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Acne & Rosacea Support Forum # 2 [Archive]

Hormonal, Whiteheads, Blackheads, Cystic, Scars Forum, Skin & Face
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  • Image Embedded Adverse Events Associated With Pediatric Spinal Manipulatio...   LCD   7y  Ü C Ü
    Published online December 18, 2006 ... ... PEDIATRICS Vol. 119 No. 1 January 2007, pp. e275-e283 (doi:10.1542/peds.2006-1392) ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... This Article ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Abstract ... ... ... ... ... ... Full Text (PDF) ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Pediatricians who make medical errors would like to report ...   Beadlegobbler   7y
      Pediatricians who make medical errors would like to report their mistakes to their hospitals but they fear the recriminations and time involved ... ... ... ... ... Introduction to medical mistakes: ... ... ... ... ... Specific areas of medical mistakes: ... ... ... ... ... Medical Mistakes Kill 100000 Americans A Year: ... ... ... ... ... One in Three People Say They Or A Family Member Have Experienced A Medical Err ...   [retrieve this message]
  • ACNE CURE!   RN notmoreblues   11y
    Dear friends i know how hard it is to deal with acne, as a female 28 and ex model and dancer i had never experience such frustration and depresion before in my life. ... I had had oliy skin until i was about 25 , then my skin was normal and clear and only broke up with one or 2 pimples before my period. ... im a vain girl , since i use to work as a model and many times had to apear in magazines and adss from my country, i knew every beauty secret and diet as u can imagine... ... at 27 , about 6 months ago , i split with my husband after 4 months of marriage (he got another girl!!) i changed countri ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Im so happy for you..... ... thank-you for sharing your sto...   yemaya   11y
      Im so happy for you..... ... thank-you for sharing your story here!! It will help a lot of people!!   [End]
    • Re: ACNE scar wife uses and ...   pokeyjo712000   10y
      I hope this helps. There are so many people that swear something works and I am the kind of person that wants to see proof. We bought the Epidermx from and itís shaved her acne scars off by 70% They have message boards there and people write in their honest reviews plus there are photos so if you were skeptical like me, you may want to check this website out. It didnít happen overnight, but it has made such a great change. ... ... Good luck all.   [End]
    • Re: ACNE CURE!   #49332   9y
      Some of what you said is okay but way to complicated. I purchased an ebook program @ and it worked like a charm. Yes there are lifestyle changes but it cleared me up in less than six weeks. Essentially the program teaches you that acne for the most part is an internal problem and must be treated as such. Yes using a cleanser and other topical treatments can help, but used alone they WILL NOT CURE YOUR ACNE!!! There is a lot to learn when it comes to treating acne and this ebook is the best I have ever seen, and Iíve bought them all!!! The overnight cures and quick fixes are ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Wow sounds exactly like my problem. Ihave been looking up ...   jessicalock   6y
      Wow sounds exactly like my problem. Ihave been looking up Chinese herbal remedys and looking into liver flushing also. i dont feel like i have a sluggish liver though and not really any symptoms either which makes me reluctant. I also cant flush right now as i have to work every day and i cant be running to the bathroom! ... ... I am so pleased you managed to get your life back and only hope that when i finish work in the summer i can go some way to sorting out my own problem. I too have never had acne before and do some modelling. The thought of going in front of a camera now fills me wit ...   [retrieve this message]
  • website would not allow me to visit??   lynne0619   11y
    Hello folks! This is my first visit here. I have a bad case of rosacia and ran across a post on your first forum discussion by Spider. He listed a website that has tremendous success dealing with facial problems. When I tried to visit the site a message appeared that said something like my server was not cleared to view this site. Has anyone ever heard of that? Here is the site he mentioned: ... ... ĒI found the Institute of Skin Diseases situatedin Kiyv, Ukraine. www.skininst.comĒ ... ... Thanks! ... Lynne ...   [End]
  • why b5   bp   11y
    hey guys, this is my 1st time communicating in a forum. can you believe iím nervous? any way, iím not sure of on-line ediqeut,i donít want to offend anyone.i also donít want to discourage anyone but because iíve seen alot about b5 on this site i thought maybe someone would be able to answer this question. if vit b5 improves acne by supplying the body with enough b5 to make coenzymeA, making the enzyme available for fat metabolism AND hormone production so the body does not have to choose between the two; why not just take coenzymeA? they do sell it as a supplement. iíve been taking b5 for ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Some B5 encouragement   spadgham   11y
    Just thought I would post this up. Iíve now been using B5 for four years and it still works a treat for me. The instant I started taking it my skin problems began disappearing fast. I was clear within about 2 weeks. Iíve never had any side effects, no hair loss, etc, etc. It just keeps my skin in good health. Of course, the fact that I eat a high raw diet and drink masses of water and vegetable juices also helps. I also cleanse regularly, do juice fasts, exercise like a mad man, and avoid all the bad foods/drinks like the plague. However, at the end of the day I still need to use B5....... ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hey, Iíve actually bought and tried to Skinclean, the first...   MissDeevi   10y
      Iíve gone to the store several times, and many different stores and I canít find B5 anywhere. Iíve gone to the nutritional stores and grocery stores.... where do I buy it at?   [End]
