those decades of pain, how I must be one o...   R Sagitta   4y
      ”when I think of those decades of pain, how I must be one of the tough cases... a hard headed misbehaving child... in the hands of an angry God... but then I remember the most loving light I met in my NDE” ... ... Hi Rudi, ... ... I wonder, as I read how you interpret your experiences in life, if some of your misfortunes were self imposed, I am not talking about karma or anything like that. Do we through feeling of guilt, whether misplaced or deserving, impose experiences on our selves? I have observed that people who are not, shall we say, overburdened with conscience, always land on their feet, wh ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Sagitta, ... ... I frequently say my soul planned my misfo...   rudenski   4y
        Sagitta, ... ... I frequently say my soul planned my misfortunes, so he could learn his lessons. I am seeking a more gentle way forward... more gentle lessons... I know he gave me a fuzzy brain... nothing like my mind on the other side... ... I think it is mean to send souls into these pit-bull like bodies we have and expect them to act like show-dogs... but I do the best I can... I do like your way of saying that it is self imposed punishment... makes total sense... I would assume move beyond my eye for an eye programming but it is still buried deep inside my programming... ... ... rudi   [End]
        • It is true that body and mind cannot be seperated. ... Yes,...   Sagitta   4y
          It is true that body and mind cannot be seperated. ... Yes, we definitely seek these dramas for reasons that we do not fully understand, but at least we know are associated with our childhood. Wouldn’t it be good if we were much more skilful at creating good learning dramas in our own lives than we are at creating painful lessons. The good news is that some of us survive and we grow milder, kinder as we age in spite of the harshness of life’s lessons. We all need to forgive the ’enfant terible’ that we were and celebrate what we have become! It is funny how religion attaches so much guilt to ...   [retrieve this message]
          • The Playground of Fear   rudenski   4y
            Fear ... ... rudi   [End]
            • ”This life is the pain we must feel to participate in the e...   R Sagitta   4y
              ”This life is the pain we must feel to participate in the experiment of time.” ... That certainly has been the common experience.However maybe it is possible to lessen the intensity, and quality of that pain, which is an inescapable part of life. We are all living by some myth, religion, world view. Most of it fear based. Regardless of if we are religious or not unless we are completely cut off from society, we share in many of the many of the belief common to the prevailing religion of our societies. So the athiest may not believe that god will punish her/him but she/he will believe that mo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Are We Just Thorns to the Earth or Her Roses?   rudenski   4y
    Are We Just Thorns to the Earth or Her Roses? ... ... Nature’s very complex systems are being disrupted by something that man has started but he is finding he can not stop. In my NDE, I witnessed a light that will heal the world but I believe it will only come if there are those who will see beyond the ongoing doom in the Gulf of Mexico that appears to be capable of destroying the world. The President may resort to nuclear bombs and the oil companies to technological wonders in an attempt fix the problem they have started but every wounded and bleeding person should first know that the first th ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Mercy & Joy or Fear/   rudenski   4y
      How is the weather in Minnesota these daze? I heard most people have huhe gardens because the soil is so fertile? I love living right on the later along the coast but it is not loving me being here these daus. I wonder why sometimes we human being create such dysfunctional dystopias? Surely there is a better day coming soon, ... ... I am not a bible thumper but I do believe in angel and God’s love. It is hard for me to even open the book because it has within it a take of hard times ahead that aligns with some things I know from a deep place inside of me.... but yesterday I was sitting on my co ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Are We Just Thorns to the Earth or Her Roses?   bluestar   4y
      how will you help others if you are dead or incapacitated? ... ... some people are more sensitive than others to toxins and pollutants. If your lungs are telling you to seek fresher air for awhile then it seems that that is what you must do -- for now. ... ... the light you speak of I interpret as a cleansing light. I work with this light all the time (and have for decades) -- it is what cleanses the earth. ... ... In an effort to not forget to ”heal myself” when I begin to ”emit” the light I try to remember to cleanse myself as the light moves out thru me and throughout the earth. Try to visualize th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • HELP needed NDE with OBE!!!   mksndcee   4y
