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Liver Flush Results

Liver Flush & Liver Cleansing Support Forum # 7 [Archive]

Gallbladder Cleanse, Gallstones Forum
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  • Liver flush/coffee enemas (for Karen)   Hibiscus   11y
    It is my undertanding that coffee enemas help flush toxins from the liver into the bowel for elimination. I did one in the afternoon of my first liver flush. I felt great and had no problem with the flush. ... ... I purchased organic coffee beans so they would be freshly ground when I need them. I also did a warm water enema first. ... ... Here is the link for the coffee enema instructions: ... ... Good luck! ... Stay Healthy!   [End]
  • zapping   bilbo   11y
    Any tips on how often one should zap parasites for optimum efficiency? I will be receiving mine soon...   [End]
  • Renewed health and pain free   R Lynn   11y
    Hello all flushers and potential flushers!! Happy new year to you. I havenít reported for quite a while on this forum so here is an update. Iím sure there are many like me who do the flushes and get well and then never visit the board again since they are on with their lives feeling well and happy. I havenít thought of you for several months now because I feel great. I had a gall bladder attack last March 02 and from then until August/September I did flushes every two to three weeks. Toward September/October I decreased the flushes to once a month at the full moon (a great result the ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi Lynn! A couple of months ago I was in the middle of the...   R Kelly   11y
      Hi Lynn! A couple of months ago I was in the middle of the ĒmuckĒ and didnít know what I had gotten myself into. You were so kind to respond. You helped me so much, you donít know!!! It was the kind of support to help me keep going. 9 flushes later I can report similar results as yours. I feel good. I turned 52 on Christmas Day and I too have drifted from the site a little. But I am here today to say to everyone just starting out to hang in there and know you are on the right track. The things I would do different is keep up with the parasites. They sure let me know when they we ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Feeling poor still   raider   11y
    Well its been since monday night since I did my 2nd flush. ... I still feel pretty crappy. ... I was muscle tested and told I am having dieoff and toxins. ... Man I want to feel good again soon... ... Sorry to be so whinny but I feel like crap!!! ... ... I feel like I am trying to get a cold but its just die-off. ... ... I was also told that when you are killing parasites and candida that bacteria and these kinds of thing are protien dieing off and that is what causes the white on tongue after a liver flush or cleanse.. ... ... Good Bless You all..I love this site!!   [End]
    • Stay with it. I hope you do cleanses as well for the colon...   Lynn   11y
      Stay with it. I hope you do cleanses as well for the colon. Try Bentonite Clay (at health food store) after a flush. It helps pull the toxins out of the intestines including chemicals that may have been loosened during the flush. It will get it out of your system sooner. It doesnít taste bad either. Please try wheat grass or other green juices and lots of water to move it all out. I sense you are not getting enough fresh food and water. Try it to get clear. Good luck.   [End]
      • Re: bentonite clay   cyclotheme   8y
        could you please tell us how to use the bentonite clay? i have some and donít know how to use it. qlso, can you put it directly on your skin like a masque, to draw toxins? ... thanks, ... cyclo   [End]
  • hep liver cleansing safe or do more damage?   #163957   11y
    i have had hep c with mild fibrosis. recently completed a successful treatment and am now virus free. am experiencing a dull pain at front right rib about 4 inches from sternum. prior to treatment had mild liver inflamation and the occational dull pain in right front rib. had ultra sound & CAT about 1 yr ago nothing was found. ... ... am wondering if liver cleansing is safe for liver with mild fibrosis. ... ... read some posts about passed stones and the use of oils critrus juice and epsom salts. i wonder with the use/ingestion of large amounts of oils (iím told oils are hard on livers). does the oi ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Yes, you can, and I think you should do it, but do parasite...   Spirit   11y
      Yes, you can, and I think you should do it, but do parasites cleanse first, and use liver herbs all the time. ... ... Liver herbs aid liver function and support liver and gallbladder. ... ... Read about diet, eliminate from your diet sugar and all other processed foods, as food is the main source of your energy and your health. ... ... Most people with Hep C can and should do Liver flush (not one, several flushes...) ... ... For details, follow Hulda Clarkís Recipe for liver cleanse. ... ... Read also this message: ... ... ... And this one: ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • You want proof the flush works?   #164182   11y
    Everyone, Please read my post to Hibiscus about liver enzymes and the amazing results I have had with the flushes. ... And Iíve only done 4! Canít wait to do more! *grin* ... ... KBlue   [End]
  • Gall Bladder info   Hermit   11y
    I received this in an email today with information on the Gall bladder ... ************************************************************** ... Health e-Tips, January 2, 2002 ... Dear reader, ... Most doctors would probably tell you that you donít need your gallbladder to live a long healthy life. After all, there are plenty of paychecks riding on its removal: Gallbladder ... surgery is the most common operation in North America. Every year, more than half a million people in the United States and more than 50,000 people in Canada go under the knife to ... remove their gallbladders because of gallstones. ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Please help! where can I find bile salt tablets   Rachel   11y
      Iíve looked for bile salt tablets and I canít find them anywhere? Do I need to go to Canada or somewhere? I had my gall bladder out and I know I really need this. ... Do you mean ox bile or is this a tablet that is just made of bile. I am afraid to take anything with hydorchloric acid because I realize that lack of bile flow already makes one more acidic because bile is alkaline. ... Please tell me where I can get bile salt tablets. ... thankyou   [End]
  • To Bob - mapoi   Hibiscus   11y
    I was glad to get your message regarding the liver enzyme mystery. I am not alone! ... ... I havenít had the pleasure of the Ēhose up the hineyĒ as you called it, and Iíd like to skip that one. I am supposed to call a gastroenterologist to get an appointment. But Iíve decided to put that off and do some of the things suggested on this site instead. God only knows how long the enzymes have been elevated so I may as well wait a while longer. ... ... Have you had any symptoms? I havenít. Itís all very strange business. Keep in touch. ...   [End]
  • Gall Bladder Stones - avoid surgery: stone breaking by shoc...   cokule   11y  Ü C Ü
    I have been advised by both the gastroenterologist and surgeon to have my gall bladder removed. ... ... I have tried Dr. Clarkís liver cleanses and am still doing them but I am afraid a 2.5 cm stone will be impossible to flush. ... ... While trying to find an alternative, I came across an article (through National Institute of Health website)about lithotripsy (breaking of the stone through the shockwaves) as an alternative to surgery. It is combined with Actigall medicine to disolve the stone. ... ... If you are interested and would like more information, contact Medstone at (800)633-7866, ext 2198 and y ...   [retrieve this message]
    • doctors???   #166188   11y
      Whatís a Doctor? ... Oh yeah! ... The guy you see before the mortician. ... ... Iíve passed at least fifty stones larger than 2.5 cm.Blueduck (a little old lady) passed one as big as a plum.I am a responsible adult and ĒIĒ am responsible for my health. ... Most ĒdoctorsĒ tell people on this form that they canít flush gallstones. How is the shattered gallstone going to get out?The story changes when there is a profit to be made. ... I use gold coin grass to disolve and loosen stones.I donít take pharmaceutical poison. ... ... grrr... ... ...   [End]
      • Re: doctors???...........$$$$$....*LOL*!!!   Blueduck   11y
        No need to even try and have stones shattered. The liver flush gets them out, even BIG BOULDERS. It will take more than one liver flush to get out all the stones, however this certainly is much better than ANY surgery. With this liver flush you see and feel results right away. It is cheap to do. There is NO pain involved. Doctors do not want us to do this.......they want to do surgery, which, no doubt will be followed by pain, and of course more office visits and ......probably more drugs. I better stop before I really get going! Bottom line: liver flush works. ... Blueduck, owner of G ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Hi buddy, ... Hope you had a great holiday. I wanted to tel...   #1845   11y