      • Many people have had trouble easily finding the B5 suppleme...   ARenee   10y
        Many people have had trouble easily finding the B5 supplement. Including myself. When you do find it, itís mostly 500 mg doses and you have to take 20 of those pills a day..YUCK! ... ... Through A LOT OF TIME AND RESEARCH, I found 100 capsule bottles that have 1,000 mg doses in each capsule. My research has shown that an acne sufferer needs to consume up to 10,000 mg per day for the first 30 days and then slowly back off until youíre at a maintenance dose of 1,000 to 2,000 per day. (one to 2 pills) ... ... Iíve had a lot of friends, aquaintences and family searching for the B5...they sent me on t ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Thanks for the insightful e-mail. I have dealt with acne p...   flim_flam   10y
        Itís also called pantothenic acid, so very often thatís what itís labelled as in stores.   [End]
    • I started B5 about a month ago and I must say ĒIt is doing ...   michaelr   8y
      I started B5 about a month ago and I must say ĒIt is doing the jobĒ Iíve used accutane twice before with good results, but the side effects were awful. My face does feel tight now just as if I were using the accutane. Iím using lotions to counter that. Iím very happy with the results. Mike   [End]
  • Best moisturizer , PCA Lotion Concentrate   deeoh   11y
    If you have dry skin , this is the best moisturizer Iíve ever used you just mix a little with water and it lasts all day without getting oily . Itís natures water magnet . ... ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Topical B5/Pantothenic Acid   deeoh   11y
    Would Topical B5/Pantothenic Acid work just as good or do you have to take it internally ?   [End]
  • B5/Pantothenic Acid and hair   deeoh   11y
    I heard that to much B5 effects your hair , does anybody have any more info about this ?   [End]
  • B5/Pantothenic Acid   #10489   11y
    Just wanted to share my success story. Thanks to the suggestion of previous posters on this group I decided to try Vitamin B5 or Pantothenic Acid. It has literally cured my skin problems - which where terrible. ... ... I have been taking 6 pills a day of 500 mg. I personally like Solarayís brand because they are easy to swallow but had the same great results with the other brands. ... ... I challenge everyone who gets results with Vitamin B5 to make up some notecards and take them to local dermatologistís offices and slip them into magazines. ... ... I am so grateful that for this forum and for the ad ...   [retrieve this message]
    • How quickly does B5 work? Have you been taking this in conj...   ARenee   10y
      How quickly does B5 work? Have you been taking this in conjunction with any other supplements: zinc, vitamin A, E or any other? Iím getting B5 tomorrow and my fingers are crossed that this is the cure.....I donít know how much longer I can live with cystic acne in my life!!!! ... ... Iím a happily married 27 years old female with 2 children. Been dealing with cystic acne for about 3-5 years now (lost track-it feels like my whole life)! ... ... Tried everything except the cleanses....still getting up the courage for those. Anyway, it seems that B5 is a miracle and Iím ready! ... Thanks, ... Renee   [retrieve this message]
  • All else failed and this worked!   TheMom   11y
    Both my kids now 21 and 18 have suffered from severe acne since early teens. We bought and tried everything and if it did work it was temporary or their face felt like it was frying during each application. My sister gets expensive facials from a salon and she was discussing the kids problem. They suggested Lavender oil 1/3 to 2/3 part witch hazel. It worked! Both my kids use it daily, apply it with a cotton ball on clean skin. ***Important*** The lavender oil has a drying affect make sure to use a moisturizer or your body will produce more oil tryng to make up for it. We have gotte ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Iíve heard of that before, but was a bit hesitant to try it...   Eucalyptus   10y
      Iíve heard of that before, but was a bit hesitant to try it because I was afraid my skin would dry out. But thanks, and Iíll try it. :) ... ... Oh, and Iíve got a question: Would there be any harm in adding a bit of tea tree oil along with it, or would you just recommend the lavender oil and witch hazel? ... ...   [End]
  • The ultimate solution against acne   JasonJ   11y
    I found the best solution of all against acne. I have been using it now for 2 weeks, and my skin is completely acne-free! It is a cure from India, which clears your neck and your face rapidly! ... The substance is absolutely natural, it is to find in every household, it doesnít make your skin dry out, and it is extremely cheap! ... The only thing you got to do is to apply it on your skin over night. And already after a few days you will be surprised about the result you see in the mirror. You win your self-confidence back, and youíll see, how easier life will become. ... Why should you pay hundred ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Jos jedno pitanje za Dushana (ako nije problem)   Milan   11y
    Ne mogu nikako da nadjem ovde u Srbiji kapsule pelina i karanfilica koje se preporucuju na sajtu za ciscenje od parazita. Nasao sam caj od pelina i obicne karanfilice i poceo sam da pijem caj od toga, ali sam nisam siguran sto se doziranja tice. Isto tako nisam siguran dal ce vrela voda ostetiti lekovite sastojke iz biljaka. Sto se tice oraha tu ne znam sta da radim. Neko mi je rakao da bih trebao da pijem caj od ljuski (ustvari onog dela izmedju ljuske i ploda), alí sam na sajtu procitao da tinkturu od americkog crnog oraha ne treba mesati sa vrelom vodom da se ne bi izgubila lekovita svo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Accutain, my experience   #164378   11y
