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Blog: Plant Your Dream!
by YourEnchantedGardener
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A History of Peace on Earth from Leslie Goldman & his Higher Self Your Enchanted Gardener. Super Ripe Photos and Enchanted Garden Current Events. more...

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Created: 9 y   Feb 20 2005

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Feeling afraid?   7 y  

Robert camp gives some excellent coaching here.
Excellent counseling shared by Robert Camp here! What do you think about what he is saying? About five minutes to listen: http://curezone.com/blogs/m.asp?f=92&i=2518   visit the page

Fantastic Progress!   7 y  

Going to declutter today. Wnat to find treasures in the stuff want to make progress. I am being shown some things, but now fully sure what I am being shown. Sort of fills like spirit in the basement in all these things. They have a message for me. I want some kind of release from my current life, but now sure yet what I am asking.
2:51 PM July 28, 07 Table outside still filled with tapes. I am listening to one where Paris is singing to be back in 99 or so, and then I am doing a healing session with Jeff Brown on the same tape. It is oh so very powerful and moving. I am getting into this trip down memory lane outside in the shade of the Cheramoya Tree. Now I am into some Jewish Notebooks. I can’t find the small one of Shlomo, that I believe Susan took, but I am finding some more of David Zeller, and also a lovely one of Gary Hartman with his family. I must be on a vacation of some kind. ...   read more

Helping the People   7 y  

Helping the refugees of Tibet and other places...William Aura, old friend, does good work.
12:55 PM July 26, 07 This is from my old friend William Aura. He is helping the people in Thailand now. He helped with the original channelings we did with Kevin Ryerson in the late 70’s. He went into music, started a new genre... smooth jgzz. Then went on the develop a new direction. He loves the Buddhist path and is doing fulfilling work. I haven’t fully read this, but wanted to send it your way. Love, leslie ”Your cultivation of love and great compassion should not be left in a state of mere imagination or wish alone; rather, a sense of responsibilit ...   read more

Gird My Loins   7 y  

Focus and complete Please, Leslie! Thank You!
4:24 PM July 29,07 Got it done, and in the mail slot. Called into Kellogg and Andelson for a duplicate of the 06 Year organizer. I can’t find the original they sent out January 1. Lissy will sent it out. Thanks. I am feeling down, and in need of pleasure/comfort. Does not seem available. Too much work. 8:39 AM July 26, 07 I will feel lighter when I get through this day and this day sees my yearly Sales Tax Report in the mail. I need to pat myself on the back for yesterday. Lots of emotions came up in between emptying out the letter and old bill drawer. ...   read more

Possums Eat What?   7 y  

There was a possum in the basement in a corner. It was not playing possum. Anna screamed. She thought it was the biggest rat she ever saw. Here is a bit of Robert Lee Camp: "Do what you are afraid to do!" He says.
8:24 PM July 25, 07 ”Your excitement and joy is in doing what you are afriad of!” --Robert Lee Camp on the Upload below Making some progress today. It helps listening to the Robert Lee Camp internet Radio show while I do some things in my room. I just about emptied my letter and bill drawer and have all of that in place in the notebooks for the year. I set up a better notebook for receipts. Robert gives and incredible talk about living your life I uploaded here; Please listen to the first five minutes here and you will see why I am spending time listening to R ...   read more

Free Books to Prisoners   7 y  

Bo Lozoff does remarkable work. I admire his books and service in the world.
5:51 PM July 25, 07 Human Kindness Foundation. PO Box 61619 Curham, NC 27715 Words of Wisdom from Bo Lozoff: http://curezone.com/blogs/m.asp?f=92&i=1438 Http://humankindness.org Bo Lozoff is casts a radiant light. His organization sponsos the Prison-Ashram Project. http://humankindness.org/project.html Nose around his website, and look at these other blogs here.   read more

Seeking Sanity   7 y  

Finish the Sales Tax Report Leslie. Honor your need for alone time. Looking at what I need to do to regain balance now.
8:01 AM July 25, 07 Made some progress yesterday on the Money Numbers. Went through an extremely tedious list of Paypal sales one by one and uploaded them in my Quicken Program on my Baby Mac g4 550 that thank God is working as well as it is. It cost me near $200.00 unexpectedly less than a month ago just to get the Directory fixed and a backup. There is an inherent problem in the design of the hinge on this model of the Mac that is NOT replaceable. The right hinge is broken and their is a thin wire in there. If I move the position of the screen, I will be getting ...   read more

Powerful Noni Juice   7 y  

Bright Earth Food Noni Juice is powerful from Anderon Martell
4:09 PM July 24, 07 I am going to order a gallon of powerful Noni Juice from Anderon Martell. I got some of this at the Natural Product Expo West in March. It definitely helped my digestion. Here is his phone and email. He does a lot of really great Super Foods. (541) 535-6693 brightearthfood@gmail.com   visit the page