          Hi buddy, ... Hope you had a great holiday. I wanted to tell you that a lady I work with was already to do the master cleanse and the liver flushes. ... But guess what? ... Her daughter works for a doctor and I am sure you can figure out the rest!!! he told the daughter to tell her no do not do either of those they are not good. ... ... LOL ... ... I decided I wasnt going to argue with her. I just simply said oh really my doctor was the one who told me about them. That I might need one.. ... ... LOLOLOLOLOL ... ... ... I still cant believe my old chiropractor - alternative doctor I have gone to for 9 yrs never told me I ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Re: doctors???...........Raider   Blueduck   11y
            Raider, Your story about the friend does not surprise me at all....doctors do not want us to flush, they want their new boats! I will not be contributing to their new boat funds any more. *LOL* ... No I did not name it, I just call it ĒhimĒ or ĒheĒ. It took me 48 years to give birth to this one! LMAO!~! ... I owe you email....will send you a pic of ĒhimĒ when I send you an email! Tomorrow hopefully! Others that read this post will surely think I have lost my mind. ... Blueduck ...   [End]
            • blueduck   Tracey   11y
              Blueduck you crack me up!! (and I have to let everyone know that youíre not a little old lady! *that* made me chuckle too) ... ... T   [End]
              • When did blueduck stop being a little old lady???   #166188   11y
                Whatís this? ... Iím shattered! Iíve had this image in my mind of my grandma, all proud and feeling great, nagging grandpa to do a purge. ... I donít believe itís not true. ... Tracey, stop saying it. Donít make us take your keyboard away. ... Stonehedge   [End]
                • Re: When did blueduck stonehenge   Blueduck   11y
                  stonehenge, ... Grandma!!??.....*LOL*!! ... Blueduck   [End]
                • stony   Tracey   11y
                  Sheís no grandma. Sheís no grandma. ... ... (my keyboard stays with me) ... ... T   [End]
                  • Re: stony.....from Blueduck   Blueduck   11y
                    There we go!!! Wooooo...thatís excellent! Cokule should try your special technique. I just searched for the string where you described your method. Here it is... ... ... Cokule...I think itís worth a try. ... ... T   [End]
                  • Re: stony   #166188   11y
                    Blueduck is ... -5í0Ē ... -104lbs ... -blue hair ... -97 yrs old ... -Italian (she types with an accent) ... -11 kids 63 grandkids 173 greatgrandkids(so far) ... -verry sweet(300 on the glycemic index) ... -waddles when she walks(thus the name blueĒduckĒ) ... -loves to cook and nag her husband(second hubby heís 32yrs old) ... Thats the image she portrays Tracey and I know Iím right.Did you want to know how I picture you? ... stonehedge ... ...   [End]
                    • tracey   #166188   11y
                      Blueduck is ... -5í0Ē ... -104lbs ... -blue hair ... -97 yrs old ... -Italian (she types with an accent) ... -11 kids 63 grandkids 173 greatgrandkids(so far) ... -verry sweet(300 on the glycemic index) ... -waddles when she walks(thus the name blueĒduckĒ) ... -loves to cook and nag her husband(second hubby heís 32yrs old) ... Thats the image she portrays Tracey and I know Iím right.Did you want to know how I picture you? ... stonehedge ... ...   [End]
                    • ROFL!!!   UserX   11y
             are too hilarious...what an imagination! ... ... Would love to know how you picture me...especially since you have deemed me the colon guru! ; 0   [End]
                    • Re: stony   Tracey   11y
                      Yes please do!!! (ooooooh, Iím scared!!) ... ... T   [End]
                    • Re: stony......LMAO!!!   Blueduck   11y
                      Correction to above post......*rotf*!!!!!! ... -0í5Ē ... 401 #s ... grey feathers ... 79 years old ... Wop/Kraut.....(you got this one half right!) ... full of animals, (my kids) ... DOES waddle! (quacks on occasion) ... does not cook ... already buried 32 year old, replacement is 54 ... ... ... Blueduck   [End]
                      • Re: stony......LMAO!!! hey PTree   #166188   11y
                        Duh...I guess Iím not too bright because I donít know what all the codes mean.ROFL??(Ralph obviously farted Larry ???)How about LMAO.(leave my apple olone) ... PTree, do you really want me to create a mental picture of you as the colon guru? Think about how much fun someone could have with that. ... I do feel for your kids though.Mom(PTree) driving Junior to soccer with all the neighbourhood kids. ... PTree;Junior,how many bowel movements did you have today? ... The car goes silent. ... PTree; Were there any parisites or mucoid plaque? ... Juniors face goes from red to purple. ... PTree;From now on yo ...   [retrieve this message]
                        • ROFLMAO - Stonehedge   sphinx   11y
                          As a new poster, I cannot get into personal characteristics of others, but I can tell you that ROFL means Ērolling on floor laughingĒ and LMAO meaans Ēlaughing my ass offĒ! ... ... Keep up the good work and maybe you can join a comedy tour soon! If youíre really good Iíll be ROFLMAO! I know you can figure that one out now! Keep up the good work!   [End]
                        • Re: stony......LMAO!!! hey PTree   UserX   11y
                          LOL...fear not...I donít have any kids to humiliate!!! But my dog has PERFECT colon function! I swear, sometimes I think I should eat her food! ... ... Iíll be looking for your post! ; )   [End]
                        • Oh MY GOD! Laughing so HARD....   Juniper Berry   11y
                          Oh MY GOD! Laughing so HARD....Iím getting an asthma attack! Stonehedge, you are a RIOT!!! You are definitely the next Erma Bombeck. Sorry...Iím showing my age here... ... ... Hope you will write often, so i can get my lung aerobics done whenever I get on site! ... ... Juniper Berry ... :) ...   [End]
              • Re: Tracey   Blueduck   11y
                Tracey, ... Old I am. ... Female too. ... Little does not describe me at all! ... *LOL* ... Blueduck   [End]
                • to blueduck   Tracey   11y
                  I thought you said you were only Fifty!!??? (oh boy, if Iím wrong then thereís really something wrong with my memory!) ... ... T   [End]
                  • Tracey!! ... Not 50! Am pushing 50.....turned 49 in October...   Blueduck   11y
                    Tracey!! ... Not 50! Am pushing 50.....turned 49 in me I am old because of the way I feel! Heh heh heh. ... Blueduck   [End]
                    • Well, so much for my memory! (close but no cigar) Are you f...   Tracey   11y
                      Well, so much for my memory! (close but no cigar) Are you feeling any better now that youíve got the ole GallBoulder out?   [End]
                      • Re: to Tracey   Blueduck   11y
                        Tracey, ... Yes I was feeling much better after getting out the boulder, thanks for asking! It is now past time for my next flush, and a few minor symptoms are letting me know this! Have you done any more work on the flushing and the moon project? I sure would love to know if it will be favorable to flush this coming Sunday! I am Sun in Libra, Scorpio ascendant, Moon in Virgo......*LOL* Pretty hard combination~! ... Thanks again, ... Blueduck   [End]
                        • Hey Blueduck! I am a Scorpio Rising as well! (sagittarius s...   Tracey   11y
                          Hey Blueduck! I am a Scorpio Rising as well! (sagittarius sun, leo moon) If you give me your exact birthdate and time and place Iíll check the position of the moon for you next week! ... ... I wasnít able to do my third liver flush yet (friends visiting galore) itíll have to wait. Iím still working on the theory! (thanks for remembering) ... ... T   [End]
                        • Hey I looked Sunday up and it looks like it c...   Tracey   11y
                          Hey I looked Sunday up and it looks like it could be a ísurprisingly good and beneficialí flush! I donít know, but there could be an element of surprise there or something unexpected and positive...You will have to let me know! ... ... T   [End]
        • HEY BLUEDUCK...   UserX   11y
          Is there any way to get a picture of your ítrophyí posted on the site somewhere?...Iím sure everyone would like at peak at that!!!   [End]
          • But first have it mounted on a trophy base with an apropria...   Lapis   11y
            But first have it mounted on a trophy base with an apropriate inscription engraved on the name plate. ... Iíll bet you have the GALL to pull it off.   [End]
            • Re: HEY BLUEDUCK...Lapis!!   Blueduck   11y
              Lapis, ... I sure do have the GALL, but do not know how to post a pic, do not know how to even post it on a personal web page. ... COME TO CHAT! ... Blueduck   [End]
          • Re: HEY Ptree   Blueduck   11y
            Ptree, ... I would email the pic to who ever is in charge of posting it on the site! ĒHeĒ is still waiting in the freezer. I do not even know how to post ĒhisĒ pic on a personal website...if any one knows how and wants to do this, let me know and I can email ĒhimĒ. ... Blueduck   [End]