    ... I got Chrons desease from Takeing Accutain to try and manage Hidradenitis Suppurative. ... ... Stupid derm kept me on it after I told him about gut pain, spilt milk. ... ... Anyways I had fourteen inches of bowel removed along with my appendix and my illiosecal valve. I havent had any bad recurances after the surgery but have had diharea for the last five years. The only time I have normal or just somewhat soft stool is when I am taking pain medications for the HS Ive had 15 surgeries from HS. ... ... Is there any diet or drug that will help alleviat the loose stool besides taking opiat pain meds.   [retrieve this message]
    • I had bad experiences with Accutaine as well. Accutaine is...   #8132   11y
      I had bad experiences with Accutaine as well. Accutaine is shit, as fas as Iím concerned. Iíve had better luck with maintaining the bodyís natural state of homeostasis than Iíve had with any drug, topical cream or dietary supplement. Itís amazing what a healthy diet and a little exercise can do for you. The main thing is to find balance - equilibrium - within the body. Youíve got to learn to trust that the nutrients from healthy foods are exactly what your body needs to heal - and the only thing. Iíve learned that taking drugs or supplements are actually harmfull in some cases - especiall ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Acne around lips. Not cold sores.   ConcernedandUnsure   11y
    I have acne on my face. I get it especially around my lips the space between my upper lip and my nose, and around my chin. At first I thought it might of been herpes, so I saw my physician, got tested for all STDs, and came up completely healthy. Still I get this acne that looks like cold sores. They start off as big bumps, turn red, and with in a few days leave a white head to emerge. Depending on how heavily I try to medicate the acne, the whitehead may emerge sooner. Iíve found that drying the acne out as much as possible delays the emergence of the whitehead and the more moisture ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hey... I have the same problem. It breaks out for me in bet...   ir_dizzle   11y
      Hey... I have the same problem. It breaks out for me in between my lip and nose; in the middle above my lip. Itís been around for a while now, but when I was taking tetracycline, it disappeared. I had to stop it though because I was getting too fatigued (I play basketball a lot) while excercising and in less than a month (after a year of tet. use), itís back. I also was using benzoyl p. in the morning followed by cetaphil moisturizer and avita at night. Those are my only skin cleaning regimines as of right now, but they donít stop the break-outs in that area. I thought it could have been h ...   [retrieve this message]
  • A new treatment, give me your opinions   DoDDy   11y
    Well Ive been reading up on this new treatment. I plan on trying it in a few days time Let me know what you guys and gals think ... ... Click Here!   [End]
    • Whoa it sounds incredible.... ... ... I read a lot about i...   Michiel   11y
      Whoa it sounds incredible.... ... ... I read a lot about it, and I heard that if you use a cream or a pill you can never get real result before a week-time. because of digestion and íinstallingí and stuff... so I donít really think its a 3 day thing!! IF it was really true, it would be known worldwide wouldnít it?! ... ... but maybe it IS something good, what have you got to lose but your acne, right?(the quote a lot of treatment discoverers name) ... ... IF it works for you, I beg you to inform me!!!! ...   [End]
  • follifre R u free of this horrible disease?   altimadriver   11y
    follifree i just wanted to say, that tomorrow im goin and startin on ur procedure. and u dotn know how much i appreciate it. If u got any more pointers, plz tell me. one question, do u think diet play a role in this diseaes?   [End]
  • Zineryt lotion really effective for me....   colin   11y
    for about 10 years, i suffered from acne whihc was really bad at times and really helped mess me up mentally while growing up. I tried various anti-biotics, ocytetracyclene? trimethoprim and others, didnt really help tho it controlled it a bit. However it did mess with my digestion, and definately lowered my energy levels. zinc tablets etc didnt have any effect. ... ... This summer, my doctor gave me íZinerytí lotion which you apply to your face 1 or 2 times a day, and within a few weeks my skin was really clearing up. I still get the odd spot, and the old redness. blackheads and scars are stil ...   [retrieve this message]
    • for about 10 years, i suffered from acne whihc was really b...   sugarlily   11y
      Hmm never heard of that stuff. Iím trying to clear up my skin with natural stuff but Iím still curious about this stuff. Is it like the Retin A or Tazorac stuff?   [End]
      • From what ive heard of retin-A i think it might be quite si...   colin   11y
        From what ive heard of retin-A i think it might be quite similar. Never heard of Tazorac. ... ... íingerdientsí: Erythromycin-zinc complex, with zinc acetate ... ... Is retin-A the stuff that can really dry up your skin? forgot to say that this stuff has basiaclly no side effects ive found, excpet a little redness and drying if you aply too much. ... ... PS i am getting this living in the UK/britain.   [End]
        • From what ive heard of retin-A i think it might be quite si...   sugarlily   11y
          Ya Retin A dried up my skin and Tazorac fried my skin. Thanks for the info, always like to know stuff ... Marina!!!!   [End]
          • How i have coped with acne.   Natalie_wants_clear_skin   11y
            Hey guys! I have suffered from moderate/severe acne since i have been 14; I am now 21. I suffered in silence until i was 17, attempting to cover up the problem with thick make-up (NEVER a good idea!). Finally, i was so depressed that i went to the doctors and was put straight onto Dianette, a contraceptive pill also used for clearing up acne. After about one year my skin was almost totally clear, apart from the horrible red scars, which were fading. However, this made me put on so much weight that i began to worry. I came off it for a few weeks but my acne flaired up again and I knew ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Zineryt lotion really effective for me....   giuliabg   10y