Working Money Numbers   7 y  

Working Money Numbers + insights.
1:09 PM July 24, 07 I am working money numbers right now. This feels therapeutic. Last night was shocking. I had an intense Coaching Session with Judith who was telling me to adopt ”Radiant Ruthlessness” in tossing out things. I am no where to that place where I can do what she is suggesting. I need to clarify in my head my intentions regarding many of the old biz cards I was tossing out and information on people who have made purchases from me at conferences. I was tossing on Pac Sym stuff. I am seeing a lot of imcompletes. I have deadlines for this year’s Pa ...   read more

Kindness Tree   7 y  

Consecrating the Kindness Tree at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community
2:42 PM July 23, 07 I have never held cremated ashes. This is something solemn about this. They belong to someone. They are Sacred. Yesterday, this weekend I was with the ashes of Dr. Garry White, a man who lived a full and rich life and who was a Patriarch of the First Christian’s Essene Church. He was a man who represented Kindness. One of his daughters, at the memorial held on Saturday, say that. She said, she wanted his memory to stand for each of us being kinder. Garry wanted his ashes buried in a couple places. He wanted them buried under the fig ...   read more

Conscious Design Expo   7 y  

Conscious Design Expo...
1:28 PM July 23, 07 Conscious Design Expo... Looks like Renae is putting on another event... in September... Will be in New Jersey... http://www.ConsciousDesignExpo.com/   visit the page

Journey Through A Thousand Meditations   7 y  

Memorial to Dr. Garry White + Reflections on returning to Rancho La Puerta Declaration of Essene Studies as A Journey Through A Thousand Meditations
9:39 AM July 23, 07 Returned from Rancho La Puerta yesterday. This has been a weekend of Regrouping. I have been out of my Power increasingly for the last two weeks if not more. I saw glimmers of my Power last night in the twilight of dinner at Rancho La Puerta. There was a fountain nearby where we eat. I was sitting with Paris, and reading some things from Lesson VI of ”The Sevenfold Peace of the Essenes” by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. I am out of touch with my Cosmic Rhythm. I am feeling pressures to declutter and bring order here, especially to the ord ...   read more

Funny Scene!   7 y  

Funny Scene witnessed while cleaning UP!!!
___ Great Earth Cleanup is Happening-- Volunteers and Support of all kinds Welcome--Your EG Call Leslie @ 619.582.9669. ___ 6:34 AM July 21, 07 We are in the midst of the Great Earth Cleanup. We will be going at this for the next six weeks. This is part of Earth Alive brought home. This is about Firing the Good Butt of the Grid. This is way beyond changing light bulbs turning off the juice when not in use or spewing gas over continents in a private airplane to play music in two places at once. The Great Earth Cleaning is about Taking your Life into Your Own Hand ...   read more

Organic Farmers in Farm Bill!!! YES!   7 y  

Good Report on Organic Foods in Farm Bill for the first time. The Farm Bill oversees subsidies, etc. This is an important advance.
Agriculture Committee Endorses Aid for Organic Farmers OTA Executive Director Says Proposals Vital for Continued Growth of Industry WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 20, 2007) – The executive director of the Organic Trade Association (OTA) today thanked the members of the House Agriculture Committee for including key provisions in the 2007 Farm Bill that will help the organic industry continue to meet growing consumer demand for organic products. ”I am delighted with the support organic agriculture is receiving in this Farm Bill,” said OTA executive director Caren Wilcox. ”The House Agr ...   read more

I-Stock Photos   7 y  

Can I sell photos here? I stock Photos...I need to explore this.
If you are unable to see the message below, click here to view . http://www.istockphoto.com/most_popular.php Price Adjustment iStock strives to balance the creative needs of our customers with the financial rewards desired by excellent artists. In 30 days (August 19th, 2007), iStockphoto is adjusting the pricing structure in the Illustration and Video categories and raising the base price of credits. Check out the details. The Movement is on From the time the clock radio goes off until we finally switch off the late night news and haul ourselves back to bed, ev ...   read more

Precious Time Wasted? + Essene Progress   7 y  

What I did with my time today. I am feeling bug life on my legs from entering the basement, and pressures are with me.
2:12 PM July 20, 2007 Oh My God! Where am I? Just got up from a nap... I must have been down for more than an hour it seems. What did I do with my time today? How to make the most of the time I have left today? Jumped out of bed around 7:17 AM. I heard the trucks coming, the trucks that take away The Black Cans. The Black Cans go out every Friday. I learned some things today. The driver’s name of the truck that picks up The Black Cans in ”Horhey.” I am sure it is not spelled that way, but that is how it sounds. Yesterday was a wash. I was in intense emoti ...   read more

Really Shaky   7 y  

Little successes right now could make a difference. I am shaky inside.
9:38 AM July 19, 07 I am feeling really shaky. It’s an emotional earthquake, part of The Great Earth Cleanup. Our emotions are tied in with our Stuff. We have Stuff--material Stuff--as one way to not deal with our feelings. Feelings are difficult to feel for most of us. I have been in avoidance regarding the Basement for a long time--years. It has been easier to not take on directly the resistance. Now, time feels of the essence because I have set aside time to take on this cleanup. I have been putting my energy on other Life Giving things. Thank God, I have made ...   read more

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