        • Re: doctors???...........$$$$$....*LOL*!!!   sheena   11y
          Maybe I am weird but when I did the coffee enema, it did not come back out!! I felt the sensation of the coffee moving up and had a quick rush of energy but nothing expelled. Has anyone else had this happen??? ... ...   [End]
          • You seemed a bit lost, so I thought that I would just post ...   UserX   11y
            You seemed a bit lost, so I thought that I would just post these just in case ... Have a good day. ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
          • liver flush   Tracey   11y
            I would do the Hulda Clark Liver Flush. ... ... See the post below. ... ... Then make sure you click on the ACTIVE Liver Flush forum - people are posting over there all the time. You have just posted in an Archive - Iím glad I caught you! ... ... T Liver Flush and other Cleanses ...   [End]
      • Re: doctors???   Viji   11y
        Hi Stonehedge, ... ... Well said Stonehedge! I couldnt agree with you more. ... I have absolutely no respect for them. ... ...   [End]
    • Re: Gall Bladder Stones--------to Cokule!   Blueduck   11y
      Cokule, ... Please read the posts in the liver will see that you do not need to have your stones shattered....I hope you can have the courage to try this liver flush instead of listening to the doctors tell you about surgery and/or stone shattering. This liver flush works. Read the testimonies of the people that have been doing the flushes. I truly do hope that you try the liver flush before you consent to stone shattering and/or surgery. ... Sincerely, ... Blueduck   [End]
    • Re: Gall Bladder Stones - information to avoid surgery   cokule   11y
      This is my clarification to the above posting. ... ... I have done the flush and gotten small and large soft stones. Those you can flush, the hard ones would be impossible. The soft stones are from the liver and not the gall bladder. The cystic duct that connects the gallbladder to the common bile duct is much narrower than the gallbladder itself and that itself does not allow for calcified large stones to be passed out. However, the liver cleanses are still very good for your health and overall cholesterol blood levels.   [End]
      • cokule, ... Well....well....I donít really think it will do...   Blueduck   11y
        cokule, ... Well....well....I donít really think it will do any good to try and keep talking to you, because it seems to me that you have decided that there is no way that you can get out a SMALL 2.5cm stone....I will give it a shot any way! Epsom salts will dilate the duct so the stone can pass. Myself and many others have been able to pass stones larger than 2.5cm. Many of us do not want to take western prescribed medicine, or have our stones crushed by the method you are recommending....reasons being, there are better ways to do this.....stones can be smashed or dissolved into smaller pie ...   [retrieve this message]
        • important info!   Tracey   11y
          Blueduck, Iíve seen your gallboulder in the bottom of the babyfood big is it? An inch around? (2.5cm) An inch and a quarter? And how many liver flushes did it take for you to pass yours? ... ... T   [End]
          • Re: important info! Tracey   Blueduck   11y
            Tracey, ... I just had my better half measure my gall boulder. He says it is one and three eights in diameter...(across) I passed this on the fifth flush. I drank one and one half cups of olive oil and the juice of about six lemons. I did not use epsom salts. ... Blueduck ...   [End]
            • Important info   Tracey   11y
              There we go!!! Wooooo...thatís excellent! Cokule should try your special technique. I just searched for the string where you described your method. Here it is... ... ... Cokule...I think itís worth a try. ... ... T   [End]
        • Re: Gall Bladder Stones - information to avoid surgery   #161793   11y
          hello blueduck, ... ... I want to know more information about the gall stones, becos am suffering from the gall stones. Doctor did scanning and found many small stones they are suggesting to have a surgery, but i dont want to have the surgery.So when i searched the sites i found urs, u mentioned that if we take herbal teas that will be helpfull. could u tell me like what type of herbal tea can be helpful and also could u suggest me what can i do to avoid the surgery. ... ... Thank you ... ... anitha   [End]
          • Hi Anitha You will find all the help you need to get well ...   Nan   11y
            Hi Anitha You will find all the help you need to get well at this curezone website. I donít know how you got here but your life will change forever. Go to the curezone homepage and click on the liver cleanse and read and read and read. If you donít understand anything or wish to get first hand advice from others who have been through the same rotten pain and sickness as you then just go to the liver flush forum and ask. People from all over the world will come to your aid. No question is too silly, no problem too large. Welcome to our world. Good luck and get well soon. Nan from Australia.   [End]
    • i am nirmal suffering with gall stone with .7 mm for 3 year...   #86908   11y
      i am nirmal suffering with gall stone with .7 mm for 3 years ... now i am facing more digestive problem ... what ever i am eating is not fitting my body and often i am getting warm thing sensaction at this time i am getting more thorat ... ... please prescribe medecine for me ... i am looking forward to hear from you soon. ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Why do we taste bile in mouth   Scott   11y
    I posted this question before and no one responded. Thought I would try again. ... ... What is the mechanism that causes the ĒbileĒ taste in your mouth when the liver/gallbladder are congested? I just want to understand the physiological mechanism at work here. ... ... I still get this taste in my mouth. After almost 30 flushes I am still getting out stones. I donít get many out at a time (sometimes none) but they are still coming and I still have symptoms. ... ... Thanks.   [End]
    • Hi Scott. Have you ever got out the íBigí one, like Blueduc...   Tracey   11y
      Hi Scott. Have you ever got out the íBigí one, like Blueduck or Dove?? Maybe there is one whopper in there that is desiring to come out. Have you checked back on other posts. Maybe you need to take a cup of olive oil next time? Have you tried increasing the amount? I donít know anything about bile taste in the mouth...sorry. Good luck!   [End]
    • Hi Scott ... I have read that the gallbladder is contract...   #166188   11y
      Hi Scott ... I have read that the gallbladder is contracting so hard during a flush that it can force bile back through the piloric valve into your stomach.Then when you burp, yummy bile. ... WOW 30 flushes thatís a lot.How long do you wait in between and how do you prepare? ... Stonehedge   [End]
      • Yes, 30 flushes is a lot. I talked with Andreas Moritz, au...   Scott   11y
        Yes, 30 flushes is a lot. I talked with Andreas Moritz, author of the ĒAmazing Liver CleanseĒ yesterday. He told me that the reason I havenít got more stones out from the flushes is that my colon is backed up and recommended colonic irrigation which should produce more stones. ... ... I donít prepare specifically for the flush other than heated massage over the liver area nighly.   [End]
        • For Scott   Southern Belle   11y
          How were you so lucky to talk (I am assuming in person?) to this author?????? ... ... Good luck on your colonics!   [End]
        • clean that colon Scott!!!   #166188   11y
          Hi Scott ... I just started cleaning my colon too,for the same reason.Did he say colonic irrigation (sounds like thyíre digging a ditch)is a better way to go for some reason.Iím doing the bowel cleanse.Check the other forum,Bowel-intestinal cleanse.PTree answered all my questions.(sheís the colon guru) ... Hopefully a clean colon will make the difference!! ... ... Stonehedge ...   [End]
    • Re: Why do we taste bile in mouth   alsarabi   8y
      Did you find out the causes for ĒbileĒ taste in the mouth? Iím having the same problem but canít seem to find an answer. So far I did two flushes but after reading your massage Iím not sure if flushing will cure it. ... ... Thanks! ...   [End]
  • Chinese Bitters   curious   11y
    I`ve read Julia Chang`s website:, it is very interesting! She used Chinese Bitters in conjunction with liver flushes to cure herself of a congested liver. Any comments on or experiences with this product will be of great interest to me!! Happy flushing...   [End]
  • shape of your "innards"   Kilmer   11y
    OK, here is my question. I believe in the detoxification cleanses that are discussed in this question, but one thing I am concerned about for myself is, what if I get everything cleaned out perfectly, but because of the way my body is designed, or because of injury, it will never be able to clean itself out like it should. ... ... For example, if I have a kink in my intestine, I could flush everything out, but then I will continually have to do these flushes because of that body will never be able to rid itself of the toxins on itís own as well as it should be able to. ... ... Is it possi ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: shape of your "innards"   Southern Belle   11y