      hi colin! iím an italian girl and i sufferby rosacea or acne rosacea .i have redness in my forehead caused by a wrong use of gentalyn beta.i have also sometimes papules/pustules. the first doctor said me it was rosacea.the last said me it is acne and gave me you think it could make me better or not?do you think zineryt could be useful also for redness? ... how are you now? ... thank you very much ... hope to see your answer soon, ... GIULIA   [End]
    • hey, yea im usin Zineryt lotion now, but im not 2 sure if i...   azn_bebeC   7y
      hey, yea im usin Zineryt lotion now, but im not 2 sure if its workin tho. ... bcoz i only had a few spots and redness on my face before i started usin it, n now im using it, i have more spots than ever and my face is all red, dry and sore. is this meant to happen?? im taking antibiotics at the same time. is this meant to happen?   [End]
    • Dear, ... ... I believe that what you said is really corr...   doulani   4y
      Dear, ... ... I believe that what you said is really correct. My doctor,too gave me Zineryt. I suffied from acne after going to the gym for one non stop year and I believe that excessive sweating caused my forehead to develop acne.I believe that the influence of this medicine lies in the ability to stop the infection of the acne when you get heated. I will tell you what I did along with Zineryt. ... ... 1. The doctor prescribed a soap ( acne care soap for greesy and oily skin( apply it in the morning and at night. ... 2. At night I was asked to apply a thin layer of ( Nadixa 1% cream) for my forehea ...   [retrieve this message]
  • non-soap facial wash   #8132   11y
    has anyone experiemented with non-soap facial washes, and if so have you experienced any positive results? i have tried Purpose before, but it is too similar to soap i think. it looks and feels like soap, at least.   [End]
  • Murad Acne Complex   Shayred   11y
    I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of or used the Murad Acne Complex? I saw an informical for it on tv and was just wondering about it.   [End]
  • can cod liver oil help in treatment of acne   #9441   11y
    hi everybody, ... I have a severe case of acne and no medicine seems to be working for me i have till now visited 2 dermatologists but nothing seems to go my way... ... many of my friends have suggested me to use cod liver oil capsules to fight acne i just wanna know that will cod liver oil help me or will it make my acne worse! ... ... Pls HELP! ... ... waiting for reply ... neo.   [End]
    • Neo, ... ... good quality, fresh, fish oil can help to som...   Spirit   11y
      Neo, ... ... good quality, fresh, fish oil can help to some degree to most people, because it contains many different natural vitamins and essential fatty acids, but old & rancid fish oil can make it worse because it contains toxins ... ... ... Instead of just placing your all hope in a single dietary supplement, beside taking fish oil, you should eliminate industriall waste from your diet and you should start cleansing your body! ... Spirit Inner Body Cleansing ...   [End]
  • Where to Find 100% Witch Hazel?   flute   11y
    Hi! Can anyone tell me where I can find 100% witch hazel? I bought some last week, but it says on the label that itís 86% witch hazel. Iím afraid to use it on my face because it has alcohol in it.   [End]
  • My opinion   RN UserX   11y
    This is just my opinion: I am sure others will have more to say on the matter. ... ... In my opinion, the skin is the largest organ of the body and is a window to your inner health. If your skin is bad, it is because of dirty bowels, liver, and blood, or hormone imbalance. Now, It could be that you have a low grade bacteria, or parasites that are allowed to exist in the body due to low immune system. With a vengeance, I would clean all the organs, using the protocols. After that, I would go on a juice diet drinking a lot of carrot juice. Starting at the same time as the juicing, Take th ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I think kitty makes a good point. I donít think that one t...   sugarlily   11y
      I think kitty makes a good point. I donít think that one type of vitamin is the miracle cure for a majority of people out there. Itís just not that easy. Your body needs to be clean and free of toxins otherwise the vitamin isnít going to have an ideal environment to work in. I tried taking all the so called vitamins to clear up my skin and it just doesnít work unless you have the dramatic life style and eating habits change too. The rest of it is far more important than a vitamin in the long run.   [End]
    • I have to say that I tried about 3 different cleansing fast...   Chilly-o   11y
      I have to say that I tried about 3 different cleansing fasts and numerous herbal remedies (echinacea, thyme, dong quai, lavender, oat straw) and have had great success with B5. I started it about a year ago and have had consistently clear skin since, for the fist time in 20 years. I take Milk Thistle regularly as well as Kombucha, but I know that the B5 works. Maybe B5 is a nutrient that has ĒwashedĒ out of modern diets and thatís why acne is so bad these days. I donít know why it works. I know the skin is a messenger for the insides. I think B5 has made my insides happier. It certainly ha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • is B5 REALLY a cure!?!?   Aaron   11y
    Acne treatments are what ive been doing for the past 6 years hoping my age would finally cure the acne(so far it hasnt). so now i hear B5 is the cure but i dont see how that is possible. after doing some reading i realized all it does is supply your body with more pantothemic acid(your body already produces some) which aids in metabolzing oils... this is why your skin doesnt feel as oily after taking B5. ... ... now a cure is the end all drug or something you might take for 1 week or 1 month of your life and never again. but it appears if you stop taking the B5.. acne will return just as it doe ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Aaron, it just depends on how you look at it. You think a ...   CARE   11y
