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by YourEnchantedGardener

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Wow! Thanks a lot Stephen!
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Essene Gardening Practices

Essene Gardening Pracitices.
Preparations for the Total Solar Eclipse of July 11, 2010.

Date:   7/9/2010 8:03:11 PM   ( 4 y ) ... viewed 2384 times

Keeping The "Beet: With Nature"
July 17, 2010
Keep The Beet Responds to the
Sacred Call in the Gulf.

6:01 pm
July 9, 2010



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a poem from "Rekindling of Faith"
Date: 7/6/2010 10:26:33 AM ( 3 d ) ... viewed 56 times

Carol and Russ?
Essene Gardeners here at the Enchanted Garden
Intentional Community. They arrived a day after
we did a World Peace Celebration on around Earth Day
1983. The event was at the Starlight Bowl, Balboa Park.
Read the story here.

I first met Carol Ely at Professor Edmond Bordeaux Szekely
International Biogenic Seminar around 1977, or 1978.
This was the same time I met Sarah Liviia Brightwood,
the daughter of the Professor. I also met Debra St Claire
then. She had a different name, and Michael Diogo, her
partner at the time, who felt like he would be
one of my lifelong friends. He broke the bonds
of friendship in the early 90's when he went deeply lnto
a Christian path.

This is a highly meaningful photo of Carol Ely and partner,
who I believe was named Russ. I may have his name wrong.
They stayed about a month.

Russ was headed for the Ojai Foundation to do some gardening.

They arrived one day after the World Peace Celebration we did
at the Starlight Bowl San Diego in 1983. Russ was skilled in intuitive
Essene Gardening practices.

He prayed before he touched the ground.
He lit smoke in the Native American Tradition.
We had some areas down below the area
that later began the Dome that were completely impacted
with overgrowth of succulents. There still may be some of that
kind of plant in that area.

He gardened with deep soul.

It was like a fairy tale.

He removed all the layers, revealing steps into the canyon
that we did not know existed before he gardened.

He was one with the land.

He expressed the idea that the garden was the center of
the property. He gardened with reverence.

He brought together soul and soil, even with his pruning practices.

A few days after he began to garden,
for the first time ever, family of fox revealed themselves.
I had never seen fox before.

Our property has a degree of wildness to it.
It is wild enough that people can show up and then
animals that have never been seen here before
show up. There is enough mystery that
enchantment can happen. It is possible
for the Four Worlds of Kabbalah--
The Tree of Life-- to blur here.

Z'vi Bloom gardened here for a while.
He found the seven sacred species
of Israel growing on the property.

We now have coyote inhabiting the canyon that
howl when the Fire Engines or Siren's call.

I once had a woman come and stay from Canada
in a tent. She came for the Pacific Symposium,
an annual event. We missed part of the symposium
on that Sunday morning,
and chose to go to the Farmers' Market instead.

A bird, with a wingspan of five feet, showed up that
day we were in the garden. I had never seen anything
like that before. I sensed her flying spirit brought that
bird present.

Another time, a housemate moved into the front upstairs room.
Three raccoons were fighting in the tree right outside her room.
She stirred up a lot of energy with some of the other housemates,
and got into a number of fights.

A few weeks after my hip surgeries in 2001,
a woman returned here and wanted to stay.
I did not feel comfortable with her energy. She had been here
before. That day she came, she had already been in
a car accident. I could not defend myself and was
bowled over by a number of other housemates who
befriended her and asked me to let her stay.

That night, a number of the housemates
decided to do some loud outdoor activity in our garden area.

The guest feel asleep in a tent on a deck we had outback
in a hidden area of the property. The candle fell over.
We had a raging fire that cleared the most of our privacy
to the canyon. We had a number of interactions with neighbors after
that. People had to leave the property because of city
regulations. One of the housemates, had just come back from
Hawaii. She brought a Volcanic rock with her from the Island that
legend says is never to be removed from the island.
There are stories that fires can occur when it is disturbed.

I was telling the story of Carol and Russ this week
as I am reminded of Essene Gardener Practices.

Our land needs a lot of cutting back now,
but we have sacred areas here that are not to be
disturbed, except with utmost reverence.
Our security system is based on
invisible forces at play here.

Last Saturday, I welcomed the front yard to be transformed.
The work was important and needed to be done, but I felt
there was also a disrespect for the correct relationship to
the land.

The person who I asked to cut the garden back,
took total charge. They did not understand my relationship
to the garden. They saw me in a lower light.
They only saw what needed to be done,
and imagined they were complete charge.

I did not properly introduce them to the garden
or its principles that underlie the grace that has allowed
us to be here to this day.

Good has come from this incident.

The Voice of the Garden is being heard in ways
that I have not heard. Members of the community
are expressing. We have had a number of meetings

I have been hearing a community voice that recognizes we are in community here as well with invisible forces. Invisible forces
are also part of our community here.

I truly believe that this land is a rare a special gift to humanity.

I have lived here since the early 80's and some of the
growing things are members of my family and community.
When I water a particular plants, it is as if I am praying
and in communion.

It is good to bring back out the books that
share about the Essene Gardening Practices.
Edmond Bordeuax Szekely understood some of these.
I need to get some of these off the shelf and scan in
some pages.


When a person gardens, they can garden consciousness.
How they garden is a reflection of what they hold as Sacred.
Gardening is more than a physical act.

Our garden now reflects a universal pheonomena,
severe neglect of plantlife, and its role in our life.
I am guilty of neglecting the garden here as I have
aged and welcomed the Computer Age into my life.

Today, I was rebinding a copy of
"The Rebirth of Mother Earth," a book I first
produced in 1989.

End of that book is a Press Release
issued for some ceremony work we did
welcoming the Valdez ship to San Diego harbor.
It was here for repair after the crash in Prince William Sound.

I know that if that original book
"The Rebirth of Mother Earth," had found its way into the
world, and been received, we might not be in Deepwater today.

We are in an epic moment now of letting go
of things that no longer serve.

New patterns of wholeness are being restored now
if we sanctify these as we prepare for the Total Eclipse
of July 11, 2010.

I was tempted to go to support Stephen Longfellow Fiske
who is doing the Venice Eco-fest tomorrow.

I was overcome with a sense of fear, anxiety, and lesser
impulses. Those impulses are not with me now as
I write this.

We are destined to live a particular life.
We are called to be still at times and do the
preparations that remind us, that help all humanity
Re-mem-ber the pieces.

I hope you hear me now.

6:39 pm

Date: 7/6/2010 9:35:54 AM ( 3 d ) ... viewed 61 times

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