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A place at Curezone where you can hear about & comment on this writer's adventures experiencing various subtle energy therapies on the challenging road to achieving a state of healthy balance.… more...

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VIBE Machine Goes on a Journey   9 y  

vibr8 experiences separation anxiety as VIBEY goes off for first annual re-calibration
The beginning of this blog involved my journey to experience the VIBE Machine and meet its inventor. Those of you who’ve read the early blogs here know that shortly after experiencing the VIBE Machine I made the wild & impetuous yet oddly practical decision to purchase a VIBE Machine of my own. Slowly this evolved into a small, humble office here in my hometown, herein referred to as Vibrational Health Village. Well, time has gone by quickly, and as I was celebrating one year in this interesting and still somewhat mysterious new business recently, I remembered that the directions that ...   read more

Favorite P O E M S   9 y  

The Animal Trainer, Parts 1 and 2, by John Berryman
Quite suddenly, my favorite poem came to mind this evening. I do so much want to share it with you. There are many incredible poems by this poet, John Berryman, and this is only one of hundreds. I started out with only Part 1 here, but several days later after quite a search I found Part 2! Each is a separate entity unto itself, yet there are similarities; it is important to be able to read both. Anyway, here we go: ****************************************************** ”The Animal Trainer (1) I told him: The time has come, I must be gone. It is time to leave the ci ...   read more

Thanksgiving in the Village   9 y  

sometimes I feel like an ant in an ant farm
Honestly, as I reflect on my day and the various events that occurred while gathered with family, and then later friends, it’s curiously uncomfortable to think of. I will not go into the family of origin stuff or the observation of friends’ behaviors. You’ve got your own holidays to remember. So tonight I wrote a poem about Thanksgiving. My Thanksgiving? Anyone’s... +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+* Thanksgiving in the Village by the poet known here as vibr8 Stopping calliope Dazzled at holiday’s edge Amerikans call Thanksgiving spend the day eating and eating and eat ...   read more

Evolution or "Intelligent Design?"   9 y  

so, which is it?
We’re hearing quite a bit about ”intelligent design” in the news lately. Just another name for creationism, really. Actually, this issue has been addressed by many, including distinguished scholars, for years now. I found an interesting group of articles (from 2002, and equally relevant in 2005) by scholars on both sides of the debate that is worthy of perusing. Here is a brief statement about it, with the names of the scholars. Following that is a link to the report. Very informative, and presents both sides, which is essential in understanding the whole picture. Here is the intro ...   read more

How Long?   9 y  

sipping soy latte while sharing what soothes my humble yet wise soul
The Indigo Girls sing a song, Galileo, and a line in the song queries: ”How long ’til my soul gets it right?” And that’s just what I’m wondering today. The soul finds its own path, distinct from the mind, separate entirely from self will. That’s my theory, anyway. To the extent that my superconscious can direct my soul, right now I would not know what directions to set forth. In the timeless present moment, though, who I think I am is content. Not worried about infinitesimal details of every single morsel I eat or drink, for it’s really just a way of getting and converting en ...   read more

Bird Flu Solutions   9 y  

A Naturopath in Colorado has created a natural homeopathic immunization for the Bird Flu
We’re hearing many scare stories these days about a bird flu epidemic that could affect billions worldwide. We’re also hearing that getting the allopathic immunization is a potential solution for this. Other, more alternative, news sources caution us that the immunizations can cause people to actually contract this flu as they contain minute fragments of it, as well as other toxic chemicals masquerading as medicine. What should we believe? I don’t do allopathic immunizations, myself. I have actually known people who’ve had extreme allergic reactions to them, that caused permanent ...   read more

Raw Foods, Laughter, Happiness and the Helping Professions   9 y  

vibr8 rolls along merrily through it all, and even considers possible solutions
Many topics today. I haven’t blogged here in awhile. It’s nice to be back! This is my favorite place to blog. I can visit other blogs, and also forums, and read informational articles, on just about any health-related topic under the sun while I’m here. And I can blog. How cool is that? As soon as I complete this blog entry, I’m heading over to a Raw Foods Potluck. We have them just about every week lately and I’m grateful. I am not a 100% raw foods eater by any means, but aspire to be some day. I know I would feel great. I’ve experienced that great feeling in bits and piece ...   read more

Vibr8 @ Work   9 y  

Life's not always peaches and cream, but we can dream, can't we?
Let’s see...Vibr8 @ Work...hmmm...sounds like a bee! I am a busy bee, working an average of 50 hours a week in addition to keeping this small alternative health business going. I tell myself the reason I do it is not just for me, but also to have the money to help my daughter through college. Lately, though, the alt health business has used more of my money than my daughter has. The main time I feel well and thrive is when I’m here at my alt health studio. There’s a good energy here, created by the many incredible people who come here, and partly by me. I love the energy here. ...   read more

Acupuncture with Flowers?   9 y  

Powerful energy work possible with the emotional body through applying Bach Flower Essences to the Acupuncture Points
Today as I sat in my alternative health office enjoying a late afternoon latte, our local Acupuncturist dropped in to tell me about a Floral Acupuncture workshop she attended last weekend. I had no idea this was being done and it’s very exciting: applying Bach Flower Essences to the Acupuncture points on the body. For me this sounds like energy work with indescribably powerful healing potential. There’s no way to put into words how thrilled I am hearing about this. I am reproducing an article about the Floral Acupuncture book below. Read on: FLORAL ACUPUNCTURE: Applying the Flo ...   read more