      Hi Kilmer! ... ... Your post was full of Ēifs!Ē I am right to assume you have nothing wrong with your body, but you are concerned ĒifĒ you might? ... ... Go ahead and flush. Your body will speak to you ĒifĒ it has a problem. ... ... Paulette G.   [End]
      • Re: shape of your "innards"   kilmer   11y
        Hi Southern Belle, ... ... I feel honored to have a post answered by you, youíre kind of like a legend from what Iíve read. You know, in a good way, good answers, encourager, etc. ... ... I think a lot of people on this site have some poor-health symptoms (i.e. problems with their body), thatís how some find the site. ... ... I think these flushes are really cool-sounding, sounds like they really do some good...but maybe it is the punctured kidney or the contorted bile duct that is causing these health problems that they are having, which are improved with the flushes, just not forever cured? ... ... I per ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Re: shape of your "innards&quo...   netav   11y
          what better way to start fixing your ailments than with flushes. When you see what comes out of your liver, and your colon, youíre going to wonder how in the world your body ever worked to begin with, and you then understand how we have so many health problems in this country. ... I have a friend that just had part of his intestines removed because of a problem. I wish he would have tried cleansing first. Now he takes medications to help with his stomach problems. ... another friend has all these stomach problems and has just quit going to the doctor cause thereís nothing they can find. H ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: shape of your "innards"   UserX   11y
      Many people have distortions in their colon....strictures, prolapses, ballooning, diverticuli...but as long as you donít have a total obstruction (you DO poo, right?!) you can benefit from the cleanses. Any toxins you remove will improve your health. Some of these consitions are caused from poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, unhealthy digestion and the accumulation of toxic material...clean up your body and some of these may resolve on their own. Slant board exercises can also help.   [End]
      • Re: shape of your "innards"   kilmer   11y
        Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to respond. That is what I was referring to, just didnít know the terminology. Also, you are probably right about those things fixing themselves, at least somewhat...   [End]
  • First Liver Clense   Sandra   11y
    I did my first liver cleanse a week ago, I did not see any stones. I followed H Clarkís directions with the exception of the last 3/4 cup of ES. ... I made notes, interesting how your body ítalksí to you :). One observation, with each dose of ES and the olive oil and grapefruit juice, I rinsed my mouth with fresh lemon juice, there was NO aftertaste and no nausea. ... ... Questions for the group, how often do you recommend this cleanse? What vitamins or minerals should I follow this with? ... ... Lots of good information here, thanks everyone!! ... ... Sandra ... ...   [End]
    • Congratulations on your first cleanse! I would do this clea...   Dasha   11y
      Congratulations on your first cleanse! I would do this cleanse once every two weeks as Dr. Clark recommends until you do not pass any stones. Give it another try and make sure you take that last dose of salts. Sometimes I donít pass anything UNTIL after that last dose of salts. Keep flushing!   [End]
  • remedies   #165141   11y
    ok lots of questions!! I went out to my local health store and asked about liver flushes and helping with the pain when i get an attack. She gave me corn silk tea magnesium chloride (to make mineral water) and a product called Boldocynara (ingr. are artichoke herb, thistle fruit dandelion root and herb and boldo leaf) this was supposed to help my bile flow. ... ... now my real question is will any of this really help? and what exactly is the mag. chloride water supposed to do? (the woman was french and i didnít understand her too well) ... ... Iíve been feeling weird for the past week. like iím g ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi,I have found the best thing for me to be the Coptis & Cu...   #163948   11y
      Hi,I have found the best thing for me to be the Coptis & Curcuma chinese herbs to stop attacks.but if you use too much of it ,it doesnt seem as effective.Some attacks I stopped in a few minutes with these.Mostly I had to learn the good & bad foods.The flushes have helped.But it seems we are all a little different so we need to learn for ourselves what is good & bad.I had a very bad situation starting in June with an accute GB.They wanted to take it out.If they would have done it when I was in an attack,I would have helped them do it.But of course they dont work that way.So I tried to save ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Why donít you just do a liver flush? It will take less tha...   Southern Belle   11y
      Why donít you just do a liver flush? It will take less than 24 hours of your time.......   [End]
  • Getting ready for liver flush   tazviolin   11y
    Hi, ... I am getting ready for my 1st liver cleanse. Itís a little different than the one that is printed. My naturopath has me sort of following Dr. Schulzeís cleanse, with the exception of little differences here and there. He wants me to be on it for 5-8 days. ... ... Anyone been on this before? ... ... tazviolin   [End]
  • Liver Enzymes   Hibiscus   11y
    Johnfiveeagles asked about the numbers on my liver enzymes during the routine blood test. They were as follows: ... ... AST/SGOT was 40 (normal range is 14-36) and ALT/SGPT was 50 (normal range 9-52). ... ... The doctor told me to abstain from alcohol for three weeks and be retested. I did, and the numbers went to ALT/SGOT 148 and ALT/SGPT 158! ... ... Since she can find no reason for this to be happening she wants me to go to a specialist. I know they will want me to have a liver biopsy and I donít want to go through that. I am going to do all the alternative things that Iíve read about here first. ...   [retrieve this message]
    • All I can say is: Donít go to the Specialist!! ... ... Ho...   Tracey   11y
      All I can say is: Donít go to the Specialist!! ... ... Hopefully others will answer the # questions...   [End]
    • Hibiscus, ... I also had high liver enzyme counts. Six mont...   RN #164182   11y
      Hibiscus, ... I also had high liver enzyme counts. Six months ago mine was 202/125 ... I went through the liver biopsy. NOT FUN! I wish I would have found this site sooner! All they could tell me from the biopsy was that I had a fatty liver. The doctor wanted to put me on meds (for the rest of my life!!!) I said no thanks and found this forum and started doing the liver flushes. I had another test 2 weeks ago and the doctor could not believe the results!! After 4 flushes my count is now 68/75 !!!!! I still have a way to go but I bet in 6 months and more flushes itís going to be normal. Iíve pass ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Hi Karen! ... ... Congratulations on your success with the...   Hibiscus   11y
        Hi Karen! ... ... Congratulations on your success with the flushes, Iím very happy you decided to do this instead of the lifetime of medication. You are an inspiriation to me and hopefully to others with similar symptoms. ... ... Itís been 3 wks. since my first flush, which I would call a success, and now Iím excited to do my second. I also plan to do the lemonade fast and parasite treatment. I have all the ĒstuffĒ ready. Have you tried coffee enemas? I understand they are very good for the liver also. ... ... Next I have to break the news to my doctor that Iím not going to see the specialist and s ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Re: Liver Enzymes..Hibiscus   #164182   11y
          I havenít tried the coffee enemas yet. Can you tell me about them and how to do them? Iím very interested in anything that will help my liver get well. Iím already very encouraged by the results Iíve had so far and motivated to continue. I hope you have great results too! Let us all know how your next blood test comes out. I will also post the numbers for my next one. Good Luck and God Bless! ... ... Karen   [End]
        • Re: Liver Enzymes   karotten   10y
          Hi, ... The lemonade you mentioned is that lemon juiced and added to water or ... citrus juice made from grapefruit, oranges and lemons. ... Thank you   [End]
  • Flushing during a cold?   Wannabe   11y
    I had planned to do a flush in a couple of days, Iím drinking apple juice in preparation, but now I have a cold! I know you arenít supposed to do a flush when you are Ēacutely illĒ, but what about during a cold? Is it better to wait or would flushing help? Does anyone have any experience with this? Any advice will be appreciated. ... ... Thanks, and Happy New Year to All! ... ... Anita   [End]
