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Sensory Processing Pain Disorder - vaccine caused??

Chronic pain - sensory processing caused by vaccines/antibiotics?

Date:   5/14/2008 11:08:58 PM   ( 6 y ) ... viewed 1889 times

If you read some of this blog, you may have seen my theory on chronic pain, in that it may be related to the brain/body "sensory processing" systems.

Tonight, I saw a PBS show on "the Plastic Brain" and the "Brain Fitness" programs, and David Doidge's book was part of the package - it was that book that cued my theory. I even wrote to Dr. Doidge a year ago and asked him what he thought, and he said it was a good idea.
- on the show tonight, they mentioned chronic pain and how it is related to the plastic brain!! I think they listened to me!!!

Or not, whatever. The thing is to get to the truth of it.

----New Idea: "WHY" -

So, you are asking "WHY" - why does the brain get stuck in this sensory processing disorder? I may have hit on an answer for that question!!

Part B of the Theory:
"Sickness mode" is what we feel when we get the flu or a bad cold and we feel weak, we hurt all over, and so on. That is the brain trying to get the body to rest, to slow down so it can get over the flu infection. Nothing works as good as pain to help us overcome our ambitions and workaholic ways. Sickness mode is the immune system telling us to "slow down and let me put some energy into fighting this damn flu!!"

here is how those flu symptoms relate to chronic pain:
Fibromyalgics get stuck in sickness mode because the "protective immune system commands" to the body are just not turned off when we have an immune reaction produced artificially from the vaccines, or when we stop the disease process with antibiotics.

See? Vaccines, or antibiotics, are artificial, and they are messing with the immune system, and that is where the sickness mode comes from. Chronic pain people hurt so bad because our brains have gotten stuck in that mode where the brain/immune system is trying to slow us down.


But it is just a theory. Don't bother asking your doctor about this, he won't have heard of it. I am just an ordinary bum, not a doctor [but I do think a lot about what is wrong with me, because I have been told that I don't really hurt when I am really hurting!! Chronic pain people have to endure so much more than pain - we are humiliated by people who think it is not real, and/or that we are just whimps and have no ambition. To be fair, there are lots of fakers who just say they have Fibro, and so that means we have to be viewed as suspicious just for saying we have Fibro, especially if we are getting welfare or a disability pension [anything that is seen as a benefit of being sick]. ]

That is why it is so important to figure out what is going on - so we can create a diagnosis that is reliable and will separate the faker from the suffering. From there, we can probably find ways to get over it.

So, send money! [just kidding, but it would be nice if you left a comment here]


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