    I have my girl, who when ever she sleeps nearly every day has such dreams or rather nightmares and she wakes up ALWAYS with a shock. The dream changes from time to time but mostly they are centered around the idea that ”She is in danger”. Like in 1 such incident she had a OBE and in that she was trying to wake me up but I wouldn’t wake up and she had a paranoia that she will die or something. In another incident here were robbers in the house and she wanted to wake me up but I wasn’t responding again. These and many such issues when I am with her. When I am not then also she has similar dr ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Drink no liquids after 8 PM as this might be her body attem...   rudenski   4y
      Drink no liquids after 8 PM as this might be her body attempting to wake up the sleeper... ... ... does she ever wake up with her arms asleep? this could be the body attempting to awaken the body whose circulation is cut off...   [End]
      • First of all, Thank you very much fr giving your suggestion...   mksndcee   4y
        First of all, Thank you very much fr giving your suggestion. I highly appreciate it. ... Oh k... Yes she has many time waken up feeling numb.. Like you said this could be the body attempting to awaken the body whose circulation is cut off... ... What is the reason for all this ..could u tell me in length as I wanna understand dis whole problem and help her out. ... ... Here is some more Info : ... ... ... Plus she has a very extremely Strong sense of smell.. so strong she cant travel long distance in cars... or bus.. She has motion sickness bcoz of dat... ... Her parents are diabetic but till now she isnt thou ...   [retrieve this message]
        • ’Yes she has many time waken up feeling numb.. Like you sai...   rudenski   4y
          ’Yes she has many time waken up feeling numb.. Like you said this could be the body attempting to awaken the body whose circulation is cut off...’ ... ... She probably has a fairly high tolerance for pain, so when she is in a deep sleep, her body is not responding to small discomforts and pain coming from the cut off circulation. She may be projecting astrally and giving herself nightmares to increase the blood flow with adrenaline. Her body may use all kinds of spiritual and physical mechanisms to keep the body circulating blood or trying to wake herself up. Her soul leaving her body to get he ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Thanks for your help again. I understand why the OBE is hap...   mksndcee   4y
            Thanks for your help again. I understand why the OBE is happening more clearly now. ... ... Firstly, it’s not just the arm, there is numbness in her whole body when she wakes up with the shock. Her whole body is numb and not any specific body part as such I know of. ... ... Secondly, she isn’t a regular drinker. Just occasionally,more like socially and I asked for your input in this matter as I was of the view that quiting it might help in helping the cause. You could throw some light on this matter as well. ... ... Thirdly and more importantly, this just doesn’t happen in night. It happens whenever she ...   [retrieve this message]
    • buy sage (dry) and burn it then walk with it in the room an...   R #131919   4y
      buy sage (dry) and burn it then walk with it in the room and the rest of the house. this will clear up the energy in case of bad spirits. this should work. ... is the same dream coming back again and again? or it is a dif one every time? how long is she having those dreams? ...   [End]
  • Our Tears turned to Dances   rudenski   4y
    There are benign spiritual forces involved in our life that do care about us and there are other spiritual forces that operate from a less than benign perspective. One would believe God is perfect if they went to the other side and watched the mechanisms there. Everything there makes the reasons for coming here so clear but there is a door on the other side behind which is a dark pit, where justice are the lessons learned behind it, a place where every action is returned with an often cruel but equal and opposite reaction. ... ... Some say God created that door but I know the personality of th ...   [retrieve this message]
    • interesting point of view, rudi. Definitely food for thoug...   bluestar   4y
      interesting point of view, rudi. Definitely food for thought. ... ... One idea I completely resonate with is ”let our tears turn to dances”. I do that a lot -- literally. I put on some of my favorite music and I dance the pain away. I do what I term ”cleansing” dance and I clean the energies within myself and I visualize/feel cleansing the earth. I use motions that help me concentrate energy and focus my intention. Sometimes I target specific earth areas -- like the Gulf at this time. ... ... I have some difficulty with your statement that ”Souls are finally realizing the God who created their ...   [retrieve this message]
      • I sometimes call the God of this world, ’The Librarian’ and...   rudenski   4y
        I sometimes call the God of this world, ’The Librarian’ and alternately on a bad day ’the devil’. The days when I see this world as a world of shadows and tears I hurt for myself and others. I say devil but really the being I met after I met ’The Light’ is just God turning his face away from us or we from him. I have often said the God of this world plays us as chess pieces for his amusement but ’God’s Plan’ seems a rather cruel aspect of God I am not fond of when it means we and those we love have to grow ill or become violently injured to get out of the game he plays with our lives... bu ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Day Three of Ten-Day Fast   powerray   4y  C