      Aaron, it just depends on how you look at it. You think a ĒcureĒ has to be a one-time shot? Good luck with that. ... I think a cure is something that fixes the problem permanently. B5 will offset the deficiency in your body, preventing acne. EVEN ACCUTANE ISNíT A ONE-TIME SHOT FOR MANY PEOPLE! This vitamin is a safe and natural way of doing away with your acne, isnít that all that matters? Itís done things for so many people that antibiotics and topical creams have never done. If you ask me, thatís the important thing. Unfortunately, Iíve learned that acne forces you to live your life ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I have had bad skin my entire life. It was obvious I was ne...   Chilly-o   11y
      I have had bad skin my entire life. It was obvious I was never going to ĒgrowĒ out of it as I had hoped for so long. I tried Retin-A, glycolic acid, tetracycline.... everything over the counter... every natural remedy I read about... and finally tried B5 last year at the age of 32. All I can say is it has changed my life because for the first time in my life I have consistently clear skin. Sure, I have to take the supplement every day (I tried going off it and the zits came back), but itís worth it. And it doesnít only work on your face. It cleared my back and chest, too. ... ... Maybe I just g ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Hi Chilly-o ... ... I hope you are well, I am so glad ...   joyjoy   11y
        Hi Chilly-o ... ... I hope you are well, I am so glad that B5 worked for you, can you tell us how much B5 you used (dosage per day)? Have you been able to lower the daily dosage, if so what to? ... ... Thanks friend, ... ... Adam. ... ...   [End]
  • Weird thing on face   sugarlily   11y
    My facial acne has significantly cleared up in the last 2 or so months of my new diet etc. However I have this one thing on my face that will not go away. Itís a little below the corner of my mouth(not a cold sore) and it was a zit at some point but now itís a neverending scab. Iíve literally had it for a month and a half now. If I leave it alone it forms a very painful scab that is very very dry, if I keep removing the layers of skin it gets a little better and is not painful. Iíve tried tea tree oil and evening primrose oil but no avail. I wish I knew what it was because itís drivi ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I think that if you keep picking it, it will never heal! T...   CARE   11y
      I think that if you keep picking it, it will never heal! Things scab so they can healing. My esthetician suggested zinc for me. My skin does not heal well at all. I take it orally (tablets) daily, as well I dab a bit of zinc oxide on the spot that needs healing (donít overuse it though). This sounds strange, but diaper rash cream works (be sure to get zinc oxide 40%). You can get it from a drug store. But do not pick at it anymore, or it will scar! ... Hope it works.   [End]
  • Aduly Acne   Shayred   11y
    I am 24 years old and have been suffering from adult acne with what seems like no solution to the problem. I have been on the prescription drugs and creams and got the speech about it will get worse before it gets better. It got worse, but I never saw the better. I began drinking the suggested 8 glasses of water a day, which seemed to help, then was told about green tea, which I recently started drikning. I am just trying to find something that will help me to get my acne under control. Please help, there are times that I donít want anyone to see me, this is very painful.   [End]
    • You said: ĒI am just trying to find something that will hel...   Spirit   11y
      You said: ĒI am just trying to find something that will help me to get my acne under control.Ē ... ... If your goal is just a half-goal, then most likely your attempts to reach that goal will also be just half-attempts. ... ... Why settle for control, if you can cure it. ... Why not have clean, soft, beautiful skin? Wouldnít that be better. ... ... Click on the links and read, it is possible, it is not utopia, but you will have to implement certain changes in your diet and lifestyle ... acne are just a symptom of internal imbalance, internal illness, not illness itself. ... /forums/fd50.asp?f=155&c=4 ... /dis/ ...   [retrieve this message]
  • minimum effective B5 dossage?   joyjoy   11y
    Hi all, ... ... What is the minimum amount of B5 you all have been able ... to get down to? I am aware of the recommended 9 grams a day, but I cannot afford this, have you guyís found less works for you? Currently my 4 grams a day is not working, thanks all, ... ... Adam. ...   [End]
  • Quality of B5   ben86   11y
    Is the quality/brand of pantothenic acid very important? I mean I donít just want to buy a brand that doesnít work for me. What are the recommended brands out there on the internet? Thanks for any help.   [End]
  • My B5 success story.   Adam_P   11y
    I know this has probably been covered alot here but I just wanted to share my success. ... ... I have had occasional mild-moderate acne on my face, neck, shoulders and back for the past 7 years. It was almost like a cycle where I would breakout for a week then be semi-clear for a week. None of the typic OTC formulations (salicylic acid and benzol peroxide) would do anything but dry my skin to the point where it would hurt. ... ... 3 weeks ago I went and bought some Safeway Select B-100 and GNC 500mg Pantothenic Acid caps. I began taking around 5 grams a day of the B5, 1 B-100 and cut caffeine ...   [retrieve this message]
  • with ROSACEA , what can i use for ..........   #9472   11y
    can anyone with Rosacea recommend any products for shaving ? regular shaving creams seem to make mine worse .any suggestions for this or ANYTHING else would be appreciated . thanks to all ........   [End]
  • Pimple, bad skin clogged pores and boils , need a miracle c...   ballerzz   11y
    For some reason i have realy bad skin mostly around the kneck area,(ear and side of kneck both sides) if you look at the problem areas you can see black head or clogged pores around most of the areas i have problems with, I made the mistake of picking or squeezing a few re-accuring areas and its caused a formation of the little black heads to join and as 1 making a big abnormal cist or boil. They go away and come back in the same problem spots every so often and range in size some times realy big and inflamed and when ready to burst very pussy, also usualy sore. Id pick them no more i hav ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Start Cleansing Your body! ... ... Pimples are volcanos, l...   Spirit   11y