  • Puzzling dillemnas...!   #97091   11y
    Hereís the first dillemna: ... ... My body does not deal with fats very well. Sure, I get liver pain all the time, but there is something special about fats. They are not dealt with properly, even though I only consume Ēfats that healĒ. They are immediately sent to storage without giving me a chance to use them --in a most uncomfortable manner, I might add. They also give me liver pain. ... ... Okay, so no big deal, right? I just cut out all dietary fats in my diet until I get my liver cleansed and functioning better. However, in order to feel functional, I HAVE to take at least 400 drop ...   [retrieve this message]
    • ... ... I know I will be of no help to you but I am hoping...   RAIDER   11y
      ... ... I know I will be of no help to you but I am hoping maybe someone who reads this will know something about Fats. I am 115 lbs and 5í6 and about 3-4 yrs ago I started getting fat (Cellulite) on the backs of my leggs. Any idea why? ... ... Could this be from my liver not digesting fats? ... ... If so I am hoping that after finishing my liver I will sholve this problem. ... thanks, mo   [End]
      • Could be the liver not digesting fats well and also not det...   UserX   11y
        Could be the liver not digesting fats well and also not detoxifying well...cellulite is a combonation of fat and toxins.   [End]
        • Question for Ptree on toxins & cellulite!   #97091   11y
          So then in theory, it would be possible for a person to be fat WITHOUT cellulite? (If a non-toxic, perfectly healthy person just decides to eat A LOT of food?) ... ... How come you never see these people? Or do they exist mostly in other countries, like Africa where maybe there arenít as many environmental toxins but the women force themselves to get fat for beauty and status? It makes sense, though, since even back when I was ĒhealthyĒ, I was always very slim and trim, yet for some reason I would always have cellulite (lots) on the back of my thighs. No one would believe it when I told ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Re: Question for Ptree on toxins & cellulite!   UserX   11y
            You can be fat and not have cellulite and you can be thin and have cellulite. Toxins are stored in terms of the cellular structure, I couldnít tell you...but as you clear the toxins you should see improvement in the cellulite. The liver is your primary organ of detoxification and this process occurs in two steps: Phase I & II. In phase I the fat-soluble toxins are converted to intermediaries and in phase II they are made water-soluble so that they can be eliminated. If your liver is not funcitoning properly this conversion is not completed and toxins accumulate. Actually, som ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Re: Puzzling dillemnas...!   #166520   11y
        Hi. I am having the same problem recently. From the research I have done, I believe that it is excessive estrogen. ... When the liver is congested it cannot process hormones so you end up with excess hormones floating around ... in your system. It should get better as the liver is cleaned out.   [End]
    • Scarlet, ... ... All the references that I have checked su...   UserX   11y
      Scarlet, ... ... All the references that I have checked suggest a MUCH lower dose of grapefruit seed most 15 drops 5 times a day for a therapeutic effect and not as a maintenance dose. I donít know if this could pose a problem for you or not...something to consider. ... ... Also, the problems you describe after eating are not only associated with parasites...they can result from many dysfuncitons of the digestive system. Since GSE is extremely bitter, and since bitters can improve digestion...I wonder if that is why the GSE helps with your symptoms. ... ... Cutting out all dietary fat is n ...   [retrieve this message]
      • A Question for PTREE on Herbal Bitters!!!   #97091   11y
        So if it is something bitter that I need for digestion, what do you suggest I take? I canít even function without my GSE, it seems --it helps so much. But only in the large quantities! ... ... Chinese bitters? ... ... Actually, I just looked in my cupboard right now and found some Metagest herbal bitters. ... ... It has Betaine HCL and Pepsin in it. Also some Gentian root. Might this be helpful to me? ... ... Out of curiosity, Betaine Hydrochloride, Pepsin or Gentian root donít have any fat in them, do they? I am actually prepping for my first liver cleanse this Saturday and am curre ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Gentian is very bitter...and great for digestion. The Meta...   UserX   11y
          Gentian is very bitter...and great for digestion. The Metagest formula is quite long as you need the extra HCL. If you have any burning or stomach discomfort, you may have enough or too much stomach acid and will need to use a formula that doesnít contain it. Pepsin is a digestive enzyme...there are several. No fat in any of them... ... ... If the Metagest doesnít work for you there are several herbal bitters formulas available at health food stores...and I believe there is a recipe for them...maybe on the Recipe forum. I donít know what is in the Chinese bitters...probably bitte ...   [retrieve this message]
          • BRING ON THE BITTER!!!   #97091   11y
            Hey PTree! ... ... I tried some Metagest tonight. It helps me a bit, but only if I down over twelve of the little suckers! Still no burning in my tummy. I could easily down a bunch more I think, but I donít want to overdo anything. I gotta work tomorrow! ... ... Am I lacking HCL or what? What does this mean? Is there no bile in my stomache for it to create its own acidic environment? Does this mean my liver is not producing enough bile? Or does bile have nothing to do with the stomache??? ... ... I feel like its not enough bitterness for me in the Metagest. Are the things you sugg ...   [retrieve this message]
  • How long a wait before liver flush?   #97091   11y
    Hey guys, ... ... I am REALLY excited to do a liver flush, but I have a lot of bowel and parasite cleansing ahead of me first. I also need to cleanse my kidneys, too since they get really stressed out as well. ... ... I am wondering what kind of time frame I am looking at before I will be ready to do a liver flush? My parasite problem is really severe. ... ... Do I have to be completely rid of these before embarking on the liver flush? Or just Ēwell under wayĒ ? ... ... I KNOW that the liver flush is going to do amazing things for me, and am having a hard time knowing I need to wa ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Why donít you try one now? You already know you will have ...   Southern Belle   11y
      Why donít you try one now? You already know you will have to do several liver flushes before you are stone free, so go ahead and do one now and see what you think.   [End]
      • I LOVE that answer! Any one disagree?   #97091   11y
        Oh how I LOVE your answer! ... ... But are there any dangers to doing one now? Some say cleansing the liver should never be done before parasite cleansing. ... ... But really, if I get STONES out, how can that NOT be beneficial to me??? ... ... I mean, Iíll continue doing them AFTER the parasite cleansing anyway, right? ... ... ... ...   [End]
        • Give it a try! Sometimes parasites can block the ducts and...   UserX   11y
          Give it a try! Sometimes parasites can block the ducts and you wonít have good results...but youíll never know until you do it.   [End]
        • Good evening Miss Scarlette. I would advise you to go ahead...   johnfiveeagles   11y
          Good evening Miss Scarlette. I would advise you to go ahead with the flush but to buy the black walnut tincture to kill the bugs as they come out of your liver and gall bladder and into your alimentary tract. You may want to disolve some of the extract and put it into an enema bottle and do an enema to kill the parasites in the large colon. I didnít even know I had parasites, but in hind sight all of my years of schooling told me not to worry about it, as in premed we were taught that our immune systems are naturally strong to deal with the little culprits. Then as I began to think more ab ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Hydrochloric acid is excreted in the stomach and necessary ...   UserX   11y
            Hydrochloric acid is excreted in the stomach and necessary for good digestion...essential for breaking down proteins and also triggers the release of other digestive enzymes like pepsin. It also naturally helps to kill bacteria, fungi and parasites...and many people are deficient. Supplemental HCL...sometimes called betaine safe and beneficial for digestion, and would probably help to eliminate parasites on produce if used as a spray or wash.   [End]
  • Dr. Schulze's Colon Newsletter -Will it help the liver?   Hermit   11y
    I found a copy of Dr. Richard Schulzeís March 2001 Bowel Newsletter on the internet. ... Go to or to read what he has to say about the colon. ... It could answer the question: Why do some people feel sick, weak or nauseated after doing a Liver/Gall Bladder cleanse and otherís do not?   [End]