    Hi - I am posting here to try to get in touch with my spiritual reasons for fasting. i belong to an in -person NDE group where I live. The last tiem I posted here I got a nice response -- thanks. Just looking for any support for my fasting and accountability to keep my commitment to to the fast! Powerray ... ... I tried to begin this fast again a few days ago but couldn’t. I haven’t wanted to post (that’s just how it is for me sometimes), but I really need support. I am having an easy time physically. I am helped by reading the natural hygienists, I think especially Shelton. But I am havin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Day One of Fast Complete and Into Day Two   powerray   4y  C
    I completed the first day of my fast tonight, Tuesday night. I am committed to continuing to develop the mental/emotional breakthrough to enable a long fast. I am finding myself much warmer and more open and trusting with others. I felt real security, safety, and warmth from some others in a group I was in just the other day. This at long last -- something I have waited for in my life for a long time. ... Someone messaged me: ... ”We are way stronger than we give ourselves credit for.” ... YES!!! ... ... So I have completed Day One as of Tuesday night and I am into Day Two. ... ... So Day Two i ...   [retrieve this message]
  • ten-day fast   powerray   4y  C
    Hi - I am posting here because I attend in my are an NDE support group. My struggle to fast has been helped by this. ... HI, I am desperate to fast to rout my candida/other bacterial intestinal overgrowth. I have needed to do this for about 30 years -- since I was 10. I have had a horrible life because of this disease. I have adhered to an all-raw diet 2 years straight now and have fasted weekly for a couple of years as well -- which has just barely kept me functioning. Hell, I can’t even claim to function. Depression, lethargy, the entire list of symptoms. Brain fog. Anxiety. I know ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I recognize your aspiration for self mastery. What happens ...   Fuzzy Shrimp   4y
      I recognize your aspiration for self mastery. What happens to the body also happens to the psyche, emotions, and soul. ... ... Your study in health should also include the study of the Blood Type Diet. Get the book ”Eat Right for Your Type” by Dr. D. Adamo. ... ... Once you are eating foods that act medicinally towards your blood chemistry then many predators will natually be ousted from the system.   [End]
  • We are Light! Chris Griscom's experience of NDE   infinitelove   4y
    It’s a video. ... ...!-Chris-Griscom-s-experience-of-NDE-and-what-we-can-learn-from-it!_a535.html   [End]
  • Moving on From Pain to Towering Joy   R rudenski   4y
    In my NDE, I lined up with other souls to return to my body. I had the distinct understanding that I had done this many times before. ... ... I have been a teacher for these last ten years or so. My teaching method is not the traditional reward and punishment type of teaching style. That style may work for brutes but I never treat even my worst student by holding a punishment over their head. I am teaching to their souls and not their bodies. I have never given a single A or F to anyone. I say that but this world is driven by a miserly old man who is stingy with his rewards and has made my own ...   [retrieve this message]
    • ”I am attempting to embed those loving soul memories of my ...   infinitelove   4y
      ”I am attempting to embed those loving soul memories of my desire to not choose these lesser dimensions again” ... ... How are you embedding, Rudi?   [End]
      • I am just a guy who opened the curtain of the wizard of Oz....   rudenski   4y
        I am just a guy who opened the curtain of the wizard of Oz. I am a reluctant puppet in all of this but the best actors get lost in their parts... ... For a time soul and body may become what they were meant to be but more...only attempting that ... ’but more’ is what makes us get up each morning... It is what makes you and me ... more than just a puppet... There is competent and incompetent and those are ... likely to lead us to fall again... but what we need to do in this life ... ... is find that jewel ... within us that revolutionizes the role we play. Living a life well lived is ... competence but did we st ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Once in spirit, can you choose?   rudenski   4y
    C- 1. I’ve heard of some people who while in spirit have some kind of spiritual body, either like their own while on earth, or an energy type of body. Still others say they had no body, and were pure consciousness. Please tell me what your take is on why someone would take on a form, or just manifest as pure spirit. Is there a reason why some people have a spiritual body, and yet others are only consciousness? Once in spirit, can you choose the form you manifest as? ... ... ... ... r- In my own NDE, I first observed my physical body in a life review, from outside my body. I assume that I was seeing ...   [retrieve this message]
    • AWESOME post Rudy! THANKS.   #38782   4y
      Love and Light being so interconnected and the total sum of the love each and every one of us has to ”offer” makes so much sense... tho I always knew intuitively. ... Appreciate the way you so freely share with us all and thank you for such a simple but enlightening post! ... Here´s wishing you the strength to cope with what this dimension has to offer and finding love whereever you are!   [End]
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