      Start Cleansing Your body! ... ... Pimples are volcanos, last attempt of your body to remove toxins from your blood, toxins that: ... - should have never enetered your body ... - should have left your body naural way (Intestines, liver, kidneys ) ... - you are blind to recognize ... ... What you need is a full body cleanse! full body cleanse ...   [End]
  • Solutions to keep your skin healthy to prevent acne   myportwinestain   11y
    3 steps 3 minutes process for a wonderful, shiny, new look ... ... 1. Cleansing Ė Apply cleanser to fingertips then to face and remove gently with cotton wool--be careful not to drag the skin. Rinse well with warm water. Clean by patting gently on the face with your palms. Use creamy cleanser for dry skin. Use an oil-free formula cleanser for oily skin. ... ... 2. Toning Ė Apply toner to cotton wool and wipe over face gently. Careful toning will help close pores and soften the appearance of facial lines. Toning also remove traces of dirt. Use an alcohol-free toner for all skin types. Donít use al ...   [retrieve this message]
  • acne is gone - how do i keep it away!?!?   Aaron   11y
    Im so sick of acne like naturally everyone else and now that i have finally got it go away for the millionth time... how do i keep it gone?? I have been using all kinds of crap like the creams and the pro active, face masks.. none of them really did crap for me. finally got some minocylene(sp.?) from the doc again for the 3rd time i bet and after the 4th month my acne has improved 100% as is had the previous times. the problem is that after my perscription runs out... my acne returns almost worse than it was before. id get it all over my back and on my face so the only way to cure the back ...   [retrieve this message]
  • red clay and aloevera worked for me, im talking from experi...   naturalresponse   11y
    Hi, you can read my post to a massage below where I explained how i cured a break out of acne. My face has imperfections but it is not oily and doenst have a bad appearence.   [End]
  • Can cod liver oil help cure acne   hot_neo   11y
    hello , ... ... i want to know that if taking cod liver oil capsules help to prevent acne or does it make acne worse. ... ... please help. ...   [End]
  • 12 Years Old,Suffering From Acne. Not That Surprising...But...   angelkeety   11y
    Yeah, Iím 12, I have acne. They say itís around puberty that you get it, but I just donít have a few zits here and there. I have it mostly in my T-Zone. I think itís mostly hereditory, but I want some advice. ... ... What are some good ways in getting rid of acne? The kind I have is mostly the red kind, that are sore sometimes, but then blossom into the beautiful flower--the white-head. I have black-heads on my nose, but those are the last things Iím worried about at the moment. ... ... My skin seems to be a bit sensitive, too the point where warm water can dry it out, to the point of little flakes ...   [retrieve this message]
  • cs, dmso, hydrogen peroxide, vit e oil=ointment   deeoh   11y
    interesting post i came across ... Subject: cs, dmso, hydrogen peroxide, vit e oil=ointment ... ... My mother is 86 and 10 days ago she had a number of skin cancers burn ... or cut off her face, they didnít look so good even with the cs so i ... mixed equal amounts of cs, dmos, hp, and several capsules of vit e ... oil, and now 4 days later they are healed only new pink skin they ... stopped being sore after the first 2 applications and we didnít even ... put any on Tuesday so it was 3 applications in three days all scabs ... and burned skin gone. Her Dermotologist wants to know what i did but ... i didnít tell hi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Doctors zap acne with lasers   deeoh   11y
    Doctors zap acne with lasers ... ... Doctors say acne can be kept at bay for up to three months with just one dose of a new laser treatment. ... ... The finding has emerged from a study of 41 acne patients reported in the Lancet medical journal. ... ... A team led by Dr Tony Chu, from Hammersmith Hospital, London, gave 31 patients one dose of pulse-dye laser therapy (PDL). The remaining 10 patients received a dummy placebo treatment. ... ... PDL resulted in a halving of scores on a scale of acne severity after three months. The placebo had no effect on the scores. ... ... Dr Chu said: ĒOur results suggest that th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • B5 brands and prices   ben86   11y
    I went to and found two different brands of B5 vitamins. ... ... One was Swanson Premium Brand Pantothenic Acid 500 Mg 250 Cap and the price of it is almost the same as Twinlab ... Pantothenic Acid Caps 500 Mg 100 Cap. ... ... I donít understand the difference between these two products. Anybody knows? Could it be the quality? I really need a quality B5 product but I canít really pay a lot. ... ... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.   [End]
  • I need a cheaper place to buy B5. I am speding a lot!!!   skuba   11y
    Iíve been buying B5 at GNC in caps of 500mg. So, I have to take about 18 caps a day and the whole bottle is over in A WEEK! ... Each bottle is $10. ... I donít want to spend $120 for 3 months of B5. ... Is there anywhere cheaper that I can order the vitamin????? ... Thanks a lot, ...   [End]
    • Try Swanson health food products. They were the best price ...   healthfreak   11y
      Try Swanson health food products. They were the best price that I could find. Do a search on google for their website. I personally think that B5 is worth the money. Itís cheaper than going to a dermatologist also.   [End]
    • I have tried B5 from GNC and it did not work AT ALL - not t...   Mattigan   11y