  • Green stones - Off white stones   raider   11y
    ... ... I got out quite a few green ones this time and they were the size of a pea and a few alittle bigger. ... I have gotten out some off white ones and still am this morning. They are smaller then the green ones. ... I have gotten out a ton of sesame seed size off white ones and some orange or redish something in every BM since the cleanse they are not round..anyone know what they might be? ... ... Also what are the differance between the white and green ones? ... ... I have a mild sore throat today and I feel really poor. ... I took some magnisium last night before bed and I have been going some this mornin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • MC and no stones, but I feel great.   R lovetobehealthy   11y
    Well I did my first flush 2 days ago and I feel great. I did the Master cleanse. I have not had any pain or gallstones or anything like that, just wanted to boost my health. I guess I am in pretty good shape as I did not get any stones and felt wonderful afterwards. The only problem I did have is I guess I lost so much Potassium from the constant diarrhoea that my legs ached awful all night, keeping me awake. I noticed that my facial colour is much nicer afterwards so I guess I cleaned everything out pretty good. I found the drink to be quite easy to put down, I blended it (using lemons) a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • feeling great...without flush!   dove   11y
    I have been feeling so great lately! and like the title says...without a flush...I have got sick of those flushes a long time ago... ... I found a book ĒMiracle Medicine FoodsĒ by Rex Adams ... (I know I have said this before, sorry)...I got on the vitamin kick...all from A to Zinc.. ... in addition I am taking A wormwood,clove capsule I got at a health food store here in my town...great!!! I had done some research and it says that wormwood actually reduces the swelling of the gallbladder. ... I also take the essential fatty Acids! I am drinking more water and more juices (grapfruit...Texan is ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi Dove   Southern Belle   11y
      Itís wonderful that you are feeling so great. That makes me happy! ... ... What is your familyís reaction to your natural healing progress? Are they supportive and want to try it themselves or are they raising their eyebrows at you like so many of our families do? ... ... Paulette G.   [End]
      • well right now, since I donít have any children and my brot...   dove   11y
        well right now, since I donít have any children and my brothers and sisters live in other state, my only ĒfamilyĒ consists of my husband...he is supportive in that he is willing to do anything to help me avoid surgery...that is as far as it goes...I told him that I needed the wormwood because it reduces swelling of the gall bladder and off we were to the health food store... ... as far as doing anything for himself, not yet...he is healthy as a horse and feels no need... ... although a few months ago he got some bad food (left out, his own fault) and threw up until he saw gallstones (that was ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: feeling great...without flush!   Tracey   11y
      Hi Dove! I would think that getting out that massive-sized stone would really allow things to flow and work properly now. Iím glad that youíve given us an update and that youíre feeling so well! Thatís great! ... ... T   [End]
      • I husband had one thought as to the cause of tha...   dove   11y
        I husband had one thought as to the cause of that one stone.. ... either too much cheese (a favorite of mine) or ... too much calcium recently...(Cal-mag-zinc tablets for other troubles)... ... So am cutting down on the cheese...and when I take the tablets (a lot less often) I am disolving them in grapfruit juice first...its acidic content helps a lot. ... ... BTW add garlic to both helping and another way to prevent ... stones...only trouble is bad breath....even the ĒoderlessĒ tablets (basically dehydrated naturemade) coated with coated with enteric coating still cause ...   [retrieve this message]
  • White tongue   Raider   12y
    ... I thought that the white on my tongue was causes from my candida overgrowth. ... I do not think this way anymore. I have the candida under control now. After my liver flush todayI looked at my tongue and it ws really WHITE!!! ... This happened to me a few weeks ago when I did the Master cleanse for 4 days too. ... I know think is the Liver that is making my tongue white. ... What do you guys think? ... ... Sorry so many questions tonight but you guys are wonderful and I thought maybe you could shed some light for me.. ... ... Thanks in advance... ... ... I am sitting here on New Years eve posting on the computer w ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi Mo ... There is a chinese medicine book on diagnosing...   #166188   11y
      Hi Mo ... There is a chinese medicine book on diagnosing your health by your tongue.I believe a white tongue means either a weak liver or weak splean. Julia from knows lots about this. ... ... What is threelac? ... ... Stonehedge ... ...   [End]
      • ... Thanks Stonehedge, ... I will go to that website tomorr...   raider   11y
        ... Thanks Stonehedge, ... I will go to that website tomorrow and see if she knows anything about the white tongue.I have to go to work today I do a 24 hr shift. I feel like crap today my throat is kind of sore and I am not feeling so hot after this last liver flush. ... ... Thanks, mo   [End]
        • Hi Mo, ... ... A white coated tongue can mean candida...bu...   UserX   11y
          Hi Mo, ... ... A white coated tongue can mean candida...but it is also an indication of toxins that have been released by a cleanse or fast and are making their way out. The liver flush not only releases stones, but also a lot of toxins. Scrape it off with a tongue-scrapper of edge of a spoon. ... ... Make sure that you drink LOTS of water after a flush...especially if you have used the epsom salts. This is important to flush out toxins and also replace lost fluids from the salt-induced diarrhea. You may also need to replace electrolytes. Dehydration can cause you to feel pretty may ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi Mo!   Southern Belle   11y
      I think the best place to be on New Yearís Eve is in front of your computer learning how to be healthy! ... ... Just think---today, you will have no hangover. You wonít be tired, either! ... ... The white tongue thing is really interesting to me. Yes, your congested liver could be the culprit. Just keep on flushing. Scraping and brushing the tongue will help remove the whatever toxin mess you have on your tongue. ... ... One question I have always wondered---Is it just me or do black people have brighter & Ēmore redĒ tongues than white people? I know they have the most beautiful teeth. ... Paulette G.   [retrieve this message]
  • Lines or ridges on finger nails   Raider   12y
    ... ... Does anyone else have lines going vertically on your nails? ... I have had this for a few years now and I was told it is caused from lack of nutrition. ... My mother also has this. ... Does anyone else know anything about this? ... Has anyone had this go away? ... If so please explain. ... thanks in advance. ... Mo   [End]
    • Hi Mo, ... ... Yes, I have had nail ridges...and they have...   UserX   11y
      Hi Mo, ... ... Yes, I have had nail ridges...and they have been more or less pronounced depending on my general health and nutritional status. They often indicate poor nutrient absorption. If you have access to a copy of Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Balch and Balch and look under Nail Problems they give a list of numerous disorders that show up in the nails with various descriptions. Nails, hair and skin are always a reflection of what is going on inside the body.   [End]
    • Yes! I have a dark line that goes down my left big toe. I...   Hibiscus   11y
      Yes! I have a dark line that goes down my left big toe. It has been there for about three years. Iíd also love to know what it means. I was told it was from medication but I donít take anything.   [End]
    • Yup, Iíve got íem too. They have been around for the last ...   Kilmer   11y
      Yup, Iíve got íem too. They have been around for the last few years, but are probably more noticeable now than ever. Poor nutritional absorption makes sense, but then, how do you fix that?   [End]
      • Hi do a bowel cleanse, thatís what you do? The...   Tracey   11y
        Hi do a bowel cleanse, thatís what you do? Then when all the gunk is out you will be able to absorb all the nutrients from your food! Right now the mucoid plaque and toxins are blocking the absorption. Go to the Bowel Cleanse Forum and read some posts there (click on írecommended posts) and check out Ptreeís excellent post on bentonite and psyllium: ... ... Hope that helps! ... ... T   [End]
        • Thanks Tracey, I have been wondering about the whole P&B th...   kilmer   11y
          Thanks Tracey, I have been wondering about the whole P&B thing I had read about so much on here.   [End]
