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    Plant Your Dream!

Blog: Plant Your Dream!
by YourEnchantedGardener
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A History of Peace on Earth from Leslie Goldman & his Higher Self Your Enchanted Gardener. Super Ripe Photos and Enchanted Garden Current Events. more...

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Created: 9 y   Feb 20 2005

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Table of Contents YOURENC… 39 d
Re: Leaky Gut Synd… #1812… 44 d
Re: Up from Here--… Chef … 48 d
I am so sorry for … South… 71 d
Re: Cultivating Gr… YOURE… 4 mon
Re: Improving Brai… refre… 5 mon
Re: The Relationsh… daizy… 5 mon
Re: Seeking Answer… The H… 5 mon
Re: Vote Tally in … ren 5 mon
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Defend Homeopathic Practice Please   7 y  

Gabriel Cousens M.D. needs some help. Please sign this petition.
Gabriel Cousens M.D. needs some help. Please sign this petition. on 9/3/07 5:33 PM, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center at philip@treeoflife.nu wrote: Save the Homeopathic Board in Arizona - Defend health choice. Protect the Tree of Life’s right to practice. September 3, 2007 Focus..What We Can Do Now to Let Ourselves and the Planet Awaken? 1) Tree of Life shares its abundant energy and Culture of Life support with you this FALL with Major Special Rates 2) Project the right of the Tree of Life to exist and the choice we have in health through an IMPORTANT ...   read more

Job's Tears Packet High Holidays   7 y  

High Holiday Packet Sow in Tears Reap in Joy!
10:11 PM September 3, 07 This is the packet I will use for the Jewish Nigh Holidays. and Pac Symposium, and Whole Being Weekend. ___ SHEET complete 10:35 PM September 3, 07 Take Two 11:14 PM [still sweating...] ___ 8:28 PM September 3, 07 Dear Leslie, The world that you know is in emotional earthquake. Foundations are shaking. Let Go is the word. You are stressing over conversations that you are avoiding. Make some value of this window of opportunity to create the forms you have been seeking. It’s O.K. to stay in your own space ...   read more

God is my Grower   7 y  

Joe the Farmer art for Jewish High Holidays
___ finished 7:08 PM 5:12 PM September 3, 07 Let me get this art done. starting now... God is my Grower. I shall not want. He makes Farmers in his Divine Image that I might feed myself holy substance and feel empty enough to take in the immense beauty in the world. God made a rainbow covenant in the heavens with each of us. How is it that there are so many rainbow colors on earth expressed in all our flowers, fluits, herbs, and vegetables? Our health and happiness comes out of partaking in the full rainbow of flowers and foods. This fulfi ...   read more

The New Ground--Romain Rolland   7 y  

Romain Rolland quote
5:07 PM September 3, 07 This is one of my favorite quotes. This is part of my Job’s Tears materials. Edmond Bordeaux Szekely and Romain Rolland co-founded the International Biogenic Society. Rolland is a fasinating man, an incredible peace maker who stood up for Peace during World War One and wrote a Declaration to unite the leaders of his day. See his book ”The Forefunners.”   read more

High Holiday Job's Tear Art   7 y  

High Holiday Jewish New Year Offerings.
This is an old one that I transferred to my new design. 3:15 PM September 3, 07 Got my Job’s Tears things handled... except for a new layout for Slow in Tears, Reap in Joy with Kabbalah cover of Job’s Tears. What else??? Joe’ Gode is my Grower...art... Next... God is my Grower. I shall not want. He makes Farmers in his Divine Image that I might feed myself holy substance and feel empty enough to take in the immense beauty in the world. God made a rainbow covenant in the heavens with each of us. How is it that there are so many ...   read more

Green TV Show Ed Begley   7 y  

Ed Begley's Green T.V. Show is raved about in this email I received. "Living with Ed" sounds like something I want to see.
Has anyone been watching this show? Do you have taped episodes? Check it out! Do a Google search on ”Living with Ed” - wow! Here’s a sampling........... Spread the word! -Helene http://www.livingwithed.net/ Livingwithed.net is the official website for the new series Living with Ed on HGTV, in which Ed Begley Junior and his wife Rachelle Carson star. Our website will continue to evolve and offer Living With Ed latest episodes , photo galleries , and events as well as official Living With Ed merchandise such as t-shirts , hats , and more. Please continue to check into ...   read more

Job's Tear Fall '07 Art   7 y  

Job's Tears Art Revision for booklet...
11:39 AM September 3, 07 Wrote out Overview for month. Redoing layouts of Job Tears for Fall. I can use this for the Whole Being Tree. ___ Meeting with Scott... I felt there was a missed opportunity here last night. I feel out after Paris left... Scott wants to co-create more Sacred Space. That was a time to let go of books and acknowledge all the Labor that was done here this summer. ____ Redoing Job’s Tears Art. Celebrate this!!! The card format does not work... Courage to Grow Through This: 1:05 PM September 3, 07 ...   read more

Altar Sacred Space   7 y  

Signature Statements for September and Fall on Altar in front of me now please.
9:26 AM September 3, 07 ___ Note Leslie: This is a short week. You leave on Thursday. Today Monday, is a Crucial Day for establishing Order in front of me. Accept and be Grateful that you have the Capacity to Uplift yourself. __ Essential to reestablish Holiness in front of me. Key statements, graphics for September and Fall. Go for it... Then Finances, please... leaks...   visit the page