      I have tried B5 from GNC and it did not work AT ALL - not to mention they are very expensive. Itís a poor quality brand. I have been using a very good brand of B5 and have noticed a big difference in my cystic acne. Iíve been on it for three weeks and it is very inexpensive, especially considering the quality of it. I bought mine from: ... ... ... ... If you donít have really bad acne you will probably notice a difference in a week or so. I have (had) REALLY BAD cystic acne and in three weeks I have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. I am so happy it is working for me. ...   [retrieve this message]
      • I just ordered other brand from . ....   skuba   11y
        I just ordered other brand from . ... So you think they are all cheap material?? ... Do you think there is really a difference. ... Itís true, the GNC brand is not doing much for me. But how will I compare, I donít know what to expect. I was using for 1 week and I started complaining of no results. But people told me that I have to wait much longer to see any results. ... ... How fast did you guys see any results from b5??? ... ... Thanks   [End]
        • I noticed an improvement in about a week. I was taking 9,00...   healthfreak   11y
          I noticed an improvement in about a week. I was taking 9,000 mgs a day and then eventually I lowered the dose. I think itís very important to eat healthy also. Try cutting back on dairy products, refined sugars, red meat, and eat plenty of green vegetables with clorophyll in them. It worked for me!   [End]
          • Re: I need a cheaper place to buy B5. I am speding a lot!!!...   joyjoy   11y
            Hi Healthfreak, ... ... I my self have been on B5 for about three weeks, but I am on a dosage of 3 grams a day as I can not afford 9 grams at this stage. The article written by the chemist in the archives sayís he lowered to a maintance dose of 3 grams, so that is what I am starting with and it dose seem to be working very well, time will tell to be sure though. So Healthfreak, what is your dosage at this time, what is the lowest dosage that seems to work for you? ... ... Adam. ...   [End]
    • Re: I need a cheaper place to buy B5. I am speding a lot!!!   UserX   11y
      Mushrooms, liver, watercress, broccoli, alfalfa, peas, lentils, tomatoes, cabbage, celery, strawberries, eggs, vegetable squash, avocado, unrefined cereal. ... ... I recommend investing in a champion juicer if you donít have a juicer already. B5 is found in all of these vegetables and by Juicing these vegetable you will save a lot of money; it is easy to do too. I think the best way to get any vitamin is through food. ... ... Broccoli is the highest in B5 ... ANa   [End]
      • I disagree because you canít get a high enough dosage of B5...   healthfreak   11y
        I disagree because you canít get a high enough dosage of B5 from just eating the foods you mentioned. It takes a lot of B5 to cure acne! I think it is important to eat a lot of green vegetables, avoid smoking, avoid alcohol, avoid sleep deprivation, and any other behaviors that weaken your immune system in addition to taking the B5.   [End]
        • 4oz= of Liver has 2.60 mg of B5 and this is the highest tha...   UserX   11y
          4oz= of Liver has 2.60 mg of B5 and this is the highest that I came across during my research. That would mean she would have to eat like 1,730 cups of liver to get the 9000mg of B5. I would stick to the pills. I did not notice the huge dosage that was being taken. Sorry, I did not find anything to help you. ... ... Ana   [End]
    • I had difficulty finding the B5. I finally found 1,000 mg c...   ARenee   10y
      I had difficulty finding the B5. I finally found 1,000 mg capsules. That sure beats taking 18-20 of those things a day! Until I did find the B5 I started on a daily vitamin regimine that I found was supposed to help tremendously...and it did, even before I had a chance to purchase the B5. Iíve had large cystic acne for the past 5 years. Not a day passed that I did not have at least 5-10 of those big, round, red, painful things. They took months to clear up. After the vitamin fix, lots of water and altering my diet (stopped eating white bread, only do 100% wheat, not many dairy products at ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Oily skin-SO ANNOYING! What to do!   zitfreewannabe   11y
    Hi everyone, ... Iím sure Iím not the only one here who suffers from annoying, persistent oily skin. I read ins everal places that the more one washes their skin, the more oil it will produce as to compensate for the oil that is being stripped do to constant washing. Therefore I wash 2 to 3 times a day. However, several minutes after I wash my face starts to becme oily again, and several hours later, itís like an oil bomb! I donít know what else to do. The more Iíve tried to dry it out in the past with acne medications and astringents, the oilier it would get. I have also read that oily ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Drink lots of water and if youíre eating junky food clean u...   sugarlily   11y
      Drink lots of water and if youíre eating junky food clean up your diet. My oilies cut way way back after my diet change about a month and a half ago. It really works and itís easy to do. Astringents from the drug store are garbage, I would recommend going to the health food store and getting a mud mask. ... Marina   [End]
      • I agree with Marina, drink lots of water. I too have very o...   Erica25   11y
        I agree with Marina, drink lots of water. I too have very oily skin and I notice that with the colder weather it becomes worse. The more water I drink on a daily basis, the better my skin has been. I keep a liter of water with me at all times and keep it filled, sometimes I am taking so many trips to the bathroom that I donít know what to do with myself, but it is worth it. ... ... I also have a close friend who is an esthetician and she swears by facials ever 6 weeks, she does not push product, in fact, I use Purpose soap to clean (CVS $3) and she suggests if you are going to spend $$ get ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi, I think you should try this: buy some red clay or mud i...   naturalresponse   11y