          • Hello all!! ... ... Im new and wanted to write quickly abo...   kris   11y
            Hello all!! ... ... Im new and wanted to write quickly about some of what I have read. I the ridges on the finger nails (from my own research) does in ... fact mean that you are not absorbing nutrients correctly or are not getting the nutrients you need. I have done much research on liver function ... and digestion. I found that I had what is called leaky gut syndrome and with it ridges on my nails and psoriasis. BUT I HAVE FOUND A CURE. ... Which for years doctors told me was not possible. I take Psyllium Husks in the morning1 hour before breakfast, eat a high fiber breakfast and ... as much of a light ...   [retrieve this message]
            • Hi Kristie, ... ... I recomend that you go out to your loc...   jesse07   11y
              Hi Kristie, ... ... I recomend that you go out to your local health food store and buy a book call íRenew Your Lifeí written by Brenda Watson. The reason is that the book will explain whatís going on inside your digestive system and answer just about every question you have as it relates to your digetive system. Internal cleansing is extremely important starting with a cleanse focused on your major eliminative organs. You want to start there to make sure youíre having enough bowel movements each day to ensure the toxins are being removed from your system wehn you do cleanses. You start with ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Might be sick from flush   raider   12y
    Well, my husband just got home he felt bad earlier today but is feeling good now. ... I think I may be feeling rough from the flush I feel really sick to my stomache.I would like to srink some smooth move tea but anything like that makes me gag to think about it. ... ... My husband just about grossed out I saved some of my stones to show him he couldnt believe it! I think I will be able to get him to do the flushes with me from now on every 2 weeks. ... How many stones do you think you need to pass before you are cleaned out? ... its very hard to count them. and I had a ton of the sesame seed looking on ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Keeping a journal is a great idea! Then this time next yea...   Southern Belle   12y
      Keeping a journal is a great idea! Then this time next year you can look back on your Ēflushing days.Ē ... ... You probably have around 2,000 stones, so flush away. It took me 7 consecutive flushes before I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I then did a couple more flushes and saw no stones. Then last Friday night I did another one after many, many months and there were just a few--not enough to talk about. ... ... Oh, and just donít do the liver flush. Work on parasites and your colon, too. You will be totally amazed! ... ... Good luck and good health! ... Paulette G.   [End]
      • Paulette, ... Thanks for your response.Are you planning on ...   raider   12y
        Paulette, ... Thanks for your response.Are you planning on doing some more flushes since you seen a few stones? ... ... I guess we have all these stones from years in us. So when we get the 2,000 or so out then if we do flushes twice a year we probably wont see the huge results from flushing like when 1st how ever many times it takes to get 2,000 or so. ... ... I am actually planning on doing the parasite and colon cleanse funny you mentioned that I want to start thats one too. Do you see huge results when doing those too? ... What colon cleanse and parasite cleanse do you recommend? ... Does everyone have l ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Hi Mona! ... ... After this last liver flush, I will proba...   Southern Belle   12y
          Hi Mona! ... ... After this last liver flush, I will probably do another one in a few months. I guess it will be just a preventative flush from now on. ... ... Yes, I did see big results from the colon and parasite cleanse. I also have a zapper that I use weekly. ... ... I always recommend Dr. Clarkís parasite cleanse. Itís easy and effective. I removed parasites and one big fluke. I truly believe EVERYONE has some type of parasite in their body. ... ... I have used Dr. Schulzeís Formula #1 and #2 a couple of times for a colon cleanse and got good results. I have used powdered bentonite, too. But just ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Paulette, ... ... I am planning on using the liquid B&P st...   Raider   12y
            Paulette, ... ... I am planning on using the liquid B&P starting next week. ... I will look for the Clark remedy for the parasite cleanse. ... I guess it will be okay to do both at sametime right? ... ... P.S. I feel really bad today very upset stomache I havent felt this bad in along time..I just took some Buffered Vit C and I am planning on taking Powder magnisium tonight.. I am also getting ready to give myself an enema with the baking soda and epson salts..Not sure how much to use.. ... Thanks so much, mona   [End]
  • after the cleanse?   #166188   12y
    Hi Everyone ... What is everyone doing to reestablish a healthy intestinal Flora after all these cleanses?I tried an enema with cleanse six and it took over a week for my stool to return to normal.Normally after a cleanse it takes about four days.I eat a lot of yogurt and sauerkraut. ... Iíve done two parasite cleanses and wonder if Iím killing good bacteria with the bad. Iíve read that too much raw garlic does this. ... Iíve also just added Kombucha tea to my regime for eliminating murcury and other toxic metals from my system.I will also drink it after every liver /gallstone purge because I ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi Everyone ... What is everyone doing to reestablish a h...   raider   12y
      I am using Threelac it is also for candida. ... Good luck!! MO   [End]
    • input please johnfiveeagles john cullison n/p   #166188   11y
    • Re: after the cleanse?   UserX   11y
      Have you done a thorough colon cleanse yet? If you experience that much delay in your bowels returning to normal it sounds like you have a sluggish colon...often the result of a build-up of toxic material. A good probiotic should be used after a colon cleanse because they donít implant well in a toxic colon. ... ... Also, you might want to check out this link for mercury/heavy metal detox: ... ... ...   [End]
    • Re: after the cleanse?   johnfiveeagles   11y
      Good evening Stonehedge. I will be reintroducing healthy flora into my gut in the next few days. Typically what I do after a cleanse is take a probiotic, but it quite important to to make sure that when you obtain one, like a lactobacillus supplement, the date of manufacture should be very close to the date that you buy it. If you go to a larger health food store, they will have a bigger rate of turnover, so their date should be most recent. the reason for this is because ther bacteria start to produce lactic acid which when it reaches a high enough concentration will begin to suffocate th ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Thanks John   #166188   11y
        Hi John ... I am the opposite, Iíve been concentrating on the gallblader and ignoring the colon.After reading so many posts here I guess its time to face the colon cleanse. ... ... Stonehedge   [End]
  • Blew it!!!   #1845   12y
    Well guys I think I may have blowen this flush. ... ... I did not drink the epson salts this morning. ... Just thinking about drinking it was making me gag!! ... I am not sure but my husband has a touch of a flu bug and I think I may have it too. I feel sick to my stomach and have all day. ... I took a hot bath and used a coffee enema I got some more out it was brown and watery. There where LOTS of what looked like sesame seeds floating on top of water both times. ... Just a few stones. I feel like if I could just have a huge bowel movement I would feel better..Yet I feel like I may have the flu and sick t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • SUCCESSFUL 2nd flush   R #1845   12y
    ... Hi guys and gals, ... GUESS WHAT? ... I thought I messed up last night seeing I wasnt able to drink the dreaded epson salts until 6:30 then the 2nd round at 8:30. I then drank my oil and grapefruit. ... ... I woke up this morning feeling alittle under the weather. I almost felt kinda of sick to my stomache. ... I layed there and fell back to sleep a few times. I was really worried because I had not takent he epson salts this morning. I was afraid it wasnt going to work. ... ... I got up and after walking around for about 5 minutes had a bowel movement. ... It was a great one. Although, it was pasty not liq ...   [retrieve this message]
  • anyone had lasting results   islandgirl   12y  Ü C Ü
    Hi, I recently found out I have gall stones. Iím not interested in surgery and would like to try the liver flush. I get intense pains 3 or 4 times a year. Has anyone been able to get rid of these pains completely after the flush? ... I would appreciate any advice. ... Thanks. ...   [End]
    • All you need to do is read all the previous posts and you w...   Southern Belle   12y