September Plans House + Projects   7 y  

September Plan for Month
8:52 AM September 3, 07 Lying in bed... scanning what needs to happen for the month. Party here yesterday. I started strong. Paris was here. Powerful men making music. Feel apart when started to look for beatle music. Paris was strong. We were interweaving poems in between his newest song for his father. Scott felt the sacred space. It was practice for Whole Being Weekend. Then, Paris Left and Other singer came in.... I feel out... Missed Great, Great Opportunity to Let Go of Books... assign to Scott... Forgive myself... WHOLE BEING SHSBBAT. I wish ...   read more

Eclipse Writing   7 y  

Exlipse writing
http://www.jenniferposada.com/ thanks to LL. http://curezone.com/blogs/m.asp?f=356&i=152   visit the page

Whole Being Time   7 y  

Art for Whole Being Weekend September 7-9, 2007
Shed the city; Shake it off. be touched, touch others, be the birth. of everything. be free to love the innocence in everyone. It’s whole being time! _____ peggi... robert... three of us... peggi Shed the city; shake it off. bpointers for successful trasistion... shofar... blow to show up... after we pour blessings-- feed sentence into robert... More Whole Being Weekend Poetry here: http://www.lesliegoldman.com/Whole_Being_Pages/id27.htm http://www.thewholebeingweekend.com/presenters_list_07.html Partial List of Works ...   read more

Baby Man Behavior   7 y  

Step by Step do adult things now.
11:05 AM August 31, 07 Settling down without a shirt on before a lit candle to continue to stablize through paying a few bills. Better keep my blinders on and call in for support. I did not sleep well last night. I don’t even want to get into it. The best I can do is be self contained right now and not look outside myself for comfort. Going to type in what I wrote this morning and they focus: from earlier this morning: I am embarrassed. I am angry, really angry. ___ Dare I express myself fully? ___ I am aware more than evere that I have the r ...   read more

Divine Order   7 y  

This is a time to humbly thank the man Solomon, my birth father, for helping me see what I have to do to create Sacred Space in my Life.
10:09 AM August 30, 2007 I was just communing with an Angel. I went deep inside. I felt inner strength. I opened my eyes and was in a New Goldenrod painted bedroom. There were not too many extraneous things around. That is the status of my bedroom now, after a fresh coat of paint, and a lot of letting go. I had a good deal of help from James, Scott, and Scorpio. I did a lot myself of going through papers. I am holding Sacred Space Now as I write. I have lit a candle. I am looking at it now. There was no more room for Life in my bedroom. I was going so fast. I ...   read more

Feeling Unsettled..   7 y  

loosing my self now
Count me as a human being Share of inheritance? beneficiary-- pay bills lessons of a life time-- disn’t have toi be in story line-- free him up a bit-- deeling like a kid-- in suit looking for work-- don’t allow him to abuse me-- been doing good things-- don’t allow it to get a hold of me-- not the apple in his eye-- tell him-- not honoring me get D says tells him-- born into family where parent never stopped being a child. _____ 3:00 PM August 29, 07 ___ technology breaking down-- ____ Can’t do my finances the way I ...   read more

Slow Foods Event Montage   7 y  

Slow Foods Montage from Slow Foods San Diego 4th Annual Taste of Slow Food San Diego Annual Fundraiser August 26 at Ofila Winery, San Diego. Announcement of Slow Food Nation Event, May 1-3, 2008
This is a montage of photos from the 4th Annual Taste of Slow Food San Diego Annual Fundraiser, August 26, at Offila Winery. For more Slow Food Events check out, Save the Date! May 1-3 2008 San Francisco Slow Food Nation This unprecendente3d 4 day exposition and celebration of food marks the coming of age of Food in America. It reinforces the mission of Slow Food; to change the way we eat and raise our consciousness of how food is produced and distributed. The event includes debates, lectures, exhibition, demonstrationss, tastings, an international f ...   read more

Grounded Things   7 y  

One Step at a time
5:43 PM August 29, 07 Judith comment from last night’s coaching hitting home: He erased me. Not only that, I internalize this. Erase: the opposite of validate. He was erased. He knew no better. Highly Toxic, to b e around this energy. This was the longest I was around it in many years. Maybe since childhood? Still very toxic!!!! Oh My God! 9:25 AM August 29, 07 The phone rang. I was in the middle of looking for a business card for the landlord for my Father. Taamir had some New Idea to share and wanted my Energy. I had done to give, but wa ...   read more

Slow Food Photos   7 y  

Uploading Slow Foods Photos from last Sundays event. That is a complete I can deal with now.
4:43 PM August 28, 2007 Very hot in here. Took over my T-shirt. Sweating. Still confused. In some time of change. Would like to know more about the Eclipse of last night. The Ads for Pacific Symposium Handbook are simple. Good. Angelene had the Peter’s Powder. Not sure what my Commitments will be as far as priorities for Fall. Haven’t integrated the impact of last week’s cleanout. There is a letter from the attorney Mark Baumstein that we met with in LA last week. Was it last week? It has to do with Power of Attorney signing. I haven’t opened it ...   read more

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