Landlord   9 y  

a bit off-topic, sometimes bloggers need to vent
Although I pay a mortgage on a residence (they call that owning in this society :) my son rents. A new owner is condominiumizing the wonderful apartment that he and his girlfriend had really treasured. Each day, something new happens on the property. The first thing the new owners did is cut down many beautiful 50+ year old shade trees on the property. Then they dumped rocks in various locales on the property. Not with any clear xeriscaping plan, just truckfuls of dumped river rocks. After removing the trunks of the healthy, happy old trees, the workmen dug up the yard. Then ...   read more

Woman of Wisdom: Energy   9 y  

Went to another Raw Foods Potluck; sharing some words of wisdom from one attendee's website...
I had the opportunity to attend another Raw Foods Potluck last night, and it was remarkable. The spiral-cut yellow squash ”spaghetti” with sundried tomato sauce was out of this world. The ”pizza” was excellent. I will have to follow up with the coordinator and see if it’s possible to gather any of the recipes. I’m still just at the beginning of the path to a raw foods diet, and still bring simple fruits such as organic grapes, or watermelon, or a simple vegetable salad to the Potlucks. Anyway, there is most certainly someone I would describe as a woman of wisdom who attends many of ...   read more

Acutonics + VIBE - almost like Nirvana   9 y  

I tried this combo over the weekend & it optimized my chi flow, creating a new & lasting sense of balance.
Because an Ohm Tuning Fork (Acutonics device) is such an affordable ($38) energetic tool, I have one handy on the desk in my private office. I use it often to get my chi (life energy) flowing. Last Saturday I had a thought: If acupuncture treatments are enhanced during VIBE Machine sessions, then wouldn’t Acutonics during a VIBE session be enhanced similarly? So I went in for a 6-minute VIBE session with my OHM Acutonics device in hand, and used it on several acupressure/acupuncture points: top of head, forehead, heart, solar plexus, knees (outside), ankles, and 2 auricular (ear) p ...   read more

Zoom!   9 y  

Love and light to all souls affected by Katrina + a segue into yet another episode in my wacky life
Sometimes it seems like one’s life rushes by so fast, it’s a challenge to keep up. Though I haven’t spoken very much amid the dialogue that’s going on here at CureZone regarding what’s happening in the Gulf Coast area, I am impressed with Deradune’s willingness to offer a home to an evacuee, and I’m also in absolue awe of Liora Leah, her well-researched and heartfelt opinions regarding the disturbing aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. We have lost much of a colorful, amazing, culturally diverse and rare city that was in many ways its own society. There is not anything else like New Orl ...   read more

Katrina:Connecting   9 y  

A unique & interesting place on the web to get current information from within New Orleans from someone who's helping in Katrina's aftermath
Getting right to the point: Sure, I could be a good research blogger and have all sorts of links and brief descriptions for all of you altruists out there, and we all have a bit of the altruist in us... Lots of help is needed in the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. Many have suggested that those organizing and participating in Burning Man in Nevada right now pack it in, pool together their resources and people, and head down to the Gulf to do something real. I’ve always found the idea of Burning Man quite intriguing; even thought of going this year. Anyway, I had intended to get ...   read more

Trauma : Solutions   9 y  

Isn't it wonderful when doctors understand and promote real healing?
Many lifetimes ago, it seems, I was working at a hospital. This hospital was quite progressive--serving vegetarian food and offering non-pharmaceutical alternatives for pain control, among other advances that were quite unusual for the 1980s. There’s a Neurologist who recently retired from this hospital who has just published a book about Trauma. He has done immense research to write this excellent book, which offers unique insight and potential solutions for those who experience the long-term effects of past trauma. Here’s an article from the August 15 issue of the Daily Camera: ...   read more

SUV Warning   9 y  

There's so much a driver cannot see through the rear and side-view mirror of an SUV or other large-sized vehicle. (off-topic)
A friend sent me a link to this article today via email, and it’s worth sharing. It’s about the apparently HUGE blind zone that a driver can’t see from the rear and side-view mirrors of an SUV. I do own an SUV and am happy to know more about this, as it’s important information. Thanks for reading. *********************************** San Diego Union-Tribune (excerpt from article by John Wilkens) August 14, 2005 A dad tousles his toddler’s hair, picks up car keys from the kitchen counter and heads out the door toward the SUV parked in the driveway. Time for a quick trip to th ...   read more

Further Passings   9 y  

Like all Villages, we acknowledge those who have departed and wish them blessings on their journeys
This Monday morning brings with it the thoughts of two people I have known who died recently. My daughter’s boyfriend’s Mother, a kind and gentle woman not much older than me, died rather suddenly and unexpectedly in the middle of last week. She was home alone and died during the night of heart failure. They are an ultra-private family, thus I do not know much more than this, and do not know if or when there will be a memorial service, or celebration of life, as these gatherings are often referred to these days. In memory of Karen, I will say this: I was honored to know you, Karen. ...   read more

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