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by YourEnchantedGardener

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"Uncle Leslie" was a Hit with the Science 10th Graders

"Uncle Leslie" was a Hit with the Science Teens
at Ms Eva Becker's 10th grade classes.
Leslie talked food and planted seed dreams
the morning after Fat Tuesday.

Date:   2/21/2010 11:55:43 AM   ( 4 y ) ... viewed 2356 times



She says:

Dear Parents and Students,


"Uncle Leslie", The Enchanted Gardener, came to visit our BIO classes on February 17th. He taught us about planting our dreams through getting in touch with nature and thereby our true inner selves. We planted beet plants and are watching them grow our seed dreams!! We learned about the importance of eating natural foods that help us feel better and think clearer. Thanks for making it a wonderful day, Uncle Leslie! You were awesome!!

***View Uncle Leslie's Keep The Beet Message*** (video clips attached)
I don't see how to read view this yet.

Ms Eva Becker, my niece, is a top science high school teacher
at Hamilton High School in L.A. I visited three of her classes
last Monday. The kids were great.
Eva teaches ecology, macro molecules,
basic organic chemistry, living cells, health--how energy is used.
cell division, and genetics, and the human system.

I visited three of Ms Eva Becker's tenth grade science classes
last Monday.

The Kids did a follow up and wrote me letters.
Some of these handwritten notes bring tears to my eyes.

Dear Uncle,
Hey I enjoyed you yesterday.
The conversation was very interesting.
You're a really, funny guy in your own lite way.
You could be my long lost uncle I never had.
Hey, well come back and visit us. I would like that.
Love always,

Dear Uncle Leslie,

I learned a lot about dreams. I have a big aim
in life and you are my role model and I will make better pizza.
Also I will keep the beet. You have opened my eyes about
food and everything. Thanks for helping me plant my dream.

parwinder K

Dear Mr. Goldman,

I learned that being honest is right, that It doesn't matter
what I do. If I don't know what I have to do with my life yet.
I have to start from there and make everything the way I want
it to be. You are a cool guy and know how to explain yourself
and that food that they give in school is not good and I gotta
take care.

Dear Uncle Leslie,

It was really nice meeting you yesterday.
It was a realy nice and new experience talking
about my dreams. and incorporating nature into it.
I had a good time and it helped me feel better about
my life because I'm going through some thing right now.
I'm excited to watch my beet grow and see my dreams
come true. You helped me realize that I need
to care more about nature and how much nature
brings peace to the mind. Thank you and I really
appreciate. Hope to see you soon. Keep in touch.

Uncle Leslie!

well I'm the girl that
got the Himalayian Rock.
I want to be a kindergarden
teacher. Well I thing that your beet stuff is a good
interesting way to help people accomplish their dreams.
Well I'll be researching up the salts. Hope you come again.


Dear "Uncle Leslie,"

I am very glad that you came in and talked to our class
yesterday. Nature has always fascinated me. The cures and remedies
found in the natural world are no doubt important to not only our
physical lives, but in our spiritual lives as well. I feel strongly
about how our diet can impact our minds and our souls.
I would really love to learn more from you. I believe I already
left you my contact information, but I'll leave it on the bottom
just in case. Thank You!


Dear Uncle Leslie,

Hearing you speak about our dreams made me really think
about my dreams. I want to reach my goals and be successful.
I hop you come back!

Sincerely Agular


I learned that eating healthy helps me play better
basketball and helps better my goals.


Dear Uncle Leslie,

Your presentation was one in a life time. Many of the kids
including myself only know the junk we get everyday.
It is nice to hear that someone cares and that there are
other alternatives. I am so happy that you took time
out to come and talk to us. Dreams are something
that are not often talked about, but they are the most
impotant aspects of life.
Thank you sooo much,
and please come again.

Q: What did yesterday's lesson mean to you? or Not?

A: I believe it was an interesting experience, but it not not effect
me much. I do believe that living life closer to plants is a healthy
lifestyle, but this could not fit into my life that is all about keeping
on the move, making the next step forward, and exercising
until you can't breathe. Overall thank you for the experience.

Dear Mr Becker,
I appreciated your presentation very much. It helped me
think of life in a different way.

Dear Uncle Leslie,
Thank you so much for coming. You may not really believe it,
but I really feel that I learned a lot and I am planning to plant
my dreams soon. Also in case you lost my paperf or farmer contacts,
my info is...


Dear Uncle Lesly,

Hello, my name is Julain.
Yesterday I didn't have the time to tell you my dreams.
This is mine: I wish to become a great writer and an
excellent father one day. I learned some
amazing things about you, and it is trie that the processed
food from McDonalds makes you stupid. I thought that you
were a smart and happy person, and you were!!! It's been
a pleasure meeting you. You are awesome, kind, funny,
and caring. Hope you come back soon!


Dear Uncle Leslie,
Your Visit was not only fun, entertaining, and funny but it really
made me thing that being in touch with nature is extremely
important. I now also have more compassion for chasing
my dreams. PLEASE VISIT AGAIN!!!!

What Fun!

Today down at the AAAS meeting, I am going to walk around
the Exhibit Wall for the first time looking for gifts she can have
in the room to inspire good behavior.

There is a shortage of funds in the L.A. School system.
One teacher complained that Eva got all the money in the budget.
She tells me that cats for lab study cost $30.00 each.

I am going to look for support for her today.

The kids loved Uncle Leslie, the Enchanted Gardener and Science Writer.


toward the LUTHER BURBANK School
of genetic engineering.


Be careful, Kids, Plastic bottles
can injure you!


Putting the heat on plastics…I'm Bob Hirshon and this is Science Update.

There’s been a lot of press lately about the safety of polycarbonate plastics that contain a compound called Bisphenol A. It’s in water bottles, food containers and other consumer products that bear the recycling symbol #7. Neuroendocrinologist Heather Patisaul of North Carolina State University says bisphenol A exposure disrupts reproductive development in both rats and humans.

HEATHER PATISAUL (North Carolina State University):
What happens with our rats is they go through puberty too early, and this mirrors what we’re seeing in girls in the US, where the age of puberty is getting lower.

Patisaul says many children eat from plastic dishes and utensils, which increases their exposure to bisphenol A. #7 plastics leech the compound when heated, and the best way to decrease exposure is to keep these products away from the sun and out of the microwave. I’m Bob Hirshon, for AAAS, the science society.

called today for GMO and ORGANIC LOVERS
to start talking to each other.

She tells me she wants her lovely friends
within the membership of the fabulous AAAS meeting to help
her lessen the tension in the public
through explaining why GMO's are good Science.
She wants the organic lovers to explain to the
scientists why she and the other beets of the
field believe in Nature's Original Technology.
Keep the Beet in Full Disclosure admits
that she has a bias. Her favorite genetic
engineer is Luther Burbank who in 1907 wrote

Have Fun and let's talk, says Keep the Beet.

her want to root for
DoSEF-Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Food
-a new AAAS Program
sponsored by the 176 old leading
science Association in America.

ERIC S. LANDER, PH.D, Director, the Broad Institute of MIT
and Harvard University, and Co-Chair, President's Council of Advisors
on Science and Technology (PCAST, Washington DC, gave a rousing
and inspired talk last night at the AAAS 2010 annual meeting. He spoke
ADMINISTRATION. With Eric in this photo is the esteemed
DR. ALICE HUANG, a board member of the AAAS. The gracious
Dr Huang was the first person to look over this PLANT YOUR DREAM
BLOG I wrote yesterday.


I really love this group! President Peter Agre is a great man
and has helped many people in Africa through his
work with Malaria. More about him, Kids!!!



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