      Hi, I think you should try this: buy some red clay or mud in a naturalhouse or herbalshop, it is natural so u make a mask with the clay and a bit of water and u put it on your face everyday till it is dry, around 15 minutes or so. Then you will notice you face without any oil. Do it for two weeks, it is cheeps and far better than anything ive tried, it cured a ĒdermatosisĒ i had, the doctor was going to put me into accutane but after ive done that he saw me and said the skin had some imperfections but it was ok. Try it!!! ... Another thing I think is good is the aloevera, of course you have ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Spirit-e, javi se   Milan   11y
    Po tvom imenu rekao bih da znas srpski, a vidim iz tvojih poruka da se dobro razumes u liver flush i slicne stvari. Hteo bih da te pitam ako znas kako se u srbiji nalaze lekovi za ciscenje organizma i sta od toga moze da se nadje ako znas. Bilo kakva informacija bi mi bila od koristi. ... Hvala   [End]
    • Milane, ... ... on every market palce, and in every pharm...   Spirit   11y
      Milane, ... ... on every market palce, and in every pharmacy in Serbia, you can find herbal teas for: ... ... - liver ... - kidneys ... - intestines ... - pancreas ... - gallstones ... ... ... For parasite cleansing you can find: ... ... - pelin (Artemisia Absinthium - wormwood) ... - karanficici (cloves - syzigium aromaticum) ... - domaci orah (juglans regia ) Domaci orah nije isti kao i amercki crni orah, ali je dovoljno dobra zamena) ... ... ... How to use parasite cleanse, you can read here ... ... To do a liver flush, all you need is olive oil, grapefruit and magnesium sulfate (gorka so - prodaje se u apotekama) ... Maslinovo ulje i G ...   [retrieve this message]
  • seawater face bath   sarah27j   11y
    hi, ... ... where can i get seasalt for face bath? what company is best for buying b5? ... thanks   [End]
  • open pores :(   lol_lita   11y
    i am suffering from open pores as my skin is oily, have them on face, can i cure them? ... is there any cure?   [End]
  • Birth Control Pill CAUSING Acne?   CARE   11y
    Has anyone ever experienced ANY birth control pill actually causing their acne? Iíve went on Marvelon for birth control when I was 19 and thatís when my acne started. Since then, Iíve been on Tri-Cyclin and Diane 35 and neither are helping. Could the pill be causing a hormonal imbalance that I would otherwise not have? Anyone have any thoughts?   [End]
    • Could the pill be causing a hormonal imbalance that I would...   Spirit   11y
      Could the pill be causing a hormonal imbalance that I would otherwise not have? ... ... Yes, absolutely! ... ... Get off the pill, and start cleansing! ... ... Spirit   [End]
      • Re: Spirit, Why is this???????   CARE   11y
        I did go off of the pill. ... Why is it that it causes the imbalance? I thought the pill was supposed to make your hormones more balanced... Any idea? ... Are there any bad side effects to ĒcleansingĒ... any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.   [End]
        • You seems to be one of those people who has been brainwashe...   Spirit   11y
          You seems to be one of those people who has been brainwashed by pharmaceutical propaganda, PRs that wants people to believe that pills created during the last 30-50 years can do a better job then human body that has been created during the last 10 millions od years. ... ... Any foreign hormones introduced into human body orraly or by any other means can only bring imbalance on the long run, and can negatively affect mecanisms that are responsible for keeping your hormones in perfect harmony. ... ... ... ... Forget everything you think you know, and start cleansing and reading good books   [retrieve this message]
    • can ANYONE tell me WHY?   CARE   11y
      Can anyone explain to me why the birth control can CAUSE acne? For everyone I know who had acne before they went on the pill, it has improved. I never had it before, so why would it cause it?? Please, Iím dying to know!! Thanks!   [End]
      • Maybe your problem has more to do with your liver..and when...   yemaya   11y
        Maybe your problem has more to do with your liver..and when you put all the junk and hormones into your body..they have to go through the liver....If its not working well or toxic(which it always is if you have ance)...then it could make the problem worse. Thats my guess..... cleansing is always the best route to go!   [End]
  • SOS   lol_lita   11y
    is there any permanent cure for acne? ... ... what should i do about the marks left by them...all over my body? ... ... :(((   [End]
  • proactiv doesn't work..   #8612   11y
    Hi, Proactiv doesnt work, at least not for me. Took antibiotics from doctor instead. Was on Roaccutane but worried about the side effects so iím off it now. ... ... The only thing that helped my skin got better is this nutritional supplement called FACELIFT. And Iím also into this hair product Biolyn which you can find here ... ... ... All the two products are 100% natural & thatís what i LOVE about them!   [End]
  • Liver flush preparations   Milan   11y
    Iím planing to do a liver flush, and i read that i should do some preparatory cleanses before I do a liver flush: bowel, parazite, kidney, dental etc. Can you tell how impotantant are these cleanses, whatís yourís experiences with them? Is there a way to determine do I have parazites - or I should do a parazite cleanse anyway.   [End]
  • Blood type   Milan   11y
    Iíve heard that for every blood type there is a list of food they should avoid. My blood type is A+. I also heard that people with my blood type should never! drink milk becose there is adequate enzime for milk digestion in our stomachs. What do you think about that?   [End]
  • Need to know dosage for Dandelion, Zinc, B5 and Milk Thistle   skuba   11y
    Hi, ... I bought all those supplements in caps. ... Do you know how much should be the daily dosage for each of them??? ... My objective is clean the liver and improve my acne. ... ... I know you guys will tell me to do the flush too. I will, but just next month. ... ... Thanks a lot.   [End]
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