      All you need to do is read all the previous posts and you will find your answer. ... ... But, yes, you can get rid of your pain and have a whole lot of good things happen to you because of your flush! ... ... Good luck and good health! ... Paulette G.   [End]
    • Hi IslandGirl! (Iím an island girl too...probably a differe...   Tracey   12y
      Hi IslandGirl! (Iím an island girl too...probably a different island, mind you) Just go back in the archives and look for Blueduckís post or Doveís. They both got out stones the size of golf balls (fairly recently within the last month and a half) and both are keeping their gallbladders! yay! It reeeeally works. Definitely flush flush flush away! Youíll see. The flushes are different for everyone. Some get out bigger ones first, some get smaller ones out first..and the colours vary too...from bright green, to pea green (older bile) to tan/ off white (doveís). Itís amazing! Also ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Tracey, ... Your post reminded me of what my husband ask me...   #1845   12y
        Tracey, ... Your post reminded me of what my husband ask me tonight he wanted to know how come nobody talks about Liver cleanses? and how come Doctors dont tell you to do these? He was taken by what I saved to show him when he got home from work. Kind of grossed him out he stood way back and was like he didnt want to get close..LOL ... ... He wants to know why we are doing these what we are going to get out of doing them? ... ... He also asked how we get them in the first place. ... ... I think if I can answer his questions he will do the flushes with me. Please help me to explain to him. ... ... Thanks inadvan ...   [retrieve this message]
        • to raider-mo   Tracey   12y
          Hi Mona! Those are some very valid questions you (and your husband) have asked! ... ... Here are some interesting links: ... ... What are Gallstones? ... ... ... *if your bile ducts are blocked by stones then your liver and gallbladder arenít functioning obvious sign of this is the feeling of abdominal fullness after eating and discomfort in that area. ... ... Some causes of gallstones? ... Stagnant bile which forms into these stones. Why does one have stagnant bile? Lack of water, fear, stress, lack of nutrition and assimilation of nutrients (clog ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Sorry to bother you so much. This is all so new to me. ... ...   #1845   12y
            Sorry to bother you so much. This is all so new to me. ... I am learning and very excited to learn. ... ... I know from what I have read. (By the way I looked at everyone of the post you just pasted for me.) That I am doing the flushes because I have been sick for 4 yrs and many years of just living LOL..Anyway I have had candida for 4 yrs and I also was muscle tested for Liver,Intestines & blood flukes I also was muscle tested showing crytpo fungus. Anyway the Threel Lac I am taking has helped me so very much or the candida nd soem of the other stuff!!!! ... I get very toxic feeling at times with ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Apple juice   mark007   12y
    I noticed in a few of the liver recipes on this site, they recommend you drink a lot of apple juice before flushing, to help dissolve the stones. Does anyone know how apple juice does that?   [End]
  • Image Embedded Audio Embedded Hi, follow up from my attack 6 months ago...   R chris   12y
    The original message.... ... ... --------------------------------------------- ... (Posted in May.) ... ... I woke up at 4am to an incredible amount of pain in my stomach/intestines/back kidney area on my left side. I thought I was going to die. I am desperately seeking info on this whole flush idea. Right now I canít keep anything down, at the time i thought pepto bismal might help the pain but it just came flying back up in 5 mins. I have been sipping limited amounts of apple juice. I am reading up on this. oh my god it feels like Mike Tyson is using my left kidney for a punching bag. I canít even i ...   [retrieve this message]
    • hi Chris...Iím fairly new to this site. I wasnít around whe...   Tracey   12y
      hi Chris...Iím fairly new to this site. I wasnít around when you posted your post 7 months ago. What a story!! Iím glad to hear youíre through the worst of it. Thatís terrible about the constant dull pain, though. Is there any way that you can revitalize your kidneys and your gallbladder. Like, concentrate on one of them at a time (not with vitamins, but with herbs?) for a few months...just making each one as healthy as it can be? Iím not sure about the kidneys (yet) but I know that to revitalize and regenerate the liver you could be taking a tincture of dandelion and milk thistle. (youíre ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi Chris! ... ... I remember your post and wondered whatev...   Southern Belle   12y
      Hi Chris! ... ... I remember your post and wondered whatever happened to you. It sounds like you are making progress. Itís such a good feeling, isnít it! ... ... Why donít you try cleansing your colon? I am sold on the B&P shakes and it will really help your colon. ... ... Also, keep on with those liver flushes. It takes several before you are totally stone free. ... ... Good luck and good health! ... Paulette G.   [End]
      • Yeah but I canít have calcium due to my kidney stones. So i...   Chris   12y
        Yeah but I canít have calcium due to my kidney stones. So its really not a win-win situation I get to deal with. But I need to reseach more herbal things I can do to help my kidneys, liver and gallbladder without affecting each other in some manner.   [End]
        • Bentonite and psyllium husk. Go to your health food store ...   Southern Belle   12y
          Bentonite and psyllium husk. Go to your health food store and get the liquid bentonite clay and psyllium husk. Take a tablespoon of the bentonite and a teaspoon psyllium and mix with water. Shake and drink quickly. As you body becomes used to this shake, you can drink 3-4 shakes a day. ... ... It will cleanse your colon and make you feel great!   [End]
        • Yeah..go to the Bowel Cleanse Forum and check out all the i...   Tracey   12y
          Yeah..go to the Bowel Cleanse Forum and check out all the information there. Itís a fantastic friend just got out a 2foot mucoid plaque rope today! (Iíve had them on my last cleanse too) ... ... T   [End]
    • Hi Chris ... You can keep your calcium up with broccoli ...   #166188   12y
      Hi Chris ... You can keep your calcium up with broccoli and other dark green veggies.Also nuts(almonds, brazil nuts, cashews,sesame seeds)are high in calcium.The nuts will also keep your omega 3 up which is required to break down hydrogenated fats. ... Stonehedge ... ... P.S.Life is much better without booze anyway!   [End]
      • Yeah but I canít have calcium due to my kidney stones. So i...   Chris   12y
        Yeah but I canít have calcium due to my kidney stones. So its really not a win-win situation I get to deal with. But I need to reseach more herbal things I can do to help my kidneys, liver and gallbladder without affecting each other in some manner.   [End]
        • Yeah..go to the Bowel Cleanse Forum and check out all the i...   R John Cullison   12y
          Hi, Chris, ... ... Iíd like to comment on the old Ēcalcium causes kidney stonesĒ debate. ... ... It isnít the calcium which causes kidney stones. You need   [End]
          • Small correction   John Cullison   12y
            The second to the last paragraph, first sentence: change Ēis simply a high pH situationĒ to Ēis simply a low pH situationĒ. In other words, a pH less than 7.0 (more acidic). ... ... I donít know what I did to keep thinking of smaller numbers as ĒhigherĒ pH -- itís Ēmore acidicĒ, so it must be ĒhigherĒ, right? Bah! ... ... =-John-= ...   [End]
          • Re: Hi, follow up from my attack 6 months ago...   Tracey   12y
            John...super fascinating post. Thanks for shedding your learned light on this subject. Itís so nice to *understand*! Chris is soooo lucky to get your response. Amazing stuff this site and the internet in general... ... ... T   [End]
          • Yeah my stones were 80% calcium oxalate. Thanks for the inf...   Chris   11y
            Yeah my stones were 80% calcium oxalate. Thanks for the info, very helpful. Iíll have to do more research. It was the doctor who basiclaly told me about the dangers of calcium with future kidney stone development. ... ... Thanks again.   [End]
        • Chris, pleas read Johnís post. Itís right on the mark. ......   Lapis   12y
          Chris, pleas read Johnís post. Itís right on the mark. ... You can get your self some PH paper designed for testing saliva and urine so that you can (over time) begin to zone in on the correct PH. Like John says, 7.4 is a good target. Alkalanizing foods are mostly veggies and especially the green ones. Some also use juicing of fresh veggies to alkalinize the body. Meats, and most grains are acidifying in nature. Lemons are suprisingly alkalinizing to the body. There are some great books on this. I believe this is why macrobiotic and whole food diets are so healthy. Lots of nutrients, ...   [retrieve this message]
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